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Was this message board always here? Looks like it was. I never saw it.
Posted by The REEL Moneyshot on 11/05/04

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  •  Re: WTF?
    Now you understand the change to the message board links on the home page.
    Posted by Webmaster a Weekend Warrior on 11/08/04

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    •  Re: WTF?
      is that the WebMaster or is it just some guy's screen name.

      sounds like the WebMaster is being sarcastic...maybe its just me
      Posted by Holdenmire a 15 year old on 11/17/04

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      •  Re: WTF?

        That is the webmaster and he's being sincere.

        It's you.

        Posted by ZG a 34 year old on 11/18/04

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        •  Re: WTF?
          Just checking...

          they should make their screen names a different color or something.
          Posted by Holdenmire a 15 year old Cross-Country Rider on 11/18/04

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  •  Re: WTF?
    Cool. Since not too many people post here, we can make this our new chatroom!
    Posted by Endo Verendo on 11/11/04

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    •  Re: WTF?
      No, this new layout will be causing a flood of triathlete posts.
      Posted by Black Bart on 11/12/04

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  •  Re: WTF?
    This Tri board is hella cool!

    Posted by RightArm on 06/02/06

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