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 Request comment for LA Times article
Request comments from your members for an upcoming LA times story about Malibu Creek State Park building a 7 acre RV Park/Equestrian Capmpground that may effect biking in the park.

Request honest feedback, positive or negative. Responses may be quoted in future LA Times article.

Official California Park's website detailing proposal is here: http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=25400

An unofficial view of the project can be found here: http://savethemeadow.blogspot.com/

Please review both websites before responding. Send responses to ted.fulton at gmail.com with a copy (cc) to Martha.Groves at latimes.com

( this symbol "@" was removed from email addresses to reduce spam please reinsert "@" when emailing.)

Thank You

Ted Fulton
Posted by Tedfulton on 10/08/09

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