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 Paging ScottR1 & Matt
Hey you guys,

Judging from our posts, I think we're all Newbury Park locals, right? I also get the feeling we're all more or less "old school" riders as well. You guys want to hook up for a ride one of these days? My schedule is kind of tight with work, child, spouse, etc... but I ususally can get out later in the day on Sundays (sometimes even early AM for the occasional road trip) and sometimes even on Wednesday/Friday early afternoons.

Hey, T.O. or 1000 Oaks Rider, if you're still out there too, let me know. And UnrealTrip, I know you're not local, but we should ride too!!

Posted by The Preacher on 04/08/03

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  •  Re: Paging ScottR1 & Matt
    Hi Preacher! I have a reeeeeal hard time getting out before 5PM weekdays, and Sundays (11AM to ~8PM), Tuesday nights, and Wednesday nights are devoted to roller hockey. Do you night-ride? Maybe Matt's schedule is more flexible, but I'll keep ya in mind if I get laid off and my afternoons open up - don't laugh, that's a very real possibility right now.
    Posted by ScottR1 on 04/08/03

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    •  Re: Paging ScottR1 & Matt
      Hey Scott,

      Hmmm, well I might be able to get out after 5 on a Thursday once in awhile, especially now that we have more daylight. I have another local friend who might want to do some late afternoons as well. I'm supposed to touch base with him next week.

      I don't ride at night any more. Used to -- actually very early AMs -- when I used to live up in Marin. I guess I'm spoiled (or just lazy) now!

      Sorry to hear about your possible layoff. What do you do??
      Posted by The Preacher on 04/08/03

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      •  Re: Paging ScottR1 & Matt
        Hey Preacher, email me.
        Posted by CAdescender a ?? year old Racer on 04/08/03

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      •  Re: Paging ScottR1 & Matt
        I'm a dirt squeezer - technically, a geotechnical engineer - and I ride mostly to and from work. Evening rides, from Westlake Village to Thousand Oaks, sometimes detour to include Guadalasca/Backbone and Backbone/Bulldog, especially with the longer daylight. Morning rides are shorter, usually straight to work (~8mi), but sunrise in China Flats is awfully pretty right now. If you can, I'd suggest you treat yourself to a pre-dawn climb up Long Valley, Alberson, or Rocky Peak, all of which can be climbed in the near-dark, just for the sunrise at the top. You better go fast, though, 'cause the spring green is fading, and if you're used to Marin greenery it's gonna be pretty disappointing.
        Posted by ScottR1 on 04/08/03

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        •  Re: Paging ScottR1 & Matt
          Yeah, I'm well aware of the beauty of China Flats... especially in the Spring when it's green... not, however, during the pre-dawn hours. Then, I'm usually praying my 4-year-old will sleep just a little longer!

          Marin was nice, but I'm a SoCal native. We lived up there for 6 years. The only thing I really miss is redwood trees and the huge variety of micro-brews (OK, and awesome Chinese food, too). The riding is actually much better down here, I think.

          Let me know if you're gonna be heading home from work through some local trails and maybe we can hook up. It sounds like you're pretty hard core, so I'm sure I could only keep up through *part* of your journeys!

          Happy Trails!
          Posted by The Preacher on 04/09/03

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          •  Re: Paging ScottR1 & Matt
            I would love to hook up and ride with you guys sometime. This Saturday is my Backbone (the legal parts) in a day ride if the weather and I hold up (that is the real question). After that I would love to get out and ride. I usually work very early and get off by about 3pm. Not always though. I am lucky in that most of the time I can make my schedule pretty flexible so set up a time and lets ride. I usually ride on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and one day on the weekend. Hoping to meet ya soon. Feel free to e-mail me.
            Posted by Matt P on 04/15/03

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  •  Re: Paging ScottR1 & Matt
    Hey,, Scott when are we gonna ride Del cerro??
    Didn't see you at work today give me a ringer..
    Posted by Big Hit rider a Downhiller on 04/09/03

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