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Southern California Trails

  • Condor Peak Loop - #CondorPeakLoop

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Tujunga NickNames: #CondorPeakLoop

    Take the 210 to Foothill Blvd in Sunland/Tujunga. Go
    north on Mt. Gleason Ave, which becomes Big Tujunga
    Canyon Road.
    After crossing the bridge, take the next left and process
    up a dirt road. When it forks, go right, and park at the lot
    at the base of Trail Canyon.
    Bike back down the dirt road to Big Tujunga, take a left,
    and go up the road to Vogel Flats. About 100 yards
    past the parking area, there is a small entrance on the
    left. This is the lower entrance to Condor Peak Trail. If
    you prefer, you can add about 2.5 miles to the trip by
    continuing up Big Tujunga to the upper Condor Peak
    Trail entrance.
    From either entrance, go up Condor Peak Trail for
    about 8 miles. Pass Condor Peak, and continue along
    a rolling ridge until you get to Trail Canyon Trail forking
    sharply to the left. Take Trail Canyon Trail back to your

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