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 Cervelo P3C 56 trade for a 54
I currenlty ride and own a cervelo p3c, size 56. I would really love to be on a size 54 and would be willing to trade with somebody local to CT who is looking for a 56 and owns a 54.
Posted by Cttriguy a 26 year old Racer riding a Cervelo p3c from Connecticut on 09/27/06

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  •  Re: Cervelo P3C 56 trade for a 54
    Hi, was wondering if you would consider selling me your frameset and you could buy the new 54 that is on ebay for auction now with a couple days left. Please let me know
    Posted by Eschneider5 a 30 year old Racer riding a Felt S25 from Miami on 10/03/06

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