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 Stolen Bike
Had my Santa Cruz Tallboy LTC stolen from my vehicle in front of my house in Laguna Beach Wednesday nite.
Black & Orange, Rockshox Pike RCT3 Front Fork (Black Tubes) KS Dropper Post, Sellas Seat with tear along edge, bottle holder lower frame.
If you see one for sell..please let me know. Thanks

Posted by Don K a 62 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Santa Cruz Tallboy LTC from Laguna Beach on 06/20/15

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    Hope u find it, keep on checking CL
    Posted by Mongoose a 67 year old riding a Bullit from Hwy 2 on 06/01/16

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    Bicycle Theft is so rampant it supports the police AND the pawn shops in Los Angeles. It is legal in Los Angeles, maybe all of California to sell a stolen item to the pawn shops where they are only legally required to take a photo ID of the wholesaler of the stolen item in case police want to prosecute. Looking at the Fancy Cars and gold chains and mansion of a main pawn shop owner and noticing the massive respect he get's for being an ex special forces navy seal....people don't stand much chances on stolen bikes. Police are still protecting stolen cars though it costs a lot to get one out of impound (storage fees....).

    They have long ago given up on theft and sell this stuff in police property room at auctions.....Bike theft is big everywhere but bigger at the beach....The thieves even steal whole heavy racks with the bikes in the concrete with a big truck right at the Costco. Many people just buy another stolen bike if they live at the beach. I didn't know hardly anybody not riding a beautiful new stolen bike that lived within a couple blocks of the populated beach town Venice.

    Rents more than doubled in the past 3 years. My old apartment was $872 and now is $1800/month. Bike theft just goes up more, because the landlords are raising rents and the people feel like they need to buy other things cheaper. Back in small town Boise, Idaho they stole bikes because they could not get a job because they were on pot or liquor, etc and can't pass the drug test or just can't get a job...nobody wanted them for a variety of undesirable reasons. The biggest one being just out of jail, they hit the streets with no money, and get picked up often for drunken public or stealing from stores. Many young guys walk off with bikes right out of people's yards and it's been going on since I got my first bike stolen in 1970.

    I've seen guys sleeping with the bike on top of themselves....they wait generally until your not looking or got tired. They have many tools and bolt cutters. I've seen vans driving around all day to steal bikes, and oriental guys with big black bags taking parts off of bikes and riding off. It's really gross if you don't want your bike stolen. Very few people can beat a heroin or meth addict except taking time with expensive or many locks actually works the best. Sometimes I only had one lock and wrapped up all the bike parts tying rags onto it all. That actually worked but it took a half an hour to unwrap and open locks to ride.

    Most people buying stolen bikes had a really nice bike stolen first and learned the routine and just keep buying stolen bikes. All my bikes from Pawn Shop these days....They and any reseller of bikes have elaborate stories about the previous owner all ready for the squeamish that are afraid to buy a stolen bike....

    Motels are another place to get a bike, car, or anything your traveling with stolen and places where traveler's stop at the roadside to see the mineral springs etc. They are hiding in the woods, they live there and wait and see who stops by and think they came to be robbed.

    Because of my age, I realize it happens at any age, but I've seen people just push people off of motorcycles or bikes and just take it on youtube and it stands to reason meth often gives them the strength. Nobody hardly knows what's going on or all bikes would be covered with dozens of super stickers and personal decals engraved or drilled in, apparently most people can afford to lose property and have karma.
    Posted by Ouivalerie a 59 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized from Venice on 07/18/16

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