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Southern California Trails

  • Brown Boot Special - #BrownBootSpecial

    Socal - San Diego County - Chula Vista NickNames: #BrownBootSpecial

    Take 805 south to Telegraph Canyon East. After 8 stop lights, look on the left for a street called "Rutgers". Go past it and on yer right there will be a small drive way, pull in it and park here. the trail starts at west end of the parking lot. follow the trail west. Thomas Guide page 1311 E5

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    • Trail UpdateThis trail sucked anyway, no big loss.


    • Trail UpdateThis trail is been destoyed by construction. It is gone.
      hoser a 41 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Fisher supercaliber,trek rasta 5-0 from chula vista


    • Trail UpdateBrown Boot Special-There are several small bridges across drainage ditchs, all of them have some sort of bridge though. It's not a terribly tecnical trail but it's fast after ya become familar with it. It's not real long, but it's a hoot on night rides. During dawn and dusk rides watch out fer "Big Jake". He's a huge rattlesnake that kicks it around there. Usually just lays around but has fired off a few times. if ya bump into him don't kill him as he's been there fer a real long time, so please don't kill him. If you go to end of the brown boot there will be some constuction going on, weave yer way thru it and head fer the stop light at the intersection of telegragh and paseo rancho. The light will be visable from the street at the end of brown boot. Cross the street and start going up paseo rancho. Look to yer left and you'll see 4 metal poles just after a stucko wall. Head fer the poles, this trail is called the "stinky ditch" fer the foul water at the beginning. Ride it west, it's pretty easy and can be fast, there are 2 bridge's that are in excellent shape. after the 2nd bridge, go up a small hill and stay to the right, it will lead you to paseo ladera. cross the street, looking west, you'll see a white hill. go up it, at the top keep moving west on the fire road 'till it nary's down to a single trail down hill. this hill is called triple step cause of the three steps on the way down, it's real fast and fun. A few year's ago I got 30 going down it, and whoowee was it fun. still traveling west unitl the next up hill. it called step hill. It gets real soft and powdery with a small ledge about half up it. At the top travel west down a farly step downhill and up the next hill, there's a small bmx track on top. try yer luck on it. go west some more and this will put you in back of a day care place and in view of a church that is across J street. you are now at the corner of J and Paseo Del Rey. cross the street and head fer the very north east corner of the church parking lot. There is a trail that starts here. beginning with a steep down hill, turn right at the first right or go all the way to the bottom and it turns to the right by it self. This trail is called "race track". It technical and fast, travel east, there's a right about a third of the way. it goes up to a park called Sun Ridge and it's in the Thomas Bro's guide. traveling on the race track there is a water crossing after a left stay to the right after the water , there is a ditch and turn right and go up a few small hills. trails ends on a gravel road. there is only one way to go, up. turn right at the top, this raod is paseo rancho. go south, there will be on stop sign, keep going south untill you get back to Telegragh Canyon Rd. turn left on it. ride east until the first drive way. this is going back to yer car on the brown boot special. If you need any more maps or help, go to Chula Vista Cycle Sport on Telegragh Canyon Rd and ask fer John Carroll and he'll turn you on to my maps of this area. there are boucious more places ta ride here, so stop by and enjoy the area.
      Not too bad during the during rainy season. wacth out fer rattlers. Slime is pretty good idea 'cause of all the jumping cactus.
      Singletrack=80% Dirt Road=10%
      hoser a 40 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a trek y-50 rasta, fisher team issue carbon from Chula Vista


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