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  • Aspen Glen Picnic Area - #AspenGlenPicnicArea

    Socal - San Bernardino County - Big Bear Lake NickNames: #AspenGlenPicnicArea

    Travel up Hwy. 18 to the Big Bear Lake Dam, go right. Turn right on Mill Creek Rd. at the west end of the city of Big Bear Lake. Park at the Aspen Glen Picnic Area.

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    • Trail UpdateNice Spring Conditions-Started up the asphalt road from The Aspen Glen Picnic Area. Make sure you have your Adventure Pass.
      The asphalt road turns into fire road and since its spring, all the melted snow's sediments turned much of the fire road into a messy sandy beach sand at places.
      Nevertheless its very rideable and not bad.

      From the fire road to the singletrack entrance, did not see a soul! Weird, since this is prime riding weather.
      Saw a novice group stop at the lower section of the ST,
      almost ran into them. NEVER stop in the middle of a singletrack, move out to the side.

      Anyways, a downed tree halfway through still is there and a shortcut (UGH!) is there to avoid the tree.
      A small watercrossing is still there (hopefully it will be there during early summer) and conditions despite the sandy conditions is a blast to ride.
      Mongoose a 67 year old riding a Intense Spider


    • Trail UpdateWas here Friday, Saturday August 17th ad 18th. Sweet, because not many people riding it and a sprinkle of a few hikers.
      Met up with a couple of OC bikers and lead them to the singletrack entrance from the 2N08 fireroad. Its kind of dusty now but very manageable. (Its a far cry from the way too dusty Upper Fallline Trail)
      The springtime here is more fun with more rocks and water crossings. Have fun bumping up and down on the babyhead rocks towards the mouth of the Aspen Glen Picnic Area, too.
      Mongoose a 67 year old


    • Trail UpdateUpper Section Good-Rode the upper section of Pine Knot from Grand View to the 2N08/2N17 area near Deer Campground on a Big Bear Vacation June 10th weekend. Good condition, pretty shady, a little sandy. Deer Campground has a toilet and seemed like a nice place to stay. If you take 1E01, definitely hit Grand View at the top. It is well worth it.
      Steve K a 18 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Mongoose XR-100 from Cal Poly (San Luis Obispo), CA


    • Trail UpdateAspen Glen Aka Pine Knot-Last ride of the season...snow on its way. great conditions. this is a great singletrack climb called Pineknot Trail (1E01) that will take you to 2N10 - the main freeway along the ridgeline. About 3mi and 1200' elevation change to 2N10. Many options there - 1)continue climbing to Grandview 3/4mi 2)hang a right and go for a 2-3 miles on 2N10 to Plantation Trail - great little singletrack roller that will take you back to 2N17 3) hang a left on 2N10 and go 1.5 to 2N51Y that is a fun short speed run that will take you back to Towne Trail 2N08. Get off the fire roads and try these options. Returning on 1E01 is by far the best option - technical when done with some speed. Watch for hikers...share the trail!
      grinder a 44 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a trekkin' fuel 90 from la verne


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