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 how to bleed grimeca disc brakes
I tried to bleed my grimecas but to no avail. I tried to follow the instructions but the diagram was way too small to see exactly what it was referring to. I did get it so that no air bubbles were coming out(at least I think I did) but the lever was really slack and it wouldn't stop the wheel. Can someone who owns Grimecas help me out?
Posted by Trent Hawkes a 26 year old Downhiller riding a Santa Cruz Bullit from Corona del Mar on 01/28/01

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  •  Re: bleeding xt/grimeca disc brakes
    well, i own shimano xt's and they're the same basic brake with the exception of the fluid. you have air in your brake line - when you have your caliper lower than your brake lever and reservoir and the system is 'vertical', try tapping the caliper and brake line with a pencil or screwdriver to get the bubble to move, work the line and the fluid while you do, to get it to move - maybe a friend can help you with the task as you are bleeding the system. it works best when the fluid is warm as the bubble will move easier. make sure your system line is vertical and make sure as you are pumping your system with the cover off and refilling the reservoir as you go that you keep the tank full so you don't pump new bubbles into the line. your bubble sounds like it may be stuck in the caliper.

    you're not too far from where i live - email me if you have any q's and we can chat. i'd hate to see you miss out on the good weather riding possibilities. did you check in with the L.B.S. in C.D.M. on P.C.H?
    Posted by Old Proflexer a 49 year old Cross-Country riding a K2 4500 Pro Carbon S w/Discs from Mission Viejo on 01/29/01

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