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  • Marian Bear Park - #MarianBearPark

    Socal - San Diego County - University City NickNames: #MarianBearPark

    Exit the Soledad Frwy (52) at Genesee Ave. between I5 Frwy and I805 Frwy in Clairemont Mesa. You can park in the parking lot just south of the 52 Frwy at Genesee Ave. The San Clemente Canyon trail goes both west & east from here.
    Exit Regents road and go into the south Parking areas. There are bathrooms and some shaded parking areas. Trails to East and West. Thomas Guide page 1228

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    • Trail UpdateRose Canyon-Los Penasquitos-Fun ride. Drop in at Nobel Athletic Area(under construction). There's a condo plex across the street. An open entrance to a fire road is west of the main entrance. Make a left at the bottom of fire road. Small cross over just passed second pole. It's before the huge sand trap. Continue East on trail next to tracks. I follow the tracks north which cross Miramar. Follow till you reach around trolly area. Watch for trains. Not sure your supposed to be around tracks. But since the crash the fire roads have been cleaned up. Take Sorrento Valley Blvd. to PQ entrance. The trail opeining will be on the left side. Take trail East. Many small climbs. Watch for unleashed dogs. Some wash out areas. So watch your downhill speed. We raced the last mile up the hill climbs. Our PQ alps. I made the drop. Hardtails win again! This is a much funner ride. Nice shaded rest spots. It looks as if the trail from Del Vino Ct. goes through.to Deer and Mcgonigle canyon. I'll have to drive to PQ. And explore the trails out there and get back. Over all time is around three hours. We stopped to rest a few times. I ride a KHS 500. Hard tail with upgraded shimano lx-xtr parts. Grip shifters and pad breaks. Low range 2" fork is all I ride. Nothing rich. This day I ran a 2.10 rear tire, and a 1.25 front. Pay for good tires. It makes a difference. The best part of this ride is that you come along the side of guys and gals with some pretty rich bikes. The best part is practice on the climbs and you'll drop them. Have fun. OH my buddy rides a rich softy. Very rich.
      Vinnie Guerra a 33 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a KHS Frame. DOn't laugh I'll drop you!.lol from Golden Triangle


    • Trail UpdateRose Canyon-TEC-Marian Bear-Wow. Fat tires Need apply! Drop in at Nobel Athletic area(under construction). South is a condo plex and a fire road that leads you to Rose Canyon. Heading West several sand pits around over grown bushes. South side of tracks complety wiped out (dont bother). I stopped at MNT Bk Warehouse for a tube change. The paved road down Morena is a nice rest. Crossed over Morena to Tecolote rd. Last drink before the climbs. Lots of rattles in the bushes. Some climbs are pretty washed out. Cleared some of the single track brush. Crossed Golf course, dirty looks. Between Mnt Acadia to Balboa N is heavy brush. Climbed through what was left of trail. I would have to bring this trail up to a top tech ride. I felt like a golf ball getting trapped in sand traps and ruts. The final climb to Genesee is much cleaner. Dropped in back at Marian Bear, much better ride. Heading west towards the tracks again most of the trail breaks up again. Over growth and talks of Kitties in the past in other county's must have scared off the weekend riders. I've never seen anything but Snakes and bunnies. I haven't seen the guy with the white cackatoo for sometime now. Took me three and a half hours to complete ride. This used to e an hour and a half. I would suggest skiping Tecolote at the golf course and continue East to Genesee then make a left at Balboa and drop in. Thomas Guide page 1248F-5. Fat Tires!, at least 2". I switched out my front 1.25 for a 2.10. One flat. Hard tail. My buddy had problems on a softy. Lock out rear. Bell needed at Marian bear lots of hikers. Have fun. Check out Rose to PQ.
      Vinnie Guerra a 33 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a KHS Its the frame. Parts on ROids. from Golden Triangle


    • Trail UpdateMarian Bear/San Clemente Canyon-I did some trail work this past week using a scissor type hedge trimmer; from hwy 5/52 (railroad tracks @ the concrete flood control channel) east towards Genesee Ave. Still lots of weeds and overgrowth fouling the trail, especially thistle (prickly weeds). Also lots of sandy portions after this winters rains. If you ride this trail often, please bring your tools and do some more clearing. Thanks.
      And watch out for poison oak!
      Rebel Alliance a 38 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Santa Cruz Heckler with X-wing fighter mojo. from San Diego, Ca.


    • Trail UpdateJefe-I live in Clairemont. I enter from near Kroc Middle
      School. There is a fast quick downhill (35MPH) and a quick right at the bottom. Follow to the main trail.
      From here head west. Once you've past through the creekbed under Genessee Ave. you can continue the nmain trail of pick the fun and more challenging singletracks on the south side of the canyon. The singletracks continue to the I-5 underpass. Head north
      up the concrete wash then turn rigth at the end of it. Head north up the trail. There is a fun off camber hill to ride and a downhill that dumps into a creek crossing. BE CAREFUL here. Follow the trail until it hits the dirt road. One half mile before you get back to Genessee there's a singletrack that you can follow to the train tracks. BE CAREFUL and watch both ways here. After crossing go to the dirt road, up the hill and then a quick right at the top. Follow this trail
      until you hit the blck top. 1/4 mile of blcktop then right and follow the trail next to the tracks until you get to the bridge. Cross over the tracks (LOOK BOTH WAYS). Take the dirt road to the trail at the base of the hill and follow until you see the Orange fencing. Shortly before the fencing there is a single-
      track to the right. Follow this uphill until you get
      to the gravel road. Follow the gravel road and turn right where the fence is. About 1/4 there is a singletrack to the left. Follow this until you get to a steep quick downhill (40+MPH). Turn right at the bottom and follow the singletrack to the Freeway overpsass. Hike your across the creek and follow back to the main trail or ride through the creek (IF IT'S NOT A RIVER). The singletrack that climbs out of the canyon is 1/4 mile away from the overpasses.

      Singletrack=65% Dirt Road=30% Paved Path=5%
      a Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateI live in Clairemont, so I have the opportunity to frequently ride this trail. There are a lot of rocks and sand, but overall the trail is in good shape. Much of the ride is through a dry stream bed. More than watching for snakes, one should watch for wierdos. This ride is in a canyon next to a freeway. It is a city park that is unfortunatly used for more than recreation. The trail is fun, but short. Advanced and expert riders should look elsewhere.
      Tom a 36 year old riding a Trek 930


    • Trail UpdatePaul-Trail is pretty messed up from el nino rains. The eastern end of the trail is blocked by several large pools of standing water. The singletrack is OK. Going east on the trail you run into A LOT of deep sand. not much fun. Try staying on the single track. Only the east parking lot off regents rd. is open.
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      Paul Gagnon a 22 year old Weekend Warrior riding a 97 Nishiki Cascade from San Diego


    • Trail Updatefun singletrack but limited. easy to get creative on. Posted on 07-07-97


    • Trail Update52 Canyon-Going East: There are some good single tracks that go in and out of trees. Be careful of stumps and low hanging braches. There are some good trails that you have to look for. Be adventurous! Also, beware of the gnarly 100 yard chute that looks easy. It is steeper than it looks!
      Going West: You have to cross over some small streams but it's easily doable. Some blind corners and some cool tree riding. Trails branch off into numerous others. I like to stay to the left when going West, the trails are more demanding. Have fun and see you there!
      Michael Harlow (E-mail me... Let's Ride!) a 30 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Specialized Stumpjumper from San Diego, CA E-mail:Harlow@Pacific-Ocean.com URL:Harlow's Extreme Sports and Travel Page Posted on 05-23-97


    • Trail UpdateDarn it!!!! Don't run over the beautiful and harmless snakes in San Clemente and Rose Canyon. You are in their turf so respect that fact. I have seen a lot of dead (ran over) snakes especially on the singletracks by the creek in San Clemente and I know this is done by fools who are either flying too fast or just don't give a damn on what on their way. Other than that, this is such an awesome trail to be on.
      Hooligan a 23 year old Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateSan Clemente Canyon/Rose Canyon-Caution--Beware of Rattlesnakes! I ride these canyons frequently and there are a lot of snakes in the spring time, especially on the narrow paths in San Clemente Canyon. Be careful.
      Singletrack=60% Dirt Road=40%
      a Weekend Warrior riding a GT LTS-1 from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateSan Clemente / Rose Canyons-


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