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  • Caballero Canyon - #CaballeroCanyon

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Encino NickNames: #CaballeroCanyon

    From LA, take US-101 north, exit Reseda Blvd. Turn left south across Ventura Blvd. Continue south past a residential neighborhood. Just past a residential development, the one with the water fountains in front, you will see a canyon. There will be a sign on the trailhead: Caballero Canyon trailhead. Park on the dirt strip next to the trailhead or across the street. Thomas Guide page 560

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    • Trail UpdateAlways A Great Ride-we bike here weekly and its always great, checkout the GPS with photos my friend did : http://www.unitedadobo.com/index.cfm?action=route.map&route_id=35
      Spider a 27 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized URL: Caballero Canyon - Topanga State Park


    • Trail UpdateStepping It Up =D-I decided to step it up from my normal Leskay Mesa trial riding. The beginning drop at the entrance wasn't to bad but then it gets rocky which is what I looking for. Not to rocky either like Malibu Creek but it's rocky. Some narrow areas and dried up streams.

      When it starts going up hill I would have to say it's Intermediate to advance. Reason being is because there some slippery rocks and holes all the by up.

      I was a bit nervous going DH since I'm not familiar with this trial so I walked it. Other riders that day were going DH like it was nothing. I was guy in everyones way.

      The return back you'll pick up more speed and that was awesome. I will conquer the DH eventually.

      Enjoy =D
      metalslug a 27 year old riding a 08' Specialized Stumpjumper FSR from west Hills, Ca


    • Trail UpdateThe distance from the trail head to dirt mulholland is about a mile and a half to two miles, give or take. It is not too technical. Its pretty mellow for the first 3/4 mile then it climbs up. It has a couple of steep sections but is completely rideable the whole way
      Dirtshark a 44 year old


    • Trail UpdateInfo-Anyone got the distance this ride? What technical level would you say it is at?


    • Trail UpdateGood Shape-The trail is in pretty good shape, but beware the poison oak.
      house@7simons.com a 29 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Marin from N. Hollywood


    • Trail UpdateRio Caballero-The Caballero trail has turned into a small creek. Now there are two
      creeks parallel to each other, one being the canyon's drainage which is
      really flowing and the other one being on the trail above. It's strange
      to be riding in a river above a river.

      The first flat section is extremely muddy, but it's too late to get people
      to walk around these mud pits so they're pretty thrashed already. The
      rest of the trail is packed with fun little creek crossings, even on the
      steeper section. At the first big left hand turn (when climbing) to the
      steep section, the trail is completely washed out. Be careful when
      descending here since this can eat you and and your bike up if you fall
      in. Also in this area there isn't much trail left but there's a big patch of
      Poison Oak growing ominously close to the trail.

      Otherwise Caballero is more fun now than ever.
      Endo Verendo riding a 4-Spot from The Valley


    • Trail UpdateRode up caballero sunday morn 8/29 starting around 7:30am. A nice layer of coastal fog kept it cool for the climb. Looks like a small amt of maintence done on the wash before the actual climb. Overall, the trail's in great shape. By the time we reached the top we were out of the fog. Across Mulhullond to sullivan. Down sully and back up westridge to complete the loop. Nice day. Lots of runners on westridge.
      Dirtshark a 41 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Landshark/Yeti kokopelli from Santa Clarita


    • Trail UpdateBEEHIVE ALERT-Climbed Caballero yesterday, a little bit of trail
      work was done at the bottom, great climb, took a
      rest at the top right next to the sign and saw a few
      bees flying around and in the bushes in plain view
      a huge beehive.

      Just becarefull when you are resting there
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 5 Spot


    • Trail UpdateWe got a break from the rain yesterday so I
      decided to climb Caballero. About a quarter of the
      way up before the second steep short push, I saw
      what looked like a trail on the right. I started to do
      some exploring. What I found to my delight was a
      winding, tight singletrack with many switchback
      turns on it. It is a trail because there were railroad
      ties at all the switchback turns that were burnt from
      the fire that was up there a few years ago. I
      continued the climb having to get off a few times to
      hike and to my delight I finally arrived at Mulholland
      by a telephone pole just a few yards away from
      Caballero entrance on Mulholland. As I read the
      postings below I find it hard to believe that I will not
      be able to access the Santa Monicas via Caballero
      one day. Solution for us riders. Climb up
      Caballero, we don't piss off hikers when we are
      climbing and decsend this other trail. It's more
      technical than Caballero and we won't piss off any
      more hikers who think we are speeding. All I say
      is let's becareful and not spread the word to hikers
      because once they use a trail that's when trails
      start closing
      5 spot
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Adam a 34 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Turner 5 Spot from Encino


    • Trail UpdateTrail Maintenance ...-
      I rode Caballero Cyn. this last weekend. I hadn't done this ride in a few weeks. Maintenance crews did a great job filling that giant trench where the trail crosses Dirt Mulholland going north from Reseda. A couple of rainstorms and we would've had to cut the ride in half or hike-a-bike around it. Everytime I went, the trail seemed narrower right around that trench. They must have dumped a whole truckload of gravel in there. Many thanks! Other than that, the trail's in excellent shape. Keep an eye out for hikers & dogs. You'll find lots of them.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Belicoso a 33 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Giant from Burbank


    • Trail UpdateCABALLERO-Uh, I dunno. I just heard her saying it to somebody who was riding also a bike. And, it sounded serious


    • Trail UpdateWhy so vague?? What ranger, State or
      Endo Verendo riding a Nother Turner from The Valley




    • Trail UpdateCaballero Canyon-I rode the trail that starts at the end of Reseda Blvd. heading south...so I'm really not sure if it's Caballero. However, I do know it was one good ride.

      I'm a novice mountain biker and rode this trail because it's close to home. The trail is excellent if you want a longer ride with very steep decents and very technical single track. Parts of the single track (going east) were (in my opinion) very challenging for beginners such as myself. There is the main track for people who want to enjoy the ride without worrying about getting hurt.

      Saw two deer, one cottontail rabbit, and a slew of lizards! In conclusion, a very worthwhile ride and good if you want to be whipped into shape.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 15 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      Dust Kicker a 33 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized Stumpjumper from Reseda, CA


    • Trail UpdateDirections-need directions to sullivans cyn frm here after reaching the gate at the top, which way and which trail to ride and how far is it (miles)
      beginner riding a gt from sfv


    • Trail UpdateNew Challenges...-Did a night ride of Cab last night. Things have changed. Mostly the same, but some of the flat sandy spots have gone soft again. The streambed section just before the switchback is all torn up. The old ruts are back, waiting to swallow the unwary rider. I actually tried to ride through a couple of these ruts, but nearly fell over twice because the bottoms are soft sand and loose rocks!

      "Let's be careful out there, people..."

      Tom Kenney a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Klein Attitude from Reseda, CA


    • Trail UpdateCaballero Cyn Parking-Well, I am glad you all like Caballero. I live around
      the area so it's a quick hop after or better yet during
      work, so maybe it's all ho-hum to me.

      However as of a week or so ago some character
      with a big hydraulic tracked excavator has
      managed to dig a nice deep wide trench right
      where we all park on the trail side.

      Hopefully it will be finished for this 4th of July

      If you ride fairly agressively and want to hook up
      with me, just look for the guy with the Team Mapei
      shorts, the most in your face tutti frutti colored
      shorts I could find.
      Dave a 41 year old Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateCaballero Lives!-It's improving since the fire. The soil is packing solid and a beautiful line of used trail is beginning to appear. With a little rain it should become perfectly rutted.
      Thor Hyerdahl a 38 year old Weekend Warrior from reseda


    • Trail UpdateCaballero Will Be Back!!!!-Let it rain, LET IT RAIN!!!!!
      Tim Tommasino a 35 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized S-Works from Sherman Oaks


    • Trail UpdateCaballero Canyon-Rode this trail from the top of Mulholland going all the way down. The singletrack on the top part of the trail is gone! The trail would've been a lot loose hadn't it rained a bit on Saturday morning. More rain would make the ground more compact though...
      KHS dude a 26 year old Weekend Warrior riding a KHS FXT Sport from Tarzana,CA


    • Trail UpdateCaballero "single Track"-What was once an excellent single track is now as wide as the 405. Due to a fire, bulldozers widened the trail from the Oak to Mulholland. It's soft and pliable. Let's hope for alot of rain to firm it up.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: .75 miles Elevation change:
      Wild Boar a 38 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Specialized FSR from Reseda


    • Trail UpdateCaballero Canyon-Hillside Fire (controlled?) on 10/15 required a bulldozer to carve its tracks up the canyon effectively widening the single track to add a few more lanes - ride on
      Ima Thrasher a 39 year old Racer riding a GT from Encino


    • Trail UpdateThe lack of rain has really dried the trail out. There are a few ruts and rocks, but the trail is generally clear. Great place for people to work on their single track riding, both up and down the trail. Watch out for hikers!
      Singletrack=90% Dirt Road=10%
      Edward a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Santa Cruz Superlight from Sherman Oaks


    • Trail Updatetrail is in great shape. I have riden it three time in two weeks. The creek is now virtually dry, but even at its worst it was great! Lots of wildlife and lots of hikers on friday nights. Watch for Sierra Club friday nights at 7 pm.


    • Trail UpdateThe recent rains have made some big gaping ruts in the trail...not to mention some rather severe washouts...go with caution!!
      Katie a Cross-Country Rider riding a Titus Racer-X from Los Angeles


    • Trail UpdateCaballero Loop-From trailhead you'll ride about 1.5 mi. to dirt Mulholland (1/2 slight incline & 1/2 steep incline), at top on dirt Mulholland go right for 1 mi. (slight incline) to Reseda, take Reseda (severe decline) back to Trailhead.
      * For a killer single track downhill, turn back when you hit dirt Mulholland.
      * To add 5 miles to ride, start from Reseda/Ventura intersection.
      Singletrack=40% Dirt Road=40% Paved Path=20%
      Jared Gerber a 29 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Specialized Stump Jumper from Tarzana, CA


    • Trail UpdateCaballero Canyon-
      This is an excellent starting point for many of the rides in the Santa Monica Mtns. Drop down to the trail from the paved part of Reseda Bl. The trail is pretty flat for the first mile, coming across some technical, sudden, and steep sections Then you start climbing, about 300 feet in 3/4 mile. At the top you'll find a gate, from here, you'll have a clear view of the San Fernando Valley. To the west is Fire Road 30 and Topanga canyon. To the east is Sullivan Canyon, Sullivan Ridge, and Madeville Canyon, all of which are nice rides to do. Watch out for hikers!!!


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