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Southern California Trails

  • 2N49 - #2N49

    Socal - San Bernardino County - Silverwood Lake NickNames: #2N49

    Take Hwy 173 to the Silverwood Lake enterence, but don't go into Silverwood Lake, instead, go the opposite direction (west) onto Cleghorn road. Drive about 1 mile or so, past a bunch of camps until you see that the road changes into a narrow, rocky dirt road. Park on the side of the wide end of the paved road. The dirt road is 2N49. Get on your bike and start strolling up 2N49. The ride has about an 1800ft elevation gain. Up on the way in, down on the way out. Thomas Guide page 4654

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    • Trail UpdateGood Climb-The family and I went out to Silverwood today and I brought my bike (just in case,wink,wink).After spending some time with the family I decided to check out the local fireroads,ie:2N49.The trail/fireroad starts out at a moderate climb and eventually gets tougher and tougher.The temps were somewhere in the 90's and I have a big ride planned for tomarrow so I was just taking it slow and easy,but with the heat and the grade it made it a little difficult.I know this is a fireroad,but it has a couple of technical spots in it, going up and coming down.I always veered to the left on the whole route and was able to find my way through without any back tracking.There were a number of options though, which has perked my curiosity.Does anyone know where these lead to? And where I might find them on a map? I stopped by the ranger station on the way out and they have a map posted outside,but it didn't even have the trail I was on showing 2N49/2N54.I was taking my time through the whole ride and had numerous stops.It really is a beautiful loop, but I couldn't help but think that there has to be some singletrack up here somewhere.I did meet some people on horseback who had been on the PCT and they told me that no one ever complains about the horses here and they said it wouldn't hurt to ride it,but I can't bring myself to do it.I did some amateur surveying as I was riding and could see numerous places for hiking/biking path opportunities.Does anyone know how a person/s might petition the forest service to do something along these lines?Anyways the trail is well worth the ride,but not if you're looking for an andrenalin rush.Although some of the fireroad on the descent will require a fair amount of skill.I didn't see any other MTBers, but I did see the horseback riders and an illegal motorcyclist.There were a good amount of MTB tire prints and a lot of foot traffic.I'll have to ride there again to check out the other routes and it was very nice with all the views of the lake and surrounding mountains.I probaly would have gone longer if I'd had company or was familiar with the area.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 15miles Elevation change: 2000
      Truck Trail=100%
      Pain Freak a Cross-Country Rider riding a Renrut 02 /Quintana Roo TeQuilo/GT Backwoods from Fontana


    • Trail Update2N49 - Sugarpine Mountain-URL: 2N49 - Sugarpine Mountain Loop Ride


    • Trail Update2N49 - Grind-I did this trail yesterday, I just started ridding again after taking the last 10 years off. Needless to say this was a grind for me. Lots and lots of uphill, very nice views and fast (rocky) fire road decents. One note is the roads aren't marked very well. 2N45 is written in magic marker on the gate and 2N59 doesn't have a sign but, if you miss this you come out on Hwy 138 just turn left and get off at Cleghorn Rd, turn left and continue back to where you parked. This trail was very tough for my level of rider and I would rate it as advanced, just because it's a constant climb. It is a good training ride but, the fun factor isn't high the views on the other hand are some of the best I've seen and you get a wounderful tree cover at the summit with a cool brease in your face. I did all but the last climb without stoping, it gat loose and steep at the top but then it's all down hill after that. Also the ride desription and road numbers posted by others are very accurate, Nice Job!
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: not sure about 16? Elevation change: every bit of 1800'
      Dirt Road=96% Paved Path=3% Truck Trail=1%
      Todd W a 28 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Vintage 1986 Schwinn Paramountain from Hesperia


    • Trail UpdateSugar Pine Mountain Loop Ride-Into the ride 1-3 miles or so, there is a private road that goes to the left, stay to your right by NOT taking the private road. A few more miles into the trek, you will come to a very large clearing, with a nice view and a concrete water tank or two. There is a road to the right, DON'T take that, take the hairpin turn to the left, which will go through a gate. Keep going, and keep going, don't forget to take in the view. At about 6 miles into the ride you get near the top of Sugar Pine Mountain. About this same time, you will finally start to get into the forest, keep going, because the best part of the ride is just ahead. Between about 7-9 miles into the ride, the road is covered with pine needles and is smooth and is slightly downhill and is very shady. Then you will come to this uphill area, don't worry, it's pretty short, which if I remember correctly is the last uphill climb. Then you come to a junction in! the road, take the left branch (2N45) and begin your downhill struggle! The road is very rocky, with loose jagged rocks. Keep going and then, and this is very easy to pass, you will come to an area where you have a hairpin turn to the left, thats lower than the road you're on, and hardly visible, so be looking for it. The new road you will be taking (the hairpin turn to the left) is 2N59. Follow this road all the way to the paved road (Cleghorn Road) that you drove in on. When you get to this road, make a left and ride about mile back to your vehicle. This is a very nice ride with great views of silverwood lake and sugarpines near the middle of the ride. You're mostly in the sun on the way up and the way down. Go during the fall-winter-spring months.
      Dirt Road=27% Paved Path=3% Truck Trail=70%
      Matt Gregg a 17 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek from Hesperia, CA URL:MOUNTAIN BIKING, HIKING, PINE TREES, San Bernardino National Forest


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