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  • Aliso And Woods Canyons - #AlisoAndWoodsCanyons

    Socal - Orange County - Laguna Beach NickNames: #AlisoAndWoodsCanyons

    Aliso.jpg by Kevin
    1: Go south on Pacific Cost Hwy. (Hwy. 1) passed downtown Laguna Beach to Legion Street,turn left. Turn right on Park Ave. Drive up Park Ave. all way to the top and turn left on Alta Laguna Blvd. Parking is at the end of Alta Laguna Blvd. Park phone number is (714) 831-2791. Thomas Guide page 951 B2

    2: To reach the park from Interstate 5, take the La Paz Rd. exit, proceed West to Aliso Creek Rd. (approximately 4 miles), turn right on Aliso Creek Rd. to Alicia Parkway. Left on Alicia Parkway to the AWMA Road, turn right crossing over a bridge, veering to the left to enter the park entrance parking lot. Parking is $2 or you can park on the street for free. Thomas Guide page 951 E1

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    • Trail UpdateCoyote Trail Bridge-It use to be that there was no bridge at this location. You would enter the creek bed about 40 feet west of where the bridge use to be. I remember doing an endo into the water during winter months. It was maybe two feet deep. Anyway got up in standard I am okay mode.
      bluesband a 55 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a stumpjumper


    • Trail UpdateTrail Damage Following Rainstorm-Most of the damage appears to be in the lower areas. Mathis Canyon and Rock-it Canyon both appear undamaged with little change except for some rutting on the Mathis trail and extremely muddy conditions at the bottom of Rock-it.

      toltion a 51 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Kona Four Deluxe from Aliso Viejo, CA URL: Woods Canyon post-rainstorm


    • Trail UpdateAbout Dh And Uh-dh - showboats, young & reckless, short-lived, etc.
      uh - disciplined, values riding as life not just a sport
      kick arse pinoi a 37 year old Cross-Country Rider from LA


    • Trail UpdateStart from home in Laguna Niguel to park entrance at Mormon church, up Mathis, down Meadow. Mathis is clean and clear of sand and in great condition. Single track surface down Meadow is really fast but hard as concrete and lacks the tack of a few weeks ago. There is no loose dirt or sand anywhere on this trail. The surface is slippery in spots, you can see black tire tread marks in some areas. Rain should bring back the ideal conditions experienced after xmas rains left the single tracks fast and tacky.
      Bluesband a 53 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Stumpjumper from Laguna Niguel


    • Trail UpdateAliso Woods Closed-Rode down to the entrance at Ranger trailer to find out park is closed due to high winds and fire danger. Happy Columbus Day!
      bluesband a 53 year old Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateWood Canyon/cholla/rock-it-decent ride, rock-it was sick. around 10 miles. 800ft in elevation gain. good intermediate trail.
      stumpyrider a 21 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a specialized stumjumper fsr xc comp from trabuco canyon


    • Trail UpdateThese trails are for pussies. Grow some balls and head out and ride the real stuff at either Idyllwild or up in the Angeles National Forest.
      a 24 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Kona Stinky from Aliso Viejo, CA


    • Trail UpdateYeah...-Yeah...40 somethings galore...and familias....watcha expect in Laguna?..
      trails are fun..
      rockit..and that Stair step trail...
      Hot as hell now so bring water, suntan lotion, and some shades........
      lots of people as always so watch out and be respectful...
      tekknics a 100 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Norco DH SIx, CHumba Freeride from Alta Dena


    • Trail UpdateOh Man-So many forty something tools riding this place. Its like, uh, yeah dude that was a pretty sweet dead sailor you just did off that fire road bump. Hahahahaha


    • Trail UpdateThis is hilarious. What a bunch of whiney babies.DH, UH, row, yield, start, stop, me me me. just ride and shut up.


    • Trail UpdateXS11-Your right. It's not Rocket. And thank you for not mentioning all of my other spelling and grammer mistakes which are plentiful. I was sure since I bagged on both sides of the fence a rant war would ensue. Perhaps some have accepted that an opinion is just that. Kinda similar to a$$holes, everybody has one and some are (me included) from time to time.

      Anyway, just wanted to let all of these passionate Aliso Wood fans out there know that there is supposed to be a trail maint this Saturday at 8AM. I'm sure that all of you righteous out there also do your trail duty. Right?
      xs11 a Old enough year old Cross-Country Rider riding a The weekend I'll be on my stumpy from Local


    • Trail UpdateI thought it was Rockit Idi it!


    • Trail UpdateHey Local, the name of the trail is Rock It, not Rocket.


    • Trail UpdateXS11 Strikes Again-You guys are a hoot! I'll bet your the ones with road rage on the freeways in the morining.

      Yes, I said those that ride up Lynx and Rocket should stop whining when a rider comes blasting down into their faces because I do not whine when that happens to me going up said trails. If it bothers you then go ride up Mathis or Cholla! And what is technical to us cross country riders is oh so boring to those freeriders/downhillers. Those people should go ride Car Wreck, Telonics, or Modern Art! At least nobody is riding up those trails.

      Aliso Woods is a collection of trails that are overridden and have been dumbed down to allow anybody to have fun there. Some trails are going to be used as bomb shutes regardless of how much the uphill whiners complain, so moving on to routes less used by the crazy bombers makes sense.

      Eventually park management will step in and control things because park usage is getting so high that inconsiderate riders will actually cause injuries and lawsuits will follow. So far, the park rangers say nothing serious has occured outside of a rider injuring himself but that it will eventually happen. I'd love to see them do like Whiting Ranch and post one way signs on some trails.

      Ranting here will not stop the bombers and if while ascending an inconsiderate rider going down cannot or will not give the right of way you'll just get run off of the trail... it's happened to me. I guess it never occured to me to go into road rage and keep it bottled up to let loose in this forum.

      I've never been run off the trial going up "I Think I Can", "Harding Truck Trial", "Santiago Trail", Whiting Ranch, or Wilderness and a dozen other trails much better for climbing than Aliso. And Wilderness is just across the street!

      Most important is not to hold onto anger and bring it here. Just go find a trail that is better for you and stop thinking the only place to ride is Aliso. It's just a tiny little park with too many people.

      xs11 a Old Enough year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Uzzi SL (for now) from Local


    • Trail UpdateUp Mathis, Down Meadow=sweet-Okay boys. Stop fighting or be a man and enlist in the US Marines, go to Middle East, and die for your country. I have been riding AW for eight years, two or three times per week on average with only one up/downhill incident w/dh braking nose, blood everywhere. Such a tourist. Your bs is sooo stupid. These confrontations rarely take place unless your are a repetitive offender. Let's ride or fight!
      Bluesband a 51 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a specialized stumpjumper from Laguna Niguel


    • Trail UpdateYIELD BOYS YIELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Trail UpdateTo VJ, my bad. To the post below, although his comment was kind of assholish and provoking, he does have a point. They're not his rules. These are accepted rules of the trail. Go the the IMBA website. Check out the park regulations on the signs. Downhill rider yields to uphill rider, and bikes yield to everyone - horses and hikers. This is for safety reasons. The reason why equestrians and hikers hate us is because kooks like you have caused injury or near-injury to others by not yielding. This is not a private downhill course. This is a county-managed wilderness park. The last time I checked, you CANNOT ride however and wherever you choose. And one of the best downhills? You're kidding right? Lynx? No wonder you think the SMs are so great. I would agree that the SMs are better for intermediate trails, since that's all there is there. Definitely more variety, longer trails, less drama. But for steep and scary downhills, I haven't ridden anything there or most anywhere else that even comes close to Laguna.


    • Trail UpdateXs 11 Is The Idiot-He started this whole thing with his commands of how one should ride in this part. Last time I checked one can choose where and how to ride any trail. I would whine too if someone coming down was upset with me because they deemed it one of the best downhills and I got in there way. Unless the rules state that it is a one way trail then you should be able to ride any direction without a lame downhiller getting pissy. No wonder hikers and horseback riders hate us.
      And I am in the OC and I know the trails are way better in the Santa Monicas. But hey, these are the trails that we have for short commutes and for what they are, they are nice.


    • Trail UpdateIf you read my post again you will notice that I agree with you that uphillers alway have the right of way.

      No wonder the people going up hill want to kick you off your bike. "I refuse to stop, I will give them 75%, and they need to figure it out from there". (Referring to his dumba#$ comment below) Are you that lazy (meaning him) that you cant stop if the terrain fits?

      I was quoting him and the sheer idiotic nature of his statement. I always get out of the way for uphillers whenever possible. As for your trails - well, they are OK. Some are nice. But the SM's are much better, have more varity and not nearly as much of the drama you find in the OC. That point is hard to argue.
      V J


    • Trail UpdateHow stupid are all of you? Now this is turning into a LA vs. OC thing? Go back to high school. And if any of you "real riders" want to see what OC trails are all about, come ride with me. None of the good trails will be found on any map. I guarantee you'll change your mind about OC trails, and also about LA/VC trails being better, and I highly doubt you'd be able to keep up, or even make it down without walking.

      "Are you that lazy that you cant stop if the terrain fits? Idiot!"

      Uh, no. Rockit and Lynx are not easy, flat climbs. There are few, if any, good places to stop and restart on a climb. When climbing, most like to preserve their momentum and not have to stop. That's kind of the idea - fitness, sustained heart rate, etc. Restarting on a steep, technical, loose climb is not an easy task, and pisses people off when some idiot who could have yielded didn't. How hard is it to restart a DH run? These aren't World Cup training runs. And if you're so concerned about keeping your "flow" on these relatively tame downhills, then yeah, you're right - the Santa Monicas are the place for you.

      "restart - "having to restart a climb is a difficult task". Boo-hoo. Don`t stop."

      Good input. Did your mom help you with that comeback?

      "I think the quotes above endanger riders and our reputation far more. Keep OC the riding is better in VC anyway."

      Yeah, Simi rules. Nice fireroads and sycamores. I've ridden the craziest stuff you have up there. Not bad, but not all that exciting. I'm stoked for you.

      "uhhh, technical? - i wouldn't call Rock-It and Lynx technical, maybe climbing it you could label it technical, but descending it sure isnt."

      See the original post, Mensa.

      It doesn't matter if you have the bike skills to not have to stop. Uphill rider has right of way, period. It's not up to you to come up with a better formula. It's up to you to keep other riders from complaining and bringing negative attention to the issue. All this said, you should know I am a downhiller. You embarrass me. Like I said, stay in the valley, donkey.


    • Trail UpdateOC Idiots-This is why I never ride in the OC. The trails are not that good and the people are blazing idiots. Uphillers and Downhillers alike. I agree with SimiMike. VC is so much better. Nice people that yield for eachother. Climbers who actually climb hills rather then whine about how technical it is to climb up something but how easy it is to ride their lazy asses down. And our trails are 50 times better. The couple of decent trails that the OC has are just not worth putting up with the people that are already riding on them. Thank god for the Santa Monica Mountains, Ojai and San Gabriels. That is where the real riding is at and little if none of the yahoo's that are below. No wonder the people going up hill want to kick you off your bike. "I refuse to stop, I will give them 75%, and they need to figure it out from there". Are you that lazy that you cant stop if the terrain fits? Idiot!
      Ventura Jack!


    • Trail UpdateRestart-"having to restart a climb is a difficult task". Boo-hoo. Don`t stop.


    • Trail UpdateThats MR. Idiot-Let me get this straight. The post before mine stated, and I quote, " I will kick you off your bike" and "Nothing like watching a DH knob take a serious spill". I stated having the bike skills to pass opposing riders non stop, giving row rider 75% of the trail and I`ll take 25. I think the quotes above endanger riders and our reputation far more. Keep OC the riding is better in VC anyway.
      simi mike a 105 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a nrs1/reign1 from simi V


    • Trail UpdateUhhh, Technical?-i wouldn't call Rock-It and Lynx technical, maybe climbing it you could label it technical, but descending it sure isnt.


    • Trail UpdateYou Are An Idiot-If you knew these trails you would know that Rockit and Lynx are not your normal climbs. Very technical, and having to restart a climb is a difficult task. You endanger other riders as well as our reputation as a group. Keep your ignorant ass up in the valley.


    • Trail UpdateRe Uphill Row-I would reply to you by name but you did`nt leave any. I ride a long travel all mt.bike. Climb like a banshee decend like a son of a bitch. I will give the uphill rider 75% of the trail but I`m not going to dismount and stop(yeah I knoe ROW rules, uphill rider bla bla bla). If you don`t have the bike skills to pass opposing riders non stop maybe you should choose another sport. If you were to try your technique with me you would end up taking a dirt nap with my skidmarked chamois stuffed in your mouth.
      simi mike a 47 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a nrs1/reign1 from simi


    • Trail UpdateUp-Hillers ROW-Up-Hillers always have right of way and downhillers should always watch this. I will go up any trail I want. If you want a one-way trail go to a ski resort, pay your money and go down the one way routes. Other then that you better yield to me as you come down or I will kick you off your bike. Nothing beats watching a Downhill Knob from the OC take a serious spill.


    • Trail UpdatePaul (local)-All legal trails in Aliso and Wood canyons are very well maintained and well traveled.

      The 'Lower Wood' canyon is a wide beginner fireroad with a small singletrack running parallel (just slightly difficult) called Coyote. At the end of the lower canyon is a good short climb called Cholla. This used to be a tight technical ride but has been maintained to a wider eaiser climb to the upper ridge.

      If you insist in climbing Rocket or Lynx watch out for those descending and don't whine about uphillers having the right-of-way here. You are only ruining it for those trying to enjoy the two best "easy to intermediate" descents in the park. Go climb Mathis or Cholla.

      Once you are on the upper ridge ascend to 'Top of the World' Laguna Beach along the big fat fireroad. Take a break and if you wait long enough you will spot some of the excellent local talent (girls, dummy). Go through the street until you hit dirt again an descend 'Meadows', which had been converted to switchbacks a number of years ago. Or, just go back down and hit any of the trails to lower canyon; 'Mathis', 'Rocket', 'Lynx', and 'Cholla'.

      For you downhillers you can hit 'Telonics' from 'Top of the World' which is an expert descent to Laguna Canyon. You can hike back up from Laguna Canyon but most downhillers shuttle. If you are on a short/no travel bike don't try 'Telonics' unless you are a (very) good rider.

      There are other trails here, some illegal. Remember, poachers are shot on sight.

      Afterwards go down to Chili's at Aliso Creek and ask for your mountain biking discount for riding 'Top of the World'... Uh Huh

      xs11 a Old Enough! year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Nomad from Laguna Hills


    • Trail UpdateAliso Canyon First Time-rode aliso for the first time yesterday, second time riding in the OC (did Crystal Cove Once and enjoyed that!).

      loved riding up cholla, a good short little grunt that snapped me out of my morning groggy vibe. the downhill from there was fun and bumpy and the traverses on the relatively flat part of the park are fun. then my friend suggested climbing meadows which i found very very demanding and definitely a good place to hike a bike in many steep parts (thank god, it was cloudy in the morning.) my friend climbed the whole thing and did not seem tired! i ride some challenging uphills in LA (will rogers, sullivan canyon, paseo miramar, backbone) but this uphill took the cake.

      luckily there was the views from the top of the world AND the rockit trail downhill to reward me for climbing and hiking meadows. with my full suspension and thick frame bike i coulda done rockit over and over (if i was not so worked from climbing and hiking meadows).

      overall, aliso is a great place to ride for riders of all skill levels. i saw lots of hikers and bikers and almost all were friendly as well. beautiful place with nice coastal breezes and i will be back.
      david weitzman a 36 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a santa cruz superlight from Los angeles


    • Trail UpdateRIDE ALISO & WOODS CYN!!!-Anyone want a quick easy tour of this ride, I live 5 minutes away, Bob 949-637-3700. Also I am looking for a South OC riding partner especially for weekdays.
      abogadobob a 51 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a SPECIALIZED from Laguna Niguel


    • Trail UpdateYes Lynx!!!-Indeed Lynx is one of the best trail segments in Aliso Woods. Too bad it's a short ride. I rode this last Friday, late in the afternoon. The conditions were great. My usual ride in Aliso consists of two trips up Cholla just so I can go down Lynx twice or Lynx/Rockit. Awesome trails!

      Unfortunately there was an injury Friday night. Someone was taken out by a helicopter. Hope he's ok...
      Big Joe a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a n Intense 5.5 from Corona, CA


    • Trail UpdateDescend Lynx-Once you get up to the trail that takes you up to the top of the world, keep going past rock it and descend the lynx trail. Also there is another trail that you can take at the begginning of the main trailhead that heads up a different mountain that is pretty tough to climb and you probably should clip out on your way up. But anyway its quite a downhill dream.
      Nicksterphis a 13 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized Hardrock Sport from Mission Viejo California


    • Trail UpdateAliso And Wood Park-Come out on Saturday, March 25. 9am to 4pm, anytime.

      The Resource Management Plan consultants are asking for input from park users.

      This is our Biggest chance to have a say in how this area is used.

      So if you have issues or gripes, these are the folks to share them with.

      Don't whine about how the park did this or that later if you don't participate in this process.

      It has taken somthing like 12 years for the RMP come about, take advantage of it.

      for more info go to: WWW.OCparks.com or call the park rangers.
      to'kra a many year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Schwinn from Orange


    • Trail UpdateAliso-I rode this trail for the first time on like 12-20-05 i saw know signs of a golf course impeading the trail.But then again it was my first time and i may have missed it.Anyhow rode the meadows trail and it was completley open and intact.
      boonespale a 34 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Iron Horse G-spot,and Iron horse mk III team from Fullerton,ca


    • Trail UpdateAliso Creek Update-This website is the latest information URL: aliso creek inn update


    • Trail UpdateThe Golf Course-How far would the golf course extend in the canyon?
      I have heard part of the deal would be trail access to the coast, which might be nice.
      I can't imagine the golf course would extend past the turnoff from the paved trail into the valley, so maybe we see it a bit from meadows trail.
      James Maeding


    • Trail UpdateCholla Is Wet Enough For Repair-The County needs to step up to the plate and plan to fix Cholla now that it has rained a bit, but things are not saturated. Who should be be emailing and bugging to do this?
      James Maeding a 33 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized Enduro from Aliso Viejo


    • Trail UpdateLower Aliso CAnyon-The word is that the Montage Group is going before the cith council of laguna beach with a presentation about the golf course on Wednesday, October 19, betwen 7 - 9 PM.

      can anyone attend and take notes???

      we don't want no stinkin golf couse in our park!


      Sole' a 30+ year old Downhiller


    • Trail UpdateRMP News-The Resource Management Plan for Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park is finally moving forward.

      Plan on a few public comment meetings this winter.

      Sometime after January 2006. It has been a long time in coming, but here we go.

      The contact person will be Joanne Quirk, with county park planning. Or, you can also check with the park rangers now at AWCWP for updates. we do not want to miss out on our opportunity to provide our input to this very important and long lasting document!

      To' Kra a Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateSave Our Trails-I rode Aliso today and I was shocked to see how many of my fellow mountain bike brothers and sisters ignored the simple rule of right of way to hikers. In one instance two riders hauling a_ _ down from top-of-the-world almost ran down two hikers and their dog. How easily we forget that these hikers we fly bye could be the very ones voting to ban mtb's on trails. A quick stop, a smile and a friendly hello could change the mind set of all that we come in contact with. Please see the warriors society website for detailed info on the trails that will possibly be affected. Use common courtesy and keep our trails open!
      Fat guy on a Blur a 35 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Santa Cruz Blur from Irvine


    • Trail UpdateCholla Update-Went up Cholla over this past weekend. The sides of the trail look really good considering the whole bull dozer thing. However, it's obvious the tracks of the dozer tore up the packed dirt; Cholla is a large sand box. Hopefully the county will get out there with a water truck and a crew.

      BlurLT OC a 32 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Santa Cruz Blur LT


    • Trail UpdateFound Lost Glove-I found a lost Fox glove Sunday in the grass next to the street parking. Is it yours? If so, e-mail me.
      Sweetpea a 51 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Elsworth Isis from Costa Mesa


    • Trail UpdateAnother Cholla/Aliso-Woods Updat-

      At the last RRTAC (Regional Recreational Trails Advisory Committee) meeting this past Monday; the Cholla issue along with the extensive grading that has taken place over the past month was discussed in depth.

      Clearly no one is happy with what occurred on Cholla; and the grading in general was discussed to the extent that there were certainly areas that were graded that did not need the work. It appears that there was lack of coordination between the agencies, and that some of the grading in certain areas was a surprise to the Rangers and Land Managers.

      At the suggestion of one of the public attendees during the public comment period; the Board agreed to prepare a letter to the County to request that a “Land Steward Workshop” be coordinated for county personnel who perform work or operate equipment within the Wilderness Parks, in order to better educate them for future work in the parks.

      It was also suggested that since the County had already made the commitment to take the necessary steps to repair the damage to Cholla, a board member would contact Kevin Thomas of HBP to find out the possibility of getting the County to supply a water-truck and hose to aid in the Cholla trail work if needed.

      This to me shows a clear intent to correct an unfortunate situation, and to take steps to prevent this in the future. Again, I’d like to state that there was no thought-out intent to widen Cholla, and no grand design by the County to soften up the fire roads in order to hinder biking as some have suggested.

      I did speak with Ranger Stan Bengtson again today, and it’s also clear that he wants to see Cholla become a true single-track again; and I’m in agreement with him that a major part of any success on narrowing up the Cholla trail still falls on our shoulders. Prior to the incident of last week; Cholla had already grown wider than necessary, and it was simply due to the user groups taking alternate lines. As a group, we need to be conscious of the trail (or any trail) when we are riding, and make serious efforts to stay off of the sidelines in order to let nature take its course and let the vegetation take root this fall and winter.

      If we continue to stray off the logical centerline of this and other trails, these trails will continue to widen and will never recover.

      He also informed me that they did some work at the bottom of Mathis, and opened it back up to the public to connect directly to Wood Canyon. I have not seen the repairs yet, so I’m not sure of exactly how the new connector is, but apparently the “Closed Trail” signs are gone and it’s no longer necessary to get to Mathis via Dripping Cave.

      These are all positive items in my opinion.

      Unfortunately there’s also some distressing news from speaking to other county personnel. Apparently traffic is picking up again on some of the more popular closed trails, and they are starting to be very visible from across the canyons; and county personnel are taking notice. I find this distressing because after all the work and publicity around us pushing and pursing the RMP for this park; these trails did see a decrease in use, and it was at least gaining us a little respect from the County that we were trying to work with them and follow procedures to work towards some final determination on some “historical” trails in the park. The RMP is well under way and we are simply awaiting word on the date of the first Public Workshop for this park; and it’s clearly not the time to bring attention to unauthorized use of closed trails, and possibly bring stepped up enforcement and citations into the mix.

      I would simply ask that everyone stick to the trail rules within the County parks and stay on the current legal trails. As in any County Park, the legal trails are clearly marked on the County Park maps and/or indicated by an authorized County trail signs. The rules are still as follows: if the trail does not have a County trail sign or is not listed on the park map; it is not a legal trail to enter. Also the following obvious items apply; i.e…..don’t go past a “closed trail”, “do not enter”, or “habitat restoration” sign; and don’t go over, under, or around a wire fence.

      Please give us a chance to work for some of these trails through the proper process of a managed review of the trails, and don’t help perpetuate the bad image that unfortunately continues to dog our sport. With over 700 miles of natural surface trails in the County, it’s really not necessary to ride closed trails. There are plenty of places to ride, and if you are really passionate about some of the historical trails at Aliso-Woods; please get involved the proper way and attend the public meetings that are afforded to us, and get involved with the public workshops when they come up.

      The last thing we need right now is increased enforcement due to increased closed trail riding. It’s not helping our trails and certainly not helping our sport. It’s clear to me that the County is willing to talk with us and work with us, but we need to be willing to work with them also.

      Please give us a chance to work through the processes for these trails, and just stick to the legal trails. There are still plenty of legal trails to ride.


      JamR a 50 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a a few bikes from Capo


      BUNGLE a Downhiller


    • Trail UpdateCholla Damage-Regarding the recent damage to the Cholla Trail:

      I spoke with Stan Bengtson this morning (the Senior Ranger for Aliso-Woods), and have the straight scoop on what occurred on Cholla, and would like to dispel any miss-conceptions going about.

      The damage on Cholla was not intentional, and was not any County attempt to turn a single-track into a fire road, or any attempt to sterilize a trail.

      It was a simple but unfortunate error in judgment on the part of the equipment operator, but that being said; the equipment operator did not intentionally grade or blade Cholla. Basically he was doing legitimate work on Wood Canyon and Westridge, and instead of going through the back gate and up Rubber Ridges or the surface streets; he drove up Cholla to access the work area on Westridge, then drove back down when he was finished on Westridge.

      The Rangers and the County immediately reacted to the situation and are at this very moment making a concerted attempt to repair the damage and bring Cholla back to a single-track line. It is also their intent at the completion of the work to brush or sweep the trail from top to bottom in order to expose the clean hard-pack beneath so the park users can enjoy a clean route up and down Cholla.

      From my experience I have always been able to see a silver lining in situations like this and Cholla is no different. I believe that two positive things will come out of this mistake. First of all, the County will probably have a more heightened awareness of these issues in the future when heavy equipment is being operated in a wilderness park, and hopefully there will be increased education and training of the personnel who operate heavy equipment in a wilderness park, and they will me more cautious in and around hiking/riding trails and sensitive habitats.

      Secondly, Cholla has been in need for quite some time of some major work (especially trail narrowing), and with the current restoration work going on to repair the damage; and with some additional volunteer labor once the moisture content of the soil comes up this fall; we might be able to actually get Cholla back to the true single-track condition that it was 10 years ago.

      Basically we need to at least give credit where it is due and should let the Rangers know that we are grateful for their quick and decisive decision to immediately jump in and start the repairs on Cholla. Kudos’ to Rangers Stan Bengtson and Ed Bridges for moving so quickly on this.

      We should all make it a point to simply introduce ourselves to all of the Rangers in the parks where we ride, and let them know that we are out here to help in the parks whenever needed.

      On a final note, they are also going to put out some signage on Mathis to warn riders of the sandy conditions on the descent, so no one gets caught by surprise.

      Don’t ever hesitate to get involved in helping to maintain our parks, or make constructive comments and suggestions to the Rangers and the County.

      I hope this helps to put some minds at ease regarding Cholla, and as always; my e-mail is always posted if anyone wants to get a hold of me.


      Adam, aka JamR


      JamR a 50 year old riding a a few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateCholla- Recently Molested-My friend and I rode from the museum parking lot, a short jaunt on the boring main trail (Wood Canyon I think) Coyote Run, up Cholla and down Rock-it. Cholla sucks, it is ripped up, widened in some parts and loose. Wood Canyon is also REALLY sandy; at least more so than 3 days ago. Rock-it was not graded thankfully and is still really fun!
      Alex the Amazon a 32 year old riding a Rocky Mountain from Huntington Beach


    • Trail UpdateStay In Control-Lots of good times recently at Aliso-Wood, but one close encounter. Just a reminder to all: Rock-It can be ridden uphill and you still have to yield to the person going uphill!

      Someone FLEW by me when I was going up a portion of Rock-It over July 4 weekend and I essentially got out of his way, but certainly lost all momentum in the process. No huge deal, but if I was a hiker or other user looking to ban MTBs, I would have had good ammo.

      Remember - if you can't see what's coming up, slow the hell down! :-)
      cegrover a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a '98 DBR V-Link from Huntington Beach URL: My MTB site


    • Trail UpdateWe Can, But We Don't-We can and do have a say in many decisions with our parks and trails, but most choose not to exercise that say.

      Tons of riders continually complain about issues on these boards, but after posting on all of the mtb boards with the venue opportunities for bikers to show up and voice their concerns; only 5 or 6 riders chose to attend these meetings.

      I hear there's always a great turn out for bike demo's and previews of new bike videos, but no real participation from the majority of bikers on the important issues.

      Here's your chance now.

      You took a few minutes to post a complaint here; now take the few minutes to let the people who count know how you feel. If you don't receive a reply, keep forwarding the same letter until you get one. That's how you can make a difference.

      Complaining on this or other mtb boards has no true value except entertainment value to the readers.

      Send letters to:

      These are some of the people in charge of this park.

      Start with these, and then show up at the next County Trails meeting on July 18th at Santiago Oaks.

      Feel free to CC; me a copy so I know you sent the letter.

      I have well over 600 e-mails from riders since July of last year stating that they want to get involved, but I only have evidence of a handful of them actually getting involved via a simple letter, and fewer yet actually showing up to the important meetings.

      Either get involved, or just sit back and see how the park shapes up in relation to personnel and trail access; but by then it might be too late to do anything but complain.

      Your choice and your move.

      Sorry to sound so jaded, but I'm finding a serious lack of concern and commitment from local riders, and the majority of our group seems to be complacent to leave the advocacy efforts to a relativly few number of people.

      Words are simply meaningless if you're not willing to put effort and action behind them.



      JamR a 49 year old


    • Trail UpdateAliso And Wood Park-News...

      I just heard that the "new" ranger at Aliso and Wood park will be an Old guy. His name is ranger stan who has been in the county for 29 year! Sheesh!

      What is the county thinking...if at all. This guy stan will only be around for 2-3 years and then he will join all the other county employees and retire out.

      We need a new, young ranger at Aliso and Wood park. Where is our (Mt biker) representation? why can't we demand from the Board of supers what kind of ranger we want?

      who is running that mickey mouse hbp department anyway?



    • Trail UpdateShuttling-ugh, why do I even bother? People like you just can't help themselves from bitching about things they don't like. Grow up and shut up. Does anyone have anything meaningful to say?


    • Trail Update"its how I ride."

      Take your shuttling mug to Big Bear!

      Oh wait, you shuttle monkeys screwed the pooch up there.
      Examine your history, or repeat it!


    • Trail UpdateShuttling-Ive seen people using the bus as a shuttle to get back up to the top of the world...where do you get on to get back up? I assume they're coming from telonics.

      P.S. don't give me shit about shuttling...its how I ride.
      bleh a 19 year old riding a 04 Kona Stinky Dee-Lux


    • Trail UpdateCorrection!-You and my wife are right - it's Mathis that has some 'problem areas' at the bottom. Rock-it is fine.

      The trails still look great out there. Actually, this "heat wave" (only true by Socal standards) is keeping the crowds at bay...

      cegrover a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a DBR V-Link from OC, CA


    • Trail UpdateRock It-There is no "closed trail" at the bottom of Rock It - not to my knowledge anyway. Upon completing Rock It, you can either turn left onto the Bridge trail, or right onto Coyote. The bottom of Mathis is still torn up pretty good - but you can use Dripping Cave as an alternate. I think you might be confusing Mathis & Rock It.
      MH a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Enduro Pro from San Clemente


    • Trail UpdateRock It-There is no "closed trail" at the bottom of Rock It - not to my knowledge anyway. Upon completing Rock It, you can either turn left onto the Bridge trail, or right onto Coyote. The bottom of Mathis is still torn up pretty good - but you can use Dripping Cave as an alternate.
      MH a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Enduro Pro from San Clemente


    • Trail UpdateClosed Trail?-First, "JamR", thank you for your efforts and explanations. I will be out of town for work on the 16th, but will make an effort to attend future meetings.

      Second, my wife and I noticed on our first visit to Aliso-Wood that there appears to be a dead-end at the bottom of the Rock-it trail. We used a trail that was marked as closed to get back to Coyote Run (per instructions in Mountain Biking in Orange Couty) after we didn't see another logical course and we did see lots of bike tire tracks on the 'closed' trail. What is the status there and, if it is closed, what is the alternate route once completing Rock-it??

      a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a DBR V-Link from OC, CA


    • Trail UpdateRMP Explaination-Explanation and history of these issues.

      The RMP stands for the Resource Management Plan.
      Basically what has happened at Aliso-Woods and in some part also at Laguna Coast is that the plan for these areas have not been finalized. For over 10 years now Aliso-Woods has been operating under an interim operations plan, which is not an inherent problem in itself.

      The problem with this park is that long before the County took possession of the area and created the park as we know it today, and long before the Harbors Beaches and Parks was even an entity in Orange County; this area had a well established network of recreational trails. It does have to be duly noted that many of them were not legally established trails, but realistically after decades of unhindered use by the public; many of these trails became historically accepted paths of travel for recreation in this area.

      When the County created the maps of the park as we know it today, there apparently was no concise study that took place that reviewed all of the popular trails in the area. Instead the County simply placed the main logical trails on the map and called it a day.

      Even after the creation of the County Park, many of the currently closed trails still enjoyed a quasi-open status and were included in the most popular publication (Mountain Biking in Orange County) with credits given to the Harbors, Beaches and Parks in the prelude to the book.

      After a while the closed signs and wire fences started showing up on these popular trails, and then some of the trails that once enjoyed a multi-use status were re-designated to hiking only trails. Then the enforcement and citations came which were geared towards the bikers on closed trails and for night use of the park, while infractions from other user groups were treated in a much lighter manner.

      The bottom line is that for years we have been informed that the proper avenue to get these trails re-reviewed for opening was through the County RMP for the park. Quite a few of us have been calling, writing letters and showing up to meetings and trail summits for five years now; and finally it appears that the RMP has begun (although none of us that have written the County lately have received any response in writing confirming this). What we are hanging our hat on right now is Supervisor Wilson’s commitment to our group at a meeting in February that the “RMP would be started and completed under his watch” which I believe effectively ends in November of 2006.

      The RRTAC is the Orange County “Regional Recreational Trails Advisory Committee” which is a 12 member (I believe) board of Volunteer members and County Staff that is the public’s sounding board for these issues. They meet every other month at Santiago Oaks Regional Park and cover all trail issues in Orange County (Hiking, Biking, Equestrian trails, bike lanes, bike paths, etc….); and anyone from the public can attend these meetings and bring any trail issue to the board for discussion and review during the public comment period. This is what we have been doing religiously since November.

      Joanne Quirk is apparently the Project Manager for the RMP and will be at this meeting to make a presentation to the board and the public on the Aliso-Woods RMP, so it is an important meeting to attend for anyone who wants to be involved and informed regarding Aliso-Woods.

      Here is the basic concern that I and others have stated many times to the County regarding the RMP. We simply want to have an involvement in the RMP and to work with the County to try to get access to some of the historical trails that have been closed in the past.

      We have stated to the County that one of our main concerns is that we will not be given the opportunity to state our views during the RMP, and there will come a time when we are notified of a public meeting (like the one coming up on the 16th) where we are presented with the final proposed map of the park, and discover that none of our concerns or requests were reviewed.

      I do not know if that is what’s taking place here, but I and others have been writing the County again for the past few weeks to Kevin Thomas, Tom Wilson, Joanne Quirk, Jeff Dickman and others within the County simply asking them the current status of the RMP. All the riders I spoke with this week have not received any reply from the County. So it would give the appearance that the County is for some reason not communicating with us.

      That’s why it’s very important to have as many riders and hikers as possible at this next meeting so we can once again show the County that we are very concerned and very interested in “OUR” park, and insist on having a say in the outcome of “OUR” recreational trails.

      That’s what’s so nice about these meeting venues, because even if a person does not want to get up and get directly involved in publicly speaking directly to the board, their mere presence at these meetings makes a difference, and gives a much needed support to those of us who do get up and speak at these meetings.

      We need bikers to be present at ALL of these meeting to show the board members that we are an organized and concerned group that cares deeply about our park.

      That’s basically the history and the gist of what we are trying to accomplish. It always helps to have people write letters to the County, and after this meeting I will once again post the e-mail contact addresses for all of the pertinent County personnel who are involved in our parks.

      But again……..This is a Very Important Meeting for any rider who uses and loves Aliso-Woods and Laguna Coast to attend.

      Not to be harsh………….but as I stated on many occasions……….If you are not willing to get involved with this issue and at least show up to a few meetings per year; then when we don’t re-gain access to come closed trails; more trails get closed on us; and Rangers/Sheriffs start increasing citations to riders in the parks………….you will have no room to complain.

      Please attend this meeting and be there to support those of us who are regularly standing up and stating our concerns to the board.

      Be there!!!
      Monday, May 16th
      7:00 pm
      Santiago Oaks Regional Park
      2145 N. Windes Drive
      Orange, CA 92869

      I will be riding my bike in from the Albertsons parking lot.


      JamR a 49 year old


    • Trail UpdateWhat's RMP?-What are they (the county) trying to do? Sorry if I'm lost, but I'm new to this board and do like this park.
      CT a 25 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized hardtail. from OC


    • Trail UpdateALISO-WOODS RMP-Aliso-Woods RMP

      It’s time to bring this issue back to the forefront again. The number of e-mails I have been receiving regarding the RMP have been picking up lately since the time change and with more people getting out for evening rides in the park. And some riders have been getting frustrated over the past few weeks (myself included) due to unanswered correspondence with the County.

      Fortunately I received my copy of the notice for the May RRTAC meeting at Santiago Oaks Regional Park for Monday, May 16th at 7:00 pm.

      In order to give the County the benefit of the doubt, I will take the position that the reason that they have not responded is because Joanne Quirk, RMP Project Manager will be giving a presentation at the meeting regarding the Aliso-Woods RMP.

      I was personally getting frustrated because I have been asking for four months for a copy of the letter that was supposed to be written by the RRTAC to the County regarding the RMP (and I will publicly ask once again at this meeting).

      Anyone who has any interest at all regarding the trail issues at Aliso-Woods and Laguna Coast really needs to attend this meeting. Ever since our strong showing in November with over 70 riders, only I, Keith and a couple of other riders have attended the subsequent meetings. This lack of presence does not demonstrate to the County that we are a viable group and if we lose access to trails, or do not have any of the currently closed trails considered for legalization, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

      If riders are not willing to spend a few minutes writing a letter or two, or commit to a couple of hours every other month to sit in on the RRTAC meetings, then those people will have absolutely no room to utter a word of complaint if the RMP gets completed without the addition of some re-opening of existing trails. There will be no room to complain when the Rangers finally receive the power of citation and issue stiff citations for people using trails that they were not willing to fight for legally.

      So many people have e-mailed me asking how they can get involved, and so many people want to know how to voice their opinion.

      The RRTAC meeting that takes place every other month is precisely that venue, where the members of the public can stand up and pose questions directly to the board on ANY trail issues within the County. If you don’t take the opportunity to voice your opinion to the County when these venues occur, then you have no voice IMO to voice a complaint afterwards if things don’t develop the way you would like them to.

      This particular meeting is important because Joanne Quirk from the County (the RMP Project Manager) will be present to make a presentation regarding the RMP, and to ferry questions from the public.

      I will be there once again as I have been since November and will be at every subsequent meeting this year.

      Please get involved this time and let the County know that we care greatly about all of the trails in the Aliso-Woods/Laguna Coast parks and want to have our concerns considered during the RMP process.

      It’s time to take a head count on who is serious enough about these issues to show their support by attending this meeting.

      I will once again be parking at the Albertsons and riding my bike to the meeting. Please post your name here or e-mail me so I can get an estimate of how many riders will be attending this meeting.


      Adam, aka JamR

      JamR a 49 year old


    • Trail UpdateMtbchick Womens Clinic 14-15 May-Ladies, come out and get dirty with the mtbchick.com women's team! a 2 day skills clinic packed with learning and riding and fun... win Magura brakes, demo Mavic wheels and Cannondale bikes... eat good food... and more! Register online at active.com http://www.active.com/event_detail.cfm?event_id=1217743

      we also have a local coming out to talk about trail advocacy and stewardship in your area!
      mtbchick a 32 year old Racer riding a Cannondale Scalpel Team from longomnt, co URL: mtbchick.com site and info


    • Trail UpdateGreat Trails!-Rode from main entrance, up Cholla, down Rock-it and back for the first time today. This was actually our first time at Aliso-Wood. What great trails!

      Starting out, we marvelled at how many bikers were there. We ride in the Santiago Oaks/Irvine/Wier Canyon/Peters Canyon area a lot and never see so many people. Having now ridden the trails, the popularity of Alisa-Wood makes sense.

      I agree the trails are in great shape despite some overgrowth and a rut here and there. This loop was in much better shape than the 3 Bs to Chutes loop at Santiago a couple weeks ago (and those trails weren't really bad at all). As first timers on this trail, Cholla took some stops and re-starts, but we'll be back!
      cegrover a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a DBR V-Link from OC, CA


    • Trail UpdateAliso Has Ruts But Overall Good-Rode Aliso yesterday, the trails are in relatively good shape. Rode from the "Top" down Rock It, Up Cholla, down Lynx, and back up Mathis. Rock It and Lynx were particularly fun. The brush has grown and could use some trimming around the singletrack areas and sometimes you will go through some sharp, hard, but small rutted areas. The washout on the trail that leads up to Mathis was pretty impressive to see. Overall the trails are in good shape, no need for hesitation, this is a fun ride.
      ICPAYDIRT a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Santa Cruz Superlight from Pacific Beach


    • Trail UpdateRMP-A good opportunity to stay informed and have the opportunity to speak out on any OC trail issues is the upcoming RRTAC meeting at Santiago Oaks in May.

      I believe that Kevin Thomas might be at that meeting to talk about the RMP and trail issues in general.

      As with most public meetings, there is a period for public comment, so we should take these opportunities to be seen and heard.

      I'll post the date as it gets closer as a reminder.
      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a a few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateAliso And Wood-Say,

      some good news. Rumor has it that the Resource Management Plan is back in the "planning" stages!

      remember all those ideas you / we had for park trails and uses, hours, etc. Well, dust them off! be prepared to share your thots.

      more later.
      To-Kra' a Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateTrail In Good Shape...-Rode Aliso from Top of the World. Went to El Moro 1st however they are still closed. From the top, down Rock-It, then up Cholla. Over all the trail is pretty hard pack. Amazing to see the size of some of the ruts from the rains...

      Hit the trails guys...Ride HARD, Ride FAST!!!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 9miles Elevation change:
      Big joe a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a n Intense Tracer from Corona, CA


    • Trail UpdateAlternate Route-What is the best way for a intermediate rider to get down from the west ridge now that the Mathis / Dripping Cave is washed out.


    • Trail UpdateStill A Little Wet...-Rode AW today...Cholla has a lot of water bars dug into it which probably helped reduce erosion...a few wet spots and a few wet spots on Westridge...feeder trail to Rocket is now singletrack and then there are some brutal cross ruts that make for a rough ride. Top part of rocket has a lot of over-growth, so if you are climbing ring a bell or something because visibility is really tough. Rest of Rocket is in fine shape.

      You still need to take Dripping Cave to get to Mathis and Dripping Cave is wet throughout. There is a stream running down the trail for about 50 yards near Wood Canyon Road and a lot of the trail is muddy, although switchbacks have held up well. Frankly, I'd avoid Dripping Cave for a few days..just not really worth it with the mud. At the end right where it connects to Mathis, the Mathis washout has been extended all the way up to Dripping Cave and there is a stream running down Mathis where you turn left off Dripping Cave. The rest of Mathis is dry, but with a lot more ruts than before.

      Meadows is pretty wet and with a lot of ruts, but the recently dug water bars that we put in last month have helped the trail. The trail is a lot slower than it used to be, so be careful the first time down...I almost lost it twice :-)

      Thanks to the Rangers and Grounds Crew for all their work to keep the trails up and minimize rain damage.
      Ride distance: 13.7 miles Elevation change: 1880
      EJ a 42 year old Cross-Country Rider from OC


    • Trail UpdateFollow Up-Since today is the 25th, make sure you log onto the County web-site or call the park before you show up.

      When I spoke with the Rangers (Ed and Larry) at Aliso-Woods on Wednesday, they were themselves still staying out of the park and were trying to assess the damage from the hills and roads above the park.

      They did indicate that the trail status message is checked every morning to make sure it reflects the accurate information.

      Again, make sure you check before you ride into a County park. Don't just depend on the signage at the park entrances. It's difficult for the Rangers to monitor all the entrances to parks like Aliso-Woods since there are numerous entrances that are spread out throughout the park.

      Be safe and call before you go out to ride.

      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateClosed-Aliso is Closed per the information from the County Parks web-site shown below.

      I believe that even more of the fire road leading to Mathis was washed away in the last storm.

      From the County web-site:

      The following is an update on facility conditions:

      • All park unpaved trails closed due to extreme wet and muddy conditions.
      • Aliso & Wood Canyons Wilderness Park closed.
      • Carbon Canyon Regional Park closed.
      • Caspers Wilderness Park – Ortega Flats campground open. Remainder of the park is closed.
      • Craig Regional Park lower sections closed – upper park is open.
      • Helena Modjeska House and Gardens closed.
      • Irvine Regional Park open – wilderness areas and all unpaved trails closed.
      • Laguna Coast Wilderness Park closed.
      • Laguna Niguel Regional Park – Reopened Feb. 24.
      • Limestone-Whiting Wilderness Park closed.
      • Mason Regional Park – main park open, phase III natural area closed including concrete walkways due to flooded creek crossings.
      • O’Neill Regional Park – campgrounds open. All day use areas closed.
      • Peters Canyon Regional Park closed.
      • Riley Wilderness Park closed.
      • Santiago Oaks Regional Park closed due to high creek flow.

      Closures will be in effect through at least Friday, February 25th. All county beaches are open, however there is significant storm debris at the tide line. Visit www.ocbeachinfo.com for more info.

      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateTrail Conditions?-how is the trail after all the rain??


    • Trail UpdateTrail Conditions?-how is the trail after all the rain??


    • Trail UpdateTrail Conditions?-how is the trail after all the rain??


    • Trail UpdateRMP-Actually what he said was that the RMP was to be "Started and Completed Under his Watch", which gives a time frame for the completion of the RMP No later than Jan 2007.

      I'll do a recap of the meeting that took place yesterday regarding the RMP.

      The outlook is positive, but there will definitely be some concessions required in order to get a once-and-for-all finalization of the trail system at Aliso-Woods.

      I'll get my take on the meeting posted before the end of the evening tonight.

      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateAliso And Wood-Rumor: Tom Wilson said today that he will see the RMP process started again at Aliso and Wood, before he leaves office in 2006.

      not much of a promise, but for a politico, not bad either....
      To' kra a Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateWilson's Montage Announcement...-

      County Supervisor Tom Wilson has sent out an email explaining his position and thoughts on the Montage Golf Course...

      The Montage

      Many of you may have read in the paper about my stance in relation to the concept advanced by the Montage at Ben Brown golf course. I know this because I have received many emails on the topic – but for those of you who have not read it, I thought I would include it here:

      “As everyone is aware, late last summer, I had asked the Athens Group to defer any discussions with the County regarding the possible expansion of the Ben Brown golf course until the new year. Recently, I asked the County’s planning staff to research the required permitting process, as well as to evaluate the opportunities, constraints and any public benefits of a cooperative planning project within the Aliso Wood Canyons Wilderness Park.

      Well, the new year has arrived and – after being presented with the findings of the staff and after a thorough review of the applicant’s concept, hearing their briefing, as well as taking a van tour with our staff through the canyon – I’ve come to a very strong conclusion. The concept, as explained to me by the Athens Group, is one I simply cannot personally support, and I met with them late last week to formally reject that concept. As they reassess their options, they do have the procedural discretion to continue presenting concepts to the County staff, the City of Laguna Beach, and the community to explore alternatives.”
      -Tom Wilson



    • Trail UpdateAliso Canyon-Pro-park individuals may wish to look at this web site from a google search:


      This web site should help you all understand what we will be up against.

      Feel free to get invovled with this as much as you possibly can.

      To-kra' a Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateHBP Commission-The Commission meets at 7:00 p.m., on the first Thursday of each month at the Muth Interpretive Center, Upper Newport Bay Nature Reserve, 2301 University Drive in Newport Beach, CA 9266, unless rescheduled by the Commission.


    • Trail UpdateAliso & Wood-It is correct, Jerry King no longer works for Psomas.


    • Trail UpdateSunday Morning Open-Just called the aliso hotline and it sounds like all trails are open as of 09:45.



    • Trail UpdateHow Is The Trail In For Sun ??-I rode Thur and everything was pretty good although the rangers closed it down later in the morning. After the Fri rains and Sat sun, will the park be open for sunday??


    • Trail UpdateHow Is The Trail In For Sun ??-I rode Thur and everything was pretty good although the rangers closed it down later in the morning. After the Fri rains and Sat sun, will the park be open for sunday??


    • Trail UpdateHow Is The Trail In For Sun ??-I rode Thur and everything was pretty good although the rangers closed it down later in the morning. After the Fri rains and Sat sun, will the park be open for sunday??


    • Trail UpdateIn reference to the previous comment about Jerry King's employment. He left his employment with Psomas, Inc, to work for McGuire.

      I understand that he has made his support for a golf course at Aliso Woods in a couple of different forums, but the one I know of specifically was at the last meeting of the Orange County Natural History Museum's Board of Directors. Jerry is the current president of the museum board.

      No accusations or inuendos implied or intended..



    • Trail Update...-who do i get to race?
      Alan riding a Enduro 04


    • Trail UpdateGot It All Figured Out Now-Let’s simplify this whole process.

      I’ll race Tom Wilson up Rock-It for the RMP and the historical trails.

      El Jefe will race Jerry King down Highlander for the Montage. Oh Wait……I remember what happened to Jeff the last time I saw him come down Highlander.

      Ok…….Inkpad will race Jerry King down Highlander for the Montage.

      Winner takes all.

      We can stop bickering now ;)

      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateVoice Of Reason-JamR-
      You remain the ever-present voice of reason. From what I have seen with similar land-managment issues elsewhere, suggestions and ideas like yours often serve as an effective means of organizing positive action and communicating concerns to the bureaucratic powers that be.


    • Trail UpdateAW-I appreciate that we all have our biases. Obviously I'm not a golfer nor am I privy to the golfing industry's advancements and efforts to improve their actions and their image. I wasn't outright "shooting down" any particular proposal. You are right, I haven't even read any of the proposals; And if I was trying to shoot them down, I sure as heck better be familar with them. Instead, I was trying to voice some concerns that have, in the past, been associated with golf courses and other similar developments. In my limited time of looking at the issues being tossed around regarding A/W I have yet to see these sorts of concerns raised.

      I stated that it takes management performed in an ecologically-sensitive fashion to mitigate problems often associated with development; in this particular case, golf courses. I am really glad to see that you--as a 10 year veteran of the golf industry--are concerned about and knowledgable of the environmental impacts inherent in such an endeavor; especially when they concern a limited resource like Aliso-Woods. I briefly looked over the Golfing Superintendent's Guide and I am pleased to see that these issues are, at the very least, being raised. Indeed, I hope that all Golf Superintendents are as interested in the preservation of non-golfing activites as you appear to be.

      As I also said, that we need to "...start taking a closer look at what we build, who is building it, and where they are building it. Especially when we are talking about such a limited resource." I, too, am encouraged to see that this is the case, but undoubtedly there will be much continued debate regarding the subject.

      As they say: Elbows and opinions, everyone's got'em...



    • Trail UpdateConcerned…-I agree with the previous post about accuracy of information.

      There’s a lot of information going around on this board and on private e-mails; and basically I’m just concerned about how fruitful some of it really is. I think it is correct and prudent for us to be concerned and to do accurate research into all issues pertaining to the RMP at Aliso-Woods and the Montage expansion; but again, we need to make sure we are as accurate as possible in the information we release, and how we release it.

      So far I have heard that Jerry King works with McGuire Consulting; I have heard that he is employed by McGuire; and I have heard that he is employed by Psomas, Inc.

      I have heard the number of meetings with the Montage stated anywhere from 1 to 17.

      Innuendos of conflicts of interest, special interest and lobbying have been made.

      Accusations of private meetings have been made between the county and the Montage, yet Tom Wilson has agreed to meet with mountain bike representatives in private to discuss this park.

      I have heard that environmental protection is the reason that it’s difficult to get access back onto our historical trails, yet at the same time a golf course is being considered. Then again, I hear some people shouting wilderness protection for Aliso-Woods except as it applies to getting access to more trails for bikers.

      Technically under the strict guidelines of the wilderness designation criteria, it’s my understanding that the number of trails at Aliso-Woods and Laguna Coast already exceed the limits; so isn’t it hypocritical for us to want access to more trails?

      My point is that there is a lot of information being tossed about, and either side can make valid arguments to support their position and lambaste the other side.

      I’m trying to keep an open mind on both sides until we know for sure that the information we have is correct; and before we continue to keep making such comments we need to try to remember that we all have our own special interests in most of these matters.

      Aliso-Woods is certainly a beautiful park and has wonderful wildlife and habitat areas that need to be respected and protected. That being said however, it is far from a pristine wilderness area. The damage that was seen at the bottom of Mathis is not unusual for this park. The park is part of the County flood control system and unfortunately parts of it are anticipated to be damaged and sacrificed in a major storm as we just saw.

      In the event of another major fire in the area, this park would certainly be sacrificed for the protection of the homes. If it came between saving the park or the homes and the university; the park would lose.

      What I’m getting at is that we need to focus in on a goal; strike a balance between the pro’s and con’s of all sides; and decide what we want out of what’s currently taking place in the park.

      My personal position and issues that I’m concerned with remain the same, which are the reassessment of many of the historical trails in the park and to have them once and for all legitimized and placed on the County maps. Also to find out as much as I can about the Montage’s plans and to make sure that (1): all proper procedures are followed in the evaluation of the course, and (2): to make sure that if the course is allowed to come into Aliso-Woods, that access to Meadows is preserved.

      The trails at Aliso-Woods have for far too long been teetering between various degrees of open / closed / quasi-open / local secrecies, etc… which does not make for a healthy and productive trail system. This type of ride-but-don’t-tell trail status only leads to trouble and has the potential of eventually having bikers systematically eliminated altogether.

      This is a beautiful-yet quasi-wilderness area that also has the unique history of being an extremely active recreation area; and I think that with proper planning and cooperation from all parties we can all benefit. I think it’s short-sighted to simply say keep the big guys out, but let us ride wherever we want; just as it short-sighted to claim Aliso-Woods as a pristine wilderness that needs to have bikers numbers reduced and controlled.

      Balance people….balance…….

      Let’s keep working to gather accurate information; come up with a reasonable plan of what we would like to see be finalized for Aliso-Woods and Laguna Coast; meet with the land managers and work through the proper channels to achieve our goals. In the mean time, let’s try to keep the innuendos, lambasting and accusations under control. These are not productive or helpful.

      Let’s keep our passion pointed in the right direction and make use of the opportunities that are afforded to us to listen, learn, and be heard at places like the RRTAC meetings, the HBP Commission Meetings, and the BOS meetings. We were severely under-represented at the last RRTAC meeting; so let’s step it up and have some good presence at the next one for sure.

      I think it would be a good idea pretty soon for people on this board who are starting to really get involved in these issues to maybe meet sometime soon for a few hours one weekend to discuss, share notes, plan strategies, etc….. We need to work as a group on these issues.

      My e-mail’s always open.


      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateAliso Creek-If you are going to post on how golf courses effect an environment, you better get your facts straight. Yes, in the past, Golf Courses weren't designed in the most environmentally sensitive ways. Today, however, current practices show that they can actually improve water quality on water features that pass through them. Check out www.gcsaa.org for the actuall documented studies. I've been a golf course superintendent for 10 years, and yes I frequent Aliso Woods canyon at least 3-5 times a week. I know the positives and negatives, learn the facts before you jump on any bandwagon. The plan the was posted here a couple of months ago acutally show that a golf course wouldn't affect any current open trails, with the possible moving of meadows, but then would allow for access to the beach. Yes, we need to be aware of anything proposed, but don't you think that you should see the proposal before you shoot it down. I'm glad that is the stance that the Laguna Beach City Council is taking.


    • Trail UpdateEcological Impacts-I'm an out-of-towner, so I don't want to put my nose where it doesn't belong, but I'm also an avid MTBer and an Ecologist so I just can't help myself. Also, I know I'm probably preaching to the choir, but we can all use more ammo in this fight:

      A golf course = severe impact on the natural balance and beauty of this canyon.

      Most of the golf courses that I have seen rip out much of the native vegetation (which has grown well for generations for a reason). They alter the hydrology and topography thus impacting runoff and flooding--and we already saw how dynamic the area is with part of Mathis being washed away. They plant (I believe, I'm not a grass scientist) non-native grasses which require excessive amounts of watering and fertilization (this is, after all a very arid ecosystem). Then, typically, herbicides, algaecides, insecticides, etc. are used to maintain the "beauty" of a weed-less 'perfect' green and an algae-less water-hazard. And of course, all this contributes to non-point source pollution of all that fertilizer, pesticides, top soil which USED to be secure within the native vegetation, and other pollutants which flow directly into Aliso Creek and out into the ocean or our water supply thereby causing problems for aquatic organisms (anyone like to eat fish), beach closures (any surfers out there?), etc.

      For a great example of this occurring on a large-scale, look at the "Dead Zone" in the Gulf of Mexico. It is an area roughly the size of Rhode Island (if not bigger by now) that every year develops anoxic (low- to no-oxygen) conditions as a result of all the pollutants collected from the Mississippi River Drainage Basin and flowing out of the Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico. (http://www.smm.org/deadzone/top.html) (I have nothing to do with this website, I just found it and it looks publicly accessible)

      "Oh, but just one golf course isn't going to cause a dead zone in the Pacific is it?" Critics would say. I doubt it would immediately, but what a short-sighted way to look at things. I strongly believe that all this unchecked--and not well thought out--development will cause major problems for the health of humans and our food supply within my lifetime (I'm 28).

      Or how about: "If they build it 'right' it won't be like that." First, you can't deny the fundamentals of what makes a golf course, a golf course. All that bright green grass, elimination of native vegetation, altering hydrology and topography, chemical additives, etc. are 'necessary' for the golf course to remain 'attractive' and lucrative. Then you need to rely on the managers and their employees to have the ecological-mindfulness to practice proper integrated management techniques (using various biological, mechanical, and minimal chemical means to manage an area) even though they may be more expensive, time consuming, and—in the short-term—less effective. Doing it "right" often imparts higher monastery costs up front. In terms of ecological economics it is cheaper, but in terms of neo-classical economics, it is more expensive...[see http://www.steadystate.org/ And the book, Shoveling Fuel for a Runaway Train, by Brian Czech (http://www.steadystate.org/ShovelingFuel.html) Again, no association with this, just a good source]

      Finally, I have to add that I believe that we cannot halt all development; Nor does development need to be inherently "bad". Humans, for better or worse, are and will be as long as we exist, part of nature. However, we need to start taking a closer look at what we build, who is building it, and where they are building it. Especially when we are talking about such a limited resource. Aliso-Woods represents a gem of a relatively undisturbed chunk of vanishing native vegetation. It brings a tear to my eye to think that in a few years it will be another homogenous, sterile, and inaccessible golf course.

      I will remain relatively anonymous, but just ask your local or university biologist or ecologist about this stuff and I’m confident that s/he will lead you to someone who is willing to actively discuss such issues.

      TexLepomis a 28 year old


    • Trail UpdateYea Golf Courses!-Show ME the mo-neigh!
      Up next: golf at the ANWR. Stay tuned!
      Jerry King a Downhiller E-mail: jerry.king@lawyers_for_golfcourses everywhere.edu


    • Trail UpdateA Little More On Jerry King-Jerry's employer, Psomas Inc has multiple offices and on their website states clearly that they serve the "development, transportation and water communities".

      His job is to facilitate development and his purported position does just that.

      His company also employes a lobbyist meaning that they don't just facilitate building for a builder, they help lobby for the project:

      (notice addresses of West LA branch on both forms).

      He is just another that I'm gathering info on, but really our beef is at the Supervisoral level, the city of Laguna would push this through in a heart beat if it came to it.



    • Trail UpdateJerry A King-Jerry King may work with McGuire, but he has also been on boards of the water district for years, meaning that he would have to work "with" them.

      Jerry King is an urban planner by profession so his position is to build. That is what urban planners do and a parkland for a golf course and villas would give him job security. He would be just watching out for himself.

      Disclaimer: I have no information on Mr. King's positions as of yet and am watching the situations very closely as they unfold.


    • Trail UpdateJerry King-Where, in writing, did Mr. King come out and say he was for development of Aliso Woods? Please show me and I will pack that room with people.



    • Trail UpdateDripping Cave-Just take dripping cave to get to Mathis....I didn't see any other way.
      StevenfullyJackson a 23 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a BigFoesCoveScat from Fullerton Loop


    • Trail UpdateMathis Detour-Does anyone know the detour to get to Mathis?


    • Trail UpdateWell..-El Jefe, at least THIS lawyer has enough credibility to refrain from posting anonymously without any contact information. : P


    • Trail UpdatePs-I had the correct number of "n"'s.....I just put them in the wrong words to test you ;)

      Had any good crashes lately ;)
      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateOK-Thainks ;)
      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo



      eL jEFE a year old Downhiller


    • Trail UpdateCounty Trails-I think he/she meant Thursday, February 3rd.

      I believe the HBP Commission meetings are typically set for the 1st Thursday of each month at the Muth Interpretive Center in Newport Beach, at 7:00 pm.

      Also, there's nothing inherently wrong with remaining annonymous on these boards unless the individual is making accusations or inuendo's about another individual or department.

      If facts are true and verifiable, then one should not be afraid to come forward and stand behind thier statements.

      Just my opinion here.


      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateCounty Trails-As a matter of public record, the next Harbors Beaches and Parks Commission meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 4, 2004.

      I am not sure of the location, however in the past it has been at the Upper Newport Bay visitors center. meetings usually begin at 7:00 PM.

      Jerry King should be in attendance.

      Some folks must remain anonymous...........


    • Trail UpdateAgain I Agree..-As a lawyer and a political activist, I would emphasize JAMR's sentiments.

      It is very important that mountain bikers create an image of credibility, backed up by well-researched and well-informed discourse and information. If we are to be taken seriously as a coalition/group, we must be careful that we present our case as professionally as possible to the public.

      In the future, if you want to disseminate information of the sort that was posted previously, please at least post your name and contact information.
      Alan Kang a 26 year old riding a Enduro 04 URL: http://www.socaltrailriders.org


    • Trail UpdateRRTAC Meeting Follow-Up-Monday’s RRTAC meeting was calmer than the November meeting when we overwhelmed them with biker presence; but it would have been nice to have more than just 2 mountain bikers show up.

      That being said however; we obviously did accomplish making our presence heard at the last meeting, as the written action item #1 for the RRTAC Board to follow up on from the November meeting was concerning the RMP for Aliso-Woods.

      Per the Meeting Minutes:

      ACTION ITEM #1
      “Staff to draft a letter for the RRTAC to edit and send, requesting that HBP expedite the completion of the RMP for Aliso-Wood Canyons WP.”

      They began Monday’s meeting by reading the draft copy of the letter for approval. The letter in my opinion was well written and actually contained stronger wording than I expected. It brought up the delays, the excessive time frame, and called for a quick resolution on the RMP.

      Also the board discussed the fact that Aliso-Woods and Laguna Coast should be combined in the RMP since the intent was to eventually have a connected park system in the Laguna Greenbelt area. It certainly makes good sense to me to have both parks reviewed and completed in a timely fashion.

      I will keep in touch with the board, and as soon as I receive a copy of the final letter to the HBP Commission, I will post it here.

      It was an instructive and informative meeting, with the only negative points mentioned unfortunately being about bikers and equestrians. Santiago Oaks has been vacillating between an open and closed status apparently due to water release from the dam. This has caused some frustration from local equestrian users since the park has been opened on the weekends, but closed during the weekdays. This information is not discovered until they reach the front gate and are forced to turn around.

      Unfortunately it was mentioned that while the equestrians were turning around to leave, bikers were coming out of the closed park. They did make it a point to mention however that this might be the parks fault if there was no signage at the back entrances indicating the park was closed; so it was not a direct bash against bikers, but unfortunately the only example used.

      Also, there is concern about the steep hill that comes up to the top of the dam. Some bikers entering the hill from the top make it a point to catch air off the asphalt swale at the top of the hill, which creates a dangerous situation for any equestrian rider coming up the hill; especially if the horse is nearing the top of the hill where there is a blind section.

      The suggestion was to look into installing a double railroad tie step-over to allow the horses to walk over, but would force the bikers to get off their bikes and step over the rails. It’s a good solution, but it is unfortunate that land managers and user groups should have to resort to such steps to curb user conflicts. It would be better not to have to resort to step-overs, and simply have bikers not enter blind areas on multi-use trails at speed or without warning. The equestrian representatives at the meeting were all for multi-use trails, but are concerned about avoiding a potential injury at this location.

      Let’s make sure we are careful and courteous, and use some common sense in locations like the above mentioned where the potential for accidents between user groups exist.

      All in all, a positive and informative meeting.

      The next meeting is scheduled for March 21st. Hope to see more bikers in attendance in March.

      Have fun riding!


      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateBashing-
      My concern with the “facts” are actually with the accusations that are taking place.

      If someone has some clear evidence of illegal or unethical behavior on the part of a public entity or individual, and does nothing about it but post anonymously; the person posting, or the “facts” in my opinion have no credibility.

      Also, just posting facts and attempting to connect the dots to point out a supposed conflict of interest is not conducive to helping our cause. Facts in themselves are not always revealing.

      Let’s try these:
      Fact – many of the riders (myself included) who are pushing the county to properly handle the RMP, have in the past and in some cases still ride closed trails. (Because we broke the law in the past and in the present; does mean we are hypocritical in pushing county for proper processes).
      Fact – local bike magazines have posted many photos of closed trail section and written articles defining the same closed trails. (Does that preclude that any article written regarding trails access should be viewed as skewed and one-sided).

      There are dozens of facts similar to these on both sides of the issues that people can try to connect dots to and make a case for conflict of interest on either side.

      I just think that if someone is going to go onto a public board and post facts with the innuendo of wrong-doing, they should have the courage to either go directly to the source and confront the issue, or take the required steps for official action.

      Let’s not throw around facts and innuendos that are unsupported or unconstructive.

      This does not make us look like a credible group. We need to be seen as a credible user group that’s willing to work through the processes for our trail access issues if we want to be taken seriously. Let’s keep this in mind when we post, and when we show up to public meetings.


      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateBashing?-It might be, but the previously posted comments anonmously are factually true and I agree with much of it. The important thing to remember is that a golf course may very well be built at Aliso Woods and that can open up other county parks to development. Lets not loose our wilderness trails in public land to a private hotal resort's golf course. I hate to admit it (and I hope that I am wrong) but, my gut feeling is that we're going to loose this one.


    • Trail UpdateThanks-EJ:
      Thanks for the support. Like I said, the individual who wrote me didn't seem to be over-reacting, so in order to curb any further misunderstandings I figured I'd be proactive.
      After all, I'm not one to rock the boat, I just want to ride my bike!


    • Trail UpdateHey Tex-I'm not sure why you are apologizing. You rode on Friday, right...and the trails were open. Sounds like the letter writer should be apologizing. Thanks for the trail update and pictures.
      EJ a 42 year old Cross-Country Rider from OC


    • Trail UpdateI Wholeheartedly Agree W/ JAMR-If you are passionate about getting involved with the politics of mountain bike trails and accuse someone of having conflicts of interest, why do you post anonymously?? To be honest, that seems a bit cowardly. Just post your name and contact information.
      riding a enduro


    • Trail UpdateApology-I realize that this post may be seen as trivial in light of the bigger issues regarding AW, but I feel it necessary to prevent any further possible misunderstanding. It concerns my Friday evening post, “Aliso is in Great Shape...” made here and at www.socaltrailriders.org:

      I received a letter asking me not to "post anywhere that you ride trails during closures".

      I appreciate this individual’s tact and discretion in dealing with this matter and will respond in kind. Receiving this letter made me realize that I may have mislead (and angered) more than this one individual. I truly hope this is not the case. I was not riding around AW while it was closed. After discovering on this website that AW was opened, I did call ahead to the Ranger’s Office to confirm this and heard the message indicating all trails were opened. I haven’t received a reply to my request for clarification from this individual, but if s/he meant that I was riding around in certain trails--and encouraging others to do the same--despite closures, I must apologize. It is very clear from the pictures I took that this section of Mathis is closed. That was the point of posting the pictures. I was merely trying to contribute to the great SoCal MTB community that I admire by providing images that I myself have been desperately waiting weeks to see.

      I apologize for causing any damage to our already fragile reputation as MTBers. Obviously, any damage is already done as my original letter and pictures are now floating around in cyber-space, but please accept my apology for any misunderstanding on this matter. If the admins and/or the website community feel it would be better to delete my post and/or the entire thread and all the contained information, I encourage you to do so.
      Again, I apologize for serving as “the bad seed” that risks ruining it for everyone. That was certainly NOT my intention.

      I make it a point to adhere to posted signage and to treat the places we love to ride with respect and I expect others to do the same.

      Thank you


    • Trail UpdateBe Careful-We should be very careful here and make sure that statements we post are correct.

      The comment below that Jerry King works with McGuire Environmental Consultants should be expanded on a little. What exactly do you mean by works with?

      I would assume that anyone on the HBP Commission would at some point work with many environmental consultants such as McGuire. McGuire does environmental consulting for just about every municipality in So Cal, and many public and private corporations; so it’s not unusual for them to be involved simultaneously with cooperating or opposing entities.

      I’ve also been following the Natural History Museum for some time now, and have not seen the circumventing that was just claimed below. If anything, the daunting permit processes are what’s causing the delays with the expansion. That coupled with basic fund-raising and the task of organizing such a move.

      We sometimes spend so much time bashing people who are involved in these processes, yet we won’t spend time to get constructively involved ourselves.

      There are so many ways to get involved and keep abreast of the problems, issues and movements in our parks; and these public boards can certainly be one of them as long as the information is as factual as possible.

      Another way is to get directly involved in the public meeting venues that are afforded to us. Unfortunately last night at the RRTAC meeting; bikers showed their lack of interest with only me and Keith showing up as a follow-up to the November mass appearance by bikers.

      On the other hand, the RRTAC board followed through on their part and put the letter to the HBP commission as action item #1 on the November meeting minutes; and read their draft letter to the board and meeting attendees for approval last night. The letter was well written, concise and aggressive; and clearly put the responsibility on the HBP Commission to step up to the plate and explain the RMP delays; explain the excessive time frame already expended; and to get the process started in a timely fashion. As soon as I get a copy of the final letter to the Commission, I will post it here.

      Again, it’s great for people to get excited about an issue and post messages, write letters, attend meeting, etc….But please make sure you are as factual as possible; otherwise we will not be taken seriously as a group. We need to be taken seriously if we are to make the gains in our local access issues that are so important to us.

      Also, a person certainly commands more credibility on any public board like this one if they don’t post anonymously. If one is passionate and confident about their facts and comments; why the anonymous posts?

      We are actually beginning to make gains and are opening up some major lines of communication with the land managers, and need to work to keep these lines open for the future.

      Just some thoughts.


      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateJerry King, Another Problem?-Jerry King has another potential conflict of interest. He is the president of the Orange County Natural History Museum (located at Aliso Woods. The museum does not pay rent to the county for the land it uses and it is trying to expand without the proper permits, etc.. Is he using his HBP position improperly?


    • Trail UpdateJerry King-Jerry King was appointed to his HBP Comission seat by County Supervisor Thomas Wilson.


    • Trail UpdateI'm A Lawyer...-and a passionate mountain biker...I can help...send me details at alankang3000@aol.com.


    • Trail UpdateConflict Of Interest?-Jerry King, who sits on the HBP Commission, apparently works with Maguire and Associates which provides water quality and environmental consulting for a number of big clients such as Montage Resort.


    • Trail UpdateAliso Golf Course?-I just heard that one of the County commissioners Jerry King, (HBP commissioner, I think) came out and publicly stated he was in favor of the Montage's new golf course. This will ruin Aliso Canyon!

      How can a commissioner who is supposed to protect our parks be in favor of something like this!!??

      A golf course is NOT a good idea.

      scrogg a Downhiller from Fullerton


    • Trail UpdateIts SocaltrAilriders.org-www.socaltrailriders.org URL: http://www.socaltrailriders.org


    • Trail UpdateI was getting impatient yesterday, begging the Rangers to let me in. Glad I waited until today. Props to the Rangers and Crew. Their wisdom and foresight has Aliso Woods ready for the herds this weekend.

      The fire road up from Aliso Creek is sandy and graded. Took the Mathis off ramp next to Coyote. The washout is up aways, closer to Dripping Cave turnoff than Coyote. The Storms washed out an impressive amount of fire road. Mathis has exposed rock everywhere and is in great shape, light traffic. Came down Meadows via Alta Laguna. Meadows is overall in great shape, only a few wet and avoidable spots. The worst mud was at the Meadow exit back to the fire road.

      I missed riding the last three weeks due to wet conditions. AW is easy for some of us to take for granted, me included. We need to find away to coexisist with future plans for the Park.


      Ride distance: 12 miles Elevation change: 1000
      Bluesband a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 2000 Specialized Enduro Sport in need of upgrades from Laguna Niguel


    • Trail UpdateAliso Is In Great Shape...-...for the most part. I took some pics of the washed out part of Mathis that I will post to socaltrialriders.org once I square away some technical difficulties. It's a great website, for those that aren't familar.

      My route was fairly clean. Ranger Office --> up Mathis (around the detour, of course) --> Top of the World --> down Mathis --> Dripping Springs --> Coyote Run --> Ranger Office. The only really "bad" section of trail I encountered was on Dripping Spring, a little wet and muddy so take caution, but otherwise firm.

      A big THANKS to the Park crews and Rangers that clearly have been working to re-open Aliso!!!! :)
      There were plenty of riders and hikers out there, so ride friendly!

      As a side note--and at risk of sounding extremly "preachy" but I had such a damn good ride that I'll risk it anyway: I am new to the area--originally from TX--and I will only be here for a few more months. I just have to say that THE OC has been truly the mountain biking fantasy I hoped it would be! Where I'm coming from (east-central TX), we have 2 "local" places to ride within ~1 hour drive for a total of about 20 miles of trails. Don't get me wrong, they are good rides, but you get really tired of the same 2 trails. In my hometown (south TX) NO places to ride (that I am aware of) because all the land is privately-owned and used mainly as hunting leases.
      So please appreciate what you have here! Just off the top of my head I can think of over a dozen SWEET places to ride with thousands of acres of varied terrain within ~30 minutes of South OC! And if you consider all the SoCal area, it's mind-blowing!

      Love it, appreciate it, nurture it, don't litter, don't take it for granted, and enjoy it!
      Alright, I'll get off my soap box now....
      Ride distance: 12.4 Elevation change:
      TexLepomis a 28 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Rocky Mountain ETSX-50 from TX --> SJC


    • Trail UpdateAliso And Wood-Yes,

      AWCWP is now open.

      The Bottom of Mathis is CLOSED. There is a temporary detour around the wash out, please use it.

      Ranger Tom .com


    • Trail UpdateTools-SHARE and the Park typically have plenty of tools.

      Just bring you body and your bike.
      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateAre we supposed to bring shovels and tools for the trailwork or does the park have them?
      EJ a 42 year old Cross-Country Rider from OC


    • Trail UpdateTrails Are Open-Looks like Aliso-Woods is now open according to the ocparks.com web-site.

      Have fun.

      If you have some free time in the morning, drop by and lend a hand on cleaning up Meadows, then take a ride afterwards.

      See ya
      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateAliso Woods-We should try to be careful in our comments here. Nothing was stated that Meadows would be mitigated away as a certainty. I believe that if the golf course does eventually get approval via the channels of mitigating additional habitats in other areas; we still probably have a viable option to keep access to Meadows if we go about it the right way. I believe that habitat mitigation is a viable option for many areas of development whether we like it or not.

      From what I understand, there are several preliminary course designs and the one that we have a copy of is the one that show the bottom of Meadows cut off by the greens. However again; if we make sure that we are included in all aspects of the RMP and the golf course expansion (if it goes through); we should be able to have a voice on keeping access.

      At this point, it doesn’t do any good to lambaste any particular person or group when we are trying to be recognized as a coordinated group and be included in the processes that pertain to our parks and trails. We have plenty of ammunition we have provided to be used against us if needed.

      Jim Meyer was the one who went out of the normal protocol at the last TAC meeting and insisted that the board incorporate into the November TAC minutes the direction instructing the board to prepare a letter to the BOS and HBP commission for an explanation as to why the RMP was stalled. We will find out this coming Monday if the Board followed through or not.

      I think there’s a bigger picture here, and unfortunately if the Montage expansion makes financial sense for Laguna Beach and the County, and the legal option exists for them to provide additional mitigation in order to achieve access to the Aliso Creek; then our stance should be one of insisting on a voice in how the course eventually effects our trails, and to have a voice in the overall RMP for the park and our historical trail access.

      Some of us are once again planning on meeting at the Albertsons Parking lot in Orange and riding to this coming Monday’s TAC meeting in Santiago Oaks to state our concerns to the Board. This is the type of constructive action that we need to be doing as a group.

      Let’s keep these issues in the forefront by posting them regularly, but try to keep a positive spin on the subject. I know I’ve been really guilty myself in the past of major sarcasm towards the County on these issues, but I have at least seen the beginnings of the County starting to communicate and take some action; so I think it would be prudent to keep up the methodical and professional efforts that we have started and see where the process takes us.

      Not to say that there still might not come a time when a serious organized protest is warranted, but we need to come together as a group and get involved in the current opportunities that are available to us in the mean time.

      I’m still waiting for Supervisor Wilson to set up a time for a site meeting with our group to discuss the trail issues in Aliso. Hopefully this will take place in the next 30 days or so.

      My main concern with a lot of the news and speculation going on is how much of it gets twisted. I’ve read several times now about “private” meetings between the Montage and the Supervisors, with the innuendo that it must have been some illegitimate meeting. If that’s the case, then wouldn’t a private meeting between Supervisor Wilson and our group be viewed as an illegitimate private meeting? We need to make sure we are as accurate as possible in our assessments and comments.

      I still have some miss-trust for the County, but as long as they are willing to communicate, I’m willing to try to give the processes and proper avenues a try.

      I hope to see lots of riders at this coming Monday’s TAC meeting. A continued strong showing on our part will be the strongest message we can send to the land managers. If we simply fizzle away as a group after the showing at the November meeting, they will know that we have no substance and no backbone to stick with it.

      Everyone needs to stay involved and keep the pressure up in a profession and proper manner; and take advantage of all the opportunities afforded to us to speak our voice.

      Thanks, and see ya Monday night at Albertsons.

      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateWho gave that fat fark, jim meyer, the keys to our access? Did you read the quote he had in the Times about mitigation? The only trail he's seen in years is the one that disappears well above his belly button.

      in case you didn't read the times piece, he wants to mitigate our access to meadows.


    • Trail UpdateAliso Wood-The bottom of the road to Mathis is gone, but there is a
      TEMPORARY route around that takes you past the ravine
      close to where dripping trail hits it. Rock-it is in very good
      shape, but be careful coming down the last downhill section
      as the mud will tend to steer your front wheel where it wants.
      Just remember... the park is closed.
      a 47 year old Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateTAC Meeting-I just received my notice for the Regional Recreational Trails Advisory Committee meeting.

      It is Monday, January 24th at 7:00 pm at Santiago Oaks. We should keep up the mountain biker presence at these meetings.

      We can ride in again from the Albertsons as a group if anyone's interested.

      If you remember at the last meeting in November, the Board put it into the minutes to prepare a letter to the Board of Supervisors and the HBP commission to inquire as to why the RMP review of Aliso-Woods was stopped in September.

      I will be asking this question at the meeting as well as requesting for an official forum to bring the historical trails at Aliso-Woods to the table for review (even if it needs to be separate from the RMP process).

      The holidays are over and it's time to get back to work professionally and methodically on the Aliso-Woods trail issues.

      Please e-mail me if you plan on attending and if you would like to bike to the meeting.


      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateAliso And Wood-Hey,

      Anyone know someone who owns a skip loader?

      Or, can we pass the hat to rent a skip loader for the park?

      Hey SHARE, how about cutting loose some funds for skip loader time ? 6.o hours would do a world of good.

      This would be a good investment of membership $$$ and it will get us riding back in AWCWP that much sooner!!

      Count me in for the 1st $50. bucks!
      scrogg a Cross-Country Rider from Fullerton


    • Trail UpdateYou just want something to build BIG jumps with ;)
      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateOK. In that case, I volunteer to drive the back-ho or anything else with tank treads.


    • Trail UpdateTrail Work-The other areas that Ed mentioned to me will need to be done by County equipment.

      From what I understand,the fire road leading to the bottom of Mathis is gone. The flood channel apparently took out the road all the way to the hillside below the Nature loop.

      Might be quite some time until this gets repaired.

      Meadows seems to be a good starting place until we can get access to the rest of the park.

      See ya Saturday.
      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a a few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateI will be there to help next weekend for sure. I would be a good time to fix up Meadows. But based on your update today, it seems like other parts of the park need work first.


    • Trail UpdateTrail Update-Spoke with Ranger Ed this morning, and Aliso-Woods will remain closed for an undetermined period at this point. Once the water stops running and the ground dries up, they will make the determination of when to open the park to the public.

      He also indicated that Laguna Coast Will Not be open this weekend.

      Please make sure you know the trail status of where you plan on riding this weekend.

      Aliso took some severe damage as expected.

      Access to the bottom of Mathis from Wood Canyon has been cut off. Apparently the road just past the concrete swale is gone. Once the park re-opens, access to Mathis will be via Dripping Cave.

      There is a 3’deep rut that runs down the center of Wood Canyon near Cave Rock.

      Apparently Cholla and Lynx held up well, but no word yet on Rock-It.

      SHARE is set up for a maintenance session on Meadows next Saturday the 22nd at 8:00am. Let’s give them a hand and help get this great trail back in shape.

      We will be working with Ranger Ed and Larry to schedule a date to re-work Cholla in the near future to get it back to the singletrack it once used to be.

      Again….time for trail work is here, but please make sure that you have permission for any work you do in the parks.

      Thanks, and see ya next Saturday at Meadows.

      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateThe Park-Remember "El Nino" of 1998? I do. We could not ride then and we can't ride now, but this season will be great!

      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: Many miles Elevation change: Many
      MTB Eric a 42 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 2000 FSR S-WORKS from Laguna Niguel


    • Trail UpdateAWCWP-Nicely worded message JamR !

      keep us posted as to when Tom Wilson wants to meet with us !

      UFO a Downhiller


    • Trail UpdateSome Friendly Advice-Some Friendly Advice

      I spoke with the Ranger at Aliso-Woods this morning to check the status of the park, and it’s apparently still pretty wet. With the additional rain coming this week we can probably expect this park, and many of the County parks to be closed for longer periods after the rains.

      Also, the Ranger let me know that there have been bikers caught entering the park past the “closed park” signs, and he was clearly frustrated.

      The Ranger and the Groundskeeper have spent time this week cutting drainage runs on the areas with standing water to try to dry the park out as quickly as possible so we can get back on the trails; but he finds it counter-productive to have to stop bikers and issue them County warning notices, then go back to repair the damage they caused so their tire ruts don’t get baked in by the sun while the park is drying out. If this keeps up, it won’t be long before some riders begin to receive Sheriff Citations instead of County warning notices.

      It is our responsibility as bikers to make sure that wherever we plan on riding is open. Please take the time to log onto the parks website www.ocparks.com or call the park at 949-923-2200 to get the current trail conditions. If these riders would have simply done this, they would have saved us all some unnecessary tarnishing of our reputations. It only takes a few riders to mess it up for the rest of us.

      We are in the process of trying to open up dialogue with the County regarding the trail issues in this park, and as we get deeper into these negotiations for more access via the RMP process, we will certainly be put under more scrutiny. We need to start being better stewards of this park and stop creating additional work for the staff. Supervisor Tom Wilson has agreed to set up a meeting around late January or early February to discuss the issues pertaining to this park, and we need to stop giving the County and other user’s reasons to despise our presence in these areas. We need to respect the process.

      Please just stick to the rules as they are really not that difficult.

      1. Stay out of the park when it is closed after the rains until the Rangers open it for use
      2. Respect the operating hours of the park
      3. Ride courteously with the knowledge that these are multi-use trails
      4. Follow the trial etiquette and yield the right of way
      5. Ride in control at all times and practice the “Leave No Trace” philosophy
      6. Ride only on currently legal trails (only those on the current official park maps)

      Please realize that the days of the secret local trails in Orange County are long gone, and the best thing we can do as a group is to work through the processes to try to gain access to our currently closed historical trails legally.

      We will be seeing increased enforcement for violators which will work against us in the long run if the number of violations begins to increase for bikers.

      The best thing we can do is to come together as a group and make sure that we are seen as a legitimate and positive user group that is a benefit, and not a headache for the park staff and the park system.

      Please help out and help educate riders that you see in the parks.


      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateGolf Course Trail-Hey, "it ain't over till its over"

      last I heard this was "PUBLIC LAND"... i.e., "this land is your land, this land is my land...etc".

      Be vigilent, be ready to be active in the defense of your/ our park lands. this is america not Irag, for cripes-sake. nobody will shoot you if you stand up at a meeting and make a statement and take a stand, or write a letter.

      you/ we all have hind legs, they are used to stand up on! so use them to make a "stand" !

      When the word comes down be ready to act (and quickly) spread the word to others and "DO SOMETHING!"

      We are living in our "NOW" times, don't waste your opportunity to be involved.



    • Trail UpdateStay Focused!-lets not forget that Laguna Canyon was to be developed with homes and golf courses. It is now a Wilderness Park. A golf course in Aliso & Wood Canyons has not been built yet so we can make a difference. Supervisor Tom Wilson is sitting on the fence on this issue, but leans toward Montage. He had much to do with A&W being renamed a wilderness park so it needs to be impressed upon him that this issue effects his reputation and sincerity as a public official.


    • Trail UpdateI for one applaud the thoughtful people who decided a golf course needs to be built within the "nature park" .
      I've ridden mtn.bikes here for about 10years and have seen trails closed to bikes because of "environmental impacts" But there will be NO impacts for a golf course with irrigation, fertilizers, sprinklers... naaaa golf course not!
      And really there are not nearly enough golf courses in the whole of OC... never enough... lets pave all the trails turn it into nothing but "bike paths" LORD SAVE US THEY ARE WINNING... I'm about to just give up... CLOSED at least 6 trails (good ones too) because of "environmental impact" GIVE ME A BREAK.... WHAT PROPAGANDA!
      I stayed off these trails after being closed. Obviously environmental impact had little to do with closures of trails... its all about the $$! GO BUSH! MORE GOLF COURSES MORE SUV's! MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE... duh less IS more!
      And really... the ONLY way THEY would let US bike around a golf course... Nice, safe, graded, paved... we would still be losing it all! The GOLF COURSE should be stopped!
      Ride rating: Beginner
      Ride distance: 1million Elevation change: never enough
      Paved Path=100?%
      Mtnbikerman a 29 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant NRS from Long Beach


    • Trail UpdateToday's (12-26-04) LA TIMES article, "Laguna Beach Sees Grass Roots Wilting - The Montage resort's influence on leaders increases its prospects for expanding into a wilderness park, which frustrates opponents - Big Project, Big Money and a Shift in Laguna" makes THE POINT that the Big Money/Politics has achieved a Big Shift In Power with respect to turning Aliso & Wood Canyons Wilderness Park into a golf course.

      I don't know if that powershift has really occured? but, I think Mountain Bikers & Hikers & Park Rangers should unite (howaboutthat!?!) and be ready to make sure that, IF (IF!!!) it happens, this is a MULTI-USE PROJECT - i.e. golf in the middle of the canyon and public hiking and mountain biking on the sides and on the hills!!! Better start sooner than later. Might be the optimal solution. Would hate to lose it all.



    • Trail UpdateGolf course map surfaced, it is a real deal. Go over to the socal board. Many posts there.

      They are talking letter writing campaign this week.


    • Trail UpdateSo What Is The Big News?-Its been two days since GC posted the "how safe is your park",. What is the big news and what are we bwing to do on Monday or Tuesday?


    • Trail UpdateHow Safe Is Your Park?-According to what we are learning, not very.

      Details surfacing in the coming hours and look for your need involvement on Monday or Tuesday.


    • Trail UpdateAliso And Wood 10 Years +-Like smoking dope, golfing, and mountain bike riding are bad things!? Live and let live!

      Toke, Stroke, or spin--it's all good
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: Many Miles Elevation change: Many Feet
      MTB Eric a 42 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 2000 FSR S-Works from Laguna Niguel


    • Trail UpdateAlta Laguna/Meadow Connector-Yes, sadly the connector was leveled several weeks ago. Previously that connector would change with the seasons and weather. Sometimes easy, sometimes hard.

      Interestingly, the land is or was owned by Mr. Smith. His driveway is adjacent to the connector. Rumour has it, Mr. Smith is donating or has donated the land (connector)to the City of Laguna Beach with the understanding that the connector always be available to mountain bikers.

      Mr. Smith is 90 something and has lived in that house for over fifty years. I always stop and salute Mr. Smiths house every time I go by. Thanks Mr. Smith!
      Bluesband a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a enduro specialized from Laguna Niguel


    • Trail UpdateAliso Post Rains-Just rode AW for the first time since the rains. Nice sunny day with temps in the high '60's. No arm warmers today! The trails are in good shape. All the sand from Cholla and Lynx is pretty much gone...leaving the surface fast and tacky.

      Sad to see that the short technical downhill on the connector trail that leads from the road down to the paved path to Meadows was graded. Looks like they took a Bobcat to it...its now 3 ft wide and completely flat. Handicapped accessible now ;-) They also chopped a tree down at the top that you needed to duck under. Some ruts on Meadows, but overall its in good shape as well. Fun stuff!
      Ride distance: 12.5 Elevation change: 1,780


    • Trail UpdateAliso Protest Ride-Make sure you sign up today.

      Let's see if we can hit a confirmed 100 rider mark by noon today.


      Also go to www.radless.com to sign on the ride list also.
      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateAliso-Woods Trail Access Awarene-What: Group Protest Ride to open communication with the County to re-gain lost trail access and stop future losses
      Where: Aliso-Woods Wilderness Park - Top of the World at the Picnic Tables
      When: Saturday, November 20th (TOMORROW) at 9:00 am sharp at Top of the World


      Please use this post to simply state your intent to ride at the event and the names of other riders you know will be attending.

      Please also log onto www.radless.com and log your name onto the ride section.

      Let's make this an event that let's the land managers know that we are serious about keeping our trails open.



      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateRe: Lawsuit-As my 4-year old niece always says,"Yap, Yap, Yap, Yap, Yap, ."

      HarryFollicles a 36 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 5.5 EVP from Marin


    • Trail UpdateLawsuit-I've started the legal process of filing a lawsuit against the Share Mountain Bike Club. Your interference in the progress and building of the golf course has caused me great heartache and trauma. All you Dope Smokers and Hooligans will be hearing from me shortly.
      Ride rating: Expert
      Herbert Levlienskiesk a 73 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Callaway Big Bertha from Tustin


    • Trail UpdateVictory!!-Ha!!, I've destroyed one rider already, soon I'll destroy the rest of you Dope Smoker Hooligans. Your Ugly Bikes will be scrap metal by the time I'm done with you.
      Ride rating: Expert
      Herbert Levlienskiesk a 73 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Callaway Big Bertha from Tustin


    • Trail UpdateTop Of The World-9am on Saturday November 20, 2004. Be there to show you care about being a part of the decision making process regarding our parks and trails. Email me for details.

      El Jefe a 35 year old riding a V10 and a Blur from Trabuco Canyon


    • Trail UpdateRe: Hooligans-Long-Haired, Dope-Smoking, Harley Owners? Um Herbie, it ain't the sixties anymore. Many of us are clean-cut, amicable individuals. I myself Mountain Bike simply for exercise. Many of my fellow Mountain Bikers do it to blow off steam from a long work week. We're not hoodlums either, lots of us are CPA's, Physicians, or Bankers like me. I can characterize you as a grumpy old man who's been poisoned by a stereotype, but I'll refrain from that since I've never met you. Have you actually seen a Mountain Biker? Go to this rally that their having this Saturday. I'm sure you'd be surprised at the appearence and more importantly, the demeanor in which we carry ourselves, not only in the real world, but on the trails.

      Have a good evening

      Mr. Levlienskiesk
      HarryFollicles a 36 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 5.5 EVP from Marin


    • Trail UpdateHooligans-I find it quite ironic that some of you whackos illustrate alleged illegalities committed by the law abiding while you barrel down a trail with reckless abandon. I say you should be locked up. And you know exactly who you are, you dope smokers.
      A cerebral game of golf is what you crazed long-haireds need. Add a little culture, maybe some civility to your lives. You can't be Peter Pan forever boys. The last thing this county needs is the government pandering to the likes of you. Then who runs the asylum?
      Ride rating: Expert
      Herbert Levlienskiesk a 73 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Callaway Big Bertha from Tustin


    • Trail UpdateTAC Meeting Update-Sorry to be so long, but this was a minor milestone last night.

      Here’s my synopsis of the meeting last night.

      I believe that we did make a clear voice and let the County know that we are no longer going to accept inaccuracy, complacency or foot dragging any longer.

      I think there were some key issues that took place last night.

      First of all, our very presence in-mass showed a strong message that finally we have come together as a viable user group to stand up for our issues.

      Jeff made it clear to the TAC that their reading of the County spin on the Montage was incorrect, and that the Montage had contacted him that day to open a dialogue about the golf course.

      He also brought forth the issues very clearly regarding the historical trails and the stalled RMP. And successfully opened the door and set up the pace for the Q&A session. Thanks Jeff!!!

      Grant also further corrected the County miss-statement and pointed out the well thought out words of the County (ie.."They do not have the resources this calendar year to put into reviewing the Montage issue”). Grant clearly pointed out their cute play on words and indicated that there are only 45 days left in this calendar year……clearly leaving 2005 open for the County to start working with the Montage, without being caught in a direct lie.

      Grant also made it clear that this is just the beginning, and that they could probably expect our presence at more TAC meetings, HBP Commission meetings and Board of Supervisor Meetings.

      One cute trick I noticed was during the Q&A session when someone in the crowd directly asked Alice Sorensen on the TAC board if the County had any meetings with the Montage. She cleverly skirted the question after a little County rhetoric by stating that she has been informed that the County is not “Having” any meetings with the Montage. She cleverly turned a past tense question “Had” into a present tense answer “Having” thereby answering truthfully that the County is not currently “Having” meetings; but completely skipped answering the direct question if the County had “Had” any meetings. We need to be very careful to really study the wording on any correspondence we get from the County.

      Then I had the chance to speak; and I first made it a point to directly and respectfully correct Alice Sorensen on her previous comment that the Rangers at Aliso-Woods were adamant against “Illegal Trails”. I made it a point that she needs to be careful and understand that there is a clear difference between an Illegal trail and a Historical trail that should have never been closed in the first place. I reminded the TAC that I worked out at Aliso-Woods for over three years in the capacity of a Park Ranger Reserve, and that I had been a user of that area for close to 20 years.

      I also indicated that I have written correspondence from the County (2 supervisors, and 3 Paid Rangers) agreeing with my letters and requests to look at opening many of the historical trails, both in Aliso-Woods and Laguna Coast. All 5 people gave me a positive response with the only negative response coming from Mike Reeder, the Resource Management Specialist.

      I also indicated that even today, anyone can go to almost any bookstore and purchase the most popular mountain biking book in OC, and many of the historical trails that we enjoyed prior to the County taking over the park are still listed in the current publication.

      Let me quote a statement from page 4 of my copy of the book:
      “We would particularly like to thank Harbors, Beaches and Parks employees Tim Miller and Jeff Dickman. They care deeply about our wilderness parks, have been strong advocates of multiple use trails, and together with many others have worked to expand our trail systems for all to enjoy. They even took the time to answer our many questions and to provide us with the most up-to-date information available.”

      Recognize any of these names???? Remember that it was under their watch that we lost access to “Cave Rock”, “Nature Loop” and “Wood Creek” (now hiking only trails), and lost access to all the historical trails that we are questioning.

      I also found it ironic that when I directly asked Jeff Dickman why the RMP has taken so long and why it was recently stalled….he did not know! Jeff Dickman, the Chief, RDMD/Harbors, Beaches and Parks Trail Planning and Implementation person did not know why the RMP was recently delayed!!!! Why wasn’t he the very FIRST person to question this when the letter came out??? Why is it up to us to have to work for these answers??? He’s getting paid to do the job…..not us.

      The next thing that happened was very interesting. Jim Meyer seemed to be genuinely concerned about the same issue and called for a motion from the TAC to write a letter to the County to question them on the delay of the RMP. This was briefly fought by Alice Sorenson who quoted protocol and indicated that a member of the public cannot bring a motion to the board. He stated that he was a board member and wanted to call for a motion. The motion was made and seconded, and they will be writing a letter to the powers that be to question the stall of the RMP. I will definitely be at the next meeting to ask for a copy of the letter that was sent and find out what the reply was, since it is now part of the meeting minutes.

      Anyway, I think we made a good start last night, and we just need to keep the momentum up for this Saturday.

      On a final personal comment to those of you who seem to be outraged and having heart palpitations that there will be some people riding this Sat on a “Disputed Closed” trail…..shame on you!!! Some of the people who have complained to me and others and are staying away from the event, or officially taking a stance that their club will not officially support the event, are the same people who know full and well that quite a few of their members have and still-do ride closed trails.

      They cannot sit back on one hand and turn a blind eye to the actions of the members of their own group, and then take such a pristine innocent stance on this protest.

      I am in no way in support of riding closed trails, and reminded everyone last night that I personally installed a good portion of the “Closed Trail” signs out in Aliso-Woods. But I do believe that in this case, this is a legitimate, peaceful and harmless way to show their dissatisfaction with the County.

      To those of you who have taken the high and mighty stance on this protest because of the closed trail ride; put your conscience into a practical application. Next time you are on the freeway and you notice that you have gone beyond 65 mph…..please do the right thing and pull into the nearest CHP station and ask them to issue you a speeding ticket.

      Please help bring our cause to the forefront of the County agenda to where they will have no choice but listen to us and re-open the RMP.

      My last letter to the County yesterday asked them for three simple things.
      Give us a precise time frame when the RMP will be opened.
      Give us a precise time frame when the RMP will be completed.
      Let us be involved in the process from day-one of the RMP process.

      The last thing I personally need is some out-of-shape county employee making decisions on historical trail access from the inside of a pickup in Aliso-Woods. I have personally offered my services several times this summer to be involved with the RMP process to ride or hike the park with the RMP reviewers in order to make sure we are being properly represented and that the historical trails are truly being looked at. No replies to-date.

      I am personally not willing to accept another year or two drag out of the RMP, or have another done-deal handed to us at Aliso-Woods without us having the ability to be involved in every step of the process. It’s our park paid for by our taxes and we should have a clear say in what happens there.




      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateThere's actually a couple good updates re: last night in the Message Post area.
      HarryFollicles a 36 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 5.5 EVP from Marin


    • Trail Updatecouldn't make ride last night due to work but plan to join in at a/w on Saturday. Anybody care to purge what happened last night
      a Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateSupport Ride Time-SO.....What is the plan of attack on this support ride on
      Saturday. What time is everyone supposed to be at Top O the


    • Trail Update"it provides an outlet to challenge progressives like myself. "...BWAAAAAA HAAAAAA HAAAAA That's hilarious!
      Mytrustysteed a 30 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Gary fisher sugar 4+ from Mission viejo


    • Trail UpdateHarryFollicles-I'm pretty sure the bikers can golf better than you can sling a Mountain Bike.

      So if you don't have all the facts, then shut your old trap.
      Harry Follicles a 36 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a EVP and an aolder Big Hit from Marin to Laguna Beach


    • Trail UpdateDumb Idealists-I just think all you long haired bikers are kookes. Trying to impassion all the dope smokers with some "cause against the government" You're all just a bunch of hooligans who want to block progress.
      Yes, a golf course is progress. Not only is it generating income to support you unemployed Harley folks, it provides an outlet to challenge progressives like myself.
      I think ultimately when we have a our 18 holes and driving range in place, you hooligans will get a shave and haircut, and join the world order.
      Get with the program kiddies and start swinging an 8 iron, not your nutsacks.
      Ride rating: Expert
      Herbert Levlienskiesk a 73 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Callaway Big Bertha from Tustin


    • Trail UpdateOC Protest-Media has been notified for both events and it should be a wake up "shot across the bow" in the words of GC.

      Hopefully this will finally open up a dialogue with the county to simply answer some questions and start the process to re-open many trails that should never have been closed in the first place.

      Big question here is........are you planning on riding in the protest and have you invited friends to ride with you?

      If not, what's your excuse?

      Again, this is the absolute easiest advocacy opportunity you will ever have. Simply show up for a fun morning of riding with friends, and make strong showing for the camera's and the media.

      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateOC-Nice story in the OC paper about golf course today. Entire article is from poor golfers perspective. Only refererence to other users is "environmentalists". How about bikers/hikers. Glad to see we are getting our concerns out and heard.

      Hope someone has already contacted media about bikers concerns and ride or Media Sunday will be nothing more than traffic like on the 405 climbing and decending Mathis, Cholla, etc and no one to hear our message.
      a Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateYes...Park Problems 101-The protest is about more than just a golf course…..it’s about inconsistencies.

      Lost access to historical trails; so far with no further explanation except that they were not included in the original mapping of the park.

      Lack of budget for the RMP review of the park and its trails, lack of resources for enforcement of the leash laws in the park; yet resources to aggressively enforce closed trail and night use of the park.

      Lost access to trails that were once designated as multi-user…..now designated hiking only. (Even though bikers over the years have clearly demonstrated their willingness to take on the lion’s share of regular maintenance of the parks trails, we lose more access).

      Reasoning’s of the parks wilderness designation to justify closed access to trails, yet special consideration for dogs to be allowed in certain sections of the wilderness park, plus the possible parceling out of a large portion of a designated wilderness area for a golf course expansion.

      This rally is about inconsistencies. You cannot say that bikes are not allowed on a specific area; example – “Cave rock” due to the sensitive nature of the lichen and dudlea; yet allow hikers to hike and climb over every inch of the rock-face, trampling the lichen and dudlea.

      You cannot have county statistics gathered from the park staff and enforcement records that clearly show alcohol and dogs-off-leash violations by far topping the list of HBP problems; yet in a two year span, biker to dog owner citations number 40 to 0 in this park. Mountain bike problems are no where near the top of the list of park problems and violations, yet there is an apparent general feeling that we are not truly a welcomed user group.

      The county may in fact have the right to entertain the prospects of a golf course expansion into the wilderness area, but not until they step up and answer the many questions already at hand in this park regarding trail access. How long are we supposed to be comfortable sitting on the back burner?

      True, there were no protests when bridges and kiosks went up; no protests when the county took this area and closed historical and publicized trails (not to mention that they were publicized with the knowledge and concurrence of the county); no protests when three trails lost their multi-user status to a hiking only status. So how much further do we go until a protest is warranted? I believe that with the county’s letter indicating another delay of the RMP, and the recent publicizing of the proposed golf course expansion; the time for protest is clearly here.

      This is a protest and rally to simply try to get the county to begin coming forward with real and accurate communication and answers, and commit to the resources to start paying attention to the users of its parks.
      In my opinion, any rider who can’t put his or her butt over their saddle for a couple of hours on Saturday morning on the 20th of this month at Aliso-Woods has no room to complain about any issues in this park. This is the easiest opportunity any rider could ever have to simply send a clear and strong message that we are a viable and powerful user group, and are finally demanding that we have some say in how the county uses our public lands.

      Hopefully this second guilt-trip worked ;)

      See you on Saturday the 20th, and Monday the 15th

      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateGolf Course-Thanks Jam-R for the info. The area of the park that would be affected by a golf course surrounds the Water Treatment Plant. A golf course would cut off potential trails from being authorized by the County. In return, the County gains a much desired path to the ocean for public use. This would open up additional sections of the park that is currently closed to public due to a lack authorized trails. Having said that, I believe that giving, selling or leasing any part of a small wilderness park such as Aliso/Wood Canyons is a BAD IDEA because it opens up for additional develop to occur in this park and others. Lets keep our wilderness parks free of golf courses!


    • Trail UpdatePark Problems101-O.k. here's a not so possitive aproach to the issues at hand. It's only my selfish opinion.
      1. They are not going to build a Golf course on "coyote", "rock-it" or in the meadow below "Mathis". The only area that any of this could effect trails in the park, are already Illegal trials
      along the east-west ridge line. If you are a person currently riding these trails a Golf course will just be more Shiat to tear up on the exit of the trail, I.E. double jumps across the sand pit. So everyone just calm down!!

      2. If we were all sooo worried about park development then where were all the protesters about Bridges and Kiosks. There weren't any, because 98% of the sorry people need those thing to enjoy the park and feel safe. (Not to mention the 911 phone).

      developers are going to do what they no matter what. We as a MTB community don't have the 20 million dollars to buy the 10 acre site away from them. In the end the golf course will be washed out every big rain anyway, as that area is a natural drain to the ocean.

      Just a thought! There are only 5 people that read this site anyways, so know one is listening.


    • Trail UpdateNo Excuses-For several months there have been various posts about bike and trail advocacy issues, and calls for riders to get involved. Some have stepped up to the plate and made calls, sent letters, attended meetings, etc…, but many have not.
      I do know that it’s difficult to commit to a meeting at times, or difficult to put your thoughts into a letter format, or that some people figure that their voice doesn’t count and would rather leave it up to others.

      But here are two prime opportunities for riders to come together in mass to show support for our trails and our sport, and let the land managers know that we are a viable and organized user group that needs to be listened to.

      Also, you don’t need to write any letters, pick up any trail tools, pass out flyers, gather signatures on petitions, etc….. All you have to do is show up and Ride Your Bike! Then listen to the dialogue or speak up if you’re so inclined.

      Opportunity #1: Trails Advisory Committee Meeting
      “On Monday, November 15th the Trails Advisory Committee meeting will be held at Santiago Oaks Regional Park. The meeting starts at 7PM and we are going to ride in from Albertson’s on Jamboree and Chapman. We’ll meet at 6PM and be on the road at 6:15PM. Be on time and ready to ride AT 6:15PM. Pace will be leisurely and we will be on the street the entire way, so bring a headlight and taillight. This will happen RAIN OR SHINE.”

      Opportunity #2: Aliso-Woods Media Protest Ride
      On Saturday, November 20th, Riders will ride in from various points in the park and assemble at the Top of the World for a group ride down to the protest site where we will speak to the media and the land managers regarding various issues in the parks.

      If you do not wish to speak up, you can at least show up for a nice ride with friends and make a strong show of support for our sport and the trails we love to ride and hike.

      Again, making an advocacy statement couldn’t be any easier than this, especially on Saturday. Bottom line is…….if you’re going for a ride on Saturday morning as usual, just do it at Aliso-Woods and help us show a strong presence to the land managers.

      If you ride anywhere else than Aliso-Woods on the 20th, then I hope you feel reeeeeeaaaally guilty that morning knowing that other riders are out working to represent your best interest.

      Hopefully the guilt-trip works and we’ll see you on the 15th and the 20th.


      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateFrom the SHARE Update:

      Montage wants to play through…YOUR parkland!

      In case you’ve been under a rock, on vacation or out in the woods on your bike and haven’t heard, deals are purportedly being made by the County of Orange and Montage to lease them open space in Aliso Woods.

      Did that sink in?

      The LA Times ran a story a week or so ago explaining the Montage’s purchase of Aliso Creek Golf Course and their desire of expansion into a full 18 holes (currently it is a pitch and putt with only 9 holes). The expansion would be in the Aliso Creek watershed and in Aliso Woods Regional Park open space. How much open space is anyone’s guess as neither the County of Orange nor Montage are letting any information out. However, Supervisor Wilson does admit to meetings with the Montage and this “concept” being entertained (some would speculate that this is being discussed much more concretely than pure entertainment).

      The biggest problem right now is that everyone knows that the Montage is very serious about the expansion, otherwise they wouldn’t have purchased the pitch and putt in the first place. However, the key is no information is flowing to anyone as fast as the money seems to be.

      So SHARE and others are starting to ask questions.

      This is a meeting you NEED to attend. On Monday, November 15th the Trails Advisory Committee meeting will be held at Santiago Oaks Regional Park. The meeting starts at 7PM and we are going to ride in from Albertson’s on Jamboree and Chapman. We’ll meet at 6PM and be on the road at 6:15PM. Be on time and ready to ride AT 6:15PM. Pace will be leisurely and we will be on the street the entire way, so bring a headlight and taillight. This will happen RAIN OR SHINE.

      Two people should attend the meeting from the county ranks that might have first hand information on this proposed project. While I don’t expect them to be forthcoming with information of any sort, it is important that they see a room flooded with riders so they know the level of our concern.

      The questions we can ask at the meeting MUST BE trail related. Please don’t come to the meeting expecting a map of the Montage or to verbally spar with a public official. We need to be polite, courteous and well spoken. However, it would be entirely inline to ask questions like:

      “Why would the county be so anxious for a paved path to the beach that it would be willing to give up our valuable open space?” (Trail related)


      “With the proposed expansion how many trails are we slated to lose?” (Trail related)


      “Why would the county possibly give away current and future trails for a paved bike path and golf course?” (Again, trail related)

      I’m sure you get the drift. The most important part is that mountain bikers are at this meeting in droves. If you aren’t on your bike, bring something that identifies you as a rider (event t-shirt, IMBA hat or something). Again, we want a room full of cyclists.

      If you have any questions feel free to drop a line to info@sharemtb.com and I’ll do my best to answer it. Otherwise, I will see you on Monday night.


    • Trail UpdateAliso Woods Golf Course-Please see post under "socal message board" for info on an important meeting that YOU as a user of Aliso must attend.

      In case you've been under a rock, the county is trying to make part of Aliso open space a golf course at the hands of the Montage.


    • Trail UpdateDidn't see any "park Closed" signs on the trails we rode yesterday. But did however see the ranger driving down the middle of the canyon at dusk on our way out.
      Maybe the condidtions are just too good to be enjoyed.


    • Trail UpdateWarning for those riders at Aliso Viejo. A ranger was out patroling the darkside trails this morning. He ask our group what trail we were coming down and we said we were riding around the park on the street. He gave a knowing smile and said all the trails are closed. Just some info



    • Trail UpdateAway Too Long-Coming back into town and hoping to get to Aliso this Saturday. How were conditions after rains this past weekend at Rocket, Lynx, Colla, Mathis?


    • Trail UpdateMontage Moves In-Did you read the articles in the papers today about the Montage buying up property below Meadows for an 18-hole golf course?


    • Trail UpdateAfter The Rain-It's hard to tell at this point about Sat riding at Aliso. The park ranger makes this decision after inspecting the park.

      The best way to be sure is to call the park before going there for a ride.

      Call 949-923-2200 and press option 4 for trail conditions. They're pretty good these days about keeping the recorded messages current. I believe the Rangers can simply change the trail condition recording remotely as needed.

      Hope this helps.
      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateOpen On Saturday Morning?-Will Aliso be open Saturday? How many days do they close the park after rain?


    • Trail UpdateMathis Condition After Rain-Hey Everyone.... Mathis has changed quite a bit since the rain. If you ride this on a regular basis make sure to pay close attention on the way down. It's a lot more rocky but real fun!!

      Arlo a 25 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 2004 Kona Kikapu from Aliso Viejo, Ca


    • Trail UpdateDitto-Just a few wet spots but the trails are great. A few new ruts to watch out for on westridge from T.O.W., but Meadows is packed and tacky, and Rock-it looks like a born-again trail.

      The rock garden is clean and shiny with even the left cheater line while climbing showing a clean hard-rock surface.

      Climbs like you have gummi-bear tires.
      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateMybikeRide-just got back from Aliso, the trail is in awesome condition. some mud spots here and there, but otherwise its lots of fun.


    • Trail UpdateAliso RMP-The way you can get to the County Supervisors, the HBP Commission and the people in charge of this park and the RMP is to simply make contact with them.

      Last month I posted several times with all the pertinent contact addresses and numbers, and encouraged people to simply write and get involved.

      I even offered to simply add people’s names to my letters if it made it easier for them.

      Only 6 riders stepped up and made contact.

      I'm always amazed at the lethargy in the bike community when it comes to trail issues, and how vocal riders will get after-the-fact when a trail gets closed.

      I'm still going forward with my correspondence on a regular basis and am continuing my research as to the current condition with the interim operating plan for Aliso and the RMP that has once again been stalled.

      In my opinion, there's simply no excuse for the County to take 10 to 12 years to review this park.

      Also, no one in the County has yet to provide me with a concise reason or study that caused the closure of many of the Historical Trails at Aliso. The only reason I can get is that they simply were not included on the maps when the County took over operation of the area; and the County has adopted a closed until further notice position on these trails.

      I would like to see the County adopt an Open until further notice position on these Historical trails until they get around to getting back into the RMP.

      If you're interested in getting involved, e-mail me and I will keep you in the loop as I make progress.

      If you don't want to get involved, don't complain about any trail issues.


      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateThe County Has Little Interest-
      The county has always held this park as the lowest of priorities within the park system.


    • Trail UpdateHow-do we get this Mr Tom Wilson's attention?
      Pain Freak riding a Surly Turner from The 909


    • Trail UpdateAliso And Wood R M P-Well riders, I guess you have heard that the RMP process just dropped off the table (again!)

      Tom Wilson our 5th district supervisor asked it to be "postponed"... for how long I do not know.

      the soonest it could start up again will be January 2005, but don't hold your breath.

      Very, Very Dissapointing.
      Scroged a Cross-Country Rider from Laguna


    • Trail UpdateTrail Plan Update-Well, I guess if you’re bored with trail access issues and other user groups being given an apparent free hand while bikers get singled out for citations, I guess it’s your choice.

      I choose otherwise.

      For those who care; the next Regional Recreational Trails Advisory Committee (RRTAC) meeting is set for Monday, September 20 at 7:00 PM, at Santiago Oaks Regional Park. While this is not the specific Aliso-Woods RMP meeting, it is a good opportunity to listen to what’s going on in the County.

      You can be added to the mailing list for these meetings by e-mailing Sherri Miller at Sherri.Miller@rdmd.ocgov.com

      I will post a copy of the meeting agenda as soon as I receive it.

      Also, as far as I know the Aliso-Woods RMP review process is still set to begin this fall and there will be opportunity for public attendance and public comments. The person to contact to be included on the notification list is Joanne Quirk at Joanne.quirk@rdmd.ocgov.com

      If you want to sit back being bored and do nothing, then don’t complain if you see bikers being cited in much greater numbers than other park users; historical trails remain closed; or existing trails get closed to bikers or closed altogether.

      We certainly have the power to make changes if we choose to do so.


      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateA/W TRAIL PLAN-Please don't Get Adam started. The Bored.


    • Trail UpdateAliso And Wood-Hey, is it true that the park will be coming out with a new plan to manage trail uses?

      What will that mean for mountain bikes?

      Will there be a public comment period?

      when? where?

      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: 30+miles Elevation change: 800'
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=68% Paved Path=2%
      Zoiks! a Hfmn year old Cross-Country Rider riding a huffy from laguna niguel


    • Trail UpdateSorry-pics did not post

      Will try tomorrow. I'm still a little photo illiterate
      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateStairsteps Strikes Again.-I have a new nemesis and it’s not V-Lander. Stairsteps still continues win the battle of the climb by kicking my butt for a 3rd time.

      So far a wrist fracture, three broken ribs, and today this



      I’ve ordered up a new drivetrain and will give it another try next Sunday!

      If I can do this much damage climbing, just think of what I could accomplish on a DH bike. Look out HLD :)

      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a a broken bike from Capo


    • Trail UpdateI dropped a set of Flo-orange Oakley blades on steps. I'm glad to see there are so many honest people that would return such a relic.
      I need those for my beach volleyball game this weekend.
      a Downhiller riding a Specialized hard rock


    • Trail UpdateUH?-What's with the last post?


    • Trail UpdateThat jerk ranger wouldn't give me my glasses. I told him they were tinted, made for two eyes, with side temples that hook over your ear. He's just a thieving pig!

      Glassless riding a squinty pair of eyes from O.C.


    • Trail UpdateFound Sunglasses-I found some very nice sunglasses on Dripping Cave on Sunday & turned them into the Park Office

      If you lost a pair, call Park Ranger Larry Norton at the Aliso-Woods Park Office. Give him the correct description to claim the glasses.
      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a a few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateVery Valid Point.....-Parks shouldn’t send mixed signals.


    • Trail UpdateGate Open=no Citations-If the gate is open, and there is no sign stating that the park is not open except on Sat-Sun....then how could you legally be given a citation for riding through that OPEN gate with no signs on it?


    • Trail UpdateThanks For The Info-It a real temptation mid-week, but I've yet to give into it. I remember seeing on the Irvine Ranch Land Reserve web site, a guided Thursday ride. Next time it comes up I'll check it out.
      Dan a 52 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a '04 Stumpjumper from Garden Grove


    • Trail UpdateCitations-

      Tickets can be issued with a hefty fine to go with it. The amount of the fine depends on where you are, if the park is closed, if you are off trail, etc..

      The rangers can easily call in the sheriff for asistance.

      Best to stay on the marked trails during the open hours and enjoy your ride without the worrying about getting a ticket.


    • Trail UpdateWhat Would They Do Anyhow?-I've seen that once before and wondered what they would do if they stopped me. What kind of fine would they give? I do know LCWP gets patrolled as I've seen what looked like ranger's white truck on Bommer Ridge. Another subject--- just a theory--- That mountain lion in Aliso and Wood Cyn. areas could be the same one making tracks over in Crystal Cove(Missing link, Elevator, and the upper end of El Moro Canyon trails) . It might be crossing Laguna Canyon Rd.
      Dan a 52 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a '04 Stumpjumper from Garden Grove


    • Trail UpdateLCWP Weekends Only?-I ride El Moro often on Monday and it seems like almost every Monday the gate at the top of Bommer Ridge is open. Are the ranger's just being lazy and not closing them from the weekend or what? I've been tempted to go and do a side loop before on a Monday but don't want to get hassled.
      RDC a 28 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a '03 Foes FXR, '03 BigHit Expert from Westminster


    • Trail UpdateTrail Map-All three parks are technically interconnected but you have to cross Laguna Canyon Road to get from Aliso Woods to Laguna Coast. The best map for the area is the Franko's Map of South Coast Wilderness (Laguna Beach Area) which can be purchased online or at most local bike shops.

      Stairsteps trail in Aliso Woods is the connector trail closest to the main entrance to Laguna Coast Wilderness. Laguna Coast is connected to Crystal Cove/El Morro by 2 gate access point at the top of Bommer Ridge.

      The only current drawback is that Laguna Coast is only open for riding/hiking on the weekends, so a connected three park ride is not available during the week.

      It does make for a great variety of riding on the weekends though.

      Hope this helps.


    • Trail UpdateGeography Help Please...-Went up on Sat. the 12th and thought some of the scenery looked vaguely familiar to El Moro... anyone out there know if the two connect at all or have any info. on that?

      What really sucked though is the view is now cluttered with the popular track housing instead of the green landscape... so sad.

      biketrails.com had a good map, but if anyone out there knows of a better one or one that connects to other trails please hook me up, I would greatly appreciate it! Happy Trails!
      D a 33 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a TREK Fuel 90 WSD from Glendora


    • Trail UpdateMountain Lions...-Several posts down, it says that there are many 'unconfirmed' sightings and that the park rangers take each of these reports seriously and will go out and investigate the the reported sightings, call in Fish and Game wardens and other experts to verify any evidence found.

      I can tell you one incident several years ago. A lion was spotted on Matthis, the guy went down to the ranger station and reported it. The Ranger just chuckled and said "Ya right, a Mt Lion..." Whether they checked it out or not, it didnt give us the comfort level we wanted. This was maybe 5yrs ago so maybe the lion have moved to other territory.

      Just be careful out there...be aware at alltimes!


    • Trail UpdateSoka Cameras-
      Soka University has many surveilance cameras throughout their campus. The security people claim to have a tape with a ML on it, but have yet to show it to park or DFG authorities. If true, it could prove a ML is in the area , however, no other evidence such as tracks, scat, tree markings prey caches, etc.. have been found in, or around the park (including Soka).

      On rare, occasions, bobcats and coyotes that frequent the campus and other surrounding areas, have been photographed and videotaped. Unfortunately, most are fuzzy and too far away to get the best picture, but with close study, none has been determined to be mountain lion. The quality of the Soka videotape is unknown.


    • Trail UpdateLion Sitings-No, I haven't seen one but last summer my son and I took a ride
      around the Soka campus and I chatted with one of the
      groundskeepers there. He told me they had one on video
      surveillance tape. Apparently there are a LOT of cameras at Soka.
      He may have been BS'ing me, who knows?
      Bobrsta a 49 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Rusty Junker 2000 from Aliso viejo


    • Trail UpdateLion Sitings-No, I haven't seen one but last summer my son and I took a ride
      around the Soka campus and I chatted with one of the
      groundskeepers there. He told me they had one on video
      surveillance tape. Apparently there are a LOT of cameras at Soka.
      He may have been BS'ing me, who knows?
      Bobrsta a 49 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Rusty Junker 2000 from Aliso viejo


    • Trail UpdateNo Comfirmed Sightings Of MLs-Park Rangers frequently and routinely post signs of "uncomfirmed" mountain lions sightings. They do it each time a rider/hiker makes a report of what he or she says it is. It does not have to detailed or even accurate information.

      The rangers take each of these reports seriously and will go out and investigate the the reported sightings, call in Fish and Game wardens and other experts to verify any evidence found.

      In any park, Seeing any animal from a distance is not usually considered a threat, but bold or aggresive behavior from any animal (including mountain lions)will increase the response made by officials.

      Many well intentioned people see animals in the park and claim it is something it is not. Reports of mountain lions have not been verified with evidence, since the early 1980s. Altough some news media reports have said recent sightings were comfirmed by rangers, they were not. Most recent ML sightings have been discovered to be coyotes, bobcats, and a domesticated dog.

      If you see something while out in the park, report it to the ranger. Give them the specifics of what you actually saw and heard and nothing more. Do not make fill in extra details you did not witness as this will not help them investigate the sighting.

      A ML study will soon begin at the park that will include photgraphy in likely paths. In other parks, this technique has proven sucessful in helping determine the presence of MLs. In the past, such photos have taken pictures of deer, coyote, bobcat, raccoons and mountain bikers, but no MLs at Aliso/Wood. I'll post future information as I recieve it.

      Before you start your ride, call the park for updates and the best, most accurate information concerning wildlife sightings and trail conditions.


    • Trail UpdateML "update"-RDC, Miznax, Roosterlegz and I rode here on sunday, as we were about
      a 1/2 mile down the asphalt road, heading towards Coyote, some guy
      on a hybrid bike said "careful guys, there is a mountain lion about 1.5
      miles down the way...". So, we proceded down the single track that
      leads to the main fireroad and kept an eye out, but didnt see any
      evidence of a mountain lion. (not that we would really recognize any
      tell tale signs of one, other than footprints). This was around 9:00 a.m.
      or so.

      We did however see a Coyote that ran across the singletrack on
      Dripping Cave as we approached the little bridge. It darted out right in
      front of me, actually about 20 yards in front of me. We also saw a
      gopher snake on the bottom portion of Meadows, stretched out across
      the singletrack. Miznax did his best HLD impression on the way out, it
      was sweet.
      Ride distance: 16.75 miles Elevation change:
      dirt klaud riding a Specialized Enduro from long beach, ca


    • Trail UpdateML Sighting 6-13-04-Sign at the park kiosk says there was another ML sighting there on Sunday the 13th. Anyone know if there is a confirmed sighting down there and how did it get there?


    • Trail UpdateThere Are Deer In AW-I ride there on Monday's quite often and have seen a pair of deer there on one occasion near Rock-It, and another one near Dripping Cave. Wouldn't suprise me at all if there is a ML or two roaming around.
      RDC a 28 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a '03 Foes FXR, '03 BigHit Expert from Westminster


    • Trail UpdateLarge Cats Hunt For Food-There is a chance a mtn.lion has been in or around Aliso Woods... basically these animals roam where they can find prey (and humans are not hunted, generally) so if there are good animals to prey on (deer, bunnies, ect.) there is a chance a cat could be in an area that would support it. The last deer I saw in Aliso was about 4 years ago... but there may be one or two around, that means an outside chance of a lion also. What I'm trying to say is any outdoor area that can support a large cat may have lions in it (ie just about anywhere in the woods) but remeber they are not looking at adult humans as food... fear of a lion attack is no reason to stop riding or "pack heat" just be aware of where you are and your surroundings, and if you are attacked fight back, and odds are you'll survive. I'll take my chances with mtn.lions any day over those roadies vs cars... way more people killed by people than cats!
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: some Elevation change: maybe
      Singletrack=60% Dirt Road=40%
      Mtnbikerman a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant NRS from Long Beach


    • Trail UpdateBesides that article's from the OC Register- a real beacon of journalistic integrity if I've ever seen one.


    • Trail UpdateYou are correct. Lt. Paddock works for the OC Sheriff and is assigned as the chief of police serves for city of Aliso Viejo. Other cities have a similar contract with the Sheriff for police services.


    • Trail UpdateHmm, ok, sounds like you've done your homework. Perhaps this is why the signs at Aliso also say 'unconfirmed' sighting.

      Who is this Chief of Police services??? I thought Aliso used OC Sheriff?


    • Trail UpdateSorry, Its Not True!-

      No Park Ranger has found a track (call the park), NO Fish and Game warden has found any evidence (call them), Rich Paddock- chief of AV police services did make that statement, but did not get the info from any DFG or park authority. Paddock said he spoke to some locals (call him). The reporter that wrote the article says she only writes what people say. She did not comfirm the statement(call her at the AV News/OC Register). The info in my previous posting is correct, but you can believe what you want.


    • Trail UpdateIt's True, Here's The Article-OC register
      May 25, 2004
      Mountain lion sighting confirmed
      State game wardens have found evidence of a cougar that was seen at about 4:15 p.m. Monday at Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park near Wood Canyon Drive and Mathis Trail in Aliso Viejo. Two bicyclists reported the sighting. Sheriff's helicopters and deputies on the ground joined state game wardens and Orange County park rangers in the search. "It's probably the same mountain lion that was seen on May 14 in a nearby area," said Rich Paddock, chief of police services. "No paw prints were found at that time." Park rangers found tracks Monday and confirmed the sighting.

      Please stop posting the old conventional wisdom about mt lions...that all the sightings are wrong, no cats here, etc. There's a LOT more cats around than any of the experts previously thought. There's even a lion in Grifith park...and yes that one was confirmed too.


    • Trail UpdateRegarding the cat at Aliso, I heard that they brought in an expert that confirmed mountain lion tracks at Aliso. When did you contact the Rangers?


    • Trail UpdateCONFRIMED OR NOT-I don't care if it's a house cat....I'm packing heat.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 21 miles Elevation change: 1,000
      Gringo a 51 year old


    • Trail UpdateUncomfirmed ML Sightings-
      The recent rash of mountain lion sightings at Aliso Woods are ALL UNCOMFIRMED, as are those in Laguna Coast and El Moro parks. However, sightings (and other evidence)of bobcats and coyotes have been found in those locations.

      I have spoken with the state & county park rangers, fish and game wardens & DFG biologists and none have said that there has been evidence (tracks, scat, tree markings prey caches, etc.)found to back up the claims of sightings. Uncomfirmed means somebody saw something and thinks its a ML, nothing more.

      On a side note, a ML could make its way to El Moro without having to go through Aliso, but in any case the routes would be difficult and unlikely. I suspect there would be additional sightings elsewhere along those corridors which has not occurred. The lat comfirmed sighting of a mountain lion on the west side of the 5 freeway was back in the early 1980s. The media is hyping reports of sightings, even declaring that "unnamed" officials and "out of uniform" rangers have found tracks, This is not accurate or true.

      Having said all this. It is a good idea to always be aware of your surroundings and be prepared. A cell phone to call authorities in case of an emergency and if in ML country (or you think you might) bring a pocket whistle or air horn. The noise will help in scaring off a predator and gain attention of others in the area.

      Enjoy your ride!


    • Trail UpdateUnconfirmed Sighting-however, another recent sighting has been reported at El Moro Canyon which one would assume if they are in Crystal Cove then they came through Aliso/Wood Canyon to get there.


    • Trail UpdateMathis & Wood Canyon-What about the Mountain Lion? Does anyone know?
      Ride rating: Beginner
      Ride distance: 5.3miles Elevation change: 100
      Dirt Road=100%
      Eric a 41 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 2000 FSR from Laguna Niguel


    • Trail UpdateOne Minor Caution-The "Mountain Biking in Orange County" book lists some trails in the county parks that are currently not legal to ride. So make sure that you cross reference this book with the current county trail maps and look for trail-head signs in the county parks.

      The general rule that will keep you out of trouble is not to ride any unmarked trail in a county park. Legal riding trails in Orange County parks are marked and correspond to the county trail maps that are available at the park offices and at the kiosks.

      Have fun riding
      JamR a 48 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a a few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateIf you are new to riding, I highly recommend "Mountain Biking Orange County". Its a little green book you will find in any bike shop. Good maps and descriptions of every trail/park you need to know about in the county.


    • Trail UpdateMore Info-A trail map of Aliso Woods and lots of other (non-bike) info is available online at the Aliso and Wood Canyons Naturalist Association website.

      The Aliso Canyon Trail starts at the Park Office/Museum and goes for 1.5 miles where it ends at the porta potties. Turn right (north) on Wood Canyon Trail for 3 miles. these are all easy canyon bottom trails. Everythng else goes up hill. For an easy round trip take Coyote Run coming back down Wood Canyon. If you are more adventurous, Wood canyon Trail to Cholla Trail to West Ridge trail, turn left and the down Mathis Trail. Many other trails to explore and have fun riding on.
      FRR URL: Aliso and Wood Canyons Naturalist Association


    • Trail UpdateTrail Information-A quick stop at the Ranger Station (inside the museum) will get you all the trail info you need, plus a free map!


    • Trail UpdateMap With Names-Thanks Bill!! I went to your website & you've described the trails and names and everything!! I love your website! So is it the Wood Canyon Trail that goes to the right of the port o potties at the head of the 'Private Road'? Which trails are for the beginners? Thanks again for putting up your website, it's awesome!


    • Trail UpdateMap With Names-I didn't see any trail names on them and they were hard to read. Do any of the maps have a difficulty rating, or the names?
      So far we've only riden from the church down the paved road to the one that says private road, where the port o potties are. There's a dirt trail that goes up to the right from there, where does it go & how difficult is it? And what is it's name?


    • Trail Updatewww.mountainbikebill.com

      There are maps at the 3 entrances to the park also


    • Trail UpdateMap With Names-We've just started exploring the Aliso Wood area. This is the 1st place I've seen names for the trails. Where can I find a good map with the trail names?


    • Trail UpdateSssssssssssssssss-been seeing rattlers every ride lately.
      Mytrustysteed a 30 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Gary fisher sugar 4+ from Mission viejo


    • Trail UpdateBees And Snakes-coming down stairsteps on thursday afternoon, and came across a number of bees and what i though was their hive. hundreds of them were crowded around a particular bush. did not want stick around and invetigate any further. they are located after the first long rock garden and as you make the 90 turn left, about 1/3 down the trail. be sure to stop and say hi. i am sure they would like that. also saw a big fat rattler coming down five oaks. good times.
      Asian Fury a 28 year old Racer riding a Id from Irvine


    • Trail UpdateNice Day, Nice Ride-RDC and I got to the lot across from the church round 10ish,
      we were looking to park on the street, no love, so we went in
      the lot, were bout to pay the fee and there was a sign saying
      the machine was out of order, no complaints here, so we
      parked for free in the lot.

      We headed out and did the main road to Coyote, back onto
      the main road, up Cholla, down Lynx, back up Cholla, then
      down Rock-It. Came across a few newbie looking type riders
      heading down Cholla both times. No one to be seen when
      we went down Lynx. Rock-It wasn't too bad, we came across
      3 hikers on the lower portion of the rock garden, they were
      cool and stepped aside as we rattled by, then, after the next
      rock portion, we came across two more hikers. So, back to
      Coyote after Rock-it and before hanging the left to head back
      to the lot, we swung right and rode to the "fence" at the
      bottom of Meadows, we didn't really have time to head all the
      way up it, so, we turned around, enjoyed a small downhill
      section and headed back to the truck.

      Saw a couple of snake crossings in the dirt on the main road,
      but didn't see any snakes. Lots of green out there and the
      scenery was nice, gotta love the spring time!
      Ride distance: around 15 miles Elevation change:
      Dirt Klaud riding a Specialized Enduro from long beach, ca


    • Trail UpdateTicks...-Got off my bike and went a bit off the trail to go take a leak. When I got back home there was a tick embedded in my leg. It was pretty gross and I wanted to barf. Just check yourself carefully if you have to go in the grass for any reason.


    • Trail UpdateTelonics?-Sup Fella Rough Ridahz?
      What's up with this Telonics? what the hell is it a trail? if it is where and how do i get there from the Church? so far i've only done the fireroad, cholla, rock it, coyote, and lynx. how is it compared to the trails i've listed.
      dru a 26 year old Weekend Warrior riding a 04' KHS XC504 from Fullerton


    • Trail UpdateTelonics?-Sup Fella Rough Ridahz?
      What's up with this Telonics? what the hell is it a trail? if it is where and how do i get there from the Church? so far i've only done the fireroad, cholla, rock it, coyote, and lynx. how is it compared to the trails i've listed.
      dru a 26 year old Weekend Warrior riding a 04' KHS XC504 from Fullerton


    • Trail UpdateHmmm-Jackball eh? I like that name...Just tryin to get some info but I'll stop.
      JackBall a Downhiller from West-SIDE


    • Trail UpdateHey jackball, keep your illegal trail riding comments off of the internet, or better yet don't ride them.


    • Trail UpdateOut O' Bounds-I've recently been getting into the 'out of bounds' trails at Aliso(I kind of feel guilty, but I'll get over it). Holy crap telonics is good...school yard is even better...any other good trails?


    • Trail Updateshuttle my arse - Save the 75 cents and learn to ride your bike uphill, or at least be a man and push it up stairsteps.
      Posted on 03-30-04

      You sound like the joker who yelled "ride uphill!" at OPP and me as we shuttled the other day. We wanted to whip out our XC resumes and compare them to his overweight lycra-wearing ass, but we just kept going. Grow up. People ride uphill, people ride downhill, people shuttle. There's nothing wrong with it.

      Telonics is illegal and regularly patrolled.
      Posted on 03-29-04

      My understanding is that Telonics is on private property, specifically the land on which Telonic - Berkeley sits, thus the name "Telonics." I understand Rangers have patrolled it in the past, but that it is technically outside their jurisdiction, however, the land owner could press the issue of trespassing I suppose. I'd check with the Aliso Rangers and with the city of Laguna Beach to be sure. You just never know these days what is true and what is just rumor.

      El Jefe a 34 year old riding a Blinging V10, ghetto Stinky, Azonic P, & a SS Kona Cowan from Trabuco Canyon


    • Trail UpdateShuttle My Arse-Save the 75 cents and learn to ride your bike uphill, or at least be a man and push it up stairsteps.


      Ride rating: Beginner
      a Downhiller riding a INTENSE M3 from MAMMOTH LAKES, CA


    • Trail UpdateTelonics is illegal and regularly patrolled.


    • Trail UpdateTelonics...-Heard a little bit about this trail, but not sure where it is. I think I remember something about it being near top of the world...can anyone clarify?


    • Trail UpdateRattlers Are Definitely Out-Rode last Sunday, 3/21. Conditions were a little Sandy in some sections but not too bad. Let me just say, I really love these trails and I always have a great time riding Aliso/Woods.

      Down to bidness: I saw that someone had reported a rattlesnake sighting and thought it was a little early for them. Sure enough, I saw a 3 foot rattler myself. Supposidly, Pacific Rattelsnakes are really active just after hibernation, so they'll probably be out quite a bit over the next month or so. I'm finally learning to get used to them.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 14 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=35% Dirt Road=65%
      Domby a 29 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Tomac 98 Special Pro from Hermosa Beach, CA


    • Trail UpdateFirst Timer!! Rode Rockit!!-Well I took the ride today with my brother-in-law, first trip for this trail. Met by the chruch off Wood Canyon (I believe). After riding 5 minutes towards the trails I realized I forgot my gloves back at the car, headed back then out again. There was some sand on the fire roads, but nothing too deep. Saw a Coyote and lots of squirls and rabbits not much else. We rode to the upshoot to the fire roads up above I made it about 25% of the way up then had to walk the rest (I am a week suck I know). Headed over towards the water tower then took the ride down Rockit, what a blast.... Looking forward to heading to this trail again when I have more time and try some of the other DH sections.
      Ride distance: 11 miles Elevation change:
      Dante a 38 year old Weekend Warrior riding a 2004 Giant VT2 with a Sherman Flick on the front from Mission Viejo


    • Trail UpdateNice Ride Steven!-Well myself, BDEE, Miznax and a friend of BDEE's got to the entrance by the church around 10am today. Still some cloud cover, but that went away soon enough and it warmed up. On our way in there were a couple of fire trucks and an ambulance entering the park. When we caught up with them, saw somebody had taken a spill by the first water crossing on Wood Canyon....hope he is doing well. Made our way over to Cholla, then down Lynx. Lynx was in great shape, fast and not too rutted from the rain. Took a breather at the bottom then back up Cholla again.....wasn't as bad the 2nd time around after getting warmed up. Took a 5 minute break then headed over to Rockit. I finally cleaned the technical climb after the rock garden then we headed down to Coyote again. From Coyote we headed up Drippin Cave, then back down to Wood Canyon. Saw a 3 foot rattler crossing the trail in front of us, then made our way back to our cars. Overall not too crowded, and weather wasn't too hot. We all had a great ride with no mishaps. There is a fair amount of sand on the fire roads, but nothing too deep.
      Ride distance: 15 Elevation change:
      RDC a 28 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a '03 Foes FXR, '03 BigHit Expert from Westminster


    • Trail UpdateNo Mt. Lions At Aliso-

      Just another case of Mountain Lion hysteria... There have been no comfirmed sightings since the early 1980s. Bobcat, coyote and golden retriever sightings frequently top the list of animals mistakenly identified as mountain lions at this park. No tracks, scat or other signs of mt. lions have been located by park officials or lion experts.


    • Trail UpdateMtn Lion Sighting?-I was here today and there were signs posted on the trail bulletin boards that said there had been a mtn lion sighting on March 10th. Has this been confirmed, or is it just bobcat hysteria?
      OokieCookie a 24 year old Cross-Country Rider from Laguna Hills


    • Trail UpdateHere's The Scoop On The Shuttle-you turn around....and ride back up!
      Mytrustysteed a 30 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Gary fisher sugar 4+ from Mission viejo


    • Trail UpdateShuttle This-no, you can't shuttle it.
      no, you can't shuttle it.
      try the fully loop shuttle, it is mind blowing.


    • Trail UpdateLaguna Transit Shuttle?-I overheard through another freerider at Supergo, there's a way to shuttle this trail from the alta vista park to main beach... Can anybody tell me how I get to the bus stop from the trail after coming down?
      DHracer a 30 year old Downhiller riding a Giant DH comp from North OC


    • Trail UpdateHey Tom-We'll miss ya! Can't remember AW without you, and your DD imitation. I can still see the look on your face when, after the big Laguna fire, you showed up at the SHARE meeting and exclaimed something like "I did a night patrol in my park and I can't believe all the people I found riding there!" Ah, those were the days.
      You've done a great job, Tom. Thanks for all your efforts on behalf of mtbr's and all the park users. I, like every other SHARE prez, past and present, really enjoyed being a part of your park and your projects.
      All the best in your new spot,
      Bob L
      a too many year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a two wheeled wonder from Silverado


    • Trail UpdateGoodbye Tom...-SHARE didn't include this in our announcement as we were hoping it would change. Obviously, that didn't happen.

      Tom, it has been a great pleasure working with you. Your level headedness was and is welcomed and will be sorely missed, as will your sense of humor at trail work events.

      I don't care what your (the user) position was on Aliso, be sure to give props where they are due. Tom was the man who maintained your trails and kept technical singletracks open.

      Tom is a rare breed in the system.

      Tom rocks (inside joke).
      GC from a SHARE Presidency


    • Trail UpdateAliso & Wood-Please refer all questions re: Aliso and Wood trails to Ranger Larry Norton.

      He will be in charge of the park as of 2-20-04.
      Larry is a great Ranger! he can be reached at 949-923-2201 after 2/20.

      I have been re-assigned.
      Best to you all!

      Ranger Tom a Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateMaintenance Day-Just a big “Thank You” to SHARE and all the volunteers who helped out at Sundays trail maintenance on Steps and Cholla.

      Without the efforts of groups and individuals willing to pitch in some personal time on maintenance days, we couldn’t enjoy the quality trails we have today.

      Thanks, and have fun riding!

      JamR a 48 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateI was in Irivine on business so I took Jefe's tip and decided to ride this after work. Fun ride. Did the loop up Cholla and down Rock-It. Fun but too short, so did the loop a second time. Saw a big coyote on the dirt road on the way back, which I chased for about a half mile before it darted into the bushes right near the Coyote trail sign.

      Nice to see so many riders out on a weekday afternoon. Thanks to the Mormon church for the fre parking!
      Turner Rider a Cross-Country Rider riding a Blue Turner all over the place


    • Trail UpdateReally?-What were you wearing....I mean riding?


    • Trail UpdateDIDN'T SEE ME-

      I was one of those "cuties" you were leering at.

      Ride rating: Expert
      Concerned Manly MTBer


    • Trail UpdateYou Missed It!-

      You blew it!

      You came all the way down to 949 & missed stair-steps, five-oaks, T & A, Rattlesnake, the finale of the MHC, and one of the better crashes I’ve seen lately “thanks to Tumbleweed”.

      JamR a 48 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateYes I Did.-There was a lot of "cuties" on the trail.
      I couldn't believe how many people were using the trails when I was finishing up the ride.
      Didn't see you out there.


    • Trail UpdateALWCP-Steve - Correct me if I'm wrong, but did you just use the word "cute" for purposes other than to describe a baby or your gf/so?

      Concerned Manly MTber


    • Trail UpdateCute Place To Ride-Started my ride 7:00am Sunday. Didn't see any bikes/riders that fit the descriptions of riders here so I started solo.
      Up the dirt road,nice warm up.
      Climb Cholla (sp)good for opening up the lungs and getting the blood thru the legs.
      Took the fireroad to Top of the world. The view here is hard to put into words. Well worth the grind.
      Turned around and went all the way back to Lynx.
      This trail is fun, not technical, too short.
      Went back up Cholla (sp) up the fireroad to Rock-it.
      This was closer to what I was looking for. This trail is a blast. One spot where you have to climb a short rock garden was a suprise, and caught me off guard. Not technical, but fun.
      Back up the fireroad, past Cholla to climb around to the top. It would have been better to climb Cholla. That part is a little steep with no resting spots.
      Back up the road to Mathis, down to the main road. Side trip to Medows. Out to the ranger station/parking lot.
      I was a little dissapointed, expecting a massive amount of technical (legal) trails to test my skills.
      Is it worth the 140 mile round trip............yes.
      I will be back.
      Y-NOT riding a Screaming yellow Instense.


    • Trail UpdateCat Scat Fever-
      As previously posted, there are no known traces of mountain lions at AW. The scat information is good to know when in ML prone parks.

      Also, the person posting stuff about a bear attack at Whiting Ranch is telling a tall-tale! Grizzly Bears have been extinct in California since 1908. Whiting Ranch does not allow deer hunting by anyone, and hunters don't use a "7mm" gun for deer hunting, even if such a weapon is made.



    • Trail UpdateSERIOUS CONDITION-This whole episode two weeks ago has given you all Cat Scat Fever. Don't worry, it's nothing dangerous...you'll feel no pain. With the recent bear attack at Whiting Ranch, I'd be concentrating more on bear scat.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      OC Rider a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Turner 5.5 from Aliso Woods


    • Trail UpdateHow To Identify Scat-
      Good info by JamR. Although it may vary as to texture, color and content depending on it's food, look for a large segmented (tootsie-roll looking) scat.

      It may be scrapped up in a pile with other debris to mark territory or recent prey. It will be approximately 1 inch in diameter. Bobcat and coyote scat deposits are smaller and usually thinner looking.

      The most common scat found in Aliso/Wood Canyons Wilderness Park is from coyote and domestic dogs.
      FRR URL: Tracks and Scat


    • Trail UpdateScientific Scat Update-As a wilderness zoologist, I can confidently tell you that I have recently encountered Mountain Lion Scat at Aliso/Wood Canyon. This was the scat of a large (100-120 lb) male adult animal. I don't think mountain bikers are in any jeopardy, however - the diet for the animal appears limited to peanuts, broccoli, and corn...


      BUNGLE a Downhiller riding a AT THE TIME A BULLIT


    • Trail UpdateScat-There’s a whole science dedicated to scat reading, and a seasoned interpreter can typically tell the animal species, size, diet, health and direction of travel from reading the scat.

      I’ll look for a couple of good photo examples to post, but keep in mind that lion scat can at times look very similar to other animals (even domestic dogs depending on the diet).

      Could have possibly been "Mountain Biker" scat also. There’s a science to that too, (ie...Taco Bell Cheesy Bean & Rice Burrito post-ride scat, Beer Nuts pre-ride binge scat, etc…)

      JamR a 48 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateThanks For Trail Update Jam-R...-I rode the park today and saw some scat in a few places that looked much bigger than I've seen before. However, I didn't notice any tracks. Is there a way to specifically identify Mountain Lion scat?
      EJ a 42 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Tomac from OC


    • Trail UpdateDouble Post-I only hit the button once.....double post not my fault :)
      JamR a 48 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateLion Sightings (Long)-JJ,

      Not trying to discount your possible sighting, but I wanted to let people know some pretty common facts.

      The vast majority of reported mountain lion sightings are mistaken identities of Bobcats, Coyotes or Domestic dogs.

      Most commonly the Bobcats. Bobcats do come in quite a range of sizes, colors and tail lengths. Many people have knowledge of the basic layman’s difference between the mountain lion and the bobcat, (ie…pointed ears/short tail for the bobcat and round ears/long tail for the mountain lion).

      The tail is sometimes the stumbling block since many people envision a bobcat with an extremely short stubby tail (in many cases barely visible on the animal). However some bobcats have tails up to 8” or longer and visibly curled up, so sometimes this is mistaken for the “long tail” criteria of a lion.

      The mountain lions tail is unmistakably long & thick. It can appear to be almost as long as the cat’s body from head to rump, and up to around 32” or thereabouts. It almost appears to touch the ground before it sweeps up at the end.

      I believe that the last verified lion sighting at Aliso Woods was somewhere around the mid to late 80’s if I’m not mistaken.

      Also several groups have performed various types of predator surveys in the park using cameras, track stations and hair snares. I’m sure many people have noticed the white powder stations along the trailside and the hair snares throughout the parks.

      To my knowledge, with all of the stations and devices; no lion evidence has been recorded in the park for quite some time. Plus reports of mountain lion sightings have not come up with any tracks, scat, credible authoritative eyewitnesses or carcasses.

      Not that a lion could not make it to the park since there are still a couple of corridors available, however even these corridors are not completely unobstructed and pass in the presence of thousands of homes and businesses. It would seem to be currently unlikely.

      One however should never rule out anything in a wilderness park regardless of how much civilization surrounds the park. Always be aware of your surroundings; never crouch down in a wilderness area; try to travel the area with another person or group; stick to the open and signed trails only, and at all times exercise caution.

      Also in light of the recent incident at Whiting, we should all try to become better stewards of watching each others back. If you see someone putting themselves into a less than safe situation, politely let them know.

      Many times while we are riding or hiking along, we come across someone tinkering with their bike alongside the trail. I know that most people verbally offer help in those situations, but usually get a reply such as “no thanks”, ”got it covered, thanks anyway” etc…

      In those cases maybe we should choose to stop anyway and just hang around to talk (ie…simply watch the persons back without their knowledge until they are on their way).

      This is especially important if it’s in a remote area a long way from the trail head.

      Just some things to think about.


      JamR a 48 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateLion Sightings (Long)-JJ,

      Not trying to discount your possible sighting, but I wanted to let people know some pretty common facts.

      The vast majority of reported mountain lion sightings are mistaken identities of Bobcats, Coyotes or Domestic dogs.

      Most commonly the Bobcats. Bobcats do come in quite a range of sizes, colors and tail lengths. Many people have knowledge of the basic layman’s difference between the mountain lion and the bobcat, (ie…pointed ears/short tail for the bobcat and round ears/long tail for the mountain lion).

      The tail is sometimes the stumbling block since many people envision a bobcat with an extremely short stubby tail (in many cases barely visible on the animal). However some bobcats have tails up to 8” or longer and visibly curled up, so sometimes this is mistaken for the “long tail” criteria of a lion.

      The mountain lions tail is unmistakably long & thick. It can appear to be almost as long as the cat’s body from head to rump, and up to around 32” or thereabouts. It almost appears to touch the ground before it sweeps up at the end.

      I believe that the last verified lion sighting at Aliso Woods was somewhere around the mid to late 80’s if I’m not mistaken.

      Also several groups have performed various types of predator surveys in the park using cameras, track stations and hair snares. I’m sure many people have noticed the white powder stations along the trailside and the hair snares throughout the parks.

      To my knowledge, with all of the stations and devices; no lion evidence has been recorded in the park for quite some time. Plus reports of mountain lion sightings have not come up with any tracks, scat, credible authoritative eyewitnesses or carcasses.

      Not that a lion could not make it to the park since there are still a couple of corridors available, however even these corridors are not completely unobstructed and pass in the presence of thousands of homes and businesses. It would seem to be currently unlikely.

      One however should never rule out anything in a wilderness park regardless of how much civilization surrounds the park. Always be aware of your surroundings; never crouch down in a wilderness area; try to travel the area with another person or group; stick to the open and signed trails only, and at all times exercise caution.

      Also in light of the recent incident at Whiting, we should all try to become better stewards of watching each others back. If you see someone putting themselves into a less than safe situation, politely let them know.

      Many times while we are riding or hiking along, we come across someone tinkering with their bike alongside the trail. I know that most people verbally offer help in those situations, but usually get a reply such as “no thanks”, ”got it covered, thanks anyway” etc…

      In those cases maybe we should choose to stop anyway and just hang around to talk (ie…simply watch the persons back without their knowledge until they are on their way).

      This is especially important if it’s in a remote area a long way from the trail head.

      Just some things to think about.


      JamR a 48 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateAbout These Sightings...-A few years ago, I was a ranger at AW. I had many people report sightings of mountain lions that I dutifully investigated. I never found tracks or other signs of a lion inhabiting the park. I never saw a Mt. lion in the park either.

      One day, a rider came up to me yelling about a lion he just saw. We immediately got into the ranger truck and proceeded up the trail to where he saw the lion.

      When we got close (about 50 yards) to the animal and could clearly see it, I was told that this was the lion. I then handed the nervous man my binoculars and he said again that this was the lion he saw not more than ten minutes before. We drove closer.

      Then, I got out of the truck cautiously and whistled!

      The animal, a beautiful golden retriever, came running to me. It had new tags so I knew that it had it's rabies shots and it had a phone number which I called. The owners were very glad to know their dog was safe.

      I am not suggesting that no one has seen a mountain lion or at least believes they have. However, since the mid 1980's, there has been no definitive sign (tracks, scat, prey kills or markings) to identify a lion being in the park.

      Most sightings turn out to be bobcats as was last Saturdays' probable culprit. No mt. lion tracks were found then, but bobcat tracks were found in the area where the "lion" was seen.

      The park rangers are in this park every day and frequently are in not just the main trails, but in the remote sections and trails of the park. Again no evidence has been found to support a lion being in the park.

      If a mountain lion was in the park, take all legal precautions so that you remain safe. Report it to the ranger office ASAP with a good description of exactly what you saw (and did not see). The rangers will check out the situation whether they call you back or not. URL: Living with Mountain Lions


    • Trail UpdateMountain Lion Sighting-I saw a mountain lion near the top of Cholla 3 weeks ago, around New Year's. It was 4:30pm, at sunset, it had rained lightly earlier in the day, and no one else was up there. It was a really pretty, quiet evening out there. I was about to start walking my 80lb. german shepard dog when we looked up the trail, and about 60 yards up the main ridge fireroad was a large mountain lion crossing the trail. He looked to be a bit darker brown than I've seen in all the pictures. But it was a very large cat, much bigger than my dog, with long legs, lean body, short head and long tail. I live near the park and see coyotes and deer all the time. This was way different. My dog does not get excited about seeing other dogs, but he was freaking about this animal. The cat looked at us, and disappeared into the brush. We turned around and hightailed it out of there. I called the park ranger, got voicemail, left a detailed message, but they never called me back. I am not surprised others have seen mountain lions in the park. I haven't been back since, and don't think I'll be doing my evening walks up there anytime soon.
      More room for you guys!
      JJ a 39 year old Weekend Warrior riding a cannondale mb from aliso viejo


    • Trail UpdateWoods-never mind all the mountain lion freak outs. hit the stairsteps trail for the first time what a rush! gnar gnar for .7 of a mile this trail is a great body and mind work out !condition are very good at aliso ride on
      bungle a 29 year old Downhiller riding a anything that's working at the time


    • Trail UpdateUp Mathis, crossed Alta Laguna, down Meadows, no mountain lions. Trail conditions are perfect. All I could think about up Mathis was breathing and cadence and going as fast as I can down Meadow as usaual. My mind did not have a chance to think about lions in our park. Maybe they are here, but I have been riding Aliso Woods for almost 5 years, a few times/week on average without ever seeing one or tracks. Granted Im not really looking for them. I have seen bobcats in early am on Coyote two different times. Thats it for the cat family.

      Now it the sheriff and ranger decides to close the park because of a lion sighting, so be it. They are doing their job protecting the public. I do not appreciate anyone critical of the ranger and how they ride in their trucks and never get out and look around. Ranger Tom Maloney and staff does a great job of keeping the park in order. Who do you think cuts back all the poison oak on overgrown trails like Coyote and Dripping Cave? These guys are on foot in single track areas many times over. In addition, Ranger Tom is a fellow mountain biker who rides Aliso Woods. So lay off.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Bluesband a 48 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized Enduro from Laguna Niguel, CA


    • Trail UpdateJumangi-I saw 2 Giraffes' on Cholla today. I doubt think they came
      directly from Africa. They were probably from L.A.; taking a
      break from the Toys 'R' Us commercial.

      They were eating from a 15 foot tree.

      I later saw a Rino in Vons!

      Wild Lifer


    • Trail UpdateWild Kingdom-I saw 2(two) Giraffes' on Cholla today. I dont think they came
      directly from Africa. They were probably from L.A.; taking a
      break from the Toys 'R' Us commercial.

      They were eating from a 15 foot tree.

      Wild Lifer


    • Trail UpdateContrary to popular belief, there are no "signs" of mountain lions in Aliso Wood. There have been no tracks or scat found that is from a lion. MLs used to be in the park and surrounding area, but not in the last 2 decades. Numerous "sightings" that have been investigated have all tuned out to be bobcat (or dogs) as was most likely the case yesterday. There are many bobcats in the park. Hysteria forced the park closure. The rangers, sheriff deputies and game warden were doing their jobs!! These experts have found no such evidence.

      Please, let's not feed the frenzy of hysteria!!


    • Trail UpdateHysterics-My wife and I tried to ride WOod Canyon this morning , only to find it closed due to a possible mountain lion sighting.It is disheartening to see the Rangers and Sheriffs respond to the situation with the panic and hysterics that seems to be gripping so many people since the recent tragedy. Mountain Lions frequent the park and always have, the signs are there for all to see, such as scraps,foootprints, etc. Last winter I saw a furball of impressive size, it was Coyote fur. Just last weekend I showed my wife, in the mud left from the previous rains,the tracks of a large cat.The only animal large enough to produce these tracks was a cat of at least 120 lbs.If the Rangers would get out of their pick-up trucks and look around they would know this.My wife drives to work in Laguna in the early morning. She repeatedly sees Deer and one morning last year she saw a Mountain Lion bound across Laguna Canyon Road.They are there, but there is no reason for hysterics.We can share the park with them if we just follow some simple guidlines. The bottom line is to know the reality of the situation and assess your risks with a cool head.You will see the risks are indeed slim, just be aware.
      a Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateVerified Sightings-What I mean by "official sightings" is one or more of the following:

      1. An expert (i.e., park ranger, fish and Game warden) sees the animal.
      2. Tracks are found and identified.
      3. Scat (animal feces) is found and indentified.
      4. Prey found killed that is consistent with the predator.
      5. Territorial markings.
      6. Photo of the animal taken at the time of the sighting.

      No verified sightings were made in the park after 1985. If you actually saw a mountain lion, it sounds as if it was not acting abnormal and not being aggressive or threatening towards you and your friends. They can be active anytime during the day or night, but are most active at dawn and dusk.

      I can not dispute your claim, but, while many people claim to have seen these animals, most actually have sighted bobcats, coyotes or even domestic dogs such as golden retrievers. Most cannot describe the animal they sighted or report where they saw it.

      It is possible for a mountain lion to make it's way to the park, however, it is highly improbable for it to do so because of the route, obstacles and unnatural hazards it would encounter to get to Aliso/Wood.

      If it is a mountain lion please take the appropriate defensive actions listed in the previous posting. It is better to be safe than sorry.



    • Trail UpdateOooh Nooo!-Loud, night riding, mountain biking coyotes racing cars 70 MPH through your neigborhood disregarding kids walking to school.... Take a stress pill and go lie down!


    • Trail UpdateMt Lion-Myself and two of my other Mt. Bike friends saw a Mt. Lion in Aliso Woods about 1 year ago. Up on the ridge around 12 noon. Which was very odd. You usually don't see them mid day.We told the Ranger and he really didn't belive us. He thought we saw a bobcat. This was no bobcat. It was big and had a long tail. When it saw us it took off. So I'm very surpised to hear you say, that there have been no Mt. Lion sightings in Aliso since 1980. Hummm I guess the rangers also need to see it.
      a Cross-Country Rider riding a Intense Tracer from Huntington beach


    • Trail UpdatePossible Mountain Lion Sighting-This morning the park was closed for a couple of hours while the rangers investigated a possible mt. lion sighting. By noon, the park reopened.

      Apparently some people saw an animal and reported it, by using the park's emergency phones, to the Sheriff's department. The animal was not be agressive, nor were any people hurt or threatened by the animal. It was described as a mountain lion.

      The sheriff responded with deputies, a helocopter, a Fish and Game warden and additional park rangers.
      No mountain lion tracks were found, but many bobcat tracks were located in the same area.

      Additional animal sightings in the same area were reported as being in the same area. That doesn't mean that a mt. lion was not there, it just that no sign of it was found.

      Officially there have been no verified mountain lion sigtings or encounters west of the I-5 freeway and none in Aliso & Wood Canyons Wilderness Park since the mid 1980s.

      If reporting a lion sighting, please have a good description of the animal and it's location. Know where you are!!

      Although improbable, the possiblity of a lion making it's way into the park should not ignored. Here are some things to remember:

      1. Riding without a partner is not a good idea.
      2. Riding after dark is not allowed in any county operated wilderness park.
      3. If you encounter a Mountain Lion make yourself as big and loud as you can. If it is aggresive use rocks, sticks or even your bike to use as protection and scare it away.
      4. Children should always be close by and under direct supervision at all times. Pick them up if a lion is encountered.
      5. Do not turn your back on the animal or run. It will attack!
      6. Call the park office and report all sightings of Mountain Lions.



    • Trail UpdateNIGHT RIDING JUST SAY NO-It's about two things - 1) maintaining an ecosystem in as intact a condition as possible - for part of the 24-hour day - so that non-human entities have time to recover and go about living (most are nocturnal) and 2) LIABILITY. Ask the firefighters at the top of the hill how many riders get hurt at night - you'll be surprised.
      Shimano Renoir a Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateRE: Night Riding-Please call the Sheriff's office and tell them about the speeders in front of your child's school. I did this at my children's school and the Sheriff Deputies responded by citing violators. It helped!

      I am glad you don't own a light so that you do not ride at night in the park. You are doing the right thing. You effort helps!

      Sorry about your neighbor's cat. Tell them to keep their next pet inside at night and not to leave food outside. It might help them in the future!

      The park has about 6000 species of plants and animals, not just coyotes. Maintaining a proper habitat will help!


    • Trail UpdateNight Riding-If the coyotes are aloud to come into my neighborhood at night and eat my neighbors' cats, then we should be allowed to ride bikes in their neighborhoods at night....Ha...Don't Sheriff's Deputies have better things to do than ride bikes in the park where crime is virtually non-existant. I personally would like to see Deputies pulling over and citing drivers who fly down Woodcanyon with their cars, past my son's school, doing 60-70 MPH with total disregard for the children walking to school. But hey, fast cars never killed anyone, felony bike riding at night needs to be addressed. And no I never ride my bike at night in the park, mostly because I don't have a light on my bike. Who did the environmental study on the impact of night riders in the park on the coyote migration into neighborhoods? I am sure some enterprising pscych can open an office in Laguna with a federal grant to counsel the stressed out coyotes. I know how the Sheriff's department works. If you go in and make enough noise in the station or have some political power through city hall, then the Sheriff will do something to make it look like they are sensative to the community's needs. So who ever did it, quit your whining.....Come stand at the corner Wood Canyon and Boundary Oak and watch the cars speed by at sixty miles per hour in a twenty five zone as kids walk to school and then use your politcal clout to get the Sheriff off his ass and put Deputies where they are needed.


    • Trail UpdateALISO WOODS For Everyone!-Rode backside in from enterprise ave. Cholla is in great shape, down Lynx which is also in great shape. Track is tacky from rain, makes for fast sticky runs. Saw two Bobcats playing. Fantastic day in the park. Horseriders, Hikers Joggers Photographers all get along symbiotically in this park.


      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 8 miles Elevation change: ??
      speedracr5150 a 40 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a K2 evolution from Irvine


    • Trail UpdateHorses On The Trails-If you guys think the divots are bad here you should check out Marshall Canyon...DIVOT CITY! I just look at it as another little distraction to make the trail more exciting. What really pisses me off are the deer hoof prints I spotted on the Wood Canyon Trail. Ranger Tom, can't you keep those damn deer off the trails until they dry out!? Thanks = ) All joking aside I rode Wood Canyon and Coyote Run and the trails are in great shape. I usually ride in LA county but this is a favorite ride for my wife and every time I have been to this park the trails are always in excellent condition. Kudos to the rangers and patrons that keep this park in great shape. Beginner rating if you take Wood Canyon, Coyote Run, Wood Canyon option.
      Ride rating: Beginner
      Ride distance: 9miles Elevation change: Flat
      Singletrack=40% Dirt Road=50% Paved Path=10%
      Mrkcy a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant-Iguana from Temple City


    • Trail UpdateBig fat Pigs on horseback.


    • Trail UpdateTrail Use-Maybe the state parks should have the same rules as our local county parks. Let all park users come back when the trails are dry.


    • Trail UpdateDiscrimination-Funny you should mention not being able to discriminate against certain user groups. I've seen that El Moro Canyon (CCSP)has closed the trails after rain only to mountain bikers, yet allowed hikers/runners to use the trails. I even called up the Ranger's office one morning asking if the trails were open. His response, "only to hikers, not to mountain bikers". WTF is up with that? Then riding the trails a couple days later, you see nothing but foot prints and clumps of dirt kicked up all over.
      RDC a 28 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a '03 Foes FXR


    • Trail UpdateEquestrians-Thanks for your comments. If the equestrian was in the park b-4 it was re-opened to the public, yes I agree they should be stopped, warned and ticketed if needed. Unfortunatly with all Mulit-use parks and trails we cannot currently discriminate against specific user groups. So, Equestrians will be allowed to return to the park when everyone else is.

      Do the best you can. The divots are ugly, but more a danger to trail walkers and runners than bikes.

      Be glad we do not have more equestrians, or the trails would be really chewed up.
      Ranger Tom a Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateHorse On Wet Trail-How about a ticket for the equestrian that rode their horse all over aliso on wet trails and left horseshoe divots all over the place.


    • Trail UpdateDUH !!!-
      Only the foolish believe the rangers don't know about where illegal trails are in the park. People are being cited and have to pay out hundreds of dollars for being on them too!


    • Trail UpdateShhhh!!!!-Oh, Yeah, it is a secret so the park rangers don't find out? (As if they don't don't about trails in the park)Hahaha


    • Trail UpdateNo Trail-they don't exist


    • Trail UpdateLooking For Trails-Where to do I find Birthday and Ira's trails?


    • Trail UpdateTickets-
      I heard that the Park Rangers are issuing citations to night riders and day-time riders using the illegal trails. Apparently, it is very expensive because of a "nature reserve" law that doubles the ticket. Yikes!!!


    • Trail UpdateNight Riders Beware!!-
      Two riders were ticketed last Thursday night for riding in the park after dark.
      FRR a Weekend Warrior riding a GT


    • Trail UpdateBe Careful-I’d like to correct some misinformation apparently going around between some park users regarding the Westridge Trail.

      Westridge is included within Aliso-Woods Wilderness Park and all park rules apply to this trail (ie…closure at sunset).

      Two riders were cited last night for entering this trail after sunset.

      If you have any questions or confusion about the rules for any facility, please take the time to check out the signs and kiosks when entering a park; call the park office; download a map, etc…

      It’s up to the individual to be aware of the rules, and unfortunately the courts do not consider ignorance of a rule or ordinance an excuse. Illegal night riding can be a costly endeavor.

      Please make sure you’re night riding in a legal area. It’s easier on everyone.


      Jam-R a 48 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Classic Steel from Capo


    • Trail UpdateWho Cares?-Pay attention, follow the rules, have a good time. Thanks for playing.
      Ride rating: Beginner
      Wyraus riding a Fast one


    • Trail UpdateWe Got It Too!!-Glad you agree with doing the right thing Bungle and not riding at night, etc.. I agree with FRR as I too do not understand your comment equating those violators who are cited for night riding with developers who build home in this county. I have seen this posted before and it baffles me as to why? I don't like the development that is seemingly everywhere, but what is the connection between building homes and some idiot getting busted for his own actions?
      Not so Brave Dave


    • Trail UpdateWoods-lets get this straight

      1. i don't ride there at night and don't have an issue about it

      2. i pay the parking fee with a smile

      3. i stay on designated trails

      i do get it



    • Trail UpdateYou Don't Get It....-
      Bungle, I appreciate what you are trying to say, but you have your facts skewed a bit. In the case of most wilderness parks in Orange County, the developers donated the land. Some developershave set up nature reserves on land that could have been developed. In other cases such as Laguna Canyon, private organizations, such as the Laguna Canyon Foundation, bought land from the Irvine Company. that land would have become homes and golf courses if they had not payed the out the cash. While I too support open space and wilderness areas, it was private land to begin with.

      It doesn't where you live or when it was developed. At one time, it was open space that was taken over by development. We all live in developed areas. Orange County has more and more people moving here and need a place to live. Some are rich and some are not. All seek a home to live in and that is what drives a develop to build. During the next few years, OC will be built out and we will maintain a status qoa. The park land will need to be cared for for future generations.

      The issue at hand is night riding at Aliso/Wood. The developers have nothing to do with those ordinances, but the OC Board of Supervisors do. It is a matter of law and meant to protect the resources of the park. Most of the wildlife are nocturnal. I believe that the ordinance makes sense, but only if you accept the park as a wilderness sanctuary, which it is designated. If you think the ordinance is wrong, then ccall your county supervisor to seek a solution.

      Just saying "money talks and the rest of us get tickets " is not accurate, fair or useful to anyone. A quick solution for night riders, is to encourage those individuals to seek park land, like the Cleveland National Forest whic allows it. It is big and offers a wider variety of terrain conditions.

      We still get to ride our bikes there and enjoy the park, but do need to take care of it and respect it for what it is, a small wilderness area with an extreme amount of access portals. So we don't build our own secret trails, we work with the park rangers to maintain the trails that do exist, and where and when possible encourage the park to give access to areas that are not currently allowed. Organizations such as SHARE Mountain Bike Club do a terrific job of working with the land managers at county, state and federal parks to advocate the sport of mountain biking.

      Many of us choose not to be complainers, but to be proactive and work on solutions... JOIN US!

      FRR riding a GT




    • Trail UpdateBungle-Did you get a ticket for riding in the park after hours or because you don't have a million dollar house?
      Fred a Downhiller riding a Huffy


    • Trail UpdateDo You Live In The WOODS?-
      Hey Bungle, you and/or your buddies got caught breaking the law...stop crying and deal with it! Pay your ticket and don't go back in the canyon after dark. Problem solved!!

      Riding in the park after dark has nothing to do with home construction. The fact is, the park was a donation by the Mission Viejo Company as a wilderness park.

      Given that you feel so strongly about building homes in Orange County, you should reconsider where you live as it was once open space making you part of that problem whether you bought your home or are just renting it for a while.

      If you don't plan on moving away and plan on staying for a while, then lets protect our park and not abuse it so we can enjoy it for many years to come!
      FRR a Weekend Warrior riding a GT


    • Trail UpdateDo You Live In The WOODS?-
      Hey Bungle, you and/or your buddies got caught breaking the law...stop crying and deal with it! Pay your ticket and don't go back in the canyon after dark. Problem solved!!

      Riding in the park after dark has nothing to do with home construction. The fact is, the park was a donation by the Mission Viejo Company as a wilderness park.

      Given that you feel so strongly about building homes in Orange County, you should reconsider where you live as it was once open space making you part of that problem whether you bought your home or are just renting it for a while.

      If you don't plan on moving away and plan on staying for a while, then lets protect our park and not abuse it so we can enjoy it for many years to come!
      FRR a Weekend Warrior riding a GT


    • Trail UpdateDo You Live In The WOODS?-
      Hey Bungle, you and/or your buddies got caught breaking the law...stop crying and deal with it! Pay your ticket and don't go back in the canyon after dark. Problem solved!!

      Riding in the park after dark has nothing to do with home construction. The fact is, the park was a donation by the Mission Viejo Company as a wilderness park.

      Given that you feel so strongly about building homes in Orange County, you should reconsider where you live as it was once open space making you part of that problem whether you bought your home or are just renting it for a while.

      If you don't plan on moving away and plan on staying for a while, then lets protect our park and not abuse it so we can enjoy it for many years to come!
      FRR a Weekend Warrior riding a GT


    • Trail UpdateDo You Live In The WOODS?-
      Hey Bungle, you and/or your buddies got caught breaking the law...stop crying and deal with it! Pay your ticket and don't go back in the canyon after dark. Problem solved!!

      Riding in the park after dark has nothing to do with home construction. The fact is, the park was a donation by the Mission Viejo Company as a wilderness park.

      Given that you feel so strongly about building homes in Orange County, you should reconsider where you live as it was once open space making you part of that problem whether you bought your home or are just renting it for a while.

      If you don't plan on moving away and plan on staying for a while, then lets protect our park and not abuse it so we can enjoy it for many years to come!
      FRR a Weekend Warrior riding a GT


    • Trail UpdateDo You Live In The WOODS?-
      Hey Bungle, you and/or your buddies got caught breaking the law...stop crying and deal with it! Pay your ticket and don't go back in the canyon after dark. Problem solved!!

      Riding in the park after dark has nothing to do with home construction. The fact is, the park was a donation by the Mission Viejo Company as a wilderness park.

      Given that you feel so strongly about building homes in Orange County, you should reconsider where you live as it was once open space making you part of that problem whether you bought your home or are just renting it for a while.

      If you don't plan on moving away and plan on staying for a while, then lets protect our park and not abuse it so we can enjoy it for many years to come!
      FRR a Weekend Warrior riding a GT


    • Trail UpdateDo You Live In The WOODS?-
      Hey Bungle, you and/or your buddies got caught breaking the law...stop crying and deal with it! Pay your ticket and don't go back in the canyon after dark. Problem solved!!

      Riding in the park after dark has nothing to do with home construction. The fact is, the park was a donation by the Mission Viejo Company as a wilderness park.

      Given that you feel so strongly about building homes in Orange County, you should reconsider where you live as it was once open space making you part of that problem whether you bought your home or are just renting it for a while.

      If you don't plan on moving away and plan on staying for a while, then lets protect our park and not abuse it so we can enjoy it for many years to come!
      FRR a Weekend Warrior riding a GT




    • Trail UpdateAliso And Wood-The Orange County Sheriff cited # 6 guys last night for NIGHT riding in Aliso & Wood.
      (After hours tresspassing).
      Two rec'd a second cite for being in a closed area.

      Spread the word. This is a no-no.

      Happy Halloween!

      Ranger Tom from Laguna Niguel


    • Trail UpdateCops On Bikes!-Yesterday I decided I wasn't going to heed the warnings about air quality, and that I was going to go riding. Aliso Woods was the place, always fun to be had out there.

      Parked at top of the world, and headed for the meadows trail. On my way down the paved hill to the start of meadows, I could see a police vehicle stopped at the meadows turnoff, and someone on a bike stopped with them. As I got closer, I saw the person on the bike was a cop too! As I was passing, I asked if the trail was still open, and the officer on the bike said yeah. Then he asked if I had a minute, and I was thinking to myself "uh oh, what did I do?!" But it turned out he was just curious where the trail led, and how long it takes to do a loop and such. Ended up talking with him for a couple of minutes before continuing my descent. After a loop around the park, as I got back to top of the world, I came across him again, and he had a few more questions about the trails. Turned out, he had gone down west ridge a ways and back.

      So if you're out there riding, remember that just because you're away from the roads, doesn't mean you can go breaking any laws, as you never know when a cop could come cruising up behind you on a mountain bike :)
      Cow a 23 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a FSR from RSM


    • Trail UpdateSmokey Day!-Left from San Diego early a.m. to hit up Aliso this past Sunday (10/26). Rode Daley Ranch on Friday and the smoke from Pendleton fire was noticeable. Decided to venture north and avoid it. Little did I know what would be waiting when heading back.

      Arrived with a buddy around 7:30am and lot was already packed. Temp inside car said 62 deg, but it felt warmer. We knew Santa Ana's were kicking in that day, so we took plenty of water and were ready for heat. Morning was gorgeous, no clouds in sight. We intended to head to Top of the World and began our climb. Midway up we first caught the scent of smoke. A little further and we could clearly see it. It was weird because at the bottom we did not see it at all. Lungs started to burn and eyes were watering. Decided to cut the climb short and headed over to Rock-it. Smoke wasn't too bad rest of the way, but it was really hot. In the picture you can see the smoke in the background.

      Trail was in good condition, although dry and dusty. Definitely could use some rain. Hadn't done this ride since Tour of Aliso last year. Had a lot of fun! Finished riding about 11am and decided to find some eats. Couldn't find any Mex on the way back to the 5 and remembered posts mentioning good eats off Ortega. Did some exploring and found Las Golondrinas by accident. Excellent eats! Chorizo plate later was heading back to SD when we heard about the fires! To think we almost headed down to Mission Trails that morning! Regardless, fun day up in the OC!

      KonaRider a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Kona Kahuna & S-Works HT from Oceanside


    • Trail UpdateRain-Rain - Rain. Oh my word, we need rain.

      Lagwagon a 28 year old riding a 2002 Specialized Enduro Pro from Aliso Viejo
      Posted on 11-05-02.

      Once again. This park needs some water. Last Oct/Nov. it was like this. It will get a lot better when the rain comes, and the grass will come back, and the plants will go off. :)
      Lagwagon a 29 year old riding a Bullit & Enduro from Aliso Viejo


    • Trail UpdateSomething For Everyone-This was my first time in the Woods Canyon trail. What a blast! I took the Wood Canyon Trail up to Cholla Trail(Wow! Steep tech climb but fun),came down Lynx(very tech, steep and rocky), and returned to the trail head via Coyote Run trail. I almost ate siht on my way down Lynx! If you cut out the Cholla and Lynx part of this trial it is a great ride for beginners or kids. Just turn aroud at Hollow Oak(at Cholla trail). By the way, all of the postings for riding at night...not a good idea. The park closes at sunset and the ranger I spoke to said that it is really easy for them to spot illegal night riders(duh, they have bright lights on) and they do pass out citations. The reason for this is that it disturbs the animals. Most animals hunt and mate at night. Imagine if someone rode through your room while you were trying to get busy :). Just be cool, people. I like this trail and I hope it doesn't get shut down because a few don't respect the rules set to preserve our parks.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 10.5 Elevation change: 200
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=60% Paved Path=10%
      Mrkcy a 27 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Giant-Iguana from Temple City


    • Trail Update"What Was On The Top Of Lynx?"-Spoke with a ranger. It was a Boy Scout project to remove one of the many wrecks from the park.
      They cut it in pieces and hauled it up the hill.



    • Trail UpdateWhat's With The Surveyors?-Rode there this morning and saw a couple of trucks at the bottom of Mathis with some guys doing some surveying. Then at the top of Lynx, I saw a guy who just rode up on a mountain bike and was setting up a tripod up there. I didn't really pay attention to what that was that was taped off up there either (I was in a hurry to get to Rockit). Lots of activity there for a Monday. Trails are getting soft and sandy in spots.
      RDC a 28 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a '03 Foes FXR


    • Trail UpdateWhat Was That At The Top Of Lynk-I rode by to quickly to get a good look. What was that taped off, gigantic, rusted out car looking thing at the top of lynks? Just curious.


    • Trail UpdateRMP Suggestions..-Ditto everything below by V-lander, except night riding, if at all, should be an option during the week. Night riding on the weekend is a less-needed option, since most can ride during the day on weekends. Just a thought.


    • Trail UpdateRMP Comments - V-Lander-style...-
      re: comments on Resource Mgmt Plan - That's an easy one, Tom! (No need to see the RMP on this one.)

      Here are V-Lander's handy, relevant, and concise suggestions for the future of A/W:
      1. Park opens at sunrise, closes at sunset (with half-hour "grace period" of no enforcement before sunrise/after sunset).
      2. Two nights a week are open for nightriding (Friday and Saturday nights).
      3. All (okay, maybe not ALL, but most) currently closed A/W trails built prior to 1990 are opened to mtb'ing (no horses; hikers okay, but they won't use 'em).

      Item 3 would include (c'mon, we know Ranger Tom knows about 'em already): Ho Chi Minh, Corridor, Bong Drop, JT's, Car Wreck, Head Banger, Smoothies, Birthday, School Yard, Racecourse, Red Rider, the one between Red Rider and Hawk (don't know the name of it), Hawk Drop, the 3 or 4 past Meadows (don't know their names), the two on the Aliso Summit side, and the two that drop into Ben Brown's. I'm pretty sure ALL of these were around at the time A/W became a park, and they ain't goin' away, so may as well open 'em. I've heard they're pretty fun trails, too!! ;~)

      (Note: I haven't listed the non-A/W ones dropping into the Canyon, ie - Direct Dial, etc., since they're outside County jurisdiction, I believe.) Go ahead and close/enforce the ones built after 1990, just so you can say we're not allowing a "proliferation" of new trails, just opening existing trails that were there when the park was created.

      If you're worried about the "environmental impact" of opening these trails, don't. In the long-run, it'll be about nil, as the "freeride" movement as we know it today will certainly eventually result in a weeding-out of the gene pool of the practitioners of said activity, so it's, in ecosystem terms, a short-term phenomenon. (Okay, this last comment is tongue-in-cheek, so don't take it too seriously.)

      Ranger Tom, DeRanger - e-me if you want to discuss, because I'm serious about the first three! Viejoland rules!!! (I've heard it has) the Best Damn Techno Riding this side of the Canadian border!!!!! (Other than that annoying "legality" thing...)

      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: 100 miles Elevation change: 20,000
      VLander a 44 year old riding a Trail-use Fantasy that should be Reality from Viejoland


    • Trail UpdateThe Park In General-Guess What?
      The park's resource management plan (RMP)is moving forward! Any and all park users will be invited to review the draft and (politely) comment on the "plan". This means an opportunity to lobby for new uses, new trails, new hours. Not making ANY promises, just saying the time for griping has come to an end! You can have have input into the future of this wonderful park. I will Post dates when the draft wil be available for review and also post when and where the communty input sessions will be held.

      So, stop and read the kiosks (aka bulletin boards) in the near future.

      Best to all!
      Ranger Tom a Cross-Country Rider riding a I'm not tellin' from Orange County


    • Trail UpdateMountain Lion Update-A recent biological survey of the coastal parks of Orange County has discovered that a Mountain Lion does wander through the Laguna Coast area for the first time since the mid 1980s.

      The study found a verified scat sample, but the secretive Lion was not spotted. While most cat sightings are of Bobcats, caution should be taken while riding in the coastal parks in the same way as you would in the Santa Ana Mountains.

      More to come...


    • Trail UpdateRight now, Stair Steps is the only way to legally go up or down from the Westridge Trail to Laguna Canyon.

      The rangers and deputy sheriffs do cite for riding on unauthorized trails and for nite riding inside the park's boundaries. They have given tickets on different days and times so it is impossible to predict when they will show up next.
      FRR a Weekend Warrior riding a GT


    • Trail UpdateFlamebait-Ignore.....this one is waaaaay too obvious.


    • Trail UpdateClimb For Telonics?-I've just started riding Telonics, but I'm not able to set up the car pool deal for trail access. Thus far I've been climbing stairstep by foot to access Telonics - is there a nearby trail or road to access Telonics that is climbable on a bike from Laguna Canyon Rd.?

      Has anyone been ticketed for night riding at Aliso-Wood? When and where do they check, and what's the fine?
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 1.25 Elevation change: 1k'?
      a Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateHot Hot Hot!-Got to TOW about 9:30 this morning and it was already quite warm. Rode down to Lynx, it seems like it has gotten a little bumpier and slightly more challenging since all of that work was done to it a few months back. Rode up Cholla, does that trail ever really change? I was having serious doubts about doing to entire ride I wanted to do because the heat was already getting to me. I made my way over to Rockit and had a blast going down that....one of my favorite trails. Went over to Dripping Cave and found that a section has been closed, it looks like a pretty technical section. Has this part of the trail been closed for some time now? I took the only other way, and went up the steep climb toward the switchbacks...they are getting pretty loose from what I remember last time. After Dripping Cave it was time for the dreaded climb up Mathis. The heat was unforgiving, I had to stop in the only shaded spot on the trail and rest for a minute, then made it the rest of the way back to West Ridge. I stopped and chatted there with a lady who blew by me on the way up Mathis, then decided to end my ride and climbed back to TOW. Conditions (besides the heat) are pretty good. The trails weren't as dusty as I thought they would be...still a great place to ride. I missed it after not having ridden it in about 3 months. Only saw about 5 other bikers out there.
      Ride distance: 10 Elevation change: 800-900ft
      RDC a 28 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a '03 Foes FXR from Westminster


    • Trail UpdateStair Step Trail-FYI, On Weekends, you can access the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park from Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park via the Stair step trail.

      Note: If you are not an advanced rider you may not wish to "ride" the stair sections of this trail. Yes it has stair like drops...hence the name. This trail is not maintained by the city, so expect the unexpected.

      If you go to Laguna Coast don't forget to sign in / out.
      Caution also as you cross Laguna Canyon Road, (sometimes a freeway, sometimes a parkinglot).

      Ride safe! (too many helicopeter rides lately)

      Ranger Tom


    • Trail UpdateStair Steps-A once "out of bounds" trail now is legal.
      Great progress on land usage problems.


    • Trail UpdateNite Ride-Went for a nite ride last night just to experiment the illumination from my HID. Wow, it worked great. It makes the park seem a lot different than during the day. The full moon is coming, any takers?
      Ride rating: Beginner
      Ride distance: 6 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=80% Dirt Road=20%
      a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Seven from RSM


    • Trail UpdateMore Logic-

      We need to be careful about generalizations.

      The lighting at the university did not occur indiscriminately without planning or discussions of the possible impact on the park. From my understanding, the lighting impact at the trail level is negligible. Just because you can look up and see the lights does not mean the ambient light actually impacts the ground level of the park. (Try reading a map in your car on a completely dark night from the illumination of a streetlight 400 yards away). You can look up and clearly see the light is there; but not enough light is emitted to read by.

      Also, there are many parts of the park interior where one cannot see the university or any homes. In some of these areas, the only evidence of use is the legal and illegal trails.

      This is a small park and wilderness area surrounded by homes and businesses which make it all the more important to preserve what’s left. This is best done by respecting the current open trails and rules as they exist. It’s still a great place to ride and hike with plenty to offer, without having to travel on any illegal trail, or use the park at night.

      Jam-R a 48 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Classic Steel from Capo


    • Trail UpdateTwisted Logic!-How does the large payment of money for land equate to whether or not an animal is bothered by the light that is shining into the park by the university? The animals are affected by the light and had nothing to do with the land use planning above them. They have no way to complain about anything so whats the point.

      You are using twisted logic!

      Just because you tresspassed riding your motorcycle on what was private land in the 1970s doesn't give you the right to tresspass riding on your mountain bike when the same land, now deeded as a wilderness park, is closed at night by law!

      Again, you are using twisted logic!

      You are correct in this: Aliso/Wood Canyons is a recovering wilderness. Native Americans used it to live in, and the Spanish, Californios, and Americans used it for farming and ranching. Many parts of Wood Canyon have always been in a near pristine state so why destroy it? Given time and our help, the abused areas will recover too.

      After the Moulton Company stopped ranching,and before it became a park, the land was tresspassed on during the 1970s and 1980s by people such as yourself.

      The property owner at that time was the Mission Viejo Company, which in order to develop other properties, deeded a major portion of the Aliso and Wood Canyons to the County as a wilderness park. They at no time permitted the tresspassing or gave permission to you or anyone else to do so. While I do not justify any actions (good or bad) by the MV Company, you ignored their property rights and tresspassed (breaking the law).

      Try using that bit of twisted logic to the CHP if they catch you a speeding and give you a ticket. "Hey, I did it before, so why are you stopping me now and giving me a citation?" Or maybe, your neghbor will tresspass pass through your yard just because he feels like it! I am sure you would not allow it!!

      The point of all of this is one thing... We need to protect the park or we lose! Whether riding at night or building our own personal trails that fragments the habitat, it doesn't help.

      Organizations such as SHARE and the Warriors Society are trying to work with the County Parks to keep our local parks open to our sport of Mountain Biking.

      Lets not use twisted Logic to debate, let's work together and keep the park as a place where we can respect the natural resources and have a place to ride!!


    • Trail UpdateAnimal Instinct-Do you think that the animals are bothered by the 30,000 watts of lights coming from the University?
      I doubt it. See because those people paid big dollars for the land they own, so it's o.k. to have lights.

      I still love riding there more than any other park, and take care of it just the same. It's also summer,
      why would you need to ride at night?

      FYI: It wasn't always a park. I rode motorcycles in there on the OPEN land in the late 70's.


    • Trail UpdateAliso Is Illegal At Night-County run parks such as Aliso/Wood Canyons are closed after sunset every day of the year. Night riding is Illegal and violators can be, and are, cited. The citation costs you money! Damage to the park costs all of us money!

      Trails also may be closed during raining weather, and for up to 3 days afterwards to protect the park from us, meaning not just bikes, but hikers and equestrians too.

      Although some riders do not agree with this, it is the law! As most animals in this very small wilderness area are nocturnal, it is meant to protect the park wich also serves as a wilderness sanctuary.

      Tearing up the park is a BAD IDEA! It causes problems for the park's limited and fragile wilderness by ripping up the official trails and causing erosion. Riding rebel trails create other additional problems as they are not well planned, usually causing even greater erosion problems. It also creates stress for native plants and animals and how they survive in a wilderness area that also serves our recreational needs.

      Some do not agree with me on this assessment, but I suspect that it only comes from the people that post statements such as "Tear it up!". They do not look at the facts, just their own emotion. If we do not care about where we ride and how we ride, then we are guilty of being anarchists, and ANARCHY is a BAD IDEA!

      I have heard arguements that say "What about the home being built around the park?" "What about the tollway?" What about...?" Some of us bought those homes!! and some of us live in a home somwhere else. So what? The issue is the park, not the urbanized areas around it.

      Aliso/Wood Canyons park was not well planned by the county and the Mission Viejo Comapany did not deed over acreage that would have resulted in a park that protected its habitat, but that doesn't mean that we should destroy it pursuing our sport. When I ride, I want to enjoy the wilderness as much as the ride itself.

      If we take care of it, we can enjoy doing things such as mountain biking in this park. Destroying the park in the search for the better thrill is a BAD IDEA. It can, as it has in other parks across the U.S., result in mountain biking being banned which is a BAD IDEA we can do somthing about! I love riding my bike in Aliso/Wood and don't want to lose it because of some fool who doesn't care about anything but an adrenaline rush.

      There are alternatives... Although Aliso/Wood is a small wilderness area, the Cleveland national Forest in the Santa Ana Mountains are nearby and the area is much larger. Try riding some of those trails. I have ridden many of them and found you can go farther and harder! The larger wilderness area of the national forest allows greater flexibility for recreation and have a minimul impact on it!

      Aliso/Wood is our backyard. We can talk to our friends who abuse it and help them understand that we can lose it. Lets take care of it and enjoy it!


    • Trail UpdateFully Loop-Is this where the infamous Fully Loop is at? I thought it was in Fullerton, but the way this thread is going, I think it has moved!

      BTW, I saw a big ass moose there the other day. Yeah, that and a couple of penguins! Yeah, that's it, and a Cape Buffalo too! In fact, I got a good shot at it. I'm going on safari!!

      EzyRider a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a big gun from tha bush


    • Trail UpdateNite Ride-Tear it up at night! Everything looks different from what you usually see during the day, so why not. They will never catch you, at least not me
      Night Rider riding a Trans am from RSM


    • Trail UpdateThe Park Closes At Night-Night riding is illegal and riders caught doing so are ticketed.
      El Jefe a 34 year old Racer riding a Ghetto Stinky and a SS Roast from Mission Viejo


    • Trail UpdateNight-Time Riding-Whats are the best trails to ride for a night time ride in Aliso Woods?


    • Trail UpdateWood CAnyon Tr.-Airlifted female.....a French vistor, 1st time in the park with her (soon to be x) boyfriend. She was riding a funky bike, part beach cruiser. Too much trail speed, not enough experience."Operator / pilot error. She suffered facial fractures. Last heard she will recover.
      jojo a 00 year old Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateAirlift-Thoughts and prayers for the woman who was airlifted out today. I hope she is okay.

      If anyone has an update on her condition, please feel free to post it. There were many people who were concerned for her condition and recovery.


    • Trail UpdateBearly Or Barely The Truth!!!-Great stories of animal sightings at Aliso Woods....

      The Mountain Lion sure sounds like a Bobcat, some of which are large, but not a body length of 9 feet (nose to tip of tail) found with a ML. The last bonifide ML in Aliso Woods was back in 1988.

      The last official sighting of a Grizzly Bear in Orange County was back in 1908 at the confluence of Holy Jim and Trabuco Canyons.The bear's skin was donated to the Smithsonian institute... There's more... But come on dudes, this is a trail information website.


    • Trail UpdateThe Bear Truth-There are NO GRIZZLY BEARS in Orange County.
      The last one seen was in 1932 on the south slope
      of Saddleback mountain. In fact, there are no bears
      of ANY kind in the county.

      What were you smoking?


    • Trail UpdateEasier Trails?-Hit the park for an afternoon ride with roosterLEGZ.
      Started at the church, rode in, hung a left at
      Dripping Cave, out to Coyote Run, was surprised
      to see they closed one section of it and made a
      new section ( someguy told us it was because the
      poison oak was taking over the other area), wasnt
      too bad, still a bit bumpy with lots of turns, one little
      downhill-uphill. The rock area on Dripping Cave is
      still rideable for all those who don't want to take the
      new "kiddie path" that dips below the section. I
      noticed that other areas of this trail and Coyote
      Run appear less technical (the short climb) now,
      which is no biggie to me, but just an observation.
      Back out to the main trail up to Cholla, which is in
      great shape, very hard packed with some wide
      areas and a couple of 'turnouts', cleaned Cholla
      then down Lynx. My first time down Lynx out of i
      dunno how many times I've ridden this park. Lynx
      was a blast, kinda short, but still, always managed
      to keep me very alert. So, we finished Lynx, back up
      to Cholla then headed up to Rockit, down Rockit
      and back out. Another observation, that short
      technical section after the rock garden appears
      less technical too now. I actually climbed and
      cleaned it for the first time yesterday, it has always
      gotten the best of me in the past.

      Didn't see much wildlife, the usual rabbits, quails,
      and for the first time i saw a scorpion, stopped to
      check it out, only to see that it was getting worked
      over by a bunch of ants.

      Great ride, not too many people out in the late
      afternoon, nice overcast conditions kept us cool.
      Ride distance: 15.5 miles Elevation change: dunno
      bDEE a Weekend Warrior riding a jamisDAKAR


    • Trail UpdateGrizz!-Mountain Lion? That ain't nothin'. Came out the back near Cholla yesterday. Saw 10' tall grizzly coming out of the creek area. Keep your eyes open, and don't ride with open powerbars on your person. These dudes can smell 'em for miles!
      Ride distance: 1000 miles Elevation change: 20k
      V-Lander riding a Superlight on the flat fireroads from Viejoland


    • Trail UpdateMountain Lion-Saw a mountain lion last week. The cat was on the service road past the trailhead entrance. Big cat, about the size of a german shepherd - maybe bigger.


    • Trail UpdateSnakes-Lots of snakes out, a couple rattlers and a few non poisonous. Keep an eye out.

      Trail conditions are starting to get a little dusty and loose again. Looks like the rainless Summer is upon us.

      To the poster just before me, Stairsteps is a legal and signed trail. Telonics is on provate property and therefore will never be a recognized legal trail. As far as I know, no other trails have been opened, however I observed (from afar of course...) some maintenance has been done on one of the occasionally used, but technically illegal trails that drops into the park.
      El Jefe


    • Trail UpdateAny "NEW" Legal Trails?-I thought I heard that Stair Steps is legal now. Is that true? What about other trails like Telonics?

      I haven't ridden Aliso for years. Please update me.
      Freestyle Dude a Downhiller


    • Trail UpdateDripping Cave, Lynx Etc.-Chill! Dripping cave is cool to ride and won't be closed off to any user group. Lynx is now a more sustainable trail which means the work that volunteers did should last a lot longer than in years past.

      Injuries are something we all want to keep to a minimum. Remember young(er) kids ride these trails also and no one wants to see them get seriously hurt.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ranger Tom a y year old Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateSanitizing All The Singletrack-WTF??? months ago Lynx was reworked and tamed. Now I see work has been done on the Dripping Cave trail, even the fun little rock jump on the switchbacks has been removed... I understand trail maintenance must be done sometimes, as in trimming intruding bushes and fixing skidiot damamge, but the type of work preformed here lately is the removal of "technical" sections of trail and removing terrain features. I hear next the rock drop technical section on Dripping cave will be closed off an alternate route around will be put in to "preserve sensitive habitat" (AKA avoid lawsuits and ruin everyones fun), then Stair Steps is to be "reworked" to provide "safe access" to the canyon... realize those of you who park in the lot and pay your 2 bucks that the money is going to sanitize your fun... damn watching this "park" crumble from it's former glory days before the "park" is quite depressing
      Only Me


    • Trail UpdateCholla,drippingcave,mathis,lynx-and rocket

      rode these trails on sunday 4-6-2003....cholla is in great shape..and getting wider (not good), down lynx upper half is fun..lower half is a spine shaker, kyotee is fun...very heavy growth can't see anyone coming,dripping cave is great on of the best short single tracks around....endo'd the rock so i did it again and made it,up mathis..its in good shape kinda rutted but some repairs have been made, west ridge is now smooth and flat after all the work..you can now fly down from the top of the world.."be careful" sandy bottoms...down rocket, this trail is in good shape..but also getting wider(not good) also a couple of heavy sand spots.....

      over all its a great place to ride, just ignore the so-called snobs who think they own the place and you'll have fun.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 13 miles Elevation change:
      a Cross-Country Rider riding a special fsr from AV, CA


    • Trail UpdateEverything’s Growing-There’s a lot of new plant growth along the trails and a lot of new blind corners.

      Ride cautiously on Meadows, Coyote and the top ST at Rock-it. Let people know your coming.

      Have fun out there!!

      Jam-R a 48 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Classic Steel from Capo


    • Trail UpdateOh The Mighty Rattle!!!!!-went for a ride yesterday 4-3-2003 half way up cholla one big rattler in the middle of the trail...he wouldn't leave so i did..turned around made my way to mathis...just past the gate on mathis another rattler shaken his tail at me...he was of to the side so i rapidly rode by....

      most trails are in good shape. Lynx is very bumby, sand starting to pile up in spots on the west ridge..especially at the bottom of each hill.

      weekends are brutal! (if i'm climbing rock-it, i shouldn't have to get off so your big butt can go down!) leave aliso for mon-fri rides...

      have fun ride safe!


    • Trail UpdateAgreed On Disrespectful Riders..-I rode on Sunday morning and while half the riders were polite, the other half acted like they owned the trails. Way too crowded there for people to be acting like that. I'm going to save this ride for Mondays when the trails are near empty. The trails are in good condition. I rode yesterday and today and didn't see any snakes, so guess I'm lucky.
      RDC a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 03' Foes FXR


    • Trail UpdateAliso And Wood Canyons-i too saw a few rattlers!!! trails in good shape...way too many crazy dis-respectful riders out on sunday morning!


    • Trail UpdateBe Careful Out There-Saw 4 rattlers this morning on Meadows, Rock-it, near the top of Lynx, and on Coyote. They’re out in numbers doing what rattlers do. Just give them safe distance and they will usually leave the trail. Enjoy the sightings.

      Trails are generally in pretty good shape. The fun ruts on West ridge have been eliminated in order to maintain access for emergency vehicles, but all in all; still a fun place to ride.

      “Thank you” to groups such as S.H.A.R.E., Warriors Society, Radless Group, local scouts, and other volunteers for putting time and effort into maintaining the park. The trails are showing a definite improvement directly attributed to these groups.

      There are a couple of areas currently closed to traffic for plant & habitat restoration. I would respectfully ask riders to heed the signs in these areas and give them time to heel from our use. We have a great responsibility in helping to maintain the health of the park, and need to be willing to put up with a little inconvenience now and then.

      Have fun riding!

      Jam-R a 48 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Classic Steel from Capo


    • Trail UpdateAhhh! Attack Of The Sand!-Oh boy. This weekend was ruff in the canyon. The ranger has laid down LOTS of sand to try and soak up the water. What are they thinking? Wood Canyon has enough sand as it is!
      Houdini a Cross-Country Rider from Laguna


    • Trail UpdateTOW,Lynx,Cholla,Rockit,Mathis-Just a heads up on Lynx. If you haven't noticed it's kinda messy. Gonna take some rain to pack down some of the loose stuff a bit. It's definitely easier,,,,,but different. Extreme changes to a trail like this can lead to some crashes -- seen a couple already. Fortunately I've been able to keep the rubber side down. One good thing, it's so much easier to climb. Before I was about 75% cleaning it with no dabbing. Now it's 100% with only slightly raised heart rate.

      Cholla, Rockit, Mathis, like butter. Great conditions.
      Ride rating: Beginner
      Ride distance: 9 Elevation change: ?
      Russ a 40 year old riding a Fisher from Laguna Beach


    • Trail UpdateTrail Main't Issues-nature at it's best, picks and shovels. The rangers know what is best for the trails. That's why we pay them with our tax dollars. How's that new bridge doing at dripping cave?

      You said Valhalla. hehe


    • Trail UpdateLynx 2 Times-I rode this newly maintained trail Wednesday 1-29-03, twice, quickly, B-4 dark. I was expecting all the stuttererrererr, (did I stutter?), bumps to be gone, but they were not! I fouund it a challange to go high insted of low where the ditch was filled with sticks. The rain bars were a new challange as well and I enjoyed this trail very much.

      I call this park home and make the best of all the changing conditions -- natural or man made.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 5 miles Elevation change: 803
      Eric a 40 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 2000 FSR S-Works from Laguna Niguel


    • Trail UpdateWTF!!!-What are the Rangers thinking with the trail "maintenance" performed on Lynx? Building water bars and filling the braking bumps without tamping/packing the dirt.....So it's just loose dirt and gravely dust sitting on the trail which only serves to make traction poor, and in a month will just make the trail a dusty mess. Nice job there...

      Rangers, thanks a million for sanitizing the trail and turning it from a fun ride with some good solid obsstacles to a smoothed out, almost sidewalk boring ride that I'll have to hit 35mph on to make it at all entertaining... Taking out the tough stuff was neither necessary nor wanted. Thanks. Even the little jump at the bottom is gone because you chose to route the trail to the left runout rather than the right. In the words of Brahma, good call by you. I'm sure you'll come up with some BS theory regarding support for some "island" habitat etc... but I believer you could have chosen to cover the left line just as easily as the right. I'm really displeased with the results.

      Before you jump all over me about how I should have been there to offer input, I was being a father to my 5 year old daughter that weekend, and not even the possibility of opening Valhalla would keep me from time with her. It's not like I'd have a say in it anyway, right?

      First day back on the bike and a sanitized Lynx is what I see? Great.... thanks again for that.
      El Jefe a 33 year old Racer riding a Kona Stinky ghetto style from RSM


    • Trail UpdateLynx Trail - No Pain No Gain-Rode Lynx trail Saturday morning before trail work begin. Attempted to concur trail four times from bottom to top with no dabs. No way got hung up on second rock garden on every attempt. Proceed to drop steps until partner performed a fine OTB over the bars at last rock garden. Yes the bike is fine, and of course so is the rider. Proceeded to Laguna Woods to art institute and finally dropped weeeeeeerock in to Laguna for coffee.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 12 Elevation change: 1000'
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=25% Paved Path=25%
      Devine a 41 year old riding a Joshua - F3 from Aliso Viejo, CA


    • Trail UpdateLynx-The maintanence is not meant to make a trial better Russ, it's to make it more resistant to wear and errosion. These water bars ought to do that. From the top water bars 1,2,3,4 are new look at 5 its been there a while and does it's job. Some brakeing holes were left in places that give you warning to danger. Sharp turn ,drop or rocks. Other bumbs were smoothed. ie.. the long stair case about half way. This makes sense since anyone who has riden it knows you can roll this. Only one exit now the right hand split is gone. And a fence was erected. Some A$$ went and broke it already. I don't like it either but it is safer.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Softcoconut a Die-hard Enthusiast from Timithy Leary Park


    • Trail UpdateLynx-SHARE cleaned up lynx on sunday, 1-26-03. Warning: Before you 'bomb' this trail, take it easy since this trail is soft due to the trail work and it is altered.

      This trail has been in bad shape for some time now. As of now, after the maint., it just needs a smoothe rain to clean it up.

      Water diverters were made, washboard area smoothed out, made it less wide, etc.

      Much thought was put into the clean up. Wildlife, habitat, and safety were all considerations.

      Hopefully, it all works out in the end.

      p.s. Dont bomb it, yet..........
      Lagwagon a 28 year old riding a Enduro Pro from Aliso Viejo


    • Trail UpdateRockit,cholla,lynx,coyote,mathis-Rode during Superbowl. Pretty good as very few riders were out on this 78 degree Sunday afternoon. I saw a total of about six or seven people. Most were walkers. Trails were in pretty good shape with the exception of Lynx. Apparently trail maintenance occurred and now it's, better? Rockit's in good shape as the rocks are still rocky.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 9 miles Elevation change: ?
      Russ a 40 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a fisher from Laguna Beach


    • Trail UpdateLynx , Meadows , Mathis-Heavy traffic on the weekends one should be careful on winding down hills. There were people rideing up and down Lynx , Mathis and Meadows. Also a group of 40-50 Liesure World Hiking Club members out there. Lynx was very bumpy with braking stutter. This was the dusty softer but mostly it was hard pack and clean rocks. It will be closed tommorow for matianence and to add a few water bars.Nothing to say about Mathis good as ever only soft in the flats and mildly rutty in the steeps. And Meadows is hardpack and chattered at the corners. All in all probally 100 riders of all levels before noon. Hence no wild life except a hawk overhead.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: miles 15 Elevation change: Yes
      Singletrack=60% Dirt Road=35% Paved Path=5%
      Softcoconut a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a a really nice one from Timithy Leary Park


    • Trail UpdateCanyon Acres, Lynx, Cholla, TOW-Today was a day for pain. Riding up Canyon Acres is synonymous with pain. After riding six miles from S.Laguna, I decided to try and clean it. Conditions were perfect as I had traction the whole way up and kept my breakfast and lunch intact. With the hard part over, rather than race home I had to enjoy a couple of trails. Lynx was first. Always fun, just technical enough to keep me on my toes. Up Cholla and back to Top of the World and out of park. The funnest part was doin' 40+ down Park Avenue and passing cars enroute back to SoLag.

      Overall, it's the best time of year to ride and if you can dodge the new ruts in the trails and keep the rubber side down Aliso Woods should foster a pretty high grin factor.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 20 miles Elevation change: ?
      Russ a 40 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Fisher from Laguna Beach


    • Trail UpdateMeadows,Mathis,Rockit,Meadows-I'd never rode Meadows before so I figured today I'd try and find it. Rode across Alta Laguna and saw a guy walkin' his bike down a fairly steep section of dirt right off the road. Figured this was it so I rode past him on the right side and then up that quick little steep section before hitting the paved road that leads to the "real" Meadows trail. It was a fun downhill with lots of switchbacks. Because of the recent rain, it was in great condition. After riding down Meadows, I rode over to Mathis and climbed it and decided to go down Rock-it. Very fun. Cleaned it with no dabs. Rode back to Meadows (anything worth going down is worth going up) and climbed back out to Alta Laguna. Fairly easy climb, but I took my time and didn't try to kill myself. Did it in a little over 15 minutes. Mathis was a little quicker, a smidge over 12. Good hour work out. I'll probably work this loop into my regular ride.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 13 Elevation change: unk
      Russ a 40 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Gary Fisher from Laguna Beach


    • Trail Update3 Parks.....-I didn't do the Viejo's route but managed to touch
      on all 3 parks.

      From 92656 Canyon Vistas, I headed up
      Westridge to TOW. Down Canyon Acres to the
      133. Up PCH to Crystal Cove. Stop for a gel pack
      and a stretch, then it's on to the bottome trail.
      Pass lots of hikers, all friendly. Right turn up "I
      think I can." Passed a few guys and a girl, pushing
      the middle ring. Left turn up the ridge to continue
      the grind. I tried to stay close to a guy riding a Trek,
      but couldn't hold the pace. I was feeling it on the
      last few hills to the top!

      Took in the view and chatted with another rider,
      then headed down into Laguna Wilderness. Just
      cruised it down Bomber Ridge to the lot. The rest
      of the ride was all road, but it's a good grind!

      Ride distance: 20+miles? Elevation change: a few
      Ladydirt a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Lead Sled


    • Trail Update3 Parks In One Ride, Attempt...-Death. Pure death. I tried to "ride the ride". You guys are focking INSANE. I couldnt remember which route, exactly that you guys took, So I improvised. And died.
      Rode from my 92656 casa (2 miles), canyon vistas side. I went up Cholla. Then Stair steps. Felt good, crossed the 133, signed in, up willow. Felt good.

      Willow to bomber to old emerald. This is a nice st, fast. Up Emerald canyon, and at first, you hit a tiny steep section, and I felt the burn and thought "Oh no, I have a lot more to go, have to hang if I want to be claiming viejo as my domain!" Up emerald canyon. Had to break, take in the view. (ya.) (oh, rode san juan on sat, the day before at 20 miles)

      Over to missing link in El Morro (Crystal Cove St. Park). Down Elevator, which is a steep, steep, fire road, up slow n easy, to fenceline.

      Redtail ridge, to rattlesnake. Rattlesnake is always fun. Turned right, down that fast, fast, fast fireroad, to a gully then you feel your stomach just past your throat as the gully turns to the left then UP and turns again, all going fast.

      Ticketron, deer canyon, fence line, missing link. Out to laguna coast, bomber ridge. Then, I pass this guy and this chick. Well, I was about at mile 20, and I was in NO state to race or care. This guy did not like me passing them, so he tries to pace me, leaving the chick back. I turn out at Big bend, throw my beloved bike down, and DIE!!!

      The guy passes me, feeling good. I just die. Then his chick passes me, I dont care. I blew up. I had some GU. (Tri berry *-* ), water, and put on a jacket. I laid down in the dirt, and stare up in the sky (no rain). I still had to go over to laguna ridge, then Have a coffee, LOL, and then canyon acres....

      I decided to go home. I quit. I was done. I started to go down big bend, and then there was climb right away. I was all, "Fock!" The climb wasnt bad, I said, "Dude, dont whine, just dont whine," I went up the climb at big bend, then just SCREAMED down the fire road, catching air on all these sand bags laid across the road, and just let it rip.

      Started to find canyon acres fire road, COULDNT FIND IT. I went down canyon acres road, but couldnt find the fireroad.

      Said to myself, "Self, your fried" Rode to stair steps, CRAWLED up it. Down Lynx, very sloppy, but had the energy to catch decent air on that lip and huck the last boulder. Climbed out of the park.

      Almost had a heart attack going up canyon vista. Large chain ring home.

      Driveway, laid down. Nieghbors wanted to talk to me, but I couldnt speak. I was all, "um, blah, ramble, hills, dirt, la la la, ride, fun, ouch."

      Later, sitting on the couch, pulled my leg to go fetal position, and my hamstring started pull, had to straighten it out, and fast, and OOOO Fock.

      I let the 949 down. I will bow down, you guys rule.
      Ride distance, 25 miles.

      Lagwagon a 28 year old riding a Enduro Pro from Aliso Viejo


    • Trail UpdateRe: Trail Rehab.-Do use all a favor and leave the shovels at home.
      Trail work has made Cholla a triple track. I guess Lynx is too hard for some people, so we have to make it conform to our needs. Leave the trails alone.


    • Trail UpdateTo Jeff - Regarding Post Below-Lynx is open but has been thrashed a bit here and there. SHARE is doing some trail maintenance on Lynx, Jan.26th 2003. Come on out...
      Boboso a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Intense Tracer or Schwinn SS or Chuck CR-FS from Alsio Viejo


    • Trail Update3 Parks In 1 Ride!-If you can pick out the directions embedded within the goofy stuff, here's a guide to a ride that covers Aliso, Laguna Wilderness, and El Morro in one ride! You could start from any one of the three parks, but this ride describes it starting from A/W.

      Ridin' with the Viejos

      You can do this one only on the weekend, since Laguna Wilderness isn't open mid-week without special permission.

      Have fun!

      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 30-ish miles Elevation change: 3k?
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=40% Paved Path=10%
      MTB Addict a viejo year old from Viejo-land


    • Trail UpdateThe Conditions-The conditions are some what improving in Wood Canyon. The rain has washed away most of the sand. When i was out riding this weekend i noticed that the surface was "tacky" good for climbing. A note on park abuse, it seems like the city is abusing the park more than the riders. If you have been in Wood Canyon latly you will notice they have cut up trails to drain water, dug "holding areas" for excess water and have been triming bushs. Also when i was in the park on my way to climb mathis i was almost taken out by the ranger's truck, he was going way to fast inside the park. Watch out for him. On this board there was a comment, comment number 47 that was a reply to something i wrote. Who ever that was he was so tough that he forgot to leave a name! Well anyways i don't freeride buddy! I ride a Trek 8500. Does anyone have any news on Lynx? I have heard rumors that it might be closed because "it is becoming to ruff" -Park Ranger. I asked the park ranger to back that rumor up a while ago and thats what he told me. If anyone have new info let me know. Oh, one more thing, during the week i went riding about 3 o'clock. I rode up lynx and down cholla because i didn't have much day-light for a longer ride. Away ways i was going down cholla with some pretty good speed, up ahead i could see to hikers making there way up the trail when i caught up to them this guy and his wife blocked the trail and would not let me pass. He told me that i was going to fast and gave me a flyer about laws and stuff. I rejected the flyer. He was very rude. Is it legal to block someone on purpose? Anyways Wood Canyon is an awesome place to ride! Thanks
      Jeff a 16 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek 8500 from Laguna Niguel, CA


    • Trail UpdateTour Of Aliso Woods-I know this event was a week ago, but I could not get to the keyboard until now.

      I just wanted to say thank you to the Warrior's Society and all the other sponsers for this fun event! It was the first Warrior's event I've had the pleasure of participating in and I want to do it again next year when SHARE will sponser the event.

      My cycling skills were on target that day, but I can not say the same for my dart throwing, horseshoe toss, and helmet toss skills. Next time I will come back with a vengeance! I have already asked Santa for a dart and horseshoe set for Christmas and I've set up my old tires and helmet in the yard for practice.

      See you next year with a prize in my hands!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 15.5 miles Elevation change: 1880
      Singletrack=80% Dirt Road=20%
      Eric a 40 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Black FSR on four inch steroids from Laguna Niguel


    • Trail UpdateTOW/Rockit/ChollaX2/Rockit/Mathi-Alotta food requires alot of riding. However, a broken chain at the bottom of Mathis created alot of walking - for my wife. It gave me the opportunity to ride as slow as humanly possible up Mathis so she wouldn't be alone. Good balance training. Also, staying clipped in and making U-turns up and down Mathis is loads of fun. All of the trails were in good shaple this morning but very few people seemed out enjoying them. I suppose it's a good day to sleep in and let all that turkey digest. Despite the broken chain, it was still a good ride/walk.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 11 miles Elevation change:
      Russ a 40 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Sugar 2+ from Laguna Beach


    • Trail UpdateTOW/Lynx/Cholla/Lynx/Mathis-Unbelievable what a little rain does. Cholla is like a completely different trail without all the loose dirt. Mega traction. Ditto with Mathis. It almost appears paved in some places. Conditions are great for climbing, but descending isn't nearly as challenging. Lynx is just a series of stair steps that aren't all that fun. I've been doing Rattlesnake the last couple of weeks at El Morro and it's a much more fun downhill. All in all though, TOW/Aliso Woods is still a great place to put in a quick 6 to 10 miles.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 8 miles Elevation change: ?
      Russ a 39 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Sugar 2+ from Laguna Beach


    • Trail UpdateHey Lemond-Oh helmetless one, this forum is for trail updates, lets keep it that way! Besides, aren't you all fat & out of shape? Watch it, Mrs Dirt just might pass you on the trail while laughing at your out of shape, pitifull a$$ : )
      Inkpad a 39 year old Racer riding a Turner DHR / Turner RFX from Aliso Viejo


    • Trail UpdateNICE!-Rode here on 11/13. One word : Nice. Entered on the park side. Up cholla. Westridge. TOW. Down Meadows. Up Dripping Cave. Up Mathis. Down Rockit. Coyote. Wood Canyon. Home.

      Cholla has become sandy over the last 6 months. The rain washed most of it away, it is now tacky (slow), with some sand still, but over all better.

      On monday a rode lynx, that trail is thrashed. thats all I want to say about that.

      Westridge is faster, no sand.

      Meadows saw the best improvement! I have been going up meadows only since June. It was just to slow and damaged from no rain. NOW, MEADOWS IS BACK. Had a great time on Meadows.

      Dripping cave, thrashed. Those ruts and sand on the side towards the clearing before mathis, coming down that last switchback section, well, The ruts are bigger, muddy, a challenge, it was more enjoyable, but the trail is thrashed.

      Mathis is faster, better, tacky.

      Rockit has a lake before the single track starts. The rock garden is clean. LOL No dirt or sand, the rocks seem bigger (Maybe a mental thing), I forgot to pay attention to the chicken run on the side of the rock garden.

      Coyote is really tacky, and Wood Canyon is slow.

      Thats my report.

      Overall, I love what the rain did to this park. Go see for yourselves.
      Ride distance: 15.5 miles Elevation change:
      Lagwagon a 28 year old riding a 2002 Specialized Enduro Pro from Aliso Viejo


    • Trail UpdateHelmets Shmelmets!-I only use one for aerodynamics babycakes!

      Greg Lemond


    • Trail UpdateWhat A Change!-Aliso has really changed from the rain storm. I
      rode in to check it out with the three day rule in
      mind. If it was muddy, I would turn around. I
      entered from the Ranger Station end and was
      surprised by the condition of Wood Canyon. There
      has been some heavy equiptment in and out to
      work on the river. It seems some of the dirt has
      come to the surface, evening out the sand. There
      are two nice smooth lines that trail users can
      follow and the rest of the f/r is thick mud. Lots on
      tracks, shoes and tires.

      I headed up Mathis which was a challenge, since
      I've been off the bike for two months. UHG! Start
      from square one again. Everything is nice and
      tacky! The ruts add a new challenge, it's way more
      interesting! Once at the top of West Ridge, I met a
      few newby young guys, with no helmets, trying to
      get back to El Toro Road. I guided them over to
      Stairsteps and warned them it was a rough one.
      We parted and even though I sounded like a grade
      school teacher, I told them to be sure and get
      some helmets. Very nice ride. Hopefully, the
      grass will fill in the edges and narrow some of the
      trails again.
      Ladydirt a Die-hard Enthusiast from Aliso Viejo


    • Trail UpdateRain For Lagwagon And Russ-Was gonna ride, but then came the rain!! We need the rain, so I can't complain.

      Funny how , now, the the forest will open, and the park will close. Hopefully this will cure all of our dry weather woes.
      Ride distance: BIG 0 miles Elevation change: Big O
      Eric a 40 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Black FSR from Laguna Niguel


    • Trail UpdateTOW-rockit-cholla-lynx-mathis-Determined to get a ride in before the rain hits, I took off from Top of the World to Rockit. Rode down to Coyote and made a left to Cholla. Up Cholla and over to Lynx. Down Lynx and back to Coyote. Across Coyote to Mathis and up, up, up. Back to TOW. I was shootin' for under an hour, but made it in 1:00:24. Maybe next time. Gotta pick up some speed climbin' Mathis. The trail is very dusty. Even on the West Ridge there are a couple of patches of thick stuff that'll throw ya if your not careful. The trails were pretty empty. I've noticed they have been since the weather got cooler. Can't say that I miss the crowds, but sometimes it good to see other people enjoying themselves too. Hopefully the rain tonight (if it really hits) will tighten up the trails a little.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 9 miles Elevation change: ?
      Russ a 39 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Fisher Sugar 2 from Laguna Beach


    • Trail UpdateRain-Rain. Oh my word, we need rain.
      Lagwagon a 28 year old riding a 2002 Specialized Enduro Pro from Aliso Viejo


    • Trail UpdateTOW/lynx/cholla/rockit/mathis-Rode from Top of the World down to Lynx. Lynx is sure getting some thick sandy sections but it's still fun. From bottom I rode up Cholla. Kept it in granny but still made good time, just under five minutes. Up to Rockit and down. Rockit sure ain't what it used to be. With the side all opened up I gotta make a concentrated effort to stay in the rock garden and not cheat. After checkin' my kidneys for displacement at the bottom I headed down Coyote. Always fun on Coyote. For the first time in a long time I spun out on the last little climb at the end of Coyote. Had to turn around and try a second time. And a third time, before I got it. A little rain would be nice. From there it was a nice leisurely ride up Mathis and back to TOW. I was pretty warmed up by the time I hit Mathis and decided to spin in granny all the way up. I wasn't goin' for no record but bagged it in thirteen minutes and change. I've heard some people can do it in under ten. I'd be happy to get under twelve. All in all, a fun 8.5 miles in just under an hour. And to think, I coulda taken a spin class.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 8.5 miles Elevation change: 800'
      Russ a 39 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Fisher Sugar 2+ from Laguna Beach


    • Trail UpdateMathis/Rock-it/Cholla/Linx-Back at Aliso after a few months. This loop always makes for a good afterwork ride. A couple of good climbs and some fun descents. Adding to my fun was the fact that it started raining at the top of Mathis.
      The rain helped to add a bit of tackiness to the loose and sandy trails. I was a bit dissapointed to see the damage that has been done in some of the trails. Cholla used to be a nice narrow trail. Now is almost as wide as the toll road. Also, some sections of the Coyote trail have been widen. Rock-it also has seen damage from riders who avoid the rocky section and ride around them. Anyway,despite this, a fun ride after all. Let's all hope for some more rain soon.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 14 miles Elevation change: not much
      Pilas a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Cannondale Hardtail/ Schwinn Rocket from Irvine


    • Trail UpdateMathis/Rock-it/Mathis/Meadows-Started at Church lot. Into the canyon and up Mathis, up to Top of the World. Down to Lynx, back up via Cholla, down Rock-it, left and back up via Cholla again, back down Rock-it (quicker this time?), follow Coyote trail back up Mathis, over Top o World to the Meadows trail.
      The trails were in fair shape, Meadows was a blast to fly down, but now I remeber why I try not to visit here on weekends - loads of trail users around every corner it seemed - Watch your speed - and be polite PLEASE. - although was a good ride, I can't wait for a rain so the forests will open again for riding. Not a bad alternative though.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 24 Elevation change: about 2hrs?
      Singletrack=60% Dirt Road=30% Paved Path=10%
      Mtnbikerman a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant XTC NRS from Long Beach


    • Trail UpdateYear Round Stream-The dozers and excavators at Aliso Wood are there under the authority of the County of Orange at the behest of the Army Corps of Engineers. Several years ago, the Corps of Engineers determined that Aliso Creek is a "year round stream" and is subsequently under their authority and mandate. They have directed the County to take steps regarding the channeling and reinforcement of the banks, erosion prevention, etc.

      That's the scoop (so to speak).
      Chris a 28 year old riding a DiSS from Aliso Viejo


    • Trail UpdateSaturday Afternoon Ride-Weather was nice and cool, and a slight hint of drizzle up in Top of the World. And yes, definitely a much need drizzle to settle the soft sandy sections, but not enough. Heard some dude got hurt up in Mathis.

      Anyhow, mind someone cluing me in on all that bulldozin, earth movin, activities at the south end of Coyote and a few other areas? For a while, I'm not sure where I was. Is it fire prevention? A luxury toilet? Anybody? Tom?

      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: 17 miles Elevation change:
      remora a 34 year old riding a GF Sugar 2 from Laguna Niguel


    • Trail UpdateWhoever is responsible for this website I thank you for the information and the chance to offer some insights into our local trails. I have riden many trails in the area and was intereseted in some reviews. Man I did not know that the Aliso post was the sounding board for political and disgruntled mountain bikers. Sounds like too many people and not enough trails.
      a Die-hard Enthusiast from Orange County


    • Trail UpdateSat. Morning RIde At AV-Really trying to limit my weekend riding in the park as the some areas are taking a real beating and traffic is heavy in the park all weekend long... However I broke my own rule to get an early AM ride in this morning(Sat.). It's tough as I live 2 blocks from the Canyon Vista entrance.

      Anyways, Coyote was fun as always but is getting a bit wide in spots from bike/hike running off trail but still a good run towards Mathis. Mathis now is purley uphill for me now as the track has become mainly a fast run that is too quick and not to challenging. At the top of Mathis headed to Top of the World for an early view of Laguna and area. Back down to Lynx. This trail is in trouble as we have had no significant rain in a while and the brake track have really caused some major rutting and pitting. The trial is also widning in areas as folks are moving off to the right and left (same as Rock-It) and avoiding the original track center. Back out to Cholla and up and out. Good ride but I thinks I will schedule more time at other So.Ca. trails and give AV a break. Ride safe, boboso...
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 15 Elevation change:
      boboso a 44 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Intense Tracer, Chuck CR-FS, Schwinn Moab Disc SS from Aliso Viejo


    • Trail UpdateSHARE THESE TRAILS-I ride Aliso a few times a week, and I have noticed many people who ride the firebreaks in groups, often 3 riders wide, and don't get out of the way for opposing traffic. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to ride and not feel like you are on The 405 during rush hour. Please use common sense and assume a trail formation so others don't have to stop to let the selfish ride by.


    • Trail UpdateLynx And Steps-Rode yesterday at 5:30 p.m.. It was 86 degrees and humid by 6:30 the low clouds rolled up an over the ridge from Laguna Canyon wisping in front of us as we watched the temperature drop by 20 degrees -- a welcome relife from the heat-- by the end of the ride. Lynx is dry and dusty, but still a lot of fun if you don't follow to close, and Steps was great.

      I almost lost my motivation due to the heat and was once again reminded that I have to get out there and ride, because 90% of the time it turns out better than I think it will sitting at home looking for excuses. And when it stays hot?? I just ride slow and drink more water.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 10 miles Elevation change: 1500
      Eric a 40 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Black FSR from Laguna Niguel


    • Trail UpdateAliso Summit Trail-Public Access to Aliso Summit trail ... from the bottom see Thomas Bros. Map page # 951, E - 3 limited parking on Ridgeview Drive off highlands. Top of trail access see TBMap # 951, E - 6 Parking allowed on Pacific Island Drive.

      Good trail. 2.2 miles long. Watch out for hikers, kids and dogs. Shear drop offs if you go off the trail so watch it.

      Ranger Tom
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 2.2 miles Elevation change: 250'
      Dirt Road=100%
      Ranger Tom


    • Trail UpdateAliso Summit Trail??-On the folding County trail map there is a trail around the Southeast rim of the park identified as the Aliso Summit Trail. I looked for the access to the trail starting from the park entry and also from up in the housing areas on the hill based on some vague directions from the rangers. I kept running into housing that blocked access to the rim of the park and I'm guessing the trail. I haven't seen any mention of this trail in these notes. Is is worth looking for? How do I locate the trail access (I'm usually heading down from the park entry area)? Thanks!
      Gary a 51 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized Hard Rock A1FS from Laguna Hills


    • Trail UpdateSacrilege At Cholla-After a great ride up Meadows and over to Top o' The World we were heading out and decided to go down Cholla. Hey, what a novel thought! After the last three years of riding uphill and enduring the downhillers I finally gave in and committed the "crime" of riding down. It was a fun way to end the day.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 9-10miles Elevation change: couple hundred
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      Jim a 49 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized 2001 Enduro from Huntington Beach/Surf City


    • Trail UpdateLynx Session-Rode the Lynx down Cholla up loop five time yesterday.
      Lots of fun in the choppy section of Lynx. Tom joined me for forth and fifth loop and Jesse came on the fifth. Unfortunatly Jesse hit the tree just before the deep groove on Lynx and wadded hard! He tacoed his F-rim as he rag dolled across the trail (as reported by an unknown witness) He was fine, just a little banged up. We jumped up and down on the rim until it could roll through the forks and went home. What a great ride (except for Jesse)
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 9miles Elevation change: 1800
      Eric a 40 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Black Specialized FSR from Laguna Niguel


    • Trail UpdateTrail Maintenance-I have been contacted by many riders on the same issues, and we will be shortly putting together a maintenance session or sessions for weekend mornings. We are a little limited as to what we can accomplish due to the lack of rain this year, but we can at least make a start and try to reduce further damage.

      Interested riders feel free to e-mail me for further details.

      In the mean time he’s correct. Try not to skid, stay within the trails limits, and monitor your speed accordingly


      Jam-R a 48 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Classic Steel from Capo


    • Trail UpdateKEEP SINGLETRACK SINGLE!!-That is right. Rode Aliso today and was very
      disgusted in what I saw. The singletrack here
      continues to widen. Many times where there is an
      obstacle, Those who are not able, have cut the trail
      around it. DON'T ruin the trail. If you don't have the
      skill to ride the trail, then walk it until you do. And if
      you think you are so skilled that you are TOO FAST
      to stay on the trail, THINK AGAIN. You are unskilled
      because you can not ride the trail. Again, Just keep
      singletrack single. It is too precious to waste.
      Ride rating: Novice
      MBM a 44 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Schwinn Homegrown XT from Westminster


    • Trail UpdateRe: Who Was That?-Sounds like you ran head on into the RADS challange. They do it once a year. It's a very cool event. They've been doing it for years.
      SGTbrown a 29 year old Racer riding a Turner DHR, a Turner RFX, and a Hardtail DS from Portola Hills


    • Trail UpdateWho Was That On Stair Steps-Great afternoon at Aliso! Rode Five Oaks down fast, Lynx down fast with a wheelie drop on the last rock, then we attempted to ride down Stair Steps when about thirty of these RAD looking dudes and dudettes came marching up the steps fast. It was wonderful sight to see so many people having fun going up the steps. Needless to say going down was like a fish swimming up stream so we doubled back and rode down Lynx again because it's fun when you let go and go fast!
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 7 miles Elevation change: 1500
      Trever Wilcox a 40 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Black Specialized


    • Trail UpdateLynx, Steps, & Rock-it Ride-Rode three of my favorite downs with Tom on his new KONA yesterday. Accessing all by way of Cholla up --my favorite (easiest) up-- other than marching back up steps from the baby heads. All were dry and dusty, but that's ok with big, slow, sticy knobs. Lynx is chunky from riding traffic, but that lends to the technical value. Right? Anyway I always tolerate the changing sesonal conditions and I am not troubled by increased usage, in fact I'm glad oters are discovering this park and more importantly this sport. I've been here (at Aliso and Wood) riding since 1990 and I love the park and the sport now more than ever. RIDE ON!!!
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 7 miles Elevation change: 1300
      Eric a 40 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 2000 FSR S Works on 4 from Laguna Niguel


    • Trail UpdateTrail Is Lookin' Good-Started at Top of the World yesterday and dropped down into Aliso on Mathis. Rode the "uphill" route on Coyote and then up Cholla and back to TOW. Trail is in excellent condition. Sandy in some spots but that just means you gotta keep your speed up in the uphill sketchy sections. Question. Does anybody ride up Lynx? Goin down it is a blast but it looks as though going up it would require gettin off the bike quite a bit.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 5 miles? Elevation change: 1000
      Ross a 39 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Gary Fisher from Laguna Beach


    • Trail Update5 Oaks-Oaks is currently an out and back trail starting from Wood Canyon trail (near the emergency phone box).

      The trail terminates a short distance past the V-ditch at near the water tank.

      There's no legal entrance anywhere from the neighborhood at the top.

      It's definitely a fun out and back though.

      Jam-R a 48 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Classic Steel from Capo


    • Trail UpdateFive Oaks Fun-Rode Five Oaks Friday night and enjoyed the bite sized technicals linked by single track. Had to watch out for the posion oak at the "used to be water" crossing and road out to Wood Canyon. I do not know the most appropriate way to access this trail from the top. That is, is it a loop, or only an up and back? Can somebody give me the scoop please
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 2 Short loops Elevation change: 700 x2
      Eric a 40 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Black 2000 FSR S Works built up to 4


    • Trail UpdateGreat Ride, Great Weather-hit aliso/woods up this morning with roosterLEGZ & his
      son. started at the trail head went up dripping cave,
      then up mathis, then to the top of the world, boogied
      over to meadows, down meadows, back to the main trail,
      up cholla, down rockit....the weather couldn't have
      been any better in my opinion...the heavy marine layer
      kept us nice -n- cool and the mist was enough to keep
      us from overheating....the dirt was great, had a nice
      litte coating of mist on it to keep the dust from
      rising. great ride.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 19.5 miles Elevation change: i didnt count
      BretDEE a 27 year old Weekend Warrior riding a HARO from Long Beach


    • Trail UpdateLance-Question: Say it rains for a good two days. Will the rangers close the park? Should you wait a few days after the rain before you return to the trails? What happens if you ride the trails right after it rains? I imagine the dust and looseness will wash away. The trails are sandy, loose, and have changed consdirably in two months time. Is it just not right to ride the trails during the rain and/or right after and why?
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 12 miles Elevation change: 1000
      Lance a 27 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Enduro FSR Pro 02 from Aliso


    • Trail UpdateAliso Highway-I took a little spin in Aliso after work yesterday and was pretty disappointed at the conditions. Cholla I expected to be wide with a million different lines cut. Many of what used to be tight turns, now look like soft curves with a large turnout area. Rockit is always fast and fun, but the bottom half starting with the rock garden has been widened both through people riding the edge of the trail rather than facing the rock garden, and bushes being trimmed back way too far. This thing looks like a highway rather than single track and is as wide as Mathis in many sections now. Climbing back up Rockit I noticed that the trail has a lot more dust and loose dirt than I've ever seen. Man we need rain. Lynx still seems to be in pretty good shape and has seen the least deterioration of the three trails I rode. A few dusty sections, but for the most part it looks great.
      El Jefe a 33 year old Racer riding a Kona Stinky and Airborne Lucky Strike from Mission Viejo


    • Trail UpdateSheep Hills Part. 2-Ok,

      Didnt know that... I do know the area in Huntington Beach called "Sheep Hills" has been there for the past 15+ years and is the only Sheep Hills im aware of...

      Brian F a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GT LTS-1 from Anaheim, CA


    • Trail UpdateBefore it was Aliso/Wood, it was called the Sheep Hills (actually the whole surrounding area was, including nearly all of what is now the city of Aliso Viejo.) In fact, Laguna Hills Drive used to be called Sheep Hills Drive. I'd start there. Good luck.


    • Trail UpdateSheep Hills-Sheep Hills is a "Secret" BMX jumping area... I'm sure if your into it, you could take your mountain bike there and jump around... Aliso Woods is a TOTALLY different place, city, etc than Sheep Hills. Aliso is a fun place to ride for all skill levels.
      Brian F a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GT LTS-1 from Anaheim, CA


    • Trail UpdateNeed To Know?-I am new in the area and have heard of trails in Sheep Hills. Is that the same park as Aliso Woods or a different place?
      New Guy a 25 year old Die-hard Enthusiast from Laguna Niguel


    • Trail UpdateFYI.............-The jump that was recently built in a certain dirt
      area, was not built by mountain bikers.

      We had nothing to do with it. It was not for the pure
      selfish needs of spoiled big kids on $4000 bikes.

      It was made by a few young kids working together,
      having fun, with a small tool and spray bottle full of

      Just wanted to set the record straight!

      : )
      Some Lady riding a mountain bike from Aliso Viejo, CA


    • Trail UpdateTrail Info And Stories Only-If you have had a recent update deleted, do not take it personally. We simply do not have room on the trail boards for personal messages, flaming, or even civil arguements. That's what the message boards and email are for. Thanks for understanding.


    • Trail UpdateFriendly Reminders-Not trying to stir the pot, but I have been seeing more aggressive trail use on the illegal trails and designated “Hiking Only” trails at Aliso-woods, and just wanted to remind users of some of the rules as they currently stand.

      Unsigned trails: Trails that do not exhibit the familiar County Trail Signs are not legal to enter. The legal trails are identified on the Aliso-Woods County Trail Map and are identified in the park by appropriate trail signs.

      Even if a trail appears to be established, well-used, maintained and “Fun” to ride; if it does not bear a legal trail sign and appears on the park map; please do not enter.

      Other more obvious clues such as wire fences, wood fences, “closed area” signs, “closed trail” signs, “do not enter” signs, flagging tape, and natural obstacles (logs, branches, rocks, etc…) placed across a trail section should all be heeded.

      If you have to go over, under or around any of these items, you have clearly entered an illegal trail as any responsible adult should know.

      Vandalizing the signs, cutting the fences and moving the natural obstacles do not legalize these trails. These types of actions serve no useful purpose except to perpetuate a less than favorable image of bikers.

      Also, when you are discovered on an illegal trail, or a “Hiking Only” trail; hiding in the bushes or fleeing like a frightened fifth grader also serves no useful purpose. Simply the act of being seen on an illegal trail by the authorities creates damage because it gives a clear indication that too many bikers still disregard rules that are simply not to their liking. If you’re seen, you’ve been caught….it’s that simple. Even if you’re not seen, the evidence you leave behind has the same effect.

      While these riders may not represent the majority, they are still a large enough group to create a negative impact on our sport. The constant evidence of bike use on illegal trails, vandalism and confiscated hidden stashes of trail tools at illegal trail sites hurts us all, and are the type of actions that get trails and areas closed all over the U.S.

      Please help out and preserve our rides. Ride responsible and ride legal.



      Jam-R a 47 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Classic Steel from Capo


    • Trail UpdateDogs-I belive dogs are alowed on the upper trail. But on a leash. the upper ridge road is city of Laguna property,
      so all leash laws are in affect.
      other than that, shut up and write about the possitives of the ride, not what other people are doing
      to YOUR trail.


    • Trail UpdateA Little Help Needed-I was out there during the morning rush and spoke with several dog owners on Westridge. Doesn’t sound like the individual you encountered. Since many users follow a routine, could you be more specific on your encounter. What trail, approximate time, which direction, description of the owner and the dog. This might help if this person follows a routine walk.

      Thanks for the help

      Jam-R a 47 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Classic Steel from Capo


    • Trail UpdateWho Let The Dogs Out?-Got out early this morning. Wood Canyon to Coyote Run and back out. Climbed Meadows then came back down. 10-12 miles round trip from my apartment. A few riders and a few hikers. Cloudy but pleasant. Trails in good shape but getting dusty. I am writing today because on my way out I encountered some jack*&% who not only had a dog but it was off it's leash! The damn dog was chasing rabbits and criss-crossing in front of hikers and bikers while disturbing the wildlife! And to top it off it's owner was doing nothing about it. I could not believe my eyes. Just to make sure I was not crazy, when I got to the parking lot I checked to be sure that there was a sign saying no dogs. Sure enough there it was. I went to look for a Ranger to inform him or her but none to be found. Ranger Tom we needed you! Hopefully they did catch the guy and fine him. If not please be sure to do so next time. As a concerned citizen I will gladly stop and explain the rules if I encounter that scenario again. I have a dog and would love to bring him back there. I go to the Dog Park or Huntington Beach where they are allowed. Watch out for the coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions and rattlesnakes!! See you on the trails.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 12 miles Elevation change: 700 ft
      Singletrack=40% Dirt Road=30% Paved Path=30%
      Concerned Citizen a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Hardtail from Laguna Niguel, CA


    • Trail UpdateRespect For This Canyon-I have been riding this canyon for over ten years and still enjoy all the trails. As my skills have improved over the last few years; I have learned how to "Freeride" the more technical (STEEP)trails in and around the park. I enjoy the steep trails very much and wanted to thank Rangers Tom & Adam for their involvement in last nights Trail Summit at The Oakley Facility and their open-minded approach to park management.

      My roots are cross country and my future looks brite as I celebrate my FREE(RIDE)DOM!!

      P.S. Rode home to Laguna Niguel from Oakley!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 18 miles Elevation change: Down
      Paved Path=X%
      Eric a 39 year old


    • Trail Updatejust a reminder for all those concerned w/ access issues at aliso and other orange county parks. there is a meeting scheduled for May 14, 6-9 p.m. at Oakley HQ, 1 Icon, Foothill Ranch (across from Whiting Ranch Park).

      This is your chance to voice your concern and offer constructive input.

      Don't just complain about things; do something about it!

      for more info, see sharemtb.com website.


    • Trail UpdateThere is one very simple answer to your question. No. No, don't ride illegal trails. No, don't cause more of a problem than what already exists in the most over-used park in the county. No, don't post that BS on this board. No, don't perpetuate the already poor image especially at a very crucial time for access for ALL mtn bikers.

      Take your freeride bike and move away to some planet in which your selfish actions won't ruin it for everyone else.



    • Trail UpdateFreeride Trails-I have really been getting into freeriding. I was wondering are there any good freeride trails besides the main trails? Like trails that arn't on the map? Illegal trails? I have seen paths that a couple of riders have made but i don't know where they go. If there are please e-mail me i need a new challenge! Thanks
      Jeff a Downhiller riding a Looking for a Freeride/Downhill Bike from Laguna Niguel, CA


    • Trail UpdateLittle Gem-You people down there have a nice little gem down there in this trail/s.My bud Alex and I rode around here this morning and I had a blast.We did Cholla,Rock-it,steps (my favorite) and two more that I can't remember the name of.This place is FUN.We seen a lot of people in the morning when we got there but it really wasn't that bad on the trail.We logged 30 miles for the day and were a little bit confused as we thought that we could get to Moro via one of the trails.I have to admit this place could easily be one of my favorites if I lived closer.Some good technical stuff and a lot of good downhill stuff.I seen a couple of people with downhill gear on but I never seen what they were riding.I guess we still managed to miss some.Being that close to the beach has got to help with the temps ,which were perfect today.I will back.
      Pain Freak a Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateCrowds-Jeff, that you? Daylight savings time brings out
      everyone, something about spring bein' in the air.
      Up Meadows is tough but it's a sweet roller
      coaster of a downhill. Ride at the end of the day
      (just before dusk), fewer crowds.
      Bobrsta a 47 year old Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateThe Crowds-Latley Aliso Woods/Wood Canyon has been packed! I ride every other day rain or shine. But latley it has been packed with riders, joggers, hikers, and cub scout troops. I waited for at least 10 minutes for 58 riders to go by on dripping cave. Which by the way is a great trail, ROUGH!(watch out for the rock its very slipper i have fallin down that revien twice now and it doesn't feel good). But the point is that trail isn't long enough for that many riders! I mean by the time the first rider got off the trail someone is just getting on! Thats insane! What I'am trying to say is Wood Canyon is very popular and if you want to escape the crowds ride durning the weekdays. One of my favorite rides which some of you should try is. Go to Meadows, go up Meadows, then ride the streets to the top of the world( don't cut through the rich folks homes, tried it bad idea...) once you reach the top of the world go down Mathis, then to Dripping Cave, get back on the main trial and head for Cholla, go up cholla and down Rock-It. Great mix up of all types of trials, from technical to pure speed there are some go accents to! To all the guys out there, when someone says hi to you on the trial don't ignore them. There just trying to be friendly. Thanks guys! Happy Riding
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 15 miles Elevation change: 100-950
      Singletrack=40% Dirt Road=10% Paved Path=20% Truck Trail=30%
      Jeff Young a 15 year old Racer riding a 2002 Trek 8500 from Laguna Niguel, CA


    • Trail UpdateFriendly Advice-If you do decide to run you're seriously stepping up from a simple infraction. Eluding a peace officer is a serious offense.

      Make no mistake, the sheriffs take this very serious.

      All fun and joking should be set aside on this issue because someone just may get caught. They won't see the humor then.
      Jam-R a 47 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Classic Steel from Capo


    • Trail UpdateGo Bunky Go!-I'm with Bunky... Catch me if you can! Although I do not do any night riding, I have ridden "illegal" trails and have wondered what I'd do if confronted by the LAW.. Just pedal faster, chances are the donut eating officer will be winded before he gets within 20 feet of me. If they have helicopters, well that's another story. I've even been thinking of camouflage painting my bike and starting a new clothing line...camouflage lycra! Like my Dad always said, If you are going to bend the rules a bit ... just don't get caught! Happy Trail riding
      Stealth Rider a 41 year old Weekend Warrior riding a The Camo-colored quiet one from Aliso Viejo


    • Trail UpdateNight Riding-Some of you wish to ride this trail at night, which is, and has been, illegal. A good way to make it NOT illegal is to work/vote to change the laws, not by whining on a website. I enjoy Aliso on weekends, but my night riding is limited to Fullerton Loop- 100% legal. Try it, you might like it.
      Tombiker a 43 year old


    • Trail UpdateDon't Be So Quick...-...to judge that which you do not know. I can appreciate what you are saying, and I, too, have a great deal of respect for Leigh Donovan, and even more since I learned that she attended the meeting. But in all fairness, she is retired, and clearly has more spare time on her hands than either Lopes or Rey, who are both quite active in their respective fields. Did it not occur to you that perhaps they were out earning their respective livings, or maybe training for such? And how is that you have ascertained that these "clowns," as you've labelled them, have ever cut illegal trails or ridden Aliso at night? Or did you just assume such, to perpetrate your stereotyping? Your remark about skateboarding is also puzzling. Are you now also stereotyping skateboarders? If you care to respond, please post on the message board.


    • Trail UpdateAliso...more-Who was the only pro rider to show up to the NFS meetings? Props for the women, Leigh Donovan. I have gained nothing but respect for this woman and all women riders because of her.

      The "locals" of Aliso, "the explorer" Rey, Lopes, "the sexist", et al...These clowns, who cut illegal trails, ride illegal trails and perhaps night ride, weren't even there. Good profile for mtn biking, boys. They aren't the only local pros, either.

      If, as a pro, you can't show up and put forth a very respectable front to put forward the sport that pays for your three story home and hottie wife, then go jump off of a cliff.

      Leigh Donovan, you rock.

      If you can't follow the rules and not make the rest of us look like shmucks, give up your bikes and ride skateboards.

      Dave a 32 year old


    • Trail UpdateNight Rides??-Hey Bunky...you got a ticket because you were in the park after sunset. Not because you were an adult riding your bike. Everyone, do the right thing and stay out of the park after sunset.
      Mauka Rider a 37 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Intense Uzzi SL from R.S.M.


    • Trail UpdateNight At Aliso?-Perserve the night riding? Is that like perserving the 85MPH speed limit on the 57 in Brea Canyon?

      We all try to get ahead. We all try to fudge. You got caught, deal with it.

      If this were the case then all of us "locals" could ride Chino/Aliso/LCWP/El Moro...we all could be locals by living in OC. Do "locals" that aren't active make the rules?

      Dave a 32 year old


    • Trail UpdateThe Wrong Approach-I too am one of the recently "cited" riders who frequents Aliso/Woods Canyon in the evenings. I won't get into my feelings as they are not important to the issue at hand but I will say for the record that I think the rangers and cops are out of line and criminally misusing public dollars to enforce their "zero tolerance" of park use after dusk. I am in favor of responsible trail use and proactive trail maintenance/education.

      I have been riding in the park at night, almost exclusively alone, for YEARS and my recent run in with the rangers and their buddy deputy dog was a first. I routinely encounter small groups of other riders at night who I imagine are like me in that they tread lightly and quietly and have been doing so for quite some time without incident. I'm sorry some kook broke his arm and couldn't ride out of the park alone and that it cost the county some money but there has to be a way for all parties involved to work something out instead of just showing up one night for a little revenue generation and calling it something that it is not. That BS sting they're running has nothing to do with preservation because if it did it would look a lot different. The powers that be have once again shown that their imagination stops with the path of least resistance and that just will not do.

      Hey pigs, how about trying to work with the riders? This punitive infraction of the law crap is petty and solves nothing. Want to know what the locals think? We think you'll go away, get bored, run out of funding soon and we'll be back to business as usual before you know it. I would think that by enlisting the help of the locals, who I know are interested, concerned and ready to open up a dialogue you, might get a little further in your efforts as well as making some powerful and influential friends.

      Bottom line. Let's come up with a way to preserve the night riding experience for responsible riders in A/W Canyons as well as other areas. It makes no sense for me to burn petrol to get to Saddleback or points east when I could ride responsibly in my own backyard without poisoning the air and adding to the congestion on Orange County’s roads at night.

      I want to add that I was detained and ticketed on the fire road, only a few meters from the gate (not even past the water tower) at the top of the world and actually was not planning on entering the park on the evening in question. A ranger who detained me and purports to be a mountain biker had nothing constructive to tell me when questioned about what I can do to get the ball rolling to open up the park at night which only adds to my bad attitude towards the rangers/cops. If left alone I would have ridden around the tower and back down Park Ave. (no harm, no foul). I do this ride all the time and again, have never seen a ranger or cop until my recent run in. You want change for the better? Don’t alienate those who have a vested interest and desire to work something out. Stop me on the trail sometime and ask for my opinion and advice. Because I ride a bike does not make me any less of an ally. I'm an educated, successful, smart guy who might just have some good ideas. Being a dick and handing me a ticket makes you look like a short sighted bureaucrat without a mind of you own. Want to know why people think cops are worthless? Invite us to WORK with you, we will! Your BS authority is a joke. C’mon, ticketing adults for riding bikes? You are a joke to all of us until you start acting in a constructive and cooperative way. Until then, just try to catch me…
      Bunky a 35 year old Racer riding a POS from Laguna Beach


    • Trail UpdateSome Background...-and a discussion of the differences between Aliso and Wood Canyons WP and the Cleveland NF is available at http://www.mybikesite.com/socal/messages/messages/30230.htm#30262

      DeRanger a 36 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Rocky Mountain Blizzard from OC


    • Trail UpdateTo Jam-R-Thank you for your reponse. I am not upset at
      being cited but that I cannot ride after work in my
      'home town' park. I look forward to coming home
      from work, jumping on my bike and riding Aliso
      from my driveway. Aliso is the reason I moved to
      Aliso Viejo. In, seriously, 8 years or so of riding the
      park at nght on almost every night of the week, I've
      generally NEVER seen anybody but me. I do
      resent that being taken away especially when no
      harm is done. If I was trashing the place it would
      be a different story, but people that ride are not the
      types that disrespect people or property. Aliso
      Woods is a great local resource and I truly love this
      place. Many an evening I've ridden to and sat at top
      of the world, surveyed the lights of Orange County
      around me, and felt relaxed and peaceful. Now I
      must get in my car and drive through traffic to reach
      a place where I am 'allowed' to ride. (Side note -
      are the animals in the CNF less deserving of
      'protection' than those in Aliso?) I understand
      (obviously) the necessity for a society to have rules
      for the conduct of its citizens, but when rules are
      adopted that make no sense it just detracts from
      the respect we need to show for the rules that truly
      keep civilization cohesive. I'll start the fight to
      change these rules after we kill this airport thing
      on March 5. I apologize to everyone seeking trail
      info for my rants - suffice it to say that anyone
      seeking a nice ride at the beginner to intermediate
      level could do a lot worse than Aliso Woods. You
      just won't be able to enjoy after dusk, for that I
      would direct you to grade trail, holy jim, san juan,
      etc., all of which have their own majesty.
      Bobrsta a 47 year old Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateAliso Woods-I don’t think the trailboss is attempting to censor this site, but rather keep the posts on the trail section pertinent to the design of the web-site. They want to keep ongoing debates maintained on the local message board.

      That being said however, I do believe posts that pertain to illegal trails, night riding, etc… particular to this site should be left alone. Besides trail conditions and ride accounts, park rules and access issues are also very important. New-comers logging onto this trailhead section should be able to read about specific issues pertaining to this park.

      I would like to respond to Bobstra. It’s not very productive to throw out unfounded and undocumented statements pertaining to this park. I know you’re upset about being cited, but anytime you go beyond the rules whether it’s here in the park, at work, on the road etc… you run the risk of getting caught.

      AW is not “lit up like a football stadium at night”. This is a gross exaggeration. Light intrusion into the park has been carefully planned and monitored as not to interrupt the nocturnal activity in the park.

      It may not fit your expectation of a wilderness area and may not be as grand and remote as some national parks, but nonetheless it has been designated as a wilderness area and does have a viable natural population of animals and plants that exist within this small corridor and as such should be respected and protected.

      Please explain this grossly exaggerated $400,000 figure you quoted for night enforcement. This is a ridiculous quoted figure. And as far as the patrol car in the park, if people would adhere to the rules there would be no need to step up the enforcement. If we adopt your mode of thinking, than technically you’re responsible for the patrol car being in the park, the subsequent interruption to the park, and the added pollution from the vehicles that would not have been there but for your illegal activity.

      And lastly, your statements regarding Nazis and rules. These park rules do not tread on any fundamental human rights issues and to compare them as such is totally inappropriate. Please be realistic in your statements. Teaching park users is exactly what the Park Service is doing regarding the parks use and our impact on the wildlife. Read the brochures, preview the kiosks, log onto to the park web-sites. All of the rules are reinforced with the purpose behind them.

      Read them and be educated. If you still disagree with them, this is your right. If you want to change them, do it legally; this is also your right. Just be accurate in your statements in the future and your comments will probably get more credibility.


      Jam-R a 47 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Classic Steel from Capo


    • Trail UpdateSite Without Balls-This site sucks! I see you saw fit to remove my
      earlier post that stuck up for obeying the rules as
      they are. There was no vulgar language, and was
      straight to the point. You talk about the Nazis, but
      you see that censorship by YOUR standards is
      being done. Have the balls to let people speak the
      truth and let's support the adult behavior that
      should be setting the examples for others.
      MBM a Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateAliso Woods-Aliso is most definately not 'wilderness'. The
      planners and developers have seen to that. There
      is no spot within the park, except for dripping cave,
      that is out of the view of homes or Soka U. At night,
      the place is lit up like a football stadium. If you think
      its wilderness, you don't understand the meaning
      of the word. Its a park. As to respecting our parks, I
      do my best to pick up trash I see, slow down and
      smile at others I pass and am very respectful of
      this planet that supports our very lives (except for
      last night when I was forced to drive my car to the
      Santa Anas to ride, adding to traffic, pollution, etc.).
      But why should Aliso be closed at night? The
      Cleveland NF isn't. I can ride there all night. And
      what business does any any branch of the
      government have have keeping citizens off of
      public land? I ride, day or night, at my own risk.
      Which I did last night (not at Aliso). Now here's the
      most asinine part: while our government is
      spending probably $400,000 per year to keep the
      dozen or so people tht ride Aliso at night from
      doing so, I passed a major power substation last
      night that was completely unguarded at the same
      time the FBI saw fit to issue an alert on a possible
      terrorist attack. And we've got officers being
      stationed to keep people out of Aliso at night. That
      patrol cruiser is far more inappropriate in Aliso at
      night than any bike. And I appreciate thinking,
      rational people, particularly public 'servants', not
      someone that blindly quotes rules and regulations.
      Blind adherence to rules, no matter how
      meaningless or trivial, is the refuge of weak
      minds. Teach people to do the right thing, not
      blindly follow rules. Nazis were only following the
      rules (or orders).


    • Trail UpdateAliso Woods-Aliso is most definately not 'wilderness'. The
      planners and developers have seen to that. There
      is no spot within the park, except for dripping cave,
      that is out of the view of homes or Soka U. At night,
      the place is lit up like a football stadium. If you think
      its wilderness, you don't understand the meaning
      of the word. Its a park. As to respecting our parks, I
      do my best to pick up trash I see, slow down and
      smile at others I pass and am very respectful of
      this planet that supports our very lives (except for
      last night when I was forced to drive my car to the
      Santa Anas to ride, adding to traffic, pollution, etc.).
      But why should Aliso be closed at night? The
      Cleveland NF isn't. I can ride there all night. And
      what business does any any branch of the
      government have have keeping citizens off of
      public land? I ride, day or night, at my own risk.
      Which I did last night (not at Aliso). Now here's the
      most asinine part: while our government is
      spending probably $400,000 per year to keep the
      dozen or so people tht ride Aliso at night from
      doing so, I passed a major power substation last
      night that was completely unguarded at the same
      time the FBI saw fit to issue an alert on a possible
      terrorist attack. And we've got officers being
      stationed to keep people out of Aliso at night. That
      patrol cruiser is far more inappropriate in Aliso at
      night than any bike. And I appreciate thinking,
      rational people, particularly public 'servants', not
      someone that blindly quotes rules and regulations.
      Blind adherence to rules, no matter how
      meaningless or trivial, is the refuge of weak
      minds. Teach people to do the right thing, not
      blindly follow rules. Nazis were only following the
      rules (or orders).


    • Trail UpdateAliso & Wood Cyns. Trails-Greetings,
      All areas of the park including its trails are closed to public use after sunset and until 7:00am.

      We appreciate all who follow the rules.

      For those who chose to disobey there may be financial ramifications...

      Keep our Wildlands wild!


    • Trail UpdateLook Out-Last Wednesday nite I got ticketed for riding after
      dusk. Officers said they were enforcing a 'zero
      tolerance' program. This is complete BS! We have
      terrorist plotting our destruction and our tax dollars
      get wasted keeping the very few of us that ride at
      night out of our local park. According to the officer,
      fine will be $75, but at least they didn't try to take my
      bike. They won't see me next time. Lights out.
      Bobrsta a 47 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Sugar 3+ from Aliso viejo


    • Trail UpdateAliso And Woods Canyon Trails...-I rode the Aliso and Wood Canyon trails today for the first time, they were amazing. I started at Top Of The World and rode down Dripping Cave, good technical climb for a wannabe XC dude like myself. Got lost somewhere but found Wood Trail. Long rocky climb up, had to walk some of it. I rode past Rock It to get to it, wished now I would have ridden it, next time. I rode up Cholla and fell in a cactus patch, but it was a good climb. Ended the day with a super fast, rocky gnarly DH trail that I'm sure was illegal, but it got me out of the park. Met a couple fellow DHers and got a free shuttle back to the top. I recommend this trail to anyone. There are enough trails for all levels and riding types. Some of the best trails I've ever seen!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 20+ Elevation change:
      Tyler Cunningham a 16 year old Downhiller riding a Specialized Big Hit Comp from Huntington Beach .com


    • Trail UpdateRide The Snake-I did one of my favorite Aliso rides yesterday, and yes, it's all legal.

      Started at Canyon Vistas side and rode up Cholla. Cholla unfortunately has some trail widening and some new, easier lines cut, but is firm and in good shape.

      Down Lynx, the traction is great, though some of the bumps have been smoothed a bit. Less technical than it was this time last year, but faster.

      Up Rock-it, this trail is in perfect shape. Rangers closed the inside line on the split at the bottom for a while, but it is open again, and was firm and grippy. The rock garden is clean, and grips like sandpaper. Beautiful climb.

      Down Mathis. A couple ruts are deeper than before the rain, and it looks like there are a few more water bars built in since the last time I rode Mathis. Great for little hops though. I only saw one other person on Mathis, the whole descent, so I was really able to let go.

      I added Dripping Cave to my ride, and though it didn't add much distance, it added some technical climbing..you know the spot... just before going over the top.

      Now on to Meadows. Meadows is really hard and grippy, but the switchbacks are widening. Too bad. This used to be semi-technical. Still a lot of fun though. At the top, I had a beautiful view of Catalina, but I couldn't stay long, since it was 4 o'clock pm. I turned around and headed back down Meadows. The condition of the trail is so good, you can really add speed through the turns without losing traction. Nice.

      Dripping Cave is I think, a little tougher from this direction because of the long rut on the last part of the climb. Nice hard dirt helped with traction though. Down the switchbacks and on to the big daddy Mathis.

      Up Mathis. Same old climb, but I love it. A little rutted at the top as usual, but they aren't wide ruts, so negotiating them isn't too bad.

      Down Rock-it. In my opinion, the best legal trail in the park. It is so clean and firm right now, that you can really take off. The line down the rock garden on the right (cheater line) is widening a bit, which is too bad. The rock section is a highlight of this trail.

      Up Lynx. Probably the toughest climb technically, but not nearly as much since the trail has smoothed out. Not much of a leg burner compared to Mathis or Meadows, but the studder bumps add a little challenge.

      Finally, a coast down Cholla. The cactus is really growing right now, so hopefully that'll keep people from widening this trail any further. I noticed a lot of skid marks on the way down. Too many locked up brakes I guess. Rolled out of the park, hopped over the concrete drainage ditch and back to the car. Less than 2 hours for the ride, but what a great one. Definitely worth doing again.
      Ride distance: 18 miles Elevation change: 2800
      El Jefe a Racer


    • Trail UpdateFun 5 Oaks Section Closed-Rode down 5 Oaks trail today and was depressed to find that the steep rock face about 1/2 way down was blocked off at the top with metal stakes and barbed wire. Now you are forced to ride the easy way around it. Too bad, another fun section closed. Also at the bottom of the trail there is a new bridge constructed to bypass the little up-slope that goes narrowly in between two large trees.

      Jeef a 26 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Red White & Blue Bullit from Costa Mesa


    • Trail UpdateSunday In Da Park-Parked top of the world and rode down the main fireroad to Rock-It. Went down that, then left at the bottom and back up Cholla. Down Lynx. Stopped and hiked back up to practice launching the rock drop a few times. Down and over to the singletrack by the gate and up Meadows. Rode up Meadows clean in the middle ring and one below big cog.

      Thought to do some other trails but didn't have my other bike with me.
      Ride distance: 15? Elevation change: ?
      Singletrack=75% Dirt Road=25%
      Flowrider a 30s year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a SC Superlight from Orange County


    • Trail UpdateUse The Message Boards!-While we do appreciate the opinions and involvement on everyone on this site, the trails pages do not have the space neccessary to accomodate long threads of differing opinions. Please take any debates over to the message boards, and post any long ride stories on the "all the dirt" page. These trail pages are for condition updates, access, and directions. Also, if your post contains any derogatory or malicious comments about previous post(er), you can expect it to be deleted. Thanks for your support!


    • Trail UpdateFall Weather-Went for two early, early rides this weekend at Aliso Wood and one afternoon singlespeed jaunt... the weather couldn't have been more pleasant, nor the trails in better condition. After the rains, everything is hard, fast & tacky!

      Please watch out for hikers... and enjoy the day.
      ChrisCrash a 27 year old Downhiller riding a M2 SS / FSR Enduro from Aliso Viejo


    • Trail UpdateJust a reminder...All Park Trails are closed at sunset.

      Even if you have lights !

      Please make every effort to be out of the park by dusk.

      Your cooperation is appreciated and will allow the parks' animal life to do their thing without any interuptions, danger of being crushed to death or additional stress.

      Ranger Tom a Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateTo Answer Your Question...-That section of trail is called "Coyote", and should be shown on the maps that you can get at the park headquarters off of Alicia.
      ReFleX riding a Jumpertrek Freerider


    • Trail UpdateQuestion...-Sorry that this is not actually an update.

      I was wondering, what part/trail of Aliso and Woods Canyons system is shown on the picture at the top of this trailhead section. It looks so inviting...

      Also, can anyone let me know where can I get a good trail map of the area...

      Thunnus a 32 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Gary Fisher from San Gabriel


    • Trail UpdateMe Ride Big Hill Fast Me Fall-Me ride big hill me ride fast me fall me still have fun. me like alliso. me no like nearby housing developments or ugly toll rode me see. still me see and ride fast hill and trees and water in river. weeeeeeeeeeeee! fun
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: lots and lots Elevation change:
      Rad Elmo a 40 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a cannondale F1000 from long beach


    • Trail UpdateSerious Grunt...-El Jefe and I climbed Meadows last night. Of course, he was at the top of the hill about the time I was struggling with those steeper switches in the middle. Highly humbling!

      The view from Old Top of the World was excellent! Although quite cloudy over the ocean, you could see the horizon as the setting sun was reflected on a calm, grey Pacific (no, those bikes aren't any good!). It is getting much cooler at night, and dark by 6:45 last night. Be prepared!

      Singletrack=70% Truck Trail=30%
      XcChris a 27 year old riding a FSR Enduro from Aliso Viejo


    • Trail UpdateLocal Sightings..........-The temperature is cooling in the evening. I
      headed for Meadows Monday evening, to get in a
      good climb. On the way, I stopped near the Mathis
      intersection and saw a young coyote making his
      way up the mtn. He would stop and look down at
      me every 10 feet or so.

      Going up Meadows is a good alternative to
      climbing the West Ridge. There’s something so
      peaceful about rolling into the quiet valley and
      seeing the challenging mountain above. I saw one
      rider way up the trail, but had the rest of the trail to
      myself. I tackled some of the tougher switchbacks,
      but ran out of steam on a few. The sun is setting
      fast and dusk was quickly approaching. I didn’t
      see any more bikers, but ran into some locals.
      Two large deer were at the top of Mathis and
      quickly slipped down the West Ridge before I got
      too close. As I exited at Canyon Vistas, it was
      nearly dark and I startled two coyotes. They
      appeared to be headed for the houses up the left
      fire road. They stopped to see where I was going,
      then trotted on. Time to be prepared with lights

      Ladydirt a Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateAmerica The Beautiful-
      The training and racing has left me feeling spent.
      And the tragic events, has only made me more

      I pass my bike as it sits on the stand,
      And have no desire to take it in my hands.

      There is frustration and shock with a touch of guilt.
      When do we move forward? Will our confidence
      be rebuilt?

      On the drive home, I need to blow off steam.
      Maybe I’ll set out of foot, and go for a hike by the
      Why do I ignore the bike when it usually makes me

      Who am I kidding, a hike just won’t make the cut.
      I get on the stumpy in hopes to ease the knots in
      my gut.

      Helmet secure, and shoes attached to the pedals,
      I grind up the hill with the sound of creaking metal.

      The soft dirt crackles, as it whispers and hisses.
      A butterfly flies with me, darting with near misses.

      Blue jays and bunnies take cover in the bushes.
      Their innocence is magical in this time that the
      world is so twisted.

      There are many people tonight, who decided to hit
      the trails.
      Everyone was attempting to put some wind in their

      I looked at my fellow riders and saw pain in their
      The look of confusion and mourning is all I can

      The healing process is different for everyone.
      Hitting the dirt obviously works for some.

      With its flying stars and stripes, I stop to appreciate
      our land.
      America the beautiful is not only forests and sand,
      It’s made of people who will prevail and proudly

      My thoughts go out to all affected by this tragedy.



    • Trail UpdateAutumn Is Nearly Here...-
      It is still plenty warm out, but I finished last night's ride in the dark! Sunset has been around seven o'clock, and given the hills & valleys in the area, that translates to pretty damn dark by 7:20.

      Of course, there is no night riding in the park, but on the off chance that you find yourself on a ride that might not be wrapped up by ten after seven, you might want to start bringing your lights with you!

      And to those below, enough about the "illegal trails," already. Everything in the park is now clearly posted. If you're going to disregard the signs, hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, but please stop posting about it. It isn't helping anything - if you want to see the signs come down, send me an email and maybe we can come up with something to take to Ranger Tom... but just bitching about the situation an spouting off about how you're going to poach stuff isn't gonna fix anything.
      XcChris a 27 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a big squishy bike, or a rigid singlespeed


    • Trail UpdateJust Curious, But....-Which REAL trails are you talking about? I know that harding truck trail is a bitchin' jeep trail and all, but, COME ON!!!! These "illegal" trails are the best trails we have to ride.
      Besides, you should be more concerned about greedy property developers closing these trails than a couple of "disobedient" riders.
      BTW, I ride to the top of all the trails. You want a lesson?

      a 32 year old Downhiller riding a pick one from Costa Mesa


    • Trail UpdateI'll Tell You Why...-The "illegal" trails are the some of the best trails in the Orange County area, if not in all of So. California. Obviously , a person like you that thinks that the trails in the Santa Ana Mountains are technical enough for some of the more advanced riders has never ridden some of these "illegal" trails. These "illegal" trails have been here before there was a park, and have now been deemed illegal by our fine "rangers". And, BTW, I ride up to all of the trails that I go down.
      ASDFER a 30 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Santa Cruz Superlight and Bullit from Foothill Ranch CA URL: VONDUR!!


    • Trail UpdateEvening Rides-can be interesting in the park because it seems
      like the animals come out to rome. Last night, I
      was blazing down from Top of the World and
      slowed for a hiker. I looked ahead for a line on the
      right and saw a BIG mule deer flying across the
      trail! He/she was going so fast that it only took 3
      bounces to cross the wide fire road!

      If the hiker wasn't there, I would have been right in
      the path! It's always a treat to see the beautiful
      creatures out there.
      Ladydirt a 33 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a FSR Stumpjumper from Aliso Viejo, CA


    • Trail UpdateIllegal Trails-Aliso is a nice place to ride, but, as far as I'm concerned the only trails worth riding, becides rockit, are the ones that are technically illegal. There needs to be a place/trail to ride where the more advanced riders can enjoy themselves. People need to lighten up. I rode one of these "illegal" trails yesterday and got a great view of that huge new school accross the way. I still don't understand why people get so fired up about an 18" wide single track. Someday it'll be all gone. Atleast I'm enjoying the Hills before it becomes some rich snobs back yard. Just my 2 cents.


    • Trail UpdateYou're Welcome.-"Little good is accomplished without controversy, and no civic evil is ever defeated without publicity." Just a little civil disobedience.....and don't even think about posting a scathing reply if you've purchased a home built in O.C. in the last 10 years. You're part of the problem. Do we have to go over it again? Illegal trails are less travelled, provide an alternative to the freeriders bombing the easy trails like Rock-it and Lynx, and for Chrissakes are less of an obtrusion than those obnoxious houses lining the park.


    • Trail UpdateThe lack of respect for the closed trail signs will eventually ruin it for everyone.

      Thanks a lot!


    • Trail UpdateExtras...-Saw a tarantula hawk wasp and its prey last night - pretty dang National Geographic! The wasp had dragged the stunned spider about 15 feet when we startled it.

      Also, picked up some trail swag last night. Email me if you lost a multi-tool (gotta describe it, though).

      Trails are in good shape, hard 'n fast...
      XcChris riding a M2 SS


    • Trail UpdateDeep Dust-
      Hoo-boy is it dusty and sandy here! Keep the tire pressure low to deal. Met a lot of nice, friendly, courteous riders on the trails last night... the attitude vibe in the backyard is definitely improving!
      XcChris riding a M2 SS from Aliso Viejo


    • Trail UpdateTarantulas...-
      Saw my first 2 tarantulas here last night as I descended Rock-it. Watch out for them - you wouldn't want to have to stop and clean one of these fist-sized arachnids out of our knobbies - plus, I guess they're just out looking for girls, so...
      XcChris riding a M2 SS


    • Trail UpdateThis One Is For The Lurkers....-....that we met at Top of the World. Nice guys. Hopefully, they'll go from lurking to posting soon, since it looks like they are at least as sick and twisted as those of us who post frequently. Anyway, XcChris, Caff Man and I decided to explore the darker side of AW. Up Cholla- dustier and looser than ever. Up West Ridge, then down Free Fall / Tank Drop. WTF!!!! Very loose, with a nasty rut. The first hundred yards or so are almost straight down. There were a couple minor mishaps, but for the most part, each made it down in one piece. Caff Man and XcChris had on plastic courage, but since I don't own any, I was padless. Hmmm, I may go get some soon. Up Stairsteps, but cleaned a lot less of it than normal. Too much tire pressure? Maybe just that it was covered with a layer of loose dirt. Up to Top of the World, where we met up with a bunch of guys, who confessed to being lurkers on the site. They knew all of us by "handle" and mentioned that they ride occasionally with MTBAddict- so you know these guys are sick faaaks. Down Telonics next, which was in pristine condition. It was Chris'es first, my second, and Caff Man's millionth time down. The top portion looks intimidating, but was really not bad as long as the commitment to ride it out and stay off the brakes held solid. The bottom part got a bit squirly, and I was stung by an unidentified hymenoptra on the way down. Man it sucks to have to decide between tending to a sting and putting a foot down on a real sweet section. Oh well. Almost ran into the back of Chris and ended up riding off course into the bushes. In my book, that down't count as a dab, since the branches held me up and my foot didn't hit the ground. Right? Anyway, back up Canyon Acres, which was very very loose but rideable except in one section: The sand was so deep, I thought I was at the beach. I saw a man and woman walking backwards up Canyon Acres, and I thought of the risk described in Upchuck2's post. Watch out for the hikers; obviously, they aren't watching out for themselves. Top of the World again and over to Meadows. Down Meadows, doing all the extra credit on the way over. The top portion of Meadows is trashed, but after the first couple switchbacks, it is in sweet shape. Right now, Meadows is one of the few AW trails that isn't completely dusted over. Back to Cholla via Coyote, and out of the park. A couple scrapes and a wasp? sting, but no major incidents today. Great ride.

      El Jefe



      If I had dropped 2 bucks in the box every time I rode at aliso in the last 6 years, the rangers would have a whole fleet of new shovels the to destroy the manicured single track. (which there are only 2 trails that come to mind that are single track, and you won't find them on the map)

      fast willy a 35 year old Racer


    • Trail UpdateWhy Should I Pay $2?-The $2 is for parking, not using the park. You guys must have your heads on backwards.

      May I suggest a personal donation from your altruistic ass if you are REALLY concerned about the park and not just jealous that ohers aren't paying their 'fair' share. I don't doubt that you are a dumo-crat.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 200 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      John Galt a 35 year old riding a Readon Steel Frame from Colorado


    • Trail UpdatePay To Play.....IT's OK!!-That's right you bunch of whiny cheapskates. You are not maintaining nature dude. Nature doesn't have
      manicured singletrack. Of course you probably never ride anywhere but the parks, so you may not
      know what real nature is...Anyway, we all spout about our rides and our latest upgrades that cost
      plenty. But we WHINE when we are asked to chip in for our sport. Yeah Yeah, I know the taxes should
      pay for everything. But if any of you have real jobs, you know all about cut backs and budget. If not,
      leave your Burger King job and join the world. OOOOH, two whole bucks....I don't know if I can afford
      it..Yeah.,right. Maybe you would rather see more homes built where our trails are now. Yes It can
      happen... Pay to play it
      Ride rating: Novice
      MBM a 43 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Schwinn Homegrown XT from Westminster


    • Trail UpdateWhere's My 2 Dollars?-I'll be damned if I'll ever pay to maintain nature!
      and further more, why should we help pay the rangers salery? They are government employees. Tax dollars, hello? The rangers are just mad because they spent part of the bridge building money on the new parking area and now they can't justify it.
      shut up and ride! And go slow around horses.
      Ride rating: Expert
      geek in the seat a 35 year old riding a Huffy w/ coaster brakes


    • Trail UpdateDon't Be So Cheap-It is pathetic that some people are so tight about the two bucks for parking. It makes me upset when I see empty spaces in the parking lots at Aliso and Whiting and people parking on the streets or in nearby shopping centers.We have to realize that the money goes to park maintenance. Also, by parking in adjacent areas we are going to upset the merchants and locals and we'll end up getting the parks shut or restricted.
      So come on guys let's show some generosity and pitch in a couple of bucks. After all, we could all be playing golf and dropping a hundred bucks to walk around a course for four hours.
      We should all be thankful that we have so many parks to ride in Orange County. Don't take this for granted and help keep the trails open so we can all enjoy the sport.
      Pilas a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider from Irvine


    • Trail UpdateSnake Vibe...-The recent hot weather has brought the rattlers back out onto the trails... be careful out there.

      I saw the biggest one I've seen to-date last night, just lying across the lower fire road. It was huge -and fat - either a soon-to-be momma snake, or it just ate a rabbit (ok, not that big)!

      Oh, and to the guy below... if I always ride my bike from my house to the park, should I still buy a pass? What does the parking revenue go towards? Installing a sprinkler system for the new shrubs planted along the lower fire road? Parking lot maintenance? These things I can do without...

      Now, if Ranger Tom wants to bust out a push broom and sweep some of the sand off Cholla Trail, I'll gladly throw a finsky his way!

      XcChris a 27 year old riding a M2 Singlespeed from Aliso Viejo


    • Trail UpdateAliso Woods-i ride this trail 2 to 3 times a week so
      i am not going to bore you with all my accomplishments.( fish stories).
      I wanted to let everybody know who rides here that i was talking to a ranger here today and he mentioned that there are so many people parking on the streetts that they are not getting ewnough parking dollars to maintain the park.
      my suggestion:
      park where you want, but pay the $2 bucks you mooches.
      you can buy a $50 dollar yearly pass also.

      We will surely miss this park if it gets shut down because we were all too cheap to pay the 2 skins.
      step up and pay to play and maintain.

      shawn luke a 42 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a kona stinky, specialized hard tail


    • Trail UpdateRhymes With Ebonics-I think the trail in question must've gone to the right, when we went left. "The start is located 0.3+ mile down the Canyon Acres fireroad, just before Canyon Acres' long straight downhill section; hang a right onto this single track. Proceed down the ridge, over and down the sandstone rocks, then head down and right." description from Goodtime.net
      local yokel


    • Trail UpdateSearch For The Holy Trail-
      Damn, it's sandy here. We could really use some rain to pack that stuff down/wash it all away!

      Went looking for a sweet trail last night & didn't find it, but I did manage to blast down Canyon Acres for the first time. Sure, it is a big wide fire road, but that was a really fun, really fast drop! I was fairly on the brakes, and I looked down at my speedo to see I was still hittin' 30! If you were really gutsy, you could float some nice long, fast air off the drops...

      Watch for hikers, though!
      Singletrack=50% Truck Trail=50%
      Lo-Cal Rider


    • Trail UpdateWelcome Back Pilas-Aliso is a great place for a mid-week ride. One thing I recently re-discovered is what a great climb Lynx can be when the park is not crowded. Not very steep, but a fun technical climb. Try it out on a quiet day. Actually all of the trails seem to be in pretty good condition right now.

      Regarding the bridge at Coyote; a number of bridges have been placed throughout the park to give people the option take the technical (fun part) or non-technical route through the washes. At the Coyote crossing however, the repetitive bike traffic in a very short period exposed and ground completely through a large root from the oak tree adjacent to the wash. I believe this was the reason for the re-route in this location.

      Have fun on your future rides!

      Uphilladam a 46 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Team Fat from San Juan


    • Trail UpdateFun Workout-After over two months without riding at Aliso, I decided to do one of my favorite quick workout loops.
      Started at the Aliso entrance, took Aliso-Wood Canyon, up on Mathis, down Rock It to Coyote, up Cholla, down Linx back to the car. Total time, about 1 hour 15 minutes. In my opinion, this loop has everything a short mid week ride should have: nice climbs, fun downhills and a little technical spots( enough for me).
      The trails were in great condition(Cholla is a little sandy)and the weather was great.One negative: what's with the new bridge at the end of Coyote? The little stream crossing was one of the fun little challenges this trail had.
      Anyway, a nice workout and a fun ride
      Ride distance: almost 13 miles Elevation change:
      Pilas a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider from Irvine


    • Trail UpdateSnake On Meadows-Riding up almost at the top of Meadows today, I came upon the absolute biggest snake I've ever seen in the wild. Mus've been at least 7 feet long. He was a beautiful goldish color with a tell-tale diamond pattern, and a rattle that must've been a good 5-6 inches. He was lying right in the middle of the trail, and seemed none too pleased that I was there. He uncoiled, then drew back and raised up a bit. Striking position. I chose not to pass. As I came down the hill, I warned a rider that earlier was all bent out of shape because I tried to be nice by calling out "on your left" as I passed him on the way up. He was kind of a prick, but I still thought he deserved the courtesy of knowing about the snake. What a viciously beautiful creature....not not the guy, the snake!
      El Jefe


    • Trail UpdateAbout Those Bridges....-I thought those bridges would be a welcome sight too, for those who want to keep their feet and bikes dry.

      On the other hand, the bridges on the most part did not obstruct the challenging sections and would've been a nice alternative for those die-hards who don't want to take the bridge instead of blocking'em with those arrow signs.

      Well, just a suggestion....
      Local rider a 32 year old Weekend Warrior riding a GF Sugar 2 from Laguna Niguel


    • Trail UpdateIf I Recall Correctly......-some of those bridges were donated by Mtn Bike
      organizations. I don't really like them either, but if it
      keeps a few beginners from getting hurt on the
      main trail (and closing bike access) then I'm for it.
      Mother Mercy a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a beautiful park for many years to come


    • Trail UpdateALISO - USE IT OR LOSE IT.-After the 6+ years I have been riding mountain bikes in Aliso, I have never seen sooo much destruction than in the last 6 months. I'm not talking about bikes, hikers, or horses.
      This is about the bullshit bridges, (4) total in the
      6-8 months. Don't any of you so-called "I love aliso"
      freaks even see those brides? How do you think the supplies got into the park? by horseback? that would be by truck. and you have to maintain roads, so you plow them.
      What about how Mathis was a wide single track. No, no one remembers that. Because most of you fools just moved here and probably bought houses right on the canyon walls.
      All of this park is maintained with our tax dollars.
      Why do you have to maintain nature? Because the rangers
      have a budget. if they don't use the money, they lose it.
      You can pay thanks to the motorcycle riders of the late 70's for most of the trails. (when it was all just grazing pastures and flood plain.)which no one can remember.

      Ride rating: Expert
      Singletrack=50% Truck Trail=50%
      Yo Tony a 33 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a wildcat ,meow



      This is a phenomenal park to ride offering prime trails to suit all skill levels, but unfortunately the bikers are getting a lot of bad press, some deservedly and some undeservedly. Following IMBA’s simple rules can save us all a lot of grief:

      Ride open trails only:
      At Aliso/Woods the rules are simple, Signed trails are legal, Unsigned trails are not legal. Ride on signed trails only. Trails with “closed Area” or “Do Not Enter” signs especially need to be heeded. Unfortunately some of these signs are getting vandalized or are being removed completely within days of being installed.

      Leave no trace:
      Cutting corners quickly turns a pristine single track into a six-foot wide truck trail. Locking up the rear brakes digs ruts that most riders invariably follow until the ruts become so deep that riders have no choice but to widen their lines into new terrain.

      Control your bicycle:
      Keep to a reasonable speed, especially on blind corners. There are way too many incidents of near misses between bikers and other users on the single-track trails like Coyote Run.

      Always yield the trail:
      Show respect to other users. Hikers, Equestrians and Bikers of all levels should be able to enjoy all that this park has to offer, without always having to be fearful of speeding and/or un-courteous riders.

      We all love the thrill of Mountain Biking and are fortunate to live in a community that has miles and miles of prime open trails to enjoy. Let’s work together to keep our parks open and biker friendly. Ask yourselves, is the “10 second” thrill of riding down the face of “Cave Rock” worth the bad reputation it gives our sport. One would think that the three “No Biking” signs at “Cave Rock” would be clear enough.
      Unfortunately this is not the case.

      Let’s help preserve our parks and our sport for many generations to come.

      Uphilladam a 46 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Team Fat from San Juan


    • Trail UpdateBest Wishes...Poetic Justice!!-I was there the night the dude was injured. I was
      coming across the top ridge when these guys(if it
      is the two guys I believe it to be) were starting
      down just above ROCKIT. They are the reason we
      are getting trails closed and have all other groups
      becoming anti-mountain bike. These two were
      acting like they were freaking NORBA geeks in a
      race. They were hammering down with NO
      courtesty to other riders and there is no way in hell
      they could have avoided a hiker or uphill rider. They
      do not give a rats ass. SO, if indeed it was one of
      those two.. I for one, say they got what they
      deserve. IF it is not the two guys I refer to, THEN, I
      too wish a speedy recovery and good health.

      MBM a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Homegrown


    • Trail UpdateWhat a nice trail this is. Trails were mostly in good conditions. This was my first time here, but I can tell many people ride this area because there were no overgrown single tracts like some parts of Chino Hills. As advertised Cholla was a killer of a climb, but well worth it. From West Ridge I didn't know which was best way to come down. Took Mathis which was fireroad all the way. Next time I will try Lynx or Meadows.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Turtlepaul a 38 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Mongoose from Anaheim


    • Trail UpdateBest Wishes.....-It's always a drag to see a rider down. The
      helicopter was circling last night and we saw a
      guy, who I see often, sitting holding his arm at the
      end of Coyote. He's usually in armor. Some
      people stayed with him and waved the copter on.

      We didn't want to stay and gawk, so here's wishing
      you a speedy recovery. Anyone know the story?
      Ladydirt a 33 year old Die-hard Enthusiast from Aliso Viejo, CA


    • Trail UpdateJust Around That Blind Turn.....-A pleasant warm evening in A/W. I took a warm up
      route and took the road to the church entrance.
      Very busy night! I passed by a few small groups
      on the way to the beast we call “Mathis”.

      The first long grind is particularly tough when the
      sun is going down and you have to look straight
      down to avoid it. About a third the way up, I’m
      cruising along and hear tires grinding sand. I look
      up and this guy is coming right at me with too
      much speed! He tries to steer his bike, but applied
      too much brake and ends up doing the sideways
      slip and skip! All I see are locked tires hitting every
      few inches and a rider praying to stick to
      something other than me! He grabs some traction
      and manages to miss me as four others come
      around the corner. I was startled and had bark out
      “I think your friend has a problem with that speed!!”
      That’s all that came out in the split second.

      Once again, if you can’t control your bike at speed,
      SLOW DOWN. If there’s a blind corner, gee, there
      might be another rider so take it at a controllable
      speed. This experience is nothing new, but I just
      wanted to share it. Hikers won’t take it well.

      I did kind of laugh after. From the look of the
      shocked guy in flight, he was probably scared
      s%#tless and had pure jello legs the rest of the
      way down!

      Ladydirt a 33 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a FSR Stumpjumper from Aliso Viejo, CA


    • Trail UpdateAliso-got Wood-It's all closed! Why just the other day I was walking my 2 pitbulls. they were running this way and that (off the leash, of course), When I saw large tracks in the dirt. not animal tracks.Huge tire tracks. I thought to myself, "those damn bikes are running Firestones on their bikes now"
      then I came to my senses and realized it was just some maintenence truck helping to maintain the natural order of the park. You know, installing water bars, making bridges. all natural crap.
      Just wait till the sewage leaks start at the new collage! is that considered natural?
      Do coyotes have the right of way?
      No man is an island, but one man can sink a ship!
      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: 2 Elevation change: 100ft per sec.
      Paved Path=100%
      Ned Flanders a 40+ year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a PK Ripper w/redline flight cranks from out and about


    • Trail UpdateYeeeeehaaaaawwwwww!-

      Thats what dt yell when I OTB on ledge/telonix. Why he do that? I thinks he happy I fall. Not funny when fiend get hurt. Good thing I not hurt. Still not funny.

      Road telonix and direct dial. got 2 otbs on Telonix, that one and one at the end of the trail, a wash out of the trail was hiddent by plants and my front wheel suddenly disapeared under me. Crashed on the trail.

      Didn't do nobles and carizo gorge like I thought. My big boobs asian GF make me go to shark club friday night. Sometimes big boobs better than mountain biking.

      Chirs (did I mention I like big boobs?)

      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 5 miles Elevation change: 300m twice
      chirs a 32 year old Weekend Warrior riding a santa cruz from french


    • Trail UpdatePoetic Justice.......-
      Ok, I went over board. The written word is a great
      release. I was laughing when I finished the post.
      Elbows in, but shoulders ain't movin' while going
      uphill. Fair?

      In addition to the dusty Cholla, the whole West Ridge
      was graded also and feels like you have flat tires.
      Enjoy the greenery while it lasts, there are some
      serious color chages happening along the Laguna Niguel
      side ridges.

      Peace, Love, and the occasional brake squeeze to all!
      Mother Mercy a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Peaceful Spring Trail Near You


    • Trail UpdateCholla Is A Mess!-OK, to the trail update in a minute. Let my just add my $0.02 in here with Mother Mercy and El Matador. The bonzai mentality ot A/W, WILL affect MTB access eventually, unless we start slowing it down around other park users. I know that many of the serious bikers know and practice IMBA rules of the trail, but both Die-Hard riders and Weekend Warriors alike can be found buzzing runners, not yielding uphill right of way, and generally not paying attention to who and what is around them. Mother Mercy, I'd like to clothesline some of these jokers too, but threats aren't going to help. Setting an example and taking a minute to politely say something to the less informed / and those ignorant of trail etiquette, will go much farther than a threat. I love to hammer at A/W as much as the next rider, but when around blind spots or other trail users, we all need to practice cautious, polite riding.

      OK, back to the trail. Cholla had been in great shape, but then someone (Park Ranger Tom, I suspect/hope), did some digging to create what look like drainage lines. With the dry weather this week, there has been no repacking of the trail, and many parts are really soft. It actually adds to the fun of Cholla in some ways, in that you have a soft terrain obstacle to deal with now. I'm just concerned that some riders may try to ride around the dug out spots and widen the trails even further. Anyway, Meadows is super clean and nice, with vegetation really turning some spots into tight single track. Have fun and be nice!
      El Jefe a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Sugar from Lake Forest


    • Trail UpdateStraight Ahead-Rock on Mother Mercy!

      For the less poetically inclined:

      More and more trails are being closed at Aliso, how many do we have left? Let's keep them open and spread a good vibe to each other by extending some common courtesy by not riding like an lame ass poser racing a World Cup in your head. I don't recall earning any points when I finished my ride there the other day. Anybody can ride fast going downhill or on the flats so don't think you look impressive hammering past that family of four to "take my line" on an evening ride along the main trail. They're thinking "jackass." So many, many times I've seen cats like you all hammer to the base of Mathis or Rock It only slow to a snail's pace after 30 yards of climbing looking like you're going to puke your soul out.

      Don't ride like a jackass! If you think you "hammer" go race the Am Cup series up at Summit and see how you do. BTW, I was out that same day and know exactly who this poem is referring to, I got a laugh, as always, at you all going all out on the flats like it was the final sprint at Paris-Roubaix. Were you guys late or something? And while I still a little left in me, when you pass another rider and you're in group it's a common courtesy to let the oncoming rider know of others behind you!!!! Especially in a place with blind corners like Aliso!

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 15 Elevation change: 900ish
      Singletrack=40% Dirt Road=60%
      El Matador a 29 year old Racer riding a an agitated bull from Spain


    • Trail UpdatePoetic Moments.............-
      You come to this park,
      to challenge the hills.

      Grind up the grades,
      fly down with a few spills.

      The joy of the ride,
      fills you with pride.

      Riding is so Fun!!!
      So you push until you've won.

      You blaze the last flats, see only a thin slot,
      the only line through the tough sandy spot.

      I'm looking for a line,
      fully in your sight,
      but your throttle still grinds,
      with non-stop holy might.

      So you take the inside line and leave the soup for me.

      Now dodging your shoulder, the sand sucks me in.
      Your buddy who followed, almost caught my shin!

      If you think going faster,
      gives you the right of way,
      I will meet you again,
      and make the next play.

      The next close encounter you dismiss with the line you
      will bring you a smack from my elbow and my SMILING

      You know who I am,
      and we'll meet again.
      If you don't grow some F*#king manners,
      it's all mountain bikers you will offend!

      Respect other trail users,
      beacause in the end,
      you'll be left with only sweet memories,
      and the road will be your only friend..........amen.

      Mother Mercy a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Rhyme with Reason from A trail near you.


    • Trail UpdateThe Usual Suspects-Nothing fancy on this ride, just a quick after work 10 miler on the usual. Entered the back way by Cholla. Up Cholla, which is in really great shape, though it seems the trail has a couple tangential routes due to people cutting their own lines. Still a great short climb, but is not nearly as exciting or challenging downhill anymore due to the extra lines having been cut. Down Lynx, the track was sharp as a razor. No wet spots, and not a lot of loose dirt to cause problems with traction in the rocky sections. The rut along the left line near the bottom is still there, but traffic has widened the passable path. Coyote has a lot of vegetation growth and is in marvelous shape. Tires stick like flypaper, and the overgrown weeds and bushes made me feel like I was going faster than I was. Took Wood Canyon Trail back toward Cholla and the scenery is great right now. Tons of rabbits of course, one snake (just saw the disappearing black tail with no rattle) and a really good looking blue jay.

      A quick aside: It never ceases to amaze me how stupid some people can be in their treatment of the park. I saw a bunch of teenagers popping out of that hiking only trail on their bikes (name of the trail escapes me...call it post-concussive syndrome) which really isn't worth poaching anyway. I also saw a father / son duo where the kid had no helmet and was popping off the embankment. Nice job dad - An adolescent injury could shut this place down. Saw a hiker with 2 little dogs walk right by the "no dogs" sign at Cholla. Hmmm....can you say coyote snack?

      Anyway, back up Cholla to Rock-it. Again, the rain has made for some serious growth and is helping turn some of the wider portions back into true single track. Really had to duck my head on a couple sections to avoid getting my already bruised cranium smacked by low hanging branches. The rock garden was super clean, but watch out at the very end of the trail going down the washboard toward coyote. A couple spots have erosion holes. Back onto the last part of coyote and out. Great weather, great conditions. A/W is definitely much better during the week than with all the congestion on weekends.
      El Jefe a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Sugar from Lake Forest


    • Trail UpdateUnsigned Trails-Telonics, like all the trails dropping to Laguna Canyon Road, are un-signed and thus, technically closed, as were several trails on the otherside of the ridge, like JT's, Car Wreck, Birthday, etc. Those trails have now been signed and fenced off.

      Please don't ride the Laguna side, or at least don't post about it, and don't talk to people you don't know and trust. Think about the fact that the park rangers seem to read this stuff, and about how ugly barbed-wired fences would look marring your view of the ocean from the fire road.


    • Trail UpdateExotic Wildlife !!!-While riding my pink Huffy Trail-blazer, (with the competition white basket in front), I saw three bunny rabbits and two ducks.

      I gave them plenty of room and they did not seem to pose much of a threat to me.

      Hope to see some of you on the bike path!!

      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: 100 miles Elevation change: 4000 feet
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50% Paved Path=50% Truck Trail=50%
      Jenny Zeilweiger a 9 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Huffy Trail-blazer from Rancho St. Margarita


    • Trail UpdateDanger, Danger, Danger!-
      OK, not really... but on the way down Meadows Saturday morning with a partial contingent of TeamBasso riders, we encountered not one, but TWO rattlesnakes within about a hundred yards of trail.

      Both of these cold critters were stretched out across the width of the trail, probably trying to warm up a little - in spite of the sun it was colder than you'd have thought. While I would have been perfectly content to wait 'em out, our fearless ride leader, Mike "the Croc Hunter" picked up a stick at each encounter and gently encouraged the snakes to retreat from the trail.

      And to confirm for the guy below, yes, all of the really fun, quasi-legal (ok, not at all legal) trails like JT's, Car Wreck, Birthday, etc., have been signed as closed and fenced off. Disappointed? Come to Ranger Tom's South County Trail Summit Wednesday evening at 6:00! Might be 6:30, I'll confirm asap.
      It will be at the San Juan Capistrano Community Center; (located at 25925 Camino del Avion between Del Obispo and Alipaz in SJC).
      Thos. Bros. 972-A3.
      If you want to carpool from Aliso Viejo, email me!

      Chris... a 27 year old from Aliso Viejo, CA


    • Trail UpdateCar Wreck, JT's Closed?-are these trails really closed? please update me!
      jeff a 25 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a truth from newport


    • Trail UpdateAW Fun Sometimes-

      Yesterday after work was real zoo at AW. On steep hill just before top of MAthias I pass Mitsubishi convertible. That was funny to this this sport car getting stuck in the ruts. Then on the way down Lynx, these 2 kids have radios control cars and had a blast going down trails with these toys. I bunny hoped one of these toys.


      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 6 miles Elevation change: 1000 feet
      Singletrack=20% Dirt Road=80%
      Chirs a 32 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a superlight from french


    • Trail UpdateJust The Facts, Ma'am...-
      Tuesday evening - pretty dry, but many sections were scarred by a-holes riding on Sunday and Monday. Should be fine today (Wednesday). Some sections are getting kinda sandy; I saw a pretty big sinkhole waiting to eat a rim on Coyote Run, right after I saw a coyote!

      Oh, all right, a little self indulgence...
      Dropped down Rock-it on the rigid singlespeed - kewl! It is easy to stay within the park rules and still have a good time - challenging ride even - on a rigid bike with only one gear. I'll miss JT's & Car Wreck, but now that I've got the rigid ride I'll still be able to scare the crap out of myself on legal trails.

      So there!

      Ride distance: several miles Elevation change: enuff @ 32:16, anyway!
      Singletrack=75% Truck Trail=25%
      Chris... a 27 year old riding a rigid M2 SS from Aliso Viejo, CA


    • Trail UpdateSpeaking For Yourself-A few weeks ago I was at the top of Cholla when a guy
      on an Ellsworth was also deciding his next path. We
      chatted and both decided to hit Lynx. "Ladies first"
      he said. (Yikes!) Only having done this trail a few
      times, I was a bit weary, but gave it all I had. Going
      faster than usual, I came upon the split and took the
      left down. Whowww, yahhhhh!!!! Somehow pulled it off
      and came out at the bottom with rubber legs. Thanks to
      El Jefe for mapping out the trail. I think I'll go up
      high next time. Keep on writing in, it's good to check
      out others adventures in the local postings.

      Oh, and since Mr. "what a kook" forgot to actually
      update the trail, here it is: New "closed" signs are
      posted at one bottom fork of SCHOOLYARDS, saw a BOBCAT
      on tues, on the bottom, right before the single track
      river crossing (what a beauty), everything's wet due to
      heavy rain last night......
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 1 mile Elevation change: stay alert
      Kook lady in love with the dirt a 33 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a FSR Stumpjumper from Aliso Viejo, CA


    • Trail UpdateAliso And Woods Canyons - Laguna-Is Bob Wire, Barb Wires husband?
      La Bombader a Downhiller riding a Flexi Flier from Pickle Patch


    • Trail UpdateThought I would go for a hike today from top of the world down JT's and up Car Wreck. Can anybody say Bob Wire? Anybody know if these are the only two trails closed or are there more?
      Pat D riding a Wild Hare


    • Trail UpdateKook Here- My Apologies-Self absorbed? Maybe. Didn't say a lot about condition of the trail? Well, you got me there. My apologies for both taking up more space in the trailhead section, and not giving this joker his trail condition update. But wait! Look just above this post. That's it, in blue type with yellow background. It says "RIDES / NOTES / TRAIL CONDTIONS."
      So I only hit two of the three. Did you think that maybe someone read one of these posts and thought that the route taken seemed interesting? That maybe trying to go up Lynx, or across Top of The World to Meadows would be an interesting twist? Or wait! Maybe by describing success on a particularly tricky spot, someone could use the advice to their advantage next time? No, probably not. I've actually learned quite a bit from descriptive posts, but maybe you're just an incredible wealth of information and have no need for such inane rantings as found on this site. Your point regarding the need to update other riders on particular hazards and conditions would not be completely invalid if not rendered so by your complete lack of balls in posting you name or email.

      By the way, XCChris is one helluva guy and is far better a person than you could hope to be.

      You sound like Jumpdaddy.

      One more thing...I rode Cholla, Lynx, Coyote, and Up and down Meadows this afternoon. They are all in fine shape, though Lynx is getting a little silty at the rock garden.
      Ride distance: 11 Elevation change: quite a bit
      Singletrack=85% Dirt Road=15%
      Jeff Jarvis - aka - El Jefe a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Sugar-posting my real name and email from Lake Forest


    • Trail UpdateWhat A Kook-In reference to the post below this one, and to all others like it (i.e. most of xcchris' posts), save that dribbling diatribe for the message board. It's bad enough that we have to deal with childish posers' posts bragging about bombing this, or talking shit about that. How about some TRAIL CONDITIONS? That's what this section is for. Nobody in here gives a crap that you feel special now that you've cleaned Lynx, or that you had the perfect Christmas Eve ride. People go to the Trail Conditions section to check on, strangely enough, TRAIL CONDITIONS, CLOSURES, HAZARDS, LEGALITIES, ANIMAL SIGHTINGS etc, etc. They don't check to find out whether or not you had a good ride, or whether or not you've recovered from any injuries. Could you possibly be any more self-absorbed?


    • Trail UpdateCholla/Lynx/Rock-it..up And Down-My leg was still a little tweaked on Friday from A Sunday crash on Lynx, but I thought I could use a little after-work decompression ride. Entered A/W through the back side by Cholla. Riding up Cholla, I could tell that 3 days off and an easy ride on Thursday helped quite a bit. Used the 21 tooth ring on my cassette and smoked up the hill I know best. At the top of Cholla, I had a decision to make. Lynx did me in last time. I still have the gaping wound covered by bandages to show, and still a twinge of soreness. STP's advice to slow down came to mind and off I went to face my nemesis. Undulating smooth single track beneath me, it was hard to reign it in. Slight bank, unweight for the studder bumps, shift the hips a bit and pull back for the drop off mid turn. That's it, much better now. Power to the pedals on the short uphill grade, now back into the drop. Lighten the grip, sit back, let the bike go now. Less brake, just relax and ride it out. Go high on the split. HAH! I remembered this time. Now the last run out and smile at a clean run. Now on to Rock-it. Up Rock-it. My technical climbing feels good. Leave granny alone at first, you may need her later. Washboard up is rough, but just keep a smooth spin. Now the first rock garden. Stay left then slash right with the cut of the rocks. No problem. Now that tricky part. Left line again, then pedal hard across the rock face. Granny time. We gotta take this slow, Sugar. Clean. Now unweight the front for the shelf and be on your way. Next rock garden just hammer through. Weight shift back and forth. Pull back on the bars. Slide left again to take the dirt. No need to be a hero when you're having the perfect day. Hammer to the top and turn around for the descent. Let it run a bit, Rock-it is becoming an old friend. Not too much though, focus on relaxing and balance. Now back to the rock face. Slow now, easy does it. Now cut right and take a line next to the bush. Clean! First time ever. Smoke the bottom half. In the flow now. no brake on the washboard, just ride it out. On to Lynx again. Up Lynx? Why not! Not enough momentum to take the sharp rise. Had to step out of the pedals. First time my foot touched the ground today. Turn around and try again from the beginning so you can call it clean. Take the line up that caused your wreck last time. Tight sqeeze, but I got you this time. An exercise in balance for the rest of the ride. Unweight the front but don't pull too hard. Now one hard pedal stroke with a forward lean and pull back on the bars. It's there for us today Sugar. The worst is over. Take the rest with a smile. Top of Lynx, head right. Hello Cholla. Last run before dark. Use the bank turns. Unweight and drop just for fun. Tacky dirt is keeping the tires in line on turns even at speed. Run out the bottom and the perfect ride is done. Short and sweet, and my feet touched but once to pay homage to my former enemy. Gotta love it.
      Ride distance: Just a few Elevation change: Just enough
      Singletrack=95% Dirt Road=5%
      El Jefe a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Sugar from Lake Forest


    • Trail UpdateSpring Is Here In Wood Canyon-The trail is in great shape, but once you get to the more technical Cholla trail and Lynx trail, there are two things to watch out for. 1st, While ascending Cholla trail yesterday, I nearly missed two rattle snakes. So please keep an eye open for them. 2nd, there is a new rutted section toward the bottom before Lynx trail connencts back to Wood Canyon, so be cautious as you bomb down Lynx trail. Be careful and have fun!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 10.5miles Elevation change: 700
      Singletrack=20% Dirt Road=50% Paved Path=30%
      a 21 year old Weekend Warrior riding a 2000 Gary Fisher Sugar 3 from Los Angeles



      After numerous weeks of hype, excuses, and pure bull$#@t, DT finally was forced to stand above the famed D-cave drop.

      Despite the fresh tracks from that morning present on the face of the drop by obviously lesser men, DT indeed shook his wobbly knees for a full 15 minutes (7 by his cheap watch) before walking down in doomed idiocy.

      Lets face it...this drop is for real men...not of DT's caliber.

      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: 0.01 miles Elevation change: 35 feet
      Nearby Rock, a 4 million year old riding a wave a laughter from Granite Upheaval


    • Trail UpdateReturn To Ruts-Returned from Hawaii Friday to 4 straight days of rain.
      I thought I'd be trying out my new found technical
      skills in Aliso. Hawaii trails were insane fun! When
      they say intermediate to advanced, they mean it. I
      came home with a big coconut on my leg, thanks to that
      river crossing. All that comes to mind when I think of
      our rides there is Steve Peat's description of "roots
      and rocks", "ka kah, ka kah, ka kah!" I just had to
      write about biking since my neighborhood trails are
      gonna be wet for awile. Hopefully we'll get 3 dry days
      quick!!!!! It will be interesting to see what's
      Lady in love with the dirt a 33 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a FSR Stumpjumper from Aliso Viejo, CA


    • Trail UpdateGot Rain?-
      At least the new rain ruts add a technical challenge to the fine art of bombing fireroads.


    • Trail UpdatePleasant Valley Sunday-This day began a tranquil and serene, with clear skies and cool weather. Too bad I wasted it at this lame excuse for a park. The trails are basically all fire roads that have no technical challenge and the poor little singletracks are a joke.
      The only fun part is that once you finally make it to the top of the world you get a short but fast downhill back out of the park. On the way as I was skidding and tearing up this ridiculous place I came upon a jackrabbit on the side of the fireroad and it took off in the same direction I was going. The Stupid thing was so scared and it was hauling its rear end fast so I chased it good before it took a sharp turn into the bushes so I went in after it at full speed crashing over the underbrush for about fifteen yards before wiping out, but it was worth it. Some bikers going up the hill looked annoyed, but my buudy just pointed at them and laughed, then we left, never to go back.

      Recommendation, everyone please go here so we get the fun trails to ourselves.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 420 Elevation change: 420
      Mahatma a 69 year old Downhiller from India


    • Trail UpdateScorcher At Aliso Canyon-I guess Punxsutawny Phil was wrong about 6 more weeks of winter. If we had our own ground hog (Aliso Arnold) he would have said "Forget about winter and spring, it feels like summer!". The temperature was in the mid 80s this past Saturday while riding Aliso Canyon. And with clear skies and no wind it was a scorcher. The lower part of the Wood Canyon trail was dry and sandy as usual. The Cholla Trail had some nicely exposed rocks to traverse and also some dangerous Cactus (got shishkebabed a couple of times). The park was full of many lady bikers on Saturday. One pretty gal told me that she was just recovering from broken ribs and yet was able to pass me goin up the Cholla Trail. Wow! Riding Coyote Trail I did get a report that some big cats were prowling about so keep and eye and ear out and be careful. FOUND A BIKE COMPUTER on the Wood Canyon Trail at about 11 am. It appears to be a nice expensive model. Email me at anthony@softopt-engr.com and describe your lost computer so that I can mail it to you.
      Red Rider a 43 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Cannondale F400 from Redondo Beach, CA


    • Trail UpdateCoyote? What Coyote?-
      So I took yesterday afternoon off, that I might pick up my wife from the airport, and, oh, I 'spose if I had the time maybe go turn the cranks at Aliso-Wood Canyon, before she gets shut down...
      I departed from my pad, riding into an increasingly stiff wind. I dropped down Canyon Vistas and into the park at the base of Cholla. I love that I can leave my garage (on my bike, of course) and be in the park in less than five minutes! So I start spinning up Cholla, taking note of newly exposed rocks (thanks, rain!) and then I'm at the fire road. I look across the valley at snow-capped Mt. Baldy and my new friend, Saddleback...

      Red-tailed hawks are soaring around, occasionally doing that cool, hover-flap-getting-set-to-dive-thing, and I head on up to Mathis, pausing to look out at the majestic Pacific. I can see Catalina & Balboa Island - cool! I spin on to Mathis and make my descent down a trail. What a ride! On my way down I see a guy climbing Rock-it - further inspiration.

      At the bottom of my descent, I spin casually up Coyote Run, long shadows making me wonder where the hell I left my clear-lensed Smiths! I get to the bottom of Rock-it & think, hmmm... I shuttled (ick!) SJT. That Jeff Jarvis guy keeps kickin' my ass on climbs. I'm gonna do something about THAT!

      So up Rock-it I go. It really wasn't such a bad climb - the trail was completely new to me, riding it in reverse of my usual... more hawks, more warm sunshine - Oakleys come off the helmet & back on the face... I'm at the fire road again... Hmmm. Now what?

      Top of the World, baby! What a view - I'm just lucky I didn't get blown off the hill - jeez it was windy! I met this cool single-speed dude, and we headed on down another trail. Nice! Sweet ST and rocky drops, the singlespeeder is dancing along in front of me, I'm just trying to keep it together in the techy spots... Then we're at Dripping Cave. The singlespeeder rolls off the main trail about 20 yards to this steep rock face - I recognize it immediately. "Terminaut's Drop." (you've got to see that guy's website - he's a stud!).

      Well, we go back to Dripping Cave and over around the bottom of Mathis toward Coyote Run. I'm a few feet off the back, and the singlespeeder gives a little holler - there's a HUGE coyote trotting across the trail in front of him! I lock 'em up and stop - what a beautiful creature! He just dropped off the side of the trail, crossed the ravine, and then stopped. The coyote turned around and faced us... damn! It was gorgeous, reddish brown, clean, very healthy looking... I almost brought my camera, but didn't! That would have been such a cool shot!

      Oh well, off we went, up that fine animal's namesake Run, and the singespeeder & I parted company at the bottom of Rock-it. Thanks again for the tour, man!

      I spun my way back out of the park and to my pad, completely renewed.

      It was the perfect ride.



    • Trail UpdateFlame Thread Has Been Moved-We have moved the heated political discussion over to the "Southern California Mountain Biking" page, called "Official Aliso/Woods flame thread". Feel free to continue your discussion there, and remember that the trail pages are for trail routes, directions, and conditions. We appreciate your patronage and keep the trail updates coming! Thank you.


    • Trail UpdateChristmas Eve Ride-I rode with my wife on the 24th... It was really perfect.

      I was feeling pretty marginal that morning (nasty cold I'm still getting over) but I doped up on DayQuil and we headed over for a casual spin. Since I was feeling kinda sick, I took it really easy. I just enjoyed floating along on the squishy, comfy FSR and taking in the scenery. This place must have been pretty cool 20 or 30 years ago - before the power lines & development marred the immediate horizons.

      It was a very pleasant ride. It's a lot of fun to ride with my wife - she's a rookie, and every time we ride together I note her skill level & confidence increasing. I'm really glad she likes riding, and thus is only relegated to part-time "bike widow" status! ;-)

      I'm sure that you natives & long time SoCal types take this weather & terrain for granted, but next time you go out, try to look at your surroundings from a different perspective - even if it's only dropping from 30 mph to 5 mph and looking around for a few minutes...

      You will be surprised at the beauty you'll see.



    • Trail UpdateNight Time Is A No-no-It is not legal to ride at A/W at night. While some may riders may do it, being seen just adds to the bad reputation of mountain bikers. Remember, your lights can be seen cruising down the mountain from surrounding houses. There are plenty of other places where you can legally ride at night such as San Juan and Santiago (the Luge). Please don't do it, I wan't A/W to stay open to bikers during the day.
      LFB a 32 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a GT XCR LE


    • Trail UpdateNight Rider-Anybody ride here at night?
      Anybody been busted?
      Do a lot of people ride here at night?
      Night Rider a Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateCreeped Out By Car Wreck-Man, does anybody else get the willies by the wrecked car? I rode Oak Grove for the first time yesterday - absolutely beautiful day - and stopped to rest at the car. It was eerily quiet. All I could hear was the little creek gurgling and the occasional critter in the foliage. I kept thinking about the crashed plane scene from one of those stupid old Michael Doulas movies "Romancing the Stone?" or something like that... You know what I'm tal;kin' about - they find the old plane full of weed in the jungle, complete with dead pilots inside?

      Does anybody know the full story about the accident? I'd love to hear it.

      Anyway, it was a great day. Up Cholla, down Rock-it & Coyote, up Mathis, down Oak Grove/Car Wreck, up Mathis, down (and up) the West Ridge Fire Road to Cholla, back down Cholla and a short road ride home. All of this on 10 December! It was 10 degrees below zero in Minnesota (my former state of residence) yesterday. I'm definitely going to call my buddies from back home & razz them about the weather!

      Take care,


      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: lots Elevation change: tons
      Singletrack=70% Dirt Road=30%
      XcChris a 26 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a FSR from AV


    • Trail UpdateRight Of Way-General rule: Climber gets right of way. Of course, this rule is somewhat elastic. If a descender just doesn't have time to stop (while barreling around a corner, for instance), you should get out of the way best you can. Or if a big group of downhill riders is coming your way, and you're a solo climber, you might wanna pull over so you don't hold all those people up. Still, many riders think they own the trail even if they see you huffing and puffing up the hill from several hundred yards back. In these cases, go right up the middle of the trail and make them either a) stop, or b) go tumbling off the side of the trail. This strategy is especially handy when going up San Juan Trail, where few downhillers ever pull over for climbers.


    • Trail UpdateTrail Etiquette-I just have a question about trail etiquette. I was riding this mornig and was onan uphill section of Coyote when another rider was coming down. Well he showed no sign of stopping and letting me pass so I was forced to stop half way up so this guy could continue on. I run into people like this every weekend in there and it is just retared the way they feel everyone else should yield to them. Other than this guy the, this morning was fantastic. He was the only person that I saw the entire morning but he was enough.
      Ride distance: 10 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=85% Dirt Road=15%
      Jeff a Cross-Country Rider riding a Gary Fisher Sugar from Aliso Viejo


    • Trail UpdateWhere's The Propeller?-Trying to locate family history. Only biked Aliso Canyon twice, hiked 4 x's looking for 1944 plane wreck. We were told propeller is visiable + other wreckage. Anyone w/ info that could lead us to wreck we would really appreciate it. Trail details, landmarks, ride names..please send me a note...Helping my Dad & Grandfather go back in time.
      from Mission Viejo


    • Trail UpdateRattler On Lynx!-I was going up (yes, UP) Lynx on Thursday (Thanksgiving) afternoon, when I spied something lying across the trail about 3/4 of the way up... a rattlesnake!

      Yikes! D@mn, I was so tired I almost didn't see it. I stopped and stared at it for a few minutes, not wanting to turn around & lose all that hard-earned elevation. Eventually, the snake began to slither into the brush... thinking I could now safely pass, I started towards it - TOO SOON!

      That little sucker (it was probably only a little over 2 feet) coiled up & started hissing & rattling! Scared the crap outta me! Man, I made good time the rest of the way up that hill!

      Ride rating: Advanced
      XcChris a 26 year old Weekend Warrior riding a FSR Enduro from Aliso Viejo


    • Trail UpdateNew Trail Not At Aliso-Just wanted to let you all know that the new trail posted a few post below is bunk. There are no new trails at Aliso. The one there speaking of has been there for a few years now. Just someone who doesn't know what there talking about. Keep it quiet and safe. Be respectful to the other users at the park and we should be ok. Later
      Thomas a 23 year old Downhiller riding a One with lots travel and disc brakes from Aliso Viejo, CA


    • Trail UpdateA/W CYN Isn't Closing-The trail isn't closing, but FYI Moral Soldier, you were riding on a day the park was closed. It rained Sunday, and the park is closed for 3 days after any rain. Thus, no one should be using the trails (including hikers - the closure applies to ALL users) until Wednesday (today) at the earliest.

      The park is only in jeopardy as to MTB use when people break the few rules that are imposed upon us... It would be easy to preserve access in A/W Cyn if people would just think a little bit about the impression they give to the non-cycling community.

      Singletrack=90% Dirt Road=10%
      XcChris a 26 year old Weekend Warrior riding a soapbox from the top of Rock-it


    • Trail UpdateMy Backyard-Does anyone know about AW being closed to MTB? I've been reading on other boards that some people are trying to do so..if anyone knows anything about this please let us know so some sort of counter measure can be taken!!! Ex post facto activism is useless! Otherwise, rode yesterday, trails are about a day away from perfection...don't ride when it's still wet, you'll wreck the trails, yield to those who are riding up and remember to eat your veggies.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 14 Elevation change: few hundred
      Singletrack=65% Dirt Road=35%
      Moral Soilder a 29 year old Racer riding a bike from Aliso Viejo


    • Trail UpdateCall For Silence-Sadly, I agree with the call for silence!!!

      I generally enter the park near Cholla, and I have taken to riding there rather than driving, so as to make a discrete entrance to the park. I would hate to see the homeowners by the park getting pissy about the biker's cars/etc., so let's keep a low profile!
      Stealthrider a 007 year old Weekend Warrior riding a I ain't tellin' from Aliso Viejo


      James Bond riding a Many


    • Trail UpdateAliso/wood Cyn-cmon people. once again this is an illegal trail.they seem to popping out of the cracks.if you people are so bored with riding this area ,do some traveling and visit other spots.the illegal trails that you ride/carv are gonna get your sorry asses BANNED from this park all together.[see:l.a.times article.]
      people are starting this same crap at chesebro cyn.we have already issued citations for it.


    • Trail UpdateTelonix-It looks like the Rads did some trail maintenance to Telonix. The middle section with all the shoots are now makeable and most of the bottom ruts are cleaned up. I was able to make the entire trail with no Dabs.

      This trail is still extremely technical and can still use a little more rain and maintenance, but overall, it is in good shape.

      Please respect the trails and clean-up the blood after you crash and don't forget about some of the other great thrill trails such as:
      School Yard
      Direct Dial
      Stair Steps
      Car Wreck

      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 1 Elevation change: 900 ft
      Tom a 31 year old riding a Specialized (hard-tail) from Laguna Hills


    • Trail UpdateOur Sunday With Tom-aliso is good I was cusing at my bike the trail ,but it was so worth it when I descend I will give my war cry ala full metal jacket as I pass you I `am last up but first down and I like it . hey sonny and jimmy the ride was good hit lots of good trails ,If you get a chance go ride aliso woods , hey mr bonk look out for that big rut .
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: Elevation change: up& down
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      from rancho cucamonga


    • Trail UpdateALISO WOODS-Rode their today Sunday condions were perfect
      Almost made the big climb, The downhill was worth it!
      When you make it to the bench at the top bring doggie cookies so of the owners are really nice.
      Thanks Sonny and Jimmy for the great ride!
      Barry did not make it to the top in the middle ring and Tom look out or I will run you over....
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 16.5 miles Elevation change: alot
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      MR BONK a 39 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek vrx400 from Rancho cucamonga


    • Trail UpdateAliso/Wood Canyon-Main trail from service road. Up and back. Dry, warm, some sandy spots, no crowd (rode today-Weds.)Nice fun ride.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 8 miles Elevation change: not sure
      Dirt Road=80% Paved Path=20%
      Andy a 35 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant Iguana SE from Corona


    • Trail UpdateTelonics-Rode this trail today and it's been quite a while.
      Actually, still learning how to ride trails like this.
      The Very top section from the fireroad is rutted and it's difficult to follow the berm, so I took more of a straight line. The rock drop off section is really fun, either straight, or going off to the right and down. It's fun getting some air off the rocks. The first rock you come up on is kinda tricky when you have speed. The middle and lower sections are really rutted and in need of some maintenance. The rut area is bigger than the rideable area, and it's hard to ride the fast berm sections like you're suppposed to.
      This is a really fun fun trail and I just like to ride the first rock dropoff sections, rock sections and the "VW", but the rest is waaaaay rutted. Try car wreck, but be careful on the steep part, control thy speed (I found out).

      Aliso rules for technical riding and learning to get better. Also, some protective gear is not a bad idea at all...

      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: 1.5 Elevation change: don't know
      Singletrack=99% Dirt Road=1%
      D. King a 36 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GT XCR 3000 Idrive from Huntington Beach, Ca


    • Trail UpdateDripping Cave...-Craig
      ODBars is right. You jinked left when you should have gone straight. Rocker's alternative route saves you two stream crossings and replaces an uneventful section of trail with a nice singletrack. Trying to make the rock face at the "resting spot" of this trail, without the freefall into the tick/snake infested thicket to the right (if you're headed toward Mathis) makes for some excitement.


    • Trail UpdateDripping Cave-Craig, sounds like you veered left at the top of that first tough climb when you shoulda just proceeded straight ahead to the switchbacks that take you down to the base of Mathis. Always been curious where that vertical wall of a trail that you went up leads to, though.
      OverDaBars a Cross-Country Rider from Placentia


    • Trail UpdateDripping Cave Alternative-I tried Rocker's alternative to Mathis, taking a right at the fork in the path near Dripping cave, talk about a nightmare. The trail is extremely steep, I'm not sure if he's bullshitting or what, but in my opinion, unridable up and would be extreme coming down to say the least, making rock it and the others appear wimpy, make sure you have leg and arm protection, the trail is very tight and overgrown in lots of areas. I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere, for I ended up about a half mile from the top of the world in some guys back yard fighting off a dozen hungry pigmy goats intent on eating my bike. Okay, slight exageration. You can find the top of the path, off a dead end street, unknown name. a left then a right than a left from the park, looks like a overgrown dirt road between the houses with a sign warning off unauthorized vehicles. If your into masocistic behavior, I highly recommend it as a radical downhill suicide attempt, very steep incline with rock ledges and steep drop off's . Good luck on making it to the bottom, Oh and say hi to the goats for me./ if you do e-mail me and let me know what you thought of the trail and if you survived.
      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: unknown Elevation change: near vertical
      Craig a 32 year old Weekend Warrior riding a rat bike from laguna niguel


    • Trail UpdateTelonics-I don't get down to Laguna much, but I invariably leave with an ear-to-ear grin when I make the pilgrimage. Last saturday was no exception. I rode telonics and a few others, and here's the report:

      Let's talk about ruts. No, not ruts, to call the bottom half of telonics *rutted* would be a misnomer- it's a one-and-a-half foot deep trench. World War I soldiers would be proud of what us mtbrs have done to the bottom half of this trail. In any event, it is very technical. Expect to dump if it is your first time. Or your second.

      In spite of the trench, this is a first class ride, and must be ridden by anyone who likes the steep and scary. The rocky section up top is very managable, but always gets my adrenaline up and running. The top part of the ride (the fireroad) has been re-graded recently (unlike the Santa Monica Mts, in Laguna they only re-grade the *fireroads*, and leave the singletracks intact), so it is a little tougher than usual to see the trail entrance. Other than the ruts and the grading, the trail is the same as it always was-- steep and bad-ass.

      the 411: up mathis to the top of the world, up the hill to the left, right down the fireroad near the top, look to the right as you head down the ridge. It is there. Getting back to the top is a bit of a pisser- I have been hiking Ira's run back to the top, and don't know of any other way to go.

      Be the ball.
      Ride rating: Expert
      El Santo


    • Trail UpdateDripping Cave-A nice alternative to get to Mathis... As you travel on the main fire road look for the "Dripping Cave" detour on your left. As you approach a "T" you can go left for a few yards and check out the cave or go right and begin a short but nasty climb. There are two short but steep sections and then the trail peaks where everybody usually rests. Continue on and you have a couple of challenging rocky sections that lead you to some very nice switchbacks. The trail spills out to the fire road that leads to Mathis. Go left to Mathis or right to head back to the main fire road. Another suggestion if you are coming back on Coyote... Take a right at the end of Coyote and follow the fire road to Mathis. Hang a left where Dripping ends and do it backwards... Very cool!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: Elevation change: 2
      Rocker a 36 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a GT Xizang/Specialized Enduro/Rhygin Road from R.S.M.


    • Trail UpdateCar Wreck-Hey OverDaBars, I would say that the lower section of Car Wreck is no more than 40 degrees, but it seems much steeper when riding it. But you are right, it is a fun trail.

      Hey everyone. There are some great downhill trails in the Irvine Regional Park/Santiago Oaks Area. Check it out for yourselves. There is some steep stuff like at Aliso & Wood Canyon. YOu have to check out Waterfall!!!!!!!! The book called "mountain biking in southern california" gave Waterfall a technical rating of 11!!!!!

      Some Crazy Dude


    • Trail UpdateCar Wreck-Been riding A&W Canyons for a long time now but never got around to doing Car Wreck until this past Sunday. Now, I don't know if it's cuz I've been riding Chino Hills and Fullerton Loop too much, but DAMN that's a tough trail! Starts out a lot like the top of Rock-It, but then that 100-foot section near the canyon bottom has gotta be something like a 60-degree pitch. And then I nearly became one with the trail's namesake landmark. Scary stuff, but fun.
      OverDaBars a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider from Placentia


    • Trail UpdateAliso And Stuff-Been riding almost all winter two nights a week and hardly saw any of you tough guy night riders out there. The occassional group was it but most nights, not one biker in sight. I guess in the long run that's good, I just thought there would be more of ya out there. With the recent rains the trails are all packed down nicely, although some of the downhills are chopped up like a motocross track. Can you say gut jarring breaking bumps. I for one don't mind them.

      But I know the smooth parts will soon be ploughed into soft sand by the trail crews and then it will suck. I wonder why they do that. It seems like there would be less errosion if they just left the hard pack alone instead of digging deeper. Take Cholla for instance, there are now parts that are a foot deeper than the surrounding original grade. What gives anyway. Can't they smooth out the trails without digging a trench. And no I don't plan on joining a trail crew, so don't bring it up. I don't do manual labor, it's for the "joiners" and "do-gooders" of the world to handle.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: whatever Elevation change: indeed
      Singletrack=ya% Dirt Road=ya% Paved Path=ya% Truck Trail=no%
      Night Ranger,just like my favorite band a 28 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Ratty GT w/a flashlight taped to bars. from Capo Beach


    • Trail UpdateIllegal Short Dogs-Gave this place another look on Saturday in search of the stealth action. I must have spotted about 6-8 although I could never match the trails with their names. I tried 2 of em out and DAMN are they short...we're talkin 3 minutes or less. You would need a ski lift to get in any real time on these. Still pretty damn fun. Also did Rock It and Lynx, I never thought braking bumps could reach such a level...only a backhoe could salvage those two. Good luck to you. URL: Dusty Bottoms


    • Trail UpdateMeadows Trail/unknown Downhill-Today (1-20-00) I rode up Meadows and still find it way exhausting. I always dredge going up this damn thing but feel great once the road is reached. Does anyone know what the name of the downhill is that goes down to wood canyon trail just before the sandstone blob? It starts behind the top of the world elementary school (along the chain linked fence) and goes down some steep sandstone to a very steep single track. I found it a little more challenging than car wreck, after crashing a couple of times. Pretty cool.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: ~8 miles Elevation change: ~700 ft.
      Singletrack=90% Dirt Road=10%
      Mike a 26 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 1998 Trek 8500 from Westminster E-mail: mikrkclmb@my-deja.com


    • Trail UpdateAliso Woods-Rode here jan 2, and it was indeed superb. Have not ridden here in some time, and everything seemed to be in better shape then I remember, lots of downhillers flying down from Top o the world. Lots of hikers and families, but most were very frienddly. Everyone I said hi to responded. Thank you so much to the crews who did the trail work. Cholla was great shape! Great ride, though the call boxes threw me! When did those go in? Has anyone ridden Laguna Coast Wilderness, it was open today, but we passed in favor of familiar territory, and there seemed to be very few bikers there.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: no computer Elevation change: enough
      Singletrack=60% Dirt Road=40%
      Geoff a 21 year old Weekend Warrior riding a 99 FSR from Orange


    • Trail UpdateAliso Woods-Rode here on Jan 2, after the rains. Conditions were super! We really needed that dose of rain, it made such a difference! Rock it, Cholla, Coyote run, Mathis, all were in great shape and it was an incredible day to boot......Kudos to the trail crew who worked on Cholla this AM, the trail is in excellent shape now............
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      TK a 36 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a DEAN from RSM


    • Trail UpdateDirect Dial-I was reading the comments and noticed a few peoplw talking about the trail that ends in the "Dog Park". It's called Direct Dial in the Orange County ride guide. It's a fun trail, but beware of some serious steep drops. If you like this one try Telonics. It shoots off from the west Ridge just below Top of the world. As you're heading down you'll pass a hill to your left. Hit the single track there, out to the dirt rode leading down toward the beach. A short way down you'll see a single track to the right (keep an eye out, it's easy to miss). It's insane. Ends on Laguna Canyon road south of Dog Park.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Singletrack=95% Dirt Road=5%
      a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a GT XCR the only way to fly. from Lake Forest


    • Trail UpdateOptions-This was my first time at this well documented area and I was not impressed at first. Pulling into the lot only to find about 35 riders going in circles like it was a bike show. Hit the trail and almost fell off my bike when I saw the FREEWAY CALL BOXES about every 1/2 mile. Just another example of the Orange county city planners getting their hands into everything. Are you kidding me? And then all the signage telling me what plants I'm riding over and how fast to go. I was pretty bummed on the ride out, but the trail options made up for the lack of nature.

      I went up cholla, down rock it, up cholla, down lynx, up cholla, and then found something that really peaked my interest. A trail that dropped off the right side on your way to top of the world. It probably has a name but I don't know it, so I will call it the benchmark(a metal marker used to measure mountain peaks) trail. It looked like it ended at a storage facility next to the highway at the bottom. This trail is definately expert only. Extremely steep and rocky, I had a couple dismounts because I forgot to bring my chest protector...Oh yeah... I don't own one. I stopped about half way down seeing as I didn't know if there was a way back up(there has to be). I tell ya, this trail could be incredible with a little more maintenance(wider turns with bail outs).

      Anyway, then continued on down mathis and out of the park. From all the smack that I have seen posted about this area, I was rather disappointed not to see anyone fist fighting! C'mon guys push away from your computers and get it on! As far as the family atmosphere it was no big deal... I didn't see anyone's grandma tailgating me on the descents. There were a few church groups holding hands all the way across the trail on the flats...NO LIE!

      Lots of fun options in the area, I know I didn't hit them all. If your looking to get away from it all don't come here, but for a quick fix it works just fine. Good luck to you. URL: Dusty Bottoms


    • Trail UpdateAliso Woods-got started late last night, riding into the top end of woods canyon about 7 pm. the four of us debated, briefly, going up the girl's trail (cholla), but chose instead to ride cam's trail (the new northern extension of coyote) down to coyote proper.
      coyote run was high speed and tractable from the precipitation. Blasted down that 4 sets of lights blazing, then a chug up mathis to top of the world.
      short break and water, then south to meadow again. down meadow's just too cool a trail not to ride it whenever you're in aliso. jack shredded in front of me and bailed into the surrounding countryside once. but once again, it was just a great little dash down a roller coaster. forearms get a good workout too.
      north up wood canyon, with a side trip to dripping cave...time for another break.
      after that, just another kick out woods and up canyon vista. Finished up close to 10; another nice trip through the park.
      noticed a lot more people out last night than we usually find on a tuesday.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: who cares Elevation change: enough
      Singletrack=35% Dirt Road=50% Paved Path=15%
      bob a 45 year old from aliso viejo


    • Trail UpdateRode down meadow last night. Its in great shape and like riding a roller coaster. As usual, just two of us pretty much had all of Aliso Woods to ourselves. Ran across a couple of riders on the road, but other than that, no one.
      You guys that wanna ride fast, do it at night. Dark's cool.
      Just remember, we all have something in common - riding.
      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: 15 +/-miles Elevation change:
      bob a 45 year old Die-hard Enthusiast from Aliso Viejo


    • Trail Update-Rode about five trails today 4/1 all are in good condition
      Any one wanting to repair any trails should contact
      SHARE mountain bike club at 949-222-3334 or sharemtb.com
      Karl G riding a FSR xc


    • Trail UpdateWith the little bit of rain we've had lately, the park is in excellent condition...watch out for all the people! Rocket still rules!
      Gregg Howard a 57 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Chuck from Laguna Niguel


    • Trail UpdateRock It-I road this for the first time Saturday and it is great. The name fits. It is a small park but has many fun downhills. That would explain all of the downhill rigs that I saw. It was very crowed by 10 am. I plan to go back soon.
      OAF a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GT from Yorba Linda


    • Trail UpdateWoods Canyon-Rode Aliso/Woods Canyon trails last Saturday. I don't know the name of this one big ridge that I rode up but on my way up, this guy, who was obviously going way too fast, was bouncing so much on ruts on the trail that his entire rear derailleur assembly broke off and flew into the bushes! Basically there were a lot of locations like that where tractor ruts seemed quite precarious, especially on downhills. Some patches of deep sand, but all in all, a very good ride.
      Singletrack=80% Dirt Road=20%
      Ryan a 18 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant ATX 970 from Palos Verdes Estates, CA


    • Trail UpdateDog Park-Dog park is a trail in aliso woods that drops down into the "dog park" on Laguna Canyon Road. It starts of pretty easy but the worst is yet to come. This trail is really hard and technical. Be very careful. If you have problems going down telonics or car wreck stay away from this one. have fun and good luck!
      SPDFRK a 29 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a LTS-1 from Aliso Viejo


    • Trail UpdateAliso Canyon-rode the canyon and the ridge on may 3rd, just managed to beat the rain. many bikers over the weekend, looked like the 405. they (the van pattens) plowed a tractor through areas where the canyon trail had been overgrown, so it's clear riding from aliso canyon to the cholla trail (except for the stream and fallen tree that cuts the trail near the base of lynx). still patches of deep sand. the ridge is in good condition, as is cholla and mathis. coyote run is not bad, but watch out for oncoming bikers. have fun out there and don't let the turkey vultures find your carcass!
      Singletrack=25% Dirt Road=75%
      Lobster-boy a 27 year old Weekend Warrior riding a trek 7000 from West L.A.


    • Trail UpdateKen-I rode Aliso Woods on April 18. The canyon has a lot of deep sand and is washed out in some places but it is definitely ridable. Cholla and Mathis were in excellent condition. The park is officially closed but there were still quite a few people there.
      a Weekend Warrior riding a Pro-flex 755 from Lancaster, California


    • Trail UpdateAliso Woods Canyon has really taken a beating from the last two storms. Many of the trails have been completely washed away. There has been a lot of slope slippage and mud had covered sections throughout the park. The ridges are still OK but the real damage has been in the canyon. There are several trees that have fallen accross the main trail and the stream that runs down the center of the canyon proper has eroded away the main trail. The park is still closed but many are out riding, running, etc.
      Gregg Howard a 56 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Mantis ProFloater from Laguna Niguel


    • Trail UpdateShawn-the clean up crew did a great job after the storm. we rode from the alicia parking lot all the way to the top of the world via mathis. great condition compared to last week . early morning ride is best. the closed sign is up , but we have never been stopped. have fun
      Singletrack=85% Dirt Road=15%


    • Trail UpdateSHAWN'S RIDE-This trail usually weathers the storms well , however this place is thrashed now. So what it is a lot of fun and the trail from the alicia entrance is a blast. this is real mountain biking. take mathis to top of the world. the trail along the canyon to Cholla is gone. i mean gone. looks like a bomb hit. I love this trail now that it's thrashed. have fun


    • Trail UpdateOut Of BoundsTop Of The World-Start off at church parking lot of aliso woods canyon, follow the black top raod untill you reach a gate. Turn left on dirt trail and follow it to the trail mathis which is off to your left side. Its a bit steep but a fun ride. Take this trail to the very top and you will end up at the top of the world. From here its up to you, there are many out of bounds trails which include steep sloping faces, entrenched by rain fall. Most of these trails are animal trails and are single tracks only. Becareful of idiots who don't want you to ride these trails because often they put cactus on the paths. People should get a life but thats why mountainbikers should strike against these people and clear the trail for others. If you have not experienced steep trails then I suggest you stay home with your mother.
      Singletrack=75% Dirt Road=25%


    • Trail UpdateCholla/Rockit Loop-Ride is awsome. Main trail is easy for beginners. Go up Cholla for a little work out. My buds & I like to go down Rockit or Mathies for a great singletrack downhill.
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=70%


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