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 DH rebound
How do you set your rebound for DH ? Do you go SLOW enough not to throw you on the biggest double or drop ? Or is Fast enough not to bog on the highset speed stutters ?

Do you use the compression chambers differnt from factory standard on your 5th element ?

Posted by OCD on 08/10/04

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  •  Re: DH rebound
    all depends on what you ride. Rock gardens and many bumps set the rebound faster....big hits and drops...set it slower
    Posted by OCTOMAN on 08/10/04

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    •  Re: DH rebound
      Some of both. I'm thinking about DH runs at BB. There is all sorts of suspension hits from tabletops , rock drops to flatish or brakeing bumps.

      I have one setting option per run. I'm not stopping mid run to adjust the rebound ,ect.
      Posted by OCD on 08/10/04

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      •  Re: DH rebound
        Set it faster for BB.
        Posted by MtnbikeMike a 19 year old Racer riding a Diesel/Fuel/R-650 from La Verne on 08/10/04

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