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  • Brand Park Mtwy - #BrandParkMtwy

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Glendale NickNames: #BrandParkMtwy

    The entrance to Brand Park is located at the corner of Grandview and Mountain Avenue in Glendale. The trailhead begins at the north west corner of Brand Park. It begins with a paved climb past the Doctor’s house and the debris basin. Lift your bike over the yellow gate and continue up the paved road. At the intersection, take the steep paved road to the right up the paved switchbacks until the trail turns into a dirt fire road. At the yellow signpost turn left and begin the 3 mile climb to the top. At the top, you are rewarded with a pair of benchs where you can sit and enjoy the great views. From here you can go left towards Whitting Woods, Hostetter, Stough and Endmore or left toward Beaudry North and South or turn around and ride back down the way you came. Thomas Guide page: 534

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    • Trail UpdateTrail Conditions 9/2011-This trail up from Brand Library to the top is 100% ride-able without any need to dismount for washouts or ruts etc. It is steep and there are some steep areas climbing up with some rock debris etc, but no non-ride-able areas at all.

      The descent into Stough Canyon is in really nice shape also, it makes this a really nice and pretty non-technical loop.


    • Trail UpdateUpdate On Trail-Im not sure what it was really like back in 2006 when this post was last updated, but here is a new update on how to get to the actual trail.

      It took my friend and I about 30 min to find the actual trail and let me tell you where it is.

      When you enter BRAND PARK.. go alll the way to back where there is a Parking Lot..

      When facing the mountain, the trail will begin on the left side where the DOCTOR'S HOUSE.

      It will be a concrete road and you'll end up at a FORK.

      Take the road 2ND to the right and that will take you to the trail which will turn into a fire road/lane.

      From there, you'll know where to go. HAVE FUN!!

      JollyGreenSurfer a Weekend Warrior riding a Gary Fsiher


    • Trail Updateeasy


    • Trail UpdateThe Wildwood trail is not recommended for bikes. Although, I'm not sure if it's illegal.
      ernmam a 40 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GIANT NRS2 from Burbank, CAe


    • Trail UpdateWildwood Canyon-What are the details on the singletrack trail that decends into Wildwood Park from the Ridgeline? Can it be navigated on a bike?
      Rode the singletrack near Stough Park that runs through the Old Youth Campground. Short but better than nothing. Stopped to check out the foundation and chimney of a former house. Not overly interesting.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 15 Elevation change: 1500
      Singletrack=10% Dirt Road=60% Paved Path=30%
      Bob Franjellica a 42 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek from Burbank


    • Trail UpdateBrand Motorway-Rode this trail today. Starting from Brand Parking, ride past the Doctors House, the wash, and debris area. At this point the road turns dirt, but due to the rains from last week, lots of rocks and ruts. Still manageable and adds a little challenge to an otherwise nontechnical ride. At the junction, head left and continue the strenuous climb. A number of slides limit travel to hikers and 2 wheelers. Still more rocks and ruts that require frequent maneuvering. Once I reached the saddle where the benches are located, turned left to ride the ridgeline. Trail conditions really improve.
      After a few more climbs, the long descent down to Stough Nature Center begins. Be sure to stop at the Plantation Trail junction for a minute to check out the local forest and views of La Crescenta valley and the San Gabriels. There are some minor washed out parts on the fireroads but it's still an easy, nontechnical descent. From Stough Nature Center, it's city streets back to Brand Park.

      Technical component rates between novice and intermediate, at least until a dozer grades the fireroad, then it's back to nontechnical riding. The physical exertion required to climb is strenuous but very manageable. No cover on the climb so if it's warm and sunny out, pack enough water.

      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 14 Elevation change: 2500
      Dirt Road=80% Paved Path=20%
      Former I.E. rider a 38 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Rocky from Burbank. CA


    • Trail UpdateHey Rich, if you need a riding partner, also riding a NRS, let me know. I live near by.
      ernmam a 39 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GIANT NRS2 from Burbank, CA


    • Trail UpdateRode this trail today for the first time. Found the trail after going
      left on the begining and ended up at a wall. There are some steps
      to go around, but I didnt want to bother. I went back down and
      then went up the right way. The ride to the top is only about 1.2
      or so miles. I just started riding again, so I made several stops.
      Once you get to the top, there are some benches so you can chill.
      From here,You can either keep going up a ridgeline to some
      towers (I think it's called "the Wall") or, in front of the benches to
      the right, there is a single track going down. I chose this single
      track back down. I had to get off a couple of
      times due to some ruts and steepness, but other than that it was
      kind of fun, a bit technical at parts but fun, espcecially towards
      the end.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 2.4 miles Elevation change:
      Rich a 36 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant NRS Air from Glendale


    • Trail UpdateBrand Park / The Wall / SkiSlope-Since the time change I can do this ride after work no problem. I ride up from the park past the Doctors House up the paved road. For a real quicky at the fork stick right. You can take this up to the plateau. There are two benches for a rest and view. On a clear day you can see beyond LA to Catalina, out to Malibu, and I believe Long Beach. Sunsets are unbelievable from here too. (hint: nice place for you're girlfriend to burn a few cowlories hiking or biking and earn you bonus points at the same time.)Anyways, you can try to go up the Wall (Ski Slope) from here if you are real good. I sometimes hike up some just for the fun steep ride back down to the plateau. At the plateau you have a few choices of single track back down to the park, or the road you came up. All in all it's a great quicky and takes about 20-25 minutes and is 2-2.5mi. Right now it's kind of rutted and fun to ride. When you get down to the park you can play around on stairs and slopes or watch the kids play ball.

      If you want a longer ride, from the pavement when you hit the fork with the Rattlesnake sign and Brand sign, take a left. This leads you to the top Vedugo Motorway. You can take this several places, so check it out!

      I'm up there a lot on my yellow Cannondale, so stop me and say hi.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 2.5 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=25% Paved Path=25%
      Tbone a 34 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Cannondale from Burbank, CA


    • Trail UpdateJust a little clarification to avoid any confusion-

      The Brand Park fire break that DH calls "the wall" is actually known to the locals as "the ski slope". It's a great ride down. (And there is no locked gate at the bottom unlike another Verdugo fire break)


    • Trail UpdateBrand Park Mtwy.-
      The start of the climb, right after the paved section, is now groomed and very smooth. The last 1.5 miles are still ungroomed, which actually makes the climb much more fun and technical. I'm sure it's only a matter of days before they groom it top to bottom. Instead of an out and back, consider exploring the ridgeline towards the towers to the east, then descend down the fire break (aka "The Wall") for a quick, fun and technical 7-mile loop. Before you know it, you're back down to your car @ Brand Park with a shiat-eating grin.

      (Notice the awesome spring blooming flowers along the way. It's amazing how much has grown since the fire burned the place down last summer.)

      Ride distance: 7 miles Elevation change: 1900
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=55% Paved Path=15%
      Dark Helmet


    • Trail UpdateNice!-This was my first time up Brand so I had no idea
      what to expect. The wildflowers and green
      regrowth made a nice contrast to the tremendous
      burned area which created an eerie amphitheater
      of erosion. The road was washed out in places
      but little singletracks etched their way through each
      damaged area making for some small yet steep
      ups and downs. The climb is not too bad, mostly a
      small ring spin. It took about an hour with a few
      rest/view stops to make it to Verdugo Motorway.
      The morning snow on Mt. Luekens had
      disappeared and the views over downtown LA to
      the ocean were clear. As the sun began to set I
      layered up and began the descent back down
      Brand. The washouts were so much fun to
      negotiate and there were many little ruts to jump
      over and little rises to catch some air on. In under
      14 minutes it was all over but thankfully there were
      many stairs to ride up and down in the park as
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Endo Verendo riding a Nother Turner from The Valley


    • Trail UpdateAfter the rains, the 02 fires really messed this
      fireroad up. Today you have to call it a dry riverbed,
      with deep ruts at each switchback (not just a
      few)...As I unloaded my bike in the parkinglot I
      wondered why cars with bikeracks were missing.
      Now I know, because its impossible to clean
      riding up and clean it riding down either. In fact, in
      a couple of sections, there were no lines. There
      are 2 key nasty areas, one has a rut 12-15 feet
      wide and almost 6 feet deep. I had to walk down
      that rut and push my bike up the other end.
      Another area has a rut that's the size of a living
      room....This is one fireroad to stay away from
      unless you like climbing through branches, rocks,
      sandy sections, washed out sections and ruts
      everywhere. Towards the top, erosion threw rocks
      and boulders over one area of the road, so you
      have to climb over them with your bike in hand. I'm
      guessing the city might plow through it eventually
      because today I didn't see another rider nor did I
      see any hikers. It wasn't a fun ride.

      Ride rating: Expert
      Bike2itbcom from LaCrescenta


    • Trail UpdateThis ride is a steep, non technical climb on paved roads and fire roads. Conditions range from hardpack to sandy to rocky depending on the time of the year. A recent fire destroyed much of the vegitation in this area. The recent rains have washed out portions of the road as well. It is still very rideable but you might have to get off and push through a couple of areas. A nice loop is to ride up Brand and down Stough to Sunset Cyn to Mountain back to Brand Park.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 5 Elevation change:
      Dirt Road=50% Paved Path=50%
      BH a 35 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Titus from Burbank


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