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  • North Shore Campground - #NorthShoreCampground

    Socal - San Bernardino County - Lake Arrowhead NickNames: #NorthShoreCampground

    Use I215 (north) to the 30 frwy (east). Exit Waterman Ave. (18), go north up into the mountains. Continue on Hwy18 (Rim of the World Hwy) past the Rim of the World High School to Hwy173. Turn left to Lake Arrowhead. Continue around the east side of the lake. On the east side of the lake you will find Mountains Community Hospital & the North Shore Campground. Parking is a breeze, park in the hospital parking lot, ride up to the campgrounds. From the campground head up the fireroad access. You might want to get a map of the area, it's big. Thomas Guide page 4738

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    • Trail UpdateJust a note about the Northshore trail. This is a very challenging ride with some very difficult areas. There are over 200 miles of trails in the San Bernardino National Forest. These trails are designated as O.H.V. trails and depending on the width are designated for jeep, motorcycle or A.T.V. use. MTB's are welcomed and generally respected for the effort. The busiest areas are near the staging areas. You can get trail maps at the ranger stations. Some areas in the forest are xtremely remote and have very little traffic ride these trails well prepared. The trails are rated using similar designations as ski runs "Green easy" Blue Intermediate" Black Diamond Expert" remember these are Powered vehicle ratings! However, they will give you an idea of what you’re getting into. Be advised lots of deep ruts, roots, rocks and very beautiful scenery.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 200 miles Elevation change: 4000'
      Singletrack=20% Dirt Road=30% Paved Path=10% Truck Trail=40%
      Jim Deremiah a 46 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Hummer/Montague from Rancho Cucamonga


    • Trail UpdateNorth Shore Lake Arrowhead-Well...watch out for motorcycles, jeeps, and atv's. The trails are made for off road vehicles, pretty wide and some of the hills were really long and steep. Not to say I don't like a good climb, but the trails were really more suited for motorized transportation. It is really pretty however, and once you get back a little ways there is plenty of cool stuff to hurt yourself riding through!
      I met quite a few people on the trail and saw some cool jeepin'. Everybody was friendly and helpful with the trails...and there are PLENTY of trails!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: Elevation change: 100's of feet as many times as you want
      Dirt Road=50% Truck Trail=50%
      Tom a 26 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Jamis Dakar Comp complete w/ scratches from Redondo Beach URL: http://www.aboutTom.com


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