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  • Deer Lick - #DeerLick

    Socal - San Bernardino County - Running Springs NickNames: #DeerLick

    Take Hwy. 18 up the mountain to Running Springs. Just past the town, turn right onto 1N96. You can park there in a small lot and ride on the paved road or drive about 4 miles to the junction to Keller Peak (dirt road).

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    • Trail UpdateKeller Peak-I live in Running Springs and use this ride for a road or mountain bike work out. It's a steep paved road all the way. I reckon you climb 1,800' in 6.5 miles which is about 5% but it seems steeper. The road splits after 4.5 miles, to the left is Children's forest (a great spot to do some astronomy!) and to the right is the climb to the Keller peak fire lookout. This last stretch of road is embedded with glass which is really scary at first, but is actually perfectly safe!

      The descent is quite dangerous, especially back to the fork. It's very steep and winding and it's quite easy to let your speed get too high. Being a very minor road, there's often grit and sand on it and you're bound to meet a few cars coming up. Take care!

      BTW. Parking at the base of the road is not permitted. If the gate is open, park 100 yards up the road on the right. If the gate is closed, park at the Depot just a short way east on the 18 on the right.
      Paved Path=100%
      Terry Hutt a 39 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek ZX6000 from Running Springs


    • Trail UpdateKeller Peak-12.5 miles round trip on paved and dirt roads. Be sure to check out National Children's Forest, a short ride from the Keller Peak junction.


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