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  • The Slide - #TheSlide

    Socal - Los Angeles County - West Palmdale NickNames: #TheSlide

    Exit the 14 f-way on ave. S. Make a left turn and turn right on to 10st. west then make a right turn on to Elizibeth lake road then turn right and drive until you find Highland highschool and ride about one mile west and pick a trail.The slide is just south of Godee hill road,it is straight down . No wusses allowed! Thomas Guide page 4195 D6

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      Steve Posted:11/17/2019

    • Trail UpdateThe Slide (aka: The Steep Rut.)-Obviously, this trail hasn't been used that often. It is basically a steep rut, that's heavily overgrown, with the usual desert flora. From the top, it looks ok enough, then when you get to the crest of the hill, it steepens dramatically, while narrowing.

      It varies in depth from 8 to 12 inches deep and across. The heavy overgrowth, forces you to ride in the rut. Now, if you're real good, you can clean it. My buddy, with years of racing experience and who lives, eats, and breathes MTB just about cleaned it. Me? I was on my big frame DB, belly button on the seat, butt over the tire, sliding down the rut. Feet keep coming down. Once the feet are out, there's no way to clip in, or try to maintain the 9 - 3 o'clock on the pedals. It's just wa-aay too steep. Another friend did a nice endo, when his front wheel jammed in a bad direction negotiating the rut.

      While it's good to practice a 100 to 150 descent like this, I tend to like the single track that has more speed and is more roller coaster, turn and burn and has enough challenges to make it interesting. Hardly anyone rides this anymore, because the area behind Highland has way more interesting Single Track than this.
      STP a 41 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Diamondback Zetec from Lancaster


    • Trail Update"The Slide"-It is straight down and I admit that I wipped out my first time so watch out for the big ass bush on the way down.
      Singletrack=115% Dirt Road=85%
      Mountain man Mike a 17 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Specialized Rock hopper from Palmdale Ca.


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