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Southern California Trails

  • San Seviane Cyn - #SanSevianeCyn

    Socal - San Bernardino County - Rancho Cucamonga NickNames: #SanSevianeCyn the bullit baby

    This is a shuttle ride or ride as a loop.
    Take I 15 North past I 10 approx 7 miles to Summit Ave,
    Turn Right, go to Cherry Ave, Turn Right past the next stop sign look to the left there is two parks.
    Park a car here or start your ride here.Go south on Cherry Ave to the stop sign turn left on Briddle Path follow this around and it will go along the freeway the road will cruve to the right, before you go over the Bridge Turn left,
    This is Lytle Creek Road, follow this to the gas station,
    at the stop sign Turn left for 1.3 miles there is a road 1N34 on the left Look for it,at this point the pavement ends. go 5.6 miles up the main dirt road [any 2 wheel drive truck can make it] on the left is a parking area and a big white gate This is the trail head.
    From the gate it is 4.2 miles of DOWNHILL There is a few turn off but stay to the right tell you reach the while X
    after this SLOW DOWN this is a techinal section then stay to the left all the way down, After the gate look out for Vehicles!!! you will come to a Y stay to the left stay on the main road till you hit the pavement, go down the pavment to the stop sign Turn left to Cherry Turn Right to the cars.
    This is a fast 4.2 Miles with all the technial thing a Downhiller or X country rider wants with no climbing [ if you do the shuttle thing] Once it not Enough on this Trail. Thomas Guide page: 544

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    • Trail UpdateIMPASSABLE-1N34 was in good condition, but it is a long, moderate grade, middle chain ring, slog. Just slipped by a rattlesnake that was warming itself on the side of road.(Didn't see it 'till too late to swerve.) From the trailhead (big white gate) the trail looks like it hadn't been ridden in years -Seriously overgrown. I turned around and walked back out when a 6' tall bush blocked the entire trail. Also, picked two ticks off my legs from riding through all the other bushes. Trail is perfect if you like bushwacking with a machete.
      runwild a 46 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Jamis XLT 3 from Carlton, Oregon


    • Trail Update1N34 Is On-Just rode this last Wednesday. Great ride. 8 mile climb from the start of Sierra and 1N34 to the radio antennas. The rain and recent hunting traffic has smoothed out the road. Very few rocks, some mud, and trenches, but way fun.
      cycle56 a 36 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Santa Cruz Blurr XC from Tuck


    • Trail UpdateUpdate: OCT 19th-don't even think about it, I tried and most of the trail is washed out. I did go all the way to cucamonga peak, right now is hunting season so if anyone is up there, USE BRIGHT COLORS (preferably bright orange) as there are snipers at long distances and might accidentally shoot you. cucamonga peak is a MAJESTIC view. Be aware, there are bears up there, we saw one about 1/2 down the ravine lingering about. I spoke to a hunter and he stated he has seen several mountain lions during his hunting excursions. the uphill climb from lytle creek is a longgggg climb up go on a cool day.
      a 25 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 2008 trek fuel ex 9 from Rialto


    • Trail Update....-I haven't seen an update for years on this trail, is there still a single track at the gate on top of the mountain? I will be riding this trail on 8-30-08 if anyone cares to join just mail me at ysoc.gamez@yahoo.com
      a Cross-Country Rider riding a 2007 Specialized Stumpjumper from Rialto, CA


    • Trail UpdateTrail Of Thorn Bushes-I rode this Saturday. The ride up is sweet, nice fire road. Check hunting seasons, I ran across a bunch of hunters with 3 killed dear. The trail down is gnarly. Over grown isn't the word. At times I wasn't sure if there was a "down hill" course there or not. Some parts are really good. Over all if you want an up and back, ride 1N34. I will be back out there.
      Cycle56 a 33 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a road and mountain from Rancho Cucamonga


    • Trail UpdateBUSHWACKED!!!!!-Rode there this morning, started at 6:00am
      The ride up was hard as hell, I was on my 40 pound
      Bullit. the trail down is very over grown and needs some TLC. since there building new homes at the bottom the motorcycles can't get up there.
      All in all a very good ride.
      ride time 2hours 50 mins inc a 10 min break.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 17 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=10% Dirt Road=90%
      Mr Bonk a 43 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Santa Cruz Bullit


    • Trail UpdateCucamonga Canyon-I guess this is the same trail. I started from the bottom of it at Sapphire and Almond in Rancho. The trail has had a lot of washout from the rains after the fire damage. Not passable by vehicles. Some sections do require to hike-a-bike going up. I rode (and walked) about 5 miles up to the top of the three big switchbacks(the ones you can see from down in the valley) turned around and bombed. Those were the best rock gardens I've ever been through. A few 3/4 foot drops into washed out ditches. Some patches of soft silt. That was my first time on the trail, and even though I didnt eat any rocks I regreted not bringing my armor. Would'a been to hot for that though!
      If anybody from the chino san dimas rancho area wants a riding buddy for up therecontact me, 'cause I like this trail now.
      if you want better directions from the bottom in rancho contact me
      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: 5 miles Elevation change: 2700
      Singletrack=45% Paved Path=10% Truck Trail=45%
      Arkhale a 18 year old Downhiller riding a '03 Weyless 67 w/ '03Psylo Race from Chino


    • Trail UpdateThe Toll Road-i'll be riding here this week either wed or thurs if all you all
      want to come along let me know


    • Trail UpdateWe-road up there past that white gate and went up to the campground.It is impossible to go any further.THose rock slides are huge. And the trail is way to rutted.A little past the campground we had to turn back.It had already taken us 6 hours to get to here and by my map we were not even halfway.I don't know the people who were able to do this a couple of weeks ago but thats to dangerous for us.It took us 3 hours to get back down and it was getting dark.Never again for me.That sucker takes a lot longer then I want to ride.
      Ride distance: 30+miles Elevation change: 7000
      Dirt Road=100%
      Fireman4mtb a 36 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Seven from Rancho Cucamonga


    • Trail UpdateFun Ride-hey anyone wanna ride this trail let me know I live right
      below it and ride it constantly all by my lonesome...Me a out
      od shpe sc rider looking to put some "safe" miles in with
      Hey serious. I have been out scouting and am gonna put in
      some single just up the fire road entrance 2 miles or so.... to
      make a loop down the other ridege with all the single already
      there. anyone wanna help let me know... oh and if you don't
      help you prob won't see the trail, but it will be phat... hey trail
      building if for the "windy" days here in fontana

      josh a 24 year old Cross-Country Rider from Fontana


    • Trail UpdateThats-a lot of riding Mike.We road up there a bout 6 months ago before the fire and couldn't get through.We were to tired by the time we just got to the top.
      Back Country a 42 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Titus Racer X from So.OC


    • Trail UpdateHave You .....-ever thought of taking your wife or girlfriend out for a nice ride in the country, down some gentley rolling buffed singletrack and just to talk as you ride along.Birds chirping deer bounding across the trail an occasional critter scurring about?Well then let me tell you.....

      San Sevaine is not that fockin trail!!!I posted this ride about a month or so ago.I had rode portions of it and found the first part to be your typical SoCal type fireroad climb with singletrack descent type of stuff.There were a total of 5 of us that showed up for this ride and two or three others bailed.The guys that stuck to it were Mario,Carlos,Greg,Cliff and myself.The ride started off a lot harder then a ride should.The first part of the ride was made difficult because of what out here in Fontana we call a breeze.The winds were blowing so hard they were taking us all off of our bikes.At one point I watched as 3 guys were pushed all the way from one side of the road to the other and then 2 of them were taken off.You had to pedel on the downhills and a couple of times I was pushed by the wind uphill.The climb to the ridgeline is not that bad.4500 feet and about 14 miles or so.Greg had an altimeter and odometer.After we had climbed for what seemed forever we took a break and everybody caught up.Carlos was cramping really bad and was talking about calling it quits but we talked him into staying.Mario gave him some salt which seemed to help a lot.I had read about this trail in a number of places and considering it's right outside my back door I was really hopeing to ride it.The book and stories were written a long time ago.We had made it to the point of about 2 miles before the Joe Elliot tree and campground.The books don't really describe this route this well though.There were no turn offs or anything to get lost on except once we slightly did, but Cliff climbed out of the campground and got a glimpse of Greg before he got out of sight so we all hiked up the mountain side and descended by falling and sliding in the soft dirt all the way back down.Up to this point the trail has been all rideable with very little in the way of obstacles, but I think we were all a little tired because of the brutal wind we had fought all the way up.The wind finally gave us some relief as we got to the part where the ruts and rocks came into play.These are not your normal ruts.You cannot ride them nor ride near them as they tended to suck you down into them.The ground here was mostly soft sand or with lose rock sometimes with both.It got to be so difficult at times I would just start laughing.And we plodded/rode along.Sometimes we would get a glimpse of the valley below and we could see civilation.After a while we stopped again to regroup and to eat a little.I had ran out of food a long time before.I was with less then 5 ounces of water and nobody else had much either.Now we start getting to the hard part of the ride.Take in mind we have been riding over 7 hours by this time.We came up on some huge landslides.In some places we had to make a human chain in order to get the bikes across.There was no road, not much more then a foothold on the side of a cliff.Made it over only to see 100 feet or so down the road there's another one.Some of these landslides are beyond description.At one point we had to climb up over the slide to just descend the other side by 30 feet or more.And we were all beat.At one rockslide as I was climbing up I put my weight on a rock about the size of a medium size car and it started to slide.Fortunately it stopped, but I got the hell away from it.I continued on through this slide as it was easily 100 feet across. I got to the other side I thought I'd wait and tell the other guys to avoid that area,but as I turned to look they were just then getting there and were coming through at a higher point then I had entered.It took me over 20 minutes of hard excertion just to get through this one slide.As I got back up to the trail I turned before I left to see how the other guys were doing and they seemed to have it under control.Carlos was doing really well now.Then we rode on to more rockslides and more sand.There was a lot of riding being done,but a lot more walking too.After a number of miles and after one long,long climb we all stopped to regroup again.We all kind of took an inventory as we sat up on the overlook.Cliff had rode the back part of this trail before so we were hoping he could tell us if anything looked familar.He said it didn't.Now as we were sitting there somebody finally spoke the words that we all thinking but not saying."It's going to get dark soon".Dam, we all knew it, but didn't want to say it.We had to pick it up a gear now and we were all dead tired.So off we go.The trail started to improve a little here and I was thinking this ain't all that bad,if it stays like this we should make it down.Although none of us knew exactly how far down really was.We came around a ridge and I noticed Mario stopped.I looked up to see what he was looking at and my heart stopped.There in front of us was the trail,but it was completely wiped out from a landslide.We looked down and could see a watershed a dry riverbed strewn with boulders,but heading down.We stopped here and discussed which way to go for awhile or which route to take.The riverbed looked promosing,but wasn't an established trail that we could make out and it had a sign there that said "road closed".Although I'll be damned if I could see a road.Carlos made a call to tell some people where we were just in case and then we tried to get around the collapsed fireroad.Again we had to make a chain in a couple of places to get the bikes across.We finally got around the worse rock/land slide yet and were walking and riding again.We would go around one bend only to see another bend in the distance all of them heading up.Now about this time we were all running on reserves,and it was getting dark.I got to the point that I could not even ride because of my poor eyesight and even poorer night vision.I could not tell if there were rocks there or not.I got to a part of the trail and looked down and seen a red light.I thought,is that a ranger or a vehicle?It turns out Cliff had brought a light!Life ain't that bad.Now when I seen him, he didn't look that far away, but because by now I was walking down I kept stumbling and falling all the way till I got to him.It seemed like it took forever,but as all good buds do he waited.I told Cliff to go ahead and I'd try and hang onto his back tire.This worked pretty well for the most aprt and I only went down a couple of times at slow speed.Cliff was now familar with the area and the others had rode on ahead.Finally after what seemed like an eternity we hit pavement.Only 14 more miles to go through the city and we will be at the cars.But first we need to find a store for some much needed food and drink.We scarfed very,very fast.Gatorade never tasted so good.We jumped back on the bikes and rode down the city streets,beat.But what a ride.I stopped at the store one more time before I went home and bought another Gatorade and then when I got out of the shower I weighed myself.I was 10 pounds lighter then I had been that morning before I left and thats after two big bottles of Gatorade and a couple of glasses of water and some cookies along with a candy bar.This was one of the hardest rides I've ever done and I look back on it as fun.I'll admit I was concerned about the route,but knew we'd find our way out.We ended up with 45 miles and 6300 feet of climbing and 11.5 hours time,but the hardest climbing was what we did on foot porting our bikes over the rocks.Tired..yes, Fun...the best, Would I do it again...hell yeah!

      Side note, this is not the San Sevaine Canyon ride (which has some singletrack),but the San Sevaine fireroad/trail.
      Ride distance: 45 miles Elevation change: 6300
      Pain Freak from The 909


    • Trail UpdateSan Seviane Cyn-I was up there Sunday around 8:00am , The wind was blowing so hard I was blowing off the bike. Really
      I was turning right going down into a cyn and the wind was coming up and over the ridge, I had to jump off the bike or be blowing over the side.The trail is in asome shape. This will be one if not the best trail in the 909 [Santa ana river trail excluded]
      Fast and fun. The rock garden is gone but not for long
      Nature is taking it course.

      Ps I did not ride up the road this time.
      The last one to post this trail is a stud!!!

      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 4.4miles Elevation change:
      Truck Trail=100%
      Mr Bonk a 42 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Santa Cruz Bullit from Funtucky Ca


    • Trail UpdateHow I Sand Blasted My Face Off.-Looked out and saw the winds blowing and thought the view up at San Sevaine must be amazing.

      Going up the road it was apparent that it was more than just a little windy. I swear at one point the winds were pushing me up the trail. Made the uphill easy. Just past the microwave towers the pudles (in the shade of the tall trees) are frozen solid. Most of the beautiful pines at the top where the trail crosses over to the northern side are burnt out and the winds were screaming through their blackened remains. The sound the air made was like a huge waterfall or a roaring rapid. The Joe Elliot campground is a smoking char now. What a disappointment. Towards the end of the ride the winds were getting pretty bad. Proof came at home when I was washing my hair and I saw a disturbing amount of dirt wash out.
      Also the phrase "here's mud in your eyes" in my case came from dust blowing into it and being washed out as mud.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 24 miles Elevation change: 4000 ft.
      Truck Trail=100% URL: San Sevaine


    • Trail UpdateBugs Gone Today.-Rode up towards the Joe Elliot Campground from the East entrance of the trail and it was well past 2 PM. The Trail was smooooth. The perfect amount of rain and (maintenance?)has smoothed out the trail without without gouging and washing it away. Two weeks and a fair amount of rain later the stench of the fire is still strong.
      Rode on Sunday nov. 16, 20003 and it was cool/cold. Didn't have to bring as much water and not a single bug to contend with the whole trip. At the 2.5 mile to campground sign it was around 5:00 PM and by now the trail was looking a little creepy with the fog/cloud and the sun setting. By 5:20 PM it was really dark. Had to work down the trail in the dark and stopping every now and then to make sure not to sploosh through the huge scummy puddles along the trail and at the same time trying to keep my fingers from going numb in the cold wind.
      Luckily made it back to the car at a little after 6:00 PM in one piece, without incident. Made getting home that much sweeter. =.)
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 21 miles Elevation change: 4000 ft.
      Dirt Road=100%


    • Trail UpdateMileage?-I meant to ask Mr. Bonk how many miles we logged on the way up. Aside from the awesome descent through San Sevaine Cyn, the climb is a great opportunity to bond with the bro's. We must have talked about everything but Aunt Flo's favorite pickle recipes! Incidentally, yeah, this could work as a shuttle but the ride would be over so quick that I have to say I'd rather climb it every time to get the whole efect.
      Great ride with Mike, Brent, Tommy and Barry on Saturday morning.
      When can we do it again?!!!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: ? miles Elevation change: Plenty
      Singletrack=20% Dirt Road=80%
      Flying W a 43 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Specialized Enduro from La Verne


    • Trail UpdateForgot-Sorry Tommy,I forgot about the new whoops and also the bees.Lots of insects coming back.Also dead rats.I seen 4 or 5 on the way up and it's strange because I've never seen these rats when there was foliage.I seen all the other critters,but never a rat.Also seen an eagle which is rare in this area.Lots of crows hanging around too.
      Pain Freak a I dont want to talk about it year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Renrut 02/Surly 1X1 (Mighty Whitey) from Fontana


    • Trail UpdateSan Sevine Trail-The trail is so much better than I would have thought ,the fire destroyed all the important power lines for a Verison (sp?) switching station well the work crews did some great dirt work Hell they even put in a whoop section ,Made me smile and as far as the dust I saw none cause I was not slow on the descent ,not like the climb ,any way the trail is better than ever ,I don`t suggest shuttling until the work is done by edisons crews .
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: miles 17.19 Elevation change:
      Singletrack=98% Dirt Road=27%
      shocktower a 40 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Santa Cruz bullit from Alta Loma


    • Trail UpdateDamage Evaluation-Did this ride primarily to check out the damage.Turned out things are looking good.Just needs to green up a little.
      We rode up from the Fontana side, up the fire road. One of our riders was a little out of shape and he was riding a heavy Santa Cruz Bullit.So the going up was kind of slow,but it was a good thing as my knees have been really sore lately.They are presently repairing all the downed power lines that were burnt in the fire.We passed over 5 different crews working.They graded the trail.None of us recognized it.It is a very good trail right now,but after the rains it's going to be one of the best trails anywhere around here.They graded out the two rock gardens,but they also created some other good stuff.The rain is going to really help.It's very dusty at the moment, but has some lose stuff that helps make it interesting.A couple small drops should turn into big drops and the angles on some of it should become steeper along with more rock gardens popping up.Fun now, but mucho mas after the rains.
      Pain Freak a I dont want to talk about it year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Renrut 02/Surly 1X1 (Mighty Whitey) from Fontana


    • Trail UpdateStill Burning-As of 10/22 10pm.Looks kind of surreal out there.I rode my bike up there last night and all the TV cameras were there.I think we may have got on the Mexican TV station one.As I turned to leave a big buck about a 5 pointer ran right through all the people.No harm and no foul.The smoke is really thick around here.At the gym tonight they gave an announcement over the PA that the fireman were suggesting volunteer evacuation in some parts of Hunters Ridge.I don't think we will have to do much trail maintenance up there this coming year.At least no more brushing.
      Pain Freak


    • Trail UpdateStill Burning-As of 10/22 10pm.Looks kind of surreal out there.I rode my bike up there last night and all the TV cameras were there.I think we may have got on the Mexican TV station one.As I turned to leave a big buck about a 5 pointer ran right through all the people.No harm and no foul.The smoke is really thick around here.At the gym tonight they gave an announcement over the PA that the fireman were suggesting volunteer evacuation in some parts of Hunters Ridge.I don't think we will have to do much trail maintenance up there this coming year.At least no more brushing.
      Pain Freak


    • Trail UpdateTemporary Closure-The fire burning in the area started near the end of Foxborough and burned north into the forest. San Sevaine Canyon and the ridge road past Joe Elliot will be closed this weekend, not to mention really really smoky.


    • Trail UpdateFCOL-I misspelled Joe Elliot Campground. ;l


    • Trail UpdateBTW-The title for this trail is misspelled.


    • Trail UpdateFlies...-Started from the Eastern side of the San Sevaine Trail and rode towards the Joe Ellis Campground. Whew! That's approx. 11 miles of unrelenting Uphill. Not terribly steep but still it's 11 miles. Just past the Microwave towers the Trail gets very rocky and loose as well as getting fairly steep and that's just as you've worked in 7 or so miles of uphill thus far. It's beautiful when you get up to the evergreens, everything before hand is pretty blehh, oh except for the exceptional views. Could see San Gorgonio (11,500 ft) and San Jacinto to the east but still a good layer of haze in the air.

      The August heat was easing up slightly but it was still very hot in spots where the wind is blocked by the mountain.

      Didn't see a single other MTBer. Just 5 jeeps and a motor cross rider.

      stopped just short of the joe ellis campground but found the flies swarming around my face (the only area I didn't spay with bug repellent). Probably ate one fly and nearly choked on another. Do this ride when it's cooler and the bugs have gone away. The trail (especially near the top and running along the northern side of the mountain) gets real cool even in August.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 22 miles Elevation change: 4000 ft.
      Truck Trail=100%


    • Trail UpdateSan Sevaine Cyn-The gate is now open!!!!!
      Ride rating: Advanced


    • Trail UpdateNew Guy-hey I was up checkin ghti s trail out the other day... was
      wondering if you are going up the fire road and don't make
      the turn down into the canyon but continue up on teh road
      are there any other rails up there? Does it just continue to the
      top of sapphire? e-mail me at joshficke@yahoo.com anyone
      wanna ride I am always up to flip the loop.

      josh a 24 year old riding a which one from fontucky


    • Trail UpdateLIGHTS-I can't believe anyone could have made it down the singletrack side of the trail with no lights.Lots of lose stuff a few rock gardens and I don't know if you were aware of it,but there is some exposure.I've never considered this as a ride though,now it does have my interest (of course with lights). We did a lot of brushing up there awhile back,but I could see it getting overgrown again.
      I've rode from the park over on the lower fireroad to Lytle Creek road on a holiday weekend and have watched the lights snake their way through the pass.Kind of eery to me though.I'm glad you made it through alright though.
      I rode over there last week to do a little ride till dusk and noticed they put up a fence at where we used to start, with a no trespassing sign.I hope it's just temporary till the construction is done.They have a planned community going up called, Coyote Hills,of which will have far less coyotes when they are done.
      Pain Freak a Cross-Country Rider riding a Renrut 02 /Quintana Roo TeQuilo from Fontana


    • Trail UpdateTry This At Night!-July 3, 2003: While everybody and their RV was on the 15 fwy to Vegas for the long weekend. We decided to try this trail for the 1st time. With one car at the park and another at the gas station, a buddy and I started our trek at 6pm, thinking we'd be up and down by dusk(mistake #1). With 99 degrees of heat at the start, we made good time to the trail gate, hoping that the elevation would offer cooler breezes (it did, whew!) 140 oz of H2O was on board just in case too. OK, flash forward 3 hours and 9 MILES according to my Avocet, we arrive at the top gate leading to the infamous DOWNHILL with only a fingernail moon, city lights, and faint traces of pre-4th fireworks in the distance for light!!! No, I DON'T have a 'Night-Sun' light either (mistake #2). We still have enough water but no fricken light to guide us down this single-track which has exploded with over-growth from the spring rains. Too many falls to count thanks to a dark trail, big ruts, small ruts, a few whoop-de-doos, 3 rock slides, scattered boulders, a rattle-snake, and a locked construction access gate has made this ONE HELL OF A RIDE! We've have no photos but plenty of trail and thorn rash to proove it!
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 15.6 Elevation change: UBER A-LOT!
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=5% Paved Path=2% Truck Trail=63%
      JB a 36 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Raleigh Tangent hard tail from Claremont, CA


    • Trail UpdateGrading Starts Soon-Grading contractor plans to start clearing brush today. They planned to start grading Monday 5/12, but have not yet moved all their equipment on-site. If you're shuttling, CHECK THE BOTTOM TO MAKE SURE IT'S OPEN!!! While grading contractors have nothing against mountain bikes in general, they DO have lots of money tied up in bonds and insurance, and one cyclist in a trench or over a manufactured cliff and they could lose their shirts. It's not so great for the cyclist, either. The City of Fontana doesn't have a grading inspector (they will be contracting out their inspection services), so although Building and Safety may take your access questions they may not know the answers. Check before riding!


    • Trail UpdateLytle Creek To San Sevaine Flats-URL: San Sevaine Flats - Joe Elliot Tree


    • Trail UpdateSNOW RIDE-Anyone want to play Saturday?????
      There is Snow upthere lots of it
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Mr Bonk a 41 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Snata Cruz Bullit from Funtucky Ca


    • Trail Update02-17-03-I have not rode my bike since i last posted a messege in 02. then all of a suddent i got an urge to pump up my tires and forget trying to find my helmet, I rode probably about 2 miles up san sevaine, from las colinas, in rialto. God damn i couldnt believe I made it that far up. Well i wrote MTB 02-17-03 in the dirt with a rock just incase a rescue team came across :P so maybe some of you will see it hahahaa. I plan on doing it once more, probably by myself once again whose with me????
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 6 Elevation change: 60%
      Dirt Road=100% Paved Path=1%
      Mario Gamez a 19 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GT XCR 5000 from rialto


    • Trail UpdatePrescriptive Rights!-Thanks for the info ScottR1. Is this at the very top of Cherry Ave? At any rate, here's the deal. We contact the "Local Agency", be it the City of Ro. Cucamonga or San Berdu County. If there is no plan to maintain public access to the fire road from the bottom then we need to file for what is referred to as "Prescriptive Rights" which, in a nutshell, means that we have a right to continue to use that access route since it has been accessable to us all in the past (for years) without restriction from the owner(s.) I'll call the City first thing Monday morning and see what's up.
      Flying W a 42 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Giant - Warp from Laverne


    • Trail UpdatePossible Access Restrictions-The owners of the area at the bottom of San Sevaine Road plan to start grading operations around the end of February. While the plans preserve the forest service road, construction activities may disrupt the road on a temporary basis. Check access to the bottom before shuttling to the top, and call your friendly local building officials and make sure they plan on providing access throughout grading and subsequent residential construction. The proposed lots are huge, so this may wind up being a gated community similar to the bottom of Sunset Peak, which may restrict public access. If I learn of a bypass around the construction areas I'll post directions.


    • Trail UpdateWhat I can belive is that you need to use SpellCheck before you ever post anything to this website again. That was a mihgty pianfal raed.


    • Trail UpdateSs2kf-ok im still feeling broken, with 3 rite side parts of coller bone,2 num fingers, back aches & pain, like an uphill ride, butt nothing vico s cant fix.12-24-02 ss2kf ride w/ shocktower,mr bonk,and my pal clancy,doing drops, cool people bitcen day.we took one trail to the rite kinda uneventful sept for sum crashes, nothing big,funhog trail tho.then we go rite at the fork about 2/3rds the way down and come across sum cool supercross sized woops,that end at a gate.i sez to every one moov im going over it, they looked up at me, ooohhh, about 20ft. in the air over them, xed up, one handed w/a paece, lookin down at them. i flew oevr the tank traps, 25ft. or so, landed on my front wheel,did a 18 maybe 20ft. nose wheely,to a 180 and stopped. i put my kick stand down to wait for thees slow ones and wouldnt ya no my kickstand brakes and i braek my freekin coller bone. can ya believe that?
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: about 5 Elevation change: alot
      Singletrack=90% Dirt Road=10%
      Pacfill2 a 41 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Cheeta from Alta loma E-mail: tydeha3@aol


    • Trail UpdateMama W Says:-Yeah right....
      Like that's gonna happen.
      a fly on the wall a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a from


    • Trail UpdateFlying W Says...-I WANT A BULLIT!!!
      Flying W a 42 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Giant - Warp from La Verne


    • Trail UpdateFun-Sure was fun riding all the way down this time versus doing all the trail maintenance like before.Kind of fun to know such a nice little trail is in our own backyard.Got to meet some of the other guys and hooked up with some I hadn't seen in a while.Good ride, Good day, and Good people.Next time I'm going to clean the whole dam thing.Love those rock gardens.
      Pain Freak a Cross-Country Rider riding a Renrut 02 /Quintana Roo TeQuilo from Fontana


    • Trail UpdateSchooling Mr Bonk ,on Da` Rocken-The trail was more open today as far as width but the wind has dried out the trail and slowed it down ,sort of Mr Bonk is a bumper pool guy bouncing from rock to rock to berm to what ever to keep him on the trail ,it was really good to day not to much wind like new years day ,and we onky missed some of the bushes ,and of course we hit them just to know that they where not trimmed
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: miles4.5 Elevation change: 900
      Singletrack=99.99% Dirt Road=00,1% Paved Path=.0001%
      Shocktower a 39 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Santa Cruz Bullit from Alta loma


    • Trail UpdateSS2KF NOT TODAY-Did the shuttle thing today good turn out 9 total
      This trail is very very fast!!!!!!!!!
      Shocktower cleans them rock gardens like there icecream!!! Flying W needs a new pair of shorts
      [check out them legs] Mr U holds his own on the downhill.No real bad crashes today but on the first run 6 flats in all. second run 0 flats, I guess we
      picked up all of the thornes the first time around.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 4.7miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=99% Truck Trail=1%
      Mr Bonk a 41 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Santa Cruz Bullit from Funtucky Ca


    • Trail UpdateSS2KF-Clancy, We cleared it just for you!!!!
      Will Shocktower be the next to complete SS2KF????
      I hope not but Sunday will be the day, hope you can make it.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 4.7miles Elevation change:
      Paved Path=100%
      Mr Bonk a 41 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Santa Cruz Bullit from Fontana California


    • Trail UpdateWell It`s Done-I have never done so much yard work at my own house ,now the trail is full speed ,and no we did not fix the rut`s ,they make you ride better ,and leave the fricking rocks, yes the trail can let you go faster ,but not than me mr bonk !!!!!!!!!
      Shocktower a 39 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Santa Cruz Bullit from Alta loma


    • Trail UpdateSo...-Hey Mike,
      Does this mean you won't be joining us New Years day ride at the same trail?Sorry to hear about the wreck I hope Chris heals quick and I'll try not t follow his example.
      Pain Freak a Cross-Country Rider riding a Renrut 02 /Quintana Roo TeQuilo from Fontana


    • Trail UpdateSan Sevaine To Kaiser Hospital-San Sevaine to Kaiser-Fontana (to be known as "SS2KF")is not as fun as the regular ride and must be done as reverse shuttle starting approx. 2/3rds the way down the mountain, shuttling to the Kaiser ER entrance. Lots of travel is not necessary for this leg of the DH, although, an automatic transmission is almost mandatory depending on which clavical is snapped (in two places) and how bad the pain is! This cannot be done as a loop or an out & back and you must have someone to take your bike home. The only good thing that can come of the "SS2KF" is that you recieve a heathly dose of Demorall and a new Subcription to Vicodin. Ask Chris, he's the only one who has completed the "SS2KF" to date.
      Otherwise, what a cool trail? Needs some TLC, like triming that nasty-ass briar patch stuff that ripped at us for a couple-O-miles and cleaning up some of the deeper rain ruts. Traction was great. Views were great. But, Chris's CLAV and Front Wheel are Flat JACKED UP.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Singletrack=80% Dirt Road=10% Truck Trail=10%
      Clancy a 42 year old Racer riding a Noleen/Intense M-1 from Norco, CA


    • Trail UpdateSan Sevine-It was a great day for most ,the conditions could not have been better ,alot of grip ,but the thorns are needed to be trimed ,I had fun riding with chris ,clancy, mr bonk,that was until chris bit it in front of me ,the trail need a little trimming ,I think we will do it soon
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 4-5 Elevation change:
      Singletrack=80% Dirt Road=20%
      Shocktower a 39 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Santa Cruz Bullit from Alta loma


    • Trail UpdatePre Christmas Ride-Shuttled it twice today with Shocktower, Clancy,and Chris. It was a great day to ride, We all crashed at lease once but Chris gets first place for crashing.
      Hope your doing better Chris!!! it looked great!!!!
      I have never seen a man from Norco dance on a bike like that.
      Ps tell your wife it was my fault.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 5 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=98% Truck Trail=2%
      Mr Bonk a 41 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Santa Cruz Bullit from Fontana California


    • Trail UpdateSAN SEVAINE CYN-Did the shuttle thing today, my wife told me to get out and ride.
      She drove me to the top and dumped me off.
      There is snow at the top, with full body protection
      I had improved my best time by 1:45
      The trail is a little overgrown at the top but that did not stop me. with the rain traction was awsome!!!
      Anyone want to shuttle Tuesday am let me know

      PS Tommy I know why they call it a Bullitt!!!!!
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 4.7miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=98% Truck Trail=2%
      Mr Bonk a 41 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Santa Cruz Bullitt from Fontana Ca


    • Trail UpdateSan Sevaine Cyn-Rode from the bottom to the top stoped a but haveway up
      the trail is in good cond and the bushes on the lower half are trimed.
      THE GATE IS OPEN!!!!!!
      anyone want to shuttle??????
      let me know Im game
      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: 4 miles Elevation change:
      mrbonk a 41 year old Weekend Warrior riding a trek 9.9 from fontana ca


    • Trail Update3 HOUR TOUR-Rode there Sunday 2 hours 46 mins and 18.8 miles
      11.5 miles of uphill climbing.
      Good ride Flying W!! you did very well.

      We did see 2 other riders way down the hill and a few
      tire tracks from other riders.
      The trail was over grown but still rideable.
      This trail will test all of your skills and them some
      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: 18.8miles Elevation change: lots
      Singletrack=4% Dirt Road=96%
      Mr Bonk a 41 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Trek 9.9 from Fontana California


    • Trail UpdateSan Seviane Cyn-Just rode this yesterday. What a climb. I am not in good enough shape to ride 7 miles of nothing but uphill. I had to walk a little. This is a great training run. But the payoff was awesome. The downhill was really fun. I can't wait to do it again. I may try to shuttle it next time. I did get to the bottom of the first downhill and got off the trail and ended up on the dirt rode. I have to do it again so I can ride the second half. The first half was a little grown over with brush but not enough to stop me from having a great ride down.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: Elevation change: A lot
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=10% Truck Trail=40%
      Mxman85 a 43 year old Downhiller riding a Schwinn straight 6 from Apple Valley


    • Trail UpdateI Wanna Go-I see you've moved over here to Gods country,and left Yuppieville (Rancho) behind.(just kiddin)Welcome to Funtucky.Home to two world reknown race courses.California speedway and Southridge.Would have loved to join ya on that one.Am I ever going to get the tour?Sounds like my kinda ride.I had to work yesterday and today we have family obligations,but please shoot me an email for the next local or for that matter not local ride.Is this the road that you can see from up by Mt.Baldy?Well, we'll see ya out there.
      Pain Freak from Fontana


    • Trail UpdateTHE LOOP-Rode the loop last Sunday with Mountain Goat,
      This is no ride for the weak. We started at the park
      went to the top of Cherry ave and up the dirt road.
      after you do a short downhill turn left to the fire road,up to the next intersection turn right, stay to the left past throught the gate, stay on the main road
      till it looks like your going to the pavment turn left and go up the hill, at the 5 mile make you will be at a gate, this is San Sevaine Road up about 5 miles to the cyn trail head.
      This is one of the hardest rides I have in years
      10 miles of climbing and the downhill even hurt!!
      I must be getting old.
      We did see Superman climbing up the road on this hardtail but not for long.
      I will try it again in a few weeks
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 15 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=4% Dirt Road=96%
      Mr Bonk a 40 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a trek vrx from Funtucky California


    • Trail UpdateSan Syvaine Cnyn-It is 7:42 a.m Im about to take that mountain, I not ready to do it, but its something I have to do, this mountain is right outside my front yard. If u guys dont hear from me, it means I died in a bike accident, so do a search and rescue!
      Mario Gamez a 19 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a gtr xcr 5000 from Rialto


    • Trail UpdateTake Along Some Pruning Shears..-The trail going up is packed from the prior rains and in decent shape. The brush is starting to grow together on portions of the downill, it will make pin cushins out of your arms and put holes in your tires.
      I walked about 80% of the downhill section after getting a flat and then making a rookie misteak and pinching my spare tube. The downhill section was worth the stiff climb up. I recommend this trail to anyone looking for a challenge. I will return.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 9 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=40% Paved Path=10% Truck Trail=50%
      Paramedic Dude a 42 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized FSR from Fontana


    • Trail UpdateIT'S OK TO WALK-Rode there today with Paul,Pete,Mike,Tommy,Robert,Sammy,Shawn,
      Started at the bottom and went up up up !!!!!!
      I had forgoten how hard this really is to climb or I'm
      just in that bad of shape!
      It was fun good group conds were good and only one flat.
      Robert gets the crash dummy award!!!!
      till next week
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 8miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=80% Dirt Road=10% Paved Path=10%
      Mr Bonk a 40 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Trex VRX400 from Rancho Cucamonga Ca USA


    • Trail UpdateSAN SEVAINE CYN-Rode it Sunday with Robert THE Man.
      Conds were great,a little over grown in spots
      clear weather and a slight breeze
      Traction does not get any better than this.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 4 miles Elevation change: 22 mins
      Singletrack=75% Dirt Road=25%
      Mr Bonk a 40 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a To many to list from Rancho Cucamonga Ca USA


    • Trail UpdateSAN SEVAINE CYN-The gate is now open so you can shuttle it!!!!!
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Singletrack=90% Dirt Road=10%
      MR BONK a 40 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Trek vrx400 from Rancho cucamonga


    • Trail UpdateTHE WORK OUT-Rode there today the rain has taken its toll
      they have closed the trail to all motor vehicles
      to my suprise there was lots of mtb tire inprints
      the first part after the gate is a little over grown
      but after that it is in great shape
      a little over 1hr to just past the X
      lovely day to ride
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: Elevation change: a lot
      MR BONK a 39 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek 9.9 from Rancho cucamonga


      Ride rating: Intermediate
      MR BONK a 39 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek vrx400 from Rancho cucamonga


      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 4.2 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=90% Dirt Road=10%
      MR BONK a 39 year old Weekend Warrior riding a TREK VRX 400 from RANCHO CUCAMONGA


      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 4 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=90% Dirt Road=10%
      MR BONK a 39 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek vrx400 from Rancho cucamonga


    • Trail UpdateGot friends with trucks go and shuttle this I did with Mr bonk and brian , there was so much gripand nobody but us there is nothing better than a trail and your buddies and you know there is no one but you blasting down hill life is good thanks brent.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: Elevation change: yes
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=59%
      a 37 year old Weekend Warrior from rancho cucamonga


    • Trail UpdateThe Bullit Baby-Rode there Saturday after the rain on Friday It doesn't get any better than this!!!!!!
      We wanted to do all day long.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 4.2 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=90% Dirt Road=10%
      MR BONK a 39 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek vrx400 from Rancho cucamonga


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