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  • Cemetary Hill - #CemetaryHill

    Socal - San Diego County - Chula Vista NickNames: #CemetaryHill

    Take the 805 freeway and exit Bonita Rd. Make a left and park at the Keiser Clinic. Thomas Guide page: 1310 J4

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    • Trail UpdateDefinately going to want to stay on the beatin-path (if you're a beginner like me). Pretty dry all arround. Beutiful 360 degree view. Little side paths get very tricky. "Heads up!!" No rattlers to report.
      DADD a 34 year old Downhiller riding a Estes from Chula Vista


    • Trail UpdateWe spell the clinic name KAISER


    • Trail UpdateGood Climbs,fast Down Hill, Fun!-From the Keiser Clinic, head west until you see the Glenn Abbey Mortuary on your left. Go up the cemetary hill on its paved road. At the top of the cemetary, the trail begins. Follow the trail up and make a left on the fire road. Soon the climb will be over. Make sure you follow the main trail until you get hit a road. Ride around the gate and cross the road to get to the other trailhead. Throw your bike over the gate and make a sharp left down some single tracks. It starts to get a little off camber here. Make a right when you get to the houses and follow the trail down. Watch out for some mean ruts! At the bottom make a left (your in Rice Canyon now). Follow it up and cross the street to connect the canyons. You can find some single tracks to ride on your right side.Follow it to the park and look for the trailhead by the power lines. Head up that trailhead and it will pop you out next to the YMCA. Cross the street to the new fire station and lool for the trail. Hold on to your bars because your in Snake Canyon and its's not named after the snake population their! It's all downhill single track that winds in and out of foliage. Be careful on some of the blind turns. It will spit you out behind Home Depot. Afterwards, head down H st.(west) and pass Del Rey Blvd. Go up the steep hill in the canyon to your right. Follow it back to the cemetary and you're good to go! Crack open a beer when you get home and relax.
      Singletrack=40% Dirt Road=50% Paved Path=10%
      Everyone who loves to ride a Cross-Country Rider


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