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Southern California Trails


    Socal - San Diego County - CARLSBAD NickNames: #CALAVERALAKE lake calaveras

    East bound on hwy-78 from I-5 about 5-6 mi. get off on College blvd. sonth (turn right) go straight about 1 mi. to end of blvd. and park. at dead end. What ever you do do not turn left stay in the right lane . There is a litte bit for all levals there. There are single tracks, dirt roads long down hills killer heart pounding hill climbs and once you get to the top of the "dome" it's a beautiful panaramic view of the ocean and mountins. Great sunset. Excelent bass fishing in the lake to. My favorite trail is a downhill wich my son and I dubbed the roller coaster it's about a half mile long and you can get up to 35+ mph. And if you go farther south from the lake about 6 mi. there is a real nice stream and waterfall to cool off in but if you are a beginner don't atemp to go there .

    Another way to get to this trail is to take the Carlsbad Village Drive exit off of I5 and head east until it ends. Turn right for about 100 yards (opposite park). Park here and enter through the hole in fence or ride north past where Carlsbad Village Dr. ended and you can access the trails from there.
    Paul Kratka a 41 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Nishiki Colorado from Leucadia E-mail:pckdc@adnc.com
    Posted on 12-7-97
    Thomas Guide page 1107 B3

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