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  • Cheeseboro Park - #CheeseboroPark

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Agoura Hills NickNames: #CheeseboroPark

    Take the 101 north out of L.A. Exit at Cheeseboro-just before Kanan-Dune. Take a right off of the freeway and at the first stop sign take another right. When you drive into the Old Agoura neighborhood, you'll be on Cheseboro Road (paved). Head up the tight road for about a mile then you will see on your right the entrance to the National Recreation Area. You can park outside the gates or you can drive up to the parking lot for more parking. The first paved parking area we'll call the "lower parking lot". If you drive further in you'll get to the dirt area, or "upper parking lot".
    The trail offers a wide variety of obstacles. There are several trails you can offshoot from the main sulfur springs one. Other trails offer steep climbs, technical single track descents, or easy rolling rides for beginners. Towards the end of sulfur springs trail there are some really cool single track obstacles if you like rocks and jumping over things. This place is really cool it has everything climbs, descents, single tracks (although not enough), and easy rolling trails for others. Be careful of the horses on the weekends they are everywhere! Thomas Guide page 558 D5

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    • Trail UpdateAlmost Completely Dry Again-Rode Chesebro up through Palo Comado last night; both trails are in great shape with no standing water or mud on either. Starting to see some green shoots along the trail, if we get some more rain soon we should should have a lot of green by mid-January.
      Stumpy a 48 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Stumpjumper FSR Elite from Ventucky County


    • Trail UpdateMuddy-Turnned back after few hundreds yards. Trail is very muddy after brief rain on saturday night
      a Weekend Warrior riding a GT for real from L.A.


    • Trail UpdatePacked-This place is nice it has something for everybody. there are several diffrent trails for diffrent skill levels. There are alot of horse shoe ruts, horses riding right after the rains.
      Also this place gets really crowded during the weekend. best shot for a free ride with not much stoping is during the week.
      a Weekend Warrior riding a trek special


    • Trail UpdateCheeseboro-True, there are lots of options here and the trails are in good shape, but dang! So many people. Both the lower and upper parking lots were full when we arrived at 8 AM and there were so many riders, hikers, and even a few equestrians on the trails. We took the main trail to Baleen Wall, back to Shepherd Flats, down Sulphur Springs to China Flats trail, got lost, then back to Palo Comado, Modelo and to the lot. 14.3 miles in a little under two and a half hours.
      old gringo a 58 year old riding a Paragon (today)


    • Trail UpdateOne Of My Favorite-You will always have options for all levels. We had to change our plan route last time we're here because a friend who is a beginner was having a hard time on the 1st clim.

      Here are the photos: http://www.unitedadobo.com/index.cfm?action=gallery.list&album_id=8057

      GPS Data with geo tagged photos: http://www.unitedadobo.com/index.cfm?action=route.map&route_id=38
      Spider a 27 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized URL: Cheeseboro Ridge Trails


    • Trail UpdateCheeseboro Trail Update-8-11-07 Great day for a ride, heavy marine layer burned off by about 8:30. Trail surface is hard packed, a little dusty in spots. We peddled up to China Flats then left up the hill to the Palo Comando trail. The short single track connector from the Palo Comando overlook down to Palo Comando fire road is in great shape. It used to be very overgrown and the last big fire took care of that, a few ruts but nothing too technical. At China Flats we talked with a man riding a horse, nice conversation about interaction between the horseback riders and mtn bikers. He said his horse prefers riders to slowly ride by and not dismount. His horse gets spooked when you go into the bushes to let the horse go by, the horse is afraid you are going to jump out at him like a mountain lion would. He had many good comments about horse behavior. He had fitted the horse with a Polar Heart Rate monitor, first time I've ever seen that. Have fun, get out and ride.
      Jerry BOMB a 53 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Gary Fisher Sugar One from Simi


    • Trail Updateeasy ride


    • Trail UpdateThistle Be My Lucky Day!-China Flat is being overrun by thistle! Time for some kevlar riding pants, I suppose. Also, be on the lookout for snakes. I saw a huge rattler crossing Palo Comado, measured about 5 ft long and 6-7 in thick at the midpoint.
      Dr Wellington Yueh


    • Trail UpdateNot a trail update.

      Found a white inhaler on the Sulphur Springs sign, just before the creek. Left it at the info kiosk
      JasonLee a 28 year old


    • Trail UpdateParking Lot To Top Of Dead Cow-Took the canyon up to Shepards Flat to top of suicide. Trail is in very good shape. Not as silty as it was before last weeks rain, although a few more warm days it wiil be. Streams are almost dry. Lots of foilage growth making it almost S/T on some of the fireroad sections. Lots of intresting new lines due to ruts and stuff between Shep Flat and the rope overlook. Came across 3 groups of riders taking a break, all standing around bikes completely laying across the trail. Please if your going to rest leave at least one line through your crowd. I had to come to a complete stop before they or the bikes moved.
      Simi Mike a a to many year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a reign 1 from simi flats


    • Trail UpdateLas Virgines Canyon Re-greening-

      Las Virgines Canyon is recovering nicely from the fire. Rode the Sheep Corral trail a few days after this shot, and between Cheeseboro Ridge and Las Virgines it's still pretty much a moonscape, with only the occasional baby shrub. The technical spots on Sheep Corral are a bit easier, what with the cheater lines and increased visibility. Still pretty dang fun, though. Also, squirrells are everywhere, and the coyotes are hunting them up on Cheeseboro Ridge.
      Dr Wellington Yueh


    • Trail UpdateChina Flat At Thanksgiving-The trail is in great condition and the scenery is amazing, with green returning after the fires.

      I took quite a few photographs. Check out "Exploring China Flat" and "Fire 2005" to get an idea of what you'll see. The flat itself is as green as Ireland.

      If you have Google Earth, you can check out the paths quite clearly.
      Basswork from Thousand Oaks URL: Photos


    • Trail UpdateThanks Frank-Thanks for taking the time to update this trail and the included pictures are an even better bonus. I wish more people would update trails W/ pictures. I may go out and visit this trail in about 2 weeks and with just a little rain the ground covering should have really taken hold and will make it a very scenic and bizarre landscape. I rode this trail last year before the fires and want to see it again.
      Dusty Joints a 37 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Intense M1 full tilt Oh ya with a Blower from Los angeles


    • Trail Update10/30 Rebirth Of The Burger-yeap, ChesseBurger it's coming back after just 2 weeks.

      There's good size of lettuce like patches of greenery that were peppered with Ketchup colored boulders onto charbroiled streaked trails.

      What a picturesque ride it was.

      Freaky franky


    • Trail UpdateFire Update-Rode in the park yesterday. Went up Sulpher Canyon over to Pallo Comado and up to China Flats. Then went over to Albertson and towards Simi Peak to check up what burned. Well, about 90% of the area burned, even in Sulpher Canyon. It starts right after the first creek crossing and steadily gets more and more charred as you make your way up. We actually still saw a few hot spots. If you squirt water on them they still steam. Amazing since it has been almost 2 weeks since the fire. Though it looks bad the fire did a lot of good for the area. Only a few Oaks look to have been destroyed and all the crap below is gone. By next spring the place will be looking amazing.

      The Park just opened yesterday and there are several trees across the trail. I am sure they will be cleaned out soon.

      We saw only a few dead animals. Nothing big. The good news: Lots of living animals. Lots of frogs, lizards and a few snakes. But the coolest thing by far was the fox that we saw. Biggest fox I have ever seen in the Santa Monicas and he looked really healthy. He was amazing. Was just taking his time as he walked around us looking for dinner. He had a huge bushy tail and was a big as a good sized Coyote. It was very cool.

      Sings abound stating to stay only on existing trails and that you must be out of the park by sunset. No Night Riding will be allowed for the forseeable future.

      I think that is about it. Get out there and ride. Though it looks a lot different the fire did very little permanant damage. It did a ton of good and after the first rains we will start to get the new growth.

      Happy Riding.


    • Trail UpdateAnimals-does anyone think that the fires in chesebro will affect the deer population? hopefully the mountain lions don't get too hungry.
      MonkeyDigsMTB a 31 year old


    • Trail UpdateNot Ruined At All-The fire is very good for Cheeseboro. Indeed much of it has burned but it was very overgrown and needed a good burn. By next spring the wildflowers will be amazing and the entire zone will be much healthier. Fire is a natural and good thing for the Santa Monica Mountains. And no houses burned in the area. Stop listening to the local news and their over dramatic hype.


    • Trail Updatechesebro is completly burnt from top to bottom. ........as well as side to side, another good local ride ruined.......................................
      mystandmya a Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateMost likely toasted.
      Endo Verendo


    • Trail UpdateJust A Warning - Snakes-Just a warning - there are snakes everywhere if you plan on riding at about 5-6pm - I went yesterday and had two rattlers (very big) snap at me - Both times they were very hard to see because they were at the side of the trail in the bushes - I would hesitate about bringing dogs - Watch out what time you ride at - Afternoons are typically very bad - If you look at the trail, you will see many, many tracks of snakes - A lot of rattlesnakes!
      lkrsfan1 a 34 year old Weekend Warrior riding a GT LTS from Heaven


    • Trail UpdateActually if you go right at the fork, there's a detour. It's a stream, but it's totally rideable. You wind up at the picnic area.
      JasonLee a 28 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek Liquid 55


    • Trail UpdateMuch Better-Sulfur springs has cleaned up quite a bit. The muddy areas are now easily rideable and should dry up as summer rolls in. If you are heading there straight from the park entrance, there are four creek crossings that still have water. Also, the trail is still totally washed out just past the first fork if you take a left. You'll need to dismount. After that the trail is fine.


    • Trail UpdateDoes Anybody-know how the trail conditions are here since last post? Would love to ride it this weekend if its not to muddy. Lots of areas are drying nicely but this place has lots of canyon bottom stuff that still could be pretty wet.
      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: miles0 Elevation change: 0
      simi mike a Racer


    • Trail UpdateTo sum up, the main canyon is a kinda mess, at least as of 3-14-2005. Most of the dips in the trail have running water in them, some not crossable. Just after the rock at sulfpher springs, the trail becomes a swamp, with areas of ankle-deep mud for many yards. It dries up a bit after that, but then expect a long, water-filled rock garden before the second technical section. Shepards flats is pretty muddy. We went left there, and up to the look out. There are several muddy spots there.

      We ended up going back down via Palo Camado, which also has some water/mud crossings, but wasn't quite as bad. I'd stay away from the whole area for a little while.

      OTOH, we did the Dead Cow/King James trail to China Flats the week before, and that wasn't too bad. Parts of China Flats is flooded, though.


    • Trail UpdateChina Flat/King James-Is the entrance at the end of King James closed? The sign said use the entrance on Lindero Canyon (east of King James)
      Danno a 31 year old from Agoura Hills


    • Trail UpdateChina Flat/King James/Dead Cow-Went up the CFT (some call it Dead Cow, which is actually another trail - we call it King James - history lesson complete...) from King James Court this am (1-5-05). Rain has done relatively little to this trail over the years - NOT SO THIS TIME. The bottom 1/3 was fine, and the top 1/3 (above the rock stairs) was ok, though a bit more work than usual. However, the middle 1/3 has large ruts (6" to 12" deep) and loads of exposed rocks over long portions - making a lot of this section unrideable (even going down).

      Ride rating: Advanced
      a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Ventana X-5 w/6 from Agoura Hills


    • Trail UpdateNice!!! Now thats an update.

      Dirtshark a 42 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Landshark from Santa Clarita


    • Trail UpdateTRAIL UPDATE Just For DirtShark-Fine!

      The lower parking lot was smooth as usual, no rocks, ruts, or horse indentations. The dirt road up to the upper lot was just a smooth, nothing too demanding. The upperlot was a little gravel strewn and dipped in places, but nothing I couldn't handle. The fireroad leading to Sulphur was hoof marks and stutter bumps, the usual conditions for Cheesebro. Sulphur Springs was kick-ass as usual. Rocks were more exposed than usual, but again, nothing I couldn't handle. A tad chilly, but a welcome wind when your finishing up a two-hour ride. The paved road leading to the freeway was smooth, no hoof marks, stutter bumps, or exposed rocks.
      JasonLee a 28 year old Weekend Warrior from Canoga Park


    • Trail UpdateHow does this last post "update this trail" ??

      Dirtshark a 42 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Landshark from Santa Clarita


    • Trail UpdateI took my Stumpjumper out for the last few rides it will have before I switch to Kona. Nothing big, just Sulphur and Back.

      JasonLee a 28 year old Weekend Warrior from Canoga Park


    • Trail UpdateCooldown Ride-Sulphur to Palo Comado was a great cooldown ride last night, great conditions.

      JasonLee a 28 year old Weekend Warrior from Canoga Park


    • Trail UpdateNobody On The Trail?-Man I need to ride with you when you go there. I ride there fairly often and that place is the grand central highway of mountain biking. Even night rides are crowded now. I usually can wait to get past Shepards Flat just to get away from most of the people. Until I get back in Bell Canyon and the other back canyons I am on constant lookout. But you are right the conditions could not be better right now. The upper part of the second steep hill is a little extra challanging right now. With the rain the rocks are more exposed then usual. The trail up to Simi Peak is in prime condition as are all the single tracks that surround it.


    • Trail UpdateCheseboro!-Rode the Sulfur Springs trail to Shepherd's Flat. The trail is in great
      condition and the winter is the perfect time to ride this trail. The
      summer heat can be brutal in this canyon, as there is not a lot of shade
      for much of the ride. There is rarely anyone on this trail and it's a lot
      of fun. Beautiful surrounding area.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 9 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=40% Dirt Road=60%
      MonkeyDigsMTB a 30 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Stumpjumper from Los Angeles


    • Trail UpdateRefresher Course-Back on Cheesebro for the first time in about 8 months. Nice easy fireroad, leading to the fun stuff. My new Axel Super got a good workout.
      JasonLee a 28 year old Weekend Warrior from Canoga Park


    • Trail UpdateDoh!-In a couple spots in my last update, I put 'head east', but I really meant WEST!!! Of course, this is obvious once you are on the trail...
      Pilot a 31 year old Racer riding a Spider SPV from Chatsworth


    • Trail UpdatePeeler-From Chatsworth, you can ride into Cheeseboro via the newly opened Ahmanson Ranch. Here is the deal, head down Valley Circle to Vanowen. Just off the corner, west on Vanowen, is a yellow gate which is the entrance to Ahmanson Ranch. Follow the fireroad to the east. You will go about a half mile or so, over a short steep hill, you will come to a split in the road. Take a left (heading south), staying on the main fireroad. It will climb up a hill, past some large water tanks. At the next major trail junction, turn right heading east again (if you go left up the hill, you will go to Lasky Mesa before connecting back to the main fireroad). After a while, you will drop into Las Virgenes canyon (parallel to Cheeseboro canyon). If you go right heading north, you will first come to a fireroad left turn that takes you either over to Cheeseboro canyon, or up to Baleen wall fireroad. If you keep going straight up Las Virgenes instead, you will come to the bottom of Gaspipe. Or even farther up, the Bell Canyon singletrack. I usually head up to Shepherds Flat via climbing Gaspipe, and then on up to Simi Peak from there (via Sheep Corral connector/Palo/Simi Peak trail). From my place in Chatsworth (about Topanga and Devonshire) a trip to Simi Peak and back runs about 40 miles. Great place for some long rides. We should hook up a ride there sometime. There are other trails and rides to describe out there, but it would take a lot of typing... ;-)

      Pilot a 31 year old Racer riding a Spider SPV from Chatsworth


    • Trail UpdateTrail Names.....-There are two "main" trails that will dump you out on the street (WLB/Arboles). One is called Lang Ranch and the other is Long Canyon. You had to have taken one of the two, and to get to them there are several variations (smaller trails) that will take you there (from Alberson I mean). From your description I can't figure out which way you went.

      I don't know the names of the single track trails branching off the main trails...if that makes any sense. I think we (me, my husband and my friend) may have seen you guys last night. Were you riding around 6pm? We saw about 5 people stopped on Alberson deciding which direction to go.
      Heidi a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider from Simi


    • Trail UpdateThanks.....-I (we) rode from Chesebro yesterday (5p) up Palo and thru China Flats....We somehow connceted on a single track (trail name?) about midway down Alberson on the right. Pretty thin and rocky and better down than up: but challenging nonetheless. We wound up at WLB and Arboles (12 miles total). We got a ride back to Chesebro. Saw 1 rattle, 2 gophers, and 1 deer..

      A better ride would be to come from S.Hills to Palo and thru Shepards and down gas pipe...then up Lindero Cyn....but, how can I connect back to Sulfer after gas pipe w/o having to go back up gas pipe? I rather ride tech. challanging stuff than FR
      peeler a 39 year old riding a gf from Chatsworth


    • Trail UpdatePalo ends at Alberson Motorway...an East/West fireroad. West will take you towards Simi and Lang Ranch. East will take you towards the Bell Cyn and the east end of Simi...though you'll run into private property (Rocketdyne) before you make it that far. There is a way to get back into the park going in either direction, but I'm not sure of the directions if you head west. Going east, you'd take "The Chute" down into a valley and climb out of that back into Cheeseboro proper via Bell Cyn/Las Virgenes or Powerline Fireroad.

      Your other question...hanging a right at the T towards the powerlines will take you over the ridge and into the small valley that "The Chute" drops you into...which I mentioned earlier.

      Hanging a right on the FR instead of going down Gaspipe will take you on Balleen Wall FR (I think that's what it's called). It parallels Sulphur Springs and will bring you back towards the beginning of the park.


    • Trail UpdatePalo And Beyond...-If riding up Palo to the top and the gate....where does that lead?

      Also, if I hung a right at the "T" after coming up Sulfer and continued up torwards the power lines, where does that take me? What about making a right)(not gas pipe) but right before that....

      much thanks...
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Singletrack=80% Dirt Road=20%
      Peeler a 39 year old riding a GF from Chatsworth


    • Trail UpdateCheeseboro/Shep./Las Virgenes Cn-Rode up Cheeseboro Cyn. to Shep. then over to and down Las Virgenes Cyn. Got an early start to try and beat the heat but by 10 am it was probably in the 90's. Cheeseboro was in good shape but with a lot of dust. Shepherds Flat was the hottest section of the trail. Sun and wind in your face all the way over to LV. The downhill on Las Virgenes was dry and rocky. The creek was dry except for a pond blocking the trail about halfway down. It smelled like sulphur. Probably the back side of sulphur springs. Plenty of hikers, horses and other MTBers.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 15 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=50% Truck Trail=20%
      Double C's a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a IronHorse Sinister Comp from Burbank


    • Trail UpdateRope Overlook And Back-First real ride since a major crash in Big Bear 2 weeks ago. Both bike and rider were injured but are OK now. Trail cond were not as dusty as I thought they would be. Took the canyon up, past Sulpher to Shepards. Got a nice ego boost as I cleaned the 2nd technical climb b4 Shepards to the hollers & whoops of some first time mtbr`s. Seems to me that between Shepards and the rope overlook, some of the more tech stuff has been worked on (made easier?). Anyway, took in the view at the top and headed back to the parking lot. Still trying to get up to speed on the DH, as I`m still mentally scarred from the Big Bear offing.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: ?? Elevation change: yes
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      simi mike a to many year old Racer riding a nrs1


    • Trail UpdateBell Canyon/ Gaspipe-We did a ride Alberson down the Chute through the Bell Canyon Singletrack, down the Las Virgenes Fireroad up Gaspipe through Sheeps Corral up Palo Comado and through China Flats and down Alberson. Definitely a good grunt. Bell Canyon is getting a bit overgrown in spots with some "low bridges" if you know what I mean. There is also a bit of poison oak in some of the lusher spots but not too much. The boulder crossing seemed a bit more technical than last time I had done it. Going up the Gaspipe is always a challenge and things are getting loose making it more difficult to make it without dabbing. Overall a challenging ride with some nice scenery.
      Marco a 42 year old


    • Trail UpdateGood Times-Today was the first time I rode this trail. I took the Cheeseboro Canyon Trail to the Ridge Trail, out to Shepherd's Flat and then back down Sulpher Spring/Ch. Cyn. and finally Modelo back to the parking lot. I think that's about 11 miles. I'm just starting to get back into shape so a couple of the climbs on the Ridge trail kicked my butt.

      I also saw a Coyote standing in the middle of the trail near the picnic area the intersection of the Cheeseboro Cyn. trail and Ridge connector. He didn't seem to be too scared.

      Ride distance: 11 miles Elevation change:
      JC a 25 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized Rockhopper from Burbank


    • Trail UpdateI'm by no means an expert (but maybe that's helpful, since I can't just clean those sections without thinking about them like my friends seem to do!).

      Anyway, on the first steppy section you encounter, I start off on the left, then cut over to the right about 1/3 of the way up. The right side is a bit steeper, but it's less "steppy" and as long as you have some speed and keep cranking, you'll make it. Once near the top, you can either cut across through the middle (which is the bumpier/rocky part), or try and ride through the deep rut on the right side.

      On second, larger section, I again start off climbing on the left. Then I quickly transition to the right side as it starts getting steep. That finishes the first half. After that, you have 3 choices. You can go through the upper part by going all the way to the right...probably the easist way. You can go up the rock in the middle. I've not attemped that yet. My friends tell me it's techinally easier going over the rock then going to the right, but I'm not really in good enough shape to risk it yet (I can picture myself getting stuck halfway up the rock with my back wheel spinning). Finally, I noticed that someone has put a lot of dirt on the far left side of the rock, so I guess it might be possible to go up that way.

      I do both of these climbs in 1-3, FWIW
      Brett a Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail Update
      Sorry about that. I got errors while posting and kept trying to get it up there, maybe I should'a checked to see if it took before repeating myself... ah... fock it.

      ZG a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a XRCFEX from Studio City


    • Trail UpdateSulphur Springs (Chesebro)-

      I've ridden the area quite a bit. I was out there last Sunday, actually. The two sections you're talking about, if I'm guessing correctly which ones they are, are very cleanable.

      If you want the easier lines...

      The first stairstep section, if you're climbing, is easiest to climb on the left side. There's not much to it and I'm out of shape, also. Just keep your eyes looking ahead instead of at your front tire, put your bike in 1x4 or so and keep your cadence up. Keep your weight centered over the bike, possibly moving forward on the saddle on the small steeper bits.

      The same thing can be said for the other section, the steeper chunk right before the connector. At the bottom, both right or left will work... the center section is a bit sketchier. When you get to the very top the easy line is along the right. The middle line up and over the rock gives me trouble, I get it about half the time.

      ZG a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a XRCFEX from Studio City


    • Trail UpdateSulphur Springs (Chesebro)-

      I've ridden the area quite a bit. I was out there last Sunday, actually. The two sections you're talking about, if I'm guessing correctly which ones they are, are very cleanable.

      If you want the easier lines...

      The first stairstep section, if you're climbing, is easiest to climb on the left side. There's not much to it and I'm out of shape, also. Just keep your eyes looking ahead instead of at your front tire, put your bike in 1x4 or so and keep your cadence up. Keep your weight centered over the bike, possibly moving forward on the saddle on the small steeper bits.

      The same thing can be said for the other section, the steeper chunk right before the connector. At the bottom, both right or left will work... the center section is a bit sketchier. When you get to the very top the easy line is along the right. The middle line up and over the rock gives me trouble, I get it about half the time.

      ZG a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a XRCFEX from Studio City


    • Trail UpdateSulphur Springs (Chesebro)-

      I've ridden the area quite a bit. I was out there last Sunday, actually. The two sections you're talking about, if I'm guessing correctly which ones they are, are very cleanable.

      If you want the easier lines...

      The first stairstep section, if you're climbing, is easiest to climb on the left side. There's not much to it and I'm out of shape, also. Just keep your eyes looking ahead instead of at your front tire, put your bike in 1x4 or so and keep your cadence up. Keep your weight centered over the bike, possibly moving forward on the saddle on the small steeper bits.

      The same thing can be said for the other section, the steeper chunk right before the connector. At the bottom, both right or left will work... the center section is a bit sketchier. When you get to the very top the easy line is along the right. The middle line up and over the rock gives me trouble, I get it about half the time.

      ZG a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a XRCFEX from Studio City


    • Trail UpdateNice And Hot-Vistited this park today and must say that I found it quite impressive. After about 2 months of not riding I did get my butt kicked on a few uphills. They really aren't that bad, but I am in poor shape. Started up the parking lot, went up Modelo and connected back down to Sulfur trail. I continued up to Shepherd's Flat and up to Baleen wall and ridge trail back to parking lot. All good and surely challenging given the heat. I am soliciting advice on how to tackle the two "stairstep" sections on Sulfur springs. They are really loose and despite repeated attempts could not clear em. Perhaps I will try again when in better riding shape.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 12 miles Elevation change: ?
      Stinkyfinger a Cross-Country Rider riding a Homemade bike from Alhambra, CA


    • Trail UpdateGood People-A buddy and I rode Cheseborough for the first time in several months. Conditions were great, although ya have to watch out for the deeper sand at times. I want to thank the guy who helped me with my rear derailleur (riding a custom Santa Cruz Blur). You and your friends are hilarious and it is great to meet positive people like ya'll. Good Karma on the trail and everyone I came across was very cool.


    • Trail UpdateRockHop:: Park at the end of Vanowen St, 24400 block just W of Valley Circle Bl. Trailhead is on S side of St. See "Laskey Mesa" trailhead on this site.
      mikeh420 a 40 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized HardRock from Van Nuys,CA


    • Trail UpdateCheeseboro Ridge/Cheeseboro Cyn.-Perfect morning to ride. Rode up Cheeseboro Canyon through Sulphur Springs over up to Shepherds Flat and over to Cheeseboro Ridge and down to Canyon View. Trail was hard packed with no dust due to the rain from the weekend. Flowers are all in bloom. Great views from the top of Cheeseboro ridge. Watch for a downed oak tree limb about 2/3 the way up Cheeseboro Cyn. Trail.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 12 miles Elevation change: +- 1500
      Singletrack=10% Dirt Road=70% Truck Trail=20%
      Double C's a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek Mountain Track 850 from Woodland Hills


    • Trail UpdateRockHop-I live 2 minutes from victory and the gate is still up. How are you getting in through Victory?


    • Trail UpdateAhmanson Trailheads/connectors-Yes, whether you enter Ahmanson Ranch from Victory Blvd or Las Virgenes Rd., you can go straight north on the Las Virgenes Cyn trail to a singletrack marked with a low rock cairn on the left, and climb straight to Shepherd's, or you can take the Gas Pipe/Pumphouse cutoff from Las Virg and climb up over to Chesebro, south of Sulphur Springs, hang a right and climb up to Shepherds.
      EBasil riding a Manitou HT-SS from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateRockHop-Does Ahmanson even go to Shepards?

      I'm just asking cus I've never been on Ahm.
      riding a RockHopper


    • Trail UpdateJohnny Lee-What better way to spend my day off. Started at Ahmanson and worked my way to Shepards. I know carbon is meant for weight-savings, but is it supposed to feel like I'm riding just two wheels and a drivetrain. This bike is light!!!
      Johnny Lee a 15 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 2004 Giant NRS Air w/ full XTR (B-Day) Present) from Westlake Village, CA.


    • Trail UpdateModelo Coyotes-Conditions were excellent this morning (1-MAR-2004), but that's old news because it is raining as I write this.

      Saw three coyotes on Modelo, one of them had an orange 'tracking' collar. I think the other two are the pair I saw lunching on a squirrell a few weeks ago on Cheseboro Ridge near the water tank. Kinda spooky entering through Ahmanson at 5:DARK AM, expecting a big kitty to jump out at me any moment...
      Tom Kenney a Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateCheeseboro-Have`nt posted a ride in a long time but the conditions (no crowds/great weather)were so good I can`t help myself. Did the usual warm up to Shepards. Past Sulpher when you get into the brush its a little sandy with a 12 in. packed down groove.Up to China flat,right on Alberson and to the Chute. All were in good shape, maybe a bit more hardpack as the soft stuff was blown away by recent winds. Surprisingly I cleaned the first 200+ ft. down the Chute and headed over to the Powerline rd.Up and over to the 4-way. Watch out for very sandy cond. right at the last hard left at the bottom. Almost had a major biff under a full head of steam.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: ? Elevation change: mucho
      simi mike, almost a 43 year old Downhiller riding a nrs 1


    • Trail UpdateCHESEBRO-Checked things out Sunday and the trails look fine. Took a little jaunt up to the top of Alberson to look towards Simi and check out the fire damage. No doubt that the fire burned the whole range around Simi. By the way the Alberson fireroad is a little chewed up in spots most likely due to some heavy fire dept equipment that made it's way up here creating an even larger firebreak no doubt due to concerns the Simi fire would make it's way over here.
      Big Ring Joe


    • Trail UpdateMike From Wnd.Hills-Rode Sulphur up to China Flat on my new Enduro Pro, so that's why everyone loves FS bikes!! Loved the trail.

      Anyone know if I should switch to CrossMax's or go with some 959's? I really can't decide.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 13 miles Elevation change: ~2,000
      Mike a 26 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a '03 Enduro Pro from Woodland Hills


    • Trail UpdateSNAKE EYES-Rode much of the area Saturday and it's crawling with snakes. Maybe they're all out taking advantage of some rare sunshine as it's been very cloudy recently for the most part. Saw several rattlers and another 15-20 snake crossings at various spots. Combined with some overgrown areas within the park it can be a recipe for disaster if you are not paying close attention to your surroundings. One rattler whom I never got closer than 30 feet to nevertheless put on quite a show twisting hissing and ratling it's tail--I've never seen one do that from such a distance and other than me and my riding partner there was no other creatures nearby to explain this unusual behavior. Seems they are a little more honery than normal so be on guard.


    • Trail UpdateChesebro,etc.-Agree with the below post about the Chute getting overgrown. Speaking of getting overgrown, the connector from the Las Virgenes fireroad to the Baleen Wall trail is also looking like a jungle in spots--somebody get a weed whacker.I'm still amazed I somehow escaped without any ticks. Speaking of insects there are various spots where the flies are ruthless and there are clouds of them. For example I and my riding partner stopped briefly at Shepards Flats after coming up Gaspipe. As we were just coming to a stop we were immediately swarmed by about 50 flies apiece--picture Pig Pen from the Peanuts cartoon strip. Just to assure it wasn't just us another couple riders stopped by and got the same treatment. There were several similiar spots along the Las Virgenes fireroad at/near the water holes. Sulphur Springs, Gaspipe and Bell Canyon singletracks are in great shape. Just bring some bug spray.
      Spare Tire


    • Trail UpdateChesebro-Rode the trail Saturday and it's in excellent shape. On Sulphur Springs the little drop into the creek is a little more technical than the parking ramp it was mauled into a year ago by the park service but it's still a lot easier than it used to be. The last techno section is still fairly easy and a good intermediate should clean it. It's not quite as smooth up the right side as it was so it's a bit more challenging than in recent months. On the climb up the powerlines that eventually drop you into Bell Canyon there was about a 3-4 foot boulder that has fallen a half mile up where the toughest section is--you can still ride around it or up the left side of the trail. The Chute singletrack is getting quite overgrown but I was going too fast to notice is any of the flora was poison oak. The top 100-200 feet of the Chute near Alberson's is hard packed and you'll get good traction heading down it from Alberson plus not as many babyheads as usual.
      Dan from T.O. riding a Intense Tracer


    • Trail UpdateWas It Vern?-Might have been, I remember passing a rider on the single track that runs on the west edge of the flats on the way to simi peak. I don't remember speaking but i had just climbed albertson so I was a bit foggy. If you saw a dog, it was me. The dirt bikes were coming down as I was going up. They headed over to the ridgeline the runs // to albertson on the north side. They were back to the top of albertson when I was headed home. ( passed then twice). They shouldn't have been there but did not appear to have damaged the trail this time. ( from what I could see)
      I'm Vern a 40 year old Weekend Warrior riding a 'dale from Simi


    • Trail UpdateNope-Might have been, I remember passing a rider on the single track that runs on the west edge of the flats on the way to simi peak. I don't remember speaking but i had just climbed albertson so I was a bit foggy. If you saw a dog, it was me. The dirt bikes were coming down as I was going up. They headed over to the ridgeline the runs // to albertson on the north side. They were back to the top of albertson when I was headed home. ( passed then twice). They shouldn't have been there but did not appear to have damaged the trail this time. ( from what I could see)
      I'm Vern a 40 year old Weekend Warrior riding a 'dale from Simi


    • Trail UpdateHi Vern,
      I may have ridden past you today up there on the sheep corral single track. You were going down as I was going up. You asked me if anybody was behind me. I assume it was you. I saw only 1 other person on a bike the entire day. The conditions were real nice. Dirt was perfect. I was coming down Alberson motorway when those jackasses on the dirtbikes were coming up. Luckily, I had pulled off to the side to check something out as they came whizzing by. Hate to think what would've happened had I kept my speed up down that fireroad and met them around some blind turn head on.


    • Trail UpdateLush-Rode in the china flats simi peak trail system . trail in great shape. Spotted 4 dirtbikers on the albertson motorway and in the long canyon trail area (this is a no-no).
      I'm Vern a 40 year old Weekend Warrior riding a 'dale from Simi


    • Trail UpdatePark Status-Oops, my bad. I thought ALL of Cheeseboro was deeded to the NPS by the bill signed last October, but only the new section (old Ahmanson Ranch property) is now owned by the NPS. Thanks for the clarification.

      Be sure to tune in next week, when I'll shoot myself in the OTHER foot.


    • Trail UpdateBTW- It's managed by the National Park Service as
      part of the Santa Monica Mountains National
      Recreation Area. It's not a national park.


    • Trail UpdatePark Violations-Hey Violator, you might consider that the Cheese is one of the few National Parks that allows mountain bikes on trails. Pissing off the local residents is a great way to get the park closed to bikes, and a terrible precedent to set if you want to open other National Parks to bikes. If you're too wussy to climb Modelo on the way out, find some other place to ride and don't destroy access for the rest of us.


    • Trail UpdateI Tend To Agree....-However, I've seen several riders get ticketed including my riding partner. Don't even think about trying to outrun them. If they're taking the time to deliver the ticket, they've also taken the time to post a second officer waiting for you to ride by, eluding the first officer. I know this because it happened to my partner. Trying to elude an officer is a pretty steep offense.

      Just so we're on the same page: the residential street leading up to the locked gate at the bottom of Palo Camado is the part that's considered trespassing.

      All I can say is,

      Upchuck1 riding a 2003 Stank Primo


    • Trail UpdatePalo Commando-Trespassing....I didn't see any signs. Regardless, let them catch me...
      Violator Bill


    • Trail UpdateYes It Does...-It's called trespassing. I know, it sucks since they've closed the residential street to us but unfortunately you could get ticketed for riding up to the gate.

      Anyway, here's the 411:
      First off, the fireroad is called Palo Camado. If you decided to continue straight up the fireroad (instead of turning right to get to Cheseboro Cyn) you'd eventually reach China Flats. It's about 3.5+ miles to the top.

      There are a couple of turnoffs to your right along the way. Without getting too detailed, they will all lead you to Cheseboro Cyn. The two open doubletrack trails to your left will lead you to Agoura Hills residential areas (alternate entrances to the park).

      China Flats has an old sheep corral and is a juncture to a few other great trails. If you want to know more, e-me and I'll give you more details...

      Upchuck1 riding a 2003 Stank Primo


    • Trail UpdateDoes It Have A Name-What is the trails name...if you head from the lower lot along the paved road back thru the houses where ya have to climb and lift the bike over the "locked" gate? Its a long-ass up hill. Also, where would it lead me if I kept going up instead of making a right and heading back towards Sulfer and the parking lot
      Jon a 25 year old from New to ventura county


    • Trail UpdateCheese-Grater Trail-What the heck is that stone-road effect starting out Sulphur? Have I really been gone that long? The rest of the ride made me forget about that little disaster though. Bought a slightly used '02 Giant AC Air Lite, don't worry, I checked all the components, I even upgraded to the Fox Float Fork. Kick Ass ride with a do-it-all bike. Can't wait until my sprained ankle heels.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Jasmine a 19 year old Weekend Warrior riding a 2002 Giant AC Air Lite w/ a Fox Fork from Woodland Hills


    • Trail UpdateCHESEBRO-A bunch of us did a ride around the park hitting most of the great singletracks including Dead Cow, Gaspipe, Sulphur Springs and Poachers. All are fantastic thanks to recent rains. Actually found a new singletrack I hadn't done before. If you head down Gaspipe and than at the bottom go right down the Las Virgenes fireroad after a mile or so if your looking carefully you'll spot a singletrack on the right. This is well before the normal doubletrack everyone takes back over to Baleen's Wall,etc. This singletrack will eventually dump you out on that doubletrack but it's a lot funner than the other way to get there. Nothing really technical on this with the exception of one steep tight left turning switchback. After the switchback you'll come to a "Y"--go to the right option up the steep hill and than once on top you'll plunge down to that doubletrack.
      By the way, I hadn't been on Poachers for a while and I see someone built a whoop-de-doo on it near the top--nice job and a few more wouldn't be bad. The notorious rut on poachers which seems to run a good quarter mile long (earning the name Rutzilla)is tacky now. There is a 2nd but much shorter rut lower down which can catch you if your doing too much speed. Never saw so many riders on Dead Cow before. I guess since Suicide is off limits it's the next best thing.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 16miles Elevation change: 3000'
      Singletrack=75% Dirt Road=25%


    • Trail UpdateGrated Chese Bro-The fireroads I have ridden so far that were a mess from last summer`s grating (?) are in really good shape.
      Ride distance: 0 Elevation change: 0
      simi mike a 42 year old Racer riding a giant nrs1 `02


    • Trail UpdateMark-Has the rain packed down the garbage on Palo yet? I used to enjoy riding up Palo as a start to any Chesbro ride and since they grated it, it was not enjoyable


    • Trail UpdateRAINMAN-Unreal conditions. Got in a great in between rain ride this AM. The canyon trail to sulpher was a little tacky but it had a nice little packed down groove.From sulpher to the rope overlook it just got better. Continued on up to China flat. Nice hardpack good grip.Did the China flat loop and over to Alberson. Headed east to the Chute. Down thru the Chute which was just unreal, over to the Bell Cyn S/T. Bell Cyn was out of control. Super green, unreal trail conditions ,perfect temp. Took Las Virg. fire road to Gas pipe and up to Shepards. Did I metion that from the rope overlook till I got back to Shepards I SAW NO ONE. As I look out at the pouring rain thinking how muddy the trails will be tommorrow one word comes to mind.BOY DID YOU MISS IT!!!!
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: who cares Elevation change: up & down
      Singletrack=80% Dirt Road=20%
      Simi Mike a 42 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GIANT nrs1 from Simi Valley CA US of A


    • Trail UpdateChesebro-Had to check out the park the week after the rains to see how things looked. Bottom line is conditions are the best I seen here since back in early spring before all the dryness took it's toll. Even the siltiest areas such as the bottom of the climb up Palo to China Flats and the south side of Baleen's wall (near the final powerline as you go down the hill)are much better and packed down for the most part.Regarding the singletracks not too much change other than firm conditions. If you are up on the ridge (Baleen's Wall) or on Modelo heading to Palo Comado make sure to check out the oak scrub or whatever tree/bush those things are down in the canyons--some very brilliant yellow/gold colors for a little taste of fall. Amazing what a decent rain can do.
      Dan from T.O. riding a Intense Tracer


    • Trail UpdateChesebro-We did a nice 20 mile loop Sunday in the 90 degree+ heat starting at the end of Lang Ranch street, heading up Alberson than a right through China Flats down Palo Comado and a left on the Sheeps corral connector to the 4 way I/S hung a right up Baleen's wall and the 3 hills than back to the Sulphur Springs trail and left up the Sheeps corral connector back up to Palo and up to China Flats and down Alberson. Good workoput especially in this heat. Not many riders because of the heat. Very loose in spots and desperately in need of some rain.
      Ride distance: 20miles Elevation change:


    • Trail UpdateChesebro To Simi Peak-HEAT, YOU CAN`T HANDLE THE HEAT!!!! Left the parking lot at about 830a not to crowded for a holiday. Have`nt been here in a while. Rode the cyn to Shepards. Boy are the trails silty/sandy. Continued to China flat and up to Simi Peak. If you have`nt been all the way to where the trail ends, its well worth it.After enjoying the view and refueling I headed back the same way.I think I saw 4 people the whole way down. Could be that its pushing 100 f%&#@*% degrees out here.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: ??? Elevation change: up &down
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      Simi Mike a 42 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a GIANT nrs1 from simi


    • Trail UpdateAnswer For You Peeler-Peeler, if you choose to go straight past the "T" and continue east on the singletrack you will come to the 4 way intersection that has been mentioned in many of the posts under Chesebro. A right from this 4 way I/S will take you up the fireroad (Baleen's Wall)while a left will take you up the powerline fireroad (steep and loose)which goes over to the Bell Canyon singletrack. Hanging a left than a quick right from the 4 way I/S will put you on the great Gaspipe singletrack which eventually spills you onto the Las Virgenes fireroad. A right at the bottom of the fireroad and a mile or so later you'll come to a narrow doubletrack on your right which will take you back over to where the Baleen Wall trail descends into the main Chesebro canyon area. I highly recommend Gaspipe as it is an advanced singletrack and very nice sceneary at the bottom.
      The answer man


    • Trail UpdateAdditional Info Needed-Thanks answer man....I was recently "yelled" at by some jar-head to get off my bike near the beg of the ride at the Shepards Flat (1st rocky section headin into SS)..I laughed and kept goin'...I took your advice and did not ride up Palo (damn I miss that), and instead came in the back way from King James CT or something (another nice log up hill towards SUI)..
      But instead of heading down towards SS to the parking lot, what if coming off Palo thru the connecter to the T if I kept going straight instead of headin' down thru SS and to the lot...where w/it take me?

      another loop I've done is up behind K-mart (Westlake) and riping up the fire-road and headin towards the Truinfo Trail (nice, but too short single track)..once in the park...ride up to the right (street) and keep vearing right, over the fence and up the dirt road (rocky)..once at the top, ya could either head straight towards Sherwood (nice long downhills/uphills) or right headin down...at the T (abt 1/4m) a) left takes you towards TO and Los Robles trails or b) straight -past the Triunfo trail..keep vering right and make the 1/4 mile climb up and once at the top head left...a nice short 3/4m ss track..once at the bottom..K-mart is left...a solid 75 min ride for endurance junkies who thrive on tight downhill SS..


    • Trail UpdateSulphur Springs/Baleen's Wall-Did a loop around parts of the park Sunday between 2:45pm and 4:45pm and saw only 2 other bikers. No surprise given the 90 degree temps. Things are very loose in most spots and barring an unusual summer rain it will only get worse. On top of Baleen's Wall I ran into one of the culprits for all this loose terrain (aside from the weather of course), that being a huge bulldozing machine which was unoccupied. No keys in it so I had to ride my bike for the rest of the route--just kidding for you park rangers that read this board. Only water I saw was at the creek crossing where there always is some near where it smells like sulphur. For those who like climbing challenges give the Big Nasty (ie, the Ranch Center crossing)a try on one of these 90 degree plus days--it was graded too and climbing from west to east is even more brutal than normal as it's very loose in spots to go with the 20 degree slope in spots.
      Old Bones


    • Trail UpdateGaspipe/Bell Canyon Singletracks-Since everyone knows that there has been a lot of grading going on here I figured I'd hit these 2 great singletracks to see if they had been affected. I am happy to report there is no change to either of them. As part of a large loop we went east on the Bell Canyon singletrack than up the Gaspipe. This was the first time I had actually been up Gaspipe though I have been down it many times. Not surprisingly, even the strongest riders had to do a little hike-a-bike in the steepest sections but by going up it you do kind of appreciate how steep rutted and technical it is when you go down it. There was a sign at the 4 way I/S indicating another controlled burn was scheduled today 5/7.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 17miles Elevation change:


    • Trail UpdateAnswers For Peeler-Yes, Palo Comado has been graded and it is 2 miles of silt, fairly deep in spots. Yes, there are dismount signs on Sulphur springs in 2 places, one at the area where there used to be a 3-4 foot drop into the creekbed and the second at the technical climd/descent about a mile farther up. As for the first area near the creekbed, It's beyond me why they have that sign up as they graded it into a handicapped ramp last year and it really hasn't gotten any more difficult since. As for the second sign it is posted just before you descend the rocky rutted stretch and at least it does make sense for a beginner or lower intermediate to heed the warning because they could be in trouble there but for anyone with solid intermediate level skill or above just go for it. As for Suicide, it has not been graded but it is technically off limits per the local rangers in the area--and yes they do monitor it at times and they do montor this web site so ride it at your own risk.
      The answer man


    • Trail UpdateChesboro-I'm ready to ride again now that hockey season is over...but am I hearing this right that climbing up Palo to the connector has been graded and is several inches thick in "loose dirt"? I also hear there are dismount signs thru Sulfur Springs single track? Please tell me thay haven't graded SUI....
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Peeler a 35 year old Weekend Warrior riding a something special from WLV


    • Trail UpdateRacing The Setting Sun...-I was hopeful I could get my usual route in after work before it got dark and I almost made it. It's a 10-11 miler that starts off of Sunnycrest and climbs a punishingly steep fireroad. It's a bit loose and powdery and your tires will be searching for lines with the best traction. I like climbing UP Sulpher Springs to Shepherd's Flat and trying different lines on those short, rocky uphills. I met up with a guy I had met about a month ago and he seemed pretty stoked. Who wouldn't be? We were out there riding our bikes. I noticed he had a $300.00 jobber and it got me thinking as I sat there with my $4,000.00 rig. Bottom line: you don't even need a bike as good as his to enjoy the experience. Plus, you can be in a relationship for a year or more, it ends, and you never see the other person ever again or you can meet a guy on a trail for 5 minutes and see him again a few weeks later on a different trail and its like you're best friends. Love it!! As I climbed up to the top of China Flat/Dead Cow I noticed the bulldozers had been at it again. The road was so wide they could easily hold the Laker parade here after they win their third consecutive championship. Anyway, down the awesome adrenaline rush singletrack and all things not associated with the trail and the speeding moment slip away. Perfect. It's funny how we riders worry as much as we do about breaking our necks on the trails. Yeah, it can happen but mostly you end up with just a little blood on ya and a few scars. The real danger and horror in the world is everything that goes on OUTSIDE of the ride. For example, on the freeway on the way to get here I was flipped off mightily by a guy who attempted to cut me off in his SUV. I guess he showed me. My fault?! His fault?! Who knows...he got the last punch in though. Then there's the lady who almost collided with me on the PAVEMENT no less as I was quietly spinning in my endorphin high back to my car. Okay I take some responsibility here. It was dark, I had no lights, but she made a flyin' turn WITHOUT USING HER TURN SIGNAL. I had to scream or she would have collided into me for sure. I don't know how the roadies do it. Then there's the girl at work who I'm in love with who doesn't even know my name...hopeless...then there's...aw ferget it! Thank God, Buddah, Allah, (and any other god who's good) that we can all get on a mountain bike and ride it.
      Andy a 32 year old Die-hard Enthusiast from Hollywood


    • Trail UpdateWelcome To Silt City-If washboarding through tons of silt is your idea of fun than Chesebro is the place to be. As Mike said in his post they have been grading like crazy out there. I happened to hit a number of fireroads riding Sunday as I was working on the cardio. Baleen's wall isn't too bad and Modelo is OK. The powerline climb from the 4 way I/S to the top is silty in spots but overall not too bad. It's the descent to the Bell Canyon singletrack which is serious washboarding. There used to be some technical descending on that fireroad now it's a quagmire of silt as the rocky parts have been blasted away. From the bottom of that fireroad to the start of the climb past the Chute is very thick in silt and I bogged down a couple times. The climb up to the far powerline overlooking Rocketdyne has plenty of loose dirt now though they did a good job in removing the many baby head sized boulders that used to make descending there an adventure. Alberson is in good shape but on my 2 mile descent down Palo Comado it was washboard city as that area has been made into a silty bog for the entire 2 miles--I'm sure climbing up it will be a joy for those so inclined. Since we are in the midst of the dryest winter on record there is little hope of a rain storm helping out with all this silt. The best to hope for are some strong winds to blow some of this silt away. Otherwise it's going to be a long hot dusty summer. Mike is also correct regarding signs saying they will be conducting controlled burns between 4/16-4/18. I wasn't on the Sulphur Springs trail so I don't know if any damage has been done there. Bottom line is if your hitting any fireroads around Chesebro getting ready for a major dusting.
      Old Bones


    • Trail UpdateDont Hurl The Cheese-bro-Rode the canyon (which is always a great warm up) to Shepards. Since I havent been on the Bell Cyn S/T in a while I thought I`d do it. Made a right to the powerline rd and started the climb. Up towards the top it got soft as they have taken a `dozer` to the rd. Same on the downhill side. So far so good except I could not find the B/C S/T. Oh well guess I missed the turn off. Continued up towards Alberson, same crappy soft riding, and got to the top. Took Alberson over to China Flat during which my Hutchinson Pythons tried to kill me. Guess I`ll stop and get some new tires today. Anyway that was in good shape and did the China Flat loop B-4 heading back out to Shepards and down. Ya gotta love the S/T to Sulpher. A great day. FYI-there were signs posted for a controlled burn this week and most areas will be off limits. Hence the previously mentioned `dozer` on the `Ol fire roads
      Ride distance: Elevation change: alot
      Singletrack=25% Dirt Road=75%
      Simi Mike a 42 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Giant NRS1 from Simi


    • Trail UpdateHey Paula....-It might be a better idea for you to post questions
      to the 'local messageboard'. You will have much
      better luck getting your questions answered
      quickly over there. Everyone has great insight on
      trails, bikes, whatever your MTB fancy might be..

      Happy riding to you...
      CrzyRidr3 riding a Giant AC Air from Sherman Oaks


    • Trail UpdateModelo-Ranch-Palo Sheep-Chesebro-I have always just taken the main trail to Shepherds Flat and back so I thought I would try something different this time. I went up Modelo---I loved it at the top. Things are a little green, cool views looking down at the other trails. I was trying to take the Palo Comado Connector( I guess you take the sign to Smoketree??) I ended up back on Chesebbro and I took a left on Ranch Center. This was a tough climb for me. I had to rest in a few spots. Once I got to the top I was trying to head back to the parking lot but wasnt sure. I knew I could head back up to Sheep Corral and take it down to Sulpher Springs so that is what I did. I guess I am a wimp rider because I got off my bike where the signs said--or once said dismount. Hey guys, leave those signs alone, people like me need to know where these areas are. Although, I did think one section wasnt that bad. So anyway, I thought it was a great ride overall--trails are in good condition. It had some tough climbs for me---I guess you stud riders would say I am a beginner--I cant take it through the rough spots like you guys can. But since I was taking things slower I actually saw 3 deer in one spot--pretty cool! Anyone who knows these trails, email me---do I take the sign to smoketree to get the the Palo Comado Connector...and after you come down Ranch Center can I go left and get back to the parking lot.And how do you choose what type of rider you are--what are you basing it on--weekend warrior, die hard enthusiast. I didnt see wimp rider so I couldnt check anything! :-)
      Ride distance: 11.5 miles Elevation change:
      Dirt Road=100%
      Paula riding a GT 4.0 idrive from Canoga Park


    • Trail UpdateSulfur Springs - AWSOME!!-First time here...and I'll be back. A LOT!!!
      There is so much to choose from here. Good
      technical drops, fun singletrack, crazy steep
      climbs...!!! I love the signs that say "Cyclists
      Dismount" with the "dis" scratched out.....
      Those signs are right in front of the best parts of
      the ride.
      Be sure to yield to horses and hikers here. There
      are a lot of them.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Singletrack=60% Dirt Road=35% Paved Path=5%
      CrzyRidr3 a 30 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Giant AC Air from Sherman Oaks


    • Trail UpdateKinda funny but that sign says"closed due to erosion of the river bed". Go figure,hmmmmmmm?
      a 27 year old


    • Trail UpdateCheseboro-Got off work early today so did a loop all around the park.I see that along Palo Comado that the powers that be have decided leaving oak tree limbs and branches blocking access to the singletrack that parallels the fireroad wasn't enough so they have now added wooden fences blocking the various entry paths along with signs describing how further biking would damage the stream bed and endanger sensitive plants and animals--huh? I think you could say that about just about any trail that crosses stream beds--should we close all of them down? Seems like a waste of a sweet singletrack but so it goes. I also noticed they have put up the dismount sign again on Sulphur Springs where there used to be a technical 3-4 foot drop into a dry creek that was graded into something resembling a dirt handicapped ramp. We haven't got enough rain to turn it technical again so the sign really makes no sense. Well, enough venting for today but the trail is generally in great shape though a little rain wouldn't hurt.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Dan from T.O. riding a Riding the ol' reliable Giant


    • Trail UpdateNew Bike-Just bought a brand-spanking new Jekyll 3000Sl. Absolutely worth the money. Anyways, didn't want to try anything too hard the bikes first time out, so I just stuck to Sulphur. Is it just me or are there more rocks on the trail than before, and the hard parts are no longer hard, they've been smoothed out in some places, too bad really, I actually enjoyed the challanges. Wanted to test the lefty suspension, so I went up and over using Palo Comado on the way back down Sulphur, Kick-A**!!!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Jordan Cressy a 22 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Cannondale Jekyll 3000Sl from West Hills, CA.


    • Trail UpdateDid the loop coming up Palo Comado, up to China
      Flats and back down to Shepards Flat and through
      to Sulfur Springs. The conditions were absolutely
      fantastic with great weather and only a few spots
      that were muddy. Everytime I ride this trail, I enjoy it
      more and more. This is one of the best singletrack
      sections in socal. This was the first time riding the
      loop for one of our friends and she was bubbling
      over with how much she enjoyed the ride. Hope
      they open that small singletrack section right by the
      gate at the start of Palo Comado soon (someone
      didn't want us riding there)
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 12.3 Elevation change:
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=70%
      Chez a 25 year old riding a Specialized StumpJumper from Huntington Beach


    • Trail UpdateChesebro Loop-7 of us did an epic loop through the park today with the cool breezy conditions bringing out lots of bikers. This loop is very physically demanding and will challenge the best riders. Starting from Doubletree, we crossed over the very steep Ranch Center crossing than hung a left up Sulphur Springs. Once at Shepards Flats go right/east to the 4 way I/S and down the great Gaspipe trail--lots of technical stuff here. Once down to the Las Virgenes fireroad it's left and 2 miles plus of grunt work until you reach the Bell Canyon singletrack and turn left. Lots of fun on this upper intermediate level/lower advanced trail which isn't quite as technical as Gaspipe. Once at the end of the Bell Canyon singletrack hang a right and than a left up the Chute to the Alberson fireroad. More grunt work for a mile than a nice downhill before turning left to China Flats. Once in the Flats go west climbing the singletrack to the junction of Dead Cow and Suicide. We went down the Cow (another technical rocky descent especially with the glare at 4pm) and than rode the streets back to Doubletree. This came out to 17 miles--a hard 17 to say the least! 4 great singletracks in one day--it's hard to beat that.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 17miles Elevation change: plenty
      Singletrack=65% Dirt Road=35%
      Dan from T.O. a Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateChesboro/Bell Canyon-A few of us did a ride Saturday starting at Doubletree. We crossed over Ranch Center(talk about brutal!)to Sulphur Springs up the the "T" than east to the 4 way I/S. W ewanted to do the great Bell Canyon singletrack so we had to grunt our way left up the powerline fireroad before going back down to where the Bell Canyon singletrack starts. By the way the descent down this fireroad is fairly technical especially the top part due to the recent rains. Bell canyon is truly a hidden gem of a singletrack and those who do Chesboro who never venture back to this part of it don't know what they are missing. In this singletrack, which runs a good couple miles, is a wide variety of terrains including steep descents, rock drops, boulder fields, steep technical ascents and sandstone/slickrock areas. What is great is that it is all makeable for the advanced rider. After the fun we had to grunt south up and down the Las Virgenes fireroad a few miles before more climbing back to the connection with the Baleen wall trail and eventually crossing Modelo to Palo Comado and back home to Doubletree. I can confirm what Spare Tire mentioned regarding the placing of oak tree limbs to block access to the singletrack that runs adjacent to the fireroad along Palo Comado. This whole route we took is a very demanding one climbingwise as we were all worked pretty good by the end.
      Old Bones


    • Trail UpdateCHESBRO-Did a couple hour jaunt around the park to work up the appetite for TG dinner. Regarding the closure of the Palo Comado singletrack the only thing I noticed was someone placed some oak tree limbs at various entry points but they are easily ridden around. I also noted on my return up to Doubletree that on the right/north side of that fireroad is apparently some additional singletrack--an extension of the Palo Comado singletrack perhaps? In all my many times of entering the park from Doubletree I hadn't seen this before so it may be new. I didn't have a chance to check it out because I had to get to the parents place for dinner but I'll get a look at it next time. Overall, trail conditions seem a bit more technical(yeah!)thanks to the short but intense rainstorm that hit last week. They have the Dismount sign back up at the first creek crossing on Sulphur Springs but it isn't anywhere close yet to being the 3-4 foot drop it was before the maintenace gremlins screwed it up. The stretch between the 4 way I/S and Shepards Flats has some very nice technical riding. More rain is expected this weekend so hopefully even better technical conditions will be here soon.
      SPARE TIRE a Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateTrail Closures-5 years ago that trail was a goat path. It should be closed. It's not on any NPS map. The trail that goes out to Smoketree Ave. is on the map, but that also has an NPS sign. There is also a "No Access" mark on Chesebro road, so closing the fence there should't be an issue. It's even on my old map in the bottom of my ripped pack. The NPS has the right, if not the duty, to close social trails. There are more than enough official trails for all user groups. If you think that if the NPS recognizes the trails they have to maintain them, you haven't ridden many NPS trails. They are usually horribly maintained. While veteran riders are looking for this, a lot of people aren't. And if you don't like the trail conditions, wait for 1 winter, they will change.

      I have looked at the discussion. I agree with the people who want to let the NPS do its job of preserving the land, vs. people who would cut it up for their riding amusement (especially when there is another trail a stone's throw away, like there is here). I don't care if there are a "significant number" of users who want to rape the park. There are a significant number of people who beat their wives. It doesn't make it right.

      Fogey a 38 year old Die-hard Enthusiast from the home


    • Trail UpdateRE: Trail Closures & More-Sorry Fogey - but the section of trail closed has been there for a long time (I've been riding it for over five years, and I would venture that it has been there for a lot longer), and part of it is even shown on NPS maps. As well, the trail section in quesiton, is not on private land, but NPS land (the section on private land has never really been open). Note that there was much discussion on this issue within the chat/discussion posts a few weeks ago.

      Note that many of the trails (i.e., not fire roads) within the park are "social trails" - if all these were closed, it would really impact all user groups, not just bikers. On the other hand, if NPS "recognizes" these trails, they have to maintain them, which might result in "over-maintenance" that has produced so many comments on this site, and elsewhere.

      It appears that you are quite happy on fire roads, which we all agree is better then nothing. However, there are a signifincant number of users who want more, not less...

      Ride distance: Elevation change:
      not Foggy, but a Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateRE: Trail Closure-Just checked. This trail wasn't built or sanctioned by the property owners NPS and just came in to existance in the last couple of years by people going off route (aka the fire road.) They never wanted a trail there, so they get to turn it back into nature. That's what happens when people start riding/hiking off trail. Soon 100 people ride off trail, then it looks like a real trail, then everyone cries when it closes, even tough it wasn't an authorized trail to begin with. Dang it guys, stick to the trails so we don't go through stuff like this. We have enough trouble getting access to NPS areas that if we start building free-lance trails across them, we'll get the boot entirely!
      Fogey a 38 year old Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateTRAIL CLOSURE!!!!-Went for a quick ride this am, and to my surprise, found some new trail closed signs up. The trail closed is the singletrack at the bottom of Palo Comado that parallels the fire road. It starts near the stream crossing (where the pipe used to be) for the connector trail to Smoketree/Conifer and ends near the gate at the bottom of Palo. The trail is closed for all users, no indication if this is temporary... I will investigate and update.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 1 miles Elevation change: 200 ft
      John Wallace a 41 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Blue/red Specialized Enduro from Agoura


    • Trail UpdateChesbro-Rode a loop starting at the parking lot up Modelo dropping down to Sulphur Springs to Shepards Flats than right to the 4 way I/S and left up the power lines and down to the Chute up to Alberson than over to China Flats down Palo Comado to the connector back to Shepard's Flats and back home through the main Sulphur Springs trail. This is about 16 miles or so with one serious grunt up the powerline trail. Conditions are loose, loose, loose. We had a couple very strong riders but there is no way anyway can make it completely up the Chute without a hike-a-bike as conditions are way too slippery. Need a good rain here desperately to get things packed down and hopefully return some of the technical aspects back to the Sulphur Springs trail and the connector between Shepards flats and Palo.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 16 miles Elevation change: 2000'
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      Old Bones a Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateCheseboro Cyn Trail-Seems that someone has taken offense to the damage done to the "Cyclists Dismounts" signs along the Sulpher Springs trail and has posted another sign just underneath them that basically blames mtn. bikers for scratching out the signs to read "Cyclists mounts".

      Since this canyon is practically in my backyard, I ride it all the time and would hate the feelings between bikers and non-bikers to be any worse. I hope other bikers feel the same, and don't ruin these signs anymore. I agree that the trail maintenance done on the trail stinks, making the trail little more than a warm-up ride but why go around destroying a dumb sign that you can just ignore and which cleary pinpoints mtn. bikers as a problem.

      Whenever I ride this canyon, I always take it easy and be as polite as possible on the Sulpher Springs trail. Believe me, on any given day you will see horses, parents with strollers, dogs etc... And they are always in the worst places, so I take it easy.

      Save the hardcore riding for the other trails like: Baleen Wall, Dead Cow, Sui, The Chute and so on. There's so much good riding here I would hate to see it ruined over a few stupid signs!
      Dirt Head a 30 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Old GT Full Suspension from Agoura


    • Trail UpdateThe Top 3 Trails In The Area-Erik, to compare Gaspipe, Deadcow (aka China Flats Trail), and Suicide, you have to take into consideration distance, percent grade, and technical features.

      Gaspipe is the least technical of the three. There are probably a few more technical sections on Gaspipe than on Deadcow but none are as challenging. However, Gaspipe is longer and it is a bit more steep in some sections than the Cow. You get a longer thrill on Gaspipe but the Cow has a higher potential to cause bodily harm. You can climb both Deadcow and Gaspipe. I feel Deadcow is easier due to the shorter distance. All in all, I feel they are fairly evenly matched.

      Suicide is more challenging than both trails. It is only about 1.6 miles but the technical nature of the trail is exhausting. It is a steep, loose, rocky descent with only a few areas that allow you to relax and rest your forearms and hands. There are a few new jumps and dropoffs to negotiate so be very watchful so you aren't the next to be airlifted out. Sui is impossible to climb without hike-a-bike. Sui is by far the most challenging of the three.

      BTW, Suicide is officially closed, so rider beware.

      Upchuck2 a 34 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Stinky Primo from Thousand Oaks


    • Trail UpdateGaspipe And China Flat Trails-Erik - sounds like a great ride.

      We usually go west to east on the Bell Canyon single track (bottom of powerlines over to Bell Canyon). As you found out, with the overgrown brush, and being much more uphill east to west (the first maybe 1/2 mile going east to west is down, but then it is mostly up), it's not a lot of fun. Then we connect and go up Gaspipe or the pump house trail, down the fire road a couple miles (brings you up to the bottom of Baleen).

      Comparing gaspipe to the China Flat Trail (aka, I think incorrectly, as Dead Cow, which I've always thought was another name for the Poacher, Bones, or Rustler trail) - technically, they are about the same. At the top of CFT there is a drop around a boulder, and then a rough, staired section over rocks (you may want to stop, the first time, and look it over before trying it). However, after that, fairly easy to ride down the rest. The fun part, is that you can ride up this trail - a nice challenge. Gaspipe is longer, as CFT is only about 1.25 miles, I think gaspipe is more like 1.75 miles.

      For you, a good connection might be to ride down lindero to kanan, take a right on kanan, then the first right past the church on falling star. Ride to the end of falling star, single track trail on the right. Ride up, left on the fire road (right brings you up to the power lines), through the meadow. You'll reach a four-way, go straight on a single track around the peak - and then take a long downhill to Lang Ranch. From there, go right on the road, and connect up to Albertsons motorway back to china flat.

      A generally comment to all. Leave the trails in the condition you found them - don't remove obstacles to make trails easier. Be consderate of other riders, and the trails, and have the least negative impact on both.

      Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced, due to technical sections and conditioning.

      For more/other info Erik - send me an email. Happy riding!

      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: loops from 5 to 30 miles Elevation change: depends!
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      John a Die-hard Enthusiast from Agoura


    • Trail Updatei just got back from doing a big loop that ended up spanking my ass like a little girl. i started from simi valley/wood ranch/long canyon area. went over to albertson motorway to the chute. down the chute. up the powerline fireroad. down to the 4-way intersection. hung a left and went down gaspipe. hung a left at the bottom of gaspipe. las virgenes fireroad. over bell canyon single track back to powerline fireroad. back up and over to the 4 way again, hung a right this time to go over the shepherds flat. over the sheep corral trail to palo comado. up paolo comado to china flats and back to alberston motorway and back to simi. exactly 24 miles and 3:52 in the saddle and waaaaaaay too much climbing for the amount of downhill pleasure i received.
      i had never been down gaspipe. that turned out to be fun as hell. bell canyon is sorta overgrown and is a waste of time, in my opinion. and it's more uphill than downhill when travelling east to west. i dont recommend it. west to east might be fun though.
      my question is this...
      how does gaspipe compare to dead cow and suicide?
      i didnt have any problems whatsoever with gaspipe.
      so i'm figurin on maybe headin over that way and hittin those two up. can anybody who's been down all three gimme an idea of what the difficulty level is between the three?
      erik a 30 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a bike from simi


    • Trail Updatebell canyon...
      the answer is it goes up and down but in general you gotta gain back the elevation you lost in going down the gaspipe.

      From the bottom of gaspipe if you take the left, you will climb for a mile or two on fire road. look for a trail to depart on your left as your descend from the high point of the fire road.

      the single track will drop from east to west at first and then climb until it reached the powerline road to the west.


    • Trail UpdateGaspipe And Bell Canyon-on the NPS map found here:

      are the gaspipe and bell canyon single tracks the two unnamed trails that run parallel to each other east of shepherds flat with the words "mountain recreation and conservation authority parkland" written in between them? is bell canyon the one further to the north? and which way does the downhill run on bell canyon, east to west or west to east? i know that gaspipe goes downhill west to east. if i hang a left at the bottom and head over to bell canyon, will i be going up bell canyon single track or down? from some of the posts i've been reading, it seems like the bell canyon single track may run downhill east to west.
      erik a 30 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a bike from simi


    • Trail UpdateHugh-This was my very first mountain bike experience. A friend took me to this well marked trail, with designated public parking. Initial wide dirt trail was great for a beginner, beautiful surrounding hilly landscapes, some horse riders, some joggers. Easy gradual elevation in the first 10 minutes of ride. Must take the map provided at the entrance because there are several forks-in-the-road to choose from. A fun creek passage, (fun because I didn't fall), saw a hawk lift off just a few feet from us, another creek at Sulfer Point. But I was so out of shape, that is where my ride ended and we returned. I'm so new to this mountain biking that I did not notice we had actually gone up in elevation. It simply felt like we were going up and down some modest elevations but not really going up. I was wrong. The ride back was the fun part. While I'm sure the experienced biker finds this part the boring part, it is perfect for the beginner to get a taste of what more experience and fun lies ahead. My friend selected a great trail for a first timer. About 45-55 minutes total time. Can't wait to go past Sulfer Point next time.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Dirt Road=100%
      Hugh a 44 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Motiv 2001 Ground Pounder from Los Angeles


    • Trail Update~~~O^o-There has always been Cheese in Cheeseboro
      But there is no cheese in Cheese Wiz.
      Muddy Wheels a 38 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Buffalo from Burbank


    • Trail UpdateThe Man - The Picture. . .-

      George Chesebro

      How about Sprigtime in the Rockies with Gene Autry??

      Ride distance: 64 years ago Elevation change: ???


    • Trail UpdateThere's No Cheese In Chesebro-After a nice, long ride yesterday I noticed the new
      trail signs, including one that said 'Cheeseboro
      Cyn. Trail, 1 mile." (First of all they meant Sulphur
      Springs). While it's fun to call it Cheeeeesbro Cyn,
      the correct spelling is Chesebro. It's named after
      George Chesebro, a famous western actor
      between the 1920's and 50's.
      Here's his credits:

      Streets of Ghost Town  (1950)
      Desert Vigilante  (1949)
      Stage to Mesa City  (1947)
      Vigilantes of Boomtown  (1947)
      Law of the Canyon  (1947)
      Fighting Vigilantes  (1947)
      Gentlemen With Guns  (1946)
      Gangster's Den  (1945)
      Trigger Men  (1941)
      Wrangler's Roost  (1941)
      Billy the Kid's Fighting Pals  (1941)
      Fangs of the Wild  (1941)
      West of Pinto Basin  (1940)
      Speed Reporter  (1936)
      Boss Cowboy  (1935)
      North of Arizona  (1935)
      Pals of the Range  (1935)
      The Silver Bullet  (1935)
      Toll of the Desert  (1935)
      The Fighting Trooper  (1934)
      Mystery Mountain  (1934)
      Mystery Ranch  (1934)
      Border Guns  (1934)
      Air Police  (1931)
      Wolf Blood  (1925)
      The Jungle Princess  (1920)

      Happy riding!

      Endo Verendo


    • Trail UpdateSULPHUR SPRINGS,ETC.-I hadn't ridden this area since I read about all the changes. Well, after going through it many of the complaints in the posts below are valid.In terms of the Shepard Flats connector which goes from the Palo Comado fireroad to the 4 way I/S near Gaspipe there is good news and bad news. The good news is no changes east of the"T" and Gaspipe is as nasty as ever. As for the the connector west of the "T", there have been several changes. While they left the technical corner through the creekbed alone they did tear up a lot of the great ruts into a silty quagmire.
      As for Sulphur Springs it's still a fun trail with a lot of diverse terrain. The former 3-4 foot drop into the creekbed is a smooth rolling ramp sad to say. The middle technical climb where there still is a dismount sign hasn't been affected too much and is still somewhat technical. However, the jewel at the end which used to be a great techno climb/drop (depending on which way your going)has had major work done to it. If your riding up it there is now a clear trail up the right side which any intermediate should make--assuming one doesn't get bogged down in the silt below it. The big rock at the top is still there but no longer do you need to try and pop a wheelie up it to make the climb. Hopefully the early forecasts of an El Nino next winter will materialize and get the trails back to where they were before.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 15miles Elevation change: 1000'
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      THE BIG SHIP a Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateWhine And Moan-1. This really is very off topic.

      2. The guy who said it ain't a mountain bike park is right. It's multi-use. Boo hoo. At least we're in there.

      3. The trails were crappy for hiking and horses. If you like ruts, just wait a year or 2, or go to a mountain bike park.

      4. We're a very vocal group and have access to a major share of trails in the santa monica mountains, more than most national or state park areas thanks to CORBA and others, so don't get overly panicked out.

      5. Plan on the total number of trails in the area to be cut back. If there are two trails that are parallel to each other, next to each other, in site of each other, there's no real need. That's what I heard at the planning meeting. No big deal if they are eliminating duplicates.

      6. Yes, the trails are dusty. This is called "summer". Usually they are messed up by horses and, to a small extent, the massive ranger SUV's that foray on occasion up the trails. The cure for this is called "rain." This will make "mud" that will create "ruts". They will grade it in the spring. If it is dry, it will make "dust." If it rains after they grade it like this year, it will make nice hard trails. It was good while it lasted, but it never lasts.

      I hope I die before I get old.


    • Trail UpdateMedevac-There was a medevac from this trail at about 1:00 PM Saturday June 30, 2001. The evacuation involved a ranger SUV, paramedic truck and ambulance. All vehicles drove up the trail and came back about 20 minutes later. I don't know the nature of the accident, perhaps someone else can provide a more detailed update
      Bald Biker a 43 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GT Slipstream, Diamondback Response from Simi Valley URL: Tim the Bald's personal web site


    • Trail UpdateFire Damage Update-Fire damage update - The fire from Friday took out a few hundred acres from lang ranch over towards long canyon. No damage in cheeseboro or palo commado. The nasty short trail up from the trailhead enters the burned area approx 2/3 way to the top. It is like riding on the moon. In general the fire roads have been chewed up by heavy traffic while the single track was left untouched. The 'public trail' detour from albertson motorway near lang ranch didn't see much fire but is no longer single track due to fire brakes and truck traffic. fire did not get into cheeseboro or simi peak. fire did not get into any of the trails heading in that direction from long canyon. Now that the vegitation has been replaced with ash and char, expect it to be hot. Some of the fire brakes have 'new trail' potential
      I was vern now i am not a 38 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Raven from Simi Valley


    • Trail Update6/29 Fire-There's a grass fire in Oakbrook Regional Park, between Long Valley Trail and Alberson Motorway/China Flats, moving east towards Alberson, The Chute, and Bell Canyon ST. There's no wind tonight, so they may knock it down, but be advised the upper reaches of Oakbrook, Chesebro, and Long Valley may be closed this weekend. The fire did a nice job of blocking me from getting home this evening.
      ScottR, a frustrated rider backtracking from Thousand Oaks


    • Trail UpdateCheseboro Canyon-I heard about the "discussions" on the trail work - enjoyed reading the comments - and will add my two cents (well, maybe a dime). I looked on the message board - but could not find a spot that fit this discussion!

      In an ideal setting, the more challenging features of the trail would be left alone - this is certainly the position of the majority of posts here (and I happen to agree with this position). Anyone who tries the challenging sections does so with an understanding of the risks, and very likely, taking these risks is one of the reasons that they bike. Trying to take the risk out of mtbiking is impossible, if taken to the extreme, we would end up with paved roads. One possible approach would be to provide alternatives on trails, that is, a ramp would be built to the side of the drop instead of filling in the drop; the rutted section just past Shepard's Flat would be smoothed off to one side, and left alone on the other side (or just left alone since there is an alternative route without ruts). However, alternatives do not appear to be popular (more impact) and would not likely result in a reduction of injuries (since novice/intermediate skill bikers will always want to try these sections). The park service put up the "dismount" signs as an alternative, the vandalism to these signs may have been a factor in deciding to "fix" these sections.

      The reality is that trail work done is almost always heavy handed from the perspective of those of us who bike fairly regularly. This is mainly due to the guidelines that the park service uses for its trails. All multi-use trails are supposed to meet ceratin guidelines, and you would be surprised to find out the details (changing these guidelines to allow for more flexibility would be nice, but …). It is also due, in part, to the lack of participation of mtbikers in the trail work, as well as in advocacy groups and the park service planning process (general management plan). It's easy to post a comment and to send emails (I've done my fair share), and it's hard to participate in trail work when you object to the type of work that led to these comments. However, without more participation, I am concerned that trails like gaspipe and dead cow (poacher, bones, whatever you want to call it) will either be "fixed" to more closely meet the guidelines, or closed to bikers.

      I encourage all to join CORBA, participate in any way you can. Attendance at a recent CORBA meeting (6/16), where considerable some time was devoted to this topic, was thin. Without greater participation from mtbikers, more "conversations" like this are very likely in the future.

      As for ride info - pretty good link given below for Cheseboro. See CORBA web site too.

      John - weekday and weekend rider a agn aging enthusiast year old Cross-Country Rider from Agoura URL: http://www.fattirerideguide.com/rides/cheeseboropark.html


    • Trail UpdateCheseboro Canyon-Well, rode it yesterday after work. And, you know...It's not that bad.
      Yes, the trail crew did smooth out some sections and made the little drop-off more begineer friendly. I know for a fact that a number of novices and intermediates have been injured there. Hence the need for the signs. Now it's ridable for everyone.

      Overall, the trail is in good shape, with some sections of loose dirt. Just wait until the next big rains, the terrain will be re-shaped again.

      But one thing I think a lot of my fellow bikers are forgetting. This is NOT Cheseboro Cyn. Mountain Bike Park. This is a National Recreation Area for everyone's use. Hey, we can either chill out or loose the place all together.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 10 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      Steve a Cross-Country Rider riding a Santa Cruz Superlight from T.O.


    • Trail UpdateCheseboro Canyon-Alright...had to see what all the hub-bub is about. Haven't ridden here in about a month and yes, some things have changed. While my main reasons for riding here are Dead Cow and Gaspipe trail, Sulpher springs was always a fun little trail and for the most part I think it still is. I've almost always ridden UP Sulpher Springs and a few of the challenges have now been eradicated like that first little stairstep drop. It's now all filled in so your bike rolls harmlessly down or up. Next up is that big rutted drop that I could sometimes climb and sometimes not. Today I made it. Hmmmmm.... The third section I used to NEVER make it up but now if you stay to the far right hand side there's a fairly smooth line that can now be taken with little problem. There are mounds and mounds of loose dirt EVERYWHERE! After some good strong winds and some rainstorms it'll probably be back to its old self again. Dead cow was the usual blast. Full suspension is highly recommended and don't let anyone fool you. I say this trail is far more technical than Gaspipe. Near the end of my ride there were many hikers and joggers on Dead Cow. I dismounted and said Hello to everyone. I'd HATE to see Dead Cow Bulldozed!!!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: miles 11 Elevation change:
      Singletrack=40% Dirt Road=40% Paved Path=20%
      Drew a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GT i-drive from Los Angeles


    • Trail UpdateCheezy-"Sorry Frenchy" (The Face of Half Dome)
      Not the back side, thats how my Grandmother gets to the top.
      Go bake some bread!
      ~~~O^o a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Murry 10 speed bomber from LA


    • Trail UpdateHalf Dome-
      Dude - there are stairs on Half Dome.

      I know I have been there it is euros who see american parks more than americans.

      chirs a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Santa Cruz from French


    • Trail UpdateCheezy-If a climber falls off of Half Dome.
      Would they put in stairs????
      Ride rating: Beginner
      Paved Path=100%
      ~~~O^o a Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateThis Should Move To The Mssg Brd-This thread has started to develop into something other than "trail conditions". We should probably move it over to the Message Board.
      That being said, and since I'm already here, let me just say one thing to Jarrod.

      Son, if that kind of thinking were applied to all outdoor recreation sports we would have to remove the rocks in the rivers where we go whitewater rafting, install ladders on the rock faces where we go rock climbing, and string nets just below the ocean surface along the coastline to prevent the sharks from eating our surfers.
      Don't believe everything you read regarding the reasons for smoothing out a naturally technical trail. I shudder to think of the landslide effect this would have if we bought into the idea that all trails should be bulldozed for "our own safety".
      Upchuck a 34 year old riding a Hardtail, full-boinger and DH rig from TO


    • Trail UpdateImprovements-They made these changes to improve safety. One weekend, two bikers broke shoulder blades at the exact same spot within one hour. The rangers are busy with other things and don't have time to keep responding to injuries.
      Jarrod a 19 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Mongoose MGX from Simi Valley


    • Trail UpdateChEESEbro-I couldn't agree more with the previous posts. Whoever decided to make these "improvements" to the trails is high on crack! Trail has been downgraded to such urban banality as to make the rider feel like taking a nap! Hardest part of ride now is watching out for snakes. The trail should be renamed Cheesebro!
      Matt a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized FSR XC Pro


    • Trail UpdateDISMOUNT-My --s...I agree, putting a dismount sign does no justice. If someone has to dismount, maybe they should ride Sycamore Canyon or on the street. Perhaps, a warning sign at the park entrance that indicates what to expect. I did see the "crew" as well that day, and they've messed-up some good techincal sections. I'm dissapointed...but will still ride..I will not dismount my bike, unless my own riding ability fails me and I go over the bars...This was a great, untouched area for years...They've made it to beginner rider friendly
      Peeler a 35 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Something good from Agoura


    • Trail UpdateWhat The Hell Is Going On!-Rode the trail Saturday and was horrified by the "work" done on the connector between Shepard's Flats and Palo Comado. There were some great technical ruts last time I rode a couple weeks ago but no longer--they've been hacked up and butchered into a silty moat. I have ridden this park for years and the ruts were the best I had seen them. Now it's a beginner run. Pathetic. First they put up the Dismount signs on Sulphur Springs, than they close Suicide and now this. I remarked to my buddy wondering if the same butchering had been done on the Sulphur Springs and Gaspipe Trails since we weren't on them Saturday and unfortunately the posts below answer the question about Sulphur Springs. A great park is being systematically ruined and something needs to be done to stop this horror. Next they'll be putting in handicaped ramps for the disabled. ARRGGHHH!
      Ride rating: Novice
      DAN FROM T.O.


    • Trail UpdateCheseplow-Yeah Mister5 beat me to it....took Sulpher on the way to my destination today, and was horrified to find every rut and fun section plowed and smoothed all the way to Shepards. The 3 foot drop wall is a sucky little roller now, but the corners remain for a little huck...the big drop at the top is destroyed, after dropping off the big white rock it is flat to the bottom...pathetic. I won't be back until the next heavy rain...i rate this as a pre-beginer ride now, only suitable for tandem bikes and those with bolt on baby carriages....junior will fall asleep....
      Ride distance: Elevation change: blow me
      RazoR a 43 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Heckler from Newbury Park


    • Trail UpdateTrail Crews Went Overboard...-Rode thrugh Sulpher Springs last weekend, which happened to be National Trails Day. That's fine and dandy. But my girlfriend and I ride it again today, and I find that the trail crews went ahead and filled in some technical spots on the trail. VERY UNCOOL! I've been riding this park 10 years now, and have always found it as challenging as it fun. But the idea to make some spots easier is ridiculous. CORBA, what's up with this?

      Mister5 a 33 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Santa Cruz Heckler from Van Nuys


    • Trail UpdateSay Bye Bye-Saw a crew out there smooooothing everything out.
      I'll miss those deep ruts and the rocky washed out sections.
      Ride rating: Beginner
      Ride distance: 4Hrs Elevation change: 2000+max
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      ~~~~O^o a 37 year old riding a Santa cruz superlight


    • Trail UpdateSulpher Springs-It had been a 18 + months since i had been on this trail (typically i head back toward simi after playing on the upper trails). The bicycles must dismpount signs were very strnge to me. The sectios that were so labeled are far easier than they were back in 98 and 99. I agree that a novice might be in over their head but that could have been addressed by a less strident warning. This opinion is not unique to vern's as others had defaced the signs to read ,,, must --mount.

      anyway, the trails are in great shape, upper water crossings/mud crossings are dry. flowers are in their glory. This is a great place to take a friend and introduct them to the world of 2 wheels and dirt.

      Fire road above the connector trail to china flats has been graded recently. A 'line' has emerged but off-line in not much rougher.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Vern a 38 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Raven from Simi


    • Trail UpdateMore Dirt, Less Off-dirt Riding-GravityGod, there are a couple alternatives to icky pavement riding. First, the ST along the north side of China Flats, just south of the junction of Palo Comado fire road and Alberson Motorway, runs west to a dead-end (cliffs and HEAVY brush) and east to the corral at the top of Palo Comado. Second, the fire road heading up and right at the saddle (where you turned left to reach Westlake Blvd.) is the same fire road you were on before you turned onto Cattle Trail.

      Now here comes the fun part. Remember those two ST sections you took in Las Virgenes Canyon? The second one starts at a dirt road that heads west, up and over the ridge, down into Chesebro Canyon! At the ridge it intersects Power Line Road, which heads north past the Baleen Wall Trail (closed to bikes, and full of ticks right now) all the way up to The 4-Way. Remember the dirt road you crossed at the top of Gaspipe, when you continued west on the Connector Trail to Palo Comado? That's The 4-Way: 1)east ST is Gaspipe to Las Virgenes Canyon; 2)south dirt road is Power Line to Baleen Wall and Chesebro Canyon; 3)west ST is Connector Trail to Sheep Corral at top of Chesebro and onward to Palo Comado; 4)north dirt road is continuation of Power Line. This last route climbs over the ridge, drops into the head of Las Virgenes Canyon, climbs steeply out past another ST on the right (Bell Canyon Singletrack), then descends slightly to another ST on the left. This is The Chute, a short climb westward to Alberson. The Chute is almost invisible when you're on Alberson; as you're heading east from Lang Ranch, Alberson climbs past China Flats and then descends to a saddle, where the road surface changes from yellowish-brown (sandstone) to white (sandy conglomerate) at a left sweeper turn. The Chute is on the outside of this turn. Alberson begins climbing northward after this turn, so if you go uphill you've gone too far. Bell Canyon ST heads east to a gas line utility road in Las Virgenes Canyon, which heads south (with some ups and downs) just below (west of) the houses in upper Bell Canyon to join the fire road in Las Virgenes Canyon just north of the begining of Gaspipe. A loop from Las Virgenes to Bell Canyon ST to China Flats and back down Palo Comado or Chesebro or Gaspipe is pretty fun, while a loop including Power Line gives you more climbing and thus more solitude. Finally, if you take Power Line north past The Chute, you'll climb up to a "T" intersection with Alberson - you'll be the right branch of the "T", while Alberson will be the upright - where you can turn left and go all the way back to China Flats. Going straight instead of turning puts you at a dead-end in about another half-mile.

      You can also take the ST in North Ranch, but that has many branches and dead ends and you should explore it personally rather than read my directions, which may miss a turn and leave you in somebody's back yard or dead-ended at a water tank. The North Ranch ST has three trail heads: 1) north end of Falling Star, north of Kanan; 2) top of Pathfinder, just east of the Pathfinder/Falling Star intersection; 3) south side of Lang Ranch Parkway, half a mile east of Westlake Blvd. and one mile west of the end of Alberson Motorway.


    • Trail UpdateNot To Sound Chesee, Bro...-But here's just what the Doctor ordered:
      "Just before you go through the gate before turning left on Alberson FR there was a ST on the left. Is the a legal ST and where does it go?"
      The ST will take you to Simi Peak. It's a legal out-and-back trail that is relatively short and usually fairly rough as it isn't maintained. The view is great from up there and has a geologically survey marker on top. I think they use it for a seismic activity indicator sight as well.

      "Also, when you get to the last four way intersection before turning left and heading towards Westlake Blvd you said if you turn right it would take you back towards Alberson FR. Would this join up on a part of the FR that you already decended or would it link up to the three way intersection at the very begining of Alberson FR behind China Flats?"
      When you climb this rather pleasant fireroad take note of the great scenery down in the valley to your left. When you reach the first "intersection" you have 2 options.
      1. Descend the short fireroad in front of you and you will reach the trailhead to the Cattle Trail mentioned in my previous post. Stay on the FR and you'll reach Alberson for the long climb back to China Flats.

      2. (Follow me on this one) Ride up the singletrack on your left. This eastward heading ridgeline trail will parallel Alberson FR to the south of you. Stay on your SPD's when ripping along on this trail. It's easy to get moving and not be prepared for the sudden right hand descent as the trail drops away for about 30-40 yards in a loose rock and rutted chute to the fireroad below.
      Once you reach the FR, climb up to the closed gate that I mentioned in my previous post. You have to get over/around this gate to be on Alberson FR. Technically speaking, you are on private property until you get up and over to Alberson FR. So I guess that makes this option illegal. Funny though, it all was perfectly legal until you dropped onto the "illegal FR" from the rocky chute. So I leave that up to you...
      BTW, I wouldn't suggest going further down the "illegal" FR. The people down that way aren't too friendly when it comes to trespassing.

      Upchuck2 a 34 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Chuck and a GT DHi from Thousand Oaks


    • Trail UpdateThat's A Lot Of Chese, Bro!-Thanks for the good advice Upchuck. I began this ride at the north end of Las Virgenes. Because it was the first time I rode this trail I took the two ST bypasses that are on the left side of the FR even though they didn't really go anywhere. Turned left on a ST just before the FR starts to roller coaster. Climbed gaspipe and made my way to Shepard Flats. Continued on the Connector to Palo FR and followed your terrific directions for the remainder of the ride.

      Alberson FR was incredable. It was long, smooth and fast; real fast-40mph+. At the end of the ride I just rode the city streets back to Lost Hills and The Virgen. I have a couple questions? Just before you go through the gate before turning left on Alberson FR there was a ST on the left. Is the a legal ST and where does it go? Also, when you get to the last four way intersection before turning left and heading towards Westlake Blvd you said if you turn right it would take you back towards Alberson FR. Would this join up on a part of the FR that you already decended or would it link up to the three way intersection at the very begining of Alberson FR behind China Flats?

      The dirt portion of the ride from the Virgen to Westlake was ~15.5 miles. The roads home were ~ 13.5 miles. As you can tell, this is entirely too much road riding and I want to make a bit more of a dirt loop to this ride.

      Any suggestions
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 29 m total Elevation change: ???
      Singletrack=10% Dirt Road=45% Paved Path=45%
      Gravitygod a 28 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Cannondale Killer V 900 from Winnetka


    • Trail UpdatePass The Chese, Bro-Here ya go Peeler:
      Stay on Palo past the Connector until you reach the Sheep's Corral in China Flats. When you pass the corral on your right the main fireroad will veer up to the right - stay with it. DO NOT turn left towards Dead Cow and Sui.

      The main fireroad will take you up behind China Flats to an open gate. Ride through and you'll intersect with Alberson Fireroad. Turn left and descend at full speed (~2 miles).

      There will be two fireroads on your right. The first is blocked by a closed gate. DO NOT take it.
      The second is right BEFORE an open gate on the main fireroad. Turn right on this fireroad and you'll decend for only a few hundred yards before climbing.

      As you climb for about a hundred yards, keep your eyes open for a legal singletrack on your LEFT. It will be on the outside curve of a right uphill sweeper. Turn off on this trail. It is not officially named. A couple years back this was a cattle trail with lots of cow pies and hoof divets. So I took the initiative and have appropriately named it "Cattle Trail". (I know, real original)

      Follow this tight, twisty trail on its gradual descent. It will eventually climb back out of the arroyo with a nice short, fairly intense climb. (depending on how fast you take it) You will only be on this trail for about 10 minutes.

      The trail will terminate at a fireroad that only heads left. DO NOT take this fireroad. Cross the fireroad straight ahead to the continuation of your little gem of a trail. This will be a quick downhill to another fireroad. You are now at a "4-way stop". Left will take you out to Westlake Blvd just North of Avenida De Los Arboles in the Lang Ranch neighborhood where I live. Right will take you back towards Alberson Fireroad. Straight ahead and down will take you into Woodranch, although I'm not sure what street it is. I'll have to look on my maps...

      I'm up for a ride sometime. Have fun on the route!

      Upchuck a 34 year old riding a Hardtail, full-boinger and DH rig from TO


    • Trail UpdateMore Chese-Bro-Sweet..thanks Upchuck..1 more for ya...How about continuing up Palo past the connector...where can I go from here? I used to ride this and SUI back in the early 90's, but my memory hasn't served me well (to many ice hockey pucks to the chin)..but can I make it from Palo to Simi (1st street or woodranch park way?)
      Thanks a bunch...maybe we can ride sometime
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Peeler a 35 year old riding a Something good from Westlake Village


    • Trail UpdateYou Wanted Longer, More Tech?-Answers first:
      1. Modelo Connector is marked on the Cheseboro Fireroad side. It's the 2nd fireroad climb on your left as you go IN on Cheseboro towards Shepherd's Flat.
      You can also take any of the fireroads on your right as you climb Palo Camado to access Cheseboro on the other side.

      2. The singletrack on your right as you climb Palo is called Poacher's Trail (aka Boneyard). It is a fairly strenuous climb (most commonly used as a descent, so be careful for fast descenders). The other end of the trail will dump you out at the "lookout". The Lookout is the popular stopping point you pass through on the connector singletrack from Palo to Shepherd's Flat.
      Which leads to...

      3. The trail from Palo to Shepherd's really doesn't have an official name. Most refer to it as "Connector Trail".

      4. Here's a fun way to increase the length and difficulty of your route without getting you lost:

      Climb up Palo. Turn right on Poacher's Trail and continue climbing until you reach the Lookout. At the Lookout turn right on the Connector Trail to Shepherd's Flat. When you reach Shepherd's, don't turn right on Sulphur Springs. Instead go straight on the singletrack until you reach a fireroad intersecting your path.
      Go left on the fireroad for ~30 feet and turn right on a singletrack named Gaspipe (unmarked).
      Descend Gaspipe (technical) and stay on it for ~2 miles where it ends at Bell Canyon Fireroad. Turn right on the fireroad and follow it until you reach an overgrown fireroad/doubletrack on your right. Climb this short, moderately steep hill and descend the other side. Do not take the right turn at the saddle. Stay left!
      This descent will turn into Cheseboro Fireroad. Ride it to the upper lot...

      Happy trails!

      Ride distance: ~12-14 miles Elevation change:
      Upchuck2 a 34 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Chuck and a GT DHi from TO


    • Trail UpdateChese-Bro-Where is this Modelo connector and is there a sign or other mark that indicates it? Anybody ever ride the single track on the right side of Palo Camando?...just as the climb begins on the right side...Generally I ride up Camando (from lower lot) thru somesome side trail over the backside (name?) leading to Shep's Flats, and riding down thru Sulfur Springs to the upper lot...any suggestions to increase its lenght/technicality?
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Peeler riding a Something good from Agoura


    • Trail UpdatePalo Comado Grading-Ah, daylight savings time! Half of me is delighted that my battery no longer dies before I get home, and half of me is sad that I often make it home without getting to watch a sunset. Anyhow, that big yellow thing parked in the upper Cheeseboro parking lot has been scraping around in Palo Comado. There are now some deeeeep soft spots across the road, especially up by the spring, which is now quite difficult to ride heading uphill. Oddly enough, some of the biggest ruts within a quarter-mile of China Flats have NOT been filled. There are also some large cobbles, some over a foot across, scattered across the road and mixed in with the new soft dirt. On a singletrack this would just be a new challenge, but since Palo Comado used to be a non-technical high-speed descent I thought I'd let y'all know that it is no longer non-technical (in spots), and you should be prepared for some surprises while descending and some grunty soft spots while climbing. On the plus side, the combination of extra daylight and soft dirt makes it easy to spot bobcat prints and snake tracks.


    • Trail UpdateNo Fool'n-What a great day in the canyon. Temp was great, low level clouds kept things cool. Seemed like everyone we encounterd was having a great time. This is the place to ride, it has it all. Old oaks with rolling hills and fire roads to warm up on, then into sulfer springs for some great single track. It has some great technical spots that will make you earn your wings. Keep going all the way to the top, Simi Summit. Well worth the pain, its all down hill from there. VERY FAST! :)
      Its very hard to rate this canyon(levels 1-10) its up to you.
      Ride distance: 5hrs Elevation change:
      MUDDY WHEELS :) O^o a 37 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Tricked out Santa Cruz Superlight from LA


    • Trail UpdateMike H-Jey guys, got any trails in mind for a farily new mtb'er who's hit sulphur only once and Palo Comado only twice.... I could really use some suggestions
      a Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant Warp DS1 from Woodland Hills


    • Trail UpdateSINGLETRACK PARADISE-If you like singletrack (who doesn't?)here's a route to try. Come in off Doubletree and hang a left onto the Palo Comado fireroad. Take it to the Bones trail and climb up this technical singletrack to the Shepards Flat connector. Take this route past the "T" to the 4 way I/S. Drop down the Gaspipe which is very technical in spots to the Las Virgenes fireroad. Hang a left on that fireroad and ride it until you spot the Bell Canyon singletrack on your left. Take that until you get to the powerline fireroad and hang a left up to the ridge then bomb back down to the 4 way I/S. Head to Shepard's Flats (at the "T") and ride down the Sulphur Springs trail until you reach the Modelo connector on your right. Ride over the Modelo connector until you hit the Palo Comado fireroad again. Right at the start of it look for the singletrack on the left and take this back to Doubletree. Truly an epic ride with some awesome singletrack. Gaspipe will challenge even the best riders while the others are pure fun.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 15-17miles Elevation change: 1500-2000'
      Singletrack=65% Dirt Road=35%
      SPARE TIRE a 34 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Gary Fisher Sugar baby from Agoura Hills


    • Trail UpdateCHESEBRO-Rode the route suggested by Upchuck below with the excepton of the fact I rode into Palo Comado from Doubletree. The Chute is actually a little easier (not easy though)than normal because it's a little more packed down from the rain. As for the ride up to the powerline ridge it's not that big of a deal--I'd call it a small grunt but your warmed up anyway by then from climbing up to China Flat. Be advised that the stretch between the start of Gaspipe and Shepard's Flat at the "T" is still quite sloppy in spots. I noticed some have tried a detour around some of the slop. Further ahead as you go west the trail is in pretty good shape though you have running water crossing Stoner's corner(so named by a buddy when we ran into a couple guys getting stoned there one day in the most technical section) which is that area where you dive down and right before a hard left out of the bottom. There is also water in one of the dips before you start climbing out of the canyon toward Palo Comado. The ride this way off Doubletree is about 11.5-12 miles. For the more adventurous, once you come down the chute and get on the fireroad look on your left for the Bell Canyon singletrack which will eventually dump you out on the Las Virgenes Fireroad.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 12miles Elevation change: 2000'
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=70%
      Dan from T.O. a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a GIANT


    • Trail Updateyes, taking a right at the T at tne top of sulfer springs will lead you to gaspipe. when you hit the fireroad go left for 20 feet or so. Gas pipe will be on your right. Not recommended for lightweights.
      Vern a 37 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Raven from Simi


    • Trail UpdateCheese-bro-What about, if riding up from the upper lot thru Sulfer Springs until I reach Shep's Flats where it T's. If I hand a left, I'll eventually ride either up or down Palo Camando and to the lower lot or China Falts/SUI (I'll find this)....but what if I hang a right? Does this lead to Gas Pipe and some other good single tracks? Anybody, somebody????
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Peeler a 35 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Something good


    • Trail UpdateCheseboro Options-First off, the trails will be incredibly muddy for at least 3-4 days AFTER it stops raining. This is a real drag for those of us who are fortunate enough to call it our backyard.

      When you do get a chance to ride it, try the following:

      Ride up Palo Camado FR past the turnoff for Shepherd's Flat. When you reach the old Sheep's Corral at China Flats (~4.5 miles from the bottom), ride just past the corral and hang a right (north). Stay on the main doubletrack/fireroad until you reach a gate.
      Ride through the open gate and turn right (east) on Alberson Fireroad (unmarked). During the gradual climbs and descents on this fireroad you have great views on your left.
      This next part will take careful observation. At the end of the extended fireroad descent (before you start climbing for awhile) there is a narrow singletrack dropping off of the fireroad to your right: the Chute.
      Drop this little gem and follow it for a quick romp under a canopy of trees to a fireroad. Turn right on the fireroad. Stay on this and you will be rewarded with a gnarly grunt up and over the ridge (Powerline FR).
      Descend the other side and turn right (west) on the singletrack. This will take you to Shepherd's Flat.
      At Shepherd's Flat turn left (south) and have a fun 4.5 mile ride to the parking lot.

      It's a fair amount on climbing but well worth the trip.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: ~ 12-14 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=70%
      Upchuck a 34 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a CHUCK from TO


    • Trail UpdateCheese-bro-I haven't ridden this area since Sept. (been playin' lots of ice hockey). Can anybody tell me if it is super muddy? I recall climbing from the lower parking lot up Palo Camando (beautiful way to test your endurance and leg strenght), cutting thru the connector trail leading thru (not sure if it has a name) and down to Shep's Flats....then proceeded thru Sulfer Springs back to the lower lot. But due to time constraints it was a quick hr power boost after my gym wotkout....how can I extend this ride to other areas? Instead of making a rt and headin down...what if I porceded straight...where does it lead?


    • Trail UpdateCheesboro/Gaspipe/Upper Virgenes-Road it on Friday last, only got round to update today.

      Canyon Trail rides well, now the rain has died it didn't take long for it to return to its usual self, albeit with the addition off some hoof prints and 4WD treads which make it all the more interesting.

      The rain has washed away a lot of the topsoil and what was previously an easy climb has left some of the trail a mass of rock steps with stones and rocks liberally littering the trail. Still the sun was out the birds were signing and life was great.

      You know it never fails to amaze me the contrast that the SM Mountains can offer, from the dusty trails of Sullivan to the greenness that Chesseboro offers, well worth the drive from Brentwood.

      Got to Shepherds Flats and decided to turn right as it looked like a nice place to go and I’d never been there before, pottered along and suddenly hit the “gaspipe” OMG!! Ruts run parallel with the trail deep enough to lose you wheels in and grind you big ring onto, this combined with them being 2 or 3 inches wide adds to the challenge. Decided to save face (literally without planting it into the trail or bushes) and dismounted for some of the stretches. A hard tail and a soft ass can only take so much. Further and further down I went following my nose and tire treads which looked pre last weeks rain, sure is nice to ride somewhere that’s fairly virginal. Hit the bottom and crossed the riverbeds, again lots of rocks and plenty of dabbing. Finally exited out and carried along the trail missed the turning ( take the first one you come to on your right) and ended up on Las Virgenes Road exit, whoops! And that was after tippy-toeing past 3 DEEP puddles, take it from me use the stepping stones

      Backtracked to the trail climbed up hill, which I have to say got the better of me, plodded to the top on foot, met another rider who had come over Canyon View Trail, his leg was bandaged and he told me he was recovering from breaking it, put me in my Lycra clad form to shame. Left him and headed back down towards Cheesboro Canyon Trail, which was a Dual Slalom with suicidal Squirrels who insisted on running 3’ in front of me. Got to the junction turned left and span all the way home.

      A great day a great ride.

      PS: On the map board by the car park there are maps to be collected, there fairly good but if nothing else point you roughly in the right direction

      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 13miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=40% Dirt Road=60%
      StuartB a 33 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Stumpy Hardtail from West LA


    • Trail UpdateCHESEBRO/PALO COMADO-Great day weatherwise here Sunday. The trails are in very good shape with the exception of the 3 hills leading up to the top of the powerline/Baleen wall trail. Normally a pretty good grunt but with the recent rains plus some horses and vehicles using the area it iis really chewed up. A moderately tough climb has gotten appreciably harder. For those who like to enter the park from the Doubletree entrance in Agoura there is a really nice singletrack that parallels the Palo Comado fireroad between the Modelo connector and the Doubletree fireroad. I happened to be returning to the Palo Comado fireroad off of Modelo and decided to check out the little trail that immediately is on your left once you come down onto Palo Comado from Modelo. Much to my surprise it turned out to be a nice little singletrack that winds under the oaks back to Doubletree. Always nice to tackle some virgin singletrack. The only knock on it would be there is very litle technical challenges though a couple spots where it crosses the creekbed weren't bad. Heck, you can never have enough singletrack and it does go on for a good mile and a half or so--check it out.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 12.5miles Elevation change: 1500-2000'
      Singletrack=35% Dirt Road=65%
      Dan from TO a Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateBalleen Wall Trail-The Balleen Wall trail at one time was an out and back route (the connector to Sulfer Springs Trail[which washed out a few years back and never repaired and is no longer on the map]-being off limits to bikes), but with the new MRCA addition to the park last year, it's now open to the public in it's entire length (not that it stopped people from riding it before). No trail books as well as the NPS & MRCA web sites have yet to note this new area of the park. Also, on the new trail map, it's now called the Cheeseboro Ridge Trail.

      The lower part of the fireroad tends to be very muddy after a rain. You might want to try the new Las Virgenes trailhead or coming in from Lang Ranch Parkway which tends to dry quicker.
      Jim a 48 year old from Simi Valley


    • Trail UpdateReply To Chuck-Chuck I fully understand what your saying and where you're coming from, it's not taken personally.Maybe my update was a little brief and should have had more emphasis on the fact that I hiked-a-bike for several miles at both ends of the ride.

      I'm a member of IMBA and follow the rules, just to reply, yes I know about the "friction" between MTBer's, Riders and hikers however as mentioned much of the trail was "carried". Keeping to the side or following the walked path on the edge. As mentioned the desert section" from the big drop into the dried river bed to the end of the DH section of the fire rooad is fully ridable, it had dried out and leaves little evidence of you having been there.

      I fully appriciate, coming from the UK, what a dried out trail can turn into if ridden after the rain, along with the restrictions that can be imposed by local residents/ Government, rest assured though there is no way I would want to escalate anything that has Chessboro or any other area restricted or removed from the local trails.

      Perhaps as a local you can tell me this, my ride book tells me that Balleens Wall is out of bounds yet there are a lot of comments about people riding it, can you or can't you? Also if your a local maybe we should hook up and you can show me the area a little more, I only moved to LA in the Summer and now all the dust has settled from unpacking I hope to get out a bit more.

      No doubt you'll smoke my ass but what the hell.

      StuartB a 33 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Stumpy Hardtail from West LA


    • Trail UpdateMud Riding-Stuart, I don't know you so I'm not going to get all self-righteous and burn your arse for making a monumental mistake. However, the Chesebro area is a constant source of controversy between MTB folk, like you and I, and the others (equestrians and hikers). Unfortunately, that area is heavily influenced by the affluent. By riding on the trails when they are that muddy you are asking for a major conflict which can easily escalate.
      Use a little discretion and maybe wait an extra day or two. I know it's hard, I actually went out and did a road-ride on my hardtail!
      Don't take this personally, I'm just looking out for my backyard.
      Upchuck2 riding a CHUCK bike


    • Trail UpdateSulphur Springs-Rode it yesterday, the Sulphur Springs trail is mud hell however if you keep going, mostly by carrying your bike once you reach the Balleen Wall turning it’s not too bad, it really clears up in the “desert area” and the rain has washed away most of the top soil leaving BIG!! Rocks everywhere, Shepherds Flats to the bottom of the Fire Road is a blast but then you hit the mud again. Over the fence and spin like hell to clear your bike of thick clay like stuff that has stuck to everything. Took 3hours and 45 mins to get round but in the really bad sections the thing to do is dismount and carry, it’s quicker in the long term.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 12miles Elevation change:
      StuartB a 33 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Stumpy Hardtail from West LA


    • Trail UpdateCHESEBRO/GASPIPE-OH MY!-For whatever reason it doesn't seem a lot of riders are hitting the gaspipe trail out here. Man, you guys don't know what you're missing. Great great singletrack. Not quite as technical as Suicide but probably more so than the great Dead Cow trail nearby Suicide. Make it a point to head down this beast next time you're out this way. Once down Gaspipe hang a left and go to the Bell Canyon singletrack and enjoy another run that doesn't get too much play because of it's whereabouts. Whereas Gaspipe is an advanced ride Bell Canyon is intermediate. Enjoy.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 10-20miles Elevation change: 1000-2000'


    • Trail UpdateNew Map-The National Park Service (NPS) has just published an updated trail map for Cheeseboro which you can find in a mail box attached to the Kiosk by those wonderful new pit toilets that were installed this summer. While not having all the single track trails like "Dead Cow" or the new single track that parallels the Palo Comando fireroad south from the Doubletree connector, it does have the best listing of all the trails and fireroads deeper in the park. It also shows that the new Las Virgenes section of the park is now open to the public, which expands the park by over a third.

      To get there from the main parking lot, take the main trail out to where the Baleen Wall trail splits off (1.25 mile)and follow that uphill to where it swings off to the left (2.25m). Take the trail straight past an open gate and you now are in Las Virgenes Canyon. Continue downhill for .75 mile (3m) till you come to a signed single track on your left. Take that as it swings along the hillside for about another .75 mile(3.75) where it comes out on what the trail map calls Upper Las Virgenes trail but is actually Bell Canyon fire road(or pipeline). Take a left and after another mile (4.75) you come to an unmarked single track to your left. You can take this and after about 2.25 miles you'll end up at Shepherd's Flat (where from there it's another 4.25 miles to the trailhead and a 11+ mile round trip), or you can keep on the fireroad up to some connecting trails.

      You can also connect to this new section from Las Virgenes Road, just head north from the 101 exit till the road ends and the trail begins. It heads uphill for .25m, levels out for the next .75 before dropping down to the fireroad. You take a left and then shortly you'll meet up with the singletrack I talked about above. If you follow the fireroad uphill, you come out on the Baleen Wall trail. There's plenty of parking along the road.

      What's not shown on the trail map, but is on the updated master NPS maps, is that this new open space in Las Virgenes connects up with Bell Canyon Park in West Hills, and while it's presently fenced off, it might be possible in the future to get to Cheeseboro from the Valley.
      Jim a 48 year old from Simi Valley


    • Trail UpdateCHESEBRO-Great day for riding Sunday as I wanted to check out the area to see what effects the recent big storm had. The trails were in good shape with only a few damp spots left. I still can't understand the two "bikers dismount" signs at a couple of the technical sections of the Sulphur Springs trail. Both spots are easily makeable for advanced riders and a good intermediate should give it a shot. Surprisingly there is no such sign as you descend the rock garden at the most technical spot closer to Shepard Flats but who's to figure. Bottom line is you should know your limitations and not try anything that's beyond them without a better rider with you. The only significant trail changes I saw are some big ruts on the power line trail up to Baleen's wall.


    • Trail UpdateSimi Peak-After the recent rains, most of the trails out of the simi valley side ( see long canyon trail for more info) have not changed too much. The most noticeable changes are on the trail up to simi peak. The lower sections seem rougher while the last climb seems easier. The total effect is a good steady makeable climb rather than a climb with increasing difficulty. Enjoy.

      Vern a Weekend Warrior riding a C'dale Raven from simi


    • Trail UpdateSUICIDE - Overrated?-Dropped Suicide with DT and the boys saturday. Name seems to be a little overrated - don't get me wrong, its an awesome long bomb session with rock gardens, death cookies, bobsled grooves, and big drops - 4 to 5 of them extremely challenging, but its no 'suicide' run and no comparison to the famed TUNNEL 65 miles to the north.

      A couple of us started from the top of simi peak (dusty you gotta be kidding if you say your chick gets up that last 50 foot section!!!!) while the others explored a side entrance 200 yards to the south. Couple good technicals on that side chute - a big rock to get over that you must chainring to get over and some cool tight s-turns that only DT could clean.

      A couple big drops and a few classic OTBs and we were back down at some park off Kanan Rd. Little blood, but very big grins in the group. Cruised down to sunnycrest, back into lower Palo Camado and up and over the Modleo Trail back to Cheesbro and out.

      I'd say its high time for tunnel now...but seeing that Mammoth is getting blasted finally, the bike will be mothballed to use my season ski pass finally this weekend?

      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 13 miles Elevation change: 1200?
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=70%
      Gaping Wound a 35 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized Hardtail from Huntington Beach, CA


    • Trail UpdateCHESBORO-Man was it blowing a gale here on X-mas day. Figured I'd get a good ride in to work up the appetite for X-mas dinner. The winds on top of the ridges (such as the powerline/Baleen Wall trail) were something fierce, the strongest I've encountered in my years of biking. In fact up top of Baleen's Wall I saw a park ranger vehicle pull over apparently in fear of being blown over the side of the fireroad and into the valley below.I had trouble keeping the bike straight at times. When riding into the face of the wind it felt like someone loaded another 50 lbs on my back. Sustained winds in the area had to be 50mph or so--imagine sticking your face out your drivers window as your going 50-55 on the freeway and you get the idea. One benefit of the gales has been much of the silt on the trails built up by the lack of rain and summer heat has been blown away and traction is better. If your heading out this way during Santa Ana conditions be prepared and keep your eyes out for fires--we had one in the Thousand Oaks area this morning a few miles west of Chesboro.
      Dan from TO


    • Trail UpdateCheseboro...-First time @ Cheseboro this Saturday 12-16-00. I've heard alot of good things about this trail from friends and I've actually had a map for almost a year now. I got the trail map from a Judge who frequently rides these local trails. I'm from Orange County and don't get out towards this area that often. So, when my wife said she wanted to go to Camarillo to go shopping...first thing that popped in my head was "there are quite a few trails in Ventura and I'm not going shopping". This was last minute and too much of a short notice to try and get trail maps of other trails so, since I had the map of Cheseboro...

      I parked at the lower parking lot, and decided to go up the Palo Comado connector to Palo Comado Canyon trail. From here the plan was to go all the way up to China Flats then east towards Shephards Flats and down on Sulpher Springs trails back to the parking lot. I must say there were tons of single tracks branching off Palo Comado Cyn trail. First time here so I didn't want to take a chance of getting lost. As the climb started to get just a tad steep, I noticed a single track on the right that was almost like a switchback and went up the mountain. (Later I learned that this was the way to Shephards Flat). Anyway I stayed on Palo Comado and as I got deeper in the mountains the post signs were no longer available. I got to a somewhat empty field which turned left/right. I saw hills on the right and I wanted to climb some more so I headed in that direction. By now I figured that I was lost, so the first mt biker that I ran into I inquired as to where I was. He said I was off the map and from present location we were overlooking Simi Valley. I was already 8 miles from the parking lot so I turned around and doubledback. Flew through Palo Comado and as I was going through the rocky section I got a flat tire. Man what luck...first time here - lost and flat tire. Anyways I made it back to the car with no other problems. I have to say the local riders are pretty friendly - offered help with my flat tire and help with the directions. Maybe I should have taken some of those single tracks in the beginning - I got lost anyways.

      Cheseboro looks like it has plenty of challenges. For sure I will be back. Ride HARD, Ride FAST!!!
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 16miles Elevation change:
      Big Joe a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a GT Hardtail from Fullerton, Orange County


    • Trail UpdateAnswer To Your Question-The entrance to the Alberson fireroad is at the end of the Lang Ranch Street, well past the Chumash center to the East.


    • Trail UpdateLANG RANCH ENTRANCE TO ALBERTSON-Does anyone know how a biker/hiker can get to the Albertson Motorway dirt road from Lang Ranch? I know
      that the Chumach Indian Building is near, but fences are there. Is there a sideway or another way to access this road to China Flat and the Simi Hills. Please email me soon.
      Mike Stewart a Weekend Warrior riding a Trek from Moorpark


    • Trail UpdateChesebro - Palo Camado Loop-Nice loop -- maybe 13 miles or so. Nothing tough about this ride but wonderful scenery with 3 moderate short hill climbs. Did it in about 2 hours including a couple 10 minute stops.

      Was hoping to try suicide, but was told its tough to locate from china flats unless you know where it is? Was suggested to try fireroad up King James Crt instead for easier sighting?

      Need to get a tuneup before attempting 'tunnel' again!


      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 13 miles Elevation change: 750
      Singletrack=75% Dirt Road=25%
      Gaping Wound a 35 year old riding a Specialized Hardtail from Huntington Beach


    • Trail UpdateChesebro-Where is everyone?
      Made it to the top lot this morning by 8:00 and found only three cars. Came across three bikes on the trail from Sulpher, to Shepard to china flat and down Palo Comado.
      I guess I should be grateful that there was no traffic. But, it is kind of eerie to be out alone at that time of day.

      David Schwimmer a 2 year old riding a lace panty from the village


    • Trail UpdateCHINA FLAT-Rode up to it via Lang Ranch 10/14 and than kept going east on the Alberson fireroad to the last powerline. On the way back ran into a biker who spotted a large mountain lion right at the junction where Alberson Forks to the south into China Flat. Keep your eyes open if you're heading up that way.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 11 miles Elevation change: 2000'
      Singletrack=5% Dirt Road=95%
      THE BIG SHIP a Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateCommiting To Suicide-This is one hell of a trail. Parked at the lower parking lot, rode Sulphur to China Flats, and up to Sui. I am not sure how many of you know Dusty, but his riding partner in life is not too far behind him in the technical skills department. She cleaned the first rock section at the top, and by far, had the smoove-est line of the day- (Dusty, Canadian Bacon, or myself), although all of us eventually cleaned it with reps. Quite a bit of mayhem at this one spot. Empirically we determined the best way to hit it is to go straight over the first rock, but the trick is- if you touch any sort of brake while on this rock, you are going down. A few OTBs, folded toenails, cuts and bruises later, we were off.

      Lots of rockshelves, death cookies, and loose corners. A very, very fun, fast trail. Too fun and too fast- it is short. This trail is the mini-me version of Tunnel. Do not be decieved... Just because you can ride Sui does not mean you are going to survive Tunnel, but you are on the right track if you can clean Sui from top to bottom.

      Now for the fun part- up Dead Cow. Woohoo! Climbing Dead Cow is no easy feat. I somehow forgot to bring my legs with me on this ride, and was having a hell of a time getting over all the rock shelves. Very good techincal climbing.

      Gaspipe was part of the route, but we were so wiped out at the top of DC that we decided to drop Sui again and head home.

      Upon getting back to the car, I noticed that my Tiogas (which came stock on the 4-banger) had been totally shredded. So as a side note to this trail review, don't buy Tiogas. My first and last pair lasted a whole 3 weeks. Suck. As Bacon says, the engineers at Tioga were smoking all the good rubber when they made my tires.

      Be the ball.

      El Santo


    • Trail UpdateThe Chute/Bell Canyon Singletrac-Not a sole there on Sunday besides me and a buddy.For those of you not familiar with these trails, there are several ways to access them. On this day we rode up from Lang Ranch in Thousand Oaks.It's about 3 miles up to China Flat. If you continue another 1.5 miles you'll come to the chute, which leads down into the oak forest and is the singletrack. The chute is easily missed so keep a close lookout on your right as you're going eastbound on the Alberson fireroad. Once on this singletrack you eventually come to the fireroad that leads up to the powerlines. Turn right and ride a few hundred yards until you pick up the singletrack again on your left. This is the Bell Canyon singletrack which loops around and eventually spills out on another fireroad that connects to the infamous Gas Pipe trail.The Bell Canyon singletrack is quite varried in its terrain including some boulder fields, a little slick rock and plenty of twists and turns. Enjoy.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 12-20 miles Elevation change: 2000
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=70%
      Heavy D a Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateCheseebro-Me and friend went out to Cheesebro this Sunday September 3, 2000. It was nice and hot. This was our second time here. On the last few miles we went exploring and ended up taking the long way back to the parking lot. We went all the way by the locked gate.
      The last 7 mile were mostly all uphill. We were beat by the end of the loop. But we did have fun. We will ride there again.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 14 miles Elevation change:
      Rogelio Yanez a 26 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek 6000 & Mountain Cycle DHS from Los Angeles


    • Trail UpdateCHESBORO-Man, it was lonely out here on Sunday.I ran into only 2 other bikers and a couple of hikers.The heat scared everyone away apparently. Dropping in off Doubletree than right on Palo Comado to the Modelo connector for some hill climbing. Than up the back way of the Balleen Wall/powerline trail for more climbing. Down on to the Shepards Flat singletrack up to the Palo Comado fireroad and still more climbing to China Flats than up to the top overlooking Oak Park and surroundings. Enjoyed some rest after 10 some miles of grunting up a lot of hills in the heat.Time for some fun now--Suicide or Dead Cow? Always a tough choice. Today down Dead Cow which was it's technical rocky self. Got caught at the big boulder trying to squeeze between it and the side of the hill but otherwise free sailing. Thought about going back up Dead Cow and doing Suicide but way too hot on this day and water was running low.Have fun and let's hope for a cooling trend.
      Ride distance: 14miles Elevation change: 2000
      Singletrack=25% Dirt Road=75%
      Dan from TO


    • Trail UpdateTrails Into Simi-when they opened the gate from lang ranch, they put up this new 'electro' gate to block access to b-path HOA land. This was a very good connection to the next ridgeline to the notrh. COnnected to the many trails from long canyon. Gain some (lang ranch gate open), loose some (electro gate).

      To connect with simi trails, as you descend the road to lang ranch: a - look for fire road to your right (1/4 mile before the single track detour) or b - look for a single? track (old farmroad) to your right (as road turns left) on downhill side of the water tank/trailer.

      a - The fire road will climb up to the ridge that was accessable before the electrogate was instelled (you will see the single track on your right when you reach the top).

      b - The lower single track will climb to the same ridge but on the other side of a knob. look for a single track trail on your right as your reach the top of the climb. this will descend steeply to the fireroad (steep section folowed by bebyhead section). Not taking the right will lead you to the fireroad as it rounds the knob on the north side.

      Most of the trails in this area are nothing to write home about. they are a great alternative to driving somewhere else to ride.
      vern from simi


    • Trail UpdateChesboro-Tried a different route today. Starting at Lang Ranch in Thousand Oaks, rode up the trail to where the China Flats turnoff is to the right. This is a little over 3 mile climb, mainly fireroad though there is a brief stretch of singletrack with some shade for about 2 tenths of a mile. They should have-or should-build an offshoot from this main trail near the creekbed as one increases in elevation--it really could be a nice trail with the canopy coverage. Oh well, we can dream can't we?After reaching China Flats, ride down the Palo Comado fireroad than take the singletrack connector to Shepard's Flats and keep going east to the 4 way intersection. Hang a left and grunt your way for 1.25 miles up the powerline trail--some nice views from on top with the Gaspipe trail to the south and the Bell Canyon singletrack to the north. Bomb down the fireroad and at the bottom you will find the Bell Canyon singletrack on the right. If you ride further on the fireroad you'll pick up the singletrack on the left leading up the "chute" as it has been appropriately named. This heavily shaded singletrack reminds me of the Los Padres trail off of the Los Robles trail in T.O. However, as you come to the chute area it is a steep climb with loose conditions, rocks and some ruts--very tough to make it all the way up without a little hiking unless you're in one of those zones. Coming down it can be a thrill. It connects to the Alberson fireroad which goes west all the way back to Lang Ranch. I noticed some trails to the north seemingly heading into Simi but I've never ridden them. One particularly good looking trail has a fence blocking access--another homeowner association screwing us out of some good riding. Oh well. Good loop, with lots of climbing and scenery.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 14-18miles Elevation change: 2500'
      Singletrack=25% Dirt Road=75%
      THE BIG SHIP a Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateBell Canyon Singletrack-If you're talking about the trail that parallels Gaspipe on the North side of the Powerline Fireroad, it's the Bell Canyon Singletrack. Ridng it east to west, it eventually drops you back on the Powerline Fireroad.
      Then, if you keep riding west for a couple hundred yards on the fireroad, look on your left for an obscure singletrack (called "The Chute") that will climb up to Alberson Fireroad. It's a very short technical climb. Go left on Alberson and you'll be able to drop in to China Flats on your left.
      My friends and I will be on it Monday 7/5 am.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: ? miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=60-70% Dirt Road=30%
      Upchuck2 a 34 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a CHUCK CR-FS-HT from T.O.


    • Trail UpdateYou Found Gaspipe-If I can picture your vague directions, you went
      down the awesome Gaspipe trail to Las Virgenes
      Fireroad. If you had turned left you could have rode
      into the backcountry and found another singletrack
      to connect back to the Powerline Rd. where
      Gaspipe starts. Does anyone know the "official"
      name of that singletrack?
      Endo Verendo a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a FSR from Studio City


    • Trail UpdateKiller "extreme" Ride From Hell-If you take a right at the sulfer springs trail fork you will proceed up a small slope for a mile with a killer single track downhill. when you reach the bottom take a left. from there on who knows how far that truck trail goes. my riding partner almost died we abandoned ship somewhere near the west hills one hell of a trail. p.s. bring 1 gallon of water,bug repellant and endurance chris k. from san diego
      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: miles20 Elevation change: steep
      Singletrack=10% Dirt Road=10% Truck Trail=80%
      chris kolb a 25 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a piece of shit from sandiego


    • Trail UpdateCHESBORO/GASPIPE TRAIL-Tried a different route today since I've done Chesboro a zillion times. Starting at Doubletree, go down to Palo Comado and go left. Just as you start the climb which would take you to China Flat, hang a right up the Poachers trail. This is a tough somewhat technical climb--made even tougher by the 90+ temperatures and loose conditions.Consider yourself fit if you can make it up this without stopping under these conditions. Once you reach the Shepard's flat connector go east past Shepard's Flats towards the 4 way intersection. On this day I choose the Gaspipe singletrack (so named because after you reach the bottom you'll eventually run into that gaspipe station down the trail).Other than Suicide,this is the most technical singletrack in the general area, even more so than Dead Cow in my opinion. Beginners and intermediates should avoid this trail like the plague or suffer the consequences if they attempt to ride it. This is for advanced riders only and even they will find it extremely challenging in parts with the many ruts, loose soil and steep descents. After a mile or so of thrills you hit the creek bottom with some rocky singletrack you have to negotiate. Eventually you will be dumped out on a fireroad heading south bound. After a couple miles or so and 2 water crossings you will come to that gaspipe hut or whatever it is and turn right there. This deceptively steep doubltrack will connect with the powerlines trail where that trail starts to level out and curve to the west. On this day I rode up the backway of the powerline trail and than took the singletrack back to Palo Comado and back to Doubltree. Total distance for this ride is about 14 miles though the loop from the start of the Gaspipe trail and around back to that same point is a little under 8 miles. Other options would have been to turn left at Sulphur Springs and get back to Palo Comado by riding over Modelo.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 14 miles Elevation change: 1500'
      Singletrack=60% Dirt Road=40%
      Dan a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Giant from T.O.


    • Trail UpdateCheesboro-Had a fun time for a 1st time ride. I had bike envy
      wishing I had fs. I road in 2 or 3 differnt (ohio)
      areas including china flat. Knowing the downhill
      a little better would have made it more fun and faster.
      Be careful if 1st timing, there are a few endo spots.
      I had other riders warn me.
      My trail experience is mostly in santa clarita so
      this was a nice change. I think the trail is
      recommendable to intermediate riders+. Get there
      early though as the place gets kind of croweded.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Singletrack=60% Dirt Road=35% Paved Path=5%
      ohio boy a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a mb1 w/specialized/shimano from santa clarita


    • Trail UpdateJordanM27-Nice trail, too little singletrack through. The downhill was nice. The obstacles on Sulphur were great. Suicide was kinda challanging.


    • Trail UpdateCHINA FLAT,ETC-Hey Vern (sorry, I couldn't resist), I'm not quite sure where this "Y" is you are referring to. You do come to a "Y" as you are climbing up from Lang Ranch and getting near the crest. This right leads you to an open gate which enters China Flat. Going straight instead will head you in the direction of Rocketdyne, etc. I don't recall any further "Y"'s after that unless you either mean the singletrack I mentioned or when you come to that final powerline where the Ahmaanson Gate is. The singletrack I spoke of is perhaps 1-2 miles past the "Y" I've discussed above--ie, that being where you can go right and drop into China Flat or where you can keep going straight east.Hope that helps.
      Dustier Bottoms


    • Trail UpdateDustier Bottoms; I Need A Clue-Dustier,

      2 questions on your China flat and beyond post:

      When riding the trail last night (heading east), I came upon a y in the road. (this came after droping from the china flat area and climbing the next hill towards Yoyodyne). The right branch was less travled and came to a gate in a short distance. Is this the gate you mentioned or should I take the left branch? (it was getting dark and my battery is only good for an hour so I had little time to xplor).

      Assuming this is the gate, is the single track before or after the gate?

      I agree with your description, not a technical ride but a great workout and great views. I use this fireroad to gain access to this area from the simi valley side.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Dirt Road=100%
      vern a 37 year old Weekend Warrior from simi


    • Trail UpdateCHESBORO-Regarding the wash area Dusty is talking about, regardless of any new sign to dismount, it is still quite makeable. I and a buddy did it 2 weeks ago on a hardtail. I can see some dual suspension guys are simply jumping it but you can still ride down it--just keep your ass way back.


    • Trail UpdateFreeway Trail!-I noticed that sign, no big deal, kinda messes up the "natural" "outdoor" look tho, what's next" a stop light? Almost need that 'cause I counted over 100 bikers in an hour's time, then I stopped counting... The lower area is getting just too crowded for me...


    • Trail UpdateLuck Runs Dry - Part 2-Tires pressurized? Check. Extra tubes? Check. New pump? Check. Alright, let's do this.

      On my way through Chesebro park to visit my friend Suicide, sun was blazing, bugs were buggin'. I was anxious to see first hand any "improvements" that had been made to the couple great sections on Sulphur Springs. As you approach the 3 foot drop off into the wash they have erected a "bikers dismount!" sign. I view this a very positive move. They warn you of the danger but ultimately the choice is yours. This way liability rests upon the decision of the rider. I would much rather see a sign, than have them flatten the obstacle.

      So there I was, busting a couple reps on this supreme practice drop, going off the sides, the middle, fast, slow, when on my third wheelie drop attempt I clicked out of my right pedal, caught my rear derailleur, and ripped it clean off by shredding the hanger. Second hanger this month. Didn't get to ride the 40 yard tech climb, didn't get to ride Suicide, My day was over as I rolled back down to my car with my tail between my legs.

      The moral of the story is be nice to your bike or she will turn your weekend to crap. Two things salvaged this pisser of a weekend for me...2 double doubles, large fry, and a coke... and the Lakers pulling that win out their purple and gold ass. Good luck to us.
      Dusty Bottoms


    • Trail UpdateSulpher Springs-What's up with the "cyclists dismount" signs posted on the trail? Are they trying to build a case to reroute the trail? Perhaps claiming it's "too dangerous" and must be made safer?

      Fluffy Bunny in a Hawks Claw a 2 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a pogo stick with holley carbs from MACEDONIA (ok Newark)


    • Trail UpdateEasy Rider-My first time on a trail of any kind, but thanks to my boyfriend, aka ROCK II, I was able to get through Sulfer without a hitch.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 8 miles Elevation change: 2000
      Devon Page a 21 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Cannondale Jekyll 3000Sl from Woodland Hills, CA


    • Trail UpdateROCK II-My first time on this trail, and I absolutely loved it, and I've done Moab!!! The climbs were great, the ST's ended way too soon on Sulphur, but all-in-all a great ride
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 11 Miles Elevation change: 2000 Feet
      Singletrack=70% Dirt Road=100%
      Michael Hong a 22 year old Weekend Warrior riding a '00 Diamond Back ZETECH Comp. from Woodland Hills, CA


    • Trail UpdateCHINA FLAT--and Beyond-For those who don't know the gate is gone at the point where the fireroad from Lang Ranch in Thousand Oaks connects to China Flat. At that point ride instead to the east on the fireroad. This will go for several miles until you reach a gate that says "Ahmanson" and keep out, etc. Jump the gate and continue to ride the fireroad as it winds down then up to some power lines. This will drop you down into the 3 way intersection east of Shepard's flats and back into the park. Good cardio workout and nice views from up top. For the adventurous, as you are going east on that fireroad (with Rocketdyne in the distance)keep a close watch on your right for a hidden singletrack which dives down into the valley into an oak forest. You'll have to ride it to find out how good it is.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 20miles Elevation change: 3000-3500'
      Singletrack=20% Dirt Road=80%
      Dustier bottoms a 40 year old Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateGaspipe-Hey Peeler...from the "T" at Shephard's Flats go
      east on that singletrack till you hit the fire road, then
      take a quick jog to the left and look for the
      beginning of gaspipe on your right...it goes off to
      the east. Certainly worth your while! At the bottom
      you can come back up or go right till you see the
      gas dept. shack thing and take that trail up and
      over the top back to Cheseboro. I like coming back
      up gaspipe, cause you don't bypass all of the
      Sulphur Springs singletrack that way.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Tortuga a 41 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Santa Cruz Superlight from Van nuys


    • Trail UpdateSome Answers To Your Questions-Peeler, it's not clear which trail on the right of Palo Comado you are referring to. There are several crossings from Palo Comado to Chesboro. You seem familiar with the Shepards corral singletrack which leads to the "T"--ie, Shepards Flats. Additionally, there are the Ranch Center crossing and Modelo farther South. If you are speaking of the singletrack on the right side of Palo Comado as you start your climb toward China Flat, that is known as the Poacher's trail or sometimes the Bones Trail. It leads to the Shepard's Corral connector and is fun to ride down.
      As for getting to Suicide from Palo Comado,follow the fireroad up to China Flat and once there go left at the corral.Stay left as you pass the pond (currently it has some water)on your left and take the singletrack towards the oak forest. It leads to Simi Peak. Once there you can ride the trail in front of you (Dead Cow) or hike your bike up the trail to the left which is Suicide. Dead Cow drops onto King James Ct. Hope this answers your questions.
      The answer man


    • Trail UpdateSUICIDE-Looking for directions from Palo Camando to Suicide? I rode suicide many years ago by riding up a fire road off King James Ct, and proceding down suicide. But from Chesbro / Palo Camando. Riding up Palo, how much further is it from the Palo / not sure of the name of the trail, to the left, and leads to Shep's Flats from there? And where is Dead Cow? Also lookin' for feedback on the single track on the right of Palo? Looks kind of short, but is it worth it? Generally I ride up Palo and to Sheppards, and down thru Sulfer, but have yet to experience Gas pipe and some other sweet ST's on that side. Any recommendations / directions?
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 10 Elevation change:
      Singletrack=80% Dirt Road=20%
      Peeler a 35 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a FS Fischer from Agoura Hills


    • Trail UpdateChesboro-For some of you who are not familiar with the Agoura area, there are a couple more ways to get into the park besides the main parking lot area. I like to park on Doubletree in the Agoura area. You will see a trail head on the north side of the street (not the one with the rattlesnake but farther east). Enter there and after an easy climb you will go downhill to the Palo Comado fire road. If you want a quick challenge hang a right as you reach Palo Comado and than shortly on your left you will see the Ranch Center crossing. Hang a left and climb, climb,climb--yeah it's steep but don't be a pussy.When you come down the other side hang a right until you reach the I/S with Chesboro fireroad and hang a left. Ride this up the back side of the power line hills and than down to Shepard's flats. Keep going on the singletrack to the Palo Comado fireroad. Hang a right and climb to China Flat. Don't stop there and go left all the way to Simi Peak. Now, do you wimp out and head back the way you came down Palo Comado or go for the gusto--ie, down Suicide or down Dead Cow. Either way, if you go for the gusto you'll be back down to Lindero Canyon Blvd. Hang a left to Bromley, than a right and look for the paved trail and take it back to your car on Doubletree. It's a 13.5 mile loop.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 13.5miles Elevation change: 2500'
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=50% Paved Path=20%
      BALLS OF STEEL a 30ish year old Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdatePalo Comado/Sulphur Springs Loop-We rode here for the first time 4/16. I had a smile on my face the whole ride. We started out from the parking lot and went up Modelo Trail to the Palo Comado Connector. This has some climbing, but nothing too difficult. On the way into the canyon, the trails got a little rutted and loose. From there we went into Palo Comado Canyon and took the fire road to the Shepherd's Flat trail connector. To get to the connector, it is an almost constant uphill grind, but the grade is not bad at all and there are a few short downhill sections. At the connector trail, there is no sign and we were 1/2 way to China Flat before a fellow biker directed us back. The turn off is right as you go up a hill. It is a well used trail and it makes an almost 180 degree turn off the trail to the right and up a hill. This hill has the appearance of being a tough grind but it is short. Once over, this trail is a fun bit of singletrack. Lots of blind turns so watch your speed. We had a lot of fun on it, nothing technical to really speak of until you get to a short rocky section on the Sulphur Springs trail. It's a lot of fun too. Of course the singletrack ends too soon. And the ride back down through the canyon was easy and fast. The trails are well maintained. My sister was with me and has been on a mountain bike maybe 10 times. She had to get off and walk some of the technical sections on Sulphur but other than that she made it. I wouldn't hesitate to take a beginner on this trail who already has a fitness base. Someone who is new to biking and exercise in general would be hurting. They could ride Cheseboro Cyn trail in and back though.

      Overall, the ride was fun. There seem to be all sorts of possibilities. The ride we did is about 14 miles. The guides who were volunteering, Joe and Jerri, were wonderful people and quite helpful. They are both in there 60's and 70's and still bike!! Go out, have fun, be careful of the horses and the hikers, although we mainly only saw them on the way back to camp on Cheseboro Cyn Trail.
      Kory a 33 year old riding a somethin' with two wheels and no engine from Long Beach, CA


    • Trail UpdatePalo Camado/chesbro Cyns-i rode this last wknd and yesterday.....guess what, i found a new singltrack that is about 2.5 miles long. its actually on the palo camado side.when you get to the beginning of the park at the end of palo camado road, hop over the gate.
      look to the left about 10-20 yards past the gate.
      this trail will take you down thru the stream[running]. stay on this and enjoy.WATCH OUT FOR HORSIES!!it ends right about the spot where the serious climbing starts. what i do is go up to the connector trail that takes you over to the ridge above and overlooking the to of chesebro cyn.
      we like to call this area 'arizona' cause it looks like it. you can either ride down into it or take the dead cow trail to palo camado road.then you get to ride the new singletrack back to your car.
      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: 8-15miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=65% Dirt Road=30% Paved Path=5%
      nookie13 a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateChesboro-Rode the trail 3/12. There are some wet spots but not too many. The wettest area is the singletrack to the east as you reach Shepards Flats intersection. Be careful at the spot on the sulphur springs trail where you have that little drop off near a creek bed. The rains have washed away part of the drop off making it much more difficult. It's easier to jump it now then to try to ride down it. Also the bugs are out in force and they're hungry. It would be a good idea to use repellant if you don't want to get bit a lot.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 15 miles Elevation change: 1000'
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      THE BIG SHIP a Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateChesebro To Shepards Flat-What a nice day.......!The streams are running.
      I think that pretty much covers it.
      Sticky Buns with Coffee, 2Creams, One Sugar a 7 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Mini-Van


    • Trail UpdateTopo Map-Does anyone have a topo map of Cheseboro canyon they could e-mail me? I'd rather not get lost at the bottom of gaspipe again.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Singletrack=25% Dirt Road=50% Truck Trail=25%
      Mr. K2 a 16 year old Racer riding a Custom K2 freerider/Sugar 1 from Westlake


    • Trail UpdateEffortless-It is almost not fair how easy the climb is from sulphur springs through the park and over to Suicide. Although you could hit from the other side on Dead Cow to really shorten your trip, taking the park route rides you through about 6 different types of landscape. The downhill from the top is pretty sick. URL: Dusty Bottoms


    • Trail UpdateCheseboro-
      Just returned from a 13 miler in hopes of burning off some turkey fat. A fantastic ride for an intermediate like myself. Nice blend of nasty climbs (up to China and beyond) and swift, cryptic singletracks. So many options to explore -- can't wait to get back and try a different route. (After I get my ass in shape.)

      The trails are all in great condition and only those less agile with their bikes will be forced to walk up a very short technical section or two. (Er, those like me.) One creek crossing, but otherwise quite dry and quite smooth.

      I followed the suggestions of the previous posts -- from the lower lot up Cheseboro Canyon Trail, up to Sulpher Springs and over to China Flats/Simi. Opted to pass on Suicide and instead came down the fire road (missing the singletrack (by accident.)) Roughly 13+ miles roundtrip.

      Great ride. My only advice is to avoid the singletracks on the uphill on a weekend -- you're asking for a pair of handlebars in your teeth. It can get crowded and there are a number of blind turns.

      And if it's your first time, and you plan on going all the way up, take a map with you. The trek over to China Flats is a little deceiving and takes a few minutes longer than you might expect. (Then again, I was huffing and puffing at a snail-like pace in this section.)

      But even with the aches, this is one of the most enjoyable rides I've been on. A true blend of everything.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: variousmiles Elevation change: up to 2403'
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      Camper a Weekend Warrior riding a Trek Y from Los Angeles


    • Trail UpdateCheeseboro To Suicide-Captain's Log, Saturday, October 16th, 10:00a.m. Set a course in Cheeseboro park in search of the elusive "Suicide" downhill. Started in the lower parking lot and hit the Modelo trail. Took that to Sulphur Springs trail on up to Shepard's Flat. Hung a left on the connector trail and took that to Palo Comado Fire Road. Took a right there and went up to China Flats. Continued on the singletrack straight ahead up to the peak and PRESTO! The rest is classified.

      I would like to thank the locals that posted this trail on the web and also warn them of the dangers of over-maintenance. A trail as rugged as that is not meant to be turned into a waterslide. Leave the boulders alone! With all that said... THIS TRAIL IS FUCKING GLORIOUS!!! I had wood until Monday afternoon. And now that I know where it is, this site should be crashed and a vow of silence implemented. Good luck to you. URL: Dusty Bottoms


    • Trail UpdateChesebrocyn-please people the balleen wall trail is not a bike trail. unfortunately we bikers arent aware of that. the NO BIKES sign was washed out [or removed] during elnino. it was sitting on the ground where it was pulled up for a long time.keep the place open for all of us and stay on the other trails. the baleen wall trail has nothing to offer anyways. ive seen many a rider get expensive ticket by the rangers for riding on this trail.
      tom okeefe a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a m-80 from redondo bch E-mail: nookie812@aol


    • Trail UpdateHoward From Agoura-NIGHT RIDING IN CHESEBORO-
      Cheseboro is a real gem for night riding. Start at the lower aprking lot (outside the gate if you won't be back before sundown. Go up the canyon to Shepard's Flat (4.5 miles). You can either go right and take the road which follows the powerlines (turn right outside the fence line) or you can go left from Shepard's flat and you will ultimately wind up on Palo Comado which is a nice rolling downhill ride. I like going around the full moon.
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=70%
      Howard a 53 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Cannondale Super V 1000 (Niterider Digital) from Agour Hills .net


    • Trail UpdateDan From T.O.-There are many different routes you can take here but if you are interested on some cardio work try the following: Starting from the parking lot ride up the singletrack to your left up to Modelo. Ride along the ridge for a mile or so before going to your right back down to the main trail. Then go up the backside of the power lines and eventually drop down to Shepards Flat. Continue riding the singletrack to Palo Comado fire road and take it up to China Flat. Bomb back down the fire road all the way to the end and hang a left up the hills back to Modelo and back to the parking lot. This ride is a little under 14 miles and will give you some good hill work.
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=70%
      Dan a Weekend Warrior riding a Souped up Giant ATX 890 from Thousand Oaks


    • Trail UpdateVince-If you made it to the trailhead just look at the map provided by Parks & Rec's. I recommend Sulfur Springs for riders of all skill levels. There are almost infinite possibilities in here for 9-25 mile loops.
      However, if you were to pass the lower parking lot and continue up Cheseboro Road you would pass through a gate with a sign saying "private property- this is not part of the park". (You can ride in here though to access Palo Comado Fireroad.) This would eventually dead end at a large impassible gate. THIS is Palo Comado fireroad. It parallels the riding trail on the other side of the mountain in the park called Cheseboro Trail. You can ride up this fireroad for about 3 miles. Along the way you'll see some trails on the left that lead out to Smoketree and Doubletree; 2 streets that are just off of Kanan Rd. On your right you'll come across a couple of fireroads that will take you over the top of the mountain to Cheseboro Trail. They are steep going up and steep going back down the other side.
      Staying on Palo Comado, you might see a singletrack hidden in the bushes on the right side. This is Poacher's Trail- a lot more fun coming from the other direction since it's all uphill! Great if you want the climb, but I'll get back to that trail later... If you stayed on Palo Comado, eventually you will come across a singletrack on the right that cuts back about 180 degrees to the fireroad. This will take you to 4 options:
      a) on your right there will be a "lookout area" with a roped barrier that you can "tie your ponies" to and look down upon Palo Comado.
      b) just past the "lookout" is a singletrack that splits into 2 trails. The lower right option is called Poacher's Trail or the Boneyard Trail (remember this one?). This is a fun twisty narrow trail that will take you ~1/2 mile and dump you back on Palo Comado.
      c) the upper left option DOES NOT GO ANYWHERE! Ride it if you must but there are no rewards except coming back.
      d) option 4 is staying to the left and passing all of the aforementioned options. This is the connector trail (don't know if it has a name) to Sulfur Springs. If you ride this for about 10 minutes you will reach Shepherd's Flat. At Shepherd's Flat you may turn right on Sulfur Springs which will join Cheseboro Fireroad and head back down to the upper parking lot, or you may go straight. If you go straight you will reach the "Four Way Intersection".
      At the intersection:
      Right will take you up and over to Cheseboro Fireroad and eventually down to the upper parking lot.
      Left will take you up the "Power Line Fireroad" (so named because of the power lines above you). This is a rather steep climb with a fun twisty fireroad descent down the other side. At the bottom, if you follow this fireroad KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED for a gnarly narrow singletrack on your right (I call it the Valley Trail since nobody seems to know the name). The trail will be a 180 degree turn doubling back on the direction from which you came. This unkept beauty will take you East and AFTER A LONG TIME will dump you out on a fireroad. Keep heading East on this fireroad and you will eventually come across Gaspipe Trail on your right... NOW, way back up at the "Four Way Intersection". If you go straight you will be on Gaspipe Trail- the most fun you'll have on two wheels and live to tell about it!
      It's about two miles of technical downhilling with about a mile of flat twisty singletrack at the bottom. It has been pretty torn up in a few areas since it crosses a dry streambed. You may have to hike-a-bike and look for the other side of the trail. Eventually
      this will drop you out on a fireroad (remember this fireroad?).
      If you go right, this will eventually hit Las Virgines Canyon Road- TOO FAR FOR NO REWARDS! Before you get to Las Virgines, keep your eyes open for a Dept of Water & Power thingie (?) enclosed within a fence on the right. At this thingie there's a fireroad that will climb back up and over the hill and dump you out on Cheseboro Fireroad- I know, unbelievable...
      NOW, let's say you decided to PASS the right hand turn-off on Palo Comado that took you to Shepherd's Flat: Continue up the fireroad for maybe another mile and you'll reach Sheep's Corral and China Flats. The 2 trails to the right (before and after the corral) will
      wind around on some flat trail riding. Follow it back and you'll reach a NO TRESPASSING sign.
      Now let's say you didn't go right on the two trails at Sheep's Corral. YOU WENT LEFT! This singletrack will take you gradually up a climb (moderately steep at the end) to the Dead Cow Trail (aka China Flats Trail). Follow this ~2 mile moderate-very technical downhill trail to the cul de sac called King James Court. Turn right on Lindero Canyon Rd and after about 4-5 miles you'll reach the 101 Fwy just 3 exits west of Cheseboro. Now get out your map and figure out how to get back to your car. I can't hold your hand anymore...
      Trail Length: Sulfur Springs 8.5 miles out & back.
      Trail Type: Singletrack & Fire Roads
      Skill Level: Trails for all skill levels
      This rider refuses to divulge the whereabouts of Suicide trail. It's obscurity is what makes it a gem. Please don't ruin it for everyone by advertising it's location. Just take them there and ride it with them...
      Singletrack=60% Dirt Road=40%
      Vince a 32 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Chuck CR-HT & GT STS DS1000 from Thousand Oaks, CA


    • Trail UpdateBIKER-There are tons of trails in this area. They branch off into what seems infinite directions. Some are fun and exciting and others are just slow boring rides but i would definately recommend coming out here. The only bad thing is sharing a trailing with horses and thier wastes. And LOTS of people on the weekends. If at all possible come out on a weekday. Otherwise...steer past the horse shit and enjoy some great xc rides.
      Singletrack=80% Dirt Road=20%
      Matt a 15 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a '99 Cannondale Super V700 from Westlake Village, CA URL: MY PAGE!


    • Trail UpdateThe Rain from two weeks ago packed down all the loose, powdery stuff. From the parking lot to China Flats, everything is now hard, smooth and fast, including Poacher's Trail. Water crossings from El Nino have all but dried up, and the trails are beginnig to regain their old familiar character.


    • Trail UpdateFairly crowded yeaterday. Lots of bugs and poison oak. Much more water this week than last week, but that makes for more fun.
      Seems to be more families on the trail, which is great, but you just have to be that much more careful on the way back down.

      The rocks are great, the technical aspects of this trail make it so appealing. You cover virtually every type of terrain and climate, from sand to water to rocks to dirt. Great trail.
      Singletrack=70% Dirt Road=30%
      Andrew Crow a 25 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Cannondale M400 from Chatsworth, CA


    • Trail UpdateOddly empty last night (0 cars in parking lot at 7:15 pm). Cows on Baleen Wall road/trail.
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=70%
      Mark E a 35 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Cannondale F-500 with new super faddy SL!! from Simi


    • Trail UpdateRidden many times this summer. Good spot for night rides. (Lots of interesting critters. Few wheel eating objects.) Most recent Sept 11th and 17th. Fewer Bugs than July. Water crossings above sulfur springs are now dry. Fire road (power-line road?) above Baleen Wall has packed down nicely in most places (less dust). Descent from top of fire road to Shepherd’s flat seems rougher than earlier in the summer.
      Signs (and smells) of very recent fire (after 9/11 before the 9/17) to the left of sulphur springs trail just after Ranch Center trail . Fire damage to the right of sulphur springs was a few months back.

      Interesting message(you will have to see for yourself) spelled out in the pile of bones on the right as you descend "Dead Cow" trail (the single track that runs parallel to Palo Comedo near the top).

      I observed the following critters within 2 rides: 1 Rattle snake , 3 tarantulas, 10+ scorpions, 1 deer, and 10,000 frogs/toads, 1 ranger.

      The national parks service offers a good map of this area (descriptions are for hiking)

      Thank god (and early efforts of local environmentalists ) that bob hope did not get to build his golf course here.

      Recommended loops

      For a good climb…:

      Cheeseboro canyon trail to Baleen wall trail (bear right at first major Y roughly 1.5 miles from parking lot). After a good climb with great views (and a few downhills) turn left onto single track towards shepherd’s flat. After a short ride you can 1) take the first left to descend sulphur spring trail (single track turning to fire road), or 2) go straight on single track to Palo Comado canyon trail. (I recommend option 2)

      From top of Palo Comado there are 2 options 1)dead cow trail (described in a post below), or 2) Palo Comado canyon trail. If you are confident in your single track skills, try the dead cow. Dead cow eventually joins up with polo Comado.

      From Palo Comado you can take the first right on Ranch Center trail (1 big hill) back to cheeseboro canyon trail or take 2nd right onto Palo Comado connector (3 good sized hills) to Modelo trail. From Modelo there are 3 ways back to parking lot: 1) Straight (or left) on Modelo will take you down to cheeseboro canyon trail (right to parking), 2) Right on Modelo will follow the ridge for a while (with some small climbs) before descending to cheeseboro. 3) Taking a right from Modelo trail onto ridge trail provides a small quantity of single track to brighten your day.

      Less climbing....:

      cheeseboro canyon trail to sulphur springs trail (left at first major y).; Eventually this turns into single track. When you reach the T (at the top) you have 3 options: 1) reverse for fun on the single track you just climbed, 2) left to Palo Comado (see above), 3) right to baleen wall trail (see above)
      Even More climbing...:

      From Parking lot, Start with trip up ridge trail to Modelo (trail on the left before the trailer). Go left on Modelo trail. Climb along the ridge on Modelo and then descend back down to cheeseboro canyon trail. Turn right here or a short distance to the left to baleen wall trail.

      Other rides:
      any of these can be done in the opposite direction. Also side trips to china flat from top of Palo Comado.

      Singletrack=20% Dirt Road=80%
      M Estes a 35 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Cannondale F(lubber)500 from Simi


      Singletrack=4O% Dirt Road=60%
      a 33 year old Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateDan-Cheseboro's single track run between Sulpher Springs all the way to the Palo Comado fireroad leading to China Flats is probably the most fun I've seen it in the years I've been riding it! I rode it on 7-12-98 most recently. I highly recommend it.


    • Trail UpdateSulphur Springs-Sulphur Springs is in good condition as of Sunday 5/3. Most of the early water crossings are completely washed and you'll need to hop'em. But the sandy singletrack is just fine, a little rutty at times, but nothing my $25 fork couldn't handle. Watch out for the blue stinky water and the tadpole infestation. Nothing but good crud, mud, and blood. Happy Trails.
      Singletrack=35% Dirt Road=65%
      Sleepy a 23 year old Weekend Warrior riding a trek 930 with found Rock Shock from LA


    • Trail UpdateDavid-Just rode out at Cheeseboro for the first time yesterday. I a beach to Valley rider (Sullivan, Paseo, etc.) looking for good, technical singletracking. I've always loved a trip up to Sycamore, especially when it's flooded, getting up on its singletracks and switchbacks as soon as possible. I was impressed with Cheeseboro. On a first visit its hard to find all the singletracks and special sections, but Baleen Wall trail has some nice climbs, the section over to Shepards Flat is washed out and rutted enough right now to have some nicely techical sections, there's a long downhill section after that, and a terrific climb near the end to connect Palo Comedo to the main Cheeseboro trail. It's short, but sweet, and there's still enough water to remind me often of Sycamore
      David a 50 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Fischer Z1 from West Los Angeles


    • Trail UpdateCheesebeurger-Wells all Be weel that ennds Weelllll. It's Open. Its More technncaal than prior EL Nanoo Nanooo. Ans dog gone it if she ain't smellin' Sulphuurry. Wathch for theeem goose egg goodles and spearmint spatchulas.Make Suuureee You Take a RIght AT shepards FLAT and continueeeee down down down all thee yehaa way. Hi Norm.
      Vito riding a Une Gobble Gobble Thruster from Downtowm


    • Trail UpdateOne of my all-time favorite trails, but man is it yucky right now. Watch out for dirt that look dry and then magically jumps onto your tires in massive quantities and won't let go. This seriously impairs wheel/tire function, causing massive clogging around the wheel forks. Let it dry out some more.


    • Trail UpdateChesebro is gradually recovering from El Nino. Palo Comado and Baleen Wall are open, as is the connector trail that goes from one to the other. Sulphur Springs is open, but is still a mess. There is water everywhere! Much of it requires dismounting to cross. All of the Chesebro trails have significant damage--lots of big dropoffs where water is running through. It is mostly rideable though; just expect to get off your bike at least a few times. Watch out for poison oak!
      a Die-hard Enthusiast from Thousand Oaks


    • Trail UpdateChesebro remains largely closed to cyclists as of 3-21-98. Palo Comado has been closed. Sulphur Springs is closed at Ranch Center to all but hikers. Baleen Wall is open, but is really only an out and back ride on a dirt road. A short section of Modelo is also open.This info was confirmed with a park ranger on 3/21.


    • Trail UpdateDan From T.O.-3-1-98 Much of the area was closed thanks to El Nino, including the Sulphur Springs area, Baleen's Wall (including the trail up to the power lines),and the connection between Shepards Flats and the Palo Comado Fire road. I was able to ride up Modelo down to the main trail on Cheseboro than cross over the Ranch Center trail to the Palo Comado fire road and take that up to China Flat.Be prepared to get off your bike at least twice if you take this route up to China Flat because a couple sections have been washed out.Needless to say, it's going to be awhile before everything is open again-if ever in some spots!
      Singletrack=20% Dirt Road=80%
      a Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdatePalo Camado And Cheseboro Canyon-Ride up Sulphur Springs trail to Shepards flat. Turn left. If you turn right you'll go down to the loop you make on the power line dirt road and back up from the canyon. Anyway.. turn left. After a couple of miles you link up with a dirt road. If you go right you go up to China flat. If you go left you go down Palo Comado Canyon. You can link back up with Cheseboro Canyon or hop the gate to go down a private road which turns into the public Palo Camado Canyon which you turned off of to enter the park. A resident told me not to ride on it and said the dept of interior was going to ticket riders on the private road. You are on the private road for only a couple hundred yards, but it gets popular on Saturday. This loop is not marked on the topo or most trail maps/guides.
      SingleTrack=50%, DirtRoad=50%
      Dave a 45 year old cross-country rider from Ventura {retadave@aol.com}


    • Trail Update<a Href="http://www.risc.rockwell.com/339/cem/people/cmr/mtn_-One of my favorite places. New trails are being added and new access allowed every year. The main trail, Sulpher Springs, turns from easy fire road (good for novice) to single track. Several years ago you had no other option but to return the way you came once you got the Shepherd's Flat, but now you have a choice of looping back via a challenging single track and Palo Comado Canyon or climbing the Baleen Wall trail. Lots of other combinations can be ridden, too.
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=70%
      Chris Rowell a 29 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Cannondale F700 from Thousand Oaks, CA


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