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  • Wildhorse Trail - #WildhorseTrail

    Socal - San Bernardino County - Barton Flats area NickNames: #WildhorseTrail

    From the I10 go to university exit turn left go under the highway and proced north until you hit lugonia it is at the stop light turn right and proced up lugonia after 9 miles or so it becomes highway 38 follow highway 38 for 25-30 miles until you come to Barton flats campground you will go past Barton Flats campground and will go for about 6 miles you will come to a double lane for passing and on the right you will see a sign that says Wildhorse Trail head parking turn left into the parking lot.

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    • Trail UpdateNew Wildhorse Singletrack-This trail has been redone since this trail was added. Singletrack was redone and is in great shape. You can shuttle up a fireroad to Wildhorse Meadow. Don't bother going up higher than this to Sugarloaf MTN. From wildhorse meadow, follow old dirt road past wood posts for about a mile, look for trail sign on left that drops you into ferny almost overgrown but great singletrack technical steeper descent, loose rocks, fun! Comes out at wildhorse campground. Take break. Find singletrack to the south. steep but sometimes rideable .7 mile climb to the next 2-3 miles of wicked singletrack. Often down trees. You will ride over loose rocks for about 1/2mile at the end, but its worth it. Pops you out onto highway 38 about 1.5 miles above southfork SART trailhead. Ride down the road and hop on SART for more great singletrack! (Wildhorse meadow can also be shuttled from Hatchery Road/38 on Big Bear side of ONYX summit)
      BigBearHostel a 35 year old URL: Big Bear Lake Mountain Bike Trail Guide


    • Trail UpdateWildhorse Trail-This trail will bring you to the top of sugarloaf mountain elevation 9952. You start out by climbing up about 4 miles of semi technical ascents with some very short but very steep and loose climbs after the 4 mile climb is over there will be a fun one mile descent be careful there are some steep drop ins and there are rocks all over the trail. When you get to the bottom you will be in a campground head across the year-round creek and procede up the trail say hello to bitch 1 the first of two bitches that you will be forced to hike your bike up. After about 20 minutes of hiking your bike you will come to the top but your relief will be short lived for once you get to the top you will go about 200 yards up a decomposing rutted out dirt road and then you will see a sign that says sugarloaf trail it goes straight up the hill say hello to bitch number 2 this one is the worst it is the steepest and longest hike abike but thank god it is the last one you will know that you have made it to the top of bitch 2 when the you come to another trail intersection turn left after this just keep going there will be some short steep parts but they are short lived now say hello to some of the awesomest rock gardens you have ever seen be careful sometimes the trail is easy to loose the ascent to the top is about 60% rideable and the other 40%is walk a bike, but look on the bright side the descent is 100 percent rideable and is about 9-10 miles long and besides the one mile ascent it is all downhill. Make sure to sign your name in the notebook at the top of the mountain. Practice caution when summiting this mountain because the weather can change very very quickly i have seen it happen before it goes from a nice sunny warm morning to a cold wet, cloudy, and foggy late morning. This trail is definatly worth checking out because to the best of my knowledge it is the highest mountain in the San Bernardino mountains that you can summit with your bike.
      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: 18-20 Elevation change: 4,000 feet
      Isaac tait a 17 year old Racer riding a 1999 Red Cannondale f500(heavily upgraded) from Forest Falls


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