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 Please help answer questions!!!
Hey everyone, if anyone could please answer some or any of these questions I would greatly appreciate your time... I am working with a group on a public relations project for Santee Lakes to see if athletes (specifically bikers and runners) would use the facilities for training purposes. Thank you for your time! --Britany

1. What do you know about Santee Lakes?
2. How far are you willing to travel for training or working out?
3. If the track at the lake is not finished would that hinder your motivation to go? (Why?)
4. What amenities are necessary for a good training facility?
5. How do you feel about outdoor training versus indoor training?
6. What is a good monthly rate you would be willing to pay to use the facilities?
7. Would a childcare facility change your decision to attend or not attend the lakes? (Would you be willing to pay an extra childcare fee on top of the monthly rate?)
8. Would you be willing to participate in events? (What kind of events?)
9. What has stopped you from attending Santee Lakes?
10. What will keep you from going to Santee Lakes?
11. What is the best way to inform you about the lakes? (Do you think more people would come if there were more signs around town?)
12. Do you see Santee Lakes as a positive feature to East County? (What are elements make it a positive or negative place?)
13. Do you see Santee Lakes as a place athletes would be likely to use for training purposes?
14. What are your views of Santee’s reputation?
15. If you had a monthly package would you come on the weekend with your family when not working out?
16. Do you know about the child-friendly features of Santee Lakes? (Would you bring kids to visit the spray park, playgrounds, pedal boats, or go fishing?)
17. Would you bring anyone to the lakes? (If so, who would you bring?)
18. If rental bikes were available would you be interested in biking?
19. What groups do you think Santee Lakes best accommodates?
20. Would you bring your children to a summer/weekend camp? (What kind of activities do you think the kids would want to do?)
21. If they were to allow pets would you consider bringing your animal?
22. How many days a week do you workout?
23. What besides the trails would you like to see in order for you to have
a good workout? (Do you have children? If yes, what do you do with them
when you workout/train? How would you feel about bringing your kids to
Santee Lakes?)
24. What's your opinion on a $3 parking fee?
25. There are no lockers or showers at the lakes, how important is that to
26. Do you like to workout/ train with a friend?
27. What time of day do you prefer to workout? (why?)

Posted by BritStarBaby on 11/28/04

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