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Southern California Trails

  • Gettyview - #Gettyview

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Bel Air NickNames: #Gettyview

    Take the 405 freeway into the Sepulveda pass and get off at Getty Center Drive. This will put you on Sepulveda where you will go south to Casiano Drive and park your car. This ride is on the east ridge of the pass overlooking the scenic San Diego freeway.

    Get on your bike and ride the road up Casiano about a mile to it's terminus, go around the gate and hit the dirt. You are now on East Sepulveda fire road. This is a short stretch(a mile?)heading north-south which ends at more houses. Just before the end you will have two options, go right and hit the ridgeline side action above you to the east which will dump you back at the front gate. Or go left, dropping into a singletrack which switches back a few times, and descends towards the freeway and Sepulveda. From the bottom ride Sepulveda back to Casiano and your car. Thomas Guide page: 591

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    • Trail UpdateOvergrown-The singletrack is way overgrown and eroded in some parts. Also lot of overhanging trees that you have to duck under. In my opinion, not that fun. It needs some maintenance.

      As for directions, this site has a good description:
      chanca a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 2001 Specialized M4 FSR from Santa Clarita, CA


    • Trail UpdateBetter Directions To Gettyveiw-It is Impossiable to make this left onto Casiano. you must go down to the first intersection MORANO or MORANGO and make a left (if you got off on getty center drive and are heading south on sepulvada). A right onto Morano if you are heading north on sepulvada. You will then make you first LEFT ONTO BELLIAGIO. Stay left on belliagio and this will turn into Casiano follow Casiano all the way up to the gate at the top.
      (you may want to park at the bottom if you plan to singletrack down and take sepulavada back to your car)
      Dusty Joints a 37 year old Weekend Warrior from Los Angeles


    • Trail UpdateGettyview - Bel Air-Just wanted to give an update even though the last post although old is still very accurate. short, Uphill, fireroad with single track sideroutes. the Zig Zag single track down at the mid point of the fireroad is way fun on the way down but a bit of a grunt on the return. Conditions are loose gravel and dirt and fireroad gets fast in places (if you do a short 45 minute turnaround.) with some deep loose stuff in the apex of the turns, watch the speed. great veiws of 405 below and panaramic from Palos Verdes to Sant Monica including Catilina and L.A.
      Not a day trip but a good end of day route.
      Dusty Joints a 37 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Mongoose with a blower from los angeles


    • Trail UpdateGettyview: Afterwork Ride!!!-For those of you who live on the westside and get
      off work too late to get a REALLY good ride in
      before it gets dark, Gettyview is short but sweet!!!
      Fireroad is about a mile or so but there is a
      singletrack that switches back and forth all the way
      down to Sepulveda.....Very fun!!! But, a bit loose in
      spots. There is also a singletrack that parallels
      the fireroad, just to the east. This gets VERY steep
      and loose in many places. I suggest disc brakes
      as well!!(Even though I didnt have em, I wish I did
      after the 3rd endo...:-)
      Good, short and fun stuff!!!
      BTW: To the locals of this website...
      You guys rock!! If it wasnt for you, I wouldnt have
      HALF the fun I've been having on these trails.....
      All your info has been biblical!!! THANKS ALOT!!!
      I've been spending more time here now than work
      will allow.....(Oh f%&cking well.. :-)
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 1-2 miles Elevation change: 500
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      WLASean a 29 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Trek FS VXR 3000 from W. Los Angeles


    • Trail UpdateGridlockview-This is a great after work ride if you happen to work in Brentwood or Westwood. It is *not* worth making a day-trip on the weekend to check out. It is less than 1 mile from top to bottom, and is not-so-tough to ride.

      A good loop from UCLA is to get on Sepulveda, head north to Church street, make a right and then your first left, follow this until it dead-ends into Casiano. Climb Casiano (which is steep at the end, but pretty short) to the gate, cross through the gate, and continue climbing until you reach the lone oak on the left side. The top part of the trail is a bit off-camber, so watch yourself. There are two moderately challenging switchbacks that can be rolled (read: don't lock up here). Also, some p'oak to watch at the bottom.

      An alternate route (advanced) is to climb to the first point where the ridge on the right side of the fireroad joins the fireroad. Climb 170 to your right, and continue to the top of the hill. I would drop the seat at the top, it does get reasonably steep and loose. This spits you out at the gate at the bottom of the fireroad. I reccomend disks for this part. After this, follow the directions above to get to the trailhead.

      Once dropping back into the parking lot at GV, you can make a left on Sepulveda (all downhill back to Westwood), or you can hook a right and climb to Mountaingate. Make a left on Mountaingate, and climb 1.1 painful miles to the top (paved). This climb is a killer. Make a left at the top, and go through the gate. From here you can access Mr. Big and the Whoops.

      If you can time it correctly, the best part of Gettyview is bombing singletrack 30 feet above the gridlocked northbound traffic on the 405.

      Be the lunch ride.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      El Santo


    • Trail UpdateWatch Yo'self!-Yo yo. Not to be confused with "Ghetto View," which is the local trail by my crib. It's baaaad, baby!
      Ghetto John riding a sparkly purple '63 Impala from Compton


    • Trail UpdateGettyview-Small, short, but fun.
      Dusty Bottoms


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