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  • Cerro Alto - #CerroAlto

    Socal - San Luis Obispo County - Atascadero/Morro Bay NickNames: #CerroAlto

    From San Luis: Take 101 north to highway 41. go west for about 8-9 miles. look for a sign designating campground 1/4 mile. Campground will be on your left called Cerro Alto.park outside the fee area and familiarize yourself with the map provided.Ride in about one mile to either the trailhead or the bridge trail. Please keep speeds down on the road as the camp keeper doesn't mind bikes but he hates high speeds on the paved road. The area was recently (2 years ago) burned by a huge fire and is currently recovering so stay on the trails.
    You can also drive from San Luis Obispo off Hwy 101 onto Hwy 1 through Morro Bay; then take Hwy 41 east up into the Santa Lucia Mountains to the Los Padres National Forest Cerro Alto Campground at the right about 7 miles from MB. You may return to MB, drive over to Los Osos and hop right over to Montaņa de Oro State Park for more mountain bike trails. Or drive further up the north coast on Hwy 1 to the Big Sur trails. Thomas Guide page 325 A10

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    • Trail UpdateCerro Alto-This is still an incredible ride if you like mtn climbs and single track. There is a kind, retired mtn biker who maintains the trails and keeps it close to perfect.

      Per his request, please don't skid and watch for the hikers...



    • Trail UpdateCerro Alto-This is a great ride and I encourage more people to ride it. If you ride up to the ridge and ride back down it is a blast. Be careful though, I have had a few spills riding it and you don't want to fall down the hills. It's an awesome singletrack trail and it's a guaranteed blast.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Sandy Brainard a 17 year old Downhiller riding a GaryFisherJoshua(X-Country) 2002IntenseM-1*(Dwnhl) from San Luis Obispo, CA


    • Trail Update
      C.J. a Cross-Country Rider riding a Diamond Back Racing'97 V-Link 3.1 dual susp. from My Mountain in a Valley at Shangri-la URL: Bike Shangri-la Trails.


    • Trail UpdateCerro Alto-This is an extremely fun ride but a relentless climb. I climbed the trailhead,(AT&T trail), turned left at the Cerro Alto sign and veered right at the next junction which took me to the ridge. A left would have gone to the 2080 foot Cerro Alto summitt. I then came down the bridge trail. The AT&T trail was extremely steep and loose for the most part and the bridge trail seemed even worse. I clocked about 4.5 miles to te ridge and back. I don't know where 8 miles comes from.
      Singletrack=75% Truck Trail=25%
      Mark Ross a 29 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Marin Mt. Vision Pro from Huntington Beach


    • Trail UpdateCerro Alto Ridge-The Bridge trail involves a fairly streneous climb whereas the trailhead is a little easier with a few elevation deviations and some nice tree cover along the creek. The trail comes out of the trees and navigation is fairly easy after that. Get ready for some ups and downs and some fairly steep grades on the single tracks. Suspension recommended as were shot after the ride on my rigid frame. It gets hot up there so bring plenty of water and watch for day-hikers. Round trip to the Ridge and back about 8 miles.
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=40% Paved Path=10%
      a Die-hard Enthusiast


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