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  • Haines Canyon - #HainesCanyon

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Tujunga NickNames: #HainesCanyon

    Take Lowell exit off I-210 heading north go past Foothill, past Santa Carlotta to Day Street, you can only make a left, if you made a right you're on Markridge. Go about 6 more blocks and you will see Haines Canyon, make a right and the trailhead is 1000 yards at the end of the street. Thomas Guide page 504

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    • Trail UpdateI saw the fucking homo on the Mt. Wilson toll road just below Henninger Flats earlier this year. I told him to put his fucking clothes on or stay off well travelled hiking trails where kids are. This weirdo has no clue and should be locked up with the rest of the freaks.


    • Trail UpdateI saw this f-ing weirdo on the Mt. Wilson toll road just below Chantry Flats last year. I would have been REALLY pissed if my kids were with me. After talking to a few people I undertand that he frequesnts Mt. WIlson toll road, Earl Canyon, Haines, Gabrielino and Ken Burton.
      a 41 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Schwinn Straight 6 from El Monte, CA


    • Trail UpdateCool, Calm And Confused-Calm sunny a.m. a week back, took off from Haines about .75 up, spotted a peculiar sight, about 200y crossing to the oak forest, I spied a what appeared a fellow donning sandals ONLY strolling across the trail. I figured, not my business, so kept up the climb growing foggy eventually ending in gross white out. Visibility was tween 10 to 30 feet, but nobody else "au natural" on the way. Chilly at Leukins & no view other than fog on the specs. Trail good but loose @ bottom with some rocks. Luckily my flat arrived just as I did to the pond back @ truck.
      Limpy a <40 year old


    • Trail UpdateRode up Haines this afternoon. The heat was a killer. I brought a 100oz Platypus bladder and drank the damn thing up. My Intense Spider needs a new BB so I rode up on a Bullit. It was a mixed feeling of being able to climb this on a 37 lb beast non-stop and on the other hand it took a long time. The place is dry and no ruts, just rocks as usual. The sun was relentless.
      Mongoose a 67 year old riding a spider


    • Haines Canyon Fire Road-Park below the gate up Haines Canyon Rd. in Tujunga (near the top of Apperson). Ride through the gate and follow the fire road past the resevoir which goes up and starts heading roughly in a northeasterly direction. 5.75 miles to the top. If you want to make a fire road loop out of it, you can take the fire road down the east side of Mt. Lukens and either take the right hand turn off that takes you down to Palm Dr./Foothill blvd. near the top of the 2 freeway or take the fire road that goes down to the first ranger station on Angeles Crest. Along the fire road there are single tracks you can take back down to the resevoir or down to Dukmajian Wilderness Park in Glendale or to Angeles Crest, but some are more rideable than others.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 12 miles Elevation change:
      Dirt Road=100%
      Banner Moffat a 51 year old Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateHaines To Lukens-We rode this on May 26. It is really a tough climb under normal circumstances. The heat and humidity made it even harder this time. I measured the ride with my Garmin and it was 5.75 miles up. It took us two hours to go up and thirty minutes to go down.
      old gringo a 54 year old


    • Trail Update6 Mile Climb-I also rode up on the 10th. I went over the top and down the east ridgeline to the first saddle for a snack - the top of Lukens is too ugly for a snack break - then turned around and went back up and over and down Haines Canyon. My odometer said "13.04" when I got back to my truck, and the first saddle east of the top is (maybe) half a mile below the antenna farm, so I'd say six miles is awfully close. The road, while not exactly a gentle gradient, is mostly well-graded with only small rocks scattered about, and a suspension bike is completely unnecessary. This road would be a killer workout for a two-chainring cross bike if you ran up the steep bits - there's a lot of 'em.


    • Trail UpdateGringo youre exaggerating! It aint no damn 6 miles, more like 4, seems like 6 though with the damn climbing. Try doing it on a 37 pound Bullit, but when I had a Schwinn hardtail it was easier up. The going down on a hardtail isnt fun.
      Mongoose a 67 year old


    • Trail UpdateHaines-We rode this trail on March 10. It is a real grind. Six miles to Lukens and almost every inch is climbing. It is a little rocky in some places but rideable. Almost two hours up and less than forty minutes down.
      old gringo a 54 year old Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateIt Moved-The old dead VW on the upper S/T is now on the downhill side of the trail. Otherwise the trail is in good shape. There is still one ravine back that is washed out. The rest of this trail is all clear.


    • Trail Updateeasy, just bring a hydration pack or a six pack of beer


    • Trail UpdateWide And Smooth...-...the newly graded Haines fire road. It was just about singletrack top to bottom for the last 3 years. New jibs and berms on the way down?


    • Trail UpdateHaines Canyon-I rode this and about three miles up, the flies were so bad I had to turn around on two occasions. They were flying into my eyes and mouth. It is a hot, unforgiving climb.
      dbrowneee a 30 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GT STS-2 from sylmar


    • Trail UpdateJust A Little More Heinous...-There are few new ruts and a couple significant slides just below the Rim of the Valley Trail. Nothing impassable though. There was even a stream crossing. :-) Otherwise it's the same old rocky road that once more, I swear I'll never ride again...untill the next time I do. I'm gonna hike the upper portion of S/T before trying that again. I'm wondering if the old VW has slipped down onto the trail.

      Cool new portable WX station on the summit.


    • Trail UpdateRim Of The Valley Trail-This trail was one of the best kept secrets in L.A., being one the most technical .5 mile descents anywhere. The trail drops from Haines Canyon fire road, about 3 miles from the bottom, and leaves you in Deukmaaijekjjhsdjnn park. I hadn't ridden the trail in about 1.5 years and unfortunately the trail has be re-routed recently, adhering to a much mellower grade standard. If you look close enough you can still connect the old route to the bottom, even though much of the trail is covered with brush. Sorry to see this gem go.

      The climb up Haines is still super fun! Just ask Preston and Mac!
      Dusty Bottoms from Dogtown


    • Trail UpdateWhiting Woods-Go down pennsylvania ave past honnolulu ave turn right on whiting woods. follow to the end which will turn into a fire road. It's a steep climb but will blow you away for it's beauty. Deer so close to los angeles. You can bow hunt legally last i lived there.


    • Trail UpdateHaines Canyon-The correct directions would be take Lowell exit off I-210 heading north go past Honolulu past Foothill past Santa Carlotta to Day Street, you can only make a left, if you made a right your on Markridge, to far go back and make a right on Day St. You'll go down the hill and back up past some residential properties. You will come to a stop sign. Go about 2-3 more blocks and you will see Haines Canyon, Make a right and go till you can't go any farther. The locals are a--holes, they think they own the access to the canyon. I have been riding in that canyon since about 1978, locals, cops, forest officials never stopped us then. I used to swim in the detension basin, hike and bong out in the hills, shoot bb guns and even got laid out there.They need to get a life.


    • Trail UpdateHaines Canyon Trail-I used to ride this trail as a child 10-12 years old along with my friends, all the the way to the top. We would take the road going to tujunga cyn. and ride all the way back down foothill blvd, back to la crescenta. This was a daily adventure during summer months. Later as we got older, we would ride our dirt bikes at least 4 times a week up and down those trails. "YES" we had problems with the neighbors at the top of the hill. But,they never knew when we were coming. They tried to lock the gate and we blazed around them. They called the FUZZ we outran them. We had them waiting at the baseball field on tujunga canyon and went right through the archery field ahead of them, speeding right through residential neighborhoods right back where we started. YEE-HAA we never got caught!!!! An old la crescenta bad boy. Mike Smith. P.S. We also used to ride the fire trails between La Crescenta and glendale/burbank without a hitch. I guess that was the good old days.


    • Trail UpdateI rode this thing 2 days ago (from this post) and
      its a bit steep but doable. It was my 1st time
      and pretty uneventful. If you like a climbing
      workout, I highly suggest it. I can imagine it being
      pretty empty during the warmer months as it
      faces the sun. Now--(November-March) is
      probably the best time since its much cooler.
      I didn't see anyone else climbing or coming down,
      except a coyote which stared at me while I was
      coming up at some point. Easy, but don't bring
      a newbie or beginner along, as they probably
      won't like it.
      Ride rating: Novice
      The Real FatCat riding a Stinky


    • Trail UpdateNow I Remember Why!-This ride to the top of Mt Lukens is TUFF! It has been at least 5 years since I did this ride & prior to that 10! Man now that I am older it has become tuffer..plus I ain't been riding as much!...Anyhow the rode has degraded to VERY LOOSE sections & in some sections it is almost single track! I have ridden up most of the fire roads in LA/San Gabriel area & this is by far one of the STEEPER PROLONGED rides around! No wonder no one writes up this one! Once you have taken the punishment it takes 5 years for you to forget how tuff it is!....ya gotta conquor this mountain if ya haven't yet!...Also the view is insanely beautiful!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Singletrack=.05% Truck Trail=95%
      Matt Westlake a 44 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Specialized


    • Trail UpdateHaines Single-track!-This is a sweet ride that can be looped in 45min....
      Go up the main fireroad to the big gate. You can actually access the trail just before the gate to the right. But for more bang for your buck climb the trail another 200 yards past the gate to where the trail flattens out and starts to switch back. Here is the first nice view of La Crescenta. To the right is a saddle-back ridge. Descend that about 20 yards in the trough of the ridge and look carefully on the right side. There it is. It is a bit overgrown but is really fun and technical. Stay on the most 'obvious' direction and you can't miss it. It will eventually let you out between two houses on Haines Cyn Rd. Ride it and help me clear out the overgrowth! Have Fun.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 4 miles Elevation change: 500 ft.
      Singletrack=65% Dirt Road=35%
      moke a 37 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a iDRIVE from La Crescenta


    • Trail UpdateHain-ous-Ouch. This is one helluva climb. If the altitude
      gain doesn't get to you, the ball bearing like
      surface will. It seems the steeper the section the
      looser it became. But the views while climbing are
      well worth it , (this ride is best done on a clear
      day), and suddenly you're at the top. Going
      downhill is a blast as long as you keep your
      momentum over the loose rocks. Some sections
      are super fast, but watch out for hikers as you
      descend back into the canyon.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: Elevation change: 3000 and change
      Dirt Road=100%
      Endo Verendo riding a Nother Turner from The Valley


    • Trail UpdateI trudged up this road on Saturday. The weather was great. There were a few new rock slides and a few boulders, following the much needed rain, but otherwise it's in good shape. Saw a few hikers and one other treadhead.A great place to learn pacing. The best thing was that the ants which infested the summit had left due to cooler temps.
      SAK a 32 year old riding a Klein Att. Comp. from Tujunga


    • Trail UpdateMid Day Ride-Rode Haines today around noon. The trail
      consistently climbs, although it never gets steep
      enough to be technical. Overall, it seems easier
      than Earl Canyon.
      The trail has no shade and my thermometer read
      107 in the sun. Bring a lot of water; I went through
      On a cooler day I want to combine this with Stone
      Canyon and the fire road leaving from Camp Louis
      Roth in Big Tujunga Canyon for a quick loop.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 11 miles Elevation change: 3000 ft
      Dirt Road=100%
      LCS a 34 year old Weekend Warrior from Hollywood


    • Trail UpdateI'm Gnarly XC-Today was my first time up this relentless monster. Very windy and cold today, got on the bike and began climbing around 9:00am. Up and up and up and up. Very boring climb, I should have brought a book. Once at the top of Mt. Lukens, ground covered in snow, I gasped at the 360 panoramic view of Los Angeles. I could see everything...downtown, the Santa Ana's, the channel islands, the tiny little Verdugo's down below me, and the San Fernando valley just beyond(pornography capital of the world). You know you've done a lot of climbing when you are looking DOWN on Mt. Wilson. This inspired me so I did my best impersonation of Chevy Chase doing Clark Griswald doing Julie Andrew's in the Sound of Music. But, it was about 20 friggin' degrees up there, so I put my clothes back on and rode down. Very few people out today, ground was tacky, even had the pleasure(?) of seeing some very large paw prints..with very large claws.

      Good luck to you.
      Dusty Bottoms riding a Motiv RockRidge


    • Trail UpdateHaines To Lukins-Rode Haines yesterday, conditions are some of the best I have ever seen. The fire road is 5.8 miles long with 3000 ft elevation gain. If you are looking for a good climb with a very fast downhill this is the one for you.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: miles11.6total Elevation change: 3000
      Truck Trail=x%
      Mark Fagan a 37 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a FSR Elite from Tujunga ca


    • Trail UpdateNo Forest Service Maintenance-This Trail is not maintained by the forest service nor does it recognize it as a trail. The trail is kept open with unoffical maintenance by various locals.

      The Sierra Club maintained the trail at one time but has been prohibited from doing so for at least 10 years by the forest service.



    • Trail UpdateHaines Canyon Single-track-This single-track should be AVOIDED.
      This is the old, unimproved trail coming down off the north slope of Mt. Lukens - the highest point in the City of Los Angeles (5034 feet).
      There is a rumor currently circulating that the Haines Canyon single-track - coming down off the north end of the summit of Mt. Lukens - has been improved by the forest service - is in good condition - and ready for serious action.
      This is simply not true. The trail is disastrously overgrown and should be avoided at all costs. If you've absolutely got to do a single-track off Lukens, do Stone Canyon - with a car shuttle.
      Can't even begin to describe what it was like today - bulldozing through walls of scrub-brush - smashing into hidden cacti - almost flipping the bike on some of the nearly-vertical wash-outs - cutting my legs to pieces in the process.
      Whoever started this rumor should be taken out back and shot.
      John Rogers a 37 year old Downhiller riding a Raleigh Chill - old but gets the job done from Los Angeles


    • Trail UpdateHaines Canyon-This is the _other_ way to the top of Mt. Lukens. This one starts at a lower altitude than the ride from Angeles Crest, and is more than 2 miles shorter, so it's quite a workout. After the gate, ride along the debris basin and stay right at the junction with 2N86. Take 2N76 to the top, about 5.5 miles of a pretty good climb. Once there, though, you can enjoy my favorite downhill in the San Gabriels. And it's rare that you see many other bikers!
      Dirt Road=100%
      Tim Scoles a 35 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek 850 from La Crescenta, CA


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