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Yesterday we went out to pre-ride/run/swim the course we are doing next weekend.The course for the most part is flat and FAST.We rode the first lap at a moderate pace then came back to the truck and got ready for a serious try at it.They wouldn't let us in the water so we just counted our first lap (20 miles) as our swim. The first lap was 55 minutes.I usually start pretty strong and seen no reason why not today.I got less then 2 miles in and was suffering tremendously.My friend came up beside me and passed me by a good 2 to 3 mph faster.I started thinking maybe take it down a notch and save some for the rest of the ride and run.When I shifted down my speed picked up.I was pushing to hard a gear and it had done some damage.I didn't have my heart rate monitor on,but I knew I was pegged.Made the second turn and my speed had increased by 4 mph.I settled down into this pace and held it till I made a wrong turn,but I was gaining ground.I got to the truck 4 minutes after my friend and then we took off for the run.GAWD,My legs felt like lead weights.It was as hard as running mile 22 of the marathon.I sucked it up and ran the 5K,although it's probaly the slowest 5K I've ever done.I learned a lot today.And I think it'll help me in the race next week.
Posted by Pain Freak riding a Giant TCR 02 from The 909 on 04/11/04

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