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  • Earl Canyon Motorway - #EarlCanyonMotorway

    Socal - Los Angeles County - La Canada NickNames: #EarlCanyonMotorway hurl canyon

    210 Fwy. East, exit on Ocean View Ave., make a left (north), right(east)on Foothill Blvd, turn north on Palm Ave. Parking is available at the 3rd stop sign (about 3/4 mile from Foothill Blvd). The entrance is down to the left of the stop. From here the road is blocked from motor traffic by a yellow Forrest Service gate.

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    • Trail Updateits tough


    • Trail UpdateToday was a nice day. I only saw 2 bikers and one
      hiker. The road is a mess though. Its rocky, sandy
      and has ruts in some places. Its even tougher to
      clean now, so the fat pig I am, I had to stop twice
      due to backtire slippage. It was the maiden voyage
      for my new 03 Mesa GS (almost stock with the
      exception of disc brakes) hardtail, complete with
      rim reflectors and "Read This Before.." stickers.
      This is not a fun ride with a hardtail, I guess
      nowhere is really a fun place for hardtails but the
      stock RST Mag TL fork was very impressive on the
      bumps, better than any Judy I've ever had. The
      road leading up to Leukens also wasnt too bad. I
      just have to say the lower area is a rats nest so
      bring your FS bike and plenty of water since its
      beginning to warm up again.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Bike2itbcom a 41 year old riding a 03 Mesa GS from LaCrescenta


    • Trail Updatethat's what I'm trying to tell this guy ...there is no
      sign on the gate. And I didnt ride all the way up to
      Lukens for crissake! This guy is so demented
      and a coward as well, he doesnt even show his
      real login!


    • Trail UpdateGeneral Info-I'm not choosing sides here, gentlemen, but just for your information you can ride for about two miles on this trail before you even get to the National Forest boundary. This gives us about a 10% grade to "workout" with. Not enough? Turn around and do it again!
      Observer a Weekend Warrior


    • Trail Updatecall me and tell me in person if you have the kahones 323.993-5110


    • Trail UpdateWow Mongoose, U R A Dumb Dumb-

      Let's try this again, ALL OF ANGELES NATIONAL FOREST IS CLOSED, PERIOD. Now what part of that don't you understand? there doesn't have to be a sign for you to know that. If you really are involved in "save the hillsides" campaigns, then that's more of a reason to comprehend what I'm saying. As far as the rest of your mumblings, I think you need some serious help as well as a good spell checker. Please stop responding to yourself, cause it really makes you look like a jackass.
      La Canada Elitist riding a Litespeed


    • Trail UpdateI've been to 8 "Save the Hillsides" and Santa Monica
      Mountains Consevancy Meetings rallies for the past 2 years,
      and people who ride the trails hardly ever show up. I've only
      seen 2 or 3 mtn bikers at all of the "Hillsides" rallies I've
      attended. The HIKERS show up in droves..who knows if "La
      Canada Elitist" shows up, probably not. Its funny...many
      bikers here write absurd "comebacks" to various posts and
      degrade those who ride "Made in Taiwan/China" bikes (85%
      are according to the L.A. Times 10-20-02). Yet if they are so
      involved in the sport, why doesnt the majority ever support
      saving the trails? Sure, there are a handful who are IMBA
      members and some even go as far as to help fix the
      singletracks and fireroads that careless bikers and hikers
      destroy. But what about the 90% who come to this website?
      Is primetime T.V. that enjoyable or is one Saturday too
      much to give up to help maintain a path? One thing that also
      is absurd is that people who wrench each other here
      probably never met each other. Its like a chatroom full of
      junior highers trying to outdo one another. And if someone
      posts some sillyazz "comeback", oh, you can bet that theyre
      going to leave some fictious email address and 'rider name".
      I just want to say, if you don't know squat about something,
      just keep your mouth shut. I know nothing about hydrallic
      discs, so am I not going to post, "Don't buy this brand, it
      sucks". Also, get more involved with the conservation aspect
      of our trails instead of calling people "dumb dumbs". Like this
      guy, La Canada Elitist". If he lived in La Canada, he'd know
      there arent any signs of closure at the trailhead.


    • Trail UpdateNo signs there at the gate...why get on my ass?
      Go there and put a sign up...and "Mr.
      Conservation" where were you at Glendale's
      "Save the Hillside" rally at the beginning of the
      year? I was," jackass", and waited til 11:30 pm to
      give a little speech at the figgin' podium defending
      the Verdugos for hikers and bikers. And gave $100
      bucks to the damn cause as well. If you were there
      and waited hours to give testimony or gave over
      $100 to "Save Our Hillsides", then disegard this
      Mongoose a Racer


    • Trail UpdateIs Mongoose Da Dumbest Guy Alive-
      Either you've been hiding under a rock, drinking too many chi chi's at the cat and the fiddle or you have no regard what so ever for rules and regulations. The Angeles National Forest (which includes Earl Canyon dumb dumb) is CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.
      Please stick to riding The Santa Monica Mtn ranges (which includes The Verdugo's dumb dumb) for now.

      Ride distance: Elevation change:
      La Canada Elitist riding a Litespeed


    • Trail UpdateI "did" Earl for the third time. Last time was in 1999!
      I guess I was in better shape then because as "Joe Truth" sez, it will get you tired even before you get to the peak. Back in '99 I was tired but not this bad...Its not the steepness, really, its the relentless 22 degree angle s'backs that reward you with only 4 feet of flat before it starts climbing up again!
      Plus the rocks and sand tire you as well. "Joe" was right--it was a Saturday afternoon, and a pretty nice one at that, and it was desserted! However 3/4 of the way up, a lone local rider pedalled by me and nodded.
      That was it. Even at the top--nobody!!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Dirt Road=100%
      Mongoose a 33 year old


    • Trail UpdateEarl Canyon Motorway/Fire Road-To the locals Earl is synonymous with 'hurl', mainly because of the roads overall steepness. But donít let that fool you, because there are sections of the fire road that are very steep. During heavy rains the road effectively becomes a single track as you try to avoid the wash ruts in these sections. Along the road there are 3 emergency fire catches, with the top most one at the fork to Angeles Crest (down to the right) and Mt Lukens/Haines Canyon (up to the left). While there are some riders/hikes to be seen in the late afternoons, most of the time the road is empty.
      If you feel strong and have more in you, keep going another 3-4 miles to Mt. Lukens.
      Arguably, this trail is as steep and sandy as it gets in So. Cal., if you could ride this whole thing nonstop to Mt. Lukens, you are a sport class race ready rider.

      (If the above sounds familiar, it should, part of it is a 'copy and paste' from the trailhead description off of 'mtbr.com').

      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 4.5 miles Elevation change: 2700
      Dirt Road=100%
      JoeTruth a 37 year old riding a Ellsworth Truth from Altadena


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