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  • Sycamore Canyon Park - #SycamoreCanyonPark

    Socal - Riverside County - Riverside NickNames: #SycamoreCanyonPark

    Sycamore Canyon Park is located in Riverside, CA. This map just describes the main entrances at this point and how to get to them. Trails are not marked because this area is marked with many trails (fire roads, singletracks, technical sections and water crossings). It is the most rideable area in the area due to its variety of terrain and fitness levels. There are many trail heads in the park making it accessible from various points. Please like your backyard and don't litter because after all, it is your backyard.
    Directions: From Hwy. 215/60 take the Central exit, down the hill to the Canyon Crest Towne Center (best place to start). The main trail heads are - (1) Ride up Central Ave. to the open area to the right with the bulletin board. - (2) Ride all the way up Central Ave., turn right at Box Springs Blvd. (before underpass) and any one of the side streets goes to the trail heads. - (3) From the Canyon Crest Towne Center Ride down canyon Crest Dr., turn left at Via Concepcion, right at via Junipero Serra, left at the end and the first right to a dead end. - (4) Ride to the top of Canyon Crest Dr. (OUCH!) and enter at the intersection of Via Vista Dr. close to the top. - (5) From Alessandro turn in Barton Rd. to the Water Plant facility. - (6) From Alessandro enter at the gas station close to the freeway. - (7) On Box Springs Blvd. there are many entrances. Thomas Guide page 716

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    • Trail UpdateNo Shade Here!-

      Reviewed by: Zachariah , Cross Country Rider

      This is mainly an XC type trail - meaning for all that smooth rolling singletrack, there is a climbing price to pay. The climbs are short, but brutally steep. And, there is LOTS of them too. Bring all the water you can carry, if doing the full, 17-mile tour, because you will drink all of it and then some!

      Don't even think about riding this in the hot summer months, as there is literally zero shade on this entire network; your rotting corpse will not be found until November.

      Recommended Route:
      Park Central Avenue trailhead and take Farside all the way along the Eastern perimeter, past the Pepsi plant, Ralph's Distribution Center, etc. Explore "mini Moab boulders and follow along the telephone poles(DH) and hang left behind Canyon Crest back yards. Climb another hill and go east towards boundry fire road and north center all the way back up to your car.
      Zachariah a 49 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 2012 Trek Superfly 100 Pro 29er from Palm Desert, CA


    • Trail UpdateSycamore Canyon-Road Sycamore Canyon on Saturday June 4,2011 for the first time with my nieceís husband we had a grate time the weather was prefect, we stared from the central entrance the fire roads are in good shape, only found a couple of ruts the water crossing are ride able. The single tracks are fast with some loose sandy areas on the turns near the Little Moab area. Thanks to the riders we met and gave us the 411 on witch way to go.
      Gt serg a 45 year old Weekend Warrior riding a 2000 gt i drive carbon fiber from Rialto


    • Trail UpdateExcellent Ride-Went out riding with my brother in-law yesterday. Trails are in great shape, some ruts from the recent rains but it's just that much more interesting. The Construction seems to be complete and the trails are open agian.
      Jhick64 a 22 year old Weekend Warrior riding a an old Giant ATX 970 from Moreno Valley


    • Trail UpdateSycamore Canyon-There is plenty of rideable single track, but expect to hit a few mucky mud pits along the way. You'll see a few closed off sections in the park. Keep an eye out for the orange mesh fencing. A key point on the main fire road that splits the park in half is completely closed off to construction. Come prepared to do some back tracking or 'exploring.' All in all, still some great riding to be had. Have a great ride!
      antioquia4 a 37 year old Weekend Warrior from Riverside


    • Trail UpdateHOT Feb!-Unseasonable hot that day! Cold in the morning but as the sun got high in the sky it got hot fast!

      Single track was perfect like it was groomed by the recent rains. Not very dusty either.

      After 11AM mostly MTB'ers were in the area.

      Share the trail and lets keep the trails clean!
      Dial Tone a 38 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Vassago Bandersnatch from Duarte, CA


    • Trail UpdateSICamore Caynon-This ridiculous park is ready for the ride after the rains helps some of the more loose areas. The single track is perfect and the fire roads are cleaner than usual. On my ride today, I saw more critters than usual. Even the water features are flowing and begging to be waked through (or flown over).
      One note of caution for those of you who are going to run out and get on the go, the main fire road (from the south Alessandro entrance) was being dug out for some reason. There is a way to get around it, but itís kind of hidden.

      EricXcal a 39 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 08 Gary Fisher from Riverside, CA


    • Trail UpdateAwesome Park-I just rode this park about two weeks ago. My roomate and live about five minutes from it and decided to check it out. We both are just getting into riding and decided this would be one of our main spots. Most of the trails are hardpacked and in good condition. As the last rider wrote they disced some of the outer areas which made the ride a little bumpy, but I would say it's recovering with more and more riding.
      Jhick64 a 21 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek 800 Singletrack (comuter) from Moreno Valley, CA


    • Trail UpdateSycamore Gets A Haircut-Apparently afraid of the upcoming fire session the county decided to go out and clear brush aroung the perimeter of the park and on the trails, also for whatever reason they cut 3-4 in. trenches along several points on the trails and got rid of alot of the rocks on certain areas, needless to say the trail while not completely ruined, they have lost alot of their charachter and the trenches present quit the obstacle to ride around, along with all the soft dirt kicked up by workers, im not happy and assume many of you arnt either, what was the city thinking?

      dereka15 a 17 year old Downhiller riding a Giant AC2 from Riverside


    • Trail UpdateOctober 25, 2008-I parked my truck at the Canyon Crest Towne Center and rode up Central to the open area (parking lot) described above in item #1. I saw some girls walking back down on a trail so I decided to enter through the entrance described in item #3 above. I rode about 5 total miles including single track and fire roads.Very good trail system. Not one piece of trash anywhere you look! It was a total blast bombing down the trails. Not too fun climbing up them, though, lol. Many, many uphills. The trails are rolling and relatively smooth and once in a while you'll encounter some rocks to launch off from. I also rode on some easy fire trails. I didn't see too much technical sections but they are out there. There are trails everywhere! I was so surprised that I did not encounter any other riders the 2 hours I was there. I saw a couple hiking way out in the distance. It was very hot, though, today... 90+ degrees. Next time I'll explore the eastern section.
      KonaDawgD a 40 year old Weekend Warrior riding a 2007 Kona Dawg Deluxe from Fontana, CA


    • Trail UpdateMay 24 Ride-Rode from canyon crest through the park and back down. All the trails are looking good. Signs are posted showing where the actual boundary of the park is; a lot smaller than it is now! Overall the trails are in great shape. Good day to ride before the heat comes back.
      unnown2u a 23 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GT Avalanch Expert from Riverside


    • Trail UpdateGreat Ride......................-Rode this trail about 20 minutes ago and let me tell you its as good as it gets. The trail is in perfect shape its not as dry as it usually is thanks to the last rains we had.The city and local riders are doing a great job keeping this trail clean, thanks.
      slapfan1 a 25 year old Weekend Warrior riding a diamond back recoil from riverside next to sycamore canyon


    • Trail UpdateFebruary 16, 2008-Rode the perimeter and cut across the pipe. The trails are in great shape. Hardly any ruts or trash to be seen. The City has done well posting maps around and maintaining the trails.
      unnown2u a 23 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GT Avalanch Expert from Riverside


    • Trail UpdateGood Ride....-Rode these last in October, 2006. Great conditions, I like how challenging this area can be if your up for some climbing, or there are easier routes for the more faint of heart as well. Great rolling sections and turns to practice handling skills and such. I'm not sure I would ever ride this during the summer months unless it were early morning or a night ride as there is about 0% shade.
      Definetly a fun place to ride, however after riding it about 3-4 times I seem to be choosing other trails over this one because I'm already a little bored with it. But maybe thats my A.D.D. kicking in! Just kidding!
      pinkflux a 27 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Turner Flux from Temecula, CA


    • Trail UpdateSycamore Canyon Trails-I've ridden this trail twice this week and I plan to ride these trails until I can make the whole run with ease. These trails are sweet singletracks with more challenging hills on the south end. The parking lot is completed and there is now a port-o-pot. I will say that there isn't any shade throughout the entire ride so don't expect any relief from the sun and beware of the occasional rattlesnake. If there's anyone who wants to get a riding group going for this trail send an e-mail.
      lalawinks a 41 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Giant from Palm Springs


    • Trail UpdateUpdate Of Trail?-I haven't ridden here, and am completely unfamiliar with the area. I was was hoping to get a trail update before heading out.
      royta a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Flux from Corona, CA


    • Trail UpdateHey Mortensen, you're talking about the wrong trail. San Diego County, not Riverside.

      Keep eating that fish.

      Johnny Rot


    • Trail UpdateRode this on friday and saturday. From Mast to scripps poway parkway and back. Trail is in really good condition a very fun ride but not really challenging. There were helicopters doing training in the area and landing right next to the trail. made things exciting. Be sure not to go in the heat of the day. and bring lots of water.
      kmortensen a 26 year old Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateTrails In Great Shape!-Rode the poway side of Sycamore Canyon lastnight!

      the single track is holding up well for how little rain we've had. Martha Grove is looking good, the single track out behind the ranger station is growing nicely! off the trail is THICK and you feel like your in a tunnel ESP at night! Fireroad has been freshly graded its nice and flat and packed makes for a nice easy climb out of the valley. Great riding!
      protijy a 26 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Indy Fab Beat Stick from Mission Bay


    • Trail UpdatePart Of The Park Being Bulit On-some of the land was bought and they fenced it off, so some of the trails are inaccessible now. Some of the trails have a ton of overgrowth on them, and there are quite a few ruts as well.
      HXCMTB a 14 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a trek 4500 disc


    • Trail UpdateSycamore Canyon Update-Just a small update - many of the entrances on the South (Alessandro) and East (Sycamore Canyon Rd) side of the park have been built-over with warehouses and storage units, and it looks like more to come. Once you get past the buildings, things are ok.
      Jay a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized Frankenstein from Riverside, CA


    • Trail UpdateTrail Issues In Santa Monica MOu-I wanted to let the Mt. Bike community know that the park staff from Pt. Mugu are aware of the overgrowth issues. Our Trail Management folks are trying to deal with the over abundant growth but we are lacking funding to do brudh work. If you ride at any of the parks in the Santa Monica Mountains I suggest that you contact CORBA and see if you can help volunteer by doing some much needed trail work. It will really helps us. hanks Frank Padilla, Jr CA. State Parks


    • Trail UpdateI was running and before I cross the creek, I saw the bigest frog I have ever seen in my kife, about 12 inches high by 24 inches long scare the heck out of me, great run like allways
      a 45 year old Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateLoads Of Wild Mustard-Went riding at the park this Sunday. The wild mustard is out of control on the single tracks. You have about 6 inches of clear track and the mustard is so high on either side that you can't see over the top. Your legs are constantly getting smacked by the stuff. So after awhile I turned around and hit the double tracks and the fire roads. Those were in great condition. Not as much rain damage as I was expecting.

      I spent a hour last night picking flowers and leaves out of my bike and cleaning out all my scrapes and boo boos from brushing up against all the wild flowers.

      I also saw two snakes (didn't stop to see what kind) and several large over weight lizards.

      Overall still a great ride and a fantastic day.

      keeperterrier a 30 year old Weekend Warrior riding a trek from Riverside, CA


    • Trail UpdateCross Country Heaven-Today was the first time i've ever ridden this place, talk about some nice climbs and nice smooth winding and rolling trails, some technical sections. this place is a great place for cross country race training. and a single-speeder's delight. my friend had been riding here for a few years(he's a single speeder)and showed me just a fraction of the whole park, it was awesome to see how much you can cover thru the vast array of trails within the park.

      Terrain is hardpack singletrack, not many loose sections, so you can roll pretty fast if you got the right tires. Tires with short center knobs & good side knobs would be great for this place.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 13.5 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=95% Dirt Road=5%
      Epic Mtn Biker a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a '04 Specialized Epic Marathon from Ontario, CA


    • Trail UpdateWhere To Park, Current Condition-The best parking is in the Canyon Crest Shopping Center, on Central Avenue. To access the trails: Head S on Cyn Crest, turn L on Via Conception, 1st R on Via Junipero Serra, then follow the road until you see a deadend on the R with a trailhead (Via Las Nubes). You're there ! Go to the R, you're on Triple R parallel to Cyn Crest Dr on the far W side of the park. Go all the way to the top. you'll see the trails laid out to the E.

      Conditions are great, especially if you like ruts and technical stuff.Traction is superb, and the rocks are all washed off and sticky. Trails are Int to Advanced, depending on where you go. Access roads and some trails are easy.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 10-20 miles Elevation change: minimal
      Singletrack=90% Dirt Road=10%
      Bob a 48 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Jamis Dakar from Norco


    • Trail UpdateReturn From A 12 Year Hiatus-returned to sycamore after 12 years. little has changed except for development. used to make the r/t ride from canyon crest to march afb. don't know if it's still passable as afb housing area is probably now fenced and off limits. otherwise, condition of singletrack within the park remains fun and challenging. little rutted from the rain. positive change from fire roads in the santa monicas and verdugos. one disappointment was the vandalized bulletin board. what group is responsible for maintaining the signage and park?
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 8 Elevation change: 500'
      Singletrack=90% Dirt Road=10%
      Former I.E. rider a 38 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Rocky Instinct


    • Trail UpdateFun Ride-Hit the canyon this weekend and had a blast. The trails are in good shape. My brother and I started at the dirt parking lot. I found out real quick how out of shape I was when I tried to climb the hills into the canyon. Got my second wind on some of the down hill sections. Got lost on some trail by the phone poles and ended up having to carry my bike down into a ravine and then back out, that was not fun! Overall this place rocks and it's close, awesome!
      Mike a 35 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Raleigh M-30, hardtail from Riverside


    • Trail UpdateFirst Time On This Trail-I discovered this area accidentally while riding down Sycamore Canyon on the east side. Headed into the dirt between Eastridge and Allesandro. Trail roughly parallels the creek, thanks for the bridge! Took it slow because of blind corners, but want to do it again and often.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 6 miles Elevation change: UNK
      Singletrack=90% Dirt Road=10%
      Tom Iarossi a 53 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Performance M-100 hardtail from Riverside


    • Trail UpdateBridges...-Those other bridges are ours too. We Thought it would make the ride more fun. The next project is to clean up some of the ruts on a few of the hills and maybe put in some water breaks if I can get some more fire hose to cut up.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: Elevation change: ?
      Singletrack=?% Dirt Road=?% Paved Path=?% Truck Trail=?%
      Chuck a 32 year old Racer riding a stumpjumper m4 from Grand Terrace


    • Trail UpdateBridges. . .-Thanks for the bridge! We took it last night on the way up the pole line--it looks good. I've also noticed a 2 other ones, one at the washout near Sycamore Canyon Blvd, one upgrading the creek crossing bridge just down the trail. If you did those, thanks for those, too.

      m2brew a 26 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a gigantic Trek hardtail from Riverside URL: Team Dirty Work


    • Trail UpdateBridge Over Troubled Waters...-The new bridges in the park close to the chevron station and the one over the washed out creek section near Canyon Crest rd are compliments of the 120 Fighter Wing Alert Force. We have enough materials to build a few more so if you have any suggestions on where they are needed please let us know. Does anyone know when the construction is starting on the Canyon Crest side of the park? That climb is my favorite and it looks like it is going away soon.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 12 Elevation change: ????
      Singletrack=?% Dirt Road=?% Paved Path=?% Truck Trail=?%
      Chuck a 32 year old Racer riding a Specialized Stumpjumper M4 from Grand Terrace


    • Trail UpdateThe Jewel Of The 909-This was my second ride in this area. There are so many options and trails in this park. I did notice that there were some no cycling signs on some of the trails. What's up with that. My partner and I rode from the Central AVE trail head all the way over to Sycamore Canyon Dr where it appears there is some development going on. Took the trail back on the west side of the creek. If you want to make a loop without having to double back too much turn east on the road that splits the single track about 2 miles from Sycamore Canyon Dr and pick any of single tracks that lead north to hook up w/ trails that lead you back to Central. We were informed by a fellow mountain biker that once you are west of the creek and north of the dirt road there is no way back to the parking area on Central. This trail seems tame at first but once you get into the park there are some technical sections that a novice rider might find challenging. Thanks to that rider by the way for informing us of a really hairy section around a blind corner.
      Ride distance: 12miles Elevation change: not much
      Mrkcy a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant-Iguana from Temple City


    • Trail UpdateCostly Ride-FYI - Park in any of the above mentioned areas except #6. I have ridden this area for several years. Each time I have parked at the dirt lot across the Chevron station, off Alesandro and I-215 without incident. The convenience of parking here is no more. While parked here last weekend Riverside P.D. gave me and the other vehicles there a little present -- a ticket in the ammount of $100. The ticket states we were ilegally parked on a non-paved lot. I plan on fighting this ticket. I would hate for anyone else to find out the hard way as I have that you can't park here. Other than that the ride was nice. The trail is a little overgrown in spots with dry brush but overall in good shape.
      Albacore a 26 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Scandal from Sun City


    • Trail UpdateA-Train...Whats Up W/ B.Y. Trail-Hey atrain, what's up w/ that trail that comes out of the canyon to Central that runs right down into the backyard of someone's house??? My partner and I were haulin ass down the hill and BAM we were in someone's yard. You did'nt make that trail did you = ). Just a warning to those of you new to the trail. On the Central Ave side there is a trial you can take that leads back to the origin trail to the lot but watch for the hairpin turn at the bottom on the right. If you miss it you end up in a yard as I mentioned above.
      Mrkcy a 27 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Giant-Iguana from Temple City


    • Trail UpdateGlad Some Other Riders Are Cool.-when me and my friends were building actual north shore trails (not just a wooden drop any more) ther was a few XCers and they didnt seem to mind the new more exiting trail and the are we built them in is not any where near the houses and they are not in any one elses trails so no need to worry.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      a train a 16 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a little warp so u huys dont need downhill rigs from the one and only 909


    • Trail UpdateYo Man-Just your typical white trash punks from the inland "empire." They pick up their language skills from their trailer park landlords.



    • Trail UpdateNorth Shore...NOT!-They are trying to make their own version of a rad bike park. I hope their parents got insurance.
      Wyraus riding a Fast one


    • Trail UpdateThere Must Be-a lot of underage hip hoppers on this trail. I ran into a few kids here and I thought I was in another country that had a language with a lot of "z"'s. Not to worry, they were relatively harmless milkfed suburban folk.

      Ride on.

      Markus Headlaunch a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateGreat Ride For XC-I guess I'm getting old because I couldn't understand a single word in the last few postings. I just had to check out this trail for myself. I drove out from Temple City and rode the trail with my buddy. We started in the afternoon and almost got caught in the dark. The trails in this park are endless. We only rode 3 miles in before we had to make our way back. The rain made this trail VERY fast today. This is an excellent cross country run. Some of the sections we rode were kind of hairy(steep, big rocks, and ruts) so for that reason I am rating this as an I/A ride. I don't know any names for the trails and there are so many side trails(well established)that the map attached to this site is not really accurate. The best way we found to do this ride is to enter from Central and follow the trails to the Southwest. At some of the high points we could see trails going for a few miles south and west of us. I hope to return for an early AM ride to explore more of the park. Note to Supa fly and crew: This place kicks ass. Do you really need to add anything to it? I'm just saying....I noticed some homes overlooking the park and was wondering if maybe they might not like "building" going on. Not trying to shut you down just want to make sure you don't piss off the locals and get the trail closed or get yourself in trouble.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 4.5 but much further to go! Elevation change: Slight
      Mrkcy a 27 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Giant-Iguana from Temple City


    • Trail UpdateBoo Yah!-A train, supa fly and athe newest member of the 909 fr crew "rini" just built three more north shore ummm...things. a new drop, a bridge over a lil creek, and the best thing in sycamore a 13 ft. teetertotter!!!! its great!

      we are lookin to get some kind of sponsor so if n e body has any conncetions please leave a note on this site!
      it would be greatly appreciated.
      A-train a 15 year old Downhiller riding a giant warp from 909


    • Trail UpdateSupa Fly Is Nuts!-if u have heard the messegases about a train and supa fly u can probly tell that we built the f/r trail and all guys who know him know that he is a nut. he actually brought brian lopes and hans rey out to the trail i shit u not the godfather of freeriding hans. yo supa my screen name is m bomber05 u know gotta sport the marzocchis
      Ride rating: Advanced
      A train a 15 year old riding a giant w/ jr t from 909 local


    • Trail UpdateBigdropdreams@yahoo-supafly in the hizz houzezzzzzz anybody want to freeride email me bigdropdreams@yahoo a-train, james is out hurt... still!!!so im going out solo or to big bear i have a hole boatload of wood an will be biulding some northshore stuff and can use some help!!A-TRAIN


    • Trail UpdateYo!-this is a train and sycamore has been boriong for the last few months because of the heat dont ya think?
      and im gonna start goin ouit in the after noon to work on me and my friends f/r trail. i dont have a map but i can show u around the place. and this is that kid u on the DBR saw on the specialized hardtail.


      a train a 15 year old riding a cheap giant warp with jr.ts from reppin the 909


    • Trail UpdateWell The Thing About Sycamore-is that you have to ride up for all the downhills. all the little dh trails actually can be linked together for a pretty good dh run. it will have some uphill but still worth it. this place is really overgrown and when it gets cooler im gonna get some people togher to fix the tails. they are still fun though
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Singletrack=90% Dirt Road=10%
      chris a 16 year old Downhiller riding a giant from moval


    • Trail UpdateDownhill Dissapointment-Nice XC trails, but downhill sections are too short unless you shuttle. Trails in decent condition, overgrown in most areas. There were some good technical sections near the gas station. Does anyone have a map of the trails in the park?
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Singletrack=80% Dirt Road=20%
      Joe Sapko a 22 year old Downhiller riding a DBR X6, Romic T-1 shock, Sherman Slider fork from Riverside


    • Trail UpdateSupa Fly!-where the hezzie have u guys been our trail has barely been riden and i went out there last week for the first time since sea otter (i broke my arm there) and i had to hit every thing alone it sucked! mike is in poland for some wierd reason. so i just got my cast off and went to ride but u guys havent been out for like months. when i went i counted 15 snakes no joke!
      A train a 15 year old Downhiller riding a warp ds something from representin 909


    • Trail UpdateA-TRAIN-u know who u r!!!!!! na!you da man i cant even be thinkin about bein the man when you da man!!!a-trian have u tried the left turn right before that drop thats harder then the drop?the key is how smooth u land the plank drop,if its smooth and your speed is up hit the drop if you bobble make the left and hit that .its fun both ways. but hey, can we ride with you guys somtime!!!!!!?dual slalom on sat?


    • Trail UpdateYupYup-Garry, Me and my friend built that trail with the drops but they have done way more work than i have but the reason the trail is not in good condition is beacause the "big dogs" are out winning at the sea otter classic and riding with brian lopes. (you know who u r.) that rock drop is fun but it is hard to read. peace
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Andrew A-train Clazie a 15 year old riding a giant warp with a sweet pair of jr, Ts from Representin 909


    • Trail UpdateRode Here Sat. And Wow-i havent ridden here for a long time cause i hurt my back in the beginning of january. little moab is in need of some trail maintence. weeds are way to big. the trail with the drops is overgrown too. its great they can build tight a** drops but they need to keep there trail in a little better condition . I havent been able to hit all of them but i will eventually. the first north shore drop is fun but hard cause the jump right after it but hey just another reason to keep doing it. the second north shore drop is actually easy after you have done ti a cupple times. the third one off the big rock i havent done yet, but is my next chalenge. there jumps, the lip after the first drop looks funny but it launches good and the other ones launch good too. Sycamore needs alot of work but is still on good condition considering all the rain we got. ride hard and fast
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: depends Elevation change: who cares
      Singletrack=?% Dirt Road=?% Truck Trail=?%
      Garry a 22 year old Downhiller riding a giant ac 1 from chino


    • Trail UpdateStinging Nettle-Did the whole park perimeter twice today then ended my ride with a warm down spin though the creek bottom trail. At the second utility road crossing where the trail turns steep upward to the right, I got hit by some Nettle real bad. Felt like someone jabbing a thousand pins into my lower leg. Watch for this stuff. Its rather uncomforatable. Otherwise..... great ride, bitch'in wheather.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 22+ Elevation change: IDNNO
      Singletrack=75% Dirt Road=25%
      Clancy a 42 year old Racer riding a Intense, K2, K2, K2, Cannodale, Cannondale, Specialized from Norco


    • Trail UpdateAndrew Is Not Crashmaster!-this is andrew and i am not crashmaster so i did not wright the last messege but me and mike did all the drops. and shawn and james come out this sunday me and mike have been goin solo and it boring without everyone

      riding a beefed up ds-2 from representin from riverside


    • Trail Updatehey andrew, all the drops r easy?have u tried the doulble down again.what about the creek drop?oh yea,the rock gap?and the step down! yea there all easy but let me know when you can clean them all!we won't even talk about the other ones


    • Trail Updatei went there last weekend and did that northshore drop. it is easy. it is a blast to do over and over but it is not hard. all the drops are fun in sycamore, i havent found a hard one yet but they are fun anyway
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      crash master a 16 year old Downhiller riding a giant warp from riverside


    • Trail UpdateBig Drop-Look for the Big northshore style drop on saturday i will always be there for an hour or so in the morning if you wanna see a show!
      andrew a 15 year old Downhiller riding a beefed up warp ds-2 from riverside represent!


    • Trail UpdateHuh? In Sycamore?-Andrew, where is this at? I ride sycamore and surrounding area 1 or 2 times a week and you've got me totally lost. Is this up near two trees and "M" trail or in the park proper? Is it down towards white gates or south of Alesandro. Help an old school downhill, BMX, endurance race guy find a new peice of pie!
      Clancy a 42 year old Racer riding a Intense, Cannodale, K2, K2, K2, Specialized from Norco, CA


    • Trail UpdateHuh? In Sycamore?-Andrew, where is this at? I ride sycamore and surrounding area 1 or 2 times a week and you've got me totally lost. Is this up near two trees and "M" trail or in the park proper? Is it down towards white gates or south of Alesandro. Help an old school downhill, BMX, endurance race guy find a new peice of pie!
      Clancy a 42 year old Racer riding a Intense, Cannodale, K2, K2, K2, Specialized from Norco, CA


    • Trail UpdateFREERIDE TRAIL CONSTRUCTION-My friends and I have been building a new trail that we call the A-trail. i have not done as much work as the two guys who started this trail almost 3 years ago. (mad props go out to Shawn and James for starting the trail and getting me into freeriding) Anyway the trail starts at our jumps that i do not want to reveal the location of incase someone decides to mess up something. you go through some trees that shoot you through a rock section follow the trail untill you pass some more jumps and a rock garden go straight and turn left on a single track un till you get to your first intersectionturn left uphill untill you get to a large ugly rock. that is where th real trail caps off if u look around for a while you will see a few drops nd it goes down the hill you took to get up to it. on this trail there are planty of drops ranging from 3-15 feetbe careful on a rock there is a jump that is about 22 feet and it will hurt if you are not carefull of the trail. then the trail goes through a few jumps and an s-berm that points u dirctley into "the canyon(or plank drop) that is one of the best things in sycamore stay on the trail up the rocks and go over a bridge to a 10 foot drop that is gnarly. but any one who sees this trail just respect the work that we put into this course by not skidding around obsticles and making ruts.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: maybe 3 Elevation change: donk know
      andrew reprsentin riverside a 15 year old Downhiller riding a beefed up ds-2 from riverside represent !


    • Trail UpdateGood Riding-rode here last weekend, it is awsome. little moab has so many drops. i want to go back and try them all. we found a trail with alot of drops, and a big wooden north shore style drop. i want to try that too
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Singletrack=1-100% Dirt Road=1-100%
      andrew a Downhiller riding a foes fly


    • Trail UpdateThis Place Is A Jewell !-The weather was awsome today. Perfect traction. Climbed out Farside all the way to the south end near the gas station, played at little Moab drops for a little while and returned on the Farside. This is the perfect time to "Rail the Trail". Was Farside Fast? Fast and Sticks like glue. Just Point and Shoot. If you have not riden here, you owe it to yourself to try some of the bazillion miles of trails in the area.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 12 Elevation change: 800ft
      Singletrack=90% Dirt Road=10%
      Clancy a 42 year old Racer riding a Cannodale, K2, K2, K2, Intense and Specialized from Norco


      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: DEPENDS ON TRAILS Elevation change: DON'T KNOW
      Singletrack=DEPENS% Dirt Road=DEPENS% Truck Trail=DEPENDS%
      CHRIS a 16 year old Downhiller


    • Trail UpdateTraio Conditions/ Recomondations-
      All the trails in sycamore canyon are still in great condition. If you ride sycamore you need to ride little moab, gas pipe, and the ridge. If you like a very fast downhill you need to ride power pole. Going down the fire road is a blast. Nothing technical, or rocky on the road, but it is a verry fast road. If you like a fast single track you have to ride three r's. I think I am going to start to build a little downhill trail with a few jumps on it after it rains next time
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: depens Elevation change: depens
      Singletrack=0-100% Dirt Road=0-100% Truck Trail=0-100%
      chris a 16 year old Downhiller riding a giant from riverside


    • Trail UpdateSycamore Canyon - Riverside-I like to ride this area when the other guys don't want to do our normal sunday morning group ride. It is a good work out, and it is close enough to civilization that I feel ok riding it solo. It has alot to offer in a relativly small area. The are rock drops, and faces, singletrack, fast sections, and steep climbs. I have been troubled by the paint ball vandals that have trashed the rock area just off of sycamore rd. There have also been some mentally ill homeless people living in the park. They have erected strange structures and have brought a-lot of trash into the park. There has also been dumping in the park because there is now access from the road into the park.
      Ride rating: Beginner
      Ride distance: varies Elevation change: little
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      Chad a 31 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Giant AC1 from Corona


    • Trail UpdateThings To Know About Sycamore-When you ride sycamore canyon you have to realize that there is alot of uphill. for everything you go down you have to go up.
      If you are a person who likes to go and do big drops and don't mind going uphill to get to the downhill, rocks, and drops sycamore is a good place for you. I ride sycamore alot, there are alot of rock drops and alot of rock faces to ride.
      when people see a 15 year old kid saying there is good rock to ride and good drops they think it can't be too bad, when i talk about rock to ride i mean like in little moab, ride all the rock along the trail. there are a cuple drops about 15 foot. drops of all sizes. from 6 inches to 15 feet.sycamore has good rides for anyone and everyone
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: depens on trails taken Elevation change: don't know
      Singletrack=0-100% Dirt Road=0-100%


    • Trail UpdateSycamore's Best Trails.-As i ride sycamore canyon almost tvery weekend, i have noticed that the trails are in exelent condittin. my favorite downhill trail is three r. my favorite technical trail is a trail that starts off of the trail from the gas station to the pump house. if you go from the gas station you pass the enterance to little moab. keep following the main trail. eventualy you will see a trail that is on the left. it comes off a big rock, and cuts across the trail you are on.DO NOT TAKE THAT TRAIL...... keep on following the main trail until you see another trail on the left, and take that. you will come across the trail you were recently on. follow it and you will go through some pretty technical stuff. you do a cupple good size drops, and back to a fire road. in my opinion sycamore is one of the best places in the Moreno Valley,Riverside area. little moab is also a great trail, that takes some skill on rocks..........beware at the end of littel moab because after heavy rain the big rock at the bottom fills up with water
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: depends on trails taken Elevation change: don't know
      Singletrack=what you want to do% Dirt Road=what trails taken% Paved Path=0% Truck Trail=0%
      chris allomong a 15 year old Downhiller riding a 2002 warp d s 1 from moreno valley california


    • Trail UpdateSycamore Again?-I Love this palce. Rode here Monday night Solo. I only saw one rider the whole ride. I can't say enough about how well these trails are ridden and apparently maintained. If you have not been here for a training ride, By all means get out and do-it, this place is perfect and has it all.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 12 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=60% Dirt Road=20% Truck Trail=20%
      Clancy Noleen/K2 crash test dummy a 40 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Many K2's from Norco E-mail: teimrd @aol.com


    • Trail UpdateSycamore 1st Timer-First time @ Sycamore today. Thanks to the guys with "Team Dirty Work" for the Guided tour. These guys have done a great job of building and maintaining these trails. Fun loop, lots of options, with something for everyone. Little Moab is a Blast. I'll be back here again for sure.
      Ride rating: Beginner
      Ride distance: 12 Elevation change:
      Singletrack=90% Dirt Road=5% Truck Trail=5%
      Clancy Noleen/K2 crash test dummy a 40 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Many K2's from Norco


    • Trail UpdateSycamore Sampler-I rode here yesterday after work. I don't know the names of any trails because all of the signs just say "trail." However, those that have been here will probably recognize the route. I started from the shopping center at Central and Canyon Crest and rode up Central to the entrance on the right. From there I took the main singletrack that leads straight up the hill into the center of the park. There is a rut in the center of the trail, making it a little trickier than normal, but nothing difficult. After a few drops and climbs, I got to the top (which I assume is the highest point in the park). Great views on this smog-free night. There was a nice mix of clouds and pink sky as the sun was setting. I dropped down and took a singletrack off to the right that had some nice little tech sections (rock drops and pitches). This trail meets a main fireroad which I took for a mile or so until it crosses a concrete bridge. Turned right - short climb, then left fast descent. From here I took another singletrack that cuts across the rest of the park, following a creek bed. This is pretty much flat with some rolling ups and downs. It finishes at the road (I don't know the name) with a short steep hill which you can coast up if you have enough speed. However, if you have too much speed, you can actually launch yourself right into the middle of the road. I don't recommend this since you could get nailed by a passing car. Anyway, I turned right on the road towards the gas station. At the station, I turned right onto the trail that cuts back into the park. Then, I rode around a small fence and followed the singletrack that drops down and then at the split, turned right. The next section is, by far, the best part of the park. It is a technical, rock dropping fun-fest. There is a main route to follow; however, one could make their own line since there are many options. This section is a good Moab primer (I'll be out there in a few weeks) since there are lots of rock faces to drop and climb (except this is granite, not sandstone). The first few times I came here, some of the trickier sections were a little intimidating. However, I can clean them all now after some practice. Some of the lines are steep with harsh exit angles, so if it is your first time through, you might want to walk the line first. After climbing out of here, I rode along the wall by the warehouse and houses. This leads back to the main trail. Instead of taking the main trail all the way back, I took a side singletrack that detours to the right and joins the main trail just before the last dip. This detour needs some bike traffic since the rains have encouraged a lot of vegetation growth. The knee-high plants whip your legs into a stinging rash since this is a fast downhill. Anyway, I jumped on the main singletrack, turned right and dropped the last section back to Central Ave. There was a dude blowing an alpenhorn on this section of trail. That is probably the strangest thing I have seen while mountain biking so far. I expect to see occasional wildlife like bobcats, rattlesnakes, and coyotes. I have even seen bears on the Flume Trail. But, a guy with an alpenhorn? In Riverside?
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 10 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=70% Dirt Road=20% Paved Path=10%
      SS a 33 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Catamount from OC


    • Trail UpdateSycamore Canyon Park-this trail was awesome it closely resembles the area that the sea otter classic is at. steep short hills quick technical downhills and alot of creek crossings. this is definatly not a downhillers area it is for crosscountry buffs i mainly stuck to the north end of the park but there is alot of trails around the south end the best place to park is Barton Rd. next to the water plant facility. i went in march and all of the wild flowers were out the creek was a little dry in places, so look out for bee's, wasps, etc. The trail conditions are nearly 100% hard pack there is hardly any sand traps. this is a real fun place to ride it is not huge so you may be riding on the same trails a couple of times, also the smog can get pretty bad. i would definately go check this place out
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 2-Infinity Elevation change: 300 feet or so
      Singletrack=65% Dirt Road=35%
      Isaac Tait a 18 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Candy Apple Red Cannondale F500 from So-cal


    • Trail UpdateSycamore Cyn. Park-Our group rode here on Superbowl Sunday and the trail conditions were great, even after the previous two days of rain. The Central Ave trailhead section had some minor rutting down the middle and some sharp dips in the whoops up by the houses. Everything else in the upper half was packed and ready to go. I like to start from Central Ave partly for the workout but mostly because you get to come back down!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 10+ Elevation change:
      Singletrack=90% Dirt Road=10%
      K Reiser a 41 year old Weekend Warrior riding a GT DS-1000 from Cherry Valley


    • Trail UpdateDownhillers: Don't Go-If you love cross country riding, this is the place for you. Every cross country rider should come here and complain about all the changes. If you just want to rip it up on downhill sections, this place is more work than it is worth. This place can't even be shuttled properly. It nothing else, start at the Chevron station, there are a few rocks that are mass to jump and some sweet sections with jumps along fireroad downhill sections, but way to much lame uphill sections that aren't even technical or challenging, just boring. Jumping off the rocks into the soft dirt and creating new trails was fun though. I guess we were some of those that were, "makin' new trails 'n' causin' general mischief." I say that if you go there, do what we did, just tolerate most of the ride untill you hit one of the FEW fun spots and then just tear it up and never go back.

      FUN: 10%
      bobcat sitings: 1
      minus 45 degree wind chill: 100%

      Ride rating: Novice
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      Chewbacca a ? year old Downhiller riding a the Millenium Falcon from Hoth


    • Trail UpdateMoab Rock Section-there hidden in the middle of the trails is the rock section very tech. it is in a low area so look and enjoy.
      fred a 37 year old Weekend Warrior riding a santacruz from colton


    • Trail UpdateSycamore Canyon-Let's just say I consider Sycamore Canyon like my backyard. Even though I'm depressed about the construction going on...I like some of the new trails that were made on top. Good Job to whoever! Let just make sure no more house go up there! Anyway the conditions at sycamore are awesome. I love doing night rides here! I start out usually at the Chevron Station. People are real nice there...and will look after my truck. Actually left helmet on ground the attentant gave it to me the next week I was there...I was stoked! If you park on Central dirt parking lot...Don't leave anything of value in view in your car. I had some kids break my truck window and take my $300 pair of roller hockey skates...nothing else! no credit cards or other good stuff...anyway just remember that!
      I love the trail here...starting from the Chevron station you can take a difficult trail with drop off and rock jumps if you take the trail to the left then right at second Y. If you find it...you'll know you've found it...I consider it the best part of the park. Anyway take care and cheers to whoever maintains the park!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 4-15 miles Elevation change: approx. 500'
      Singletrack=70% Dirt Road=30%
      Kenny a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 2000 Giant Xtc DS1 from Riverside


    • Trail UpdateTrails Upon Trails-To start, I own one of those stereotypical suburban houses that now cover a generous portion of the "old" trail. As much as I like my house (hey, I didn't beg the city to build a house here), I really want the old trails back!
      Haven't rode the trails in months, looks like I remember it, only with more random trails that lead nowhere. Get a clue people, riding unchartered territory is cool, but it also ruins the landscape (and puts thorns in your tires). You can spend hours out here and get a good workout. Watch out for hikers, most of them will get out of the way, and for coyotes, they're hungry. If you start your ride at the Central Ave trailhead, stretch before entering the trail! The first two miles will knock you on your ass if you're not prepared. Overall not too technical with a good mix of singletrack and flat dirt roads.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: ? miles Elevation change: ?
      Singletrack=75% Dirt Road=25%
      Jay a 27 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Scary Specialized Hybrid from Riverside


    • Trail UpdateLearn More About Your Backyard!-Hey folks. Been riding this park for 'bout 5 years now. Place is startin' to get creamed. Some folks been makin' new trails 'n' causin' general mischief. Cut it out! Reckin' y'all try out the downhill section runin' long side of Canyon Crest--that's the big hill. Take it easy on the brakes over them worshboard sections--gitin some ripple 'fex there. DON'T ride long side them dammit! Someday now we'll have to get out there an' fix them ripples--fer now check out the web site made for you folks and take care of the park y'here.
      Adam Fischer a Cross-Country Rider riding a GT RTS-3 from Riverside CA URL: Sycamore Canyon


    • Trail UpdateI was there today (4-27-99). There is a lot of construction on one side of the park. Some of the best doubletrack runs are (were) in this area which is supposedly not part of the park. As there are no clear boundries it is difficult to tell where the park does end. If you do go over there the dirt is loose and soft. Also watch out for bulldozers and trucks and stuff if you go during the week. There are still a lot of great runs inside the park though.
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      Big E a 25 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Haro from Riverside


    • Trail UpdateI took trailhead #3 (from the ride description at the top of the page). It's the same starting point recommended by rddecker in his ride description above.

      The amount of fun singletrack will not disappoint you. Also, for this 53-year-old, it was a decent workout for a little over an hour, and I could see that there were plenty of side trails to investigate.

      Be careful your first time...it's easy to start jammin', then find out you're in trouble on a sandy curve.

      I had my tiny hearning aid in a small plastic bag in my pocket and it fell out. If anyone finds it, please send me an e-mail. I'd really appreciate it.

      BTW, this trail may not be too fun midday in the summer. It's starting to get hot already and I felt it.

      Good ridin'!
      Singletrack=60% Dirt Road=40%
      Norm a 53 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Full suspension KSA from Thousand Oaks


    • Trail UpdateSycamore Canyon Park-You can start at 3 different locations depending on how much uphill you intend to tackle. If you start on Central Avenue, you begin with a technical uphill. We generally do not like to start here, because it is an even better ending to a ride. It has tehnical setions and it allows you to end your ride with an adrenaline rush. If you start on Alessandro Blvd, you really avoid all of the climbs and the ride is really flat and unexciting. We prefer to start at a small entrance at the corner of Via Mindi and Via Las Nubes. It is a residential neighborhood but there are no houses on Via Las Nubes and the locals are very friendly to MTBs and there is plenty of space to park. To get there, take Canyon Crest Drive towards the Country Club and make a left on Via Concepcion, make a right on Via Junipero Serra and it curves to the left at Via Mindi and then make a right on Via Las Nubes. There are two trail entrances and we recommend the trail on the right which parallels Canyon Crest Drive. You should try to end your ride at the Central Ave trail head and use the streets to get back to your car. Total ride time - 1 hour 15 minutes to 2 hours depending on expertise.
      Rattlesnakes, coyotes, jackrabbits, and tarantulas are common. The trail is like those Choose you own ending books we used to read in middle school. You can select so many different paths and the trail we now use took us about 8 months to perfect. The trail is inherently X-country and many downhillers would find the climbs too labor intensive but anyone who wants to use their dual-suspension bike on this trail won't feel short-changed on the downhills. There are very few hikers and no motorcycles so we have come to adopt Sycamore Canyon Park as a MTB haven. Fall and winter are great times to ride in Riverside. Come over a say hello because we will be out there.
      Singletrack=45% Dirt Road=50% Truck Trail=5%
      East Hills Cannondale Tribe a 20s year old riding a We all ride Cannondale CAAD 3s from Riverside


    • Trail UpdateSycamore Canyon Park Map-
      Sycamore Canyon Park Map - Riverside CA


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