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  • Happy Camp - #HappyCamp

    Socal - Ventura County - Moorpark NickNames: #HappyCamp

    Take any freeway to the 118 Freeway, exit Princeton Avenue, in the city of Moorpark. Turn north about 1/2 mile to Campus Drive, turn left to end of street. Park along street. Enter "Happy Camp Regional Park" through gate. Watch out for rattlesnakes and mountain lions. Also, no water is available, bring lots. Portable toilets are at the Broadway Avenue entrance to the east. Nearest phone is in the City of Moorpark about 5 minutes away. Thomas Guide page 476

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    • Trail UpdateSOOO how about an 8am meet @ the 2nd gate,bottom of da canyon


    • Trail UpdateYou are soo rite on
      a 59 year old riding a yes


    • Trail Updatehow did you know about the 100ft sect.back.side of happycamp,want to ride with an old fuck , Letts Go...
      timothyjtyloch@hotmaill a 50 year old riding a yes


    • Trail Updatehardpack to da topp,theres a 100ft sect.on the dwn.side ,may want to hold yer breath, check 4 ticks and hammer down thru the forest.................................

      timothyjtyloch@hotmail a 59 year old riding a yes


    • Trail UpdateThis is my backyard;ride it every otherday,dont be suprised to see coyotes,rabbits,ground squirreles,deer,mt.lions+even poss bear!White sage,luppins+rattlesnakes round every corner/ Take the trail east up the switchbacks ,spin+grinn to the topp+do look around,you will be suprised,see the ridge+enjoy the view of the channel islands!aprox.1 1/2 mi.east over the ridge route youll see oil rigs on yer right//take the trail north down the single track ,dwn.into the caynon,When ya get to the bottom,check for ticks,Its all down hill back to Camp,Youll see picknic tables on the trail ,and a spring of water to yer north/lot of Oak trees + NATURE,DO TAKE YER TIME///you are a child of the universe,no less than the trees&the stars;you have a right to be here. Be Cheerfull/Strive to BE Happy!!!
      timothyjtyloch@hotmail a 59 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a yes


    • Trail Update<a Href="http://timothyjtyloch@hotmail.com ">same</a>-
      same a 59 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a yes from mpk


    • Trail UpdateHappy Camp-There's a $5 fee to park in the main lot. Not sure if they ever check.

      Really sandy in summer. I assume all the horse traffic breaks up the soil.

      I went from the lot to the trail split (appx 2 miles), then up the left trail, around the camp, and down the right trail.

      Once you get to the split, forget the left and go right. The left side is too sandy - I took my bike for a nice walk. Then when you finally turn to cross the valley, (past the old campground), it's narrow and covered with brush, then very steep and chalky ground. My buddy got a tick.

      If you go up the right trail, you have a mostly bike-able uphill, and you can go as far as you want on that road - even past the turn for the happy camp trail. FYI: going down the turn back to the other side of the trail is very steep with huge ruts in the path.

      Elevation change is about 1500 ft, so the fun begins when you turn around and go back downhill! You can easily it 20 mph, and probably faster if the setting sun is not in your face and you're used to your bike. Makes the trek up and the sand all worth it!

      It's also worth it for the wildlife. Tons of rabbits and lizards. I've also seen Eagles, Owls, Rattlesnakes, Squirrels, etc. In the spring, when the flowers are in bloom, you'll hear a background buzz from the bees.

      Had cell coverage the entire way with Verizon.
      seandanekind a 38 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Fisher Wahoo from Simi Valley


    • Trail UpdateHappy Camp-If you enter the trail off Grimes Canyon, you have 10 minutes of sandy trail and then hit the river bottom. Put all suspension seetings as firm as possible when you leave the parking lot. Follow main trail to juntion at river bottom with sign post. Don't stop at the river bottom but go straight across. This will take you up a hill that goes on forever! Some sandy sections, but still very doable. Miles of climbing and most is decent, though not technical. Great training and nice view. Haven't found the end yet, even after couple of hours of climbing.
      jdcowboy a 54 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Giant Trance X0 from Moorpark, CA


    • Trail UpdateTrail Condition Update-There is a parking area there now - room for about 10 cars. I went on this trail with my hybrid bike, which has no tread on top, only on sides - made for road and hard pack trails. Trail conditions are still the sandy river bottom or beach sand conditions the former descriptions talked about. The good news is that it is fairly level. I ended up walking a few stretches, but rode most of it. Did not complete the loop - it was getting dark. Will go back tomorrow and try to complete it.
      LoriAnn a 46 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Raleigh Hybrid from Pismo Beach, CA


    • Trail UpdateDon't Even Bother-Most of Happy Camp area is like beach sand with about 80% not even ride able (picture hike-a-bike on the beach). My husband and I saw no other bike riders but lots of horse back riders. One horse rider told us there used to be a river going through from all the rain last winter and lack of vegetation from the fires, she said the trails were recently re-done. It certainly seemed they were recently plowed with all that sand. We saw two coyotes and who knows how many more were with them, one stopped and stared at us for a while (didn't even seem scared of us). A different horse rider told us the coyotes hang out in this area. Needless to say don't bother riding this trail until it rains a few thousand times.
      Heidi a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider from CA


    • Trail UpdatePound Sand-Rode here Sun 2/29. Weather was great, trail conditions were less than. The canyon bottom is all tore up from the rain, so we decided to go up at the Y.The climb was nice with great views of Simi/Moorpark to keep you entertained as we chugged uphill. I tried to keep a mental note of where the worst of the ruts, and which corners had a nice layer of sand over hardpack but lost count. Got to the last gate by the cutoff to the canyon below and decided to just head back down the fireroad. Gotta tell ya those ruts crossing the trail at 90 to 45 degrees combined with that fine layer of sand over hardpack was a little sketchy at speed.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Dirt Road=100%
      simi mike a mucho year old Racer riding a 02 nrs 1


    • Trail UpdateOh sure, pave the road 3/4 mile for the "golfers only" & re-route the "trail" to the side of this road so that it's in super-soft sand and just about impossible to ride in/on...


    • Trail UpdateParking Conditions-You can still park in the clubhouse lot, but not for long, according to one of the guys working the cart return trailer. They expect a big increase in usage when all the facilities are open, and they hope to restrict the clubhouse lot to golfers. You could park on Condor (first signal south of the 118 at Princeton) or the park north of the freeway, just east of the Collins offramp. The Broadway entrance is still horse-poop central, and closed to bikes.


    • Trail UpdateHappy Camp-I parked there about 2 months ago and had no problem. But I never got an official OK either. I took my time getting my bike off my car and several employees saw me but never said anything so I would assume it is OK.


    • Trail UpdateAnybody know if they will let you park in the club-house lot and ride in from there?


    • Trail UpdateHappy Camp Loop-Golf course previously mentioned is done. They put in a bike/hike path next to the now paved road to the golf course parking lot. Just the flat part of the canyon at the beginning is golf course, once back in the canyon, all is the same.


    • Trail UpdateGolf Course Nearing Approval-Ventura County is nearing approval of a golf course for this site. I have no information on how this will affect the trail other than increased traffic through the Campus Park entrance. A news story from the Ventura County Star on the plans can be found at the supplied link.

      The following is from the Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes:

      27. Approval of an Amendment to Option and Lease Agreements regarding Happy Camp Canyon Regional Park and Golf Course and an Agreement for Payment of Water Surcharge and Fee-Happy Camp Canyon Regional Park. REQUIRES 4/5THS VOTE CONTNUED TO APRIL 3, 2001

      28. Approval to Exercise an Option to Develop and Operate a Golf Course at Happy Camp Regional Park. REQUIRES 4/5THS VOTE CONTINUED TO APRIL 3, 2001.
      Steve from Moorpark URL: Happy Camp might add golf


    • Trail UpdateRoad go's in canyon 'bout 6 miles, then at the end there is picnic benches by old rusted water tank. Continuing on, the road developes into a kinda-singletrack that go's up steep hill that's bright white limestone rock for a mile, soon starts to be not-so-steep (Whew!) 'till you get to the top which overlooks Moorepark, Simi, ocean view & the mountians above Fillmore and Santa Paula. Continue down this wide fire-road for 30mph+ continous riding 5 miles all down-hill. Total riding time for me was 1.5 hours.

      Singletrack=10% Dirt Road=80% Paved Path=10%
      ET from Simi


    • Trail UpdateHappy Camp-very sandy this area is better for hiking,running dog walking and such it's mountian biking is very limited works well for family hike a bike outing. not much trail for hardcore riders
      Singletrack=25% Dirt Road=75%
      kevin a 36 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Litespeed from moorpark


    • Trail UpdateHappy Camp Regional Park-As of October, the trail into Happy Camp Canyon are very SANDY! Plan on letting out some air in the tires for better traction going UP into the canyon. Coming back down, you can inflat the tires for a faster ride. Keep an eye open for hawks, lots of them circling around in the open grasslands section of the park. Mike Stewart- 49 year old that loves to ride.


    • Trail UpdateHappy Camp Regional Park-Ride on main paved road north about 1/2 mile to dirt road continuing north. Dirt road is very gradual into mouth of canyon. Most the trail is open grasslands until you enter the canyon. The canyon can be sandy in summer, but nice in spring and fall. The canyon is a scenic oak lined dirt road that continues for a great ride for about 4 miles. Stay on main dirt road and do not try side roads to oil drilling areas. A great early morning or early evening ride. Allow 1-2 hours with mountain bikes only.
      DirtRoad=75%, PavedPath=25%
      Mike Stewart a 48 year old weekend warrior from Moorpark, CA


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