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 Chilao/Gabrielano and the old crew
Chilao/Gabrielano and the old crew
I am looking for some of the old crew who use to post here on this site many moons ago. I use to post under the username "mtnbikebug" until it got jacked, the I posted as XcBug. I want to head up north to ride Chilao and the Gabrielano but I don't know my way around chialo all that well. I have only ridden it a few times and it was 10 years ago probably?
Usually I would hook up with some folks here and they would lead the way.
Some of the names I remember are JoeTruth, Gus (chainsaw), Tortuga, STP, and the infamous DaBreeze who is in AZ as far as I know? Anyway if any of you know who these guys are or are will to host me on a ride at Chilao and the Gab tomorrow please let me know.
Posted by MikeG03909 a 48 year old riding a Heckler from Carlsbad on 02/17/12

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    Hey Mike. I haven't been on SoCalMtb is long time and decided to check and saw your post. The Gab is no longer (since the 2009 Station Fire). Chilao is awesome and should be snow free now. There was snow up there a week or two ago due to late storms but that should all be gone by now. Good to hear that you're still riding. Hit me up!
    Posted by JoeTruth a 48 year old from Sierra Madre, CA on 04/08/12


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      :D Hey, good to see you. ;) I was just searching for something of Tom's and a link to here came up(no shock)

      I moved 2 weeks before the fire and came back on one of the worst days to return some keys. Scary shit!

      I'm in Chatsworth as of a month ago and need to do some work on my bike!...Still running and climbing.
      Posted by CFIT on 09/10/12

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    ShortStack where are you? :(
    Posted by CFIT on 09/10/12

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