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 How to repair frame
I have a 1999 Specialized FSR Enduro. The bottom bracket came loose and rounded out the threads on the frame. Can you give me a suggestion on how to repair this frame?
Posted by Har V a 55 year old riding a Specialized FSR Enduro from San Diego on 07/09/04

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  •  Re: How to repair frame
    strip the bike and take it to an aluminum can recycling center and see how much you can get.

    its dangerous and futile to try to fix a BB thread

    however if you really like the frame you can buy BMX Euro BB sealed bearings/ 3 piece cranks/sprocket and change the bike into a single front sprocket
    Posted by The Real FatCat riding a Piece of your loved one's slit on 07/10/04

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  •  Re: How to repair frame
    Maybe the new shimano crank/BB combo will work, since it is outside the BB shell.
    Posted by Softy on 07/10/04

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    •  Re: How to repair frame
      It still needs threads for the Hollowtech II.

      Take it to a competent bike shop to see about getting it repaired. A friend of mine had the same problem, but it was Sport Chalet that stripped out the BB shell. He took it to another shop and they did it.

      Posted by MtnbikeMike a 19 year old Racer riding a Diesel/Fuel/R-650 from La Verne on 07/10/04

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  •  Re: How to repair frame
    "rounded out the threads" Machine shop or 'expert' bike mechanic. That may be a "do over" lucky repair. But, do pay attention to integrity of BB hollow. If much of the thread still remains, with finess and care, rescue may appear on the horizon. Also, it may indeed work out cost/time-wise to figure a new ride/frame and cross over components. My $.02 without more detail. Good luck; BB are easy to mis-thread and you ain't the first.
    Posted by Gusitar a Leap year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Red, White, Black or Blue one from S&M/Bentwood on 07/14/04

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