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Have you ever seen what a deer looks like after it's been hit by a truck?You would look no different.Play with your toys at home.
Posted by Twinkles Dinger a Road Warrior riding a Freightliner from Ohio on 04/20/01

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    Have you ever seen what a truck driver looks like after he's been on the road a long time? This is usually accompanied by a large gut and generally unhealthy look. His arteries are probably clogged and his heart would look like a giant clump of yellow fat. Any aerobic exercise would probably make him wheeze like a 4V Detroit diesel. Bicycles as defined by law are vehicles and have every right to be on the road, as long as the rider follows the rules, this applies to any vehicle...

    Posted by Jus' rolling along a 42 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Anybike, anywhere U.S.A. on 04/20/01

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    •  BE THE ROAD
      "Bicycles as defined by law are vehicles..."

      Not in California. But bicyclists do have the same rights & responsibilities as motorists.

      Posted by Tom D. on 04/24/01

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      •  Re: BE THE ROAD
        I just wish these pinheads,like the one above, would buy one of those stationary bikes that could be used in the safety of their own yards,if exercise was an issue.They could even wear the "dunce cap" that they call a helmet,if they still wanted to look retarded.
        Posted by Twinky Dee a Road Warrior riding a Freightliner from Ohio on 04/25/01

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        •  Go away
          Posted by .. a . year old Road Warrior riding a . from . on 04/25/01

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        •  Re: BE THE ROAD
          Hey Twinky, or Ding Dong, or Little Debbie or what ever the heck your handle is, you need to give your fat ass a break. After a month of chicken fried steak and pork snacks, you shouldn't immediately park your wide load in front of the computer... because the only calories you burn, are the ones spent at barnyard animal.com.
          Posted by Big Foot a 42 year old Road Warrior riding a Team Fuji from Oklahoma City, OK on 05/22/01

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        •  Re: BE THE ROAD
          I just wish you had the sack to get out of your comfy little truck, and throw with one us "pinheads." I would just love to kick your ass back to Ohio. As a matter of fact, I doubt I would even need to clip out before I stuck your one good tooth through your tobaco stained lip. Now git off the computer, cuz your Sister/Wife is a ring'in the dinner bell.
          Posted by Truck hater a Die-hard Enthusiast on 05/23/01

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          •  Re: BE THE ROAD
            Listen Trucker dude, you drive around in your big truck and... (a) Get fatter (b) Poulute the environment (c) Make money to pay for a prostitute (d) All of the above

            We bikers... (a) Exercise (b) Do not polute the environment (c) Just need a break from our high paying jobs (d) All of the above

            Go ahead and dislike bikers, but chances are in a real fight without the assistance of pussy tools like guns and bats I know the biker would win.

            PS We bike up hills faster then you drive. I do it all the time... race the trucks up the grade.
            Posted by Sdoos a 28 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a TREK Fuel 100 from CA on 07/11/01

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            •  Re: BE THE ROAD
              Are you a product of public schools? Read the message again Einstein. I am a biker, responding to a trucker.

              You are a very confused, overpaid, Dude-calling, tree-hugging want-a-be. So move your misdirected, dimwitted hyperbolae to the "chat room for comma patients".

              PS Do you really ride a bike, or do you just huff truck exhaust?

              Posted by Big Foot on 07/13/01

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    hey now guys cmon we can find some common ground here im sure...like for instance, bikers and truckers synonymous love for looking down in a car to see what kinda legs the lady has. Or goin no handed, how bout speed? in the case of bikers a self propelled acheivment and the rush of whirring pedals as the wind buffets over your ears, and the trucker can by ephedrine tablets commonly known as trucker speed. See there we go we can all get along :) Now lets all sing a few bars of freebird and wear a harley t-shirt.
    Posted by Waterboy a 28 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 2001 stumpjumpcomp from Farg oh! on 07/13/01

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