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 Tires! Tubes!!!! Help!!!
I need to get some feed back on great tires and tubes What does everyone recommend???

I'm tired of flats etc. and thorn tubes have turned out to be to heavy or a waste of money

I heard the slime is the way to go, what does everyone think???
Posted by Danny K a 32 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Trek Mountain Bike from Southern cal on 07/19/07

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  •  Re: Tires! Tubes!!!! Help!!!
    Just my humble opinion, but you might want to consider going tubeless and converting your wheelset using 'Stan's Notubes. I run a few tablespoons of the Stan's fluid in my wheel and rarely flat. In fact, I've ridden back with a stick sticking out of the sidewall and the Stan's helped keep it inflated for the last two miles home (it was low, but it was rideable).
    Posted by STP a 48 year old Racer riding a 02' S-Works and 05' Stumpjumper from P'Dale on 07/19/07

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  •  Re: Tires! Tubes!!!! Help!!!
    Tubeless tires with "stans" is the way to go as STP said. It will usually plug up most thorn punctures you encounter but will not hold up on a larger slices or gashes in your tire. Always carry an extra tube for that.
    I would also re-think the thorn tube idea. If you're not a racer and not worried about every gram of weight on the bike, thorn-proof tubes are great. Right now I have a thorn-proof tube with a Hutchinson spider on my rear wheel and haven't flatted for six months. Definetly worth the extra small amount of weight.

    Posted by Dirtshark99 a Cross-Country Rider on 07/20/07

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    I'm gonna bandwaggon here and say Tubeless tires with Stan's fluid, man. It's what's on my mountain bike and I've yet to go completely flat on 'em. My commuter bike has thorn guards. I've pulled glass, nails, stapples, etc. out of my tire and have yet to go flat, but they are pretty heavy.
    Posted by ToxicHaste a 100 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Nishiki road bike (commuter) Mongoose (m from N3344.50842, W11819.17204 on 08/11/07


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  •  Re: Tires! Tubes!!!! Help!!!
    I realize this thread hasn't been commented on since '07, but does anybody still use tubes? I used Stan's forever, but I decided to go back to tubes. I honestly don't (or ever did, really) get too many flats with tubes, and with Stan's I was always losing air. I had to fill my tires every 2-3 rides. With tubes it's more like every 7-8 rides. Plus, I was always replenishing the tires with the white tire sealant. Stan's did provide a different feel on the dirt which was nice, but I think I prefer the solidness and stability of tubes. Much less fussing around. I never did try tubeless rims. Am I missing out?
    Posted by Scroller a 40 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a A pretty beat Turner XCE that still rides nicely. from Long Beach on 07/08/10

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  •  Re: Tires! Tubes!!!! Help!!!
    but traditional bike tyre with butyl tubes is more reliable
    Posted by Cnqdfu a 28 year old Downhiller on 07/16/10

    Mountain Bike Tires

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