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Southern California Trails

  • San Gabriel River Trail - #SanGabrielRiverTrail

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Duarte NickNames: #SanGabrielRiverTrail

    Take 605 fwy to the end, to Hungtington Rd. Turn right (east) then turn left on Encanto Parkway. Keep on going until you see Duarte Historical Museum and Park. Parking is free, and just cross the street and the bridge over the San Gabriel River and you will hit the paved bike trail. You can only ride toward the mountain for few miles, but if you go the other way, can you go for a while. It will merge with the trail coming from the Santa Fe Dam. The best part is that the parking is free at the park and the park has nice restroom and play area for kids and adults. Tennis court, basket ball hoop and nice grassy area.

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    • Trail UpdateSome very scary and sketchy sections where you are fenced in with nowhere to escape. Gang members hang out under the over passes and attempt to bike jack you. Be VERY careful and aware of your surroundings. Warning: DO NOT attempt to ride this solo. Too dangerous.
      JC a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Cervelo P2 from San Marino, CA


    • Trail UpdateEasy Ride-I ride this path and trail on a regular basis. There maybe some bums hanging under the two underpasses every now and then but the path is patroled by LA County Life Guards.

      Path is safe and is an easy ride. Perfect for quick workout rides. Bike traffic rises on early weekend mornings by large group 'roadie' rides so prepare to share the trail. One end terminates to a turn around point in Azusa and the other end in Long Beach.

      Mountain bikers can take the dirt trails flanking the bike path; some run along it, some takes you inside the Santa Fe Dam. Bring a flat kit though, it can be a long walk back with a flat.

      As mentioned, park at Encanto Park / Duarte Historical Museum if you dont want to pay for parking inside the Santa Fe Dam Rec Area
      Dial Tone a Cross-Country Rider riding a Fisher Hi-Fi +


    • Trail UpdateUpdate; Scared-I have been to this trail everyday for the last two weeks, I have seen nothing of what you have described . NO glass or bald heads. dont be scared.
      a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Trek special from Duarte


    • Trail UpdateIf you like seeing tons of grafitti, interacting with gang bangers & homeless derelicts, riding over broken glass etc. then this is the ride for you.
      a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 2007 Trek Madone 5.9 from Monrovia, CA


    • Trail UpdateStill There-Trail still there paved trail all the way to Dam
      a Weekend Warrior riding a Trek special


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