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 Lo-Buck Tires
Here is my new front tire. Its a lo-buck nylon tire I bought at Sav-Ons. I was going on
a group ride in the morning and all the bike shops were closed when I decided
the front tire needed changing, so
I bought this 2.0 at a drug store. Yes, its a Sav-On's tire, but its made by
Kenda, so I thought it can't be all that bad. I bought this one for 9.99.
Weird thing is...its grips pretty good and though its a wire bead, its not that heavy.
Its a fast rolling tire too, & has side knobs that stick well. After one ride, I
decided to buy 2 more for my old Kona hardtail....so I went back o Sav-On again...

Again the clerk didnt know if it was $9.99, or 11.99 or 7.59, they didnt know...
it didnt come up on their scanner. They werent going to take my word for it that
I bought one previously for 9.99....so the manager came back after checking the
"bicycle aisle" and said 7.59....oh well

I have a fairly new $24 WTB Motoraptor 2.1 on the rear rim and it seems slugish
compared to this Kenda. So if you're in dire need of a tire, check out the Kendas
at Sav-On. Its available in a blackwall and gum-wall. Even if you get charged 11.99,
its a great tire at a great price. Let the flaming begin!

Posted by Diamondback a Cross-Country Rider riding a Spider w/ cheap ass tires from LaCanada on 01/18/06

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  •  Re: Lo-Buck Tires
    Are Pacific bikes any good?
    Posted by Crzyridr33 a 34 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a SantaBansheeCruzBlurr on 01/18/06

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