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Southern California Trails

  • Skyline/Schabarum Park - #Skyline/SchabarumPark

    Socal - Los Angeles County - La Habra Heights NickNames: #Skyline/SchabarumPark schabarum park

    From the 60 freeway, Exit on Hacienda Blvd. and go south. Make a right turn on Colima road and after go over the top of the hill there is a new parking lot on the left. Park there.(Free Parking)
    To start at Schabarum Park take the 60 freeway and exit on Azusa Ave. and go south. Make a left turn on Colima road. The park is right there. Thomas Guide page: 678,707

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    • Trail UpdateSunday 2-10-2013-I started in Montebello from Grant Rea Park. I entered the bridle trail and headed North towards Whittier Narrows Dam. Over the dam and continued on the bridle trail to San Gabriel Blvd. Followed the bike path to San Gabriel River Parkway and dropped into the the East bank of the San Gabriel River and headed North, made it over 3 water crossings and popped out at Rose Hills Road. As you head East on Rose Hills Road just past the 605 freeway on the North side is an iron gate. I dropped in going around the gate and followed the bridle trail that runs along a sound wall and the 605 freeway. Eventually I ended up at Workman Mill Road after three equestrian tunnels. This is the West end trail head for Skyline Drive. Climbed up to the Turnbull Canyon water tank. The downhill return is fast and technical in some spots. Lots of hikers in the Nature Preserve on weekend and some construction during week. Muted views from the Nike base because of the weather. This route is mostly flat. The only climb is from Workman Mill Road to the water tank. 24 miles round trip.
      gtoffmycld a 55 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Trek 6000 from Montebello, CA


    • Trail UpdateWestside!! 2-5-2012-I started this trail at the west end, near Workman Mill Rd. I headed East up the combination of bridle trail and paved road to the Nike Missle Site. Crystal clear views of the San Gabriels to the North and Santa Catalina Island to the Southwest. I headed down the switchbacks to the part of the trail between Puente Hills landfill and Rose Hills Memorial. I made my way into the Natural Habitat Area. I decided to skip the water tank and crossed over Turnbull Cyn. Rd. and continued to the Cow Trail. I dropped into the singletrack that is Worsham Cyn. Conditions are great, fast and sparsely populated. Worsham Cyn. dumps you out behind Whittier College at Penn St. I took Penn St to the Whittier Greenway and back to Montebello. 17.5 miles roundtrip.
      gtoffmycld a 54 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Trek 6000 from Montebello, Ca


    • Trail UpdateTrails are vegetated beyond riders view of hikers. Use extra caution on curves. Some parts of the roads have been damaged by rain and are in bad condition (adds to the adrenaline rush when going down hill)
      Raul Vasquez a 41 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Rocky Mountain Element from Victorville , ca


    • Trail UpdateAmar Switchbacks And New Trails-County cleared the Amar switchbacks again, and recently proceeded in clearing the portion from the water tanks down to Grand Ave.

      The switchbacks still has the ridiculously patchy soft spots here and there.

      New equestrian trails established leading west from the water tanks.

      Ride to the top of Lemon Avenue and turn left on some "Walnut" street...enjoy some of these old hilltop views of LA before they're covered with new homes...
      WalnutXCKnightRider a 25 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 08 Stumpjumper Comp from Walnut


    • Trail UpdateBiking From Old Fullerton Road-Well i just find out about this trail by the la habra cyclery store. The way I been riding this trail is from the old Fullerton road, starting at the "Powder Canyon Open Space" (Just by Pathfinder Rd)
      And you start with a big power climb, the cardio workout is tremendous. Follow the trail up in the hill and continue all the way till it gets you down to the main trail that takes you to the "Schabarum Park". At that point I make a left, to get back to the end of this trail going past the stables. I just went hiking the same route and took lots of pictures that I will be posting today. Really nice trail and theres more for me to look around this trails.

      marcoracing a 37 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized Hardrock from La Habra, CA


    • Trail UpdateAsk And You Shall Receive...-After my Labor day weekend encounter with that fence by the water towers, I asked Standard Pacific Homes to remove it since these trails are COUNTY maintained trails...They got that fence removed the next week. :)
      WalnutXCKnightRider a 24 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Rockhopper Disc 08


    • Trail UpdateAmar Swtichbacks /San Jose River-A SOB from Standard Pacific Homes decided to fence off the the trail by the water tanks above the Amar switchbacks. You can continue north by pulling at the bottom of the fence and squeeze yourself and your bike through. :)

      I'm still going west on Skyline along the San Jose River from Walnut to the City of Industry. It's mostly flat asphalt:

      Begin by going south on the trail from Lemon Creek Park. It'll lead to a tunnel underneath Valley Blvd. Continue west past Fairway, Nogales, and Fullerton Road. Go south on Lawson Street. At the Railroad/Lawson intersection, find the Skyline/Schabarum trail sign. From there, you will go underneath the tracks and end up behind the Toys'r'Us. (BTW...hold your breath and watch out for hobo dookie while going underneath the tracks ;) From there head sorth on Stone Creek and behind the McDonalds. The hill on your left is Fossil Hill. Turn left/east on Colima to go to a trail that leads to a long underground tunnel...I dunno where it goes...its dark and lit by eerie sodium vapor lights. Turn right/west to head toward Schabarum Park on Colima/Azuza.

      The trails on Schabarum Park are hard/dusty/wide as always...enjoy!

      WalnutXCKnightRider a 24 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a '08 Specialized Rockhopper Disc from Walnut


    • Trail UpdateAmar Switchbacks / Skyline Trail-
      Spring 2008:
      Switchbacks became a single track lush-green jungle from the bottom of Amar Road to the the top by the water towers, and back down Skyline Trail to Grand Avenue.

      Summer 2008:
      In July, the county sent a bulldozer to clean the San Jose Hills portion of Schabarum Trail. The track is wide again. A majority of the Amar Switchback is loose gravel.

      Check out the new homes from the top of the tower. From here, you can see Downtown L.A...even through the valley smog!

      Newly established trails:
      From the two water towers on top of the switchbacks, you can continue the traditional way down Skyline which takes you back down to to Grand. Explore a bit West from the tanks into the new homes and you'll catch the freshly packed trail along the new North Lemon Avenue. Take caution! You can go downhill on the new hard packed trail at extreme speeds...Enjoy!!! :)

      Chino Hills Earthquake (07-29-08):
      The quake caused a couple of rocky landslides on the newly bulldozed Amar Switchbacks. These are seen as large fresh rubble of clay rocks and dried brush covering portions of the bulldozed trail.

      Watch out for rattlesnakes nesting on the switchback walls. No signs warn about the habitat in this region but I've seen rattlesnakes and an occasional pack of deer on the San Jose Hills/Schabarum/Skyline Trail.


    • Trail UpdateCan anyone provide a map to the De Anza trail which runs between Schabarum Park to Murphy Ranch Park (whittier)..? Anyone familiar with the trail..? Any fun..?
      chepe454 a Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateWalnut Section NOT Closed Off-From the water tank, you can continue north on the newly cut road, over the small rise, then cut right (east) to get back on the trail.

      Condition-wise, the section between Amar & Grand has packed down nicely since the last grading. The section east of Grand gets more horse traffic and it's a little loose near the top. BEWARE: The section that connects the two residential streets after the descent from Buzzard Peak is swampy with funky mud! To make matters worse, it's badly pot-holed and doesn't drain correctly. I would recommend taking a right on the 1st residential street and calling it a day.
      EgregiousAngel a 35 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Ventana from West Covina


    • Trail UpdateDead End~-The trail starting from amar to climb up to Bellgates are still there. However, if you try to climb to the top, you will find that you are locked out from proceeding to skyline trail. The top of the hill is where schabarum trail connects to the skyline trail. The skyline trail downhill is a blast~ I can't find another trial that have more fun than this one!! However, since the lock out at the trail top, we have no access to the top of skyline trail unless you climb it from west side of Grand!

      However, the continue of skyline trail from the east of grand, you will see a little rusty sign saying skyline trail. It is hell of a climb up that hill, 30% shade, and you get a pretty good steep downhill after climbing.BEWARE!! you are climbing to the top of the mountain!!

      x5turtle a 23 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Cheapy Ironhorse from Sprot Chalet from Walnut, ca


    • Trail UpdateGreat Condition!!!-First time back since 2001. Trail is in awesome condition. Switchbacks (just pass the stables) are hard pack - easy rolling. Downhillrun at the powerlines were tight...no loose sections. Overall great riding. The weather was perfect too!

      Medical center at the corner of Colima and Azusa no longer avaialbe for parking...i guess it hasnt been for several years.

      anyhow, get out and ride - Ride HARD, Ride FAST!!!
      Big Joe a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a n Intense 5.5 from Corona, CA


    • Trail UpdateTrail!-To cross from the West to East side of Grand Ave, go down the hill fifty yards or so to the first minor cross street (Hillside Dr.). The east side picks up on the other side of the intersection - look for the rusty Schabarum Trail sign. It climbs up as far as Buzzards Peak, then descends the other side into Glendora (near the 10 fwy / Holt ave intersection).

      There's a pretty good description of this trail on the second page of updates (around #40, i'm guessing).
      luap a 43 year old riding a positively sad POS from walnut, ca


    • Trail UpdateTrail?-Recently hiked from Amar Rd in Walnut to Grand Ave in West Covina.It was a easy hike and bulldozer made a wide trail.But I have a question does the trail go farther than that? I had stopped at west side of Grand Ave, but didn't see any other trail head is there one on the other side of Grand? if so, where do I find it and where does it go?
      JAF a Cross-Country Rider from WEST COVINA


    • Trail UpdateAmar Trail Bulldozed (sob)-Be careful what you wish for - you might get it. :'-(

      The Amar switchbacks were "cleaned up" last week, by a dozer. Either the driver didn't know what he was doing, or he worked hard to erase all the rain channels - in many spots the trail is now dug a good foot down into the ground. And, of course, since it's a dozer, the trail is now about five feet wide bottom to top - no more singletrack.

      I climbed about 3/4 of the hill - it's extremely loose and requires lots of dabs & pushing in spots. I didn't have the heart to go to the top and see if the same has been done on the Covina side.

      No fun. No fun at all. After a couple years, some good rains & careful use, we might get our singletrack back ...

      - Paul
      luap a 43 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a totally embarassing POS from walnut


    • Trail UpdateAmar Switchbacks Cleaned Up-Spent a few hours over the last couple weeks cleaning up the west end of the Walnut trail segment, from Amar up to the water tower. If the city can't find time to do it, I figured I'd skip a ride or two and wield a rake instead.

      Most of the trail is now restored. I generally stuck to the packed singletrack line wherever possible, including the lower climb, canyon trail and the top climb up to the water tower. Most of that final climb is now singletrack, instead of the wide dirt road of the past, including a short loose rocky section right in the middle of the steepest part of the climb. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of trail maintenance workers? ;-)

      There are still a few short areas lingering in the middle of the switchbacks that need more TLC, where the trail detours around heavy brush and is in soft soil (some of which is perilously close to the edge of the hill), but it's now rideable bottom to top and in pretty good shape.

      Enjoy! Ride it often, & keep the new crop of weeds at bay.

      - Paul
      luap a 43 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a sickly yellow clunker with truly ugly graphics from Walnut, CA


    • Trail UpdateLast Chance Trail ...-Forgot to include a "new" trail that parallels the Amar/Grand climb. Not exactly legal, most likely, but interesting.

      Right at the intersection of Lemon & Amar, next to the Schabarum trail sign, the fence is down, and you can climb the itty bitty hill and onto a dirt road to the left. The road crosses the canyon and then climbs (at like 30-35% grade) up the hill, with some anti-erosion widgets lain across it. Really, REALLY a tough climb - I can't climb it w/o stopping at least twice. Once you top out, you can follow the road around and up onto the Winnet motorway, and then head right & down to the water tower & the true trail. For a fun downhill (besides just turning around), take the overgrown bit of a truck trail to the right just after joining Winnet, and then bomb the face of the hill & rejoin the main road.

      This will all be bulldozed starting in December for a new housing development, so don't expect the trail to last past then.

      - Paul
      luap a 43 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a sub-Huffy from Walnut, CA


    • Trail UpdateUpdate To The Update-Cheated yesterday and parked at the top of the trail, bypassing the climb from Amar.

      After negotiating the firebreak plowing, the trail down to Grand Ave. is in good shape. The spiders were still out in force, so I used my secret weapon: a dried mustard plant held up in front to "sweep" them out of the way. Looked mighty silly, I'm sure, holding it up off the bar end on the right while my left did all the braking. Nearly endoed several times braking hard for spiders, switchbacks & the occasional downed tree :) If you do travel this way, be cautious around the lower switchbacks. The creek has eroded much closer to the trail, and if you come around too fast it's a long drop into the ditch.

      The ride north-east from Grand does indeed get much more traffic than the Amar-Grand hillclimb; the trail is in excellent shape overall. There was one significant washout, covered with plastic tarp, and many areas have more/deeper washouts than usual, but very rideable.

      I went as far as the end of the singletrack, to Buzzard's Peak, and then rode back the same trail. Nice to blast it without the worry of spiders! Maybe next time I'll take an unsuspecting ride partner, and let them clear the trail first .... >:-}

      - Paul
      luap a 43 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a sub-Huffy from Walnut, CA


    • Trail UpdateWalnut Schabarum Trail Update-This trail is currently a serious off-road adventure.

      The climb up the switchbacks from Amar to Winnet Motorway is tough - really tough. The first short climb still has a deep rut from the rains that makes ascending and descending much more technical than usual. There is an abandoned car (!) that lost it at the 3rd switchback during the fall rains, and chewed up the trail something fierce (the car is still there at the bottom of the canyon). Brush is insanely overgrown, to 8 ft. tall in some areas. I've been trying to make it up this all spring/summer, and finally this last Monday managed to crest the top. The last uphill to the water tower has still not been cleared - it's just solid mustard & thistle, but if you're willing to hike-a-bike or do some impromptu brush crashing it can be done.

      I did drop partway down the Covina side, past the firebreak plowed over the top of the trail. It's rideable, but very loose. After the firebreak, the trail is quite rideable under the trees. Partway down the singletrack, I gave up after about the 10th big spiderweb (with spider attached) and climbed back up, but the trail seemed in decent shape.

      Eyeballing the trailhead north of Grand Ave. toward Glendora looks pretty good - at least that appears to be getting some use, but I haven't gone far enough to warn on the certain washouts etc. that will be lurking for the intrepid.

      This trail could use some serious help!

      - Paul
      Luap a 43 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a sub-Huffy from Walnut, CA


    • Trail UpdateRayzorx? Walnut Schabarum Trail?-Has anyone been out on the Schabarum trail off of Amar Rd in Walnut? I havent been there in a while, and might consider riding out there if conditions are good.
      King Solomon a 31 year old Weekend Warrior from Chino Hills, CA


    • Trail UpdateRayzorx? Walnut Schabarum Trail?-Has anyone been out on the Schabarum trail off of Amar Rd in Walnut? I havent been there in a while, and might consider riding out there if conditions are good.
      King Solomon a 31 year old Weekend Warrior from Chino Hills, CA


    • Trail UpdateOvergrown And Eroded-Since no one has posted conditions lately, I had go check it out myself.
      Rode on Sunday up from Fullerton Road, left up the steep trail at the fork and down the single track to the park. The single track is badly overgrown at the top. There is a lot of erosion and there are some big ditches to cross, so ride cautiously. I didn't try switchbacks, because it looked pretty overgrown. Rode back on the main road and had to go around a sun bathing rattler.
      Lot's of wildflowers to see if you're into that.

      Iguana riding a Caterpillar D-7 from Fullerton


    • Trail UpdateSchabarum-I was asked to clarify the Schabarum Trail situation - or at least what we know about it. The Schabarum Trail at the 57 Freeway is not public because the private land owner (AERA Energy- or otherwise known as Exxon, Shell, Mobile Oil) does not allow it. They are proposing a 3,600 residential development some time in the future. If you would like more information about the trail - please call Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation - They are the 'keepers' of the trail and are responsible for maintaining it. The Habitat Authority (park agency that owns Powder Canyon and nearby natural lands) does not show the Schbarum Trail on its web site at the 57 Freeway because it is outside of our jursidication.
      Andrea Gullo URL: http://habitatauthority.org


    • Trail UpdateDedication?-on 9-22-04 someone said that this trail(from the Brea Canyon side) was dedicated a few years back. Does anyone have any proof of this?


    • Trail UpdateDedication?-on 9-22-04 someone said that this trail(from the Brea Canyon side) was dedicated a few years back. Does anyone have any proof of this?


    • Trail UpdateDedication?-on 9-22-04 someone said that this trail(from the Brea Canyon side) was dedicated a few years back. Does anyone have any proof of this?


    • Trail UpdateBrea Canyon "Trailhead"-If this is the start of the trail, where is the trail? I rode over there on Saturday morning, and found the "Schabarum trail" sign hanging upside down. But the whole area there on the west side of the road just south of where Brea Canyon goes under the 57 is fenced off. A lot of cows or bulls or whatever (i'm not a farm hand)were staring at me and my bike. Signs were posted indicating it is private property. The only "trail" I could see outside the fence was going up the hillside immediately adjacent to the freeway offramp that leads to some power lines. I started up but decided not to explore more cuz of time constraints. It was pretty overgrown anyway. There are trails visible inside the fence and Thomas Guide (page 709) shows a whole mess of trails with a gate off brea Canyon. Did I not look far enough? I dont know, it seems that the sign was nailed up to serve as a barrier for that paddock area that is by it. It sure doesnt look like a place where the Schabarum trail was "dedicated" or starts. Anyone else have comments?


    • Trail UpdateQestion-r u talking about the west side of the ranch just before the 2 lanes of brea canyon rd merge into 1 lane? i thought that is a private property? and so is the east side of brea canyon rd.


    • Trail UpdateJust An Answer....-This is where the trail starts, where the trail had the dedication a few years back.
      You can ride from there to the old Nike base at the top of the hills, the natural springs, and wonder thru the cow pies.
      Hurry up and ride there, soon there will be about 3,500 new homes dotting the landscape.


    • Trail UpdateJust a question or observation:

      I was driving south on Brea Canyon in the south end of Diamond Bar today. Just after crossing underneath the 57 freeway, on the west side of the road, there is a fenced off ranch. Just inside this fenced off area there is a little holding area or something. It looks pretty old since the gates are pretty rusty and the troughs are rusted through. Anyways, as I passed by, there's this bridge-like contraption with some old signs posted around it in various stages of disrepair. One sign (upside down and barely legible) reads "Schabarum Trail." Anyone know anything about this? Aside from this, it doesn't look like there's a trail anywhere.


    • Trail UpdateWildcat Loop-This is a good loop for a short afer work ride. It's only 2.3 miles so you can do as many laps as you want to make it a longer ride. The problem w/ this trail is that if you do it as an evening ride its really crowded. I would suggest a bell. Most hikers will move aside for you to pass long before you approach them(there are some exceptions). Also make sure you slow way down when approaching the stables. The trail is in good condition but there are a couple of ruts that have worked their way into the middle of the trail.
      Ride rating: Beginner
      Ride distance: 2.3 miles per lap Elevation change: slight
      Singletrack=10% Dirt Road=80% Paved Path=10%
      Mrkcy a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant-Iguana from Temple City


      Ride distance: 18miles Elevation change:
      TK II a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a SURLY CROSSCHECK from BREA


      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 25 miles Elevation change:
      TK II a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a SURLY CROSSCHECK from BREA


    • Trail UpdateSuper Tight Trail.-The trails are tight (no dust) and some parts have a little tack to provide even more traction. It ain't getting better that it is now. Rode up the first Powder Canyon entrance over to 4 corners. Down to the Stables and up over the North side of the hill up towards the attenae towers. Rode to the Orange tower / Water tower and turned around. Went back over the south side of the attenaes and back down to 4 corners and back over the hill to the powder canyon entrance. The ride has never felt easier than it did today (even going up the north trail up to the attanaes).
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: ? miles Elevation change: Some mighty steep
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=70%


    • Trail UpdateToo Dark!!!-rode today round 6pm. made it to the top of the switchbacks through the short cut behind the water district office then down the other s/b's to the bottom of the canyon...but by then it was already kind of dark so i hoofed it to the top of four corners. where by that time it was even darker. so i headed down toward my truck. but by then it was already pitch black and i couldn't see down some sections fo the trail. it was kinda scary but super fun at the same time.
      Ride rating: Beginner
      manuel a Downhiller riding a surly 1x1 from los angeles


    • Trail UpdateNew Addition-The new ring and parking area was added earlier this year. It was paid for with Puente Hills Landfill mitigation funds. It is a warm up and cool down area for the horses and a parking area for those who bring their horses in on a trailer. The gate is open until sunset if you want drive in and start your ride there.
      Iguana from Fullerton


    • Trail UpdateNew Additon To The Trail.-Anybody see the newly built (looks like a second horse stable) towards the Old Fullerton Road entrance (just past the 1st powder canyon entrance). Any ideas what they just built? It looks like there's a parking lot inside the trail area now. Could be wrong on that but they put a lot of empty space just before the new

      Re the trail: Loose in some parts tight and fast in others. Looks like they've just plowed over the trails. I've recently had loads of fun on the Thunder Mountain/Mt. Baldy Ski Lodge trail (2500 ft climb up to 8500 ft altitude) and it helped cause I'm not heaving and puffing for air down here. But the Trail here is still tough, my back was aching from the climbs.
      Ride distance: Elevation change: Lots of steep climbs


    • Trail UpdateLooking Good-Hit the trail from the top of Punta Del Este and went down Bill's hill to the stables. Very nice downhill section! The ruts were filled in and the trail is very smooth and fast - exactly the way I like it. From the stables you take the fire road to the front of the park and hit a 40 - 50 ft smooth drop. Very fast! I seem to drop it faster and faster every time. Heavy on the front brake and light on the rear or else ya gonna be eating dirt ;-)-~
      OlbaiD a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Stinky from THC Heights


    • Trail UpdateSwitchbacks Overgrown-Rode the trail last weekend from Fullerton Road. The single track down to the park from the towers is in pretty good shape (watch out for hikers). But the switch back trail up and over the hill to Harbor is pretty overgrown. Lots of thistle - ouch on the legs. Does this trail get maintained? If anyone notices an improvement, please post it. Thanks.
      Iguana a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Fishstick from Fullerton


    • Trail UpdateSchabarum Trail-
      Rode up into Schabarum park then up the steep climb towards the antennae (south-west). It's dry and very soft making it hard to get a grip on some steep parts. I noticed some new ruts on the side of the trail, avoidable. Near the top it's getting a little overgrown making it feel kinda like a singletrack. Lots of loose rocks on the top of hill heading west towards Hacienda. Looks like the trail has been smoothed out a bit heading down towards Hacienda. Thanks.

      MIZNAX from the Hiz-eights


    • Trail UpdateOvergrown @ Temple-4-25-03 8pm, started at the Buddhist Temple on Hacienda and the trail is so overgrown had to walk through it. I felt like a pin cushion. Took the first driveway up and the trailhead was pretty overgrown there too. Once up on the main skyline trail fireroad it cleared up. Road down into Schabarrum then back up to the Temple. Hello summer, the trails are already bone dry after hardly a couple weeks w/ out rain. Saw some fucker on a dirtbike taking the trail from Hacienda towards Colima. BOO!!!

      MIZNAX from the Heights, now stuck in Fullerton.


    • Trail UpdateOvergrown-Damn I rode my local trails this past Saturday and WOW! So much vegetation on the trails, somebody needs to cut that shiat! It was a good XC/climbing ride. Climbed the tight overgrown switch backs to Fullerton Road and made that short but steep powder canyon climb. Climbed to the white gate from 4 corners and looped back to the entrance of the park. Not bad but a bit overgrown in most spots made it hard to see the on coming hikers. Anyways nice to get out ride my local shiznit once in a great while.
      OlbaiD a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a STINKY 4:20 from THC Heights


    • Trail UpdateSup Brahs-No net access @ work any more and I can't seen to post from home except here. Anyways it sux @ work just playing solataire all day and watching a few mtb videos I downloaded a while back. Hope all is well with you fockers! See you on the trails.
      (MTB) - Missing the board
      OlbaiD a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Stinky 4:20 from THC Heights


    • Trail UpdateHome Grown!-Decided to get up early this morning before work and start the day out right by riding my home turf! I began from Gale & Stimson to Colima Rd. From Colima Rd. you make a left up the Punta Del Este Street and tackle a nice 1.5 mile climb on the pavement till you reach the park entrance at the white gate. Its been a while since I rode here and noticed the fire road's in this section of the park are getting way overgrown with vegetation. Not only that somebody has been riding a golf cart and created some nasty ruts, not that I mind it kind of makes a smooth fire road technical. Anyways, another section of the trail was eroding bad. My guess is the cliff this idiot rode on, could not sustain the weight of the cart/vehicle.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 16 miles Elevation change: 250-350ft
      Dirt Road=40% Paved Path=60%
      OlbaiD a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Stinky 4:20 from THC Heights


    • Trail UpdateWet N Wild!!!-Went up last Wednesday night. Very nice and not too muddy considering it had just rained. Nice big rutts going down into Schabarrum.
      Ride distance: 5 miles Elevation change: 200ft
      Dirt Road=99.9%
      MIZNAX a 26 year old riding a Enduro Pro from HH


    • Trail UpdateMX Tracks In The Switchbacks-i saw some motorcycle tracks in the switchback section...man i hope that dude doesnt hit anyone.


    • Trail UpdateRide It Or Loose It..-Took a little 3 hour tour of the trails in the area.
      I thought with the amount of rain that we had the trails would be in a muddy mess. Not at all. They are in the best shape that I have seen in a long time. It looks like everybody is riding the fireroads and not doing all the wonderfull singletrack. We need to ride these or we will loose them to the weeds. There are atleast 5 old trails that are overgrown and in a few weeks will disappear.
      Come out and ride this little gem in the middle of the cement forest.Don't forget to be respectful to all trail users.



    • Trail UpdateSuicide In Schabarum Park-Decided to take a Sunday morning ride at Schabarum with my fiancee and her sister and stumbled across some hikers who discovered a young man hanging from a tree right before the uphill from inside park.
      Yuki a 30 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized Enduro Pro from Chino Hills


    • Trail UpdateSecond Access Road-MAN...was it sweet today, not to hot, not to sandy, everything was smooth. took the first right after 4 corners went all the way up busted a "U" and came back down super fast. then went down past the stables into the wildcat loop around the park, though the stables (again) and headed back up towards 4 corners and back to the truck.......hells yeah.
      juan riding a singlespeed from los angeles


    • Trail UpdateSave The TRAILS From AERA Oil!!-Well I've seen the brochures from Aera and now one from www.hillsforeveryone.org. I was aghast to learn what Aera has in store for the hills between Hacienda Heights and Chino Hills. This is crtical wildlife habitat connecting the wildlife corridor in Chino Hills and Peunte Hills.
      Their plans are to buld 3,600 new homes!!! and TWO new Strip Malls here! People, our neighborhood local streets, the 57 Freeway, and especially the 60 Freeway, are already congested to practically unbearable levels. We need to take action now!
      Aera is being offered money to purchase this land for perservation but they refuse to sit down and instead want to suck even more money away from our community!

      I've been riding / hiking the trails in this area and I've seen deer, small bob cat, coyotes, rabbits, road runner, and hawks. Where will these animal go if they do this? Aera's excuse that after oiling this area that it is not suitable for wildlife and thus good cause to develop this land is telling and laughable (if it wasn't so serious). It would be a tragedy if they got away with this travesty and insult to our community. Please let them know how you feel!


    • Trail UpdateRe: King Solomon-Check the trail details Carlton wrote. He and I ride this trail together and he's posted a good description of it. The trails are kinda loose right now, but it's like that everywhere. And be careful at the end where the jumps are. If you come down at the right time in the late afternoon, the sun hits you right in the eyes and you won't see the jumps until you're right on top of them.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Rayzorx a 46 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Fuji Diamond 3 from West Covina


    • Trail UpdateSchabarum Trail In Walnut-From Amar road about a 1/8 of mile east of Lemon Rd. on the north side is where the trail starts. You can't miss it, there is a sign. From they’re its switch back city to the top of the hill, only about a mile. The trail is very loose but do-able. From the top it's a decent down hill to Grand Av. You cross Grand where the trail continues, again there is a sign. You will need to walk up the beginning but it's only 50 yards or so. You will take the trail up towards Forest Lawn, when you get to top there is a fork, take the left, if you go right there will be a closed fence that leads to Forest Lawn. When you go left you will see another sign, that is where the descent starts. It is very loose in places. When you get to the bottom in a residential neighborhood go strait across the street to continue the trail. Again, there is a sign. From there you will drop onto another street, go right. About 200 yards on your right the trail continues. Now you will end up next the 10 freeway. Take the road down to Holt and make a right, go under the freeway and about 1/4 mile on the left the trail picks up. At the end of that trail you will need to cross the road to continue. About 3/4 of a mile there will be a fork where some kids had made jumps, go left. About 1/2 mile later and you are at Grand Av. Next to the freeway behind the liquor store. It's 9 miles to that point.
      What I do then is take Grand Av. back to where the trail goes to Amar, and ride back to my house. 15 miles inn all.
      I don't like riding my mountain bike on the road but the tail is close.
      If you go one way there is about 7 1/2 miles of good trails.

      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 15 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=60% Dirt Road=10% Paved Path=30%
      Carlton a 40 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Cannondale from Walnut


    • Trail UpdateRayzorx?-I noticed the "Schabarum Trail" sign on Amar, but never thought it existed. Can you tell me a little more about the trail??? ie. Where do I start and Where does it End? Type of terrain, etc.....?
      King Solomon a 28 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Cannondale from West Covina


    • Trail UpdateRayzorx-Rode this trail for the first time yesterday. Started at my Bro's place on Walnut Creek Pkway and cut over to the entrance on Amar, went over to Grand and crossed to the other side. Fun ride and good hills but way to loose right now. Got a good raking from falling on the chain rings.Can't wait until after a good rain. Should make for better switchback turns.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 9 miles Elevation change:
      Rayzorx a 46 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Fuji Diamond 3 or Diamond Back Frankenstein from West Covina


    • Trail UpdateFirst Time-Rode here for the first time today and I really like this area.It's changed a lot over the last 30 years and I have to admit I didn't recognize any of the old landmarks I knew as a youngster out here.Hooked up with Y-NOT and a couple of other club TOTAL mtb'ers, Rick and Carlos and another new poster Jason (sorry forgot your handle).Y-NOT has this area for his backyard and just rode to the trailhead to meet us all.The ride seemed to have a lot of climbing but soon paid off with a sweet singletrack descent.It sure seemed short though and we were back to the climb.Carlos and Rick also do this area for their local night ride and were also familiar with the area some what.They were having Y-NOT show us the way on how all the trails connected from Schabarum to Turnbull.I think it's possible to hook up Turnbull/Schabarum/Bonelli/Marshall/Claremont Wilderness for a long ride with very little if any street riding.Things went fairly well, we stayed together pretty much as a group and the climbs weren't unbearable.Carlos and the rest of us didn't take Y-NOTs advice and rode through a tunnel that goes under the street.Carlos picked up some glass and experienced what all of us tubeless people have experienced.The patching and the inflating of the tubeless tire.This sucks.We were unable to get the bead to stick and so we headed down the street to a gas station which of course didn't have air."Out of Order".Carlos called for help and we all left to finish the ride.The best part of this ride was the ending,I could have rode more but the trail here really opens up and you can see far ahead so we let it rip.We were down to 3 as Rick had taken a shortcut back to his car to help Carlos.We were flat out moving through this section ,but it came to an end way to soon and then we had to slow up because we were getting to the area people hike in.We only seen a couple but it could have been scary had we maintained that speed.Got back to the cars and bid all a fair adieu,little tired and very thirsty, all in all a nice day for mtb'ing.My computer wasn't on for a good part of the ride but we did somewhere between 15 to 20 miles I'd guess.Could have been more.
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=65% Paved Path=5%
      Pain Freak a Cross-Country Rider riding a Renrut 02 from Fontana


    • Trail UpdateConnecting The Trails...-Interesting... I rode the Shell Oil (now owned by Aera Oil)company / Cattle grounds before I rode Schabarum. Reason, it's right behind my house. I've met the Cattle ranch owner a couple times and he's never told me to leave. But I always make sure to leave gates closed as I found them and never tear down fences and not to bother the cattle. I've gotten so used to the cattle now I just ride past them.

      I remember when Shell Oil owned the land, there used to be a sign welcoming horseriders (it had the name of some parks supervisor on it too, forgot his name). Up near the Nike missle base you used to be able to jump down into the underground bunkers. They've filled all of it in with dirt now. Many people hike/bike up to the Nike Missle Tripods and climb up for the view. The new houses on the hill are closer than ever to the property now.

      Apparently there's a couple of riders on Giant AC's who do the ride every sunday night up to the Nike Base and back down.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: Elevation change: Some steep climbs
      Dirt Road=90% Paved Path=10%
      OC DC a 31 year old


    • Trail UpdateTrail Connections Pt.2-There is no "legal" way to do that on trails. The rancher that runs cattle there uses rock salt,and isn't friendly. I've talked to him and he doesn't like the "bikers who take the fences down, and let his cattle out". The next private property, on the other side of the freeway, is Brea Canyon Oil Co. ditto on the feelings about bikers. Next is Unocal property, need I go on?
      There is a way to do it, but it required a little road riding. Starting from Chino hills then returning to Schabarum and Turnbull Canyon is quite the epic.
      Rode Schabarum Monday and the trails are in ok condition.


    • Trail UpdateTrail Connections-I was wondering if anyone knew how to connect from Powder Canyon off Fullerton Road to Brea and Chino Hills by trail. I have rode around there a bit on the horse trail that goes along Pathfinder and up a turn that goes into the hills, but you just get to a really steep part with lots of cows. Is there anything on the other side of the hill towards Whittier Blvd. on the left side that is a trail or fire road?
      Natedogg a 24 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Stumpjumper from Whittier, CA


    • Trail UpdateI ride up Punta Del Estealmost everyday such a great hill to get you in shape to climb. Hmmm that chicken trail does that start by the water tower the trail leading up? I was wondering if I rode down to skyline trail would it take me to Schabarum park? Any maps, pix, wahtever would be greatly appreciated.
      OlbaiD a 25 year old Weekend Warrior riding a GT I-Drive 6.0 from Hacienda Heights


    • Trail UpdateChicken Run-Now you know how it got it's name!
      See you out there someday.


    • Trail UpdateFound Chicken Run!-Ok. The incredibly steep trail I found was Chicken Run after all. Thanks for the Photo Y-NOT.
      OC Sheriff's Data Center a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek 7000 Hardtail


    • Trail UpdateWhere Is Chicken Run?-Hey, guys where is Chicken Run? I found an incredibly steep downhill section which I thought might be it. If you start from Punta Del Este Gate (just West of the Orange Attenae tower) go East towards Schabarum park. Just before making Steep Downhill to the park there is a small narrow trail leading up and to the right. Following this to the top and then to the right, the trail will start to plummet down all the way to the trail that connects 4 corners to the Equastrian Center. I had to get off my mountain bike at certain pts To save my life. Seriously Steep sections here.

      In any case, plese confirm location of Chicken Run.

      Thanks a bunch.
      OC Sheriff's Data Center a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek 7000 Hardtail


    • Trail UpdateLong Loop-Here is one to try when you have the time and want to have an epic ride:
      Start at Colima and Hacienda.
      Go up the hill on Hacienda and cross under the street at the tunnel.
      Continue up the single track to Skyline Drive and turn left.
      Pick up the fire road and climb towards the radio towers.
      At the towers, drop down on the truck trail/dirt path that leads to Schabarum Park.
      Continue on the trail to the horse stables and take the fire road to the switchback trail junction.
      Climb up the switchbacks and once at the top, descend on the back side towards Fullerton Road.
      Once at the road, ride around the corner past the water district and pick up the second entrance to Powder Canyon.
      Enjoy the leisurely ride on the fire road to the four points intersection.
      Turn left and climb the hill to the white gate.
      From the white gate, continue up the hill to the radio towers.
      Just short of the radio towers, take a right at the small rise where a trail intersection appears.
      Take this trail to the left until it connects to the truck trail you took into the park.
      Go left on the trail and enjoy a quick descent back to the start. It is a 13 mile ride and takes about 1.75 to 2 hours for us mortals to ride.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 13 miles Elevation change: enough
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=25% Truck Trail=25%


    • Trail UpdateTry This.-After you turn left at the top of the first hill and start the downhill, on the left side of the trail, at the sharp RIGHT hand turn you will see a singletrack. Take this trail. It will get you to the second fireroad. When you reach this, turn right and continue to 4 corners. This is a fun short trail.
      Then when you get a wild hair, you can do Chicken Run, see picture in the upper right corner of the main page of this site.


    • Trail UpdateMy Current Ride On This Trail-I described my Old route below. Here's my new route.
      Driving, go off of Colima and Go South on Fullerton Road. Turn right on Old Fullerton road. Pass the Rowland Water District. Start off at the Powder Canyon Gate Entrance. Take the hill up. Watch out for people coming downhill as they are going to be screaming fast on this section. Then at the top go left and begin your downhill. At the T intersection I like to recover by going left. This takes you back to the Second Entrance gate (further south) on Old Fullerton road. Make a Ue and head back up the trail untill you come to a 4 way intersection. I turn left up the hill towards the houses and that white gate. At the white gate I make a Ue and go for a really fast downhill on the trail I just came up on. Then back at the 4 way intersection I turn right and go back to the T intersection. Go back over that First hill and this time for a Super Fast Downhill. This has got to be one the best downhill's in all the trails (Going down to the first Powder Canyon Gate). After a screeching halt at the gate I turn left and head up the hill past the water district. Then at the top you'll see the Electric tower. Just pass it and go down a very narrow trail (there's a lot mustard plants here) until you are on a single track. I go right and down hill till you meet up with Fullerton road then back up the same trail. The dogs will be barking at you on the inital steep uphill. Then continue going straight on this singletrack trail. Then the trail will start a switch back up the hill and down back on a big switchback on the western side of the hill. Then as the singletrack exits to the major dirt road at the bottom I turn right and head for the Equestrian Center. Following the trail as it continues to the left and over the wooden bridge. Then Turn left when trail splits. This is where the trail starts going up the steep Northern face. Continue going up the Northern face up to the Attenaes. I go all the way to the Gates at Punta Del Este. If I'm feeling up to it I continue West past the Punta Del Este Gate and go down hill to where the trail Stops at Hacienda Blvd's Twisty section behind some homes. Then back up the hill to the Punta Del Este Gate etc. until you're back to the Powder Canyon Gate. I usually take the route that will take me down that super fast downhill a second time. Whee!!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=70%
      Orange County Sheriff's Data Center a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek 7000 (6061 Aluminum) hardtail from Rowland Heights


    • Trail UpdateA Great Local Ride-Hey great to read from other riders out there on this trail! I used to start this trail from Punta Del Este (off Colima Between Hacienda Heights Blvd and Stimson) and ride South up through the Eucalyptus trees on the steep singletrak trail to the top of the flat ridge (challenging but short uphill here). At the top is a great view of La Habra and all the way to the Ocean / Catalina Island, and on the right (West) the downtown L.A. Skyline. Lots and Lots of people come here to get stoned so watch out for broken glass here. From there there is a small singletrack on the left going a short downhill till you join back with the main trail. Watch out on the downhill that joins the trail , lots of big rocks and you're probably going at a good pace at this point. The main trail curves up and to the right. You'll find the Big Radio attenaes and the water tank. Cross the brief asphalt road used to access both and you'll see the trail forks. One trail goes off right up the hill and other goes straight. I usually take the trail straight and there is a nice single track that many hikers also share. On the left is a nice view of the valley up to the Mountains in the North. You'll find yourself going down a very steep section that you'll find is a very challenging uphill climb. As you finally exit the trails and find yourself in Schabarum Park's Grassy area you can grab a drink of water here (sometimes the birds poop on the drink fountain though). Then it's back up that steep trail you came down on. Whew! It's gonna take some work getting back up but a good challenge. Try to do the whole uphill without stopping! Gets you into great shape, although I've had one (really fit!) runner pass me on the uphill.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Singletrack=70% Dirt Road=29% Paved Path=1%
      Orange County Sheriff's Data Center a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek 7000 (6061 aluminum) Hardtail from Rowland Heights


    • Trail UpdateAlternate Route/access Point.-Regarding alternate route top the tower. I access the trail by taking Punta del Este Drive all the wat to the top and park at the end of the street. There's a gate at the end of the street, cross thru it, go left (East) and just follow the trail and signs to either the Antenna towers or to Schabarum Park.

      Hint: After crossing past the asphalt road, if you turn right and up the hill, you'll reach the antenna tower. But if you veer to the left (straight), you'll take a nice ST and downhill section to Schbarum Park.

      Punta del Este Dr. is off Colima Road, East of Hacienda Blvd and West of Azusa Avenue. Parking is free and I rarely encounter other riders or hikers at this access point. Perhaps I should have just kept it to myself.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Singletrack=45% Dirt Road=40% Paved Path=15%
      Snakeoil a 42 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Klein Mantra Race from La Mirada


    • Trail UpdateWater District-walked all the way up to the radio towers and rode down to this blacktop road but didn't know wich way to go to the park. does anyone know where to go from the blacktop road so i can get to the park.
      Ride rating: Novice
      juan a 25 year old Weekend Warrior riding a surly 1x1 from rowland


    • Trail UpdateGate Closed!-Drove up this past weekend to Colima and the parking lot gate was locked. We had to go up the hard way through the park up to the radio towers and back down. Lots of hikers on this trail. The weather was perfect and even saw a couple of deer. Anyone know an alternate route up to the towers?
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 4 miles Elevation change:
      Frank a 35 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Giant from Covina


    • Trail UpdateSnakes!-The trail is in the best shape it has been in a while. The downhills are smooth and fun. I was out last week enjoying a nice late afternoon ride, and saw 4 large rattlesnakes sunning themselves on various places during the trail. Just one more sign that spring is here. Oh, I saw a coyote, too, but he was less intimidating that the snakes.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 7 miles Elevation change: up and down
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      Some guy a 28 year old Weekend Warrior riding a special hard-tail from the low rent district


    • Trail UpdateGreat Night Ride-There were only four of us, three riding single speeds and one gearie but it still made for a good night ride. We started out at the usual spot (RWD Office) and headed up the 1st access road, down the ST to the 2nd access road up the short,steep climb to the radio towers. With the moon out, we were able to ride most of the trails without lights, cool! From the radio towers we bombed down the trail that leads into the park, sweet downhill!! At the bottom we saw a few riders climbing up that trail (I like to climb but I don't know why anyone would want take that route to the towers)anyways, we proceeded to hit the switchbacks then back to the lot. Short but fun ride. It may not be very hard or technical, but this route makes for a good, short night ride.

      Ride distance: 8 or so Elevation change: not much
      EMR a.k.a. Ed a 28 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Bontrager single from Walnut


    • Trail UpdateQuickie-I was sitting at my office waiting for a file to arrive on my e-mail. Decided to do a quickie around powder canyon. Went up a real short distance up access one, took a short but fun singletrack down to the road leading up from access two (this was before the summit). Took the road up to the saddle. Looked around, almost dark, came back down access two.

      Funniest thing I ever saw here...up on of the gentle little hills, I see a guy with his back to me in a funny posture. I get closer and he "dismounts" his girlfriend. Both of them have their pants at their ankles...I look away, and when I look back they both have their pants up and are walking as if nothing happened...I decided not to give 'em hell and rode right on by...I guess I was not the only one in the mood for a real quick one...heh heh...

      The trail was awesome...Super tacky, no bad mud anywhere...I will definitely be back here later this week for a longer ride...Anyone know what that fire the other night was about?

      Mike Chung
      Thunnus a 32 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Pimp Ride from San Gabriel


    • Trail UpdateFiery Powder Canyon-So there I was in La Habra, leaving home after a late workday. Thinking about how nice it was to take Wednesday off...No work until Monday. I think to myself, maybe I will go riding tommorrow...But where...Lost in thought I got into my car, and as always, went over the hill on Harbor towards Rowland Heights so I can catch the 60 home to San Gabriel. Up and over...And my favorite part of my drive home? Passing by the Rowland Water district thinking about when I might ride the Schabarum Trail again via the powder canyon acceses...

      Harbor turns into Fullerton...I glance to the left...The familiar water towers...even at night...I think to myself, maybe if I can get up I will ride here tommorrow...I look up...I see the trees way up high, the power lines on the first hill, and of course, the bright orange glow from the top of...

      HUH?!!!!! To my surprise, I see an intense orange glow and lots of smoke rising from what looks like just over the top of the first access hill climb...Perhaps right behind the power lines at the top of the hill...I could not be sure...

      So I am thinking, what is it? It's too bright and flickering to be artificial...I look ahead and thinkg to myself, maybe it is one of those controlled burns...Thats it...But at 8:21 pm in the dark? I look back, the glow is brighter, and bigger...A night ride with a ritualistic sacrifice gone bad? Then I see the fire engines and sherrif suburbans hauling ass up Fullerton...

      Getting onto the 60 I look back towards the hill and the glow is worse...

      I hope everything is allright...Lots of houses near that trail...And scarred earth with no vegetation as the rains start could be a bad thing...

      -Mike Chung
      Thunnus a 32 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Fire Engine Number Nine from San Gabriel


    • Trail UpdateNew Singletrack-The trails are a series of short items, short climbs, short decents, and short flats. There are a number of new singletracks being made by the horse riders in this area. Took a ride out there and explored most of them, this place is getting more interesting every season, after riding here as long as I have, it's good to get new trails,it's like a new place to ride all the time.
      Thanks to all the folks that do trail work out there, even if you don't do it for us bikers, we enjoy it as much as you do.
      Y-NOT a 43 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a TREK from Rowland Heights


    • Trail UpdateRattlers!-...yes they are around. Last week, I was nearing the top of the switchback climb when I got startled by a 2-1/2 footer laying straight across enjoying the setting sun. I was only about 10 ft away. That's still close for me. Four other guys saw it too. Slowly got up, rattled, & hissed away as I hit with a stone. Last month some prankster put a dead one where you make the first switchback. I was a foot away, & thought for sure it already got me. That was a good one, who ever you are that put it there. And several months ago up the hill at the twin towers as I rode downhill...nearly ran over one. I think they come out in the late afternoon. So, look out!
      HotRod a Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateDon't Tell Anyone, But...-...this trail has already been written up in a nationally distributed magazine ("Dirt Rag") a year or two ago. Still, I tend to agree with Mr. Selfish in that I don't particularly want to see a ton of outside riders on the trail. But I like maps....How about a non-internet map that we just pass around to each other in secret? Like, you tell my your secret trail and I'll tell you mine?

      Mtncranker a 49 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Titus Loco-Moto from La Mirada


    • Trail UpdateMap?!!-Maps?! Whoa!!
      Let me ask you, what is the motivation for putting a map out, especially on the web? Has anyone ridden the Fullerton Loop on a Tuesday or Thursday night? Do you like that kind of crowd? One of the things that I love about Schabarum is that it is so low key. The trails stay in good condition and most who ride here are conscientious and care for the trail. Remember that once the word is out, you can't take it back. I may sound a bit snooty about the whole thing, but this is my city, my taxes and I don't think the world needs another Fullerton Loop, Whiting Ranch or Aliso Woods. Get together with other riders to enjoy the company and share notes on trails, but by no means create a map and post it on the net!!
      The Selfish Rider


    • Trail UpdateMAPS-I'm the expert on the trails in and around Schabarum, been riding there about 12 years. There also needs to be a note about the speed limit in the stable area.


    • Trail UpdateLETS MAKE A COOL MAP-I would like to get together with other riders in the area to make a detailed map of our perplexing riding area. Many of the smaller secondary trails and fire roads are never mentioned and could be overwhelming to a newcomer. This map could also prove useful to experienced riders who have not ventured beyond a routine route and also the walkers, runners, and horse riders that we bump into. Our map could be distributed at the water district, Schabarum Park, bike shops, and of course the internet. Write back or post a message and let’s do this thing.

      Dr. Kevorkian

      Dr. Kevorkian a 21 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a GT from Hacienda Heights


    • Trail UpdateDr., you are correct, the first instructions are incorrect! Do not go to Hacienda. The correct directions are go to Azusa and go south...the rest are correct. It's free to park during the week and 2-3 bucks on weekends/holidays. It's really a nice park. Go all the way to the end of the paved road, get on your donkey and ride. If you go west from the parking lot at the end of the paved road you'll come to a 't'...go right for an easy ride, go left for some kinda fun.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 8 Elevation change:
      Dirt Road=100%
      thrillofdownhill a 43 year old riding a moab2 from chino


    • Trail UpdateWHAT?-Where the hell does this trail actually start and end, everyone talks about their own crazy variations and its confusing
      Dr. Kevorkian a 21 year old from Hacienda Heights


    • Trail UpdateSchabarum...the Big Secret-Hey guys!
      Thought that I would chime in and mention that I ride here on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays. I launch around 5:30-6:00, but I prefer closer to 6:00 to let the temps drop a bit. I usually have at least one other buddy to ride with as well. I think it would be cool to get others' trail ideas for this place.

      I usually start at the water district and head in the second entrance (I know...the "easy way"). We then head up the hill to the left, drop down the fast downhill to the park, up to and through the switchbacks and down the backside. Occassionally, we meet here for a 7:30 launch for a night ride. Drop me a note if you would like to hook up sometime to ride.
      Mike a 27 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Specialized FSR Enduro Pro/Stumpjumper M2 from Whittier, CA


    • Trail UpdateWeekday Ride-Y-NOT, why not! E-mail me if you don't mind riding w/ an Asian dude. I ride w/ all sorts, so.. I plan on riding here every Thu. I just did, last week again. Or maybe Wednesdays or Fridays.

      Ride on, Thunnus!
      HotRod a 30 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a FSR M4 from La Puente


    • Trail UpdateHotRod, you have just scratched the trails there, I've done this area for over 12 years.The best part of it it's as difficult as you want it to be, or as easy as you want. If you see me on YELLOW Y-BIKE stop me and talk. I'll take you down the "CHICKEN RUN" if your brakes are in good working order.
      Y-NOT a 43 year old Die-hard Enthusiast from Rowland Heights


    • Trail UpdateFriday...-Rode today, Friday, after work. Picked up my bike from Hacienda Schwinn just across the street, and started at 6 pm. Perfect time to ride, I figured I'll at least have 2 hours of daylight to ride. I actually finished in 1 hour. Covered almost 8 miles of fun single track, double track, fireroad, and a little bit of pavement. I'm not the fastest rider you'll see out there, nor the slowest. I consider Schabarum to be my backyard trail. I just might start riding here every Friday, so if anyone wants to tag along let me know. I think I need this anyways to prepare me for our usual Sunday ride with the guys in the Club. We're the Regulators in case anyone wants to join; we're listed. Man, are this hills some of the toughest climbs you'll ever do, or what! Especially that half mile grind past the Rowland Water District. That's the first gate, not the second which is easier. I started up the switchbacks & ended up at Fullerton. This trail is now nice even after being bulldozed 'cause the grass has started to grow and the trail once again looks more like a singletrack, although a little wider. Still, you get the great view of the houses & the city below. After about 4 miles I got the lungs going again and started climbing past the first gate. Last time I had to stop here; it was so freaking hot. I got to the four corners at 5 miles, circled the saddle 3 times to get a short breather then headed towards the radio towers. Getting there, you'll just have to think about that white gate. That white gate. Once there almost everything is easy. You'll just have to get past another 2 short hills. Getting to the white gate is the other challenging climb. Great view up there, too. And also just before you start the 2 mile downhill where the trees are by the twin power line towers. I actually find the first loop more fun than this final downhill 'cause this one is now wider, although steeper. Watch it, the trail can get loose! It is also angled; i ate it here one time, I was going too fast w/ the Specialized racing tires that came w/ my bike. My front tire slid and left me a souvenier on my left buttocks. It still hurts when I look in the mirror. That pothole is gone, & the 2 big ruts are almost covered. The ride is bumpy. My legs were tired at this point because of non-stop riding. Back to the car at 7. That was sweet, I say. It's not El Prieto, nor Chantry Flats, but hey there's just something about your backyard trail, isn't it? Looking back, not another soul in the mountain, not even hikers. Just one lone biker.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 8 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=40% Paved Path=10% Truck Trail=50%
      HotRod a 30 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a FSR M4 from La Puente, CA


    • Trail UpdateLate Sunday-Was a hot day...Decided to ride the second access up from Water District at 6:30 pm. Trails were dry, hard, with a few sandy spots. I haven't been on this trail in almost two months.

      This was a good ride for me. I just started riding 4 months ago...I am very overweight but biking has help me to drop 17 pounds already. Last time I rode this trail, I was still unable to make the short hill up to the saddle (four corners..and yes, I am THAT out of shape! Phew!). I always pooped out about 20 yards from top. In the interim, I have been riding other trails...

      This time, I made it up to the saddle. Whoo we...This is a personal milestone. But the great part is after a gel break I went down towards the stables, made the sharp right to enter the "switchbacks" and lo and behold, I made it to the top (except for one near biff where I somehow unclipped from my pedals...took a 30 second rest there...). I guess the last two months of riding have made a difference.

      Going down I biffed it low speed trying to clear a switchback...Near the botttom, my forearms got too tired from all the braking so I walked...at least I walked my bike DOWNHILL this time...Last time I rode the switches I had to walk my fat ass up 90 percent of them...I exited behind the big water tower and rode back to the second gate.

      Overall, trail is very rideable...Brush has gotten a little thick in places...A lot of the truck ruts and hooving have been pounded out...I wish we had a very short rain to pack things in again...
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: not too long Elevation change:
      Singletrack=little bit% Dirt Road=mostly%
      Thunnus a 32 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Gary Fisher Tassahara from San Gabriel


    • Trail UpdateCAUTION-
      This post is in regards to the second access along the old Fullerton Road (2nd access up from the Rowland Water District). Most of you who access the trails through here know there is a small track around the main gate you can use to get in without having to dismount or walk around the main gate. This track runs along an old barbed wire property fence and leads you down through an older gate opening about 100 feet into the trail. In recent times, the fence has disintegrated and fallen in many places...

      Well, during the recent rains, the grass has really become thick along this shortcut and lately it has almost completely overgrown the visible track.

      Two days ago, I was taking this short cut and I lost the trail. Instead of looking for the gate post, I looked for visible track and saw an area where a lot of foot traffic had laid the grass down. So I went down the slope...Bad move...It was not the gate opening but just a downed area of fence.

      Well, there was a metal fence post bent low to the ground hidden under the grass and on the way down it barely missed my shin and went right through my front derailleur blowing it up, gouging my crankarms and front chainring, goughing my rear rim and putting a small hole in my tire. Of course, I unexpectedly flew up and over and landed hard...Thought I had cracked some ribs (i think they are just bruised) and could not take a real breath for a few minutes, and definitely hit my head hard enough where I was on the verge of passing out for a couple of minutes (helmets rule). I know, I'm a knucklehead but that tall grass really threw me off.

      At any rate, we tried to raise the fencepost back up so it is visible and we got a bunch of downded branches to help mark off where the fence has dissapeared beneath the grass but that won't last too long.

      Please be careful here.

      Ride on!

      Thunnus a 32 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Gary Fisher from San Gabriel


    • Trail UpdateNight Rides?-Are you guys still doing the night rides? Tell me a date and time and Ill be there.
      Theblur a 17 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Schwinn Mesa GSX from Hacienda Heights


    • Trail UpdateJust In Time-Got kicked out of the house, wife made me ride (tough life). took the first fireroad up...up... just before the sharp right hand turn as you start down, I took "Steve's singletrack" down to the second fireroad went to the switchbacks to the top, back down to Fullerton road, on the street home. The trails were in good condition concidering the rains. Many thanks to the trail crew for the work.As soon as I came up the driveway the rain, life is good.
      Y-NOT a 42 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a TREK from ROWLAND HEIGHTS


    • Trail UpdateQuick Update-I was short on time again today. So I took the first access just left of the RWD on old fullerton rd. I knew I would poop out quick (won't tell you how quick). Walked up most of this hill and then enjoyed the nice downhill. Trail was OK. A bit soft here and there and sticky in many places...Could see some horse and some bike damage. Real hooved up here and there.

      Took a right at the t...Got farther up the hill this time. I think I can make it the next time. Then just let 'er rip all the way down to the second access...Flew through a few mud patches...a bit sketchy here and there when that happened...I think I will wait at least 3-4 days before riding this area after a real rain next time...Two days seems the bare minimum...

      Saw no one else except one hiker and one pretty lone coyote...
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 3 Elevation change: short and steep
      Dirt Road=100%
      Michael K. Chung a 32 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Fisher from San Gabriel


    • Trail UpdateRWD To 4 Corners And Back-This past Sunday, Feb. 18, I took the second access up to the left of the Rowland Water District (not the one with the big wooden sign for Powder Canyon). Didn't have a lot of time so I just went up to 4 corners and back. Almost did the whole route up with only 1 short break (I know...no big deal...but a milestone for this overweight newbie). Last time, I was huffin, puffin, and walkin a lot.

      Trail was excellent. No real "mud". Just hard packed, slightly damp dirt. A couple of spots were a little bit sticky and the area where the downhill from the first access merges (on the right) was all rutted and hooved up as usual.

      I wish I had to time to go farther. It was a nice day with great riding conditions. Then came the next batch of rain...Any experts (Y-NOT?)of this area know if tommorrow, Wednesday, the trails might be drained enough to ride without rutting it all up?

      I am starting to really love this sport.
      Ride rating: Beginner
      Ride distance: <2 miles Elevation change: not much
      Dirt Road=100%
      Michael K. Chung a 32 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Fisher from San Gabriel


    • Trail UpdateHey Y-Not-Can you give me a tour of the trails around here?
      Eric a 17 year old Die-hard Enthusiast from Hacienda Heights


      Y-NOT a 42 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a TREK from ROWLAND HEIGHTS


    • Trail UpdateRowland Water Office-I am a VERY new to this sport and was glad to so Y-Not's post on 01/30 about the accesses found around the Rowland Water District. I pass by them everyday to and from work and I always wondered if people rode there. Took the access just to the left of the offices - easy parking near the gate. Started going up - got into my granny gear real guick - pooped out. Walked. Rode. Walked. Walked - hey...I'm a fat asian guy trying to get back into shape...

      Then headed down the other side - lot of fun without any real crazy switchbacks. Took a left at the fork at the bottom and ended up going through a pretty tree filled area. I stuck to my left at the next fork. I exited at the next access a little farther up into fullerton rd.

      Ground was solid and damp almost all the way but not muddy except in a couple of very shady, cool spots and even then the mud was rideable. The ground was easy to ride today with lots of grip. Saw a couple of bikes and one runner. No horses. The trail was kind of hooved up at times but nothing too bad. I went up at around 4:30 pm. Will go again this week.

      btw...anyone know which access and/or fork I take to connect to the equestrian center at Schabarum Park?
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: just a few Elevation change:
      Truck Trail=100%
      Michael Chung a 31 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Fisher tassahara frame built up w/shimano... from San Gabriel


    • Trail UpdateWhat About The Night Rides?-Some told me that a group does a night ride on the skyline trail every Tuesday night. Is this true? Where can I contact this group? Do I need a bike light? Please help me out.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 13 Elevation change:
      Singletrack=10% Dirt Road=80% Paved Path=1% Truck Trail=9%
      Eric a 17 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Schwinn Mesa GSX from Hacienda Heights


    • Trail UpdateTRACTION-Rode the trail from the Rowland Water District office.
      Since the rains and all the horses the trail is hooved, set your suspension soft and away you go. There is a lot of new singletrack created by the horses take your time and explore them all, they are all interesting, and connected. TRACTION IS EVERYWHERE,
      this is the best time to ride here, lean the bike over
      and carve a cool line. Even had time to do CHICKEN RUN
      I need new break pads after that one. If you never been to this place, give it a try, it has everything you could want in a ride, and as hard as you want.
      Ride distance: 12 Elevation change:
      Singletrack=80% Dirt Road=20%
      Y-NOT a 42 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a TREK from ROWLAND HEIGHTS


    • Trail UpdateSKETCHY!!!-The ride was pretty good although the trail could definetly use some rain. I see what you're saying Mtncranker, going up the switchbacks was loose and coming down the long downhill was very sketchy. A few slip and slides but I managed to pull through. Next time, I want to try the single tracks that spawn from the top of the hill by the entrance to the park. There are a few of them that looks pretty intense!
      Ride HARD, Ride FAST!!!

      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 7miles Elevation change:
      Big Joe a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a GT Hardtail from Fullerton, CA


    • Trail UpdateBad Blade!!!-The singletrack west of Schabarum Park, (the nice long downhill) and the switchbacks and singletrack east of the park (leading to Harbor and Old Fullerton Rd) have been heavily worked over by a four foot wide blade/grader. The trails are now flat surfaced, often with SEVERE camber, and the switchbacks are very soft. All singletrack character is gone. Bummer! When will the rains come?
      Mtncranker a 48 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Titus HCR from La Mirada


    • Trail UpdateSchabarum Trail-The medical center is on the corner of Azuza and Colima. Try to park at the far end of the medical center. So far everyone,mt bikers, that parks there has been good enough to leave the parking spaces near the building empty and available for the patients.

      Have a good one...Ride HARD, Ride FAST!!!
      Big Joe a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a GT Hardtail from Fullerton, CA


    • Trail UpdateHey, Big Joe, where is the medical center parking lot? Thanks!


    • Trail UpdateSchabarum Park-Correction to the last update.Turn RIGHT onto Old Fullerton Road.


    • Trail UpdateSchabarum Park(Skyline Trail)-The description posted by the previous is a good route but you can add miles to make the ride a little longer.Instead of turning onto the singletrack after the switchbacks continue up the trail another 100 yards or so.A fun ,twisty downhill begins.About a mile down there is a asphalt road you cross beware there is curb you have to hop.Once you get to the bottom you are next to Fullerton road which turns to Harbor.Get on the sidewalk and pass the big watertanks and turn left onto OLD FULLERTON Road.Do not follow the trail down because it goes under Harbor and down Pathfinder.Once on Old Fullertonyou will pass the Rowland Water District and then there will be a gated dirt road on the right with an information booth,you can turn here but it is a nasty steep climb.Instead stay on the road and you will come to another gated dirt road on your right go through here and stay on this main dirt trail until you get to the "four corners",turn left here and follow the last guys directions.Before you get to the four corners you will pass a trail on your right this is where that steep climb will end up.At four corners if you dont feel like climbing you can go down and you will end up at the horse stables.I road there Tuesday night and the trail conditions are good.If anyone is interested we do night rides here every Tuesday starting Oct.24.We meet in the Albertsons parking lot in front of the bike shop (Hacienda Schwinn)We meet at 5:00 and ride about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.Some nights it can be pretty fast paced.More riders need to come out and ride these trails,there are countless trail loop options.You can even link up to Turnbull Canyon.It is a fun place to ride and believe it or not its quite challenging.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 13+ miles Elevation change: 500
      Singletrack=40% Dirt Road=60%
      Craig Latschar a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GT Psyclone from Hacienda Heights


    • Trail UpdateSchabarum Park-Rode the trail both days this weekend. Saturday was basically the same route from last week. On Sunday however, my friend and I did some exploring. We started at the medical center parking lot. As you pass the stables, approx .25 miles, there is a trail on the left hand side. You pass through two trees then it goes through a series of switchback climbs. The climbs are pretty spaced out so you dont really have tight turns. It's a nice climb to the top. As you reach the peak, there is a cutoff to the right. Take this trail, its a little bit steep, but you can make it. Position your bottom to the front of the saddle and grind your way up. Stay on the right and find the singletrack that drops down to an intersection or four corners. This is a very nice, long singletrack. Not technical enough, just alot of overgrowth. As you reach the bottom @ high speed you gradually slow down as the trail goes up. Climb till you reach a white gate and turn right. Ride for another .25 to .5 mile to the second right into the power lines. Take the singletrack down for another 1.5 mile, rippin decent. This will terminate to the main trail, turn left and head back to the parking lot.

      This also could be done in reverse for a challenging climb.

      Ride HARD, Ride FAST!!!

      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 7miles Elevation change:
      Big Joe a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a GT Hardtail from Fullerton


    • Trail UpdateSchabarum Park-My friend and I started at the parking lot by the medical center. Rode up to the power lines, three miles. Dropped down a nice single track for approximately 2 miles then back to the parking lot.

      This was my first time at Schabarum. I must say it was pretty fun and a good work out. Too bad there are no trail maps on markers on the intersections, at least I didn't see any. Regardless, I know I'll be back, hopefully with more time so I can explore the other trails. On the way up to the powerlines, I saw at least five sweet singletracks. These alone will drive me to return.

      I'll rate this a novice for now cause of the trail I took.

      Ride Hard Ride FAST!!!
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 5 miles Elevation change:
      Big Joe a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a GT Hardtail from Fullerton


    • Trail UpdateFullerton Road And Old Fullerton-where is old fullerton road?? is that right before the water tower on the left side of fullerton road when heading south?


    • Trail UpdatePowder Canyon Loop-I prefer the short (just under 7 miles) version of this loop. Starting at the Rowland Heights water district on Fullerton Road and Old Fullerton Road, take the second entrance into Powder Canyon. From here, it is a leisurely climb for the next mile or so. At what appears to be a four points intersection, take the fireroad to your left. The insuing climb is aerobic to say the least, but it has a great payoff. Near the top, as you are approaching the radio towers, take the trail that branches of to your right. Now the fun begins. You've got some fun downhill, now. Watchout though, because hikers like to share this part of the trail. Follow the singletrack down and continue to the right towards the horse stables when you reach the top end of Schabarum Park. From there, continue up the fireroad and turn left at the switch back trail. After this mile or so climb, it is time for some more fun singletrack. At the end you find yourself on Fullerton Road. Head uphill and make a right on Old Fullerton Road to find your car. A good loop to ride if you have less than an hour to ride!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 7 miles Elevation change: +/- 600 ft.
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      Mike a 26 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a LTS 1 from Whittier, CA


    • Trail Update
      There are several options that can be done with this ride. If you like you can drive to Schabarum Regional Park and ride from there which offers different routes through Powder Canyon and Schabarum Park.
      The city of Whittier has just built a parking lot on Colima Road which this ride will start. It's about 12.5 miles and takes about 2 1/2 hours. This ride will take you through the hills of Whittier, Hacienda Heights and Rowland Heights. This is an out and back ride with a 2 loop option through Schabarum Park and Powder Canyon before the return trip. You can also eliminate the first section of this ride by parking at the Ralphs Market on Colima Road and Hacienda Blvd. The nearest freeway is the 60, you can exit on Hacienda Blvd.
      From the parking lot head up the dirt path that follows Colima Road, after you start heading down the hill shortly past the private street there is a gate on your right. Go past the gate and continue up the trail, once you reach the fork in the road, you can go straight or make a turn and ride up the trail you see on your right. They both lead to the same place, if you take the road on your right stay to your left to the top. Once you rode down the broken asphalt continue around the gate and stay to your right and go through the tunnel to the other side of Hacienda Blvd. Now your riding up hill along a creek, cross the driveway and continue up the creek. It's a little technical here especially when those 3 dogs start barking at you from the other side of the fence. Don't worry I've been riding this trail for 4 years already and they haven't got out yet. Once you get past the dogs, the trail comes out on Skyline Drive, go left onto Skyline Drive and left again onto the dirt road which will bring you to a gate. Pick your bike over the rail and continue to climb. The trail is rocky in some places. If you haven't noticed yet, there is a lot of climbing on this ride and it's not over yet. But you get to ride back down this part also on the return trip. You'll get to section with a small trail to your left, take this down and continue into Powder Canyon. This section is a fire road overgrown into single track. Stay on the trail for there is still damage in this section from El Nino. Watch out for a small sinkhole on your right and a couple of mudslides, one is ridable depending on your skill level. Now it's down hill, again watch out for other trail users. Have fun. When you reach the bottom there is a fork in the trail, stay on your right. There will be a equestrian center. The trail continues to the right. But this is a good place to take a break, refill your water bottles and use the restroom if needed.
      Back on the trail there are two options you can take to get back up to the Skyline Trail.
      Option 1: Continue up the trail into Powder Canyon and take the fire road on your right and ride up the hill. Go under the gate and make a right turn. You will come to a fork in the road in which both will take you back to Skyline trail. If your feeling tired take the left one. The right one will only add about 1 mile to your ride. When you get to skyline trail go left and continue on back in the direction you came. There is still a couple climbs left but a lot of down hill fun too.
      Option 2: This will add a couple of miles more to your ride with several additional climbs. After leaving the equestrian there is a trail on your left. Ride the switchback trail up. Near the top there is a singletrack cutoff to your right, which will bring you to the road at option 1. It's actually a short down hill. If you continue up the trail it eventually starts down, (sometimes I ride the switchbacks up and then back down) watch the first switch back, comes real fast and you can keep on going. The last part of the downhill is steep and fast with a block wall at the bottom. Make a right and ride the street to the first street (Fullerton Road) on the right. Once you pass the Rowland Heights Water Co. The Powder Canyon entrance is on your right. Go around the gate and follow the trail up to the road to option 1 and the return trip back.

      Singletrack=10% Dirt Road=90%
      John a 40 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a stumpjumper from La Mirada Calif.


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