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Southern California Trails

  • Hurkey Creek/ 24HR Course Loop - #HurkeyCreek/24HRCourseLoop

    Socal - Riverside County - Idyllwild/Garner Valley NickNames: #HurkeyCreek/24HRCourseLoop

    From LA or Orange County area - 91freeway toward Riverside to 60east, to I-215south to Ramona Expwy. east to hiway74, then left or east again up toward Idyllwild.....

    From San Diego County area - I-15north to hiway79 east to
    hiway371 left to Anza, then left/west on hiway 74....

    From Inland and Hi-desert -take I-10east to(hiway74) monterey ave. in Palm Desert, go south and up mountains
    toward Idyllwild ....

    The Trailhead Parking($2) is inside Hurkey Creek Campgrounds
    off hiway74 just west of Hemet Lake, say Hi to Randy at the gate and ask for a free map of the loop....

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    • General ReviewHurkey Is BACK!-June 22, 2016 UPDATE:
      I rode Hurkey Creek today, taking Keen Camp climb to Recovery Trail(Johnson Meadow), up May Valley past the white gate and did Snakeskin - just 500 feet away to the right. Snakeskin has been getting lots of traffic lately, but its still overgrown in parts but unaffected by tree falls...so it remains fast and flowy. I improved the log roll ramps, so you can now hit it at full speed safely. Snakeskin ends where Dos Hombres(closed, but accessible) begins, marked by Pine cone markers. If you overshoot it - you will go around a burnt, fallen tree and end up on Bonita Vista fireroad. Exfoliator is passable, but heavily rutted and eroded, since the May 2013 Station Fire. Riders are cutting alternate lines going down Exfoliator and hopefully the traffic will allow faster smoother conditions.

      Continue on Bonita Vista Rd until you reach Hurkey Creek...which is currently a cross-able, shallow pond. Missing Link begins just 200ft past the creek to the right. Its also overgrown, but the trail is intact and very ride-worthy. Missing Link terminates at the top of Hell Hill(right) and Rage thru the Sage(left). Rage is very sandy in the first portion, so find harder ground on either side of the sandy ruts. Rage ends at the top of Tunnel of Love. Stay right and ToL will be a fun descent.

      If you want extra bonus points - go right at Apple Valley Center inside the left trail and go up Demoralizer - steep, lung-buster that many 24 Hours of Adrenalin riders hated.

      Zachariah a 52 old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 2012 Trek Superfly 100 Pro Posted:07/21/2016

    • Trail UpdateSoCal's Best-Kept Secret!-We just rode the 7.45 mile sport loop, and conditions were absolutely DRY and PERFECT. Late November thru March, is the ideal time to do this course.

      Once you snake past the gate- go on the left fork, to begin Hurkey Creek trail. Starting with a 2-mile uphill grunt that is fairly technical, follow the cleanest(watch the bike tracks) path to the summit.

      Take a break on the fallen log, before you blaze through the rolling hillside of Johnson Meadow. The scenery is breathtaking, on this stretch of singetrack trail. It merges into another short, quarter-mile steep uphill, before ending on a fire road. To continue the loop- take the LEFT branch, on the fire road and ride it until you see the first RIGHT FORK in the fire road. It will be marked with a big, old tree. This is the start of the Exfoliator downhill run.

      Drop your saddle ONE INCH, to get complete control of your bike, down this exciting, white-knuckle downhill section. There are lots of deep ruts, some rocks, and even slippery clay(if ground is moist). Pick the smoothest line you can, down this trail while feathering your brakes, to make this descent most enjoyable. The cool part is you never know what lies past the next corner, as the narrow singletrack is secluded by brushy overgrowth, from all sides. The Exfoliator trail terminates onto another fire road. Bear right on this mildly sloping fire road that leads down a dried wash, and back to the campground, and your vehicle.

      This is a world-class marathon XC race circuit that can be executed by MOST riders. The twisty singletrack and roller-coaster downhill makes this trail well worth the uphill trek. Where else can you get adrenaline-pounding excitement for the small $4 parking cost? I am fortunate this GEM of a ride, is nestled virtually in my back yard!
      Zachariah a 44 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 2005 Cannondale F2000 SL Optimo hardtail from Palm Desert


    • Trail UpdateLoving Hurkey Creek-Rode this trail again on Saturday Dec.9, 2006 And it was great! Perfect conditon, nice and tacky dirt. Rode the 24hr. race course direction but passed The Exfoilator and went straight on fire road to another singletrack on the left (directly past the fire road on the left) Followed that trail to Cahuilla cut-off and traversed the trail up the mountain, Great trail! Then you can either take Tres Hombres down or take Cuhilla cut-off back down to then finish off the 24hr. race course. A definant Must Ride!! My favorite so far in So. CA
      pinkflux a 27 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Turner Flux from Temecula, CA


    • Trail UpdateBeautiful Sept Morning-Rode this labor day morning. It rained yesterday making the trail tacky and perfect. It looks like prep work for the 24 hour ride is under way. Course is in beautiful condition. One of my faovirte so cal rides. thie trail is highly recomended to anyone that loves single track and climbing. Please make sure to pick up your gu wrapper when your done. There are some around the oak tree that I picked up this morning. I didn't find it too hard to pick up and put in my camelback. . . . but apparently somenoe else did.
      kevmortensen a 26 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a specialized fsr pro from San DIego, Ca.


    • Trail UpdateHerkey Creek Access-Sorry about the last minute nature of this alert but we've been waiting for details from US Forest Service. Even if you can't make it to Idyllwild TONIGHT, this is critical info. Spread the word.

      Dear Southern California Mountain Biker:

      As you may know, last month the US Forest Service published the final Forest Management Plans for the four Southern California National Forests (Los Padres, Angeles, San Bernardino and Cleveland). These areas represent some of the best mountain biking opportunities in the area, in the state and in the world.

      While IMBA has been supportive of the Forest planning process, and is generally supportive of the final plans, there remain areas of deep concern. Extensive riding opportunities may be lost. We are asking you to get involved. Here’s the background and here’s what you can do about it.

      The Forest Management Plans state, in part:

      “Motorized and non-motorized vehicle travel is restricted to National Forest System roads and trails…”

      While this concept is reasonable, the problem revolves around the definition of “System” roads and trails. While the Forest Management Plans are now final (although still subject to formal appeal through December 20th), the process to identify, inventory, map and analyze “System” trails has barely begun in many areas. That process isn’t scheduled to conclude until September of 2008.

      What that all means is that many trails and even roads where we may currently be enjoying access may not be considered as “System” trails and therefore may be closed to bicycle use. And, of course, there is no guarantee that they will be successfully identified as “System” trails or that they ultimately will be designated for shared use. In making those final decisions, USFS must consider a range of legitimate criteria including recreational, environmental and other resource considerations.

      Meanwhile, it is IMBA’s position that existing uses should continue until the inventory of trails is complete. Just as is the case for hikers and equestrians, all trails we are currently enjoying should remain open until the inventory, mapping and designation process is complete. And that process must include extensive public involvement and input. We are urging mountain bikers to express their support for that approach and to involve themselves in this important process.

      An immediate opportunity to have your voice heard is Nov 9th, 2005 when the San Jacinto Ranger District of the San Bernardino National Forest will be hosting a meeting to discuss these critical issues. The Herkey Creek area is located within this District. The meeting will take place at the Idyllwild Town Hall from 7pm-9pm. The last minute nature of this meeting is regrettable but the District has hurriedly put this schedule together to address the concerns of cyclists and IMBA is encouraging your involvement.

      Major Points:

      1. Mountain bikes will be allowed on "System” trails only.
      2. USFS need to identify non-system trails we ride so that decisions can be made about bringing those trails into the system, rerouting, or closing.
      3. No trails should be closed until after the trails inventory and assessment have been completed.
      4. Let's help USFS with this process. If we don't, trails will close.

      San Jacinto District
      November 9, 2005 7-9- p.m.
      Idyllwild Town Hall

      Welcome: Laurie Rosenthal
      Background/Why We’re Here: Fran Colwell
      Identify System Trails: Melinda Lyon
      Identify Non-system Trails to be evaluated – Group Discussion

      Resource surveys/known resource issues
      Wildlife: Anne Poopatanapong
      Botany : Kate Kramer
      Archeology: Daniel McCarthy

      Questions: Group

      Develop Action Plans: Small Groups (by area)

      Report out to large group: Group Spokespersons

      Daniel Greenstadt
      International Mountain Bicycling Association
      California State Representative - Southern Region


    • Trail UpdateRode today. Trail is in good condition even after the race a few weeks ago. Weather was absolutely beautiful. I thought it'd be a little cool, but was perfect the entire day.

      Get out and ride before it definitely gets too cold.

      I love this trail.
      stumpygirl a 24 year old Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateRode the trail on Saturday (9/10). A few people were out there practicing for the 24 hour race that's coming up, but the trail wasn't too crowded. We left around 9:30 from the campground. A few loose spots, but for the most part the trail was in really good condition. Talked to a racer, he said they'd smooth it out a bit prior to the race. I'm hoping (not racing) that we can get back out there in a few weeks and it won't be too cold. Was really pretty cool when we took off in the morning, but riding it was fine in shorts and a short-sleeved jersey.
      stumpygirl a 24 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Spec Stumpjumper 120 Expert from So Cal


    • Trail UpdateAgreed-Rode this also 2 weeks ago for a 3 day weekend trip, and the course is perfect right now.

      Going back up there tomorrow morning for a half day ride and lunch in Idyllwild if anyone is interested in joining in.
      JamR a 50 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a a few bikes from Capo


    • Trail UpdateThe Sweetness-Did this loop over Fourth of July weekend...all I can say is, I have never seen so much sweet, sweet singletrack. The air is clean, the scenery is beautiful, and the wildflowers were pretty. Not to mention the singletrack. Did I tell you that it was sweet? This loop is far out of the way for many, but if you have time, drive up and check this trail out. It's worth the drive.
      The Flying M a Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek Fuel 80 from Fullerton


    • Trail UpdateBack And Forth-Did it 5-22-05 with Chris, Mondo and Hector. Did it Backwards then forwards. Note: backwards on a hot day kicks thine Arse! Nice breeze at the top though. Downhill always smokes.....I love this stufff!
      Clancy a 44 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Prophet from Norco


    • Trail UpdateJust finished 24 hours of Adrenalin at Hurkey Creek. The event was a blast. the trail was in great shape. The first 2 mile climb was a little wet but they received 2 inches of rain on Thursday, so that's expected. The downhill was in great shape and fast.
      SS Barby a 26 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 2004 Marin Wolf Ridge from Edwards, Ca


    • Trail UpdateHURKEY CREEK-On 03.20.04. Trail conditions are better at night than they are in day time. The ground seems to get damp with the dew giving ya better traction and lest dust. However I found way too many places where my front wheel would disappear due to the sand. NOT GOOD !!! The meadows kick my arse every single time I rode through it. It was in the mid to low 40's tonight. Will be going there next Friday night into Saturday AM.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 8 miles Elevation change: 1200+
      Singletrack=95% Dirt Road=2% Paved Path=1% Truck Trail=2%
      TECUN UMAN a 35 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Color Naranja from Califas.....


    • Trail UpdateFrom The Official Site-My altimeter says 1230 and the Geography service says 1229,but at the website they claim 1500.
      You decide.I think my altimeter is correct at 1230.
      Pain Freak a I dont want to talk about it year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Renrut 02/Surly 1X1 (Mighty Whitey) from Fontana URL: Idyllwild/Hurkey Creek trail


    • Trail UpdateIf I remember correctly, the course has a total elevation change (lowest point to highest point) of around 850 feet. Total climbing for a lap was around 1200, I think. I'm sure somebody else knows for sure.
      Hfmadness a 38 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Foes Fly from Downey


    • Trail UpdateElevation Gain?-I pre-rode the 24 hour course a couple of weeks ago and the loop is a lot of fun. There are a few steep sections, some of them loose, but there is no way the course has 1800 feet of gain, as suggested in previous posts. There is a longer, gradual climb at the beginning of the lap, and 2 or 3 short and steeper climbs. My guess is that the total climbing per lap is around 600 feet or so, although I didn't measure it.
      Otherwise, it's a great loop with some technical sections and rutted descents which will be tough to navigate, especially at night.
      Pilas a 35 year old Racer riding a Cannondale Hardtail from Irvine


    • Trail UpdateElevation Gain?-I pre-rode the 24 hour course a couple of weeks ago and the loop is a lot of fun. There are a few steep sections, some of them loose, but there is no way the course has 1800 feet of gain, as suggested in previous posts. There is a longer, gradual climb at the beginning of the lap, and 2 or 3 short and steeper climbs. My guess is that the total climbing per lap is around 600 feet or so, although I didn't measure it.
      Otherwise, it's a great loop with some technical sections and rutted descents which will be tough to navigate, especially at night.
      Pilas a 35 year old Racer riding a Cannondale Hardtail from Irvine


    • Trail UpdateElevation Gain?-I pre-rode the 24 hour course a couple of weeks ago and the loop is a lot of fun. There are a few steep sections, some of them loose, but there is no way the course has 1800 feet of gain, as suggested in previous posts. There is a longer, gradual climb at the beginning of the lap, and 2 or 3 short and steeper climbs. My guess is that the total climbing per lap is around 600 feet or so, although I didn't measure it.
      Otherwise, it's a great loop with some technical sections and rutted descents which will be tough to navigate, especially at night.
      Pilas a 35 year old Racer riding a Cannondale Hardtail from Irvine


    • Trail UpdateSweeeet Riding Up In Here.-Did this trial on Saturday and Sunday with a night ride on Saturnday (my first) what a ride eh. Being my first time riding here I can't give much of an update other than you have to come and do this ride. It is worth the drive up here.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 9 miles ?? Elevation change:
      Singletrack=90% Dirt Road=2% Paved Path=2% Truck Trail=6%
      TECUN UMAN a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a NARANJA


    • Trail Update24 Hour Loop Plus:-This is definetely one of the best trails in SoCal. I have been doing some exploring (one of the best parts of riding) trying to find my way from Hurkey Creek to Idyllwild and back. A fun route I have found is to go past the first major downhill (not the one before the meadow) and climb up May Valley Rd. Go to Southridge Trail which will be on your right. This is marked as open to bikes, all singletrack, overgrown, steep, technical, awesome views - I have ridden it up to the saddle that I think is above Idyllwild and below Taquite (however you spell it) peak. Add this to the loop for a more epic ride. If anyone knows any other good trails in the area you can email me (please!); also, I have a good track on my property if there are any riders in the area that like to jump - email me...
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Mike a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 38 lb Santa Cruz Bullit from Anza, CA


    • Trail UpdateNot Much-different then the last post.The trail is like they said now somewhat more technical then ever before.I didn't even come close to cleaning it the first loop,but on the second time around I was more aware of what to expect.Stay high on the left and just like the previous poster said,be prepared to get bush-whacked.These are those hard dam bushes that hurt too.But if you ride it like this it's fairly difficult because you only have a 6 inch lip you're riding in some places.It will be really sandy come race day.The sand is getting lose right now and they even had a good rain last night.I met some other guys out there that had rode last weekend and they say someone had did some grading on the uphill beginning part as the rain had exposed so many rocks that it was virtually impossible to clean it.They told me it was much better now.To tell you the truth it's easier then last year with less obstacles and the downhill is very similar.A whole lot of fun!The hike-a-bike section is still closed off.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 9.5miles Elevation change: 1875
      Singletrack=80% Dirt Road=15% Paved Path=5%
      Pain Freak a Cross-Country Rider riding a Renrut 02 from Fontana


    • Trail Update24 Hour Course Loop 8/03-The previous review is quite good with one exception. The "groomed single track" is now a rutted mess. There have been some heavy thundershowers in the area and being that the soil is mostly decomposed granite/silt and the fact that the trail HAS NO WATER BARS ! there are some major areas of errosion to contend with. The previous review is very complete and is worth printing out and taking it with you as a trail guide. As of this date the begining of the course has small ruts with a few rocks. Nothing major, you just have to be aggressive in a few spots. The following rollers are fine as is the ride through the meadow.

      The real bad spots come after the far point of the ride. Where the trail runs down hill the ruts cut right through the middle without a break. And there's rocks in the rut so shooting the rut isn't much of a option. You can ride the side but be prepared to be scrapping the shrubbery. At one point, after leaving the down hill fire road and returning to the single track the errosion is so bad that the rut along side the trail is three to four feet deep. Luckly that section is uphil but if you get a wheel in it, there is no way for a save.

      Why there are no water bars on the trails is a mistery to me. The soil is so fragile that it can't take any run off. For an experienced rider it's not very techincal but your enjoyment and speed are cramped. For a novice, no less a herd during a 24 hour event, it's down right dangerous. If the race was run today it would be a crash fest. I do a lot of trail work and there are hundreds of man hours that need to be put in at Hurkey Creek if the words "groomed single track" are to apply. Beautiful area that really needs to be adopted by a trail crew. Good luck.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 9.5 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=90% Dirt Road=8% Paved Path=2%
      Franz a 48 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Blur with special sauce from Sand Looney Nabisco


    • Trail Update24 Hour Course-Drove out to Hurkey creek last weekend to check out the 24-hour course before it gets too hot. If you have never been there before, get a map at the ranger station and follow these directions.

      It’s pretty easy to find the start; it is right by campsite #130. There is a very tight passageway to get your bike through. Look for the first left onto a singletrack just a little ways from the start, maybe 50 yards. The first uphill starts here (The map lists the elevation here at 4400 feet). You climb steadily uphill on a sweet singletrack that parallels the highway. There are a few sandy spots to chug through. After 1.6 miles you reach a fireroad (May Valley Road, elevation 5033). Go straight (onto the singletrack), you will see a gated entrance from the highway on your left. Now time for a roller coaster ride over to a large meadow. You will now head east (right) through the meadow. Just stay on the main path. At the end of the meadow is a short uphill leading you to a fireroad, take a left, and another short uphill (on the fireroad) to a singletrack turnoff on your right. It is by a large oak tree, and you will see a National Forest Boundary marker here. The map lists this at 4.5 miles, elevation 5054 (highest point of course, and about halfway).

      Now time for some downhill! A very fun bomb down some groomed singletrack until you reach a fireroad that joins you from the left. Continue down this fireroad (fast!) and look for a hard 90 degree left (don’t go straight). You will head down to a creek crossing (5.8 miles, 4600 feet), now time for a solid uphill grunt. At the top, you are rewarded with another great downhill run, this one is even more fun than the first. Banked corners and jumps make this very enjoyable. At the bottom of this is where it is a little confusing. The main idea is to get over to the paved road, I think there are a few ways to do this. I came out, headed left and then took the first right (fireroad), which curved me around someone’s property line back out to the paved road (Apple Canyon Rd.). Then a short blast back to the highway and a turn back into the campground. The map lists this course as 9.25 miles, 1800 feet elevation gain.

      Right now the trail is in great condition, with the exception of a few sandy sections. The sandy sections on the downhill were a little harder to navigate at night. You are going to have fun on this one, just bring a lot of water.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 9.25 miles Elevation change: 1800
      Singletrack=90% Dirt Road=5% Paved Path=5%
      KujoWabo a 40 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Stumpjumper FSRxc from Laguna Niguel


      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: Elevation change: 1800
      Singletrack=95% Dirt Road=5%
      INNES a 24 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a '03 FUEL 98 from UPLAND, CA


    • Trail Update24Hr Course-Took the drive yesterday from Temecula and was not disappointed. The trail was in good shape, except like the last poster said, there is some sections where it is a little sandy, but nothing too bad. I managed 2 loops in the 80+ degree heat, then headed for home after a great workout!!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 18.5miles Elevation change: 3600
      Singletrack=95% Dirt Road=2.5% Paved Path=2.5%
      Tony a 36 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Intense Tracer from Temecula


    • Trail Update24 Hr-took the very long drive to this trail , the trail was in good to fair shape a lil sandy here and there but pretty fast on the downhills the course should be fun
      fred a 39 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a santacruz lite from redlands


    • Trail UpdatePain Freak-I went out a couple of weeks ago for the first time to ride with some guys that had invited me to race with them.I thought that this is a great ride.A real cardio workout in the beginning but mostly all fun from there on out.The trail at this time, was in pretty good shape with some sandy sections that I was told were there year round with them getting a little longer and deeper as the summer wore on.Well, this weekend I traveled out there again with family that was staying at another camping facility near by.It seemed to me that the trail has changed somewhat with a lot of riders coming to practice for the race.I seen a couple of tumbles and a couple of people in bad shape with the heat.The trail is sandy on the downhills and even experienced riders have got hurt by not taking it easy the first time around.Wendy who raced last year and is around 50 took a tumble but I think she'll still make the race,I hope so this lady is awesome.It seems the more traffic the more it is changing out here,so please take your first pass a little slower then you usually would.I went around three times on Saturday and even noticed a difference in that little amount of time.I'd say I seen at least 40 different people out there over the two days.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 10miles Elevation change: 1200
      Singletrack=90% Dirt Road=10%
      Pain Freak a 45 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a GT I-Drive & GT Backwoods from Fontana,CA


    • Trail Update24HR. RaceCourse Loop-some Madman has been out there making jumps, burms, and overall sickness...you have to check it!!
      its packed down the best its been, its been fixed, and manicured to perfection, the sweetest 9mile loop in
      So Cal.....I know how to make it Longer and Sicker
      Drop me A line...........RideOn....

      Youll definitely want to come out and race it with yer
      buddies, check out the web to sign up www.trilife.com
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 9.25miles Elevation change: 1800ft.
      Singletrack=90% Dirt Road=10%
      The Desert FreeRide Society a 420 year old riding a Full On PLUSHy!!! from The So Cal Deserts URL: The Desert FreeRide Society


    • Trail UpdateHurkey Creek-I rode this trail just before New Years (before the lastest set of storms) and the trail was in great shape! The single track section before the steep hill was a little rutted but still way fun!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 9 miles Elevation change: about 600ft
      Singletrack=70% Dirt Road=10% Truck Trail=20%
      The Mighty Lipitor a 24 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 95 GT Zaskar from Lake Forest


    • Trail UpdateJohnson Meadow Trail-Thru the Campgrounds heading up the creek, a service gravel road takes you around one gate and files thru another, then the trail quickly switchbacks left and is at that point traceable throughout the loop(keep your eyes peeled)There are a few gates along the way that may be closed, please RE-CLOSE them behind you if that be the case

      theres lots more killer stuff in this area
      e-me ill spill the poop
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 9.25miles Elevation change: 1800ft.
      Singletrack=70% Paved Path=10% Truck Trail=20%
      Pauly de MTBX a like chedar year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 'piece'o'crap that gets me around from The Devils Armpit URL: Bear Valley Bikes, Big Bear Lake, CA.


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