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  • Backbone Trail(Malibu) - #BackboneTrail(Malibu)

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Malibu NickNames: #BackboneTrail(Malibu) mesa peak, corral canyon, pch, backbone

    There are several access points for this trail which parallels the beach. Take PCH to either Kanan Dume, Latigo Canyon road, or Corral Canyon road into the mountains approximately 4 miles until the trail parking area(s) which should be marked. The singletrack sections go from Corral Canyon to Latigo Canyon, from Latigo to Kanan Dume, and from Kanan Dume to Zuma Ridge fire road. Mostly rolling singletrack which dives in and out of many different canyons. Thomas Guide page 628 C7, B2

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    • Trail UpdateAlla-Geez, that's uneblievalbe. Kudos and such.
      Alla a tTlyuFtfPXxKeFm year old Downhiller riding a CCEoDOLII from ICyOzLEOxSCfBXKZkAH URL: Alla


    • Trail UpdateIrais-Thought it woudln't to give it a shot. I was right.
      Irais a AfwBoOrFHs year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a PZolbLEAuJBXwP from CTGIYyDgzznaun URL: Irais


    • Trail UpdateBabckbone (Kanan To Corral)-I've been riding this trail with "Big Air" Al for 12 years now and its still in great shape!!! Hard pack and fast!!! Rode the entire out and back singletrack on Sunday for the first time in over a year (before the '07 fires). Very minimal burn damage noticed and only near the Corral Canyon lot side. Also, RIDERS BEWARE!!! From the parking lot at the top of Corral Canyon, don't bother riding up the fireroad anymore to link up with the singletrack that will take you to Latigo. Because, once you hit the peak and drop into the downhill, there are 2 barbed wire gates/fences blocking off about 100 yards of fireroad, that is now apparently "private property". They even installed surveillance cameras!!! So its all singletrack from now on!!! Enjoy the uphill grunts and the downhill paydirt!!!
      Michael S a 37 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Santa Cruz Heckler


    • Trail UpdateCorral To Latigo-I went out and checked out this section of Backbone today and was pleasantly surprised with the variety and quality of the singletrack.

      First, to get there- head up Corral canyon road from PCH until it ends in a dirt parking lot (closer to 7 miles than the four mentioned in the description).

      I don't know why many descriptions include so many fireroads! I'll take out and back on singletrack anyday especially when the challenge differs in each direction.

      Corral West to Latigo
      Nice gradual downhill followed by weaving semi technical gradual up followed by sustained non-technical steep climb of about a mile to the "saddle." Following the saddle is a vaguely downhill .5 mile section with plenty of nice technical bits and leading into a steep, rutted and loose yet hella fun downhill winding all the way into the canyon. Semi-technical, short but steep climb up to Latigo trailhead.
      Tight turns (a few close enough to 180 degrees) and narrow singletrack with a surprising drop-off to the rider's right... the you get to go back up the formerly hella-fun downhill. It's really quite steep and sustained but 100% ridable if you have the lungs for it. Follow the saddle back up and hit all of the little technical bits that took you by surprise on the way in and then drop back in on the other side of the saddle for a nice steep downhill followed by a pampas romp and a final long but not heinous uphill back to go. Proceed beyond your car to play in the psudo-slickrock until it turns into nasty nasty fireroad...

      Be ready to climb but know that it's all ridable to a decent biker. The harder climbs are more difficult than the steepest parts of Backbone at Will Rodgers and in-all the trail is significantly more technical than Sully. Better still, there was virtually no one out there (I saw 2 other riders and one other track on a perfect Saturday). It might not be as fast as some trails (I spent all day in my little ring) but if you like the satisfaction of a technical climb well accomplished this is a fun area!

      Have fun and watch out for snakes!

      CuyContinental a 28 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Beat to death black Jekyll from West Hollywood CA


    • Trail UpdateBackbone Fun-Also did part of the backbone trail today. It was so much fun ! I enjoy the changing elevation, its better than all up and then all down. It was pretty hot and dusty, but the trail conditions are still really nice.
      fireballspeed a 22 year old Weekend Warrior riding a KHS Whichdoctor from Santa Clarita, Ca USA


    • Trail Updateme and a couple friends went on this trail today and had a great time. the trail is in great shape. there were a couple parts that are a bit overgrown, but nothing that caused problems. the biggest problem was the monster horse flies! fear the flies! they are viscious! definitely a fun ride though. no falls today! woo! watch out for poison ivy!
      Sirfallsalot a 22 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized Stumpjumper from Santa Clarita


    • Trail UpdateK-dume To C -canyn And Back-i did the bbone from kanan-dume down and up, down and up, down and up to corral canyon and back last week. i did this with a couple of buddies for the first time ever. the trail was in absolutely perfect shape, tacky and firm. it was a little muddy and/or wet in some sections, but it was freaking spectacular. we started at 8.00 am so it was cold. but after the first climb, you're sweating like patrick ewing. dress in layers, bring fluids, and strap your helmet on tight. there a very things that are this fun that are legal.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 16 miles Elevation change: 3000 feet total
      Singletrack=80% Dirt Road=20%
      pastafazu a Cross-Country Rider riding a ritchey from hollywood


    • Trail UpdatePeeler To Upchuck-Ya, it's me...I've not made this ride in years so I reposted...Additionally, isn't their a section of backbone (I recall way back I used to ride) where ya leave a car up around the top of Stunt Road grabbing the trail...all single track that winds down to the 5* resturant (can't recall the name)
      peeler riding a GF from Chatsworth


    • Trail UpdatePeeler, I seem to remember you from a while back. Are you sure you're new to the area?

      Anyway, both trail directions are an out-and-back option. Heading over the tunnel eastbound can take you all the way to Las Virgines Cyn. Westbound will end at Encinal Cyn. The best route is to head west to Encinal. Turn around and ride back. Replenish your water supply from the cooler in your car and head out east to Latigo Cyn. Turn around and come back to your car. Go home and pass out on the couch for the rest of the day.

      Lots of elevation gain, decent amount of miles, and one heck of a ride.

      Upchuck riding a TurnIFreeMondONAdynaGT1x1


    • Trail UpdateWhere To....-Just curious as I am new to the area..

      1) if parking at Kanan (tunnel 1)and taking the trail up and over Kanan where does that lead?

      2) Taking the lower trail heads where...

      3) do any of the 2 meet somewhere where I can make 1 continuos loop...

      I'm looking for a 12-15 mile ride -single track is a plus
      Peeler a 39 year old riding a GF from Chatsworth


    • Trail UpdateThanks, Matt, for the quick and thorough response. Sorry for the triple post!
      Scott a 28 year old from Sherman Oaks


    • Trail UpdateHere Are You Answers-1)A Waterbar is a piece of wood, rocks, or a trench that is built across the trail to prevent water erosion by building a small trough for water to go through. Takes a little practice getting used to going over them on a bike but they usually do not pose any major issues.

      2) Those gates are not on the Backbone trail. You should be on the single track that follows the Valley/Canyon below Castro Peak, which is indeed the Backbone trail and is fully open to bikes. There area you are referring to is technically not open to the public and should not be hiked or biked.

      3) Your choice between the two options. They both suck and neither can be done on a bike, at least not by me. I generally choose the trail that starts further up by the landslide. I can ride much more of that and you get to look at the ocean as you hike the rest.

      Hope that helps you out. No matter how good of shape you are in if you have not ridden a bike much I would recommend starting on something easier. Although it is not hard, much of the single track you are thinking of riding is somewhat technical and is much more fun with a little experience. Happy riding.

      Matt a 35 year old Cross-Country Rider from Newvbury Park


    • Trail UpdateI'm a seasoned hiker--boo! hiss!--who has bagged this entire stretch of trail--several times--from Malibu Cyn Road past Kanan Dume all the way to Encinal Canyon. I've seen my fair share of mountain bikers on this stretch of trail, and I have three curious questions for all:

      1. Maybe a stupid question, but what the heck is a waterbar?

      2. How do you deal with the two massive, barbed wire-enforced gates on the Newton Motorway going downhill from Castro Peak? There are very tight passageways to the right of the gate but not enough for a bike unless you literally want to toss your bike over the high gates.

      3. When you are ascending the Mesa Peak Motorway from Malibu Canyon Road and you reach the top of the motorway before the very steep climb west to continue the last 2.5 miles to Corral Canyon, how do you get up that last stretch? Either section, the eroded, unmarked direct trail or the "landslide" trail further down, seem way too steep for bikes. They're tough even for hikers. What is the best thing to do?
      SmegmaEnigma a 28 year old from Sherman Oaks


    • Trail UpdateI'm a seasoned hiker (boo! hiss!) who has bagged this entire stretch of trail (several times) from Malibu Cyn Road past Kanan Dume all the way to Encinal Canyon. I've seen my fair share of mountain bikers on this stretch of trail, and I have three curious questions for all:

      1) Maybe a stupid question, but what the heck is a waterbar?

      2) How do you deal with the two massive, barbed wire-enforced gates on the Newton Motorway going downhill from Castro Peak? There are very tight passageways to the right of the gate but not enough for a bike unless you literally want to toss your bike over the high gates.

      3) When you are ascending the Mesa Peak Motorway from Malibu Canyon Road and you reach the top of the motorway before the very steep climb west to continue the last 2.5 miles to Corral Canyon, how do you get up that last stretch? Either section, the eroded, unmarked direct trail or the "landslide" trail further down, seem way too steep for bikes. They're tough even for hikers. What is the best thing to do?
      SmegmaEnigma a 28 year old from Sherman Oaks


    • Trail UpdateI'm a seasoned hiker who has bagged this entire stretch of trail from Malibu Cyn Road past Kanan Dume all the way to Encinal Canyon. I'm seriously thinking about mountain biking and am fit enough to really enjoy it. This seems to be the primo trail, but I have have three questions:

      1) Maybe a stupid question, but what the heck is a waterbar?

      2) How do you deal with the two massive, barbed wire-enforced gates on the Newton Motorway going downhill from Castro Peak? There are very tight passageways to the right of the gate but not enough for a bike unless you literally want to toss your bike over the high gates.

      3) When you are ascending the Mesa Peak Motorway from Malibu Canyon Road and you reach the top of the motorway before the very steep climb west to continue the last 2.5 miles to Corral Canyon, how do you get up that last stretch? Either section, the eroded, unmarked direct trail or the "landslide" trail further down, seem way too steep for bikes. They're tough even for hikers. What is the best thing to do?
      SmegmaEnigma a 28 year old Weekend Warrior from Sherman Oaks


    • Trail UpdateI think he's referring to the section between Kanan and Zuma Ridge. Zuma Canyon feeds up to the giant rock wall/waterfall you can hike which is on your left coming from the Kanan lot, about 1/2 mile down.

      The waterfall he's talking about is on the right side(coming from the Kanan lot), and is off in the distance....500 yards from the trail.
      Dusty Bottoms from Dogtown


    • Trail UpdateZuma Canyon Backbone?-It is possible that it is called Newton Canyon. It is the trail that heads west and down the hill from the Kanan parking lot. It wasn't the trail that heads south up and over the tunnel. Some maps show it as Zuma Canyon some maps probably show it as Newton Canyon or something else.
      a Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateZuma Cyn?-I may be confused but isn't that section of the
      Backbone called Newton Cyn? Pretty sure it is.


    • Trail UpdateZuma Canyon Backbone-Rode the short Zuma Canyon Backbone section this warm spring morning starting at Kanan. The trail was in great shape. It was still damp and muddy in a few sections but no dust at least!! Other sections were real rocky but very ridable. Spring flowers are starting to bloom. Crossed a few creeks and saw a nice waterfall off to the right of the trail about 3/4 the way up to Zuma Motorway. Trail not to busy for a weekend. Saw a few hikers and bikers.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 5 miles Elevation change:
      Double C's a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek Mountain Track from Woodland Hills


    • Trail UpdateEncinal To Corral And Back....-Hey Slupo, I rode from Encinal to Corral Cyn and back again 2 weekends ago. I agree that the stretch between Kanan & Zuma Ridge is a little wide, but the trail is in great shape right now. In fact, if you haven't been on it in a while, you really need to do the Zuma Ridge to Encinal portion. It's in fantastic condition. It is almost surreal when you're in the bottom of the canyon under the canopy of trees.

      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 24.5 miles Elevation change: whew!
      Singletrack=95% Dirt Road=5%


    • Trail UpdateBackbone Becomes Fireroad-I just rode the Malibu Backbone trail this weekend (1-24-04).
      Started at the Latigo parking lot and headed down towards Kanan.
      Go to Kanan parking lot and headed for Zuma. Much to my
      dismay, I discovered my favorite single track in the area had been
      widened in many places. Also, the overhanging vegetation had
      been cut back quite a bit giving visibility for down the trail
      whereas before you could only see the turn in front of you.

      Unfortunately this trail is turning into a big fireroad. It is still fun
      to ride but it's getting less enjoyable every time. When are they
      just gonna leave singletrack, singletrack?
      Slupo a 28 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 94 Mt. Tam from Sherman Oaks


    • Trail UpdateCastro Dust Bowl-Castro has been plowed and is very loose - suggest you avoid. The section from Corral to the top of Bulldog is not too bad, but beyond that, it becomes very loose. It is passable, depending on your conditioning, but no fun. The relatively short downhill section where Castro/Topdog merge at the top of the hill that connects you back to the backbone trail (saddle, prior to dropping down into Solstice Canyon or heading back to Latigo) is really ugly.

      Strongly suggest staying on the singletrack. I generally do, but I started near De Anza on Lost Hills, through Malibu Creek SP, up Bulldog, up Castro, through Solstice Canyon to Corral, then up Castro and back down Bulldog, etc - 3.25 hrs of riding and 3900 ft of climbing.

      Was pretty hot by 8:30 am on Sat , when we got to the top of Bulldog.

      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 25 miles Elevation change: 3900 ft
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=70%
      John Wallace a n old guy year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Specialized Enduro from Agoura


    • Trail UpdatePreacher-Glad you found it. I noticed that last weekend when I was on it the unmaintained section has become quite overgrown in the last month. It usually is much better then that and much easier to see what you are riding over. Still a lot of fun though. And yes, I have come very close on some of the tight corners near trancas. Do beware in these sections. Happy riding


    • Trail UpdateTrancas... Found It! Thanks Matt-I did not get out until 4:30 PM on Sunday, but I simply HAD to ride this trail!

      First, I explored the fire road that heads up to Mulholland, and found that it does come out right where I thought it would, as I have passed that spot many times on my road bike. Then I headed east on the Trancas section. Very nice! Made it to Latigo Canyon Road, but turned around there and came back. As (if!) I get in better shape this season, I want to to attempt Mulholland to Corral Cyn. and back.

      The singletrack is wider when you're closer to to Encinal, but it's funny how the exposure and fine layer of loose rock kind of keeps your speed in check on the way back... If you're not careful, you could easily go sailing over the edge on many corners!

      Great trail!
      The Preacher


    • Trail UpdateThanks Matt!-I saw all the spots you describe on my drive back up Encinal, before I got to Buzzards Roost. I also saw the "revegetation" sign from Zuma Ridge, and wondered if that might be it. Thanks for shedding some light! Maybe I'll try again next weekend.

      Happy Trails!
      The Preacher


    • Trail UpdateTrancas Trailhead? Answer-Preacher,

      Both sections of the new Backbone can be a little hard to find. Not trying to step on Spare Tires toes, I will try to do my best to tell you where to find the trails. The easiest way to find the trails it to park near Zuma Ridge fire road and begin riding as if you were going to go south on the backbone trail towards Kanan. Pass up the trail and continue on Zuma Ridge Road for about 200 yards. As you are making a fairly strong left hand turn you will see what looks like a really poor trail coming down from the right. This is the beginning of the connector to the Backbone Trail. Recently, in the past month there was a sign placed here that says “Closed for Revegitation”. I saw this sign last week while on my way up to Buzzards Roost. I talked to a ranger that day and he said that that entrance to the trail had been closed and that they were planning to build a new entrance to the trail but had not built it yet. He said the trail is technically still open and that the closed entrance is the only way in. He said they intended to remove the sign until the new entrance has been built but was not sure when that would be. I will leave it up to you to decide if you should enter there or not.
      The first section of trail is about three quarters of a mile of fairly rough unmaintained trail. Even though it is considered unmaintained it sees quite a bit of traffic. I have seen several other bikes, hikers and horses on this section so take it slow. It is very rideable and will lead you to a fire road. Take this fire road to the right (uphill but fairly flat) for about one tenth of a mile and the official backbone trail will appear on the left. This is a fantastic 1.6 mile ride that will bring you through some great Oak forest over two bridges and back out to Encinal Canyon road. Directly across Encinal is another Fire Road that you can take that will lead you up to Muholland.
      If you want to find it from below and ride in that direction, my personal preference, take Encinal past where you would park for Zuma Ridge. Driving west on Encinal makes it hard to see the trail. I would recommend when doing this the first time, look on the right for a “Fire Camp” sign. When you see this make a u-turn and drive back up Encinal a short distance and park in a fairly big turnout. There will be a small trail taking off to your right. Don’t take that. Not a fun ride. The actual trail is just up at the top of the hill on the right. If you see a gate across it you will know that you have hit the right spot. Hope this all makes sense. I love parking here and heading out from here with the goal of going all the way to Coral Canyon. That makes for a very long but unbelievable ride. It is my personal favorite in the Santa Monicas.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Matt a 34 year old from Newbury Park


    • Trail UpdateTrancas Trailhead?-Hey Spare Tire, thanks for your update. After reading it, I finally went looking for the Trancas trailhead yesterday. I drove to the end of Trancas Cyn., but saw no trailhead... just No Trespassing signs. Then I drove up and parked on Encinal, near Buzzard's Roost, and began to go down Zuma Ridge fire road toward the beach, looking for the new section of trail. Where is this new section, and where is the trailhead, exactly? Any help will be appreciated.

      Your'e sure right, though... the rest of the ride from Zuma Ridge on up is lush, right now. I highly recommend doing this ride asap, while the green lasts.
      The Preacher


    • Trail UpdateBackbone-With the new additions between Kanan and Zuma Ridge and the Trancas section even farther to the west you can now do a 23-24 mile out and back from the Trancas trailhead to Corral and back. This is a very grueling ride with about 4500' of climbing. There are some amazing lush sections on the Zuma Backbone portion not too mention the usual great stuff between Kanan and Corral. You can even catch a glimpse of a waterfall while on the Zuma portion. Note there are lots of hikers betweeen Kanan and Zuma ridge so control your speed. With these new open areas this is clearly the premier singletrack in the Santa Monicas and one of the best anywhere.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 24miles Elevation change: 4500'
      Singletrack=90% Dirt Road=10%


    • Trail UpdateNat'l Trail Day-Hey Tep, I rode this trail early Saturday morning. As I was making my return trip to the Third Tunnel, I came across several NPS and volunteer workers doing maintenance. It was National Trail Day.

      I may sound ignorant, but I didn't even know it was here already! I've been out of the loop for so long now, GT and Schwinn are probably back in biz, Ellsworth has a new BMX cruiser with 8" travel front, 3" rear and a 72 degree HT, Giant bought Turner and will be offering the new line at Walmart...
      Mr Chatters riding a Stable of 2 wheeled rigs


    • Trail UpdateLoose! Loose! Loose!-Me and a buddy of mine rode from the tunnel to the fire road that divides Latigo from Solstice. Last time I rode this trail was in Feb and it was GREAT! Today, it was sooooooo loose and soft.

      They (whoever "they" is?), did some brush removal and softened up the trail to fill in the ruts. "They" also cut out areas for waterbars. I would say around 20 of them will be installed from the first climb out of the parking lot all the way to whatever the name of the second paved road is.

      The waterbars will definetly make it harder to climb, though probably a lot more fun on the way back.

      Enjoy! TEP


    • Trail UpdateBackbone-A bunch of us rode the Backbone from Kanan to Corral than up the fireroad before dropping down the Newton Motorway and heading back to Kanan. The trail is in about the best shape I have seen it in some time especially between Kanan and Latigo. There are a couple water crossing further east and the slickrock area past Newton Motorway is a bit loose in spots but all in all great conditions. Definitely one of the classic rides in the Santa Monicas.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 13 miles Elevation change: plenty
      Singletrack=80% Dirt Road=20%
      Wide Load a Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateDid a quick sprint from corral to latigo. The
      conditions were great (meaning no sand or loose rocks,
      though there are still a few things to keep this trail
      from becoming too buffed and mindless). The trail was
      packed down quite nicely from the rain. I was however,
      a bit disappointed to see a few deep ruts caused dy
      rider(s) who rode in the rain or too soon after the
      rain, but everything else was perfect. The temp was a
      bit chilly and windy, if you have sleeves bring them.
      The climb up to Latigo was fun, as was bombing back
      through up to corral. Oh, no one else was there so I
      had the trail all to myself and my ri
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: approx 5 miles out and back Elevation change:
      Singletrack=70% Dirt Road=30%
      Mini Me a 27 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Tracer from Los Angeles


    • Trail UpdateKanan To Corral,etc-Did the classic loop described by Drew below starting at Kanan and riding to corral than back up near Castro peak down the fireroad to Latigo and back home. We noticed the 2 gates that are on the fireroad descent back to Latigo and they do seem oddly placed--maybe to keep vehicles off the road or slow down bikers, who knows? Anyway the trail is really in great shape especially considering how long it's been since we have had any rain.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 13 miles Elevation change: 2000'
      Singletrack=80% Dirt Road=20%
      Dan from T.O. a Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateBackbone Needs Help....-EVERYONE interested in riding Backbone should visit the thread below. There appears to be some crap brewing up on the mountain. Please condsider sending a letter to the appropriate agency(s).


      Tim Tommasino


    • Trail UpdateDrew, Go To This Thread...-to read about the new gates.



    • Trail UpdatePerplexed By The Gates-Probably not the best after work choice unless one plans on doing some night riding but alas, I foolishly did not bring my light. I think this trail is best enjoyed at a moderate pace and its a good idea to allow extra time for stops along the way as there are some incredible views along the Castro Mtwy climb, especially at dusk. I was rewarded with an awesome purple/orange setting sun. Incredible. I parked off of Kanan and made it up the first climb over the tunnel although my lungs were searing and burning. I think the best way to do this trail is to ride all the way to Corral Canyon parking lot, climb up Castro, descend on Newton, and rejoin the Backbone all the way back to the car. It's about 13 1/2 miles total. Along the way there's about 4 or 5 dicey sections but they are all do-able. I'm still waiting for the day I can clean them all without thinking about it but its not instinctual for me yet. It takes me 2 or 3 tries to clean some of them and that's another thing that makes this trail special. It's perfect for practicing riding skills, especially when there's no one around! My only worry is this new gated section I ran into. I believe it's along the Newton Mtwy descent. There are two oddly placed gates separated by about 250 yards or so and they are signed 'No Tresspassing, Private Property'
      If anyone has any further info on this please post it. It most definitely puts a damper on this route.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Singletrack=75% Dirt Road=25%
      Drew a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a GT i-drive from Los Angeles


    • Trail UpdateBackbone-I rode the Backbone for the first time this last weekend and it was long overdue. Since moving to SoCal a few years ago, I have ridden pretty much everywhere except the Santa Monica's. I have no good excuse. Anyway, I parked at Tunnel 1 on Kanan-Dume and took the singletrack up and over the tunnel. Even though I knew I should have warmed up prior to the initial climb, I didn't and my leg muscles were screaming at the top. The first section to Latigo Cyn was beautiful and fun but not difficult (other than the heavy overgrowth of wild plants). There was plenty of shade as well. After crossing Latigo, the trail drops down to a dry creek and then hits a few switchbacks. Nailed the first one but lost it on the 2nd one. Next time. From here there is a nasty little climb that starts out easy and then gets increasingly steeper as you climb. I almost lost my focus when I turned a corner and saw the last steep, loose pitch. However, even though the back tire was slipping and trying to get me to quit, I was able to clean it. I think it might be tougher the next time since I know what to expect. Anyway, climbed a bit more then dropped down into the technical creek section. Cleaned most of it except for one double step. It looked a little ugly but its cleanable. Cimbed up to what I assume is Corral Canyon. There weren't any signs but there were several cars. Since it was getting late, I turned around and retraced the singletrack back to Kanan-Dume. Overall, a great trail and I will be back to ride it again and clean the switchback and double step that I missed the first time. I assume the trail heading west from the Kanan-Dume parking lot is also open to bikes since I didn't see any "no bikes" signage. So, I'll have to ride that section the next time as well.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 13 miles Elevation change: 2300 ft
      SS a 33 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Catamount from OC


    • Trail UpdateBackbone- Kanan Dunne-I rode this trail today with the Regulators, 14 riders in all. The trail is in great shape, some small mud patches but mostly dry. Lots of ruts but all rideable. there's some water crossings on the bottom of Coral Cyn. good for a splash.
      They must have renumbered the tunnels, the parking area is near tunnel #1 not three. other than that
      the directions were great.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 14 miles Elevation change:
      Mother a 37 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Steel Trek 970 from Eagle Rock URL: http://www.clubmtb.com


    • Trail UpdateBackbone Trail-The previous guy's directions are very good but to make
      this killer ride even better park at the beginning of
      Buzzard's Roost. To get there take the Kanan exit from
      the 101 and go south. Make a right on Mullholland and
      veer left on Encinal Canyon. A short way up the road
      you'll see the Buzzard's Roost entrance on the left.
      Park your car on the right about 150 yards past the
      trailhead. By parking here the ride is extended to
      nearly 20 miles, most of it sumptuous singletrack!
      Follow the fireroad up past the Buzzard Roost sign
      about .25 mile and you'll see the beginning of the
      Backbone singletrack on the left. Trail conditions were
      both tacky and slippery today. At times it felt like I
      was riding through oil slicks on pavement. All the
      switchbacks are do-able and I finally made it down
      those damned stair steps. I just laid off the front
      brake and hung my ass waaayy back and before I knew it
      I had cleared it. After clearing that, the climb up
      Bulldog wasn't too bad as I was buzzing and picturing
      myself cleaning it from now on although it doesn't
      always work that way. I'll do it all over again when
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: miles 20 Elevation change:
      Singletrack=85% Dirt Road=15%
      Drew a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GT i-drive from Los Angeles


    • Trail UpdateBackbone Trail-Malibu-Starting from the paved parking lot / Trail head area next to tunnel 3 (T-3) on Kanan Dume Rd (North of PCH), Climb the Steep, lung busting trail climbing over the tunnel & turn left to Corral Cyn.

      You'll pass latigo cyn road within 2.4 miles after snaking in and out of canyons under the cover of trees. This section seems to remain untouched. Rewarded by a slightly techinical climb out to Latigo canyon road.

      From Latigo Canyon Road, follow the trail as it snakes to the left of the parking area. Pretty technical single track, complete w/ water bars & untouched rocks, and obstacles still remain. Within a short time, you'll encounter a somewhat steep hike w/ bike section. Within 1.3 miles this trail will spit you out at a 4-way intersection. Follow the sign to Corral Canyon. It's approx 2.9 miles away.

      It's a very fun descent to the canyon bottom. Complimentary water bars, technical water crossings, lots of trees and ocean views. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! is all that I could mutter through out this section. Follow the signs to Corral Canyon while climbing out of the canyon.

      The return trip will require a short fire road jaunt up Mesa Peak. You'll be passing the incredibly hineuous Bulldog Motorway & rock formations. Follow the fireroad as it is signed turning left and snakes right. A very fun downhill section to the 4-way intersection I mentioned earlier and follow the rest of the trail back to your car!

      What an incredible day.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 13 ? Elevation change:
      Singletrack=85% Dirt Road=15%
      Mr. Superlight a year old riding a Santa Cruz Superlight from Eaton Canyon in Pasadena


    • Trail UpdateThey Renovated Backbone!-I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but for those of you who haven't heard, the park officials have brought in TONS of dirt and covered the rocky technical sections of this prime singletrack. They are in the process of widening the trail until it almost resemebles a fireroad. The rangers state this is necessary since the traffic has increased so much since they put in the new parking lot.
      The water bars are poorly trenched making the trail dangerous and subject to future erosion problems.
      The corners are soft and will have a tendency to grab your front tire on switchbacks.
      The work isn't completed yet so get out there and enjoy while you can...
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 14 miles out and back Elevation change:
      Upchuck2 a 33 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Chuck from T.O., CA


    • Trail UpdateMesa Peak Fire Road-I took Mesa Peak fire road and at one point I encountered a complete wash out of the road. Bikers have created small barriers making sure that you don't take the road that leads to wash out. Heed the warning!
      Instead, go up a small hill on top of which there is a rusted water tank. When you reach the top, on the left side you see a steep climb down, reconnecting back to the road. If you are an expert, I suppose you could go that way. For the rest of us, continue a narrow single track on the top of the hill immediately to the right. It looks as if it is going nowhere but it gets you to a spot right after the massive slide. The slide is an impressive sight. PLEASE DO NOT GO NEAR THE EDGE! Stay close to the hill and within 20 yards you will pick up the road again.
      a 38 year old Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateMesa Peak Backbone Trail-This fire road is as scenic as it is fast in the latter sections. Watch out for a large, active, and very dangerous landslide visable from Corral Canyon Road. The slide is located just north of the Tapia Park turnoff on the Mesa Peak fire Road itself. The alternate route is clearly marked but plan on carrying your bike around!
      Dirt Road=100%
      Jeff Durling a 39 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Scott Purgatory from Los Angeles URL: Jeff Durling's Somewhat Extreme Mountain Biking Page


    • Trail UpdateBACKBONE @ CORRAL CYN.-As soon as you enter you are treated to some good singletrack cont. on the trail slowly drops into the lowest point w/ a few stream crossings.a poison oak tunnel.a technical rock section then switchbacks that start your climb out.(great section coming back!!!) look back you can almost see where you started. ( 3.?miles)cont.onthe next singletrack till you hit LATIGO CYN ROAD.either U-turn@latigo and head back or cont.on then U-turn anyway you chose. just go back the same trail you came, to the car.from the car go east toward lil MOAB!!!!!great place to eat a clifbar or burn a bowl!!!excellent views !!!!!wey stoney place.proceed up the rock you'll see a trail then a dirt road that will take you to MESA PEAK.AWESOME DOWNHILL.fast curvy bombing fireroad that takes you to RUERCO CYN which will lead to a paved road which leads to PCH head NORTH to the car you dropped off before at the gas station.sweet ride w/ a nice DH at the end.
      Singletrack=75% Dirt Road=20% Paved Path=5%


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