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Southern California Trails

  • H Street - #HStreet

    Socal - San Diego County - Eastlake NickNames: #HStreet eastlake hills

    Off the interstate 5, take the 'H Street' exit and head east. Follow H Street approximately 2-3 miles and make a right on 'Paseo Del Rey.' Make a left at the first stop sign--putting you onto a residencial street--and follow approximately 1 mile. After going through one stop sign, you will come to a small playground/park on your right. On your left will be a large electrical tower and a metal dirt road gate. You can park along the street there, or turn into one of the residencial streets and hide your car from traffic. Unload there and go through the gate.

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    • Trail Update"J Street Riding Area"-The above description is just a small part of a much larger area known by some as "Home Depot canyons" and by others as "The rat race" but is officially called by Mission Cyclery "J st. riding area - local trails." The side described above is called "racetrack" and the first descent is called "Aarons." The singletrack is fun and technical, but not really advanced level. There's a lot of gear shifting to do because there are small ups and downs along this section, and at the end there is a long climb up to the intersection. This is usually incorporated into a longer loop ride that begins in Bonita either at the Chula Vista Golf Course or Mission Cyclery, and cuts across up "Cemetary hill" (through Glen Abbey mortuary) over to a fun downhill called "Old Mexico" up an open space section called Rice canyon or "Trash your ass" which is a fun singletrack with three easy bridges, then up a powerline singletrack section to the ymca parking lot and across the street behind the fire station into "Snake" which is a very fun fast gradual downhill singletrack that empties out into the Home Depot parking lot. Hence the "Home Depot canyon" name. From there you are at the above mentioned intersection of Paseo Del Rey and E H street and usually will drop into "Racetrack" instead of climbing out from Aarons. Or, continue half way up Paseo Del Rey and drop into what Log jam described as the "trail on the right" aka "Captain Morgan's." This is a very fun section of singletrack. There is a strictly advanced section from the end of CM's called 4palms that has very tight up and down turns and a few very steep climbs, but again with practice is very fun!
      If you continue left through racetrack you will cross a wide street called Paseo Ranchero and drop into a section called "Rabbit Ridge." Again a fun singletrack connector section that takes you to the Southwestern College campus.
      From here you can get to many more local trails leading into Proctor Valley which will connect you to the Sweetwater trails including Tiki, Crystal Lake, Knatcatcher, 6bitches and beyond and can bring you back into Bonita for a nice long loop ride. All told in the Bonita/Chula Vista area the total number of miles of singletrack and trails is A BUNCH!!! Nobody really knows how much, because there are many side trails, connectors and fire roads.
      To experience these trails, come ride the Mission Cyclery sunday morning ride @ 8:00 am every sunday. Three levels, beginning/intermediate(more stops) Intermediate(fast-paced, quick stops)and Advanced(fast-paced, no stops) Have fun!! ; )

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: Many miles Elevation change: no more than 800 at the most
      Singletrack=75% Dirt Road=25%
      DabQueen a 37 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Rocky Mountain element race from Chula Vista


    • Trail UpdateH Street-Follow the trail to your left and you will immediately start through narrow, downhill, switchback singletrack. Just follow the trail downhill and once in the valley, hang a left. Follow along the creek bed in the valley until you reach a climb bringing you back to the 'H Street' and 'Paseo Del Rey' intersection. Get off your bike and walk to the other side of Paseo Del Rey and ride up the street slightly. Near the stop sign where you turned off of Paseo Del Rey in your car, you will meet the next trailhead on your right hand side in the trees. Follow that trail up, around, in between, down, and hopefully not into the dirt and you will be fine.

      The trail is moderately technical with quick switchbacks followed by immediate steep climbs. Some spots are close to impossible to turn and keep going uphill with enough momentum. The trail switchbacks so much that getting a lot of speed can be dangerous unless you are an expert rider. Be careful and respect the homeowners above you and the riders around you.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 5.2 miles Elevation change: 300 max. feet
      Log-jam a 20 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Trek 4500 from Coronado


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