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I too am a BIG fan of Lotus bicycles. I purchased a Men's Lotus Excelle Road bike made in '83 over two years ago and fell in love instantly. I rode this bike 3800 miles across the US in the summer of 2006. It has been my sole bike here in Boston. I ride it everyday and have done many long rides since my cross country trip on it. My Lotus Excelle was stolen this past week and I am devastated. It was 17 in tube so it fit me perfectly-I am 5'4. DOES ANYONE KNOW OF ANYONE TRYING TO SELL A SMALL LOTUS IN THE NEW ENGLAND AREA? better yet in Boston?
Posted by Kcallard a 26 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Lotus Excelle from Jamaica Plain on 07/20/08

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    Last summer I bought a Lotus bicycle hoping to get back in shape and lose some weight. After some trial and error I determined this bike was too big for me. I could not lower the seat enough to make it comfortable. The few short rides I took on it I found everything to be working fine. I put the bike away until today. I cleaned out my storage locker and have decided to sell it. It is a Elan 4130 men's model with 27"tires 12 speeds with molychrome frame. It is black with red decals and ram's horn handlebars. I looked all over but could not find a date of manudacture or a serial number. There is a sticker on the crank housing that says made in Tiawan. The paint is scratched in some places but no rust.
    Posted by Bluemoonhowling a 52 year old riding a Lotus from Oklahoma City on 08/01/08

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    Hey K, Are you still looking for a Lotus Excelle? I have a black one from the early-mid 80s that has VERY little miles on it. Haven't ridden it in over 20yrs! interested?
    Posted by RoadRunner a 43 year old Weekend Warrior from Albany on 05/13/11

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