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  • Casper Wilderness Park - #CasperWildernessPark

    Socal - Orange County - San Juan Capistarno NickNames: #CasperWildernessPark

    Casper Wilderness Park is in the southeast end of Orange Co. in the Santa Ana Mountains. Use I5 south to Ortega Hwy. (CA74). Exit freeway and travel east about 7.5 miles to the park entrance on the left. The park entrance booth should have a trail guide for the park. There is a day use fee. Parking is ample in two parking lots. The trailhead is at end of the paved road. Casper Park has over 15 miles of MtB trails, some EZ (Bell Canyon), some more advanced (East Ridge, Oso). Thomas Guide page 924

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    • Trail UpdateCaspers Park-Yesterday afternoon, rode up the main trail, which was closed just past Star Rise (dang), then up Sun Rise and bombed back down the ridge trail. Lots of flowers blooming and I'm the only one on the trails. Ruts on the ridge and Sun Rise actually make it a little more technical (only a narrow way through). Fun!
      Andrew a 43 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Raleigh M80 from San Juan Capistrano


    • Trail UpdateCasper Bell View Trail-Just a word of warning on this trail. If you are riding this trail you obviously know of our Mountain Lion that has taken a liking to the Dove Canyon Waterfall area. On the Casper Park side I have seen fresh or somewhat fresh kill, looked like a mutilated Coyote....so just be on the look out.


    • Trail UpdateCasper The Ghost....-The very best thing about riding the Bell Cyn Ridge trail into Casper's Park is that it's almost always deserted. I ride there every couple of weeks, both weeknights & weekends, and there is very little chance of running into anyone. It's understandable, especially in Casper's, because there are two climbs (Cougar Pass & Sun Rise) that Superman couldn't climb w/o stopping at least once. Star Rise trail, on the way back, is pretty tough too. Overall, though, it's a great place for a workout, but has very little opportunity for technical (single track) riding. The best place to hop on the trail is at the intersection of Dove Cyn & Plano Trabuco. You go up the blacktop road by the waterfall. From there, you ride the Bell Cyn trail for a couple of miles to the Casper's gate. You can always enter in Casper's Park, on Ortega as well.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Dirt Road=25% Truck Trail=75%
      Muddy a 39 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized FSR from Trabuco Cyn


    • Trail Update<a Href="http://www.hsis.uci.edu/grega/rides/bell.html">Ca-


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