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 Anti-Stan's poll
How many of you went to Stan's , only to wind up quitting for some reason and going back to tubes.
Posted by OCD a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Tune in ,turn on ,and drop out. from Timothy Leary Park on 08/12/04

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  •  Re: Anti-Stan's poll
    I developed my own version of the juice/ goop, but it's a sound concept.
    Posted by El Jefe on 08/13/04

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    •  Re: Anti-Stan's poll

      Hook, line, and sinker....


      He's runnin'!
      Posted by ZG a 34 year old Weekend Warrior riding a XRCFEX, Etc. from Studio City on 08/13/04

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  •  Re: Anti-Stan's poll
    hmmm, I guess the silence speaks volumes.
    Posted by EJ on 08/16/04

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