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  • Glendora Mountain Trail - #GlendoraMountainTrail

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Glendora NickNames: #GlendoraMountainTrail monroe truck trail

    Take the 210 fwy to the City of Glendoa, get off on Lone Hill, go north to Foothill, go west on foothill to Valley Center, go north, Valley Center turns into Siera Madre. As soon as it does turn right (north) on to Glendora Mountain Road. At your first 180 turn you will see a Forestry Gate on your right. That is the trail entrance. I would park my truck at the entrance to the Canyon 1/4 mile or so before the trail head. Thomas Guide page 509 H1

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    • Trail UpdateLower Monroe Truck Trail-I rode this trail on 1-17-13. First time in over fifteen years. Back then, it was a fire road. It is a relentless climb, but still fun. The technical section is at the bottom, and not all that bad. Water level was low.
      Note: on the ANF forest map, this is referred to as the Lower Monroe Truck trail.
      climber1 a 59 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized Carve(Pro) from Alhambra, California


    • Trail UpdateShrubs Make Me Claustrophobic-Lots of shrubbery for like the first 3 miles, with some poison oak mixed in. Pretty nice after that. I took mystic canyon down which was a nice run if you like it a little steeper.
      manyowefew a 23 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a trek rumblefish


    • Trail UpdateMonroe Clean Up!-Trail is cleared out, of the annoying brush, and bushes. The ruts and eroded parts are all up to par.

      If u get bored i suggest you go to the Intense downhill trail at the first gate on the very top of the mountain. Gate will be on your left hand side. Go left at the first y fork. Go up the hill for 200 hundred feet. And sha BAM! there it is with a Gnarly first jump!
      Fr33Rider a 21 year old Downhiller riding a Kona Stinky Five from Glendora


    • Trail UpdateTrail Condition...-I rode this trail a few weeks ago and its in pretty good shape. Volunteers have cleared most of the thick stuff on the lower half and the trail is completely ride-able to anyone with intermediate-to-advanced skills. The bottom section before the climb out is pretty rocky in places with numerous stream crossings, but the water levels should be low this time of year. The first mile the only real technical section of the trail (save one whoop-dee-doo drop about 2 miles up). Whenever I am in Glendora, I do this ride as an up and back. It is 7.25 miles each way and while the uphill isn't steep, its relentless for about 5 miles and 2000+' of gain. Your patience and hard work rewards you with a great downhill run.
      Ground Chuck a 50 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Turner Sultan from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateTrail Conditions?-Has anyone ridden this trail recently? What are the conditions like?
      StevoMan a 45 year old Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateTRUCK DRIVEIN S.O.B-Did this trail yesterday,with thomas.started at the top near gate. Is wear I found someones phone it is a BLACK T-MOBILE looks fairly new if this belongs to you email me@ dickiedoo76@yahoo.com or else im turnin it in to the store let them figure it out.any how trail was in good shape and keeps gettin better since I ride this frequently I have done some trail mantinence,trimed down some pesky overgrown bushes about mid way down and moved lage rocks.always good ridein and keep on truckin.
      El TroQuero a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a mongoose,azonic,specialized from friendly foothills of glendora.


    • Trail UpdateSUMMER FUN IN GLENDORA-Thats right laidies and gentelmen GMR is officialy open.its been like three years since the road recieved some love.anyways trail is in good shape with some overgrown spots here and there nothin that would make ya dismount from the saddle,lower monroe has changed drasticly since heavy storms of 04 but still ride worthy if ya dont mind navigating around all those rocks.definitly a place to knock out a killer lope ride or if DH is your thing be sure to check out poopout about mid way down after the little second climb on your left side,its eazy to miss but if ya look out for it you will find it.Definitly worth goin down,loose fast&fun with a mini stepper lots of front brake and feather the rear seriusly or else its over the bars.other than that its all good, oh yea theres also hikers that Ive ran into that dont seem to mind the bikers as long as we share the trail and use caution there should never be a problem.Good luck and hope to see ya on the trail.
      El TroQuero a 29 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a azonic eliminator,ss mongoose rockidile from glendora ca.


    • Trail UpdateIt Needs Some Help....-This was once one of the better trails in the area and maybe someday again. Well, the hikers have worn some new trails into the river bed section so it is rideable but not like it was before the big storms shredded the place.The trail from there up to the gate at GMR is still there but so overgrown you dont need to worry about falling over....the bushes will hold you up. Maybe if enough of us go up we can clear it out a bit.
      Heilmut Splidor a 40 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Santa Cruz SL from Riverside


    • Trail UpdateMonroe Truck Trail-going up for a ride on sunday I hope the trail isnt fucked up by the rain . if you want to go up to the peak meet you there around 9:30-10:00.
      crazymtbiker1 a 24 year old Downhiller riding a specialized enduro trail sx from azusa,ca


    • Trail Updatetrail is in good shape nice sigletrack went all the way to the upper monroe area and back down towards dalton road definatly worth all the treking!
      crazymtbiker1 a 24 year old


    • Trail UpdateCalled yesterday, said that there is still major damage since the major storms. Told me to try back in June.
      big-D a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a '04 Specialized Big Hit Comp from Chino


    • Trail UpdateMonroe Truck Trail-hello..cant figure out where the previous duplicate entry is talking about. on easter sunday went up gmr to upper/lower monroe tt above maintenance shack at top of little dalton cyn. then came down lower dalton back to gmr towards glendora. great single tack but a bit rutted. after poopout lots of dismounts to the sreambed. streambed on in pure rock and unrideable but hey this is like adventure racing and a blast for those of us manly. about 2 1/2 to 3 hrs of fun
      twosixtwo a 53 year old Die-hard Enthusiast from glendora URL: http://eteamz.com/twosixtwo


    • Trail UpdateBig Dalton Road(GMR)-Turned right on this paved road just before 'River" section. Caught trail off to right about 1/4 mile down. All single track and fairly steep. Ground very soft/wet and lots of spinning. Ended up hiking 75% up. Fallen tree on one switchback (dragged bike up to next section)Great workout ! but use caution coming down - not much room on trail for error.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Singletrack=100% Dirt Road=100%
      Mark955 a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Trek hardtail from Ontario


    • Trail UpdateBig Dalton Road(GMR)-Turned right on this paved road just before 'River" section. Caught trail off to right about 1/4 mile down. All single track and fairly steep. Ground very soft/wet and lots of spinning. Ended up hiking 75% up. Fallen tree on one switchback (dragged bike up to next section)Great workout ! but use caution coming down - not much room on trail for error.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Singletrack=100% Dirt Road=100%
      Mark955 a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Trek hardtail from Ontario


    • Trail UpdateNot Much Left....-I decided to check out one of my old favorites this last weekend and I left stunned at what I saw. What normally takes 9 minutes to go from the gate at the hair pin turn of GMR to the start of the trail up the mountain took 45 minutes....on foot...with my bike on my back. Well... the gravel is all gone. It's been replaced with very large rock. The unrideable kind.The "river" averaged 10 feet across and 1 to 2 feet deep with a current strong enough to pull your feet from under you. I kept hoping to recognize some sort of trail but it was all gone. My only hope was to get to the real trail and go up the mountain. From the bottom to the first lookout I had to get off three times and go around wash outs or downed trees. This place was a mess and I went no further. This one will take quite some time before it is enjoyable again. Sad. Very sad.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Heilmut Splidor a 38 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Santa Cruz SL from San Dimas


    • Trail UpdateLower Monroe-called wednesday, jan 12, entire san gabriel district is closed. i asked about monroe trail, lady said "that's not even a priority right now."
      big-D a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a '04 specialized big hit comp from chino


    • Trail UpdateMonroe TT-Just an update after rains... a great trail... sandy, washed out on the bottom, but after the turn towards poopout and beyond, it's a great ride, quiet, solitude, and middle ring all the way up to the Monroe saddle at GMR. Happy trails...his fastness
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 8 miles Elevation change:
      Fasteddie a Weekend Warrior riding a two wheeler from Glendora URL: http://eteamz.com/twosixtwo


    • Trail UpdateMonroe Truck Trail-Went for a ride trhis morning. The beginning is very loose, but the trail up is in great condition. It's shaded most of the way up so you can stay pretty cool even when the temps are high. Do this trail as an out and back. Coming down the road can be a bit boring. Go for a ride before the forest is closed. Have fun


    • Trail UpdateThe Good And Bad...-The bad: the creek bed is very loose and sandy, normal for this time of the year. The good: The main trail is in the best shape it ever is. Yes it's a little powdery in some places, but all of the winter washouts are gone or very easy to navigate by. If you live locally and normally ride MC, CHWP, or the 'stone this is a nice technical change of pace from the maintained fireroads. On your way back down try the Mystic ST. The weeds have finally died and receded to a point that it is passable. Narrow and rutted near the top. Loose and rocky near the bottom. It's not very long but it does test your skills. Did I mention snakes?
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 15 miles Elevation change:
      mtbcl a 41 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Superlight from Covina


    • Trail UpdateI WANNA GO...-Hey this sounds like fun! Is anyone going up in the near future? I have never done this trail before and I would love to check it out with someone who's been on it before. I'm not super fast so if anyone has a group of people going please let me know; I would love to join in if I could. I might be able to get some people to go too...


    • Trail UpdateMonroe Truck Trail-If you leave before 8 am,, the heat shouldn't get you, as alot of the trail is in shade, more so as we head towards the fall equinox. Don't fight the sand down below, just stay mounted and it'll pass. If you attack it, it will kill your legs. Use a hydration pack though! We run this in about the same time, so it is a bit tough on the bike, but hey, you get to downhill on the bike. We got to RUN that puppy back without wheels. Good luck out there!
      Fasteddie a 52 year old riding a a new stumpjumper...no more hardfork! yeehaw URL: Glendora Ridge Runners


    • Trail UpdateMonroe Truck Trail-I decided to go check out this trail today. Started at about 7:00 and it got hot pretty quickly. I didn't make it very far, only about 5.5 miles up. As I was riding up a hill, I missed a shift and stopped to make an adjustment. It just so happened that when I stopped there was a rattle snake about 8 inches from my front tire. I didn't even notice it until I heard it. By then it was reared back and ready to strike. It didn't get me, but that was enough to make me call it a day. Overall, it's very nice trail. Not too steep or grueling. It's a bit soft at the beginning, but other than that, it's in good shape. I'll go back. I'll just wait until the winter months.


    • Trail UpdateHey Fast Eddie,-Email me if you don't mind.
      Pain Freak riding a Surly Turner from The 909


    • Trail UpdateMonroe Truck Trail-Rode up GMR with a tired buddy, then came down Monroe yesterday. Great single track shape throughout. This is a perfect way for beginners/ intermediates to try this trail. Go up on pavement with high air pressure, then down Monroe with lower pressure in those tires. About 2-2 1/2 hours round trip, but it's so nice at the Monroe Saddle between upper and lower Monroe (just past the maintenance shack), you may want to catch shade, enjoy the view and hang! Beware, some motorcyle riders are unsafe.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 15 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=40% Paved Path=50% Truck Trail=10%
      Fasteddie a 52 year old Cross-Country Rider from planet earth


    • Trail UpdateMonroe Truck Trail-Hey, ef yur haven truble reading thees messages, I recoomend you join DARE Eddie's Riders Against Dyslexia...besides, us grammmaticully chllnged riders don't need to conjugate to crank it into a bigger gear. Keep your eye on the donut, not the whole!
      Been riding the trail gate to gate, it's great, don't wait, or you may be late, which may be your fate! See you out their! ( I must admit my lexicon is somewhat less than superlative, and I'm sorry that the erosion of my vernacular to a nadir of grammatically inferior syntax has caused any obfuscation in my reports. I firmly eschew such inattention, and duly apolojize. Fe
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 15 miles Elevation change:
      Fasteddie, keyboard challenged a Cross-Country Rider riding a Old retro steel


    • Trail UpdateSandy Start-Just did this trail yesterday morning. I parked on one of the streets right before the fire station and rode up Glendora Mt road to the trail. The begenning area as you ride to the "fireroad" is really sandy and it was a pain in certain parts with the real loose gravel. However, once you get to the main trail, it is beautiful. The washouts are gone and I can ride the trail non-stop. Didn't get to try the singletrack since im still breaking-in my new discs. Overall, from the last time I rode (late last year) the trail is great.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Shant M. a 20 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Gt LTS-2000 from Glendora


    • Trail UpdateWhat??-Was there any actual grammar in that last post? What were you trying to say? Learn to write. At 52 you should be able to get a sentence out. Repeat after me: I will use periods, commas, adverbs, verbs, adjectives, nouns and so on. Or I will just read posts and not torture others. Have a got swar!


    • Trail UpdateMonroe-still a great ride! currnetly single track til they reblade the trail Try Mysic Canyon at Poopout if advanced ability.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 7 miles Elevation change:
      Fasteddie a 52 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a old hardfork, but upgrading soon! from Glendora URL: Glendora ridge Runners


    • Trail UpdateSome Rain Damage...-I think if we get some more hard rain this season the upper half of the trail will be useless. The trail is beginning to get very narrow at at least three points from the loss of hillside. The whole lower canyon looks completely different...again. I guess this will be the norm for the lower trails from the amount of water that goes through there. I still love this ride and hope the trail survives
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 7 Elevation change: upward going up
      Heilmut Splidor a 37 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a SC SL from W.C.


    • Trail UpdateOur Little Secret!!!-Hey Fasteddie! I thought I was the only one who even "THOUGHT" about this ride. Since this is a fairly tough climb, I don't expect many riders to go up there. I've yet to bring my riding buddies up, but figure I will soon. So, how many bears have YOU seen up at Wite Saddle?!!!
      Flying W a 43 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Specialized Enduro from La Verne


    • Trail UpdateMonroe Truck Trail-Trail is open and very rideable up to saddle at GMR intersection. If you have to ask about those feathers, I can't explain it to you, but hey, have a good time out there anyway. If we're not riding it, we're running it. Should be interesting down at bottom once the rain starts...It's a faster ride when you put it in those big rings and stand up! Say hi when you pass my old bones! Don't forget an adventure pass if you are parking above the big dalton canyon turnoff.

      p.s. if you want a REAL hard uphill ride, try Van Tassel over in Duarte up to Mt. Bliss, then on to Rincon and Monrovia peak

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Fasteddie a 52 year old Weekend Warrior riding a really old hardfork POS with an even older rider from glendora URL: http://eteamz.com/twosixtwo


    • Trail UpdateSeems OK To Me...-I've ridden the Monroe Truck Trail several times now in the past couple months and I think it is still a challenging ride. Since the first time for me me was after the fires I have no idea what it was like before
      but I guess it is a little overgrown now. I still have a good time on the trail. Beware if you decide to continue on to Baldy Village, the street bikes seem to think the road is a closed course race track and like to cut corners. Last Saturday I came across another rider with multiple bird feathers attached to his helmet.....I'm not sure what to think of this. Oh well, it's on my list of good rides...just watch for rattlers in the late morning hours.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: miles 14 Elevation change: dunnoh
      Singletrack=25% Dirt Road=75%
      a 37 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Santa Cruz SuperLight from W.C.


    • Trail UpdateGmr/monroe Truck-ROCKY,HOT & DRY.BOTTOM AREA IS WASHED OUT, AND A FEW
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 16 MILES Elevation change:
      Singletrack=70% Truck Trail=30%
      WINSTON a 34 year old Weekend Warrior riding a GIANT from LAVERNE


    • Trail UpdateGMR-Rode GMR this past weekend. The forest still has the road gate closed to cars, so park on the shoulder. The rains have destroyed and recarved new trails at the bottom creekbed area. Once you get to the climbing area its all good. There are some area where you might want to be careful (ie. rockslides, erosion). Still an excellent ride but you will notice that its not the same GMR as before.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 12 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=20% Dirt Road=80%
      a Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized Stmpjmpr Pro


    • Trail Update15 Friendly Truckers-What a great day of riding! So many good folks and a great
      trail made the 5:15am alarm time worth it (and that's saying
      alot). I see I already caught some flack for my skill in
      crashing. I'm planning to hit SuperGo this week and get some
      padsto prepare for the bumps. I made up for it on the 9 mile
      killer climb, though. I only rode once since the christmas
      gorge fest but managed to lead all the way up the climb (after
      the first stop)...hence the categorization below as
      CrossCountry rider rather than downhiller. I took my Canon
      Elph 330 along and got some great shots of the day. (to be
      found at below link) Be sure to check out the panoramic VR I
      made at the top of widows peak. ENJOY!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 18 miles Elevation change:
      JustinSail a 25 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Bianchi Wannabe from Los Angeles URL: Justin's Glendora pics


    • Trail Update15 Riders At Monroe TT-Great weather, Great soil conditions and great ride. It was Cody's (my Eleven year old) first climb up the trail. he's shuttled it a few times before, but was given a whole new perspective on Sunday, Nice to see Pain Freak, Sonny and Barry. The lower section below the fire road is awsome after the fire and the rains. Everything has changed and leaves more than one line choice. Justin, Post your pictures here! Oh yeah! Rob cheated in the gravity race. DONT PEDAL!!!!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 15miles Elevation change: bunch
      Singletrack=25% Dirt Road=25% Truck Trail=50%
      Clancy a 42 year old Racer riding a Cannodale, K2, K2, K2, Intense and specialized from Norco


    • Trail UpdateMONROE TRUCK TRAIL-Rode there today with the group 15 in all very good turn out!!!!!
      I suprised them all,I climbed the hill like I was driving an H2. Clancy broke his chain on the way up
      [tring to keep up with Cody]but we waited for him at the turn.The rest of the climb was fun, the trail is not the same since the fire and rain the other posts really do tell the story.
      Five of us went over to Widows Pass, the road is closed to vehicles so only bicycles on it. [very very nice]Widows Pass was a little diffrent not as fast as before more ruts and some good jumps [ if I was 18 again]The others really missed out on the lower section if was funner then ever!!!!! Billy can ride.
      We did miss Shocktower[ he was home sick today]
      Justen gets the Crash Award on Widows pass, he really know what he is doing, and Pain Freak he does like the
      Next week Coster the Woops [Billy's Backyard]
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 12+miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=25% Dirt Road=75%
      Mr Bonk a 41 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Santa Cruz Bullitt from Fontana Ca


    • Trail UpdateNice Day-Really was a nice day for a ride and it looked like a lot of the other locals thought so too.We had 16 guys show up for this ride this morning.Let me try and remember all the names.Myself (Pain Freak),Brent aka Mr. Bonk (who had no bonk in him today, thats for sure),Conrad, Javier, Sonny, John, Robbie, Paul, Sean,Billy,Justin,Mike,Cody,Cal,Berry and Jimmy.Not bad for a group. We all got a pretty good start.I'm not sure what time we left, but it wasn't to long after we got there. We all took off at a pretty good pace, the lead switched around a lot, but I don't think anyone was really trying to pull away just yet.Still we were getting warmed up.This ride seems a lot different from the last time I rode it.It was without a doubt a lot harder this time.Maybe because I was trying to hang with those freekin animals up front. What the he11 was I thinkin? Again, we didn't get blown away, but it wasn't easy.Ol man Brent was riding his big ol Bullit and was just kickin a$$ going up the trail. We all spread out after the first rest break and it was a climb after that.The road is in sorry shape for vehicles, but in good shape for mountain biking.I even got hung up in some soft stuff on an uphill and ended up off the bike,on a fireroad.I hit a rock,OK? This really is a fun climb, but it'll work you.The views as I've said before are great. At the top we split up with about 5 (Brent, Billy,Justin,Barry, and myself) of us looking to do Widows pass and the little parts of singletrack that follow,with the rest of the guys heading back down .I didn't do as well this time as I did the first time I rode it,I don't know why. Sure pissed me off though. After that I decided I wasn't going to dab again.I was wrong.I got off on another downhill that had some loose stuff that I've rode a million times before.So I got off and walked it back up and did it again.Second time was a breeze. Go figure??? By this time I'm at the back of the pack, sweepin. But now I'm going at a speed I like and I'm cleaning the rest of it like a pro. And wouldn't you know it, this is where the hard stuff ends and the fast switchbacks begin.This next part of the trail is the kind I live for.Fairly smooth trail heading into switchbacks.I love to see how fast I can go into them without skidding and then using body english to kick the back tire around.I'm getting better at this manuver, and if I'm comfortable with the trail I can fly.This little part alone would make the climb all worthwhile.It was great riding with these guys.I only wish more would have joined us for the singletrack.I feel like they got cheated.But some of the guys were pushed for time and if you got to go, you got to go! I made it home in record time for a weekend ride.My wife nearly fainted when I walked in.She asked if the ride had been cancelled and I told her we had already rode for 4 hours and I was done.This was a fast, fun filled, ride for me.I got a kick out of watching Billy and Brent racing down the singletrack as I could see them from above.It was like watching a video, very nice.I hear next week is the Kenter Whoops, hope I can make it as I'm running 20 miles Saturday. He11, I got to make it.They'll be time for resting when were dead,right?
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 18miles Elevation change: 2400
      Singletrack=25% Dirt Road=55% Paved Path=20%
      Pain Freak a Cross-Country Rider riding a Renrut 02 /Quintana Roo TeQuilo from Fontana


    • Trail UpdateAfter The Apocalypse, The Ride-was like, biking up the Monroe Truck Trail in a howling Santa Ana gale. The first half mile is moderately interesting, easily picking lines through numerous creek crossings, almost like singletrack. Then it turns up full fire-road. High up, a couple of hairpins ending to the north (up-wind) with a steep finish were especially brutal: "Batten the hatches, get the women below, get Grandma out of the brig and bring her up and lash her to the bowsprit, better feed her some biscuits and rum first, gonna need her for a while". The Trail, narrowed by occasional erosion and landslide from above, was littered with debris, the burned, naked sides of the canyon quickly eroding after the fire looked like chocolate ice cream on a NYC park bench in August, some rockier slopes looking like a sureform under a microscope. The last mile or so were in a tornado, traversing an exposed ridge over to the GMR. Views to North and east awesome. The widow singletrack is not much more than a glorified drainage ditch running the ridge top overlooking the switchback section of the GMR, no twists or turns to speak, a few ups and downs and a couple built up jumps. Maybe two miles before it dumps back out on the road above another singletrack which continues down to a trailhead west of the car.(That is if I ended up where I thought I was) The look of the barren landscape with the burnt trees still standing and the brown cloud hanging in the air from the windstorm earned the ride the name.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 15?miles Elevation change: 2000?
      Singletrack=15% Dirt Road=40% Paved Path=35%
      trailbuilder a 48 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a rodeo red flyer from Claremont


    • Trail UpdateGMR Is Good-I rode there today ,and the start is really tough you have to walk parts of it,but it was really to bad Bonk sonny and all the other sissys couldn`t ride you missed out on a good one ,we even did widows pass ,and it was great the grip was the best ever,maybe next time
      Shocktower a 39 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Santa Cruz Bullit from Alta loma


    • Trail UpdateNice....(TM)-I had never done this particular trail before, mainly because of the other name it goes by (Monroe Truck Trail) let me tell you, no trucks are going to be able to get through this trail unless they do some long time major work here.This is part of the area that got all burned up.Cal the ride organizer (Thanx again) called this ride The Tour De Burn and who happens to live just down the street from the trail head took point. There were 5 of us in this group.Carlos (the I can do it guy) Cal the ringleader, Javier (Crashem up kid) myself (Pain Freak) and Conrad (smarter then the average MTBer).We started out in a little canyon and set a fairly easy pace,It was real pretty down at the bottom with all the green starting to come back in. At this lower part it wasn't burnt. We broke after awhile into your typical SoCal fireroad and proceeded to climb about another 7 or 8 miles.This is a moderate climb as far as fireroads go, and a little towards the easy side I would say.One thing that this ride offers is some outstanding views.I know we can see some good ones around here,but these just seemed awe inspiring.I had to just stop and look.I usually will just keep riding,but Mt Baldy sitting off in the distance was spectacular.The whole range is just beautiful.This area kind of puts you in between the San Gabs and the start of the San Bernardinos.You can see quite aways in both directions.True it is all burned down, but there is still beauty here.You just have to look in the distance.But even close up you can see the rock formations and game trails and a lot of other things the bush used to cover up.Well worth the ride.I've lived in this area now for awhile and would have rode here a lot if I'd knew this little gem was right here in our backyards.As I was saying the ride is fairly mild and we got to the top after about 8 miles.Cal then directed us down on the street and this was cool because the road is closed to traffic and we could just let it fly.The only thing we seen were some roadies climbing.We got down about 3 miles and Cal led us to another singletrack that he'd read about, but never had done before.As we stood at the top surveying it, it looked fairly hairy in a couple of places, which of course makes it all that much more fun.The guys at work ask why do we do this.I think we do it to enjoy life.To grab the moment and feel the exhileration of it all.The edge is so much fun.I'm a particpator as most MTBer's are.I refuse to be a spectator.Ok, off we go.Cal had become inpatient maybe with us and had took off first.He was already to the other ridge before I even started.I went second and only made it about 20 feet.The total length of this section was about 125 to 150 feet.I turned around and decided to go back and restart.Carlos flew by me.This is Kamikaze Carlos.He locked up the back tire about a third of the way down and just rode it out skidding the other third before letting it go.The hill is steep enough even, if you are skidding you're not slowing, just the opposite ,you're picking up speed.I finally got back behind the seat and was able to finally ride it out.Then came the Crashem up kid.Javier started about the same way I did and and got off up by the top and decided to retry it.He looked really good for the first half and then things started looking grim.He started to turn into a rut and then over corrected and cut back to quick which put him into another rut and twisted his bars.He did the classic endo.I'd give him a 9.5 .Some of the others might have scored it higher, but he only got one roll on the landing.Why is it we laugh when our friends do this?I think it's the relief that they are alright.I have to admit it was entertaining.But little blood and no foul so off we went.Did I mention that Conrad was the smart one and decided to walk it? We came into some more but not quite as steep.This little trail rocks.Somebody has built some doubles and stuff up there too.Real fun playground. I think we had a couple of more dabs on the way down, but thats to be expected on a new trail.At the bottom Cal told me to finish on the right.I thought he meant my right not his as he was looking up.I almost made it,but lost it at the worst possible time and had to dismount.Cal was laughing and said no "the other right". Kamikaze Carlos of course had to try it now and did it the hard way.He did it. but it wasn't pretty.My hats off to him though.Either he's got balls of brass or he's just nuts.Only time will tell.I'm sure glad we know of this trail now and it will be a regular stop now on my trail list.This is not a singletrack to do by yourself though.I suggest you do it with somebody.Good trail, Good people, and Good times.What more could we ask for?
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 18 miles Elevation change: 3000
      Singletrack=35% Dirt Road=50% Paved Path=15%
      PainFreak riding a Turner 02 from Fontana,CA


    • Trail UpdateMonroe, GMR, GRR, Colby, Mystic-A group of us poor older unfortunates ride these trails on old bikes with old legs, usually Sat am long before the rockers wake up. We are locals with a sense of thanks for this wonderful semi urban playground. We'll do Wilson at times up out of Millard or JPL, and all other sorts of local rides, like Van Tassel and Monrovia Canyon. No drop offs here, we RIDE to our tops before heading down, creaky and worn out. At our age, we're lucking to even wake up, no less ride! We run these routes on Sunday just to make sure we stay fit. See our website for details..Ed Knapp...Glendora.... www.eteamz.com/twosixtwo

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: who cares :>) Elevation change: higher better
      Fasteddie a 50 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Old 15 yr old comp hardfork with feathered helmets from Glendora URL: Glendora Ridge Runners


    • Trail UpdateMonroe, GMR, GRR, Colby, Mystic-A group of us poor older unfortunates ride these trails on old bikes with old legs, usually Sat am long before the rockers wake up. We are locals with a sense of thanks for this wonderful semi urban playground. We'll do Wilson at times up out of Millard or JPL, and all other sorts of local rides, like Van Tassel and Monrovia Canyon. No drop offs here, we RIDE to our tops before heading down, creaky and worn out. At our age, we're lucking to even wake up, no less ride! We run these routes on Sunday just to make sure we stay fit. See our website for details...eteamz.com/twosixtwo

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: it's all mental Elevation change: higher better
      262twosixtwo a 50 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Old 15 yr old comp hardfork from Glendora URL: Glendora Ridge Runners


    • Trail UpdateGreat riding with the crew on Sunday. (By the way, it was "Patrick", not Peter.) Just one question Mr. Bonk...How did this ride drop from a rating of "Advanced" in your July post to "Imtermediate" on Sunday? Is it only getting easier for YOU?! Also, since Patrick and Billy came together, what say we dub Billy "Spunge Bob"?
      (Shocktower, you understand...right?)
      Flying W a 41 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Giant - Warp DS 3 from La Verne


    • Trail UpdateMonroe Truck/ Widdows Pass-Rode there with Mr You,Shocktower,Billy,Paul,Mountain Goat and Peter [I think it was Peter]No Pain Freak?
      He would have loved this ride.
      Went up Monroe to the upper saddle, them the race begin Shocktower started off leading most of the way till the short up hill, Mr You was holding his own!!
      after that I had taken the lead with Shocktower pushing me [he was on the new bullit]when in a turn a little to fast but saved it.
      stoped at the t section and went down Mistic cyn
      It was a little ruted but it was fun.
      Once at the bottom we shuttled up too Widow's pass single track.
      There are some new jumps, ater that we did the single track at the bottom way cool new burm and jump at the top.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 12miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=25% Dirt Road=75%
      Mr Bonk a 40 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a To many from Rancho Cucamonga Ca USA


    • Trail UpdateMonroe Truck/ Widow's Pass-Rode there today 7-8-01 perfect day for a ride !
      Meet Clancy after months of emails.
      The ride started out at a good pace Rob found out what it's like to climb on a full suspenion bike [he just thought we were old] the higher we climb the slower the pace!!
      Mountain Goat was leading the way still Sonny Boy passed.Mountain Goat did not like it too well so he showed Sonny Boy and Clancy what he was made of!!!
      Jimmy and I were just tring to keep up.
      Shocktower was doing fine with the broken rib {what a stud]once we reached the top down the paved road to Widow's Pass Single track!!
      Shocktower was the leader with Sonny Boy next, then myself, Clancy,Mountain Goat,Robbie,Jimmy.
      Jimmy was feeling gooood!! he passed Robbie and mountain Goat then Clancy, [it was his first time on the trail]
      We were waiting at the road for Mountain Goat when he came down. Bloody mess he was pedal did a number on the shen.
      The lower single track was fun as always.
      dont worry Mountain goat will not make the disabled list!!
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 14miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=10% Dirt Road=70% Paved Path=10%
      MR BONK a 39 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek vrx400 from Rancho cucamonga


    • Trail UpdateFathers Day Ride-What a great day to ride !!!
      There was 16 riders showed Alyssa 7, William 7,aka downhill Willy.and Ian 7, remember Alyssa in about 10yrs she will be a pro, by the end of the ride she was lovin the downhill,downhill Willy all I saw was dust!!!!!,Ian will be a climber like his Dad.
      then theres Andrew he made is Dad look really slow,
      Jeff and James were the leaders with Emiloo giveing them a run for there money!!, Carlee was out for a Sunday morning ride till she taken over the VRX [That was the last time I seen her!!!!!].
      Then us old guys tring to keep up Jessy,Rob,Rob,and Robert,Sonny ,Gerry,and myself, oh yes the mountain goat rode up from the bottom, [ were was chinese studman???]
      I think this could be the next Turkey ride????
      Ride rating: Beginner
      Ride distance: 8miles Elevation change: almost all downhill
      Singletrack=10% Dirt Road=90%
      MR BONK a 39 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek vrx400 from Rancho cucamonga


    • Trail UpdatePoopOut-Rode Monroe yesterday. On the way back down, we went down the poopout singletrack. it was very fun at first. The first 1/2 of the trail is technical and fun, but the 2nd half has some impossible sections. Who rides this stuff? You are crazy!

      Does the moonscape trail take a different route?

      Billy Boy a Downhiller riding a FSR


    • Trail UpdateMonroe Truck Trail-Shuttled here today, in the drizzle and fog with Chris and Wade. Rode the Noleen / M-1 Intense. WOW! I did'nt really think that the fire road would be this much fun on the real deal. With the exception of the few pedalling spots("ouch"), Hikers and waiting for others. It was a complete Blast. I did'nt have time to do the second drop below, but may catch it next week. I hear that there are some cool doubles there these days.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 8miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=5% Truck Trail=95%
      Clancy - Noleen /K2 crash test dummy a 40 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Noleen-K2 / Intense M-1 factory gravity rig from Norco


    • Trail UpdateWidow's Pass Single Track-A few items I forgot,
      The Chinse studman tried to Bonk and
      Blonde was there on his super clean bike!
      How do you get it that clean???
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 12miles Elevation change:
      MR BONK a 39 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek vrx400 from Rancho cucamonga


    • Trail UpdateMonroe Truck Trail-Rode there today perfect day to ride!
      Went to the top then down the road to Widow's Pass Single Track.
      Rode with Tommy,Sonny,Chinse Studman,Mountain Goat,
      Alldownhill,met two new riders Dino and Abe,
      Abe can ride with me anytime he can crash any were at any time!!!!
      Abe gets the crash award for today but Alldownhill
      gets the roll em down the hill with out the bike award!
      Met some others at the top, lots of riders out today.
      maybe next week ????
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 15 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=3% Dirt Road=9% Paved Path=3%
      MR BONK a 39 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek vrx400 from Rancho cucamonga


    • Trail UpdateMonroe Truck Trail-Was there yesterday with Tommy and the Boys
      Rode up to the 7 mile mark and then back down to the single track.
      Tommy and I went down the trail they call Devils
      it does not go all the way through!!!
      the part we did ride was awsome!!!!
      till next week go Sonny go I will pass next week!!!
      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: 12 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=15% Dirt Road=85%
      MR BONK a 39 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek vrx400 from Rancho cucamonga


    • Trail UpdateGlendora Mtn/ Monroe Truck Trail-I went there to day it wasstill soft, and it made climbing a little tough , we rode to the top , them motored down ,there is so much grip ,We then went down the single track to mystic canyon Mr bonk and I took a different route ,I think it is a horse trail toward the end we had to stop and hike back up it is a great technical trail deep rut`s very deep .
      Ride rating: Novice
      Singletrack=20% Dirt Road=80%
      Shocktower a 37 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a SANTA CRUZ BULLIT from Alta loma


    • Trail UpdateMonroe Truck Trail-Rode there this morning yes in the rain this trail is great all this time and this is the frist time I have done it!
      Love the downhill in to Mistic Cyn
      I was right behind Tommy till the end
      Barry not to far behind us!!
      this trail has good run off and is great in the rain!!!
      Ride distance: 8miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=99% Paved Path=1%
      MR BONK a 39 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Trek vrx400 from Rancho cucamonga


    • Trail UpdateMonroe Truck Trail-Mystic Canyon-Went up on Wed. 11-1-2000. Climbed Monroe up to GMR and then back down via Mystic Canyon. Overall both trails in good shape despite recent rains. A few soft spots to look out for on Monroe. Mystic is a bit rutted due to rains and excessive skidding in corners. KEEP IT UNDER CONTROL. DON'T RUIN IT FOR THE REST OF US! Also noted some new boulders have come down on the trail. Enjoy!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Craig a 29 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Cannondale from the dawn of time from Glendora


    • Trail UpdateMonroe/Mystic Canyon Descent-Did this yesterday morning before work. Up the Monroe trail from GMR 2-3 miles, to where the Mystic Canyon trail meets up with it. We took M.C. back down and it's pretty rough. The Monroe trail is in fantastic shape (a little water down below), but there was quite a bit of loose rock on the steepest sections of the M.C. trail and the rain has worn deep ridges in parts of the it. If you do the M.C. descent, be a little cautious of all the loose stuff and do a good brake check at the top - this trail could be dangerous...my buddy got a bit of rock-rash on this trip.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 5 miles? Elevation change: Look at the Topo!
      Aaron a 26 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek 6000 E-mail: A_Finney@wfi-inc.com


    • Trail UpdateGMR-this trail is fast fun and could be dangerous....
      the stream crossing are fun in the winter..also watch out for paint ballers,been hit once.A lot of little cridders are also around..be careful...

      Ride rating: Advanced
      frank a 23 year old Racer riding a Schwinn S-10 from Veniced beach


    • Trail UpdateMonroe Truck Trail-My buddy and I ride this trail every Saturday from the bottom of Glendora Mountain Road to the top, about 7.5 miles of climbing from 1000' to 3500'. There are several creek crossings at the bottom and then the climb begins. It is a very scenic ride with some pretty steep sections. Views of Downtown LA and beyond are common. Best to ride early in the morning before it gets too hot. Watch out for wildlife, the tracks are everywhere!
      Truck Trail=100%
      David Favro a 32 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Bianchi Avenue from Glendora, CA


    • Trail UpdateGlendora Mountain Trail.-Great training climb, continuing over the top to the downhill section will lead you to the corrections facility located off of the East Fork Road in Azusa Canyon 39. You could ride over to 39 and down to Sierra Madre (Left Turn) over to Glendora Mt. Road. Looking at a 40-45 mile ride there, had to stop at a fastfood joint last time to refuel! Call the girlfriend and tell her you will be alittle late!
      Singletrack=5% Dirt Road=50% Paved Path=45%
      JR a 29 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GT LTS


    • Trail UpdateNice ride up to a great view of the San Gabriel mountains, including Mt. Baldy. For 1.25 km the trail follows the Little Dalton canyon creek with 9 easy crossings. From there it winds up the ridge till it gets to the main paved road near not far from where the Glendora mountain road Y's to either Mt Baldy or down to the East fork. I crossed over the paved road and went a little further, until the dirt road does a descent to what looked like Azusa canyon. The dirt road is very ridable, and a great ride downhill from the top. I managed to make it 6.17 km up before resting for about 15 minutes, then managed to make it to the 11.87 km mark where it meets the paved road without resting. After about 5 minutes of rest went another 1.3 km to the crest of the road and headed back for my downhill ride. 30 to 35 minutes of downhill fun awaited me, to be rewarded with a nice 1.25 km finish next to the beautiful little canyon that follows the creek back to the parking lot.
      Singletrack=5% Dirt Road=95%
      Kevin R. Burely a 41 year old riding a Trek 820 from Fullerton Ca


    • Trail UpdateG-Town Local-34 Years-On the morning of Jan. 17th woke up and took to the trail with my bro. Had to avoid the Cub Scouts on the way up which were earning badges for their Nature Hike. Great ride up. Got to the 2.6 to 2.8 mile point which I have heard people call Poop out (depending on who is riding). Rested for a bit and rode up to the 6 mile point. It was Foggy all the way up until we arrived there where the Lone pole off to the right side sits and the right side of the mountain opens back up to you. It's very peaceful up there. Right as we arrived there, The sun beamed through. Had a snack and then headed back down.Highest speed possible. Got back down to Poop out and waited for my bro. 5 to 10 minutes later, I see him coming down with a ripped shirt on the shoulder area. I figured as much. His ribbs are going to be hurting for some time.
      Point to the story? It's a dangerous ride, but isn't that what it's all about? Great ride! Great Sceanery!

      a 34 year old riding a Yamaha Bike from Glendora


    • Trail UpdateTruck Trail To Moonscape-A great combo alternative to the normal fire-road climb is to bomb down the 'Moonscape' singletrack! This is a short loop (appx 6 mi) beginning at the usual Little Dalton gate. On 11/15, lower trail condition was great. Climb for appx 3 mi to the left-turn plateau and you'll notice the start of s-track trails. Moonscape is the one to the left (the one to the right leads to a hike-a-bike non-rideable section). Drop down Moonscape and you'll find a super variety of switchbacks, hardpacks, ruts, and loose rocky sections (be careful!). Trail ends at the Big Dalton area, onto the street. Take this road west and back onto Glendora Mtn Road.
      Singletrack=60% Paved Path=10% Truck Trail=30%
      a Weekend Warrior riding a GT Hardtail


    • Trail UpdateMonroe Truck Trail-This ride is fast right now all the way down. WAtch the horses, I've seen more than usual latly. On the bottom it gets alittle rocky with the stream crossings, but that makes it that much better. Link it with Colby Canyon and you've got fun morning.
      Singletrack=20% Paved Path=10% Truck Trail=70%
      Kevin Allen a 42 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Cannondale-natually from Glendora


    • Trail UpdateGMR; Monroe Truck Trail-REMINDER: You'll need an Adventure Pass to park at/near the trail head. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware of this -- got up early (all psyced for a nice ride) drove to the trail head only to "discover" the signs warning that a pass was required. It's only five bucks (of course we could spend the next week discussing this "rip-off"), but there wasn't any place OPEN to purchase one. I ended up going to another trail that was "free". Don't waste your time -- get the pass!
      Jimbeau a 43 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GT from California


    • Trail UpdateMonroe Truck Trail-The foresty Dept has just cleaned up the trail from the winter damage
      it is now very fast and fun. There are still 5 water crossings, one of wich you'll carry your bike.Truck Trail=100%
      Kevin a 41 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Super-V from Glendora


    • Trail UpdateTim-Date:3-1-98 Nature has taken it's course and the water has made its path through the trail. Plan on carring your bike through steams for the first mile. Lot of rock slides. Very adventurous ride. Beautiful view.
      Tim a 33 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Nishiki from Glendora, Ca


    • Trail UpdateMonroe Trail-Continue on the road to the first bend (almost a 180), you will see a park on the left, then a fire gate. The trail goes up to the ridge of the mountains. Approximately 8 miles up. Took this 41 year old 90 minutes to make it up and about 15 to come down on a rigid frame. Nice view of the Valley on a clear day. Very fast going down.
      Famous1 a 41 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized Ground Control FSR


    • Trail UpdateThis trail is fast, beginners make sure you have good brakes. The trail is always is in good shape. In the winter there are about four streams you have to ride through but they are not to deep.
      Singletrack=10% Truck Trail=90%
      Brian Tomac a 18 year old Downhiller riding a Intense M1 from Glendora CA.


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