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 96 GT LTS2 rear V brake problem
I just purchased shifters and V brakes for my LTS2 but the guy at the bike shop could not fit the V brakes on the rear. Can anyone who has experienced the same problem help me.
Posted by Phillo a 25 year old Weekend Warrior riding a GT LTS2 from Australia on 02/13/07

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  •  Re: 96 GT LTS2 rear V brake problem
    was it 'cus she could not figure how to run the cable ?

    if so, look at seat post area facing rear wheel, there's a opening where cable comes through.

    Posted by Freaky franky riding a bush load of silk on 02/13/07

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  •  Re: 96 GT LTS2 rear V brake problem
    You might have to thread new brake cable through the frame, if they already took it out. This is very, very difficut. You might end up throwing your bike acros the garage. When this happens, I take it to the mechanics at Wheel World.
    Posted by Dbrownee a 29 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GT STS from california on 06/11/07

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    •  Re: 96 GT LTS2 rear V brake problem
      the guys' in australia
      Posted by Mongoose a 67 year old riding a Bullit from Hwy 2 on 06/18/07

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