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Southern California Trails

  • Bear Divide - May Canyon - #BearDivide-MayCanyon

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Sylmar/Lake View Terrace NickNames: #BearDivide-MayCanyon nike missile site

    You can do this trip as a long loop or use two cars to enjoy a shorter 'whole family' ride. (For the longer loop version) Drive the 210 Freeway west and exit at Hubbard Street in Sylmar. Turn left on Hubbard and then take a right on Foothill. Drive one block to Sayre Street and turn right. Drive toward the mountains. The street takes you right to Veterans Memorial Park. Park and unload your bike.

    Peddle back down Sayre and turn left on Foothill. Stay on Foothill for about 4 miles. This is a more or less flat highway. You will pass the new recreation facilities at Hansen Dam. After going under the freeway overpass, take a left on Osborne Street. (You may want to reset the odometer on your bike computer because the distances are measured from this Foothill/Osborne intersection.)

    A mile up Osborne the road becomes Little Tujunga Road. After several miles, you begin a moderate climb. Five miles up this road, you'll pass the Wildlife Waystation, a home for wayward wild animals. If you make this climb early in the morning, you'll hear the lions and tigers roaring for breakfast. As you continue climbing, you'll enter into some beautiful vistas.

    About 8 miles up Little Tujunga Road, you'll come to a water tower. From the water tower, ride down into a valley that may remind you of the Hobbit novels. After a blazing ride down the canyon you'll begin climbing again. After 11.5 miles you will arrive at summit. At the left will be a large parking lot with some picnic tables. There will be maps posted and a sign indicating that you are at Bear Divide Vista point. If you want to do the 'non-loop' version of this ride, park one vehicle at the Sayre Street park (Veterans Memorial Park) and then drive your bikes up to this parking lot. Thomas Guide page: 482

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