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 Front Tire 2.4
Hello I'm new to SoCal.

I'm looking for a good front tire for freeride(xc with jumps). The soil here is loose over hard pack.

Posted by DEVO on 07/10/04

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  •  Freedom of Choice
    is what you got.
    Posted by Keanu Reeves a 37 year old Downhiller riding a Trek Soft tail from Hollywood on 07/11/04

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    •  Re: Tire you want
      Nice devoid response Jocko Homo. I have a Gut Feeling the the Smart Patrol is out Working in the Coal Mine. While I'm Jerkin Back and Forth in a Beautiful World trying not to be a Big Mess , I Can't Get No Satisfaction for traction.
      Posted by DEVO on 07/11/04

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      •  Re: Tire you want

        The Maxxis crew will chime in Monday morning, bright and early, sure to let you know which Maxxis tire (with Stan's) will best suit you.

        Posted by ZG a 34 year old riding a XRCFEX from Studio City on 07/11/04

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  •  Re: Front Tire 2.4
    Panaracer 2.4 FR great tire and fairly inexpensive with moderate weight.
    Posted by Gusitar a Leap year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Red, White, Black or Blue one from S&M/Bentwood on 07/15/04

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    •  Re: Front Tire 2.4
      sounds good
      Posted by The real fatcat on 08/18/04

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  •  Re: Front Tire 2.4
    First Maxxis bandwaggoner jumpin on.

    Got to go with the Maxxis 2.35 Mobster.Best tire ever made so far.Get it and get sik wid it.You won't regret it.
    Posted by Pain Freak riding a Surly Turner from The 909 on 07/16/04

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    •  Re: Front Tire 2.4
      I'll drink to that!
      Posted by RDC a 29 year old riding a '03 Foes FXR, '03 BigHit Expert from Westminster on 07/16/04

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