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  • Anderson Truck Trail - #AndersonTruckTrail

    Socal - San Diego County - Alpine NickNames: #AndersonTruckTrail

    One of the gnarlliest, longest, most technical, downhills in San Diego.
    I-8 East to Harbison Canyon Rd. (Dunbar Ln). Take a left on Peutz Valley Rd. and park under bridge. This ride can be a shuttle, or for the manly, a long climb into town and up a hill to the trail head...Either way follow Alpine Blvd. (left from Peutz Valley) into Alpine. Left on Victoria and keep going uphill until you reach the end of the road. You'll see a water tower on the right; park here, or enter trail here.

    As of August 30, 03, the trail is closed. There is a steel fence blocking the trail about 1/4 mile from Peutz Valley Road. However, if you proceed up Peutz Valley Road to the 1 mile marker, there is a trail to the left that will lead to Anderson Truck Trail, beyond the Steel Fence. Happy Riding! Thomas Guide page 1233-F4 and 1234

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    • Trail UpdateParking Warning-Just a note to those who haven't done this ride before. The San Diego Mtn. Bike Guide instructs you to park under the overpass. Well, that's fine, but look around at all the little piles of broken glass and you'll see that it's not the safest place - many an unknowing biker has had their car broken into. The crazy thing is that it seems like the last place this would happen, but it DOES happen. I can't really give you any good tips on where else to park - on my last ride I parked about a 1/2 mile east of there in a very open, visible spot and then biked back to start the ride...


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Truck Trail Up & Down-Aug, 24, 2008. Even hitting the trailhead at 4:30 pm, it was like slogging uphill through an oven. Luckily the trail gets a bit more technical towards the top, so at least you have some distraction from your imminent heat stroke. I actually find a nice shady spot with some breeze, and settled down to make some cell phone calls while my battered body recovered! aFTER THAT, with temps coming down into the mid70s neasr sundown, I hit the downhill and had a good time with my new dual suspension. AND my car wasn't even broken into at the bottom, what a great day!
      Seaclasper a 38 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Skirmish-Qwelsher from Silverado Mine, ov'a yon hillock


    • Trail UpdateWatch Out!-I rode this trail on the 29th of october, started kind of by world cup. if you are riding down to the lake on the single lane trail to the right after the dowhill about a mile in there`s a 15 foot drop and a rock you ride over to avoid it, my tail kicked up wh`ill trying to ride the rock and I fell head first 15 and some sharp rocks. a lot of stiches a broken foot, fractured hip, and 2 hyperextended knee`s were what I came out of that hole with. just a warning to WALK your bike over that rock its dangerous.otherwise the trail was excellent and awesome like att has been forever!
      conrad359 a 18 year old riding a trek session 10 from el cajon


    • Trail UpdateATT-Rode Att on the 15th of april. Started from the water tower at the top of anderson road. This was the first time my friend and I rode the trail. Took a pretty good spill going down the hill but was not hurt. GREAT RIDE. I was wondering if anybody was having trouble getting on the trail from Peutz Valley road from the local residents.
      speicher182 a 19 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a specialized FSR Comp from Santee, CA


    • Trail UpdateMr. Anderson-Rode Anderson Truck Trail a couple of weekends ago. We rode Anderson starting from the highway overpass up to the highest point of the trail not far from the water tower and then doubled back to the car. The ride was a fun break from the usual trails. The view of the El Capitan Reservoir and some of the rock formations were cool to see. Also cool was watching all of the hawks hunting. The climb is fairly long but of moderate grade. After getting about halfway through the climb is a "four corners" intersection, immediately below and above that point the trails have some sections that are really badly rutted. Be careful on the way down because there are ruts big enough so that you will have to be pretty damn good to jump them and even better to regain control before the next one! Not super scary, I'm just saying that there is a section where you should watch your speed! Enjoy the ride.
      ICPAYDIRT a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Santa Cruz Superlight from Pacific Beach


    • Trail UpdateThe Beast From The East-I went up the fire trail of Noble Canyon from Pine Creek this past Sunday. It was my first time on this trail, and I must say that is quite an uphill through the 90 degree humid weather. I would rank myself as an intermediate rider, and found this trail to be a bit difficult but not impossible. I took a 2 liter hydration pack and it was pretty much empty by the top. I made the mistake of not filling up my pack with water by the picnic area and was paying for it at the last section of the trail. I would highly recommend refilling your hydration pack whenever possible. The downhill lived up to all the hype and then some. I was pretty much worn out for the last section of the downhill to really enjoy it. But Iím sure with a little more training Iíll be able to enjoy the whole thing. I may need two or three weeks to rebuild my appetite for this beast, but I am definitely going back and highly recommend this trail.
      grimace10 a 28 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Cannondale F700 from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateTough Start-Tied this for my first trail... umm yeah, not such a good idea. If it's your first time or haven't biked in years, definately pick the novice or beginner trails. The trail was pretty tore up in my opinion, too.
      Also, it might not be such a great place to park your car under you bridge. Some f**kin local broke into my car! No respect! It would probably have helped if I had an alarm, but who knows, doubt full. Its not like your in a "populated" area. Maybe even park out on the main road.
      Steve619 a 28 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Mongoose EFX from El Cajon, CA .mil


    • Trail UpdateIn All Fairness...-I think you should bike however you feel like. That being said, the majority of dudes I see coming downhill on huge rigs are overweight. I am sure it is scary to fly down those hills, but I don't think it requires as much heart as going uphill. I go up and back down, but I am pedaling an inexpensive Fuji Nevada that weighs over 30 pounds with all the crap on it.
      Adam Burch a 24 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Fuji Hardtail from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateDownhillers Suck-Bunch of lazy shuttlers.
      All Uphill a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Everywhere Bike


    • Trail UpdateWhatever, Dude.-"...no superfluous energy being spent here..." OK, dude, you try pedaling a 50-lb bike outta that trail and you'll see just how little effort it is. Just because someone chooses to be a downhiller doesn't make them lazy. To be good and competitve (if you're a racer-type), it takes FAR more fitness that you can imagine. Let's quit giving the Dhers a bad rap, here. I've ridden that trail plenty of times on both a DH rig and ridden up on my XC bike...and I've encountered jerks riding both types of bikes. I get so tired of the DH vs. XC crap...let's just ride our bikes and be happy.
      An XC and DH rider a Racer


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Truck Trail Loop-Unlike the last guy, unfortunately I did see a couple of people today, both of them zooming downhill at insane speeds and almost knocking me off a cliff. One of these geniuses had no helmet on...

      Got to the top of the 'singletrack' and there was a guy there with a broken shoulder waiting to get picked up and taken to the hospital. Then some kid shows up with a massive DH bike (his mom drove him to the top, obviously - no superfluous energy being spent here), asking for directions to where his mom can pick him up after a grueling ride down the trail.

      So anyway, despite the idiots this place seems to attract, its a nice trail. Not particularly technical, but watch out for them sandy patches! I went early (6 am) and had a nice breeze and lots of shade for the climb along the reservoir and beyond. Finished by going down Victoria to Alpine back to Peutz St...
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 13 miles Elevation change: 2000?
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=80% Paved Path=10%
      The Seaclasper a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 'Soupy Sales' model Trek from Sandy Eggo, CA


    • Trail UpdateRode On Tuesday-Bitchin trail. We took the bypass route, and went around all of the obstacles this time. It seems sandier than when we went a couple of weeks ago, although that is unlikely.

      Here is a pic of the first of the obstacles as you are riding out.

      My buddy is next to the wall to give you an idea of the size of it. As you can see, a quick lift over the side would get you around, but no need with the new bypass. This shot is taken from the bypass.

      Great views were to be had, as it was a clear hot day, and as we came back down we snapped this pic over the reservoir.


      Good ride. Total of 2000 feet of ascension, 12 miles and no broken gear. Didn't see anyone else the whole day.
      Froggystyle a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateConfused: Poster Below-I checked out sdmba.com, and the only thing I found on Anderson was something from summer 2003. Is that what you were talking about? I can see how the residents would be angry about the litter and riders. There is broken glass a'plenty, and I think I even saw a shattered toilet up on the trail. Huh??? I hope the toilet isn't bike-related, but if it is, I would imagine nobody going UP would be carrying it... I was driving my car after the ride away from the 8 north on Peutz, and some Jackson was doing a wheeley on the road in a blind curve on a steep hill. He almost wiped when I came around the bend. There are quite a few idiots on this planet, and unfortunately, we socal bikers are a representative cross section of that population.
      Adam Burch a 24 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Fuji Hardtail with toilet rack from San Diego URL: 2003 anderson article


    • Trail UpdateIf you want to know the real story on this trail, go to san diego mountain bike association site (sdmba.com) and ckick on trails, then Anderson. They have the true facts.

      Mountain biker and SDMBA member


    • Trail UpdateJuly 2004 Trail Update-Hit the road at 5:45 this morning. Conditions on the trail are good, it just seems to get more sandy every time I go. Also, the trail is a bit eroded in spots, looks like it could collapse on a couple turns. Is the feud with the metal-wall-guy still going on? When I was driving around, I passed a couple downhillers on the pavement that flipped off a blue house near the metal wall. I assume that is his place....
      On a side note, does anyone ever park at the lake and ride up the trail from there? I only ever hear of parking under the bridge, but you could avoid that guy, a bunch of pavement, and increase the length of the uphill climb.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Adam Burch a 24 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Fuji Hardtail from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateJuly 2004 Update-First off, I didn't even know about the drama on this trail. We rode last week and had a total blast. Parked under the overpass at the bottom of Peutz, ascended the road until a trailhead on the left, and went over a couple of easy barriers which we assumed were to keep motorized vehicles out, which they would absolutely do, and rode up the trail. After cresting over towards the back side, we turned around, did a little cool loop and descended all the way back. No pitfalls, flying snakes or nailboards this time. We had planned on riding again, but now are worried about it. We found it in a mountain bike trail guide, and a bunch of people recommended it highly, and now I know why.

      So, did the problem resolve itself, or is it still a big deal. I have no interest in pissing anyone off, and just want to ride some near-hardcore trails.

      I am planning to head up to the one mile marker next time, and avoiding the only spots on the trail I saw any hint of not wanting anyone in there.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 9.8 Elevation change: 1300
      Froggystyle a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized M5 from SD


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Truck Trail-I've ridden ATT 3 times since the fires. I most recently rode it on 6-12-4 without any problems. A ranger I encounterd in April 04 didn't stop me to inform me that the park was closed, nor have I had my vehicled damaged while it was parked on Peutz Valley Rd near Alpine Blvd. Moreover, I have never had a run in with any of the kind local residents. FYI- it is now possible to easily pass around the steel wall on the left.

      My route includes ascending to the water tank via Alpine Blvd. and descending on ATT. One of my top 3 favorite SD rides. The other two are Lake Morena and, of course, Nobel.

      Rock On,

      Gear Shifter
      Ride distance: 14 Elevation change: 1300
      Singletrack=25% Paved Path=50% Truck Trail=25%
      Gear Shifter a 39 year old Cross-Country Rider from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateHey.... mtbiker! We feel your pain....

      BUT....use your energy elsewhere. Some awesome trails in
      Sa Diego county. I know, I know.... bummer to loose a great
      one like ATT. But time mends all. Put that in your past and
      ride the other hundreds of miles out there.

      Peace, respect.........out
      Ride distance: 0 miles Elevation change: no more
      Mtbchip a 46 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Blur ... cause I like it from San Diego......all over


    • Trail UpdateLOL-...yeah attack me for saying I'm going to defend myself and property? This is still America right? I thought it was against the law to willfully destroy someones property? What I am talking about is "right to pass" which causes no person any harm. But you say "We don't want mtnbikers" ...big deal, say that all you want. I am not causing you any loss of income or destroying any property, so why can't I just ride my bike past your precious little house? You are not a nice person, and to attack me for saying I'll defend myself, is lame. You suck ass (by the way that sentance does not really contain any vulgarity - I simply mean to suck donkey :) Have a nice day, oh and by the way "most people" don't hate mtn.bikers, only small minded people like yourself, who have thier own self interests before anything else. Still waiting to hear a good reason why me passing quietly on my bike causes you any harm?
      Ride rating: Beginner
      Ride distance: 1millionmiles Elevation change: not enough
      you blow and suck a 27 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a some old bike from anytown


    • Trail UpdateHey, what's up with the last guy. Boy, if most mountain bikers are as classless as the 100 year old, "bite me" rider, no wonder most people don't like mountain bikers. Can't you read, Anderson Truck trail isn't public land. Go buy your own land and with all your weapons, ride your bike there. This trail site isn't the place for all your vulgar language.
      mountainbkrman a 30 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a specialized from pine valley


    • Trail UpdateBite Me-I want to know under what "law" the Forestry service is handing out "500" tickets? And if someone is breaking out windows, they are destroying private property and that is against the law, and if there is all this law enforcement in the area seems stupid that they (law enforcment) should do something to stop it. I do not like to be threatened and one day just might park my van, hide in the back with a bat and break someones face if they try to do anything to my vehical. I am totaly seriuos and if the one posting is the one breaking out windows I am warning you! I could care less what the stupid "Puetz Valley" residents want, if it is public lands, I have a right to pass. Just because you own a little piece of property up there does not give you the right to dictate what happens in the local mtns. If you don't like it go move back to the city, my passing by on a mtn.bike does not harm you in anyway... why do you want to cause me harm? You SUCK ASS! I'll be bringing my bat (and maybe something with a little more kick just in case)
      Ride rating: Beginner
      Ride distance: whatever Elevation change: very little
      Dont threaten me a 100 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a some old bike from any town


    • Trail UpdateI live in Alpine and used to ride ATT all the time, every day from my house in Alpine. The last entry is wrong. CNF does have control over the road at the top, Anderson Road, it is posted closed since the fire, forestry is partolling it thru the day. I have been stopped and warned, almost ticketted. I have called the forestry and been to their Alpine station because of the harrassing Forestry police. This whole trial is either private property and CNF. So whoever thinks different is wrong. Unless you live up here in Alpine you town people do not know what you are talking about. The people who live on Puetz Valley Road and on Anderson Road do not want bicycles out there any more and will do everything and anything to keep riders out. And the guy who thinks that there isn't broken windows busted out weekly under the bridge, well he should park his vehicle under there and see what happens. Or park his truck up at the top, drive thru the road closed posted signs and see if his truck is there when he returns. He doesn't know what he is talking about because this area is patrolled and off limits.
      a Cross-Country Rider from alpine


    • Trail UpdateATT UPDATE-Contrary to what you might have read on the internet, ATT is not in the CNF's jurisdiction. It is open to ride if you don't trespass on Native land and private property. Good luck.
      Aquaholic riding a Bobcat from SD


    • Trail UpdatePlant?-wtf? this post looks like a plant to me... under what law is the forestry service "giving out $500" tickets, and if I happen to go here and "someone break out my windows" I think I'd break "someones face". I dont like to be treatened, and really think this is a bogus report.
      Ride rating: Beginner
      Ride distance: whatever Elevation change: kiss it
      suck me a 27 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a some old bike from anytown


    • Trail UpdateAnderson is still closed by the Cleveland National Forest. Rangers have road closed at the top, forestry giving out tickets $500. and towing vehicles.
      At the bottom at Puetz, sherriff's still harassing riders and if someone does chance it, 90% chance of having window busted out. NEW broken glass all the time. This ride isn't worth all the hassle any more.
      from a Puetz Valley resident, mountain biker.


    • Trail UpdateAnybody know the status of Anderson? Last time I tried to ride it was about a month ago and a local Sherriff asked me to leave. Any news???

      By the way, Bofus can suck it!
      Vince a 30 year old Downhiller riding a Specialized Big Hit D/H from Alpine


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Truck Trail-Well Gray Davis (too bad about getting recalled by the way) not notifying the police was a mistake on my part, and it will not happen again. Trust me, now I know who he is. There is a place for people like him, they are called INSANCE ASYLUMS!
      Jason a 28 year old Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateJason: report him to the police! That's assault with a deadly weapon.
      Gray Davis


    • Trail UpdateValue Of Human Life-After being the victim of Billy BobCat (or whatever you call him) swerving at my vehicle and coming within inches of hitting me, I have to say that I am appalled at the insignificant value that that man (and his wife) put on human life just because some mtn bikers choose to ride on a trail that has been there for years and years on the edge of his property. Simply put, a man like that should get whatever he's got coming to him, which I sincerely hope is something VERY VERY bad.
      Jason a 28 year old Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateMr. Bofus, You are sure a evil person. How can you possibly say anything about damage to ATT. After you poured gallons of Henry's tar in the bushes, drove your big backhoe up and down the hill, digging 13 huge holes, pulling the rock banks down, you alone have done more damage the fire. God knows why he spared you little hovel of a house. Maybe you should act like the Christian you claim to be. I don't think the mountain bikers are hippies but think your are a mental alcoholic in serious need of help.


    • Trail UpdateDo The Sierra Club Thing-
      You are all welcome on the ATT. Just load your camelbaks with hydroseed and start with the revegetation. Heck, you darn hippie mountainbikers weren't stopped by my bigass wall, what's to say you won't still ride in my backyard now that it's a burned-out wasteland ready to wash away after the first hard rain?

      I heard you can get 4" california oak seedlings from Evergreen or others for about a dollar each.
      Gene Bofus riding a R-7 Skid Steer with a Romic Twin Tube from Alpine


    • Trail UpdateAlot of it Dirtjunkie. The trail is sooo unrideable, lots of ruts, sandy, and the tree at the midway point is burned out. Sure will be a hot one if they ever re-open the trail. Its such a shame. Sure am going to miss Att! RIP.
      harddrock a 26 year old riding a FSR


    • Trail UpdateYep, I was ticketed there the other day. My buddy almost was arrested as well as we came out from the alternate route that bypasses Bofus's property. We did see a foresty truck up at four corners, I think he tipped us off as we descended downhill to avoid him. Sure enough, the local authorities were there. Stay away from this trail, its not worth it!!!
      Hardrock a 26 year old Downhiller riding a Specialized FSR from SD




    • Trail UpdateJust one question remaining,how much of the trail is burned?
      DIRTJUNKIE a 41 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Intense Uzzi-SL from Lamesa


    • Trail UpdateATT After The Fire-The fire did burn the trail. Now the good news, you can by pass Billy-Bobcat's fences via a trail head just a little further up from the old location. Look for the round tank that is always painted with something new. This tank is on the right side of the road as you climb up the road. There is a trail head on the left side almost opposite the tank. Using this trail head will by pass the fences. Yes BillyBobcat's place survived the fire.


    • Trail UpdateRE: Flying Snake-While I wouldn't put it past him, it's not likely.

      His ugly little hovel of a home wasn't there 2 1/2 years ago.
      He just built it around a year ago.

      Your snake flew of his own accord, perhaps a sucide
      attempt...or maybe he was pushed by a mean old coyote.

      PV Resident


    • Trail UpdateFlying Snake??-About two and a half years ago my son and I were enjoying the nice semi-technical downhill riding that Anderson provides when a rattlesnake fell off a 12 foot high cliff and almost landed on my son's back!! I was about 15 feet behind him and it was all I could do to get stopped before running right over the snake. This is the first time I have ever seen or even heard of something like this happening. Now after hearing about the recent events involving everyone's favorite moral killer in the area, I'm wondering if that snake didn't have a little help coming over the edge?? With all the crap this guy has pulled up there I wouldn't be surprised. I miss riding Anderson the way it used to be. What can we do to make all this insanity stop so all us fun loving mountain bikers can ride there again without having to wonder about what's going to happen next?????
      Sailor a 41 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a an old but still going strong GT LTS from San Diego .com


    • Trail UpdateGreetings

      I am a Peutz Valley resident, extremely concerned as you all are about the Anderson Truck Trail and the escalating events.

      My number one concern is safety for children and families who hike the trail, and all of you. Many of us here in the valley take our children to the waterfall. Local Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts also use the trail to earn hiking badges.

      Through my own observations, and those of neighbors who have spoken with "Bobcat", he is NOT a rational man. He is rather unwell, mentally, and I mean no disrepect with that statement.

      My point is that myself and neighbors respectfully ask that you do not do anything to further anger or escalate this situation. We all fear harm for our children, you and ourselves.

      Please know we are working together in the Valley to find a safe and acceptable access for all. We are working quickly.

      Again, please do not anger or irritate this emotionally unstable man.

      Geri Herold


    • Trail UpdateThis is pretty ironic since based on the info below, Billy Bobcat is the one who could (and should) be arrested for trespassing. He's causing damage and has been operating a motor vehicle on someone else's land. I think a few people even have photos of him in the act if I'm not mistaken. Since he's causing damage to property other than his own, it's too bad that we can't get the owner of the property to press charges against him.
      Jill H a 34 year old Racer from Bonsall


    • Trail UpdateCA Penal Code 602-Unless you're an idiot, you really can't get nailed for tresspassing in CA.

      Basically, you can't be found guilty of tresspassing (Penal Code 602) on private land unless you are:

      - causing damage to property/crops/livestock
      - starting a fire
      - shooting a firearm
      - driving a motorized vehicle
      - were been asked to leave but didn't
      - are "squatting" on the property
      - entered private buildings/structures

      Just riding your bike across the property? A-OK. Even if you had to jump a fence to get there. Yes, even if it was posted "No Tresspassing". If anyone stops to talk to you, immediately tell them "you were just leaving" and get out, so they can't say you refused to leave.

      Can the cops write you a ticket? You bet, they don't even have to specify which section of PC602. They leave up to the prosecutor, which is BS if you ask me (you ought to be told what you did wrong). You'll waste three days fighting it in court, but charges will eventually be dropped due to "lack of evidence" if you review PC602 and stick to your innocent plea. Assuming (of course) you weren't causing any damage, if you were you've got it coming to you.
      1000-Oaks a 32 year old Downhiller riding a crummy bike from Thousand Oaks


    • Trail UpdateBobcat Will Die-Billy Bobcat is going to end up dead.

      OJ Simpson


    • Trail UpdateBE CAREFUL!-Note To All MTB Folks from a Peutz Valley Road resident:

      If you're going to attempt to ride Anderson, be VERY careful.
      As you all noticed, there's been a blockade erected on the
      trail. The homeowner on the property immediately adjacent
      to the trail aka BOFUS, aka Billy Bobcat has also placed a
      number of other dangerous obstacles on the trail.

      It's my understanding that one biker was injured the other
      day when he stepped on a board loaded with nails and
      punctured his foot. Another rider blew out tires from running
      over another nail board and was subsequently threatened
      with a hammer by the homeowner while trying to repair his

      Valley residents later saw the Sheriff's department at the
      house. We believe that one of the bikers must have notified
      the police about the incident.

      This guy is clearly unstable and all of you need to be careful.

      Peutz Valley residents are keeping a watchful eye on things
      as well. Please keep us informed of anything you see via this
      message board as we are actively compiling the complaints
      and considering our options in dealing with a hostile

      PVR Resident


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Access And IMBA-Mtnbikerman,

      You can check out www.imba.com to see details on at least some of what IMBA is up to on behalf of members like yourself. Here in San Diego County, IMBA's assistance, along with San Diego Mountain Biking Association and San Diego County Trails Council has helped to open or preserve trail access at various places including Cuyamaca Rancho State Park where you can now ride several miles of trail that have been closed since 1989. And there's more to come.

      At Anderson, SDMBA and IMBA (through my personal involvement as an IMBA rep) have been very active trying to resolve some rather difficult problems. First of all, it's not at all clear that the public has any legal right at all to access to the trail on the private lands at the bottom and top of the trail. Both IMBA and SDMBA respect private property rights. Still, we are doing all we can to work with land owners, land managers and law enforcement to resolve these problems. A primary challenge is getting more local trail users like yourself involved in the process, coming to meetings, etc. If you're interested in the Anderson issue, I encourage you to come to the next SDMBA meeting. We need all the help we can get.

      -Daniel Greenstadt
      IMBA State Representative - California South URL: http://www.sdmba.com


    • Trail UpdateYeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!-I'm gonna ride that anderson dude good and hard!

      DFT riding a Stink de-lux from Sand Eigo, CA


    • Trail UpdateWheres The IMBA-isn't there anything we "as a group" can do to fight back??? What the HELL am I paying dues to IMBA and USA cycling for anyway? Is there any REAL groups that help to fight against the closing of trails... every year more people take to the dirt on bikes... but every year more trails get closed... the more trails that get closed means the traffic on other trails goes up and creates more user conflicts (parking ect) and thus MORE trails become suject to closure... is this the end of mountain biking? Or will it become the "rouge" and truley illeagal activity like skateboarding was in the early 80's? I WILL NEVER STOP RIDING, and we need activist group that offers more then just lip service (IMBA where are you?). Peace
      Ride rating: Beginner
      Ride distance: no more rides here? Elevation change: attitudes have to change
      Mtnbikerman a 27 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Giant MCM Team from Long Beach


    • Trail UpdateWHAT AN A__HOLE-Trial is closed watch out for SHeriff's

      Another GOOD TAIL CLOSED


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Truck Trail-As of this week the trail is closed. Billy bobcat has put up a new SOLID steel wall accross trail with no way around it, without risking falling straight down cliff on the left side. If you shuttle down and come out on the road, he is in with the local sherriffs and you will be arrested. He has the sherriffs snowed as the victim, and has convinced them that the trail is on his property. He also watches with a telescope for all activity coming down the single track and is there waiting. He is a real horses ass.


    • Trail UpdateBob-Does anybody know the latest status of Anderson. I havent been for a while (since I moved), and don't want to wast a drive if it is a bust.
      Bob a 30 year old Weekend Warrior from Oceanside


    • Trail UpdateI've ridden in LA/Malibu, Angeles Crest, OC and SD
      and I'll tell you there is excellent riding in all of these areas. The best riding in San Diego is not
      posted. I'm not going to disclose my personal favorites
      as the outcome would be similar to what's happening on this trail. As a whole mountainbikers are considerate.
      I think this trail has been abused and overused. Let it
      go. Obviously we're pissing the locals off. They have
      a right to their property. Explore! I can tell you
      you are only minutes away from better riding when you are here.
      a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Intense...of course


    • Trail UpdateIf you don't like san diego than leave. one less person on our trails is fine by me


    • Trail UpdateAlpine Trail RIP-since coming down to SD county from LA, i've pinpointed 3 great rides in south-socal (OC and SD cty) and this was one. others are ortega and noble. admittedly I've always put off the latter, but now it's just a matter of time. why? Because mt biking in the area just got 1/3 worse!!

      there might be some great extreme sh** down here, but LA/Malibu counties easily beat OC/SD in trail choices.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Rek a 32 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Trek Rek from Pacific Beach


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Truck Trail-There are now two fences. One as you enter the trail about 200 feet off road and another at the second No Trespassing rock pile by Billybob's property. This second fence, constructed by Billybob is well constructed, if you try to go around it you could drop straight down the cliff, pretty scary. Downhillers, if you make it past that fence, coming out to the road, then you have the second legal fence to deal with. Then you have Billybob and the sherriff which have been there on Thursday and Friday, and he is ready to have riders arrested for trespassing. Well this looks like the end of our great ride in Alpine.
      climber from alpine


    • Trail UpdateATT And A NEW FENCE-Warning A fence has been installed near trail head off Puetz Valley Road on May 22, 2003. If you ride trail recommend entering from Anderson Road and doing a down and back(a great downhill and then an awesome climb back!). This is a legal fence installed for current property owner. So all you downhillers be aware. As far as I know there is no legal access out around the fence.

      Pink_floyd a 47 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a The_redhead from Alpine


    • Trail UpdateNew Road, Old Trail...-The shuttle access road (private-so keep the speed down) has just been regraded by "earl". The trail is clear but has changed much in the past four months. New Jumps, new lines, and bigger ruts on the "World Cup" portion. The "Truck Trail" portion is good until the last 1/8 mile that is still using alternate singletrack to avoid homeowner problem. Enjoy the ride while we still have it and thank the trail advocates!
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 8 miles round-trip Elevation change: moderate
      Singletrack=25% Truck Trail=75%
      DHDAN a 32 year old Racer riding a BigHitDH w/Bomber 6 from SD


    • Trail UpdateATT-I just road ATT Saturday the 8th of Feb, trail is getting better and no signs of any nails. Just a warning trail head at Puetz first 200 yards a little ruff but getting better! Remeber when you ride out there always be cool to the homeowners, and avoid Billybob Cat's property. There is just a little hike a bike by his section!

      Have fun

      Keep the shiney side up and the rubber side down!:-)

      Pink_floyd a 47 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a The_redhead from Alpine


      DAVE a 25 year old Downhiller riding a BIGHIT from LAKESIDE


    • Trail UpdateAnderson And Booby Traps-These spikes are about 1 1/2" long designed to flat your tires. Just be on the lookout for them. We don't know for sure that Billy-Bobcat is the culprit, so stay cool and ride aware. More information about this on message board.
      Pink_floyd a 47 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a The_redhead from Alpine


    • Trail UpdateFergit This Stuff-if i get hurt from one of his traps i will make him pay AND THATS A PROMISE i wasn't always a law abiding citizen
      Rockstar a 30 year old Weekend Warrior riding a 2001 marin eldridge grade, 2003 Trek Liquid 20 from San diego, san francisco


    • Trail UpdateNew What??-If I get impaled by some device on this trail, I'm going to pull it out and place it gently through bobcat man's "personal space."


    • Trail UpdateWarning New Booby Traps Found-New devices found on trail just to warn you. These new devices are not just nails thrown on the trail, they are actual handmade spikes hidden in brush and dirt. Vance Francis owner of Alpine Bike Shop (2612 Alpine Blvd. east end of town), has one in his shop. Vance also has information he researched about ownership of trail. If you do ride the trail bring extra tubes and be carefull. Vance still rides the trail once a week and is very informed. More info posted on the message board.
      Pink_floyd a 47 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a The_redhead from Alpine


    • Trail UpdateTrail Open?-Can anyone pass along the latest information on this trail. Has it been completely closed and made unridable?


    • Trail UpdateRequest-Please keep all discussion regarding Anderson to the message board where it belongs.



    • Trail UpdateNO Media!!!-No Media!!! We talked about this at the SDMBA meeting last night! If the media becomes involved, we as mountain bikers could potentially be cutting our own throats. When the media becomes involved, you never know what kind of a spin they are going to put on the story; they are paid to report the most sensational news and cannot be trusted to show us in the most favorable light. Let's face it, many residents in the area just don't like us mountain bikers as a group. What happens when the media goes around and starts talking to them and then WE end up looking like a bunch of disrespectful jerks? Two years ago, this same thing happened...does anyone remember the article in the San Diego Union Tribune about Anderson Truck Trail than made the mountain bikers look pretty bad?

      We all know that the majority of us trail users are very respectful of the residents in this area and that it's the "bad apples" that are ruining it for us all. Unfortunately, since we are the most visible group out there, we are easy targets to pin blame on things like noise and trash.

      SDMBA is working with the proper authorities on getting this mess cleaned up the right and legal way. Please folks, let's not jeopardize this by calling in the media. My opinion is if we call the media in, we run the risking of losing more than we may gain...but that's just my opinion. Let SDMBA do their job...
      Jill H a Racer from Bonsall, CA


    • Trail UpdateThe Turko Files! I put a call into Mike Turko at KUSI Television. Now I have not heard back but I think he could speed up the process with the trail. I think the more people that call his number at(858)571-3453(this is a voice mail) he may do a show on it. I live in Alpine and love this trail and I hate like heck to lose it. If you are not already a member of the SDMBA, I suggest you join. They are there for problems like this. Check their web site at www.sdmba.com they have a bulletin board with info about this trail. I have not ridden this trail since 12-7-02 I picked up all the nails I could find. Please if you do ride respect the "No Trespassing" signs and the people who live out there, they are not all jerks. Remember you can draw more flies with sugar than vinegar. Have a great ride and keep the rubber side down!
      Pink_floyd a 47 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a The_redhead from Alpine


    • Trail UpdateDo What You Can.-This guy has clearly gone out of his way to raise hate and discontent for people that have been riding the trail longer than he has lived there. Do whatever you can to undo the damage that has been done. Talk with Sean at the local bike shop, write a letter to congress, do whatever it takes to get the damage reversed. We can't let this asshole just waltz in here and dick around with our beloved trail.
      Eigil Bisgaard a 17 year old Downhiller riding a Cortina DH-8 from Alpine, CA


    • Trail UpdateThe Andersen Idiot-yeah i mtb too, but has anyone heard of hikers throwing a fit also? this trail is also registered in san diego hikers guide and crap like that. maybe the battle (whoever wants to fight it) can be more easily won with those people on our side also.
      sabbath a 27 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a hardtail from san diego


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Update Ė 12-10-02-Even more damage starting at the entrance of the trail and running down to the old rusted steel gate, which is now back blocking the trail. The new damage is extensive with trenches cut across about every six feet or so. The upper trail looks clear most of the tacks and tar booby trapping now gone. Why is it that this moron can do this level of damage (well beyond his property line and on some other personís land) and no one can stop him?


    • Trail UpdatePlease post any discussion of what is happening at Anderson to the bulletin board.

      Thank you


    • Trail UpdateReply To Resident-I'm sure that Mountain bikers can accept part of the blame for being unsensitive at times and leaving a few things behind that they shouldn't. We should be more watchful and considerate. However, I've been using the trail for many years and I see that as the exception. Most bike riders are normal citizens of the comunity and want the same things that you do.

      I believe that the mountain bikers have been falsely blamed for much of what you express. For example, most of the trash along the road was left by the construction crews that worked on the guardrails or the freeway bridge. I witnessed it happening. I also witnessed other things happening in the same area, like the other day when 4 high schools kids got off the buss right below the bridge and threw their drink containers and candy wrappers on the street before they walked off.

      The irate property owner at 682 Peutz Vallay Road strongly believes that it's the mountain bikers fault for the 21 Circle K cups that he had to pick up on his property after he moved in. He told me that. However, he would not consider the truth that none of the bikers with hydropacks on their back would ever be carrying that type of drink container past his property. It just wouldn't happen.

      I think it's time for a little sanity and good nature to return to Peutz Valley. The residents of the valley enjoy the trail as much as we do and it to our mutual benefit to preserve access that we all need in order to enjoy the beauty and recreation that the Cleveland National Forest offers.


    • Trail UpdateResidents Concern-I have lived on Peutz Valley Road for many years. Most weekends and holidays I have to literally drive around bikers sitting in the middle of the road fixing their bikes, equipment laying all over the place, people standing in the middle of the road chatting and totally oblivious to residential traffic. Then there is the aftermath of trash left all over the road after everyone is finished for the day. Maybe if there was more consideration to the people who have to live and commute along this road there wouldn't be so many problems. I totally respect everyone's rights to use public access but there also needs to be respect for people's property, regardless of how you feel about their usage of their own property. At this point however, the bike riders who use Peutz Valley have been so invasive, that I wish Peutz Valley was a gated community.


    • Trail UpdateWHATS UP WITH THE TRAIL!!!!-Whats going on with this trail, just rode it the other day with a friend and we nearlly crashed with the first part being blocked with crap and now part of the trail is destroyed. I also have come arcoss nails being scattered on the trail and had a dirt biker push my friend and I off the trail. Who's the son of a bitch causing all of this!!!
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Dirt Road=100% Paved Path=10% Truck Trail=100%
      Clinton Popp a 21 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Legal?-Anderson Truck Trail is on the County maps along with numerous other truck trails. None of them to my knowledge were created by grant deed or reservation. Neither were our existing State and County highways. The County's truck trails were cut out of necessity in the early and mid 1900s and have withstood court challenges by private property owners over the years. Some of the truck trails serve as the only means of access for private landowners. Some are fully improved in parts; others have not been maintained.

      The property owner at 682 Peutz Valley Road may possibly own the land that a small part of the trail crosses as it turns toward the trailhead -- the site of his first barricade. I say possibly because the maps would indicate that all of Anderson Trail may be to the east of his land. His path of destruction has likely been accross other people's lands, land owned by the water district (a public agency) and National Forest land under BLM control. All of Anderson Truck Trail lies within Cleveland National Forest.

      He had no right to create the damage that he has. He has done so with the sole intent to cause harm to anyone using the trail but him.


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Trail Update-I've been riding this trail for 10 yrs, through the shuttle fiasco, and now through this access problem.I always thought the Peutz access was a legal easement, through private property, to Cleveland NF land, which carries through to Viejas Tribal lands, but all a legal trail. If anyone knows the true story, what
      this guy's rights are to block access, etc., I would be grateful.
      This morning, my buddy and I picked up +200 large 1 in. roofing-type nails at the top end of the single track, from just below the lookout pt. and up to 4 corners. Nasty stuff for tires and flesh. This guy obviously has a vendetta so try to kill him with kindness if he confronts you.
      The destruction of the trail is mindless, but what are the trail legalities here?
      Be respectful of the Peutz Valley residents, they're my neighbors and not mean-spirited. I haven't talked to this new turkey yet, but actions speak louder...
      from Alpine


    • Trail UpdateVerbal Warning?-To who? And what for?
      Back Country


    • Trail UpdateAnderson 12 / 07-Just got back from Anderson... was greeted by a Sheriff as I exited the trail... We even took the advice of several others and avoided as much of the south westerly portions as possible by "hike-a-biking" on a small trail to get back to the main trail.. We explained that we had gone well out of our desired path to avoid the "private property"... a verbal warning ensued... I think showing that we're making an effort is our best chance to avoid fines etc until the situation is resolved... good luck ... and do watch out for the tar which is everywhere... unforunate enough to be picking it out of my rear cassette as soon as i post this... happy holidays
      drc a 22 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a hardtail from san diego


    • Trail UpdateAnderson 12/7-Go get 'em guys....as a resident of Peutz Valley, I've watched this guy tear up his property and proceed to ruin your bike trail.

      Just remember we're not all mindless psychos so please treat the rest of us with a little courtesy and respect. Most of the homeowners in the valley that I know are happy to live and let live.

      So keep up the fight and try not to get hurt.


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Link Again-Here is the link to Anderson trail destruction again. This time it works.
      Mouse jockey a 36 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Giant from San Diego URL: http://www.lambertphoto.com/AndersonPhotos/index.htm


    • Trail UpdateAnderson 12/6-I walked Anderson today, It is pretty ridable now most all the way. The interesting thing is, if you see the pictures on the web (link below), there is a picture of a metal handrail that is spanning the trail. That handrail was removed and placed on the side of the trail as I went up. One hour later, as I was descending, the barrier was back in place, spanning the trail and covered in roofing tar; making it very difficult to move without really getting messy. I didn't have gloves so I didn't move it. Just watch out for that if you are planning on riding Anderson. It is not a blind corner so you will see it. It is about 1/2 mile from Peutz Valley Road after the detour section of the trail. It was pretty unnerving to walk back up and see it placed across the trail again. Also a tree sapling was torn out and placed across the trail covered in roofing tar.
      Mouse jockey a 36 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Giant from San Diego URL: Pictures of Anderson destruction


    • Trail UpdateMore Trail Damage - 12-6-02-I was up at Anderson this afternoon and found that someone (I wonder who) has dropped tacks down the trail and covered a lot of the obstacle areas with thick black tar, mainly the upper part of the old single track. Itís still ride-able but if you were planning on going out there this weekend I would take a patch kit and/or tubes with you. I stopped by the local sheriffís office after my ride and basically got a bunch of BS, they told me itís not their problem and itís a forestry issue. I guess this means this guy isnít quite ready to ďcease and desistĒ just yet. Take along a container and pick up all the tacks you see. If everyone does this theyíll be cleared in a day or two. We need to keep ridding the trail and be very courteous to the local residents.


    • Trail UpdateAnother Update 12-5-02-Formal complaints have been filed with the San Diego County Code Enforcement Division and the Department of Forestry. The property owner at 682 Peuts Valley Road has been ordered to remove the heavy grading equipment from his property and immediately cease and desist. The Forestry Service is investigating him for environmental damage and possible criminal actions due to his malicious acts with intent to cause harm to others. In his extreme rage, he has extended his reach and damage far beyond his own property. Use extreme caution. The guy is so raving mad that he cannot talk straight. If anyone has been injurred because of this guys actions, please post a reply.

      Important to the County as well as the Department of Forestry is the fact that the surrounding area is designated and mapped as mitigation land for the San Diego Multpiple Species Conservation Program. It is also within the boundaries of the Cleveland National Forest and subject to an overlay of enforcement by several agencies.

      Another development that is uncertain at this point is the possibility that none of the Anderson Trail is may actually be on this guy's own property. It is very possible that all of the trailhead area lies within the property lines of the next parcel, 51 acres in size. More to follow.

      Be patient. Cool heads will persist.


    • Trail UpdateWhoville Mayor-I am totally unaware of the rape that has occurred on the trail. The guys land goes pretty far back to the North, but if he went any further than his boundy lines there will be hell to pay. The Forestry does not take kindly to bike trails no less something hacked up by a bobcat. We will fly over the area in an attempt to map the damage and capture photos for a presentation to the Cleveland Forestry Department. In the meantime, STAY CLEAR OF THIS GUY, he's trouble. Let me work on this with the Sherrif's Department and the Forestry.
      The trailhead needs to move East of his property (way East). The landowner there has no problem with riders crossing his land. Everyone settle down, be careful and DO NOT get in a confrontation with this dirtbag trail rapist. You will ruin it for everyone and there will be no one to blame but yourself. I live there and am probably the only one that can save Whoville. Stay calm or stay home.

      from Whoville/Alpine


    • Trail UpdateIs The Grinch Steeling Anderson?-The holidays are here and the joy of giving, sharing and freedom are what make our country great....but a Grinch lurks amongts us...with the intent to cause harm and destruction to our Anderson trail...(he owns a bobcat backho and went out at night to do his deed) The Indians would call this.."raping the land." (LOOK at the photo's...thanks Bullittx.) Anderson is under assualt and if he doesn't have the right to do what he has....we have a grand stand. Oh, thanks to the 3 cool downhillers I met today who cleared the metal obstacle placed by the Grinch to harm us....I agree with WingMan and Heckler....And we need local riders and neightbors to chime in too..(GoGirls know)...
      Contact the local rangers too and lets do a trail maintanence party soon.... ride on and respect our land....... URL: steel hardtail curtlo......


    • Trail UpdateLots Of Trail Damaged!!!!-I went out today to ride the trail and noticed the blockage at Peutz road. I didnt see any private property signs so I attempted to ride on but someone with a backhoe has damaged the trail about every 50 yards. I'm talking everything from minor dirt piles to large boulders and brush totally blocking the trail. I went about 1.5 miles up before giving up. Some guys coming down said it goes all the way to the top.

      Landowners blocking access to their property sucks but I dont blame them (after reading the previous posts). Damaging the entire trail is another matter, the Federal Forest service might need to look at this matter.

      Is there any way the trailhead can be modified to bypass private property?


    • Trail UpdateKnow Where To Ride-This trail is the experts rating at High Speed. Miss a turn and end up on a helicopter evac. Take note young grasshoppers. 15 years I've lived atop Anderson Truck Trail. Recently moved to a lower elevation in Alpine. I was the guy behind the KC Ranch gate (the big white gate with wagon wheels on it and KC at the top). I too ride and have the E ticket you'd die for. Listen close my sons and daughters. Ride the trail but be respectful of the land owners - THAT'S IT. Too many riders leaving trash and whooping it up at 3 a.m. with lights blasting. So says the guy that blocked the trail at Puetz Valley. He had his phone lines cut by an irrate rider. Not good. He wishes us all certain death now. (Thanks dude whoever you were). The trail is full extreme downhillers paradise. My advise. Don't bring bus loads, keep it mellow, ride in small groups, respect the boundry lines, keep it quiet as possible and pee where no one can see. Is that too much to ask? I rode the trail Saturday 11-16-2002 the recent rain made it so nice. At the end I encountered the demon trail blocker, we chatted a while, compared notes. I know how he wants you to come out and into the trail LEGALLY. I'll write more when I figure out how to describe it in words. By the way, best time down from my gate to under the bridge is 9:15 seconds. Beat that.
      Wax on wax off. SAS
      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: 7.5 miles Elevation change: 2000
      Singletrack=55% Dirt Road=10% Truck Trail=35%
      Steve a 44 year old Die-hard Enthusiast from Alpine


    • Trail UpdateDownhillers Close Another Trail-We have been riding this trail for 10 years. Not until the last couple, when downhillers started shuttling this trail have all the problems started. I understand the sport of downhilling. But I can not think of a local trail that you guys shuttle, that is not in jeopardy of being closed. Noble, Lake Morena, Cuyamanca. Catch a glue before nothing is left to ride.

      Dan/ San Diego


    • Trail UpdateYou Wanna Help Get It Back Open?-The only way this might happen is if people would stop poaching this trail. Everyone has known since Feb. or March of this year that this trail is not legal. That the land owners did not want mtb's on his/her land. I agree that it is a great trail. However, ask yourself....If I have to climb under a fence to get to the trail....you probably should not be on it.

      Ride distance: na miles Elevation change:
      mtnbikej a 29 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a SC BULLIT & SC CHAMELEON


    • Trail UpdateCaution! Trailhead Blocked!-I attempted to ride Anderson Trail on Wednesday 11-13-02 and found that a property owner has built a mound that comletely blocks the trail about 200 yards from the trailhead on Peutz Valley Road. Caution! The blockage is at the first sharp corner. If you get rolling too fast and don't expect it, you could get hurt.

      I talked with the property owner and he said that he intentionally installed the blockage and will soon completely fence-off the area to prevent mountain bike riders from entering the trail. He is extremely angry and wishes nothing but harm to anyone who nears his property.

      I consider this one of San Diego County's premier riding trails. I'm sure that many of us do. However, it's public use will now come to an end unless something can be done. Any ideas?

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 5 miles Elevation change: 2000'
      Singletrack=33% Truck Trail=66%
      Art a Cross-Country Rider riding a Specailized FSR XC from Alpine


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Truck Trail-I parked underneathe the Interstate 8 and rode into the trail from there. Awesome views of the lake on the way up (San Vicente... I think), but there is a lot of steady climbing. Nothing too technical, in fact, very intermediate at the most. I went all the way to the top where most poeple underload from the shuttle and downhill from there. There is one small loop about halfway up at a "break spot" where you can go left and hit some pretty technical singletrack, but that is about it. As far as the downhill section going back home--not too bad, I didn't ride the trail back myself, but it looks to be pretty fun and pretty easy. Overall, this trail is a good afternoon or morning conditioning/practice ride.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 11 miles Elevation change: 2000 feet
      Singletrack=10% Truck Trail=90%
      Log-jam a 20 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Trek 4500 from Coronado


    • Trail UpdateDownhillers-Anderson truck trail is a fun downhill ride. I just recently really got into the sport but already my few limited times going out there I really don't like most the guys biking out there. To many advanced riders need to realize that there are some people that are not as fast or advanced and still learning out there and need to give them some way also, the trail is for everyone!! Need to find the right day with less people cause the trail becomes quiet crowded most often. They say the trail is a warm up for Noble but really has nothing close to what Noble has to offer.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Singletrack=98% Dirt Road=100%
      a 21 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Specilized Stumpjumper M4 from El Cajon CA USA


    • Trail UpdateHalf Of Anderson For The Xc Ride-Yes, the shuttle portion where you can be dropped off, and rage your downhill bike over some freaky world cup type stuff is over. Unless you want to ride up and poach the terrain...its almost worth it. There are signs every where at the top saying "no trespassing tribal land, violators will be busted" I have heard downhillers saying that a ranger was saying they would take bikes away after the first warning. It sucks because there is soo much great riding past those signs. I am more into cross country, and is is nice to climb up without having to dodge downhillers on motorcycles without engines wizzing by at 30-40 Mph. It is a singletrack you know. Anyone know any other good downhill, or cross country spots you would like to ride drop me a line. I am into both.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Singletrack=50% Truck Trail=50%
      Chris a 27 year old Weekend Warrior riding a enduro (specialized) from Seattle/San Diego .com


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Tryout-I've always wondered about this trail; heard about it from locals on my many jaunts to Noble and the Cuyas. Am up for checking it out after march 9th. Lisa or whoever, let me know; maybe carpool from O.C.
      CanyunTrash a 46 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Two Wheeled Wonder from Silverado


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Update Anyone??-Looking for updated comments about Anderson. I heard the indians are turning away mtbr's, any truth to this? I would appreciate any information. Planning on riding in the near future.

      Lisa a 31 year old Racer riding a Ellsworth Dare from Rancho Santa Margarita


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Truck Trail - Alpine-Near as we can tell, the lower portion of the Anderson Truck Trail is open for public use between Peutz Valley Road and any posted "Private" or "No Trespassing" signs that mark the boundary with private Indian land. That means it's an out-n-back from the bottom. Fortunately, most of the main singeltrack remains open. Note: there is no parking at the trailhead - parking is available on Peutz Valley Road beneath the 805 overpass. If you are concerned about the status of this trail (and you should be) please contact the USFS Descanso office at the numbers below. If you learn anything new, please post.

      Cleveland National Forest - Descanso Ranger District
      3348 Alpine Blvd.
      Alpine, CA 91901
      Phone: 619-445-6235
      Fax: 619-445-1753

      SDMBA from San Diego County URL: San Diego MOuntain Biking Association


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Truck Trail-I've been away for a while and just want to know, is this trail open or closed??
      Rick a 39 year old Weekend Warrior riding a GT LTS from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateA Motorcycle-rider came by us yesterday by the rock next to the end of the left side singetrack by the top. We were amazed, and shocked when we later figured out the guy went all the way down by his tracks. I've never seen that before and, based on the previous post, seems to be a recent thing. We should have yelled at the guy, or worse. That kind of stuff will get it shut down fast.


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Truck Trail - Alpine-I live in Alpine and I ride Anderson at least three times a week. I love the ride and am dissapointed about the treatment of this trail. I was just up their yesterday and I saw motorcycle tracks on the top left single-track section, near the crosoads. The trail was twice as rutted as it had been the weekend before. Rides get closed because of destructive mountain bike usage. If people are going to be using the same trails with dirt bikes more trails are going to be closed down. The trails after the crossroads have already been closed because they lie on Indian territory. It would be terrible if the rest of the trail is closed because of misuse of the trails. I think if people become more aware and use better trail conduct this ride will recieve less attention and become an even better ride.

      Joey a 16 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Specialized Rockhopper Comp from Alpine, CA


    • Trail UpdateDownhillers Are To Blame 100%-War should be declared against downhillers in this area. It is just a matter of time before your sport is totally "X"ed out of existence. Less and less money goes into supporting downhill races and equipment. As a group, downhillers have proved time and time again to be selfish trail abusers. Maybe the abusive nature of downhilling should be limited to ski resorts. In the past the relation problems between local residents and mountain bikers has been minor and the possibility for a partnership of trail usage is all but gone due to the invasion of downhillers. What gives downhillers the right to come into someones neighborhood and do as they please? Good bye downhillers, I won't miss you at anderson!
      Java a 26 year old Die-hard Enthusiast from La Mesa


    • Trail UpdateIt's No Wonder-I'm not trying to point any fingers or anything just calling it as I see it. On 10/21 I witnessed an event that angered and embarrassed me at the same time. I got back to my car at the bottom of Puetz road after a terrific up and back on Anderson. While I was packing up, about 6 riders came down Puetz road in downhill gear and went to their car. The large group stretched out and blocked half of Puetz road while talking. A truck drove by and reved up his engine in protest. The bikers proceeded to yell and make obscene gestures at the passing car. After this happened they didn't clear the road and kept talking.

      I was angry because I enjoy riding this trail and this is the type of activity that gets areas closed. Embarrassed because I too am in the same category of biker.

      It doesn't take much energy to be courteous but it goes a long way.
      xc rider a 30 year old


    • Trail UpdateEndangered Anderson-To the last poster, do you have any specifics either as to when closure will occur, what the parameters of it would be, whether it's currently closed, or most importantly, what citizens can do to stop such action if it is not a done deal or what we can do to reverse if it is? Your post kinda made me get worried because you have the ring of truth. I ride there a lot and would be extremely unhappy should it close. It's too good to close!


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Truck Trail-Alpine-Um, you may want to consider finding elsewhere to ride because the deathnell is sounding for this trail. The Cleveland Forest Rangers are in the process of doing their EIR's on the flora and fauna for the area and already several endangered species have been identified. The no parking signs are being posted all along Peutz Valley Road and the local Indian Tribes are in the process of posting and sealing off their properties there. The locals have demanded local Forest Rangers and Law Enforcement stop the mountain bikers from riding here and although I personally don't have a beef with the trail users, the locals do and the local law will ALWAYS do what the local residents want if at all possible. Thank the idiots who leave their trash everywhere, piss in the open where little old ladies can see the bikers wankers as the little old ladies drive by and the people who have been just plain rude like they own the place when, in fact, they don't. I have seen it and experienced it, because I AM one of the local lawmen. It was a beautiful place to ride and a heck of alot of fun. I have talked to some of the riders who have been obnoxious, self righteous and anti-social idiots and I can tell you, it has gone a long way to turning the locals against ALL trail bikers even though most are courteous, polite and conscious of their responsibilities here. Too bad... I have personal friends who ride this trail. I guess it's the "... few rotten apples.." effect. See ya out there, hopefully I won't have to arrest you or write you a ticket.
      Ride rating: Expert
      Support Your Local Sheriff-He's On Your Side a Die-hard Enthusiast from Alpine, California


    • Trail UpdateAnderson / WC-WOW - I've heard that this is a good down hill but FU$%!. First time out there, so we missed the WC trail on the first run. Some locals tipped us off the where the trail started, so we hit it two more times. The WC course is so fun! Big drops, nice bmx jumps, step up jumps, gappable rock sections to hairpin rutted turns. SICK SICK SICK. So much fun. We're gonna make the drive about once a month to ride this one. The trail opens up to double/single track for about 3 miles. You have to be aware of xc people coming up, but it's wide enough to manuver around them. Everyone today seemed really cool. Kinda sucks that they don't want people riding WC. It's a rad trial that makes people happy. It doesn't hurt any one, so just let us be. I don't think I'd ever ride up, but it seems like it would be a nice easy climb on a freeride bike. Anybody who's gets pissy about shuttlers need to just chill out. XC and DH are different sports. I don't understand yours either, but I don't hate you for climbing up a trail I like to bomb down. Get a life and a clue. Later.

      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: 5? Elevation change: ?
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=35% Paved Path=5% Truck Trail=10%
      Rob a 28 year old Racer riding a Intense M1 from Orange County, CA


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Truck Trail-I've been riding here for 5-years, I take a month long break,and this happens. The normal route was closed as of Sun. Oct. 15. The world cup course is still open though. It's a lot of fun with some 6-8ft drops and nice berms.
      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: 1.5 miles Elevation change: A lot!
      Eigil Bisgaard a 15 year old Downhiller riding a 45-pound Mongoose DH pig. from Alpine, CA


    • Trail UpdateI have been riding this trail for about ten years now. In the past two years, this has become a hot spot for downhillers. There has been zero regulation in the past and the only reason for the recent troubles is the weekend warriors that have no idea what "Minimum impact" means. I have met several downhillers that are very responsible and also very concerned about this issue. It is a great trail for them and they don't want to lose it. Lets not get caught up in XC vs DH users. The real issue is Responsible users vs Irresaponsible users.

      Pick up your trash, pick up someone elses trash for that matter. When you see a resident(they do use the trail) don't bomb past them, say hello. If your a cigerette smoking beer guzzler I welcome you to Anderson Truck Trail, I will even pick up your trash. Just keep in mind, trails like this are rare and if it closes because of your irresponsible land use habits, hundreds of skinny, smooth legged, huge lunged cyclists are going to burn your house down and piss on the ashes!
      John a 26 year old Die-hard Enthusiast from Former resident of Peutz Valley


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Truck Trail-Question for SDMBA or others interested in the status of this great trail. Has anyone researched the old County maps. I suspect that you will find Anderson Truck Trail defined for open access dating way back--perhaps to the sixties, fifties or even before. What might that mean? If what I suspect is true, it is a public access and it doesn't matter whether the land is or was owned by indian tribes or other private citizens, the general public may have gained prescriptive rights by continued and open public use. I've lost portions of land that I owned because of this. Why wouldn't it apply here?

      By the way, I have friends who live on Peutz Valley Road and their lack of hospitality relates to the use of their road by mountain bikers. They are protective because until just a few years ago Peutz Valley was a private road but they unknowingly gave up private road status when they turned it over to the County to be improved and maintained as a "County service area." Many still think that it's still private.

      -Art, an Alpine resident and regular cross country rider on this trail.


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Truck Trail-The USFS is currently doing work around the upper sections of the Anderson Truck Trail to close the illegal trails that lead onto private Indian land. In addition, the Indians have begun posting signs at their property boundaries. SDMBA urges all trail users to honor any trail closures and signage. It's private land. For the time being, it appears that the Anderson Truck Trail can still be ridden as an out-n-back starting and finishing at the Peutz Valley Road trailhead. And remember, legal parking is available on Peutz Valley Road directly under I-8.
      -SDMBA URL: San Diego Mountain Biking Association


    • Trail UpdateQuiet Weekday Anderson-Ducked out of work early Friday on 7/14 to snatch a mid-afternoon ride. Hit the trail at maximum temperature around 1 p.m. The trail was a little soft in spots (typical summer so-cal conditions) but fast and fun as usual. I only saw two other riders, no hikers, no residents, no indians scoping the place out for a future casino. I started under the I-8 bridge, hit the dirt and turned around at the top of singletrack.

      On the way down, I noticed a trail heading toward the reservoir below the regular singletrack. I thought it was strange that I had never noticed the lower singeltrack trail before. It started at the dirt plataeu, about 50 yards north of the (now dry) creek crossing on the main singeltrack ...where a boulder sits and has the name "Lisa" painted on it. In honor of the mystery woman "Lisa," I will dub this trail the Lisa Loop. I took this rather overgrown singletrack nearly to the bottom, where due to time constraints, I turned around and headed back up and out. It's moderately steep, brushy and somewhat sandy, but it is singletrack, so it was appreciated. At the bottom it crosses the south side of the reservoir and hooks up to the west side dirt road, which climbs out of the canyon south or west. Has anyone done this loop? It appears to be a nice viable option to the forbidden fire road portion at the top of this ride, as the lower road off this lower single track has nice graded climbs and appears to be on purely public land surrounding the reservoir (i.e. fishermen, boat haulers, etc. are down there.) So, one can do the regular singletrack climb and descent (perhaps twice), then do this lower singletrack portion and hook up to the dirt road on the west side of the reservoir and see where it leads.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: ??speedo broken Elevation change:
      Heckler a Cross-Country Rider riding a Silver FSR from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Luck Trail-I have ridden this one twice in the last 2 weeks and conditions are excellent; dry, packed and not rocky. I'd suggest the climb through Alpine/Victoria on paved road to the top, then down. As for the "World Cup/Class Course" I've heard conflicting things about the access cut off and the land owners, reportedly the Viejas band of Inuit (Indians) getting pissed, ect. The only thing I can say is don't break the law and have fun. I agree with the previous posters on this trail with respect to the concern over shuttling being sort of the hot button issue there. Basically, from my experience, which is like only six hours in the last 2 weeks mind you, if you are self-propelled you're generally golden. Smile a lot; pick up garbage, even if it's not yours, and sweat like a pig. If you are garbed in the latest Fox wear sans sweat, seems as if you are more of a "target". Up and down makes the world go round. Cheers.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 17 Elevation change: 2000
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=10% Paved Path=40%
      Palindrome a Cross-Country Rider riding a bright green GT xcr from Sand Iego


    • Trail UpdateThe Shuttle Issue-Daniel, I agree with you for the most part. However, I do believe the downhill shuttlers have created the bulk of the problem on Anderson. For example, when I was stopped by the ranger a few weeks ago, the first thing she asked me was "Which one of those cars up top is yours?" When I told her that I had parked under I-8 and don't shuttle, she was much more polite. Honestly.

      Moreover, she said she witnessed mountain bikers standing at view spots, smoking and tossing their cigarette butts into the brush. You and I know damn well that cross-country riders who earn their ride up that hill aren't smoking cigarettes once they get there. No doubt about it. I have also witnessed a jeep driver, after dropping off 4-5 shuttlers up top, blow by me in a dust cloud and flick his cigarette butt out the window. I didn't have to be a resident or Indian to be ticked off about that.

      Also, when I was returning back down the hill on that last ride, I stopped to let two other mountain bikers (who were fixing a tire) know that a ranger up top is on the prowl. They said things to the effect of "What are they gonna do to me?" and "I'll ride wherever I damn please." They also asked me if I had ridden UP the trail. When I told them of course, they called me "hard core." Hard core for riding up Anderson? Oh please! I was just "mountain biking" for crying out loud.

      Don't get me wrong. I have met polite downhillers (identifiable by their Intense rigs, full-face helmets, etc.) at Anderson. However, I truly believe, from what I have witnessed, that "the downhillers" have been the bulk of the problem at that trail. On the other hand, perhaps the ones I am talking about happen to be that core group of idiots that you referenced.

      In any event, if we just keep contact to a minimum witih the local residents (and keep it polite when we do make contact), a lot of the resentment and distrust can be dissipated. I have never, ever, had a trail conflict with a resident while riding on the trail itself. Has anyone out there ever seen a local resident actually using the trail (other than the dirt road on top)? I doubt it. I don't think the fact that we're on the trail is really the problem. However, I have received nasty glances from residents as they drive by on Peutz Valley Road.

      The conclusion? Be polite, don't park in illegal or private areas, don't shuttle from the top only (which includes not parking at the top...a very visible encroachment to the neighbors), and never leave your trash behind. One other thing...don't frequent the damn Indian casinos or there will be another one where Anderson sits before you know it. The casinos are multiplying faster than the population around here. . .
      Heckler a Cross-Country Rider from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateCan't We All Just Get Along?-I'd like to offer a word of temperance on the shuttle/downhill issue. I think that the mountain bike community needs to examine itself a bit more precisely. After all, when the trail starts descending, we're ALL downhillers. Pointing fingers at people who like to go down is just too blunt of an approach to the problem of trail erosion and user conflict. The real problems are the same as they've always been for mountain bikers and every other user group - namely, the ignorant and the idiots among us. And I want to be very clear about distinguishing between the two. Ignorance is just that: a lack of awareness of important information. I think it's possible to be a basically responsible and concerned rider who is simply uninformed about specific trail issues and conditions. Places like Noble Canyon attract a lot of users who may not be familiar with the area and the trail's history. The correct response to ignorance is education and that's an important part of what SDMBA does. The other side of the problem at places like Noble Canyon is the idiots. These are people who are or should be aware of the relevant issues but choose to ignore them anyway. Every user group has to deal with this element. Education is still an important tool for these people but the challenge is much greater. They need to be indoctrinated and socialized by other mountain bikers and trail users in order to become non-idiots. It isn't simple but it's all we can do.

      As for shuttles, although it's easy to lament the added crowding that shuttles seem to imply, I have to question how big of a problem it really is in the bigger scheme of things. Noble Canyon may indeed have reached its carrying capacity of idiots, but responsible riders can get along just fine in fairly large numbers. If we're worried about crowding, the fact that some people like to drive to the top is nothing compared to the unchecked population growth in San Diego County and the wholesale disappearance of trails throughout the region. A few shuttlers motoring to the top of Noble Canyon is a drop in the bucket compared to the impact of our County Board of Supervisors and various city planners. Don't forget to vote.

      Anyway, I think that we mountain bikers have a lot to lose by fighting with each other over issues that hardly exist. We'll be much better served by working together along side our equestrian and pedestrian brothers and sisters to educate and indoctrinate the small number of idiots and the ignorant who are making things hard for all of us.


      Daniel URL: SDMBA


    • Trail UpdateTo put all this in laymen's terms, it appears that we will have a case in the books where downhillers have ruined it for everyone. I am dispondent over the closure of this trail because I always played by the rules when accessing anderson and am now being punished for a style of riding I don't partake in. Although I am furious at the current situation, I embrace the prospect of the "no shuttling" rule at this trail. I think it will provide a benchmark for all other trails everywhere to implement such a rule. Please don't get me wrong, I have never had an attitude issue with downhillers, in fact I find that xc racer "hopeful/dreamers" are the worst out there. The issue at hand is that downhill style riding, with shuttling and high speeds cause the most trail damage, injuries, confrontations with other trail users, and concurently the most trail closures to all bikes. I won't even touch on the subject of trail building on someone else's land, how stupid could you be? I am devistated by this loss and will be in close contact with all land agencies regarding this matter to see that shuttling is never allowed there(or anywhere else) again. The writing has been on the wall about the damage of shuttling for a long, long time and now it appears we will have a case to reference in the future. I would advise all dh riders to add a couple gears to their rigs and start climbing. I have contacted several mtb magazines to cover this story so you can expect the glares you receive on your descent to escalate to a more confrontational nature. Also with the closure of this trail, I would suggest to anyone who enjoys the noble canyon loop to do it very soon as the shuttling will increase ten fold causing severe trail erosion and the eminent closure of that trail as well. I would like to thank all shuttlers sarcastically for ruining it for everyone, and sincerely for giving me a case to reference. And last I must ask you, what's a little climbing?
      Thomas Adler a 24 year old Die-hard Enthusiast from UCSD/ Pepperdine law


    • Trail UpdateAnderson-I would concur with the message below from SDMBA. Use of the singletrack should be okay...just turn around at the top end and make it an up and back. You can do it twice if you want a better workout. Also, please, please park under the I-8 bridge on Peutz Valley Road instead of the turnouts near the trailhead. And don't take over the lane on the pavement while riding to the trailhead. We don't need any more conflict with residents.

      The foregoing limitation on the trail use, however, is still not the final word, because as I mentioned before, the forest service ranger that stopped me last week told me that there is a "no trespassing" sign posted at the "falls," which I "must have ignored." Again, I have never seen such a sign. I looked for it on my return back and still no sign was seen. Either someone ripped it out or there never was a sign to begin with. In either event, just be aware of their position.

      p.s. My suggestion of boycotting the Indian casinos remains in place. I wouldn't be surprised to see a slot machine gallery someday on the land formerly known as Anderson Truck Trail . . .


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Update-From: San Diego Mountain Biking Association (www.sdmba.com)

      Re: Anderson Truck Trail - Alpine

      As many of you know, there has recently been considerable controversy regarding the Anderson Truck Trail located between El Capitan Reservoir and the community of Alpine. Although the situation is very much in flux at this time, we do want to provide all the information we can as it emerges from the various agencies and organizations that have a stake in the management of the trail and the land it traverses. Until things become clearer, SDMBA urges everyone to remain calm, monitor the situation and think long-term.

      The Anderson Truck Trail is a long-time favorite of local trail users and has been particularly popular in recent years among mountain bikers. A significant portion of the trail is technical, cliff-side singletrack with a fantastic view of El Capitan Reservoir and the surrounding hills. The upper trailhead has been accessible via automobile, which led to quite a bit of one-way downhill use of the trail. Intense use (and abuse) of the trail seems to have precipitated the problems we are now seeing.

      Here's the scoop as it now stands. The Anderson Truck Trail - for all intents and purposes - is no longer open as a loop. This restriction applies to all public access, not just bikes. The recent attention brought to the trail by litter bugs, parking idiots, shuttle operators, unqualified trail builders and enthusiastic newspaper reporters has resulted in a previously unknown level of scrutiny. The result has been the revelation that significant portions of the trail alignment are on private land, including land owned/managed by the Viejas and Barona bands of Kumeyaay Indians. It turns out that the Anderson as we've known it is nothing of the sort. Significant portions of the trail alignment apparently cross land owned/managed by private individuals, the U.S. Forest Service, the County of San Diego and the Kumeyaay Indians. Unfortunately, in an effort to take stock of the situation and to investigate exactly what ground rules apply to this scenario, the Indians have decided to suspend access across the significant portion of the trail that intersects their property. They are very concerned about damage to the land (illegal trails). It is their right. They own the land and there has not yet emerged any evidence of a public easement or right-of-way that would allow for public access.

      The good news is that it seems that the Indian land primarily includes the upper portions of the trail. If the top of the trail remains closed, there may still be access up from the bottom as far as the Reservation boundary. Our preliminary assessment of the situation seems to show that there is still significant mountain biking opportunity on the trail, albeit now an out-n-back starting at Peutz Valley Road. Depending on where the boundary lies, that situation may be ok for trail users who enjoy going up as much as down, but it's not yet clear how much trail would remain accessible. If there are other private land owners nearer the bottom who decide to try closing down as well, then things may get worse.

      For the time being, SDMBA's bottom line is that mountain bikers and other trail users would best be served by minimizing use of the trail - at least temporarily. We expect clearer details to emerge over the next few weeks. If you must visit the Anderson Truck Trail, try to limit your use to the lower section (singletrack), pay close attention to any signage you may encounter, respect any posted restrictions and tread lightly on any trail you do use.

      The whole thing is a crying shame, although not as bad, in SDMBA's opinion, as those public trails elsewhere in the County that are not private but nevertheless discriminate against bicycles. At any rate, the Anderson issue is still unfolding and SDMBA continues to hope and possibly work toward some kind of understanding with the Indians and the other land owners regarding public recreation access on a going-forward basis.

      Take care and happy trails.

      Daniel Greenstadt
      San Diego Mountain Biking Association (www.sdmba.com)
      Education Trail Maintenance Land Access

      Daniel SDMBA URL: San Diego Mountain Biking Association


    • Trail UpdateIt's CLOSED-During my ride this morning (6-10-00), a ranger stopped me at the point just before the ranch house (on my way up) and informed me the whole trail is closed. Yeah, one huge blanket prohibition. I was totally bewildered, and she said the Indians are closing it off. She also said IT WAS NEVER OPEN TO MONTAIN BIKERS in the first place. I was still bewildered. She also blamed mountain bikers for being purposely "ignorant" of the no trespassing signs. What? I've never seen one and I've been riding this thing for over two years. Moreover, she said the trail will be signed, gated and tickets will be issued within a month.

      I asked about hikers, and she said the trail will be closed to everyone. This still amazes me, because this trail was a former double track which has been in existence for many years...mountain bikers didn't cut the trail (though she complained hard about several trails that have been cut, presumably, by mountain bikers up top).

      I've been following the issues with the local residents, but what is this crap about the Indians? Best I can tell, the mountain bikers have been behaving themselves (I don't think we're the ones leaving the magazines, condoms and empty cigarette packs in the area ANYWAY!!).

      Anyway, lay low for now, watch out for the "Tribal Police" (which the rangersaid will be patrolling now) and boycott every damn Indian casino til you die.
      Heckler a Cross-Country Rider from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateResidents Are Gettin' Mad!-Please take extra, extra care on this trail. Residents have complained publicly about trash and parking, though trail use seems to be just fine.(see my post http://www.mybikesite.com/socal/messages/messages/2445.htm re the article in the paper) If you MUST shuttle, take your time on the dirt road in, keep the dust down and park with consideration to the people that live there. Best parking is under the bridge at the highway. If you see trash on the trail, or especially in parking areas, pack it out. These are important if we want this trail to remain open. As responsible riders, we have to make up for the bad image that other are giving us! (BTW, don't call 'em hicks.) Otherwise, have a blast on the trail.
      Dano URL: SD MTBers in the news


    • Trail UpdateNew Trail Work-is evident in the upper offshoots of the trail by the ranch. Good work to the source! I must say, there are some almost impossible for me parts, especially a rocky chute with some serious tilt, but man is is it fun!! Ride safely and have fun! MikekiM from Ocean Beach.


    • Trail UpdateTrail Conditions-The trial is in good shape, the rains actually did it well, some sections are tougher, some with bigger ruts then before. I have seen a lot of people out there lately, probably getting ready for sagebrush in a couple of weeks, which brings me to my next point...
      One of the "hicks" that I have referred to in one of my posts has asked us to be a little more thoughtful. I think that is the least we can do. Stop being such a "chan-chee" and show a little respect for other riders, hikers an especially the people who live there. You see someone that might ruin it for everyone tell them! Anderson is a great trial, it is only getting better as time goes on, let's not let a couple of people ruin it for the rest of us. Home owners are powerful groups, I have seen it before!

      ge a Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Truck Trail-This message is from one of the so called "hicks" that
      live on Anderson Truck Trail. While I understand the
      thrill of riding on our road, I am quite tired of being
      run off the road on a regular basis by large speeding pickup trucks full of bikes. We have been cursed at, had side mirrors knocked off by bikers who
      did not stop, bikers who refuse to move over so we can pass and trash left for us to pick up. Most of us have lived on this road for many years and have spent thousand of dollars keeping the road in decent shape. We would appreciate a little respect from visitors. Quite a lot of the road you ride goes thru private property so it would be to your advantage to keep that in mind.


    • Trail UpdateStickin' Like Glue-Unparalled traction on the trail yesterday. So much grip that I took a turn TOO sharp on the hi-tech offshoot section past the ranch and slammed into a rock. Bent my bars, shredded my rear derailleur, busted my right brake lever, and damn near shattered my right knee cap. Not very much fun on those brief climbs coming down when you only have 1 gear! Anyway, I loved every minute of it and I'll be back down in 2 weeks. Good luck to you. URL: Dusty Bottoms


    • Trail UpdateHey GE, I agree with your praise of this trail. . .it's a blast. However, the "hicks" to whom you refer are property owners and we don't want to piss them off! I would hate to lose this trail. It would take extensive therapy to get me over the loss of this trail if some boneheads don't stay off the private stuff. Ride on.
      Heckler a Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized FSR-XC


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Truck Trial-This is one of the best rides in SD, reminds me of biking in Ojai on the Gridley Trial. Up and back is a must, so sack up, it makes the descent well worth the long climb, some fireroad and finishing with an outstanding downhill single track! Trial is in good shape last ride was on 12-5-99. Watch some of the off shutes that are south east from the main trial, Hicks won't let you cut through their property to find your way back!!!

      ge a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Truck Trail-I'm with you Dusty. I have ridden all over So. Cal and I have to say this is perhaps the funnest downhill singletrack I have ridden. Reminds me a lot of Schultz Creek Trail in Flagstaff, which is a bit longer but has the same fun turns, berms and mix of rocky sections. This trail is a blast! If you ride it, don't you dare think of shuttling up, you lazy dogs. Enjoy.
      Singletrack=50% Truck Trail=50%
      Heckler a Cross-Country Rider from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateUnderrated-Headed back down to S.D. to ride Anderson and Noble. Now that I have done both I would say that Anderson is getting the short end of the stick as far as rating. Although a shorter ride it had some side loops which were as technical as anything.

      I rode up the singletrack for what seemed to be about 5-6 miles, passing a couple downhillers pushing their shopping carts up the hill. I must say, these guys must really love this sport to lug around on those barges. But then when I got to the top I saw why they do it. A local guy strapping on his armor helped me out with some notes on the side action off the main trail. Almost all of the trails reconnect back to the main trail. Then he pointed out the trail he was parked in front of and said it was extremely technical. He was not lying. I tried it out and right after my first dismount I heard him coming and I watched as his bike was folding in half and snapping him out of all kinds of crazy sections. I continued down and ended up back on the main trail. 2 dismounts total. Traction was great after the rain, down the fire road, a couple more side trails with nice burms & bumps then into the singletrack along the ridge with great views of the lake over the side. Very fun descent.

      I now see the benefit of armor and a foot of travel...fearlessness. Make no mistake, it's skills that clean sections and that guy had plenty. I will however stick with multi-directional biking...uphill and downhill. Very fun trail...check it out. Good luck to you. URL: Dusty Bottoms


    • Trail UpdateBD-Just a note...I live @ the end of PVR (Peutz Valley Road) and drive by the lower trail head every day.
      Anyone who rides here (most of you are regulars) know that this trail is VERY BUSY!!
      PLEASE help control/reform the few careless pigs who leave their trash @ the trail head and/or under the bridge. A lot more people than you might think see this every day, and if it gets worse, could lead to trail closure. I'm a rider, and don't want to see ANY trails get closed!!
      When you're jammin' the downhill, be prepared for uphill traffic.
      p.s. the lady w/ the black Suburban(?) doing regular evening rides.....lookin good!
      BD a old year old Die-hard Enthusiast from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateMark-Rode this on 6-5-99: Great trail. Some of the ruts on the top portion where it becomes a road are gnarly and demand close attention. The uphill trek is a great workout and coming down the singletrack portion (the majority of the trial) is a blast. The DG surface is excellent and there are lots of good little drops and banked turns. ALWAY look ahead for others and make sound when approaching the blind curves. This is a great trail.
      Singletrack=75% Truck Trail=25%
      Mark a 35 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Sweet rig from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateAnderson Truck Trail-This ride has been added to the SD Biking Page
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      Greg Shorts a 33 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Zaskar LE from San Diego URL:San Diego Biking - Anderson Trauck Trail


    • Trail UpdateThe recent rains have made the ruts alot deeper and the ride alot more challenging if you like to do it with speed. several washouts around fast turns have allowed some riders to catch up on eating thier vegetables if you have ridden the trail in the last several months then you are familiar with the constant moguls of the upper trail. The lower section of single track is also being affected by the rains, lots of center trail ruts are showing up so dont blink on your trip down. See ya up there!!
      Jay Henson a 33 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Cannondale SV-900 with a few mods :) from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateAnderson-Fairly tough climb to start ...not too steep but long (1 mile). The trail has a red Mars look in parts. Stay left at at the top and each fork after. A hard left at a metal gate will mark the begining of the cliff-hanging downhill single track over-looking El Capitan resevoir. Take a break at the small waterfall (Careful...it is Private Property albeit unmarked) at the bottom before finishing out with a bit of single-track and short climb back to a paved road (Peutz Valley Rd.) Combine the speed with the view and your flying...Enjoy the flight.
      Keep an eye out for the occasional hiker and/or dog, rattlesnakes, and the idiots on motorcycles...
      Try it at night for a true challenge !
      Singletrack=35% Dirt Road=15% Paved Path=10% Truck Trail=25%
      Dave Spahn a 27 year old Die-hard Enthusiast from San Diego


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      Steve from SoCal Posted:

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