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  • Big Rock Creek - #BigRockCreek

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Pearblossom NickNames: #BigRockCreek valyermo

    From Pearblossom Hwy (CA 138) in the town of Pearblossom, turn south on Longview, following signs to Devil's Punchbowl Co. Park. Turn left at Valyermo Rd. and go east for several miles to the Big Rock Creek Rd. Go south on Big Rock Creek, driving uphill several more miles to a spur road to the South Fork campground. Park at the trailhead parking, just before the campground. Thomas Guide page 4470

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    • Trail UpdateDevil's Punchbowl To South Fork-This section got thrashed by El Niņo, and as of 3 July the NFS has not finished repairing it. A lot of gravel slides and half track. Also a lot of heat and grunting if you hit this trail late in the day. best bet: spot a truck at South Fork, drive to Devil's Punchbowl (see that entry) and go Eastbound, starting as early as possible. It's a beautiful ride, and the downhills are sweet, but anyone less than expert should not plan to pedal the return trip, as these slopes get indecently hot by noon.
      Singletrack=95% Truck Trail=5%
      Wayne Slater-Lunsford a 47 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Proflex 755 from Lancaster, CA


    • Trail UpdateManzanita/High Desert Rec. Trail-From South Fork campground, the Manzanita Trail (recently renamed the High Desert Recreation Trail) goes both southeast and west. The Manzanita Trail listing describes the southeastern leg.
      The western leg traverses from South Fork campground to the Burkhart Trail, passing above Devil's Punchbowl Co. Park and rewarding the rider with spectacular views of this geological wonder with the limitless Mojave Desert as a backdrop.
      From South Fork campground, follow the sandy trail over the creekbed to the creek. Ford the stream (high water in early season) and relocate the trail among the brush on the west side of the canyon. The trail climbs steadily to the northwest and then switchbacks up to a saddle. Then a loose section of trail descends to a shady creek crossing. From here, a steep climb ensues. At the top of the climb there is a junction with the Devil's Chair trail. This short spur leads to a weird formation of soft rock and is worth the few minutes' walk. From the junction, go south (uphill) and climb a short distance before traversing west across the mountainside. The trail improves and is mostly level for a ways, then climbs gently before crossing a dirt road. This road leads downhill to Devil's Punchbowl, or uphill to private property! Across the road, the trail continues through a dense forest of oak, whitebark pine, fir, and bay trees. Exit the cool forest and climb switchbacks where some walking is required. At the top of the switchbacks, descend many more switchbacks and long graceful curves to a junction with a dirt road. There is a rustic (and rusted) windmill at this junction with a nice meadow beneath it. From here, return the way you came, or continue up the Burkhart Trail. Do not go downhill on the dirt road as this leads to private property!
      Singletrack=95% Dirt Road=5%


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